The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 8
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HACK EIGHT BLYTnEVILLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEW8 w « • mm m m * M *• PB HIS TO U, S, "Building Up" Royalty Mombevs Of British Cabinet Prefer He Would Stay Out ,0f America «V MILTON KllONN'KR >:i:\ Service F.uroiiraii Manager j LONDON, Nov. a?. —No tears v.-rire ;;!icd by the British cabinet —not one single briny tear—when the Duke and Duchess of Windsor i <'UiuT-]e<! their proposed tour of > the United States. I r\>r whatever might have hap- ! < l'.td on thai tour, it would have ' IiiU'i-feved with the conceited ef- futi of public speakers juid most i.l :he Bhtt.s!i press to "Inilld up" in public. r-Mecm tlie King and <<uvf-n—ami other members of I he K'Vt'l faintly who Imve slaved nt • J'.ume. .. / tin every possible occasion Ihe : ;:-!!(l.irity of Lie of Wind- i rtjr has been displayed. Picture* j <jf King George and Qaoen Eii»\- j U-tli und tilth- two attractive children, photas of the duke.s of Kent ^iiid Gloucester -and tlu'ir wives.] .'cittd of llio Kent children, au printed on every occasion. < It is perfectly clear Dint the powers-that-bc want David Windsor to, drop out of Uic popular mind. And the more he continues in the publicity spotlight, the ):aTdcv is the task of "building up" tne royal family. Sau p Tiro D.ingfrs So the chances are that the cancellation brought forth some profound sighs of relief and even 'perhaps <i chuckle of pleasure. .reuses grunted ns of November 15. 1937. "The Increase requested represents less llian one percent of the whole-sale value of tlie goods at destination and the burden ot) commerce will not retard or re- slrlct the movement. Based on 1921 figures Ihe railways are now receiving 31',, less than at that lime ami the 15% 'requested is much lower thfin the percentage I » That's directly contrary to some reports that 'the Uritisii government, with some deep, sly purpose of its own. had put the OK on the proposed Jiuml. Those at the . top saw two dangers in the proposed trip. Cnc x v/as that the duke might, be lionized, and his trip turned into :i Irinnipliat lour. Then even the papers in England hostile to him could scarcely have kept the duke off their fi-ont pages. Vast crowds in the streets of New Work and other big cities to greet the duke, lea ana talk at the White House, little happy im- prcmptu speeches to crowds gathered nt railroad stations, broadcasts over national hook-ups—Ihose things would all liavc been front- page news to' even t:-c most reluctant editors. ..The: .other possibility was lhat the dtike might have 'met with markedly hostile receptions on t):c part of /; labor unions, anti-Faspist nnd anti-Nazi orgunizatlcns. If the duke, fay, had been hissed on landing in New York, and gotten Ihe royal raraberry from crowds wherever he went, thai would have left a bitter taste in England. Alter all, he was once a BritisJi king. He has doffed the crown, but he is still a son of the House of Windsor, and bitter and 'narked affronts to him would have seemed indirectly aimed at nil (hings British. Am | the present very, Uniting above, is "Iniild iir>' party nre the royal family in . n single picture, us they nre seen the favorite device of British publicists who strive to '.hi! Windsors who-stayed nl home .Snapped at a garden' nfcovo, Queen Elizabeth, holding Princess Mnrgaru J?oie by tlic hand as she greets a guest, while King George wai'.s. hnt in hnnd. Queen Mnrj', the Princess Royal (Mary. Countess ot llarewocd), and' ihe Duchess of Gloucesler nre seen behind Queen Elizabeth. The nuke of Gloucester, brother of ihe king nnd of liic absent Duke of Windsor, stands at upper right, ihe Princess Alice, Countess of Alhtone, at his side. ued to Increase their efficiency, reduce Ihclr costs and Improve the service. This outlay on the parl of the railroads helped to creale belter conditions of business through purchases which are unbelievable In quantities. The purchases by American railroads amount lo 23% of nil Ihe bituminous coal mined in this country; 10% o l nil the fuel oil produced; 17% of.all our iron and steel production and 20% of nil limber cut. In addition to these • i j-" • i ~ n r items, there nre more than 10,000 Clai'C I'veisht Kate 'in- j different commodities ninnnfacUir- • eel or produced iu almost eyery county in ihe nation. "While all commodities have in- IS STflTED General Aeents, Here De- crease Is Juslificd The American railroads, tiding thrctmli tho Association of Ameri~an Railroads, have petitioned the interstate commerce commission for an increase in freight rates 'ii all freight territories. The petition sets Jorlli ihe needs of the railroads nt this time nnd the rca- •CHS wr.y the present rates are in- grade of transportation now .iirnishfd. creased In cost since 1932, transportation rates have steadily do- clincc) nnd the revenue reduced. The increase in cost which the inllways must pay has averaged approximately 40%; taxes for the support of stale, county and city marred by any such incidents.«' An Almost Audit),. Sigh' Thus either a '•triumphal tour" OT a shower of razz'Jcirics would have been embarrassing to thc> home government of England ami tl:at is why the sigh O f relief w almost audible when' the tour wis <aneel«|. It is not Dint either would have i-tartetl any ''Bring-Back-Edward to-lhc-Throne" movement. There- is not t.>. slightest chance of thnt —ever. Tlie BYitlsh have dell- nilely hidden goodly to Edward n^-Km«. Even more so have the Parliament 1ms passed government' and schools have I . - „ .„- "eased 25% and to this, wcrges sufficient to continue the high 1>a ' d lo r «H«'ny workers have in- nni.,™ 1.creased 25'-:. nnd to Iliis, wages I'nid to niilwny workers liave In_. creased approximately 16%. hi AVO lines of railways. E. H, Esie.i )I the Cotton Belt nnd J. R, Hol- nii.'l of the Frisco, have pointed Jtit the railway viewpoint of the request for Increased intes. These representatives in Blythe- vilb staled that at the present line American railways are ... . ».. nuntini IIUS |JHSSC<| f '-•'•' :ltoii t that which it would n lake a popular revolution at the i:olls (o revoke. -, ' But rf. rapturous reception ( 0 the t.uke would have made him onrr more what he was up to his abdication—the most crowd-compel- l>"g Britcn in the world, the no t attractive and "the bsst-l!k»«l. Like Sp«p or Fear A Irmmphant" reception bv the world's greatest < te;oBhirj- woiiki fo Ve l mdK U '"'""slnsly hard that they n-ouM prefer him not to come back to England. To bir from l, ls homeland a man cordially received in democratic Amer- In the rare of rumors lhat the •"like plans to make his American our a,, cr (hp , ^ «n frml y ' ' fCrV ° 1U XV1sh « ll» Bnh h eovemment u w i Dsv1a Wnrtsor give »p a l! idea of a trip o Amcncn. of least for a ]o n ° time to come. \ Long enough, for Americans to! begin to forget about the ,,„«• fm-nishiny fusiei and more depen- Jatie Ircigiii and passenger ser- tluin any S ave by. Having hoes Repaired al mith Shoe Shop US So. 2m! spite of hotter service nnd increased operating efficiency tho difference between income and cx- pemlllures Is "so small that the MONDAY, NOVRMBRR 29, 1037 consuming public.." s Frightened Away White Rags On Fence ...I,.,,, LlllViClj _ which the railroads are now oper- I PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)-Coyotes ntlntf Ino lni*i-nnc«H t*n~t ~r .... I „ , . . . ' v"J«>-t..i can be kept out of pastures by llio simple device of hanging white ; Hie massacre of Handier Rouer. | Lane's goat herd, after 10 liai nlreacly lj«m killed. diistrles nre Imperiled. "Due to the conditions under raflroti'' —.„ Ihe Increased cost of every thing they must buy, n crisis Is nt hand and Die Increase Is requested of tlie commission. The increase colled for in the petition Is 15% with some exceptions in whole or part, based on previous in- rags on the fence. W. M. Bash,'regional director ol lite United States geollglcal survey, vouches for the story dial John Ulam Jr., government hunter at' Hosetmrg, Ore,, protected a rancher's (?oats by this method. Ulam lied rugs ( O the fences Tide,? in the Bay of Miiuly rise to a height of 70 feet. Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STRWART-RORINSON Hvretfdi, City Drug Klcire We Specialize In PH INSCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Llquor.s 20)4 W. Main Phone 20 Sof/bcans - WANTED - Soybeans \\'t Pay Highest Market Prices For AM Varieties MALDKN GRAIN CO, W. O. Reeves, Agent Nn. !{. u. St., Nfxt to Magnolia Haul—lilyllieville, Ark. I>AY PHONK 5C.5 NIGHT VHONK r,69 FOR Yiini- I'hotnjfraph SOUTHWORTH Over ,ln<! Isaacs' Slo r e — • ——— ---, | Hemorrhoids-Piles n)RD)) WITHOUT SURGRRY &'GUARANTY* Safe, sure ana with less v discomfort. All diseases and conditions of nfrvous origin, foot allm'nls and skin cancers irpptPii anil lured at our ellnlr. DRS, NTES & NTES Ostecpatnfn Physicians Phone 98 Blythevllte. Ark. at considerably wor]( , cost lo the i nipper. Rales have continued to 'ccrease .since the horizontal increase of 1321 until at the present • freight at the lines a,- e a cast of Ion mile ii i; ninst !92i. transporting 0.974 cents 1.275 cents FOR EVERY MAN A FINANCIAL PLAN TUB HAMILTON TRUST FUND Prospectus Available J. C. Evans Box (j04 Blylheville, Ark. In a joint staienn-in thev said -I •During iKe period of prosperity <he ran* , na de e reai Improve. - &n-.u tuiurovC- i men s <o ,l,cir propertles ^. hich •eMiltcd in ]ower cost Iransporta- lion which ,, passed on to the . t> JI,L in savings. Duriii" the do I P-ession yoai, , he ratu Vonthi-" I FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BKKNAT" KNITTINC, YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 phlcknsawba Phone 192 SPECIAL Mcrchanfs «'A (>la(e /I jl A J.uncli Tvv HOTEL NOBLE "Where HnspKntity i. T.H-E I) f O R S I. U X t ROW III t >> T,A N D A \\ D OR 85 HORSEPOWER & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any , mortgngo loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - . Fire Insurance Investment Securities* OSCKOI.A, ARK. OE IUXE FORO V-8 . . . ] }*' ,,/,,. 0 |(,,,..r; K1,p. engine; Safety BrnA-rs; .lln/iair or Rrnndclnl, u t ,h»hi,;y; Tviii lima, lail liglns, Sim visors; Clock; 6.0(1" ii m , , r ;,;, e „-,?,..„..,/;., „„, ,,.,,„,. g !)m ; y lyi , cs . 6 Co(or3 STANDARD FORO V-8 ... 112" afecH™,,; 85 nr a ftp. r,, B me: Improve,] Kiay-Aclion Sn/fly llrokes; llrmulclalli m Mnluiir tiiiliolnery. Mohair r.tlra in "(>&"; One tail light, one urn visar; Ttrin limns; 3 body ly/;es; 3 colors. F ORn offers two mw cnrs for 19.18 —llio Slamlanl Ford \'.!1 anil llic DC Luxe Ford V-8. They arc different in appearance — bill btiilt lo ihn sninn iiigli standard of merhntiiral excellence — on (lie same chassis. Because people likcil onr 1937 car so well, thr.y bought more limn of any oilier make. They liked ils looks, its smnnlli, performance, and the way il handled. We have improved on lhat rar in llic newly styled Standard Ford V-8. Bui some, folks wauled slill more size and style, with ihe same Ford .Tlvaiilagrs. For llieni, W(r designed .1 new ]),; I.itxp lino. The ]> I,nxn Ford V-8 Sedans arc longer with more room, larger ftiggage Fjiare, and finer appointments. lie I.nxe. cars arc equipped with ihe 85- horsepowcr engine only. The Standard is even lower priced than llic He LUNC. It has graceful mm lines and well-tailored iuleriors. It <;ivcj yon again a choice, of V-8 engine sizes — !>5 horsepower or 60 horsepower. HcfiiivI'oidnwdeV-lypcS-cylinder engines available to every one, ihcy \vere used only in expensive cars. Since then, four million Ford owners have learned ihe genuine enjoyment of driving ai\ eight-cylinder car with all- around economy. The ihrifly "CO" engine, especially, makes possible in Standard models a very low first cosl nnd equally low operating cost. BOTH LIKES LOW PRICED With two distinct designs, two engine sixes and two price ranges, you'll find a 1033 Ford car lo fil your needs exactly. Whichever one you choose yon get ihe same proved Ford features. P R I ( F C r0 " C * RS DEIIVEBCO HI I IV I V C J DETROlT-T/WtS EXTR* Plandard Fonl V-8 (60 hp.'—Cont.e. $599; Tuilor, {(ill; Konlcir, 8689. Sliiiularil ForJ V-8 (85 hrO-Coimc. S629; Tudor, S669; 1'unlor, S7II. De Luxe Toril V-8 (85 jvn. only)-Coupe. {689; TuJor, S729; Fonlor, $771; Convcrlilile Coupe,$77J; Club Coupe, S7I9; Convertible Club Coupe, $801; I'lueton, 5824; Convertible Sedan, $904. Standard atid DC cars equipped with limnprn, bumper gunnU, spare wheel, lire, l»ho, tire lock and hand, cijtnr lighter, twill horns, and headlight beam inilicaior on in- blrumenl panel, al no extra charge. In addition, Re Luxe cars are equipped «_uli extra tail li>h(, iviniMiicM wiper, sun visor; a!s,> do luxe slceriug wheel, glove [•omriarimeiii lock, clock, and chrome wheel iiai»l>, at no extra clmrje. We Invite You to See the Hew Ford V-8 for 1938 - America's Most Beautiful Automobile PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phonz 810 Authorized Ford Dealers BlytheviHe,Ark..

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