The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 7
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1937 BLYTJIEVILLE, (ARK.)' CO UK IKK NEWS (All-State Selectors Do Right Well By Unbeaten Chickasaws Sports edilovs over the stale who i conference Barnes won) anil a few like lo clliiib far oul o" « limb • selectors of even less Importance, by indulging in such highly du-! The Associated Press got- around btous and uncertain adventures as, finally to giving" Warrtnglon and Mcsley second team berths and gave other Chicks mention. Tile Associated Press, Incidentally, gives an .unerpectecl insight, into the crmtic manner in which nll-flulc teams are picked by giving Hoberts honorable mention as a tiK-kle, apparently based on noth- picking all-star football teams only to have some Xuihcard of and unsung upstarts make them look-oli so sick, later) did right, well by Blytheville high school's undefeated and untied Chicka- *aws over the week-end. . Heading the selections, of course, oven though you seldom stiliiR "'» '"ore tliun the Cliick star's along with Diem very far, were: ESllrl> tl ' om clKl to luckle by tlic lliose of the Arkansas Gazette ami i G8!ic ' fc to milkc ''° 0111 tor Mm on Arkansas Democrat, published in' its filst all-conference team. The Little Rock. Each placed two Bly-| A " p ' s ''"ting would indicate cither Ihcville stars on its first Warn, " rat sllci! A snlft wa » necessary the Gazette naming Russell Mos-| to B ' vc llim honorable mention or ley, halfback, and James "Babs" 1 lhat u <iitiu ' L kllow *">' better. Roberts, end. on its. first all-Ar-' ' 1 '. le H °l )c sti11 '. ''picking, with kaiiE?.s fctii school i'.hletic con. Terence (Big Fifteen) team and the Democrat placing Mosley and. Dan Warrington, end, on its (nil a!ld l )liltcd Brown nt fullback on all-state team. The Gazelle mimed i iLs Lllil ' cl ai l- s tatc earn, incidentally Warrington and LeRoy Brown, full- nami »B seven Hope players on the hack, and tifiirred ~ui;di, center, orable mention lo Meredllli, B«- iliarsc, Justice snrt Burton. Smoth- ennati. former Arijiorel pltjrcr, with Walnut Ridge, also 1 gained honorable mention. '" The Democrat gave honorable mention to Wise and Justice, tack- les'and Burton, guard. -,':• The Gazette gave honorable mention to Burton, guard, Meredith and Bcsharse, backs. Forrest city's Dmley was ihc only northeast Arkansas player, other than a ClUckasaw, to make either the Gazette or Democrat Ural nil-state team. He made both of them, being shitted rrom center lo guard. pardonable pride, three Hope l>toy- ers. gave Mosley and ' Warrlngton berths on Its first all-state "team on its second, team: and. gave honorable mention; to other jnembers of the. Chicks' first- string team ivhilc the Democrat named Browu on its second team and Roberts on its third and followed suit, by miming several in its honorable mention list, , • . : Of course there were other selectors wlio Ignored the Chicks- f.arfs, finishing- their fourth undefeated season in state football circles, included the usually fairly reliable Associated Press, which apparently turned- a completely deaf "first team" ear to northeast • Arkansas this year, a Russell- villc sports writer who couldn't see the Pine Bluff Zebras, Big Fifteen champions, or the runner- up Chicks (based on number oi BRISBANE (UP)-AUhOiieh surrounded by 200 barrels and more than 500 dozen bottle's of beer W stay-In strikers at a brewery •fiere refused to cirlnk anything but water because .they Veared drinking o£ the beer would constitute damage to their employer's properly. three teams. Ben i,"])s;e;a, Arkansas Gazette snorts editor-, shifted Roberts liom eiKl to tackle to make room foi him on tiie Gazette's first ull- Etntc team. Roberts' shilt was anticipated nfter Epstein, who covered last week's Blythcville-For . rest City game, remarked, referring to Roberts, "a , ligln heavywlceht' boxer is a heavyweight in high 1 , -school football, lie could play any| where in my line." . Oiey Sexton, Walnut RlUge sportsman, whose NortHeast Arkansas all-star selections have been publicized by the Gazette and the Memphis Commercial Appeal for a number of seasons, awarded the Chickasaws four on his first learn. He named Roberts. Warrington, Mcsley and Bvown and save hon- BOONVILLt, rml. (UPI— Two of the largest ' trucks in the world have been placed In operation here. Each wns specially bum. They weigh 23 ions, cast $16,no' are powered with 175 horsepower motors and have a body capacity of 40 cubic yards I Jap Grappler To i Tackle Irishman [ : On Legion Care] Line Forms At Hunting License Counter Today Sugl Hagamakn, the Japanese ju Jitsu sneclnllsl, \vlll trade liolds with Eddie'Malone. Uic Irlshnnvn, lii th,e feature match o[ the Legion's weekly wrestling show here tonight. Hagnmakn, who made, his first, appearance here two weeks ago. Impressed local fans with his speed and knowledge of holds. The Jap Is rather light, however, and PAGE SEVtt limiting "ninx. w ;iat U used to be in tl)o«> |j»rls" said old llmers as UKV slood In lino lalo Friday to pui-chase their licenses before (he duck season opened S«t- urday. : A total of only 261! licenses were 6olc( here up until Snturdny and but one of ihew was K n non-ivMilent of Arkansas. T.lits vvus to a mini nt Kleele. Only a feu- ii'ire .sold to cllliccnn of south Mississippi county ul the Osceoln <Kcte issued blnto Imnluv;, hint sou to mil ol hi iukUUou lo ihe licenses In- sual (hts year to Mississippi county spoilsmen, ccveral resldcitls cJ Little Koclf, Miunmoth Springs and linlxjdcn, Arknnsns, purchased Ilioni hero. WILSON. N. 0. (UP)-U'Sllo W. Mrtthctvs, as siixiketman lot u group of Wilson County's "oid- tlme" itiiincrs, predicts a loiig, hard winter. He \ points' to these Cemetery Safest S|wt nrelclenLs, according to n map pie pined by city 1(0 llcc, is the cenic- in-.v. Malone should rule the favorite 1C he can elude Hagamnka's ninny Oriental tricks. Sid Marcus, "the flying Jew", is scheduled to no in the ring against j more file hooded (error, 'The Bat", a burly Swiss who chooses to keep his Identity unknown, last Tveck here Ihe Bnt wrestled Malone "out the latter was awarded the match when (lie masked grapplcr persisted in his foul tactics. oilicc of Ihe circuit clerk. A number of years iiyo, when Big Lake was the fuvorlle limit-: ing pliu'c of many u sporl.sin;ui,! liiiiKlrecl licenses ' Small Furry Beast HORIZONTAL rWell-known . small animal. 8 It belongs to ', ; thc family. 13,Matler. H'Eatable grass growths... !5,To bring icgal suit. ( 16-Lava: ; '!7To implore."* '18 Eye tumor.; Answer to Previous unit. U Cardinal number. O 1 -5jTO ^utunt. -^i 2T*ril-tempere<l . - . person. . 48-To suffer loss. 28 Glazed 'clay ..SOCant. : blocks. , x .' 52 Bivalve -M\ MO Market. 1 -! t • mollusk. 32Over." Hf 53Social insect. 3S Inveterate.-','. Si Italian river. 35 Nominal.value 55 Varnish J6 Morindin dye ingredienl. S7 Merry.'" 57 Musical note. J8 Skillet; v ^58 To chop. 40 Musical note.' 59 Into. 41'To fish. 61 Therefore. ' 42 Poem. 62 It feeds on It Ba%aS —-fan."* VERTICAL 1 Mineral 'spring. 2 Angry dispute 3 You and me. 4 Roll of film. 5 Tatter. GAncf. ; 7 Innkeeper. •; 8 Thing. 9 Hops kilns. 10 Electrical .. 17Child's napWn 19 Sweet potato, ] 22 Rowing tool. > 23 Ozone. i 24 Lion's home. v: 26 Spigot. ': 27 Its (pt.) makra fur, ; trimmings.! S i 2ft Your. ' f-i 29 To drink 5^-i slowly. * v _; ] 31 To exchange. 1 33 Beret.' 34Heart.\ " ' 37 Company.' 39 Big. 41 Missile. .' J 44 Race cnd.vt?. I 46 Sudden fright 47 Packs away. 1 : 49 To crush. i 51 To unclose, i 52 Baby's bed.) j 53 Wine vessel- • 5fi Shy. , : 58 Hour. ..f , 60 Chaos. \.'': FARMERS, ATTENTION SPECIAL , ,.> WEDIS'ESIMY, OKC. \, ONLY t, 12-luth MfCornikk-Oeeriiiir MIDDLE BUSTERS Our Tcmilar '$2:j,50 ^liddlc Uusters for only iMEHTS, Inc. Wanted Pecans Highest I'rifo.s Pjiid WOLF AR1AN Mil I n When tn flight, the wart dog i carries Its lail stiffly erect. About 3V )ier CCIH o«' ;-ic ,-r.otor ears manufactured In loin were touring car or rondster modcLi, FREE GIFTS ' FREE GIFTS (liven- Awity Until Christmas Only a Short Time Loft (o Prepare for the STATE flUTO TEST iMoncy On Autn Purls mid ARIAN AUTO PARTS f>07 |C»riillu-i'!>vlll "(rare signs": Peisimmon tiecs are unusuilly he»vy wHh fruit; corn huste «r« thicker than usual; animal* ai« gettiJig Uifcir jit* iur early In the fan. FOR CHRISTMAS Me will appreciate a quality tf ft from our whhkey shop Whiskeys, Winei, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Illvltlou WRESTLING Monday Night, 8:15 SUGY HAGAMAKA EDDIE MALONE ?THE BAT? ~ SID MARCUS I'k'aii l-ogion Arena THE GREATEST USED CAR SALE of ALL 1 WEEK O Starts Buy one Pliillip 3 «~& 'G Used Car «t (he new minced |M-ic c timl for only $1 hu.rc you Kv .i an mldilimiiil ri.r. si-l| or give it to a friend. Never before and probably never 'Jigain will you have such an opimrdiiiilv < 0 liii v KIKM! used turs at such bargain prices. ' • YOUR OLD CAR-. -WILL POSSIBLY MAKE THE DOWN PAYMKNT Only a limited number of tars (O-BO in this sale so «•<; urge you fo conic in on opcninjr day in order to K ei first, sclcetitm. OUR TRADE QAY EXTRA SPECIAL Brano New 1937 Model ford >8 4 W Fordor Uc<luco(l From $755 V $595 '35 Deluxe 4-Door Ford V-8 Sedan Only $295 A nice dean car anyone would be jlad lo o«',j And this '30 Model • BJ1 Ford Coach for , s v • THE PAIR $296 '36 Chevrolet Pick-Up Real Buy at $385 And This '2!) Kord Coach for only' BOTH CAEIS I-OIf S386 '37 Ford Tudor Sedan for Only $495 l.cioks ;uiil runs Hkc "cw SI $496 Arid a (Jood '2!l l^ord Coach for Onl ( - YOU GKT BO'I'H CARS FOR '35 Ford Tudor Sedan Good Car for $275 And a jf<x>d Model ;A "30 Tudor Ford for . KOTII FOR '36 Ford Coach A Good One; for $365 And a good '31 .Ford Coach for '..... YOU GET liOTH FOR $1 $366 '35 Ford Truck Dual Wheels, $365 Equip pcta willi New Tire* And a ':ji 7)c>Soio Sedan for ohlv ... THK I'Wti von ONLY '35 Ford Tudor V-8 Clean Car for $275 $1 $276 and a nood '2!) Chevrolet Sedan HOTH CARS NOW FOR '35 Std. Chev. Coach Real Nice for $275 and n '30 Chevrolet 2-Door for only . .. . TAKE HOTH FOR ONLY $276 '36 V-f Coupe A-1 Condition $375 iind a '31 Chevrolet Sedan for onlv .... THK TWO CARS NOW $376 Look! '35 Plymo Coach $295 and a '2,S Slnilebaki'i Sudan for only YOU GBT HOTH CARS FOR 1337 Studebaker Coupe Like New, $545 ijond ';JD I'onl for only THK TWO CARS ONLY $546 '36 V-8 Tudor Sedan A Honey for $395 $1 13961 T- ,-.- t and \ve give you a 12!) Chevrolet Sedan for '34 Ford Coach Nice Car for $245 HOTH CARS NOW ONLY and a 'HI Chrysler Sedan for TWO CARS OM.Y '36 Plymouth Coach Fine Car for $395 and a yood Chevrolet '.'JO .Sedan Jor only TAKE. HOTH CARS FOR '34 Ford V-8 Coach for only $235 and we give you this ':iO Ford Coach for ... S! HOTH CARS NOW KOR $236 '35 Ford Pick-Up for only $255 .......:..:... $1 $256 and a good '29 Ford Tudor for YOU GET l!0'fH FOR SthandWabmt COMPANY Phone810

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