The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 9
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER fl, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COUJMRR NKW8 PAGE NINE!? Know Your Sl-llOOlS American Education Week, Nov. 6-11 Visit Your Schools Message To Parents hi?, writing, and mathematics, it i stray, to make dally piny a source gives him facts that he may be of Joy and strength. master rather than slave of the VOIMt CHILD'S CHARACTER | work he chooses. Courses In euld- oood character Is the supreme VOl'li CHILD AND YOU 'founded anil rich in promise of the j ancc help your child to find the : objective of education nnd of life, "lie looks lite his rtaddy." is »ihighest excellence and happiness, trade or profession in which he Is'],, , U .| ID cunpllintiu that has stirred many • Theb? seven objr-ctivc.s have been; most likely lo succeed because of m ci .„., •i lather's he-ait. Even as they re- j officially adopted by (he Nutlonal .his Interest and ability. Vocational tui-s in •'••••nble the phy^lcul features of j Education Association nnd the Na- training helps him to develop hn-' iu-ir parents, 'children come in : tlonal Congress of Parents and 11'ortant skills. A school placement: .vj"» measure to hold the ideals • Tcacrers. Tlicy are a challenge to | sen lee will help him find n Job. by helping Mini to achieve phys! their parents have for them in : home, school, and community loll" school your child Is establish- • • belief in Clod and religion. TIII: si'cciiss or DI-MOCIIACY ; lx>t no or.e (ell yen clcmoc- | racy has failed. It is precl-i'ly n: j tliose pjints wl:cre tl"' American , system is least democratic—\vhere i It lens;, reflects the Weals and ' homely virtues of the common uoo- |nle--:h:il the breakdowns liavo HOW WOMEN CAN WIN MEN AND MEN WIN r "" •>""•'" -' ™™ ln lo ' (• The Favor of Other Men l!iil«M(«i>|i|nl» vt Uk, Juice lU»v !nl]>- i-m )o-.:r ](MT liitu youi U.mU, join !o.l if. .-.,>» 111 your buwili. Tlii* I-.J|M,I.I i-.n M h.ili- U«lv. MoM-muil* ncl liMid tun) .-:!th. In home, in learning, In ciiix.'nsl'.ii>. In vocntional success, In l:-:surc, nnd In character. "All I nm <)! hO]X' to bi 1 I u^e to mv atvjel nicLhcr," is n great man's Iribiilc to a wise and faithful parent. What improve education. VOUH CHILD'S HEALTH Tile school provides a safe physical nnd mental environment for your child, housed in The mcdcrn school is a clean comfortable ing hnblts of industry which terial cal. menial, and spiritual Illness; | . and Ihrl' -by training him lo , lb e fuels cor-: will contribute to his inn-ireclly and to welsh evidence cure-, prosperity. Because t lie | ( ,,]| y: | )v ^corn-aging Him lo Ob-i schco! helps him tq do skillfully | serve the principles of good gc- j other business of like- un.'.ni- le. Wore .ill other business as w-imi he likes best to do. through I i,,i vio , us a matter of intelligent life he will experience those satis- action rathe: tlwn because he fear* wilt your child say of you when the I building with proper light, heat, and : -'actions which are UK joy of work. | punlshme:'.'.. Tie school leaches i .•-.minis of life have tested the body j ventilation; teats that encoiira-'o I VOIIK CHILD'S LEISURE U K \- nt .. 0[ m!11 ; i.| ; -jwned for llielr I nnd inlntl ai:d .soul which you Iv-lp-• correct posture, sanitary toilets and I Each RC-nerallon enjoys more lei- nobility of chai.ii-:.'.-. n oilers op-'Y '.".'' .'.'"".ii V cil him iiuild Do you work as hard ; washrooms. Physical inspection dis-1 f lire as men learn l:ow lo make |)o:tun:-y [•., ,1-v-;-< the qualities; '•"•ccriici »t.i u -! onls. Aiii'Tlr.i «»u!il move !iir- aid to a i«'w li'vi'l cif nchi-vi'ini-ut ihi ylory. Thi 1 lauire of <ii>morra;'y nil Ihe futuiv of ihe ronnir;!] .•lioi>l lire one and iiisup.ii.ible. U't ,,,.^, sn ( ,, nvnn | ,, ml U | W!m | („. i-'.lu-r. What thr ..;^hoo] is toilay lo make ;\ success of your child's I covers defects nnd licli« to over- machines work for thin on (he; of honesty, ^-.l as you d-> to 'make a success of ] come them through medical treat.- j farms. In the mines, fnc:or;es. uniir.y. and cour.i-.[c ' Your child's school | ment oivJ corrective exercise. Play Ev:ry day It does . fields and gymnasiums encourage your is yci.r ally. r.oiiK'lhim' for your chikl. A rvlioolin;; is the richest legacy you <-ati leave him. II gives confidence anil si'umity. YOUIt CHILD'S HOME In (he homi' a child lays the foundations of life. Hi; pruprr habits of paling, sleeping, i oaianK ' li mculs. elimination, and exercise. His hcms!? tcs appreciation provides him with gocd books. healthful recreation'. The school teaches correct health habit. 1 .. It protects against contagious diseases. It provides special care lor Hie undernourished, special classes for handicapped children, and enco'.ir- aacs htr.-iiifiil diet, through well- Tlie school cre- for health as a foundation of happiness and a vi- place to study, musical instruments. P!-':;, a gardL-n. play space, and the uimulaling influence of intelligent family d'.scussion. The home trains your child in t!ic performance of sjmpJe chores; it gives him his first c-xijcrience in cooperation. In the h'jiii!; lie learns lo share wilb otli- 'ir:: lo kf-ci) h!5 word, and to respect authority. He learns to be Ir.'al and to nssutne rcsponslbiH- 1::-^. With his brothers and sisters K' lakes the initiative in filling I'-i^me motn'jnt.s with worthy ac- l:\ltir.s. Most, important of all. he If urns the value of home. His osvn future home will resemble that of his p.irents. Let us magnify the home. VOUIt CHILD'S SCHOOL Did you ever stop to lliink what the life of your child would be like •iiithout. ttie common school? How he would spend the long days, where he would play, what friendships he v.'-ukl make, what influences would mold his young personality, how his fnith In himself and human nature would be affected by a thoughtless word, how, he xvould make that Important transition from the simple life of the family to the more lal common enterprise of the race. Health is the first wealth. THE TOOLS OF LEARNING The most important tools are the tools of the mind—our systems of letters. numbers, symbols, and maps; our mother tongue; our dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks; our world of print and libraries. Th? school is giving your child possession of these tools. He lenrn<, to read rapidly with understanding. He learns the impsrt- ant-c of gco;l foo:! for the mind. 'Ihrough association with schoolmates and teachers, lie acquires the ability to leant from olhers. Thru class discussion he learns to test nnd modify his conclusions. He learns to think. He becomes familiar with the world of scholarship and science. He learns the law of life and of nature. He'stud- ies the great human institutions and idenls. He acquires sound hab its of study. He catches the spirit of learning and the gcod life. To learn is lo grow. EDUCATION FOR HOME The home is the fundamental institution among all civilized peoples. The schcol is educating your onc-.-s. l?aii!d transportation, r; Id C'.':nmunicntion, speedier .services of nil kinds arc iiiere3s:n;;lv s.ivlnR time. Your child will have mare hours free from labor than you live had. Tlu 1 school seeks to each him to use his leisure with liserlmtnntion and wisdom. In scl'.ool your child learns to appreciate companionship, \s-holeiome conversation, the world's finest lii- viattire, sculpture, music, and other Jit. He may - be developing skill n cne of these arts himself. He is encouraged to puisne worthwhile ntcrests. to learn games lor healthful recreation, lo swim, o enjoy outdoor life., to prefer those leisure ac- ivilies which build instead of de- yood ier:sity. dependablli-' which lire the glory Although a iloni' The school fosters h:i\,> a fntlu-r. ii . . . . . 1..I.I IH-.U-. i:i:<.-.l»llllU>, hnillu-fcu. il.U I.-.IL. IHV.IIIH- :i:l ui:ly -looklnc. fu'iUlilill. • IL^. ^.)..i.;l.ili'; lic.BOII. ^OU H«VL- lufcl >i-iir [i-|..)in.l .}mrin. KvCfybouy \vtuil* llul a -n'l L1.U- enlll. inliifrel *atiT« • •'!•. L.\kl.M- fill*, IftU'thr tluiilU-A ill • t'unin,] L..M11 aii.1 I-MHH( Hit-in li> iit-1 i\C. ••I lli:j i:?..,i:i ,li-itiu» s.iur iviu.nni .'i-. ..i. llu* n.ii'l .In it. [i-i they -jiilt mini- ...ii il,- ! i.l ..n.l of ).>... l.iwrli nuJ l!.-i1 ,l..i .-i I !i.i.r uw.i> i;t...-..:h lit IK- 1!.-. :u.-.| l-.l^'ll r.J1MKll.-» llori't 1ll-|;. al Mil. ;, r,,.. iVv, i.f your Lllp juli-5 will • •.•l-!!i;>.l,.rii> In.lxill ln>..'irlHjui-li. Tin ..... ..,'11 ... .l«lk- lu.-li'.L,- irlikli >lKit< .. I 1 , i,v i.f \.inr UK- Inter I> Cnrltr'i . l.lvi-r 1'illi. Nil cufuiwl (rilfirury) :i.l.r - , Oul) lin^. mild M^.-lK^lr .!- 1( >,.'.! V.M..M l::in: I«.C JO'lt i-l.NU.I J.» vtlll r-icu. NtnU tJklna \ l.illlr l.lvcr 1'illi i.;coi.|lr,,: l!uiit t.i.l.iv V.f nt .link- »<.>II-M. ' < (i. 11 c-ijuiuvjiids Hi youth n .••r«-w|-- ; ...i I 1 .II. by i uil uA for. RAH! RAH! RAH! complicated life outside, where he j child for worthy membership in th would team not only to read, to] home which you provide for him today and in his own future home. Tile school maintains the atmos- write, nnd to cypher but the thousand and one other matters that determine his ability to get on in the world. Would you be willing !o uncierl/]l« this task by yourself? V;i?7 chliij'c -jsheo'-'reiw^T..''-yp'.i. ,teac>£s yo'vt^chlW simple' home It seeks to do for all 'the children j skills—how to"'cook, to sew. to re- wl'a'. the best and wisest, parents | pair home equipment, to decorate would do for their children had , and furnish tastefully and economl- phere of cooperation and unselfishness which is essential to happiness in ,home relationships. "' they the time and the talent. YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER I sing the praise of the unknown teacher. Great generals win campaigns, but it is the unknown soldier who wins the war. It is the unknown teacher who delivers and guides the young. He lives in obscurity and contends with hardship. For him no trumpets blare, no chariots wait, no golden decorations arc d'ecrced. He keeps the watch niony the. borders of darkness and ma'Kes the attack on the trenches of ignorance and folly. He cally, to manage the family budget, to care for Infants, and to nurse the sick. It teaches the principles of sanitation, of home nnd community planning. The schcol gives your child training in reading, music, conversation, and recreations which enrich home life. II magnifies the home as one of the finest things in life. YOUR CHILD'S CITIZF.NSHir The school . is preparing your child lor the responsibilities and •privileges of citizenship. By taking part in the simple relationships o: n; sirfping spirits. He quick- the school he comes to understnnc ens the indolent, encourages the the spirit of fairness, justice, intel- enger. and steadies the unstable. He llgence, and goodwill. He loams communicates his own joy in • the importance of honesty and co- learning and shares wilh boys and j operation. He learns to subordi- ••ir!s tiie best treasures of his mind, nate his selfish interest to the needs Ifc lights many eandlcs which, in ' and wishes of others. He learns later yf ars. will shine back to cheer him. This is his reward. OBJECTIVES OF EDUCATION Education concerns the whole life. tl'.e history of his country. Thj nation's founders become his heroes He studies the principles upon which the nation is builded. Hi: The aim of the modern school is to \ attention is called lo importan lieln every child achieve I economic and social problems. II- Healthy and Safety learns to gather and weigh facts Worthy Home Membership | He learns to respect the propcrt Mastery of the Tools. Technics, and Spirit of Learning Citizenship and World Goodwill Vocational and Economic Effectiveness Wise Use of Leisure Ethical Character Parents and teachers may guide the growth of the child around and rights cf others. He develop the spirit of good sportsmanship he learns to take responsibility, nnc to obey established rules. He learn | to be loyal to common ideals an: purposes. YOUR cim.Trs VOCATION The school is preparing you cliiid lo succeed in a chosen voca those seven purposes with the as-' tion. It teaches him fundamenla suranre that his life will be wclljneede din every occupation, road We Can Now Sett \ HOMES Belonging to the AMERICAN BUILDINU&LOAN ASSOCIATION CASH Morse & Kirshner AGENTS Tins tviliiw tU'sfi'ves tlireu •heci* nml a tlj:!-r as inueli as he Tiilailt 1 If.tru fm \vlilcll hn is chuer leader. He is Donald Ken', who iloc* a s<»d Job of coaxing yells frnm the Mamls wilb only one lei?. The iiamlstaud be is dons is I'ar'. of his liaK of tlicks. • New Goody«ir All-Weathers slop c-.irs 17% quicker tlmn «mooih old tires— »nd quicker than any otb«r new tires 1 The slipperiest, me** dangerous driving 8ca*m ii ahead — ftct your Mr on tight-gripping new Goodyears now— avoid resretsl A 4encratlon of uf* prove* the All-Weather the safMt and but no n- slit" tr««d— let U i show you wHVI GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER n (i-L-lh or .'cnl.l .HPtA r I'mU-l'B l.illl,. VtY line BIL,| iM "t-nl TM:. t>niTj,c.M.Co. (.*£•' KESglUS He who nnjs door belli looking for n Job, a room or any de- d objective fciHim* ti jJnn, clr- rullolH runic Imlrril. Our U'.-iul-Ad columns not inily luraln (hcsr prut>- fur you lull, also assure an Immrcihlt Interview wltli a« Intrr- rstnl pruspfct >t the hit of time uml effort. f II Play Your LUCK we played our's and save We were mighty lucky to get thesv ^o Sell at the Old Price of A 15 £*)«-<«'K,Sfe;aC3=rf»5> Priced an low cis we, eoer sold a suite of this qunlilij ,,,. (cnns sliff'htly hif/her 't Think It Possible But a Manufacturer Needed Cash and We Had It A VALUE WE CAN'T DUPLICATE We took all we could gel ut this price ... a great stroke of luck for us and a lucky chance for you if'you act quickly . . . only '.10 of these handsome suites and you know they won't last long at the old price of $39.75. You can afford to borrow the money to buy one with as you are saving $15 to §20. . . . Heautil'ul H panel Mirror, Hollywood Dresser, Chest of Drawers and Poster Bed all in a beautiful walnut finish. These Will Be Sold in 10 DOJ/S So Get Yours Now! Onlc. TJf* V[> «-4«M THAOE-IN •llo GOODLY EAR Shouse-Littlc Chevrolet Co. BLYTHEV&LLE, ARK.

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