Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's .. Celebrated HatS. Silk, Stiff and Soft , —Spring Styles.^ ' - • — DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. PLENTY^JpII •-'•.;•;:•.; ••:;.••• And Plenty of Errors in.the,G«nK With Atlanta 1 : GEORGIANS ARE: GME $15. WE WILL % Dissolve Partnership July i. for $25. This Is no fake, but actual fact-s. Tucker & SharpeCo., Tailors. 3-S P«rl Strert. $25- Took Ten Innings 1 : --Cleveland Loses."" ':''.':; Talk about''there being -uotlU-ng - in luck! You tell that to .some of the who saw the garni; yesterday, and will tell you they.know thei;e-..ls,..i.or i didn't they see a game .woii,{by v _si-a.c.e : of luck? That's what it wa^,,--, Kood luck on one side and-hard lu'ok:onrtU« oilier. Both sides had a tast'e"of'-ihi}' .'of.,;...:, SPRING OVERCOATS. .Q. GRACE $20. SCRAPPED FOR BLOOD. DAILY JOURNA1 AY. .ICXK 20. ISM. And Both Got What They Went After. Flora red raspben-ies.-Eothc.nnel. Manna,-J2-t Fifth stive;, for screen--. Money to loau on city properly.—Bon Fisher. Home grown wax and green beans.- llothennel. Everybody can eat peaches. They are cheap at Foley's. Special today ou children's lieadwear, lace caps 10c.—Trade Palace. Sale ou .shirt waists to day at the Golden Rule. Keiul their Wg ad. The Supreme and Appellate courts have adjourned until September 22. George Harrison bandies LaDdreth'« first class garden, flower and flett seeds. , . Do not fail to attend tbe gigantic muslin underwear sale today—Trade Palace. • \ • •J'/.J-'A Twenty employes ut Wilson. & Hum- '.poi-ey's esta.blishmeiit have ben laid oil uui'l July 13th. You owe it to yourself and families tc buy now of Harry Frank at halt- price floxiiis out siile. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan of Sb-ultztown, died Thursday night and was buried yesterday afternoon -from the restcleuce. Cliarley Marshall's horse ran away yesterday morning. It ran to Bt>rgc.s's livery barn without damaging anything although several collisions were narrowly averted. Addison Senec is preparing to remove- from California to his home at Young America. Lewis Carver, who went from that nclRhlwrhood to Dakota, has also returned. Indiana is good enough. Meryl C., the ten-mon;h-old daughter of Mr. and MM. Fred Hortzman^ died at the family residence, No. 417 West Broadway yesterday morning at 7:30 The time of the' funeral has not been announced. Kentland Democrat: A railway tram gang was on from Log.-insport Friday nnd "picked up" the car that had been •run off the track at the electric light house. The several carloads of gravel that have been on the track here for several days past are to be unloaded along the road between here and Good- laud. We have placed in our store a handsome oak money-box containing ?i r > in Silver We have had made for us a number of keys, live of winch will unlock the box. With every cash pur- cliase of a pair of shoes will be given a key attached to a tag. Between Dec. "5 a'nd Jan. 1. 1897, keys can be tried and to the holders of (lie keys that unlock the box will be given ?r, as a present—Ella* Winter, r.10 Broadway. ==•= Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DFt* A vicious "scrap" occurred at Borges's livery barn on Third street yesterday iifVernofiu uhoul :«JO o'clock. A hostler 'by the name of Scott, who is r.md of. being styled a terror, was badly beaten and. will wear a pair of black eyes for some time. George Sehaefer, i he well known l.hieksmirh. was cut on the head by a blow from a .club in the hands of Scott. The uouble originated as nearly, ns can be learned, in the following manner • Yesterday morning Scott sent the driving horse of Dr. M. A. Jordan, which is kept at the Horses .stables, to rho blacksmith shop of Martin Elliott to be shod. Mr. Elliott refused to shoe the horse unless he was paid hi nOvnncc. 01 had an order from Dr. Jordan for the amouut. Tlie stable boy took the horse back to the barn and word was M>m. to Dr. Jorcla'a'-'tlvatrtiic blacksmith had refused to shoe tho animal unless the cash was laid down, or ho had an order. As Mr. Schael'ei- does all of Dr. Jordan's work for him, in the line of bhic-ksmilliing. and there had never previously been such a demand, the doctor thought it strange that Mr. Schael'er should act so, and took him to task about the matte;-, not knowing that it was not to 'hi-s shop that the horse had been taken. When Dr. Jordan and Mr. Sehaefer had straightened the matter out between them, Mr. Schaitfer was hot. Hi- went to the Borge* stables and asked to know why the stableman had tried to "do" him as'he had. The conversation became animated, the lie was passed and Hie trou-ble was on. Tlie hostler, Scott, seized a piece of..scant* ling, and Mr. 'Borges grabbed a neck- j-okc. Sehaefer had his two fists and they,, wore mean weapons, as his adversaries knew, so they kept out of the way. Sehaefer finally cornered the hostler in the otllce of the stable ami •Rive ii.hu a fearful beating. Mr. Borges escaped to the strecr. Sehaefer received a bad cut on the head which laid the scalp open, but did not slop him. All the parties were attested aud will have a hearing before the Mayor il,is morning. good and tlie bad' but the Dixie laud got the worst In 'the first place, they are-.^re^teA wil.h thirteen bits, Of which six at,-least were ru-nk scratches. Then-The-error, score tells where they Had a streak Hit- bad luck to offset their favors "at bat, A-nd 'talk about kickers! why, ,R<;i<-.kv[lI_e. !n its kicklugesr days could' not have,-, held a candle 10 those lads from? the hind of the cholera morbus watermelon and goobers and sweet potatoes. •• For I he most jia-rf. the Pixie boy's- are ball players. They are "goober grabblers" and dig down after hoi ground hits us though they liked 'em. A,-"gO;.'ber," let it be understood, is a ground nut, familiarly known Ui the North as n peanut-. And a "goober grabbler" is One who "grabbles" in tlie ground, for -'goober.?." Well those "goober .pva'bblers" dug up preity nearly all • the -ground hits in reach, but they are grumblers out. o-f sight They grumbled when' tlie umpire called strikes on'rliem: they grumbled when he didn't call'strikes on the other fellows, -and they.'.,gi'UmlJle.'l when they had nothing to grumble Cor, bint, just wanted to grtim-ble. anyhow. Little Smith, their second -'liaseniaiv, sot nnid and poured, and threatened to i|Uit i.f the u-.ni.ph-e didn't, do'l'ierter, SO Johns-ton to humor them promised to reform. " . The story of the ten inni-iis: struggle In detail would nol be Is-.ilf sn'exritmg as the game really wa-s. Fifteen runs made and but one of them earned is not suilicient: -to build a very .exciting story on, so no SHUT goes. The only, exciting tiuif was when the score wa.s Hod by the Georgians in the s-ix'tlt,'and three innings failed to produce anything but. a row of ciphers. Then the home tram managed to wiueexe in .an unearned run In the tenth, the rooters opened up a,nd made things lively for a time. If tho Snuthe-rnurs had again li..-d the score, the situation would have called for ait extra effort from flu; grand-stand cranks, but Crosby put a stop to the fun by pitching me best b.-ill of tlie game, and the visitors could do no good. Following is the score: OTTOS AB H H TO A E Ho,*ley. 3b 5 2 2 2 0.0 Dyers, e * 0 1 " 4' 1 0 Brulou, S.-J 3 1 - 4 2 . , n Eola.il, lb 4 1 1 12'. 0 .2. -H-.K-kCtt. 1C r. 0-13 2- -0- Shaver, rf * 1 1 ° ° °' Stemlor, cf 4 1 2 0 0 ' 0 Hauley. 2b "> 1 ° ' 4 ;•" " Ciwby. p '.,4 1 f' P * ' l SELL YOU A SPRING | : SUIT TODAY EOR ; t I; ;:LESSMONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN SLOQANSPORT. LINE COfiPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing, NICHOLSON LAW HOLDS. Supreme Court Sustains the fleasure on all Points.. The Nicholson law lias been sustained hy the Supreme court. The measure is a permanent feature of Indiana law. Jt luis been bitterly fought without success. The following special dispatch wa.s received by The Journal yesterday afternoon: Indianapolis, Iiid.,' June IS.—Special. —The Supreme court today sustained the Nicholson law, tlu-oughout. The court, three Democrats and two Republicans, uniting on all but one point. CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE 40 Years the Standard* DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. Tlie Democrats of tlie Eleventh district will nominate a candidate for congress in tills city July 23. The convention will meet at the opera house. DRUM CORPS ATTENTION! The Republican drum corps will meet at headquarters this evening nt G;30 'o'clock .sharp. Be prepared to march. •By order of the. Chairman.- . . Subscribe for The Journal, Total 40 s ™- -- n * 1 "" " •Dovtw-c out for interfering .with Brntou lidding a ball. • ' -' : ATLANTA AB R H PO- A 1 - 13 Devoro, of 5 -1 ,.-» . = '. ,<-> 1 Alexander, ss». .. .0 0 -1.':r"S .0 Lewis, Kb r. 1 0.,.^ 2 , 3 Oonniilr, P 4 0.--.0 L 2. 1 Ligliton. c '. 0-:->3- .1 I -0 Granted. If '> 2 '2' 1 ' 7' 0 '0 Smith, 2b 5 2 3" 4 r > ° Street, ,-f -.r. *V' : 2 .1 .0 0 Bates, lb ...-I • 1-...0 0, 1 2 Totals-........ .-13 7 13 :?0 14 7 Score by innings: 0iros 1020 1 3 O'O 0 I--S Atlanta* 1 013 0.'2 V 0"O'O 0-7 Summary: Earned rims. Logausporf. 1; stolen b:i«es, Ottos .">, Atlanfas -. 2;two-base hit.s, I-Iorisley, Stemler: three-., base hit. Hackett; passed balls; 1 -by Byers 2, Ligliton 1; base ou balls,' off Crosby 1. olT Cqnuiff 5: hit lij^pltclied. ball. Crosby: struck out. by'.Ci-bsby/!., by Cdn-iiift 1: left ou bases. - Ol.tos 7, Atlanta.s 0; double play, Brutou to Ha.n- loy to Boliin, Smith to Alexander.-.'to Bates, . •" '•';' "'' ' '' Time of game l.:">5. •' ; '' _ '; ^ ' Um-pire. Joliikstoii. . ..','.. Attendance, .150. '...-: CHIPS FKOM THE. DIAMOND., . The Georgia hrds aro'.'.n nice set of- fellows and they work • hard, iir "tlie. giune. They kick too : in-u'oK for their- own Rood, lioweyer..' OTIC of.them iiiti- tiiated -yestcrdiiy,- after-kicking'-uutil his lungs were .sore, .that-" that Is the kind of treaturcht we can expect up Mo'th." No umpire''tries iiafder'tp do" the rlglit thing thaa ."Johnston,'".'and .senseless kicks do.not-'iii);ye.,a tendency, to make him feel llke.gj.ving.fhsjvjckws tlie advantage of a close< decdslon;--:-;-', ; Tlie Georgians play^npaiurthi.s^fter- ndon. -Chances are-ten. te!finerltjia.t,,t;hp Ottos will skin 'eru : -worse;-than(rover. Tlsher will be in 1 Crosby, the new i' • \if. all right. Ho-has -more speed vhaii any pitcher that has been in the box here tills' season. Not even excepting "Temple Cup" Knell, and the thirteen. l,ils against, him in yesterday's game; wore half of them Hie "punkiest^ kind n-f scratelic?.' ,. Look at i he score and then say that \vo haven't got a. winn-in? tea ID. Tho pitching of Conuilt would b:ivo won a j;anio against a weaker fet of fellows at tlie bat. •vVill jroncj". one of the Atlauia base In'l'l' ti-ji'iii;' entorfiUncd ;v number of i l,o lounger a-bout flu- Murdock'hotel yesterday afternoon- by singing. Mr. Money h'a.s a splendid tenor voice and bus rendition of a number of ballads wa-s cn'cbred repeatedly. Tl-IR-iSVlDErtS LOSE TO CHICAGO. •A-Game Won aud a Game Lost, and ..- Baltimore is in the Lead. •Just the difference of a game wan by tli'C'-Ball.iiiioi-es, and a. game lost by the Cleveland*, that's »» ^ tyok 10 ' nl11 thc Spiders down to second place aud, )i> oidcntally, cause a smile to sit upon Jake Sebastian's face,, Jake makes a small pool on .the games each eveuing, -ami for some time the good gucssers have "trimmed" him b.v ; iwiiuiug the 'wiuniug clubs. Tlie best of them wont wroiig"yesterday, however, for they p-icl;.ed Cleveland to win in almost every ',-nse. ' Therefore, Jake's face wears a s-m-ile. Folio-wing l-s the score of yesterday'V: games: - -At-Cleveland-Chieapo S, Cleveland :>. At Baliimore-I'hiladelphia 4. Baltimore 0. At 'rittslmrjr-St. Louis: ". ^'fts- burg <'>.. :Vt. Bosfon-WtisbiJipttoi! S. Boston 4. New ana. She sang Mascheroni'.s "l-"or All Eternity" with exiiuisite effect, the violin obligalo being played by Master John K. AYit/.mann. Her voice is resonant, even, of good Timbre, aud her. manner of usiug.it betokens sound mus- 'ical instinct, her excellent, style and methods rellect much credit, on her in- siructor, .7os. C. Cousans. tbe head of Uie vocal department in the Couserva- toi'y. She was thc recipient of the gold medal conferred by Mr. Combs, the Director, for progress in vocal culture. LUCKY RUNAWAY. A hor.sc belonging TO Emanuel Cohee. 4ly Third street, took a notion 10 run way while if was being hitched to a usfiy yesterday evening. The animal ,iieJ out of tlie alley west of Third treet onto Market .street ai:d ran west oward the Burnett. It could not turn uicily enough on tbe brick pavement ml ran onto the sidewalk just east of jo hotel. The buggy was left hanging o a shade tree and the horse fell on the omciit walk. Strange to pay there was oth-ing broken a'nd the horse was not njured in the least. At; -New York—Brooklyn :! York b. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Olubs Cleveland ... 'Cincinnati .. Boston rhihulel'pbia Waslvlngtnn . Brooljlyn . . • Pittstmrg ... Chicago Now Vork ... St. liouis . .. Louisville • • - Won .. .,'11 . .-.20 ....3l- Lost.rerCf IS .«»:: 17 .H* •20 2.'! •21 .('.0? .,-i-H .20." .211 WON A'. GOLD HEDAL. Miss Grace Anderson of Logans ! port, Takes a Prize. ; 'Till- 'following, from'a Philadelplii, paper. ; was handed to The 'Journal b. Mr;' k)'' E. Wooley. of Chestnut 'street •rhatijelty..^It refers to,n ; brlghr Logaiis ;portDoling lady: .-•'•Oie of the vooiflfstsr-rrtr flic Com men foment' exercises of the Broadwn Stre \t .Conser'vat'ory- of; Music, held i i-Mjusic'iil'"Fund hall, ou Tuesday even ^ng.I.Tiiue.ft.tb, wns.Mi^. Graee Green Anderson; "of Eogahsp'ort, Ind For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes:. worth up to $6.00 including the Wide Toe Ox Blood R. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.p& Ladies' New Shad* Tans TORE -A TOE OFF. A'grand.so-n ot Mrs. Thomas Greeu- ,iank! 500 Caiwl street", met. with a pe- uliar and very painful accident ycster- lay a.fteru<jon about 0:30 o'clock while .t'play on tlie street near the home of i is grandmother. Tho lad was barefooted aud was sitthig on a bicycle, with the .great too of one foot resting ou the chain of the wlicel, when a com>anion gave the wheel a push. The ad's toe was torn off completely and av on l lie sidewalk. WILL CHANGE HIS PLANS. The Board of Public Improvements, uid'the City attorney, to whom ihe mat .of Uie petition of Wm. Polar, to erect an 1 .''ij-on-stairway leading to the gallery of 1 lie theater from Broadway, mei yesterday and decided that it could not legally grant the petition. Mr. Dolau will now change his plans for the improvement of the theater. WINTE-U—FIFE. Mr. George H. Winter aud Miss Cora Kife w.ere united in man-inS« Wednesday evening, at the home of the bride's parents on thc West Side, by the Rev. Mr. Heed. The Celebrated "tJlto" $2.50 Button *Od Lace The Free Dist^ntion of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" BUKKOWS AND T/EN Tho fmperauce people of Burrows are iMkiug war asrninsf. the ciuart.suop- at that place. Th« proprietor was requested >o vacate, but he refused, and void the cold water people vhat they bad- bcUer-attend to Ihdr own business, as. he intended to'make a living-out of the • Iwsir.css whether H met with their ap- pi-oval or not. ARRESTED FOR LOITERING. A young man named Bowman was av- • rested last oveuing in tho Easternl upon the eh:\rgo of loitering. He was placed- in .-jail and will iwlay be given a chanc? 1.0 explain to His.Honor. McKinley's lurile ponp- at W. F. Bopp's saloon Saturday nitflit. Corac . one. conn? all and give Bill a call. yesterday moruing while cutting wheat on his fanm in Clay township Barrel Morehart bad a narrow escape from death. While conversing with a neighbor he lost his balance aud fell into tlio canvas. -Luckily the horses stopped aud saved the young m.iu from serious Injury and immiiwut death. THE INDIANA BULLETIN. . Good rains and cool weather. All '.growing crops improved. Wheat harvest begun, crop-.light; rye bei«g cut: barley in shock; clover cutting continued: haying commenced, crop short; tobacco plants all set out; great crop of berries ripening; corn jointing in excellent condition; oats best-in year*. Subscrilio for TV Journal. WILD WitliEczema 1 ' OI ° f ^^i : V,' u ." 1 '!\?..!''!!|\ l |',' 1 ^»iViim' C |''li A |lccd A«rfIi-«/"..<•'. ••/•.-;/•"," ;'," l 'i'.'." u i;-'^o r ' l i7!>f Ifjt. 1 ,-!in|ni-|i! '>•',";.,,,.. . j,' 1 * '' " ' ' . .. A'-^,\, fl'-. J™.',V?'i-^.«--''•=•'••''' r,v- tit ;ii r •-". ^,!.j Hi-ft.i i: it "" , f P«M-. ••• - i«t;--- i* !• njj •• *" • • 1 1 ^.j.,.

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