The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX or llif .nslee rnme Rlesels. running toward his own goal Sine, v;ll.l iho ball under his arm. Seventy thousand spectators, popeyed, unbelieving, •rlellrloiis. set up .1 ."drill tsrrenm. Cnlffoj-ul.i i-ootws icrep'clied "come back, c'onio back —you're running the wrong way!" Georgia Tccli players liulted la ttipir tracks, stated at the galloping California center, tlien nave | c.'ni.':(>, as did 1C California players. Paused ill Ocal Line California's test W/l n n • i n I "aH-can-icr, nearcM nifmels. When KG)' Kcigels Kan l-om tried to hrljiu ll!,<Keli down from behind before lie crossed Ills own gcal line. Let Kipjtels toll t:'e BY ROGER. JOHNSON . ,. "i "/eallzed S0 mel)od^ was clias- United Press Staff Correspondent j i ng me anrt yc i;i, 1|; ,',„ m(l alui SAN FRANCISCO (UP) - Now j finally. Oljt of nil Hie shoutins?, I BMTTJIEV1UJ3, (ARK.) COUItlKR NEWS I Paused ill Last Pasadena Game Lost! G «»w i-°'». urn n n • i r> I ball-carrier, was Wo,r way that it is certain University of California's Golden Bears are going to play In tlie nose Bow! Ken- Year's Day,, the fact recalls the ftory of Roy" fliegels. the man who i an the wrong way. It happened Jan. 1, 1929. tlie lust, lime the Tienrs were in the Rose Bowl. Tlie Riegels (nle Is one that Pacific eoast football fans novei- tire of telling. It has become n legend, tlie legend, of a ^rent player who made a colossal 'mistake-in a colossal football" game, yet eame back lo prove lie still was 11 great, player Riegels, a eoocl-looking husky, was center and captain of tlie 1!)28 •'•cognized that it wns'lirniiv, :m:l that he was ydlhig lluit I ,vv;is ninjiltig the \vron£ \v;iy. I t^oticht no was cra?y. "I got near the s«il line, and Benny was yelllnu for me to throw him the Lnll. 1 wasn't going lo j throw him Die hall alk-r that run. i I stoo<l tliero. rl|;lH at tin; goal j line, tryiji;; lo figure winch one 01 j l:s was crazy, and tlie next thin;; I knew 1 wiis laekled and the ivliolr Grorei.i T«?.i ic.titt was on -Oj) (it me," He had run (it ynnU CnWoriiin got (lie liall on the ne-foot line. Ijim tried to kick .lit but the'ptnu was blocked and University, of California learn, ~ He I Jcorsm Tech not a safety - •> led the Bears through a .successful I )cii)ts that suUyecnicnlly proved aiiri the* Pasadena Tournament •cormriittcc.-.picked tin- Bears to play, in Die Dose Hoivl Riegels, beMuise of Ills anility for ; team leadership. Ills vleioit; tackling, and talent for b.-ii-Wnj; the line. 1 wp.s mentioned as possible All-America pivot nmn ; t^;u year, nie oilier candidate was Peter Pnnd. Georgia Tech's fft'eal center. ;. . r.e innrgln of victory, far UK i"c:'h lulei- (jot u tonehdown. •'iniil scDre. 0-7, But that blunder <ii c |n'i linisli ,{ieuds (hut day. He clinic back In he second liaif -.nid pliiycd ' (tic .?tt two quarters of football ol his arcer. Toc-to-toi; with Peter Pnnd, Jict'eJs plnyi-fl ,n smashlne (jnmc. lc Wiis-ii'intin inspired. When Uir- ( ill-America reports were iu lalcr. California chose. Georgia Teelii pinion was divided between Piiiul as Its eastern opponent at Pasiv- clcna. The game. was rf scll-onl, and the sports writers stressed the angle of a battle between two all-America centers. Ricsds and Fund. •..;•, California ...appeared the belter team. The ;Incurs, 1 gained consistently through ..the'Tech line, 'ami scored a ,touchdown and .conversion In • the : first, licriod. Then the football.ithi) .of -fatfe (oak\ charge.. • Georgia ,Tech Invited Georgia Tech's SUimpy 'llioma- sori fumbled'on .Ills own 35 yard line late in/ the, Second .period. A wild scramble of ^0 players, "dtvlne after the bounding ball—and out HO XY Admission Alvrays 10$ A JJUc Show Wiry night.. JWJ.liii£[^ j^'. ay c Satnrdas & .Sunday .Only Friday * Sunday jllalfnccs s(ari i!:15^ p-ni Saturday"'-'•t^rtftinuouy showing from 1 to 'ft:30 p.m' Nie"t shows starl 7:00 p.m. TODAY ONLY 'Louis-Fjirr Fighi Pictures' S(ow and • Actual Motion. On the Scrern: : u , Riegels. now a 111 eh .school oach. says with a grin: "I sllll think f ran Hie right vny. but so many people dlsncrce i-IUi me Hint 1 won't aryue about (. Sliucks. iifler all llie.Vll never lold It auninst you if you boot one .('lien you're trying." Everything for'your enter- Hlinmenl :md comfort. Last Times Today , ,"The Firefly" vith Jei'ino'lte McDoniilri- -M~»'n .Wiies & Wiiri'cn William i »'• MKO raraninuiil News ,t HDUAll TEKGEN & CHAIH.EY JlcCAIt- «IV IN "I>AV ,\T THE KA'CES." Admission Maf.ncc ICc * 2Gc Admission Nielli IGc * ;(Gc TUESDAY BATTLING BEAUTIES! MADCAP MODELS I ARTIST A N T I C S I Asso K-Iri-lcil shorts Adniissien Matiiici- ICr * 2Rc Arlniissinn .Vi^ht [iJr ^ :iGe Weds. - Vhurs. Also selecled shorls 4 Fox News. Matinee at 2:30 p.m. lOr &• .ifir Nijht show at 6:«. I6r. n Sir SPEC1AI, MIDNIGHT SHOW FOR COLORED OXLY STAUTSi 31:W P. JJ. Admission 16c: & 31c PALHIUHTS! Tue.-Wed.-ThBr, 2 • adults' admitlcrl T-or flic price of one. 'All American Sweetheart 1 With Scott Colton & Patricia Fan. ' Also Comedy. *- with FIVE-IMKCE tillil ,„ ftaUirin; .JESSIK MAi:. Hie only S^in Clyde McCoy playinj; "Sii;;i r Hlurs." ^j vo ,,j(| t ^ tlnc((< , [) U | )n ,, i <l;vrh:; c\nlie Danscnse. lap lUnp- crs. comics. 25 PKOPI.E 25. On (!u- Screen 'High, Wide and Handsome "illi Irene Dunne Scott t{an- s tmiiff— smv.i s (. 1r t 2:00 p.m.: snr, p.,,,.. „„,, 8 .,- „,„ Tlircc complete shows daily. flrtmission (ill 5:00 p.m. Children IBc, Adults 41c lla\ incliic'cdl. Admissron after 5:0(1 p.m. Children 26c; AUuils .We (tax included). MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1.937 ALL PRICES SLASHED TO REDUCE STOCKS QUICKLY "' ° M """ :1 " d Md "" m ««'"l»' ° M """ :1 " d Md "" m ««.'"l»'« 1»»ly • conie • ancl compare . . Poetically „„, a™ in our stor, ha, been reduced lor tbl, Hi, LADIES' COATS * SALE * IWKRY COAT IN OUR STORE REDUCED 1 ICI ' C in ' C • thc » SCi » s ' ln> « ''nPSl Coat fashions in Snm-t or Dress styles nffci'Url lit cost prices ,«,>r, !UI<I l)el(tw ' • ' " e>re ^clff'-mined not to carry- onVvV,^ ° vt 'S a sinKlc C0al :ltltl •i )riet> s have l>een ctif hJYl,I',.S ii«'«i'<linjf!y ....<• come m today. -Range of Sizes and Colors COAT VALUES TO Si(i.75 $1095 REGULAR 'SISI.75 COATS 10 $ 13" LARGE GHOtJI' S10.!)5 COATS S22.50-S2-l.oO COATS NOW $45 7 45 S27.50-S29.75 COATS NOW REGULAR S59.50 COATS NOW 50- 7(1x80 wool plaid Hlankels, 2f,C' r wool blanket, 72x81, iatrcn bcund SI-SO value $179 1 $039 ( 3 Ladi es' . ISI.iek and lirow.i Onlj- . 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