The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER IB, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB ie on Gallows Hindu Journalists Die Smiling; Bodies Another 'Air-Born Boby'-At This Rote Planes May Start Carrying Bassinets PRESTWICK, Scollond, Nov. 15.+ -It this keeps up, transatlantic' I air liners nre going to have to start carrying bassinets as regular equip- I meiU. A baby girl was born—Half-way , .. -. — ,] across the Atlantic between Prcst- Immeaiarely V.rematea j wick and Gander, Newfoundland— to a Polish woman today aboard a AMBALA, India, Nov. 15— (IF)— \ Scandnnavian Air Lines plane car- The young editor wlio assassinated rying 00 displaced persons to New Mohandas K. Gandhi and the man | York, who told him'to do it were sprung simultaneously through a gallows trap at, the Ambala Central Jail (hts morning. Their bodies were . cremated Immediately afterward. She was the second transatlantic 'air-born" baby In less thtui a month. A baby boy was born to Mrs. James O. Parker, wife of r. U.S. Air Force sergeant serving In Narayan V. Godse and Narayan Germnll y p jn an American Overseas B. 1 Aple. two Hindu J°ur» allsls > Airlines nlaiie flying the other wav walked to their death with smiles O et 17 ' ' their deain vmn sinin-s i O( ; t 17 their faces. Their, foreheads mother of the were pained with sacred marks, j , eoka(ila Each man carried a small package,) molller 0 [ girl was Mrs. Rolbicckl. already as their hands were them. tied behind shouted in unision "May the United Norwegian Pilot T. Stensrut radioed back to Prcstwlck for medl- dvice. Tile airport doctor hustled out of bed to rush'to the radio gnu _ . take the life of the sainted Hindu spiritual leader who hated violence so much he tried to end Moslem- Hindu strife. •* •'"' and doing nicely—1 iber 15 was Mrs Rolbieckl. She, her husband an . . v, i three children were with 55 othe A witness to the execution, which d i sp iaced persons who had let ended a two-year-legal battle fol- Brcmen Germany bound fo lowing Gandhi's assassination In a Ame rlca. The plane was due in Ne\ New Delhi Garden Jan. 30. 1948. york laU , r today said the two men thanked their I jailors for their kindness and asked that they "finish the business quickly." Editor Fired Shol The plane was a veritable flyln nursery anyhow. There were 11 chil .iron of two years or over and 13— whoops, 14—babies. G<dse, the 26-year-old editor of the Poona Daily, had fired the shot that killed Gandhi as he walked to prayer in front of hundreds of his followers. Apte, the publisher of the newspaper, was executed for leading, the plot. Four other men received sentences of life im- p-Lsonment for participation In the plot while ft firth was acquitted. Hours after the hanging, officials «tlll. refused publicly to confirm or deny that the execution had taken place. To avoid demonstrations and possible violence, even the closest relatives were not told. atrlct,. curfew had been placed .nd the prison all night and ,il ; after the execution. . Police feared there might be violence a- jnong some 17,000 nearby Hindu and Sikh refugees, many of them sympathetic to the anti-Moslem Godse. . Police held two men—apparently friends of Godse's—who attempted during the night to scale the 20- foot walls of the Jail. Otherwise no disturbances were reported- ouple Has Honeymoon Of 10 Minutes;.Groom aces 15-Year Term NEW YOItK, Nov. 13—OT —Their oneymoon lasted 10 minutes. They it in the corner of a^ bare court- ouse anteroom, whispering quietly. hug. And then goodbye. A guard took Walter M Shults, 0, by the arm and led him away, new bride, Doris Cohen. 23, ailed out: 'Be a good guy, honey. Don't et into any trouble." Neither ot them knew how long : would be before they could be ogethcr again. On her plea. County Judge Peter . Farrcll had permitted the Brooklyn couple to be married yes erday before Schults was lockei ip to await sentence Nov. 18 on a second degree burglary charge. Sennits pleaded - guilty Oct. 8 .o attempting to hold up a Queens service station. The maximum penalty Is 15 years In prison "No matter how long they keep us apart," she said, "I'll wait for him. I love him." Wife Forces Husband To Return Stolen $9 FORT WAYNE, Intl., Nov. 15. (AP)— Not long after the attendant was robbed of $9. the telephone in a "illing station rang. "If- the police are not called," a woman's voice said, "the man who took the money will be back with it." A fe;v minutes later she called again and said: "He's on his way." Two men met Robert G. Lute. 26, on his way ' to the filling station. They were the men who had taken the telephone calls—Police Detective Herbert Nitzsche and Deputy Sheriff Ed Baumgartner. They said they found $9 in Lutz' pocket and took him to Jail on a loitering charge. Lutz said it was his wife's Idea that he return the money. Charters Are Sought For Two State Banks LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 15. (fl»y — The Arkansas Banking Commission lias been asked to grant charters to _two proposed state banks. triplications were filed ye.^terd^y by the farmers State Bank q! Lake Oity (Craighead County) anc the Hot Springs State Bank Hot Springs. Approval ol the charters hinges on y Jtcome of a Joint Investigation by the commission and the, Fcdera Deposit Insurance Corp. Paid <n capitalization of $100,001 520,000 In surplus was listec for the proposed Hot Springs Bank Mayor Floyd A. Housley was name us chairman of the board of direct ors; M. M. Hilton of Hot Spring as president, The Lake city Bank would place the Cooperative Lake CIt Exchange Co. Proposed .capitaliza tion Is $50.000 with $10,(JOO as sur plus. , ,' President Is H. H. McAdams Jonesboro, M. s. Rubenstcin Is vie president. Donald Timms asststan vice president and L. D. Walke Ji., cashier. All are of Lake City. 1 The bridge had been undermined by the flood-swollen waters. ' IIOCKliV I'LAYKKS J,UU:i>—Montreal Canadlens hockey player :o Gravollo (second from right) and Ken Ueardon (righti talk Ilirougl ell bars at Warren Avenue police Mutton', Chicago, alter they wen barged with assault with a deadly weapon following a sllck-swingini plsodc ax the Chicago Stadium. A Blackhawks Ian was Injured. The ire talking with Manager Dick Irvine (left) and President BUI Tobl if the Chicago Blackhawks. Charges were filed by friends of Georg Grbich. who was hospitalized with ten stitches In Ills scalp. The playei were released on $200 bond, posted by Tobln.j^AP Wlrcphoto). Seeking Revenge Distinction of , Being Tossed Out of Jail DETROIT, Nov. 1 15. (AP)— Robert 3rown, 32. showed up at police station and said: . • , I'm drunk. Lock me up : I don't want to take any chances driving my car." Sgt. Maurice La Lond obliged. Soon there were loud screams from the cell block. Police iound Brown bouncing Arthur Trola, 34, a barber, -off the cell bars. Sgt. La Lond got this explanation from Biown: Bill Robinson, Negro Dancer; Seriously III NEW YORK, Nov. ,15. <AP)— Bl Bojniiglcs" Robinson, 11-yenr-o: veteran stage and screen dance was In a hospital today, .serious! ill of a heart ailment. An official of Coliunbia-Prcsbi tci-inn Medical Center said Robin- i inson was not "in a crisis at this time," but that became o[ his age, hts condition was considered "serious and uncertain." The Negro dancer was admitted to the haspilal la!e yesterday, after un unspecified heart condition, which had bothered him previously, became intensified, the official said. Brown's wife had told him Troia | He w . ls pi, lcc{ | i,, „„ oxygen tent. Jnion Speaker Zites Increasing .abor Strength, SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Nov. 15. AP)—Emphasis on the Increasing trcngtli o( labor organizations was ouplcd with n vicious denunciation I Communist Parly Influence in abor circles in the keynote speech f Jack Livingston, Detroit, vlce- •csldent of the United Automobile Yorkers. He loir! more than 500 delegates to he third annual convention ot the Southwestern Division of the Com nuhlcatlons Workers of America yc.stcrday that "Connnunlsl-dom- natert imlrms are not free, unions," 10 declared, 1 am happy to tell you that we lave cleaned the Communists out of the Conr,ies.s of Industrial Ors"- liznliom and sve did n thorough Job of it," Comiminications Workers nre at the bottom or the ladder,- Livingston told them, when compared with olh- er Industries. Comparative wage scale* as of June, 1349, were $1.34 per hour for communications workers: SM4 for transportation and ulllillc.s workers; $1.41 In manufacturing; $153 In aircraft work; and Sl.ra In steel. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the average communications workers income In June MM was SM81 n venr. Ttie communications workers meeting in San Antonio represent, telephone region of Missouri, Kan- 'Falsie' Bus/nets Facts Per// in Plastic Surgery HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 15. (/D—The nalion's multi-million dollar "falste" is periled by plastic business surgery, Dr. H. Otto Dames, I/os Angeles plastic surgeon, told the convention sas, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and a pail of Illinois. of the Pan American Medlctl Women's Alliance yesterday, that «n operation can Increase i womin'i bust measurement*!. The operation, which removes the need for («U(«, requires a small Incision and rearrangement of tissues. He added that it hsi been undertaken successfully and !• valuablt because anything that upllfU i woman's morale "Is beneficial." had made passes at her. In an angiv mood, Brown went hunting lor Troia. He heard that Tvoia had been locked up for drinking. So Brown had himself locked-up by feigning drunkenness so he could' get at Troia. Police threw Brown out of jail alter taking down his complaint agnuist Troia. Robinson celebrated his 62nd birthday nine years ago by dancing G2 blocks down Broiuhvny. He was honored by the city Tor his GO years in show on April 29, 1940, when Mayor William O'Dwyer proclaimed "Bill Robinson Day." Pumice and pumlcite are mined in 11 states and Alaska. Largest of Kind The Wabnsh valley high school basketball tournament is the largest prep tourney in the United States outside of state tournaments sponsored by state associations. 70 Natives Are Killed When Bridge Co/lapses - PRETORIA, 'TrKnsTOal, So\HhV Africa,- Nov. 15 — (JTV — A passenger train hurtled olf a bridge Into the Crocodile Rlyer 50 feet below, killing at least TO natives and a European, it irvas reported today. Another 100 natives are said to be -seriously Injured In 'tho. wreck which occurred at WatervalBoven In tha .wllds of Upper Transvaal. PasKngers were workers from Portuguese East Africa who were returning home after a period of •ervlce in the Transvaal gold In England U's the Chemist Shop "»"-•- •»-• -S-- i /-.-•• •" <'•- ^- .= .- '• ' In France It's tht Apothecary Shop . In Blyfheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474 FOR SALE Cmicrrtc culverts 12 Inch to 4tt inch. i>l:Un 01 rccnf«rc«d Alsu Coin-ret? HuililniK llluckb chi-ap ti Uiai) lumhei lui hams chirkcn houses punip houses, tenant lui uses, (on) shells \V* dellvci (Jalj 11 f- fn> Tree esitmate . . I'linnr 61)1. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Kentucky's Top Straight Bourbon *r0 3 NOW 3 <l/5 quart Was $5.73 Big news!. ..big it's the same fine Slr»ight Kentucky Bourbon. Naturally rich ... naturally good. Ask fpr it today! iim mum nuns 010 • (tensor. IUUK k; cm. vncianstiuwm. KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 W HEN you own llie, Lincoln f-osmopolitan, there arc many ihings you may Uke for granlcd. Naturally, with Lincoln's superb new "Salon Slylirii;," you can look forward to the luxury of the mosl beautiful automobile interior in the worM. v^ fValurrtlly, with l.inroln power combined with flvnRA-MATie* you uiH cunniand the smoothest, yet inosl spirited, performance on the highway. But rpnte^ trie moal gratifying feature' of all Is ihc actual distinction you will enjoy, for the Lincoln Cosmopolitan, with its txcltuive body styling is the mojJ dutinctii-c automobile today. And incidentally, you can own one for much less than you may think. When may we have ihe pleasure of demonstrating the Lincoln Cosmopolitan for you? -„' " makes America's most distinctive cars STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First 6§ B.F.Goodrich GIFTS™ So exclusively yours! So Simple For Littlt On«f To Run Battery Train Set A wonderful new idea in trains, No winding, no •complicated elcctrfca^con- nections. Yet you get electric train performance. Runs in forward or reverse on flashlight batteries. 6.98 • Locomotive and 3 can • T02" oval track / • Bright rtetxillght ( • Fingfr-tip control ' Schooldoy Fun Al Horn* SInle ltla«;k hoard Chalk and afaMf Slat, tilt 12" , If All hnr Let them practice at home what Ihcy learn at school. Easel drop desk tyre. N'nluml varnish finish. Slate smooth on both mtles. Overall height 30", width 1914". ChnrU; Tri«ky 8ft* KKOI to ode* rf Wife, •round, itaria *t*m. oth«r ' J ' toy H pnTleH "long, twin Kong*. Colorful. AJI Tickle the . Tiny Tots 11- EUrtri< ITM ____ ____ 1,95 NUchiiu Cm ........ 1 ,9§ D<w«ld D«ck M ..... 1.79 Dial TrptwrHw ..... 3.95 Pi. B«n MachiM .... 4.45 USE OUR LAY-AWAY PLAN • A Small Deposit Holds Any Item Until Christmas She'll Wont To Hufl HTM 12" llrown P\mmh Stuffed Bear 2.98 i, ^7^^ Hell be a real pal for tfa* tittle on**. Bf.'t fn]\y m brown rayon ^)o« >iag-e feet »r>d Tiarvfe. button ey«5. B)o* jiraund hii neck. W CUDMt WMt ___ . a**/ cvooii MAC _____ B.F oodrich BFGoodrich

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