The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1950
Page 9
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_ MONDAY, JUNE 5, 1950 Nationalists Creep Up on Mainland BLYTHEVILLE^ (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Guerrillas Fix Base of Action On Kiangsu By SPENCER MOOSA f "TAIPEI, June 5. (AP)—National- Chinese guerrillas formerly based on Cliusfoan Island liave made their way to Northern Kiangsu province on the mainland and established a base lor action, a dispatch reaching here today said. Kiangsu Is the seaboard province In which the importont cities of •Shanghai nnd Nanking are located. Nationalist guerrillas were reported increasingly active in the coastal province ol Chckiang adjoining Kiangsu on the south. Guerrilla Kalils Guerrilla units were said to have raided the small island of Paichi off the southern coast, of Chekiang May 29 nnd to have captured 20 Communists and a quantity of arms. A body of 209 guerrillas raided the village of Luyang where they killed the local Communist chief and four of his assistants one! took two Communists as prisoners. Munitions Exploded Nationalist saboteurs al-o were credited with having blown up two Red ammunition dumps at Yuhan ca\istng many casualties. Yuhan Is about 90 miles south i4 Shanghai. Tfhen. Sha Chi-fu, formerly commander of a Nationalist police regiment in Szecluvan province arrived in Taipei after escaping from Chungking. He said rumors were rife in that area that a Nationalist landing on the mainland was Imminent. He said one rumor, had it that the Nationalists had recaptured Shanghai. KesideQfs are Anxious The general said most residents were anxious to be delivered from Red misrule. Formosan Governor K.C. Wu predicted this island would withstand any Red attack unless Russia intervened. He added that Russia would not risk starting a ihird world war by attacking Formosa but would turn their attention to Southeast Asia. Better He Stayed in Bed Than Wait for Business PHILADELPHIA, June 5. (AP) —The proprietor of a downtown restaurant—prompted either by wishful thinking or absent-mindedness—posted this sign In his window: "Full course dinners $95 and up." ^ There were no takers until the Jiign was changed to "95 cents arid *up." •- .In radio^fransmlssioh, the,.higher the frequency, the smaller the antenna becomes. TV THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS-Television iina,. cs will be cast on a large movie screen, using this giant spherical mirror designed by American Optical Co., Soulhbddge Mass The girl holds a small mirror of the size used in home television sets comparing it with the big, 90-pound mirror at top. The big mirror will receive ordinary television broadcasts, greatly enlarre the image and n-'-;- I it on a 15-by-20-foot Ihenter screen' Ex-Coal Valley Begins LIFE Drive to Prevent Ghost Town SCRANTON. Pa., June 5. f/t>) ~i Civic leaders called on the 300,000 residents of the Lackav.'anna Valley: today for "total mobilization" to keep this once wealthy region from economic collapse. Mounting unemployment and a deficiency in industrial plants; threatens to convert this hard coal' city Into a "ghost town." Population has been decreasing steadily in Scranton and the surrounding Lackawanna Valley us more and more miners have been thrown out of work. As a symbol of the optimism of. the leaders in the mobilization; drive, the'campaign itself is known as "LIFE." The letters stand for "Lackawanna Industrial Fund Enterprise. ?2 Million Drive Co : chairmcn of the LIFE campaign are Frank C. Walker, former postmaster general, and Ralph H. Beautiful Weeks, former president of the International Correspondence Schools. They are leading a drive to raise 52.000,000. The money Is to be : used to lure, new industries into Scranton. And with the new industries, Weeks and Walker hope, will come more jobs and more residents. Faces New Era "Lackawanna County is on the threshhold of a new era," Weeks said. But, he warned: "If we do not reach our goal, we enn expect to face a very unpleasant task In the form of mounting unemployment rolls and diminishing business activity. "A community challenge con- fronLs each one of us. Our answer, the answer of labor, the Industrial- -ists,' tho professions, the busine«s- men and every person in the county with earned income, Is total mobili- Cosfo Ricans Recover Gems Of the Saint SAN JOSE, Cosla Rica, June 5. (IP) — Cosla Ktrans have recovered the golden mantle and precious gems stolen.May 12 from the statue of their sacred patron saint — the Virgin of the Angels. Detective Chief Major Jorge Pacheco said the jewels had been recovered near Cartage, 20 miles southc.isi of San Jose, and that the presumed thieves and been arrested. He said full details of the case would bo disclosed today. Costa Ricans were Jubilant when Major Paehcco made the announcement last night. The seven-Inch black stone Image and Us adornments were stolen from the Basilica at Cnrlneo by thieves who slew the church watchman. The statue Itself was (omul Mny 20 in the upper roof pulpit of the Basilica. Estimates of the gems' value have ranged from $150.000 to • nearly $1.000.000. station in support of the LIFE; campaign." A huge rally at the Masonic Temple Wednesday night will serve as the kickotf for the LIFE campaign. Weeks said the drive won't end until Hit? $2.000.000 Is raised. Unnniiloymrnl Rceion The ScraiUon area Is listed as n critical unemployment region by the government. Estimates of the number of jobless men and women in the area range as high as i4 per cent. The Increase is directly attributable to decline in production of anthracite. A half-century ago, hard coal made Scranlon and Its environs one of the wealthiest regions in the land. But the advent o( oil and gas as .fuels and unseasonably warm winters have reduced the output ot hard coal. Employment In the mines and in railroad jobs has fallen off sharply. In the last 10 years, population in Scranton itself has fallen 12.000. The population now stands at 130 000 In Scranton. PAGE NINE CAIRO, June 5. </!')—In a ceic-t- nony as simple but sumptuous as >y«lty could arrange, King P.irouk .'cslenlay ratified (he ninrringe of :ils sister, Princess Falkah, with Found Sndck, a commoner. Tiie rites, im-luruica nt (lie Mon- irclis vast Kublja Palace in suburban Ciliro, put u,o Islamic stamp it approval on [.'alkali's marriage, i-hlcli took phcc in Sacramento, ^alif., lust April 5, The net tes leen approved by the Grand Muf- .1 of Egypt, ihis country's top religious aullmrity, as meeting Moslem vcnun-ements. Another sister, Prlncoss Pntlila, wlio nlso wi-d n commoner, was hav- II K A 1) S C1IHIST1AN SC1KN- TISTS—Walter S. Cross of Fllch- burg. Mass., has been named President of The Mother Church, The First Church ot Christ, .Scientist, in Boston, Mass., it was announced in Boston today. During World War I. Mr. Cross was an Army chaplain. Later ho served at the Christian Science War nelicl Depot nt Lo Mans. France. Prior to World War I. he served us Christian Science Committee on Publication far the .State of l\f.irv- lancl. He has served on the Bible I.e.sson Committee which prepares the T.esson-Sertnons used by nil Christian Science churches for their Sunday services. At the annual meeting In Boston, new evidences of the "power of pure Christianity to solve mankind's problems in mortem times" were repotted bv The Christian Science Board of Directors. Addressing n gathering of nearly 7.500 Christian Scientists at the annual meeting of The Mother Church. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, the directors declared that healing of sickness, release nnd enrichment—a full answer (o trouble—awaits all mankind through the utilizing of spiritual power." Israel Population TEL AVIV, Israel. W—The Jewish population of Israel now is 1,080,000 the newspaper "Dnvar" reported, 'lliere are also 105,000 Arabs living In the little stale, milking a total population of 1,245,000. of a great idea! Look, and you see beaulyl New trend-making, pace-setting beauty inside and out! Then look deeper , . . beneath the surface! There's where you find an even greater difference! Great engineering—solid quality of construction. The great Chrysler idea that means n*w pleasure in Ihe comfort of a car ... new sallsfaclion in the,durability and safety and convenience of a carl Look closer stilll At the workmanship ... at the quality of the materials ... at the value al/ Ihe way through that only Chrysler offers. That's what you pay fpr . . . ond thal's what pays you back! Come look . . . take the wheel . . . drive . . . there's nothing like ihis Chrysler, EAUTIFW. OIRY51KR NEW YORKER «WA-CRT1W_« . . .TODAY'S STYLE t See it—drive it ... there's built-in value all the way through! Chrysler Driving Advantages: Fluid Drive . . . automatic gear shifting with ex- elusive car contrail High CompreuJon Spifiire fnying » . . exlra power ot oil spccrfi. Super- fintihed parti for longer life, Exclusive Lubrited cylinder walls for (or greater wearl V/atciproof Ignition Sysfom . . . prevent Baiting in flood" or ilorm, Full flow Oi! filter fceepi oil clean. Chrysler Comfort Advantages: Chair Height Sea's ... no crouching on (he floor . . . functional Design . . . room for your head, Icgi, stiouldcri. Easy !o enler and Icove. Center-aim Slceifng . . . minimize! rood ihocV, wheet light. Rubber Body Mourningj . . . floating Power . . . eliminate vlbtaKon, Wp give jofleit, smoolh«il rld« in hijlory. Chrysler Safety Advantages: Safety Kim Wricefi . . . wor/l throw tlroi ofler bfowouti ot normal ipetcii. Constant Speed V/rndsfiicfd Wiper . . . efcclricotly operated. Safe Guard H/drouJic Brafcci . . . balanced braVe power, imoalher itopi, leiv pedal prei- iwre. Cyclebonded lining* for double the wear. fvll vision . . . wherever you need it. wi ,h Dtive The Beautiful Q U D V \ IE D T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street King Farouk Ratifies Marriage Rite , - g more difficulty winning royal in pproval of her marriage. Fnrouk tripped Falhln of her roynl title nd privileges after she wed uiad Ghnlia, a Coptic Christian, In San Francisco April 25. Glmlln became T Moslem mid the two were rcmar- •ied In a Moslem ceremony In California last week. Princess Faikah came to Cairo ith the announced Intention of pleading with her brother to for- ylve I-'athia. For Improved In a majorily ol casGS Invesll- galecl in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney funclion woi improved, Bladder pain and discomlorl reduced afler Ihe use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition a? functional Kidney Impajtfiienl ihis nalurat, un> frealed mineral water may be very beneficial. Try il for a few weeks. II is delicious, pure-lasling, and may be consumed freely. Crosstovm Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J w.***,.. S^-T^-~^ Water Tlie ainnrantli, among whose spe- es are the gartieu flowers lovc- lics-ribleeding nnd prince's feather, once was a symbol of Immortality and used by Hie nncicnt.s to decorate tombs and Images ot gods. The pepper vine Is natlvi to southern India, Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. CHOOSE THE BEST... esQE^ijeEfieo VAULTS TO PROTECT YOUR FURS & WOOLENS The finest protection at Hie lowest rates in lily- tlieville. 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