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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 21, 1940
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1040 BliYTHEVlLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS On Alert DownTanama Way "Sandy" Jarman's Command On War Fooling For Year Already BY ELEAXOIt MclLHENNY N'ivA Special Correspondent BALBOA HEIGHTS, Panama Canal Zone, Dec. 20. — Probably nearest to active service of any £ organization in the United States Army at the present time—with the possible exception of the forces 5n Hawaii—Is the Coast Artillery Command of the Panama Department. This outfit, with a strength of 12.000 men and with an expected increase of several thousand within the next two months, has been I on a war footing- almost since the arrival of the initial 800 of the first contingent in September, 1939. During the first few weeks of the European war. this outfit, comprising the 62nd. Coast Artillery from Port Totten, N .Y., and a smaller detachment of the 61st Coast Artillery from Port Sheridan, III., was rushed to teh Isthmus. In the New York battalion were two gun crews which had won the international championships in 1937 at Port Ontario, N. Y.. and set a new world record for anti-aircraft artillery; ,41 shots per minute per gun/eight hits on a target 14,000 feet high in 12 seconds (eight hits out of 18 .shots). These 'forces brought so many machine and anti-aircraft guns and so much ammunition that Canal port authorities forbade their transport to clock at the piers in Cristobal. Within a short time they began to make their presence felt. From their first bases at the coast artillery posts of Ports Randolph and Amador. respectively, at the Atlantic and Pacific entrances to the Panama ' Canal, they began slowly to expand until today their units cover the 10-mile wide, 50-mile long strip of land which acts as a cushion around the canal NEW ROADS LEAD TO WHERE? For many years there have been coast batteries in place at the coast artillery posts of Forts Randolph and Sherman, flanking the Atlantic entrance to the canal, Forts Amador and Kobbe and (he fortified islands of Perico. Naos. and Flamenco on the Pacific side of the Isthmus. Some of these forts are equipped with the''army's; great 16-inch / guns,-' ; Avhile others haVe as their main a'rm;flie 14-inch dis-' appearing rifles.'"There are also batteries of 15-inch railway guns at each end of the canal. Tlie latest additions to the fortifications are the anti-aircraft and searchlight batteries which stud Lihe hills near the most vital points *'—the locks, dams and viilnerable Gaillard Cut. •The'location of these batteries is the most closely guarded ,of military secrets but Isthmian residents are aware that almost every new road -which has appeared so mysteriously in the past year probably leads, to a concealed outpost back in the hills. The men who staff these jungle batteries pride themselves on belonging- to the organization. They call themselves "Januarys Jungle Coast 'Artillerymen," for their commander, Maj. Gen. Banderforcl Jannan, who is a great-hulk of a man. almost 6 feet 4 Inches in height and weighing well over 200 pounds. He is 56. Born in Louisiana, he worked his way through Louisiana . State University by A gun crew man their weapon far back in the Panama jungle. ^1 catching, .poisonous snakes for .use r/ in the university laboratory. Later, he attended West Point, graduating in'1908. During the World Wai- he served 1 on the staff of .the American Railway Artillery in Meuse-Argonne offensive and the An eye of the Panama Canal's anti-aircraft defense is this mammoth searchlight. Big fellow is Maj.-Gen. Sanderford Jarman, commander of artillerymen. He's 6 foot 4. Caruthersville Society—Personal Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilks, Robert Wilks and Prank WJlks drove to Memphis -Tuesday to visit Mrs. Virgie Wilks, their mother, who Is the group. The men come from all over the United States with, possibly, a majority from the deep south. Pennsylvania and West Yir- awardcd the Distinguished medal Service He came to the Isthmus in April, made commander Artillery Brigade 1939. and was of the Coast when it was organized in November. He was scheduled to leave for the United States in January, 1941, but at the request of Lieut., Gen. Daniel Van Voorhis, department commander, his tour of duty was . : -- J u*v.*o (.tiwillttcrivco. XtlV JilCJSb extended ,one year in order that J at Battery T was used for the augmentation of the seacoastj and anti-aircraft artillery might be completed under the officer who had directed its progress from the start. SOLDIERS DO BUILDING The men of the Panama Coast Artillery are a fine cross-section of the army in the field as it is constituted today. A typical example of the organization is Battery "T" of the' 73rd Coast Artillery. The position of the battery is "somewhere in the Panama jungles." In visiting it the writer left the main road at a sentry booth where there. was a stop for identification while the sentry on duty telephoned to the battery position to assure clearance up the hill. > The road led around curves—U and otherwise — around, corners screened by heavy jungle growth in the interest of camouflage to a slightly clearer space lined with partially painted, recently built frame buildings. '• This particular battery has a 1 personnel of 80 men and three officers. - ,,. The average age of the men in the battery is about 24, although two World War veterans are in a patient in Campbell's Clinic following an accident in which she broke her hip. Mrs. Perry Butler -left Wednesday for Tiptonville, Tenn., where she will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Tipton until Friday. Miss Selma Copperman is in Memphis this week with her mother. Mrs. Perry Cooperman. who Ls a patient in the Baptist Hospital. Miss Amy Keller and C. C. Hearn, state extension agents for Southeast Missouri were here Wednesday on official business. Mrs. John Martin, who has been confined to her home for the past several weeks because of illness, is much improved. Little Miss Ruthie Jean Lassiter of Walnut Pudge, Ark., is here visiting her aunt. Mrs. W. O. Clevidence. and family. She plans to stay until after Christmas. Mr.s. Pauline Hayden moved to Blytheville where she has stated' she will conduct a rooming; house, renting her residence property here while away. Miss Merdell Barnett. county home demonstration agent. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cheek of Warden and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Pfeffer of Micola. winners in. the county Plant To Prosper contest this year, went to Memphis Tuesday to attend a banquet, Mrs. -Sam Gillette left for Wheat- jley. Ark., where she will visit for ,,, ,.,, ,.,, the next two weeks with her nar- Asked what they did to keep ents - Mr anr ] j^ j , p themselves contented in this chen . M r.'Gillette pians to' jungle camp, most of them said they "just talked," while others Until the completion of the barracks buildings, the''-battery slept in tents and the men still use mosquito netting over their cots be- was cause the barracks arc not yet mosquito-prof ed. The camp still has no running water. Purified drinking water is furnished in great canvas water bags. Dishwashing facilities are still primitive. At present all perishable foods are trucked up the hill daily. All of the construction work at Battery T and all of the other outposts has been done by the soldiers themselves. The mess hall the first time lost Thanksgiving Day with set table. • "ATTACKS" REPELLED mentioned going into town once or twice a week to the movies or to swim. Generally, they said, after a day of building and drill, they were too tired to do much of anything except to roll into bed. Life at Battery T. or at any there for Christmas. Mrs. Frank Dillman. who recently- suffered a serious nervous collapse is reported to be recovering nicely in the St. Joseph Hospital in Hot Springs. Ark. She will not be dismissed from the hospital before the middle of January. Mr.s. ?;Iaud Bragg, former resS- other jungle battery, is full of sur- ' Mra ' r T- ° -f las ?' former res5 " prises. Often durin the nfrh' t dent - ° is now living . n urng e ntihe men are alerted to their Werv I ln Cape G1irardeau - is spending a positions to man their ins m ™ ' few da >' s here attending to busi- positions to man their 105 mm guns against simulated attack. These alerts .are arranged from headquarters, but come unheralded, i" Hayti, Mo., for the past several When headquarters com muni months - return ed to Memphis to cates, by telephone or rarHn «.»*, ™ ake hl5 home - ness matters. Luther Paul, who has been living in Caruthersville and working in Hayti, Mo., for the past several cates, by telephone or radio, with the outposts, the men are called out of bed by a huge gong and within a matter of seconds are at their position. Three major alerts have been held during the past few months when navy planes staged "attacks" on the Canal Zone and were repelled by the batteries working in conjunction with the searchlights. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Socicty Osceola Personal lurnbia, MO,; iVfnry Virginia So- fcnu'os from Florida Southern College. Lakeland,- Pla.; Barbara Banks from >kansn.s State college. Jciifisfooro, undv"Nancy Snow Wilson who attends'«diool at, Stuart J.'nll. Stiiunton, Vn. Miss. Wilson 'Ls being nccompan- iPd by her clnssmnte, Jnnfi Turner of Bedford. Vn.. who will be er housegnesl, during Christmas. Wilson was a rrcenl.- tiio a A. E. House party and forma! dances at Washituj'ton ami l,co University. Lexington, Va. Among the Osceoln young people who are tcaclu-i's in otlu^r places and who will bo hem.! over the weekend are Miss fimily Mason from Alcoa, Tenn., Lindsey Driver iron) El Dorado, Ark., aitd lica(ric;(! r; from Yurbro, Ark. Ml.s.s Hose was brought home Wed- iwday in n Holt ambulance from! ihi! Walls hospital in BlythcvJlh 1 . Four Mississippi county boys in military schools will 'arrive, todtiy. Tlwy ar«! t Boyd White of Osceoln, BiJlic Rowland 'and liufiLs Branch of Hecau Point, and Clarwiw? Crawford of Luxoru, all from Columbia Military Academy, Columbia, Tenn. in Art Studied. Particularly appropriate to the sfiuson vvus the program on "Re- h>>icn in Art" a;; presented lo the 30 member.; of (ho Literature De- piruriom of the Osceola Progressive Club in their luncheon meeting ut the home- ol Mrs. j. I,. CJlascae Tuesday. Airs. Harold B. TilJmjm was lender of the meeting"By way of introduction Mrs. Tillmnn pointed out that the greatest works of art, music, drama and literature had their birth in religion. Slu- showed copies and auve th«: story of the painting of .several of ihe ureat masterpieces including Raphael's "Sis- linn Madonna"; Hoffman's "Christ, in Gtthsemaiw"; Da Vinci's- "Last SuppeQ "The Ascension" by Bierman;—ridings of Great Joy" und "The Good Shepherd" by Plock-; and the English artist Cop- piny.s "The Hope of thy World." Alter .showing ^ueh picture, a poem relatin" to the. picture was read, those readizig poems were Mrs. L. W. Walters, Mrs. U. II. Jones. Mrs. Ci. Hearisill Bank;;, Mr.s. Mary Spann and Mrs, E. W, Packard. Songs appropriate to each picture were also .sung by the department after I he leader* told the story of the song; included in the .stories told and songs sung were "O, Little Town of Bethle- nem"; "Joy to the World"; "The Stranger of Galilee" and Handel's •'Messiah." Mrs. Phil P. Burk of Bedford. Vn., was the only guest. This was the first social a'a^i- ering in the new home of Mr. and Mr.s. Glascoc in the northwest part of town; an arrangement of the Holy Family with adoring wise men and shepherds was placed on the mantel; the dining table held miniature garden on a fable 1 ; mirror' with reindeer and white' candles on each .side; trailing ivy grew from wall vases and window garden. Hostesses with Mrs. C.inscoe were Mrs. Robert Stunner, Mrs. W. D., . J ,, Kelly, Mrs. Prank O. Gwinn and i and Mrs. j. W.~ Kelly. Mrs. A. P. Spiese. {Frank Pen-in will come Saturday from the St. Stansilaus School of Mrs. Guy Driver Hostess. Pupils. Miss I'atly Adkins was hosiers to older members of her dancing class for a Christmas party at the ccuniry home of Glenda Marie Maxwell Thursday ni«hl. The .younger members of the class will be entertained by Miss Adkins at a parly at the Osceola high .school Friday afternoon. Mi:-s Dakins will leave Saturday morning for Memphis lo spend the vocation with her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs, C. E. Adkins. She will return Jan. (i. * * * Mr. and Mr.s. Earnest Gentry and daughters. Helen and Iris, of Spartanburg, S. C.. arc expect-1 ed to arrive Saturday for a visit' with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lease Williams of Luxorn. Mrs. J. w. Walker of Neely- ville. Mo., is here for the month of December with her daughter. Mrs. Lennie Williams, on Hale avenue. Mr.s. A. G. Brickey and daughter, Miss Ethel Brickey, have returned from St. Louis where they visited Mrs. Brie-key's parents, Mr. A red and white color motif was used by Mrs. Guy Driver when she was hostess to Chapter "O" )f the P. E. O. at her home Wednesday afternoon. In the living •com was the large Christmas tree .vith indirect lighting effect shin- Character at Bay St. Louis where he has been in school all full. He 'will spend Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Claud Perrin. Mr, and Mrs. Irvln Butler of Memphis and Alexandria, La., will come here Christmas day for the day with their parents, Mr. and "•• ^ u "e••<.»"£ L-iic^b ouiji- iuiy wiin umir parents, Mr, anu ng upon the manger scene under (Mrs. W. A. Butler and Mr. and Mrs. p. E. Tompkirus. Mr. Butler 3s now purchasing agent for the Nolan Construction Company who tree, clusters of red bells vere attached to the tiebacks of che white draperies in the living room and large red charlatan | arc contractors on large govern- Qo\ys on each chandelier. Electri- ment buildings and barracks at cally-lightecl wreaths glowed from. Camp Beauregard La : ^ windows and doors. r Rev. W. J. SpiceiV ptis'tor of the Methodist Church, has returned The ice course was an "icc- iream" Santa Clans, cocoanut cake ind nuts. Mrs. R. C.-Bryan was the principal speaker on South America. Mrs. E. S. Driver played several numbers of Spanish music. * 4 * Hold Family Reunions. Three of the largest family reunions for the Christmas season are those of the R. C. Bryan relatives, those of Mrs., John White and Mr.s. George Adams and of Mrs. Ed Pitlman on Carson Lake. from Port Smith, Ark., where he spent three days at a group meeting of Methodist pastors and leaders from Oklahoma and Arkansas. Bishop C. C. Selecman of Oklahoma City was the principal speaker'-, at the conference. ' Godfrey White and Charles Low- ranee Jr., flew to New Orleans this week on business. They will return by plane the Inst of the week. Miss Hortense Louckes, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. F. I. Louckes. and a sister from Ann Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bryan's Arbor, Mich., spent Monday in ?uests begin arriving Saturday and' Osceola on a combined business continue through Christmas Eve. and pleasure trip. They are her mother, Mrs. Mattie Dillard and sister. Mrs. Eula Moore of Sherman, Te>:.; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dillard and son, Bryan Dillard. of Dennison. Tex.; Mr. Mr. and Mr.s. Guy Driver and daughter, Charlotte, will go to Memphis Christmas Day for the remainder of the week with Mrs. Driver's mother, Mrs. G. C. Duri- and Mrs. Charles Dillard of Co- vage. •lumbia. Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. M. P.) Mr. and Mr.s. D. S. Laney and Higgins of. Memphis;' William Dil-1 children. Dave nncl Joan, will go lard of St. Louis; Mr. and Mr.s. Lawrence Dillard and children, Lawrence Jr.. Mary and Martha, all of Oxford. Miss. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. White will have 15 for dinner Christmas Day including Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway of Blytheville; Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cartwright and daughter, Pearle Cartwright; Mr. and Mr.s. Godfrey White and children. Boyd. Ann and Llewellyn White; Mr. and Mrs. Jap White. Following her annual custom. Mrs. Ed Pittman will have around 25 for dinner on Christmas Day to Camclen, Ark., for the Christmas holidays with Mr. Lnney's mother and other relatives. • J. Y. Jones, who has been seriously ill nt his home here for several weeks, was taken to the Crippled Adults Hospital in Memphis Wednesday for diagnosis and treatment. He was accompanied by Mrs. Jones and George Balloue, Jr. Memphis visitors Thursday were Mir,. E. S. Driver. Mrs. C. E. Sullenger and Mrs. Frank Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams were also down Monday night to Among the children who are ill with flu, car trouble or chickenpox are Carolyn Rose Spiese, CHn- inclUding Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kirk- .see his mother. Mrs. J. L. Wil- patrick of Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. C.jliams who is in the Methodist hos- G. Brooks and Miss Nora Pittman I pital. of Memphis; Miss Helen Pittman,' Fred Smith, Mr. and Mr.s. Eliic Jones of Memphis, and others. * * ? Students Return Home. Among the 45 to 50 college students returning home Friday and Saturday are Miss Pearle Cart- xvright from the University of Indiana at Bloomington, Miss Donna Rae Driver, a senior at the University of Arkansas; Frances Elaine Jaffe from Stephens College, Co- Corn Dog America'! Newest Sandwich TET ONE TODAY Ole Hickory Inn Acra* Fran High School ton nwi Chnrlcs Dnvis, Snm Mick" ol. Annie Merle Mnssey, James Kobbias, Delia Shlppen, LleUwyn White'. Charlotte Driver has been' ill ivllli chlckenpox for two weeks but is able to be out today. Mrs. G. T. Florida is in bed wilh flu this week. Dr. and Mr.s. C. M. Harwell, accompanied by Miss Nell Rhodes, Mr. utul Mr.s. Joe Rhodes, went to Memphis Thursday to aecom- lumy Mr.s. Phil Burk lo her train for her home in Bedford. Va,, following her visit here wilh her par- nu.v Dr. and Mr.s. c. M. liar-( well. The entire party were Ruesls j of her brother. Dr. Mnllory llar- woll for dinner Thursday night. Miss Jean Chiles, accompanied by her mother, Mr.s. tf. S. Chiles, and brother, Lloyd Chiles went to Memphis Tuesday night whore Miss Chiles wa.s soloist at the Commercial Appeal's seventh annual Plant lo Prosper banquet held ut the Hold Peubody. W, W. I'rewilt wa.s a bu;;lues;; visitor in LI flu*. Rock Tuesday. Mr:;. PrewiU,, uceompanlcil by Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Prewltt Jr., nnd Mrs. Alvis Taylor, spent the day In Memphis. Kuni I Women Are Pushing (.lollon Christmas Move Rural women of Mississippi County are lending in the ctun- fmiun for a "Cotton Christina;;" In a program .sponsored by the County Council of Home Demonstration Clubs. Various gifts made D'oin cotton —ranging from toys for babies to ttlfts for the oldest member of the family—were fashioned by members of the 28 clubs and 'all were displayed at a general meeting to be used as patterns by all of the 1028 members in the county. At the nnnunl Yuletlde party given by this group here this week, y.ifls distributed were all nude- from cotton, a;j was agreed. • Because of this program 'n; is believed that every home visited by Santa Clnus this Christmas In Mississippi County will have at least one gift made from the South's greatest crop—cotton. That this plan for consumption of more cotton will be a big aid on a national scope is the ambition of the farm women of this section who are also interesting their urban friends In the plan. Local stores report that more nncl more cotton gifts are being sold daily and that more materials for making of gifts arc being sold this year than ever before. These gifts range from clever cotton toys for the tiny tots, corduroy and other cotton robes and dresses for mother' and the girls and a cotton robe for the man of the, on t,o such gifts us bed jackets, collar:.and cufl sets, cotton sweaters. g\[\s . , oi'j velveteen, shirts, pajamas, handkerchiefs, gowns, towel's, sheets, pillow cases and the like. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home 4 demonstration agent, is actively in charge of the. program here. PACK THKEE SCHOOL NEWS •SUO'HURY SCHOOL NKWS Third Grade H is Christmas in Mrs, O, E. Quelhnalx/s "third grade room. Saint Nick holds sway! Gny, yuln- llde decorations nre seen •• through-. out UK; room, beautifully wrapped packages have been placed under. Ihe brilliantly lighted Christmas tree. Attractive ulfLs have been made by each child for its parents. The Christmas committee is working to .see that each child in (he room is remembered, and made joyful at this season. Happiness and a consciousness of what Die true spirit of Christmas 'Jans to all seems to pervade the room! A. Christmas parly was held in UiK room Wednesday afternoon. This was a culmination of Iheir holiday activities, shears, "j. T. Victory*; 'Tommy Lii- Ue, Carlos -Deal, AlvJs Harris, Hunter Sirnms, George Trusty. Jimmie Alcln, and Roland Rotmsavillc of the team, and W. H. Bohan'ning, Charles Purtle and Clyde Perry' managers. ' ' > ' '•' .'.'••• ' : .;:*»* Win National Honors Two ' articles which were sent to represent the school . journalism class in. a National Quilfand Scroll contest were announced in the last issue of that magazine among the winners. ;.::Thc editorial of Sylvia Reidman Placed fourth among the entries .submitted by students in the- south central states. The feature written by Hunter Hall won fifth place. ' ' NKWS. MJss Sunshine Swift's homo, room drew name; last week mid each child received v, present Wednesday afternoon. This room hn's been ^ortUed by uK-mbm of .the; iss. A program was given Wcdncixluy nl'U'rnoon In th<; room and many students look part. They were: Evelyn Unlcher, song; Berry Allen" and Kntht'rlne Yc.stbrook, riddles; Joyce Keltle, questions; Hetty Culdwelt, story; C. G. Redmani .slory; JJmmie Francis' Clemens, reading, und Dorothy Wright, sonu. Tlie nrtli nncl sixth grades attended Miss LuUUa Neal's gym clnys Tuesdny for observation pur- posos. The sixth grndo scouts have been shining boots to obtain money for the needy. The home room also plans to give a Christmas basket this year. Miss Lola Nusou's room elected new home room officers. They are as follows: David Wood, president; Bobby Dean, - vice-president; Dan Culdwcll. secretary; Joan Campbell, reading chairman; Billy Hen- drlx. room chairman; Martha Ann Llnt'/.enich; John While, errand boy. I To nit; Kooms Have Cliristmus Purty Christmas parties were held Tuesday:In nl) of the home rooms. Each room had its tree and members exchanged gifts, Wednesday, the last day of school before the Christmas vacation, a' party was Klvcn in the auditorium.' Every member in high school 'and ;nll faculty members attended' * * * ! Miss Laws' JUNIOR HIGH NKWS 7U-1 Room At the meeting', of rom 7-B-l Tuesday morning the following monitors were appointed: Hall — Benet.ta Brown, Nina Sue Austin, Rosanna Cleveland, J. C. Pergison, Bobby Culllson; Bulletin Board- Mary Sue Berryman; Blackboard- Joyce Damon; Wastebasket—Richard Pretchard, The play, "Santa's Necktie," which was presented on the program at the Christmas party Wednesday, had us UK characters, Don Chnmblin, Mnry Sue Berryman, Barbara Culllson, Billy Burks and Rosuna Cleveland. Bobby Cullison, •Ramona England and Mary Ellen Crawford were the' directors. Miss Gladys Diegh Weds Raymond Cecil LUXOttA, Ark., Dec. 20.—Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Llegh announce the marriage of their daughter, Gladys Liegh to Raymond Cecil/son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cecil Sr. Thc wedding was solemni-/,ect Tuesday, July 15 at Marlon, Ark. Both Mr. and Mrs. Cecil were members of the junior class of Lttxora high school where they reigned over the school last year as Halloween King and Queen. Mrs. Cecil was also crowned football queen of the homecoming game between Luxora and Turrell. At present, they arc making Uieir home with the bridegroom's parents. Boys Rcccivi SENIOlt IHGII SCHOOL NEWS Members of the Chicknsaw football team received their sweaters Wednesday. They were awarded by head coach Joe Dllcly. Boys who received letters were: Captain "Monk" Mosley, "Sonny" Lloyd, "B" Coppcd'ge, Elmer Stone, LcRcy Ross, Charles Wright, Everett Croslow. .Tames Cobb, Wallace Smith, Elliot Saliba, Mcrschcl Be- VVlns Awiird ' Thtt scholarship cup given by' tho National Honor 'Society, was awarded again the second six weeks to Miss Margaret; Laws home room. Miss Luna B. Wilhelm's room was- second and Miss Eli/abcth Mc'Heh"-' vy's room was third. Half Moon News Honors lu-eenl HrJtle Mrs. Leslie Peepk-s '' entertained 20 of her friends Tuesday night with a party given in honor' of Mrs. John Humphrey Hannon. who was before her recent- marriage. Miss Barbara Poff. After games had been played un- rler the -direction of Mrs. Park". Sprague, the guest of honor was showered with girts. The hostess served sandwiches and hot chocolate. " 0 9 Mrs. E.' B. Walker and children spent Monday in Memphis". Mrs. Fred Deqker und children and Mr, and Mrs. Erllss Austin- spent the week end in Mountain View, Ark. Dr. und Mrs. W. E. Potter -were guests of Mrs. B. P. Gay over the week end, Mrs. Oscar Ingram, who has been visiting in St. Louis, has returned home. Mrs. Daisy Oxford, of Caruthersville, spent the afternoon in the home of her mother. Mrs Nora LIghtfoot. Tuesday. Read Courier News want ads. rf PRESCRIPTIONS — 8«ft • - Accurate Your Prescription Craggfe* Fowler Druf Co. 141 SATURDAY Read Courier News want ads. CMC A UHIC 1 on 2 every f o— Tank ear to year car. (Tetraethyl Qa») JOYNER OIL CO. C. 8. Blfhway 61, North 24-Hour HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repaying, Welding ACTOOT from Red Top Gin Read Courier News want ads. ! FOR SALE SHIRLEY'S BEST FLOUR Barrel .................. ....... 48 Lb. Sack ................... . . §125 24 Lb. Sack ............. ........ 65c 50 Lbs. Lard 100 Lbs. Sugar C. ABRAHAM Ash & Broadwa 111/ TODAY ONLY CONTINUOUS SHOW ON THE STAGE IN PERSON Hollywood Stunt Man and Double For Famous Movie Stars "Smiley Burnette" "Gene Autry" "Roy Rogers" and Others NO ADVANCE IN PRICES ELLIOTT t^ui mull jk serial fureen Arcner' Continuous show till 11:30 p.m. lay by Harry Rtulcin & Willlj Goldiwck Djrjcttdby Hiiold S. Paramount News. Joe Reichman Orchestra & Cartoon. Phone Ritz 224 Phone Boxy 322 LISTEN ,TO KLCN 10:00 ajn.—12:45 p.m.—4.30 p.m. ROXY SATURDAY Cartoon & serial "Dcadwood Dick' Continuous show till 11:30 p.m. SUNDAY &'MONDAY with Baby Sandy, Stuart Envin & Una Merkel Fox News if Comedy

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