The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1935
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Served by tfi€ United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS HOME EDITION VOL. XXXII—NO. 10 4* sUicvllle Courier niythevlllc Dally News >#• Jylhcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lender FIVE 1G ... ,,„,,,..,,,..., .„,..,,, l!l.\ I HKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TIIUHSDAY, MARCH 28, 1!).'15 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS JAIL Present Practice Unfair, Financier Tells Senate Committee WASHINGTON. March 28. (UP) —A constitutional amendment to eliminate all tax exempt bonds in tlia future was advocated today bv Bernard M. Baruch, financier find Coal and Automotive Strikes Threatened WASHINGTON, March 28. (UP) —Nationwide suspension ol bituminous coal mining on Monday wns feared by operators and "labor spokesmen as they met today lo lay Ibeir troubles before the iiiitionul iccovery bonrd. While; the coal contract dispute approached a showdown A. P. nf I,. Organizer Pram-Is ,1. Dillon appeared before the house labor committee and threatened lliere would be a general strike in the automobile and rubber industries unless congress pass :il the Wagner-Connery labor bill or took oilier action to strengthen collective .: bargaining guaranties of section 7-A. ;•• u^-llJillU J". iJnlllL.ll, I rum | . | . . ._ _^ _ J»% ^H • I ^ •* adviser to five presidents. U P nnnTUrD P Testifying before tlie senaic [ill IT H h I! I H T M I munitions committee on plans to V1LLU UllUIMLII U a SELF take profits out of war. Baruch said he possessed .some tax exempt bonds but favored their elimination us a means of "making luxes fairer." Barucli said it would be impossible lo eliminate tax exempt bonds alreadv in circulation. Senator Homer T. Bone (Dem.. Wash.) snld hundreds of home 1 * "are"sold every year for taxes" and asked "is there any reason why the government should be more tender with big corporations lhan with the home owners?" "Absolutely not." Baruch said. Baruch told the committee he believed the courts would uphold any program of price fixing and government- confiscation of private property in war time. Directions to His Marriage Blamed for Farm Youth's Act FRFII RFRRYMIM U L~l I >l « lilllK Stalernent-., Imnlicates H. '••'E^ -WaVfief. Who Admits Part iu Kidnaping OSCEOLA. Ark.— Homer Earl Harnsr, arrested Monday nialit near Porti Seville. Mo., has confessed complicity in thi robberv and kid- naping last Christmas of two Wilson men. Bill Westbrook ami E. H Manor, for which Fr?d and John Bcrrymnn were recentlv sentencert to 21 years imnrisonment. and will probablv- be sentenced Friday. A statement hv Prcd, elder of the Berryman brothers, imollcatin? Warner and absolving John- Bsrrv- inan of connection with Ihe crime. followed of senience upon John Berryman. Whsn hrousht hern bv Dsouty Sheriff Hilc Jackson Harner at firsl denied anv knowledge of His crim". The victims of Ihe robberv and kidnaping could not identify him. but a slorv ho told of his whereabouts last Christmas Isd to hip iindoins. Officers confronto<l him with nersons hf- said he was >v!th at tlr? time of the crime and when they refused to confirm his story he confessed. According to Fred Berrvmnn'.' Etorv. now confirm?'! hv TIarnn r Fred n^rmniMi ami Hnrnrr i>u!'"fl the robtierv and kidiitninV son nn«l were joined in Memnliis by John Berryinnn, who a ied them on i>n automobile trip west. Harder left the nittv in T-v- ns. Tbp P n rrvnians -ver later n( Holhr™k. Aric.. nn hack lo Osceoln for trial. I brnuahl Bi ig Lata Gaup-p, Down To 248.5 Early Today The \v:iie r * "corded Dancer of crest of Ins CONWAY, Ark., Mar. 28 CUP) — ibjeclions lo liis proposed nmr- iage and bringing his bride to is falher's home were believed ic cause today of Burl Reynolds, 0, killing his sister-in-law and itally wounding himself late ycs- erday at Republican, 18 miles orth of Comvay. Mrs., Loy Reynolds, 27, died In- .ontly of a rifle bullet wound in le head at the home of her ilher-in-lnw. G. C. Reynolds, iurl dicil at 9 p. in. en route to hospital here for treatment or hotsun wounds. / Mrs. Reynolds' son, Leroy. 9. •as the only person in the house t the time of the shooting. He ouM tell of the preceding events, Ihe'riff J. I. Summers advised. Ilie. elder Reynolds: said liis son hadn't been right" for sometime tit apparently had Improved re- ently. He indicated there may lave been a mental derangement. Word of the double tragedy did .ot get outside of tlie isolated ommunity until last night when he' body of young Reynolds v irought here in a futile attemnt o reach a hospital before death. A small note which Burl left old incoherently of his contein- olnted marriage, Sheriff Summers aid, and of objections to bring- ng the bride to the family home lecausc n brother ani Mrs. Loy Reynolds already lived there. River Plays" Tcernan—at a High Price The Icemnn would have slim pickings this summer in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., if residents could Imve hnrpooncd all the ice that floated past, their doors us a flood raised through (lie city to take $200.0(10 loll. They were awakened after the spillway of u dam Hirer miles away hud IK-CII washed out by the swollen Wisconsin river lo discover cakes of ice weiKhlin; n.s hleli us TOO pounds float- Ing in IhMr yards. This picture shows Second avenue during the deluge. Reach Common Viewpoint on Situation Created by German Threat MOSCOW. U. S. S. n., March 28. (UP)—Cii-eiit lirltaln and Russia l-'ot together today on pence |u i;u- rope and found themselves. In agreement on menus of attaining it, After a two-hour conversation be- Iwecn Cnptnin Anthony Eden of Great Brltiiln nut! Porcliiii Coiunil- snr Maxim Ulvlnolf It wns Icani?:! from olllclnl sources thnt Die two found themselves In agreement on all points discussed so far. The points were not enumerated but they obviously Included an eastern Europe .security pact mid the problem of maintaining European peace If It is menaced by Cler- mnny's rearmament. Says Wnilacc "Unfit" For Post In Cabinet WASHINGTON. March 2« (UP) "Si'Ci'cliiry cf Ani'lcullure Henry A. Wallace was called "mint" for n cabinet post In I ho senate to- dny by Senator Walter Clenrfic' (Dem.. Cln.), Clc>oij>o Inlcmiplcd delmle cm (lie "pink slip" repealw lo reiul n newspaper report ol a .slnlcmciil fiild lo have been made l)y Wiil- liice In which hi! iilliickeil Cieon;e's amendment lo the work relief bill. The ttuoted Wallace us snyinu (he iinicmlmcnt Invited ."fort'lmicrs lo dip tiielr hands Into the federal treasury." "Any member of Hie cabinet who wiys llml Is mint Tor a plnco In Ihc cabinet," arm-go roared. Textile Mill, Closing, Blames Jap Competition Order Accepted as Forerunner to Abandonment of Gold Standard NEW BEDFOnD. Mats.. Mnrch I 28. (UP)—Japanese competition was ilamctl today for tile decision to close thi' Build: .mills, cmrjiorfnij )50 operatives. • I! S SHI Bin Ui uuiiuUi. iiiu TJIRF BRUSSELS. Belgium, March 2fj. (UP)—Monetary fright spread thru- out n;lgHiiu today utter Ihe government ordered all stock exchanges closed unlil Monday, leading to the general expectation th:it t^e currency \voiild be devalued and Belgium would go completely o(f the gold .standard. Persons with ready cash began frantic purchases ot real property to protect themselves against losses in tlie devaluation.. Any devaluation would have wide and perhaps grave repercussions ns Belgium is a member of the Hoc of gold nations of which France is the head and the Netherlands and Switisarlancl lea-rlinj members, bc new government of Pr.ul Van Zreland—nn admirer of the Roosevelt New D?al an;| Us managed currency—is to make its first ministerial declaration in the s?n!it« and chamber of deputies tomorrow. DVPSS Announces Resumn- Imn of Help (or Needy Districts Trustees for Frisco Sue Power Company James M. Kurn and John G. Lonsdale. trustees lor the St. Louis Ran Francisco Railway have filed ^uit- in circuit court here against the Arkansas-Missouri Power ceini- UTTIE fiOCK. M<trch 28. <UP< j panv, asking judgement for S5S1. —EligiW" school districts u'ill re-| The complaint Mntre that the •ejve fedem! nid unlil the close of Frisco paid approximately that pinoiint to the power compnny under an award ol reparation made by the Interstate Commerc Hauptmann's Appeal Will Be Heard June 20 TRENTON, N. J.. March 28. (UP) —Bruno Richard Hnuplmann's np- pcal from his death sentence for Ihe murder of Charles A. Lindb?rsli jr. will be heard by Ihe court of errors and appeals on June '20. Son Emulated Dad Hospital Under Guard to Protect Canadian Quin- luplels CALLANDER, Out.. 'March. .28. <UP)— Tlie existence of a"'well .organized plot lo kidnau' Ihe Dlonne fiulntiiplsts was verified today by til-? provincial police. The United Press lenrncd thnt the plotters are' known hut cnnnol be .arrested because no overt acts were committed. Th c plan of the would-be kid- A n ft i ii ' na|3cr3 - !t was learned, was to steal As DlUiato Hunter th - babies from Dafoe hospital and take them across the united state? ELM CREEK. Neb. CUM-E. A.!'t™''^,^"^™ 01 '" 0 - Discovery of Hitler Tutors Finn Klnml LONDON, Mnrch 28. (UP)—Sir John Simon, foreign secretary, lae- itly admllti'd In tile house of commons today that Kelchsfuchrer Adolf Hitler hail adopted a strong attitude during their recent conversations In Berlin. The conversations, sir John said revealed "considerable (inferences ot opinion but the result undoubtedly will be valuable and both sides will be able to clearly understand their respective viewpoints—a process: Indispensable lo further progress." I'nllsh Government Kails WARSAW, Poland, March 28. (UP)—The Polish government resigned lodny. The resignation, hod been pro- .dlclcfl i as j llie,.resu]il ol,a(lo-,[t\on of a new constitution. 1 'possible effect on the government policy loward Claude Black, Manila, Hit by Car Driven by Luxora Girl Germany known. was not Immediately Says High Food Prices Are Result of Drouth WASHINGTON. March 28. (UP) —"Blame the drouth,' not the government," njricuHural adjustment nnnine has' bean taken "wttMn th™ .„, , Although ...Kler somevvhnt different condi- sl:i K cd hospital. A nurse imv sleeps m the - , ,an, e room with the "qul m' , tmns than when Ed Hartmun ; Tn clav (lie flv« Dionne nres -ire .trirted hunting the beasts in 1872, , , fl , mm!lll , „,„. Tl , I * ™^ 'j ? was proud of his . increased a,, Average ,,f one pound and don't Iroohv wns nnn nr , ] (hc ' nrm ' nnenheless, he Claude Black, of . "rltlcnllv In lured when struck by •v cur, driven by Miss Eva Oeonie if Luxora. on Highway 18, Manila, this morning. Black wns rushed' lo the Bly- 'lievllle hospital here. Hosnlta •ihyslclnns said he had receive! •\ serious fracture of the r.kul ^ud lield little liopn for his re "overy. No chnrgfi lind been preferred walnut, the . Lu.sora plrl, dniiRh Vr of Philip George, l.uxora mcr -hunt, early thli iifternoon pnnd 'HB a 1 conference of officials. Farl Simon, local man whose car th °,M was drlvlnii, nnd others. .less Pierce. Ills Lake townshl. ™nslftblc, - who nccompnnled' th injured man here, snld ho wojil 'jut the. matter before W. Leo Smllli. ; demiiy prosecutor, lo do 'ermine \vhol steps. If any. shoul be taken.. He said there wer -onfllctltm reports of the aeddc 'voin occunnnts of Ihe cnr an ither witnesses. Black was walking aloiiE th 'ilqhway with two other men an •teppcd Into the palh of the ca cousins; an unavoidable' acclden friends of Ihe driver said Ihe were told. supply si Bean. AAA economic advisor said. "The drouth caused the unusual shortages which in (urn caused the price rise. ."Housewives see only the price " <e the sStuivllon on , m Buffalo County. i United Stales is 520,045.000.000. ment." 'heir current terms up to June ">tlf Director W. R. DVMS of the "ERA was advised by Washington Authorities today. <ime be,™, aonnar^lo '£ ,!£ senccl constderablv. Today's Mace rcnresent-s' a dron if ollrtnl IV, — - 1-.. M ' l 1'IUTI lis of n foot reading 24 Extension of the aid. announced f ollo\vin» a conference b"tween Ovcss and Commissioner of Editea- 'ion W. p. Pliipps. will affect abaui Wn schools. Dvess said r>erhai>s those districts whieh closed Fsbrusry 58 in flxpec- 'ntlon of termination of federal "Id will be allo\vr-1 teacher snhrles for . -lavi nciiillv tausrht. althoii"h the i lormul term may be extended to .ok? cire of the riavs tne districts •ere closed provided Ih^ >xM)Jon does nnt run biVond June 30. commission but that the award was later set aside and that Ihe dower company has refused to return the money paid. 1C. L. Westbrook of Jonesboro Is counsel for the Frisco. three-tent from the pfavlous hours before. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Miuch 28 (UPl — Cotton closed stcadv. oiifii hich low close Mnv. ms.s nns iw, 1090 i<w inn IOTI noi J051 I0fi(! JH51 1052 IftSO 1074 10S9 loni 10M 1077 mm 1067 Oct. Jnn Mnrch Spots closed quiet at 1I2S, off 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, ^far. 23 (UP)— Cotlon closed .slcadv. onen hiirh tow close May 1093 1100 1088 IfW.l' J«lv 1093 1105 1031 1097 Oct. 105G 1064 1051 1054 Dec 1001 1072 1081 10631 Jnn 1M :j b open hlvli inw ------ 79 1-2 71 T.J 7Q e. Q SJXMS ctort quiet 01 1123, off II July 7.1.1-8 741-2 ™\'\ Sentenced to Prison on Statutory Charge OSCEOI.A, Ark.—Chortle Mceks. of Osceoln. nvresled Monday in Tupelo, Miss., on a .statutory charge, was brought back here Tuesday by Deputy Sheriff Hale Jackson. He was arraicned In circuit court Wednesday, pleaded suilty. and received a sentence of one year in prison. Absentee Ballots for City Election Available Absentee ballots were bcint issued lodav by Miss Carey Wood-1 f7//)o/ Hr/ ,<?/««!- Pi'iV/>« limn, county court clerk, for the *•""*"'// aLOlh I Mtfi.S city election Tuesday. Persons out if the citv. who have poll tax re- iwlols, mav use absentee ballots. To be counted the ballots must, be In the mail hy next Monday, ac- comnanlcd by nn affidavit. y one who was 2] years of since \n"\, October may vote without n poll lux receipt. Chicago Wheat Mnv July 93 1-8 hirrh low clcse HS 1-1 f>-\ .1-B !>-! 3-a 93 1-2 92 1-2 92 1-2 Chicano Com A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric '.'.' General Motors Int. Harvester McKesson-Robblns Monteomery Word New York Cenlrnl Packard Phillips Petroleum 102 101 1-2 . ?4 1-5 . 33 3-4 .... 7-8 159 3-4 . 22 1-8 . 57 7-8 . 37 . 71-8 . ?3 3-R . IS 7-3 .. 33-4 15 3-4 LAVrSY ME'. T>li HERe NEW CROSLEY SHELYADORIF SHO' T>o uou> A HEAP o'vrmes iAY HIT PONT COST NEftR AS MOCH AS Fiadio Corn 41--) St. l/>uis-S. Francisco ., 1 '-si Simmons Bed fi s-S Standard of N. J. 37 ]-4 Texns Co n 1-2 U. S. Smelting 103 i-4 U. S. Steel 23 5-8 .- 3 3-8 —A R£5lDtNT OF •BLXTH6VILL6 SINCE I^OX — IS THE ClTY'^ OLDEST UEFRlC-EPATOR. "HEALER. HIS STORE V/AS OPCNED let I'll I AND NOW BOMTS TH6 UARfceST -STOCK OF &1FTGOO04 AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN SECTION. onfcssccl Alxluctois ^ of Mannadukc Physiuart Make Gel Away PA11AC1OULD, Atk., March'-',28; UP)—Five prisoners two of Ihdni •If^confcsscd kidnapers and .pro- jsslonal guninun, dug their way/ ; ut of the Greene, county jail at arajould sometime Wednesday j l|!ht and escaped. . -' Earl Ashcmlt. 28, of Bist Pral- e. Mo., and Roy Qofl 20 of K»il- elt, Mo., confessed kldnapers-of DJ*. aul Wes.son, of Marmadukc, are elleved to have led tr.e break. Other prlsonerH \\lio e c caped In- hKlcd Clarence Gutlin, of Joncs T ioro, ex-convict held on a whisky :hargc; Jack Cotton, charged with ccelvlnc; stolon property, and Tom noycl, charged with burglary. Ashcraft and Ooff nnd-n third uau who was not appichendcd bur-' [larlr.etl the Sam Itlpscomb store 'at \fiiriiiaduke the night of March 4 after -kidnaping and liuprlsohincj .lit Marshal Roland Parks- in -a freight car, but abandoned the atr tempt without piocuimg ahj loot/i when Dr. Wesson appeared at "his olllcc preparatory to making an oarj ly morning call. The physician was robbed of S94 and forced ib ac ; company the robbers. NevvDoi'l Man Apooiiitec] SiiDevintendeiil of New Stale Force LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 28 (UP) — V G. Albriirbl. of Newport, was 'lined Kiiucrinlendent of the new ' r <le police force today. • Hie 115- •'stant -Is Robert T. LaFollelU 1 . •' Rlloam Sprlnirs. cousin of '"ieltting Hob" LaFollctte of Wts- •onsin. Tlicy will lake office 'urn l. Tlie iiniwlntment was announced unanimous by the police coma meeting which bo- Arlicles Filed For Wilson Compress Co. ' LITTLE ROOK, Ark.—Artlcles.-of j Incorporation were filed here yesterday for the Wilson compress and' 1 Storapc conwans, ot Eiadale Junix tion,'MUslEaippl county : • D. L., W. M,, and W. W Malloiy, MeniphL<i, w : ere the IncorpOrators,, and M. B. Ponda, Clintneld. wns: named resident agent. Tho coni- tiany lias 1,000 shares of. capital ?tock of no par value i J. A. Oraln. of the L"e WlHon. company, Wilson declin°cl this j •novnlni? to confirm reoorts, current '^cre, that the . compiess commny i was an undertaking of the Lee'Wit- j son estate. He said that he had no Information concerning the new l company and did not know whether- or not a compress plant would be j built at Evadale Junction this year Evadalc Junction is the point 1 where the old D"ckervi\lle line of the Frisco railroad recently ac- oulrcd by a compnns organized by Wilson Interests, meets Ihe Frisco's St. Louis-Memphis lin" i "Isston •nn yesterday. Albright, 3-1. Is circuit clerk of T nck e on countv and served as heritf and deputy sheriff for sev- Tal years. LaFollette. 27. will resign as •hlef of iwllcc nt Siloam Springs 'o accept Ihe noslllon of- nsslst- int suncrintendcnt. It will fce several days before 'ormal npollcation blanks for nlaces on (he stale force can be •nit out. AlbrlL'ht said. He em- ^lin.slzed. however, lhat experience. 'ntclllgencc nnd physical fitness •> p oiild be three considerations. Enforcement of the Thorn liquor n ct has been assigned to the -tale jjollce force. Will Dedicate Etowah Church Building Sunday Tlie wells Chapel Baptist church, near Etowah, In western Mississippi countv, will be dedicated In special services Sunday. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor nf the First Baalist church, will be the final speaker at 3 o'clock In the afternoon. This will follow a sermon at the 11 o'clock hour and another Immediately after lunch. This church, oreanizcd less than a year ago, is dedicating Its bulld- Ine free of debt. Thc Rev. Howard King Is pastor. Masons Meet Tonight The local chapter of the Masonic 1 lodge will have work In the sec- |ond dcpreo In a 17:30 o'clock, meeting tonight, Treasury Full, U. S. •• ' Curtails Borrowing 1 WASHINGTON, March 28. (UP) —The government's cash is Incraas- <n<> so rapidly that the treasury: 'ociay announced plans to curtail f/ 'cmnorarlly Its borrowings. , ,j Bc'Innhisr next ivrek only-S50,--: "nn.Hll() will h^ borrowed weekly on ;' 'jhnrt term treasury bills compared •''•:with Sino.000,000 weekly over , the KX 'ast montb. - • : • :,:'/ In cxplalnine the decreased bor-.!" '0\vhi7. Undersecreiary Thomas":''- 1 Jefferson Ccol!d?e said that .tlie j? treasury's cash is increasing mprq;/. 'han expected because of rising i "ivenues, less than cxnccled nxnen'rV. ^iturcs, and payments bv banks ref [ tiring national bank notes. ' ;~ 'n Prison 16 Years, Local ; Man Asks For Freedom PARCHMAN. Miss.—Lester • 6; N'.xon of Blvtheville. Ark., ;\i - as • iinonsr the 70 "forgotten men 1 '.: whose cases have been reviewed by • Governor Conner In a "mercv court" ' conducted at the state prison here recently. Nixon was sentenced from Warren county, Miss., in 1916, PS awes- sorv to tho slaving of Charles SJtes, Vicksburs police officer. ' No action has been taken yet.on any of the cases reviewed by Gov 1 - ernor Conner. ^ OSGOOD. lud. (UP)—Numerol- 07ist5 should get something oat oif \ 'his: a daiichtcr bora to Mr..and"I ^frs. Andv Friend here March 13 i Is their. lath child, and was born: in the third month at 3 o'clock. r WEATHER Arkansas dny. -Pair tonight and Pr!r Memphis nnd vicinity Pair to- ! lsht with Dfjssiblv lUrVH frost. Ftl- i day fair and warmer. . - - j The maximum -temperature ii cre i yesterday: WRS 75, minimum .51,. cloudy, Bccordhig to Samuel p. Norrls, official weather-

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