The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 8
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•?•> oE EIGHT BIATIIEVFUII;, (AUK.) cotmmn Girls Fifo Corps to March Saturday... ., . DINNER: : Bonelur: chuck", roast »:lih brown gravy, baked potatw.5. ten-minute cabbage, Brother Jon- atlran, milk., .coffee. • ••-. in cliarne, will par .Members o( ihe !-'l£c Cor|K, bjioiuuivd by llu- Aii'.cricnn Legion, with riojrl Wlilii tlcipnte ill' the Armisilcv Day relebrulioii \\vte Saturday. They are. ri-adlns leU tm<n •.•j;/ht; boliom row: Biirnelie Dracllcy. Nina name*;. Jai:c KoclUItzky, idrum major). Mwry Riimr? Uiysor. ik'iihli Belle lii'iidley. Second row: Sue Ranicy, Francos Lllile, Jane .Branson, Mary Rllzahrth Burmii. Amanda Thrasher. Virginia Little, : Mti, ; j Cnthcrinr- Dlllahunty, Rlim ;Lltfle. To? row: Cisiswnco RmHh, Frances Molliiwi. Manila Ann Lynch ami Patty Shane. SISTER MARYS KITCHEN UY SISTER MA1IV NL'A Service Slaff \Vrilcr FVrlmps tile greatest mint in one's fight nji.'.iiiit over plumpness is liic bridge liinclieon, j | keep In mind when plnnnln^ her ' .served, a fruit whip or ic« or a j fall Find winter luncheon menus. | .. snow pud.iin^^an thcs,- OT c do- Crackers Instead of Roll* | llclous and low in calories. Boiiil- In tlie Ilrsl rjhiee, ltik« stock or "»' a " c ' consuminc have almost ho the cnl'jrles. it's tin- fills, starch- I calory value niul uniko excellent e.s mid ;iiiRnrs [lint iricreiiM; the I !ll ' sl ' courses in this tlmr of year, calory co:ml ill such un nlarininc! Tile caloric* snonld nol total into. This Includes In tliu food list ] over seven hundred |>er guest. It all bread-sinlffr— particularly hot; may help yon lo remember Hint buttered rolls so popular on lunch-[olives, and rijw OHM ixirtlcnlftrly, con nii.MiiiK—civam simces, ma.-on- • the calory count nulier nalie, whipped crenm, very sweet, e-xtrnvaiitmlly. ono olive addln'c I desserts innde with yolks or CUBS, ten to llltcen calorics, but rucllsh- Ifiiid rich cnke und pudding mix-,e.s ami cjilery have very htUe cal- i turps. Auiel food cake Is not Uilioo ory coiuent. So when you add up Impedl- ; si 'K-e ii'e made mostly of ivg the calorics, tuke nil ihesft thlnp! 1 whites. Hayti Society — Personal The Woman's Missionary Union me-, at the home of Mrs. Wolf 1 IChourle Wednesday afternoon with 1 f3 members and two visitors, Mrs.' I. D, Brasher a;vd 'Mrs. Alice B, Davis. Plans were completed for the ladles Missionary meeting to bo lield here Friday nl which time Miss Josephtnc niley, a slate worker, will be here. The next, rognlai Meeting will be held :\i Llic church with a Royal'Service program. Mrs. Avcry Gardner Is In Oblon, Term., ihls week visiting with rel- alivC;i - •.'. 'i-.!, ' i Mrs. J. B. Buckley and children left lor a tow' days visit wlih her husband, who Is in Memphis receiving medical treatment. Miss Dajihui! and A very 'Gardner visited with friends In Cariitli- i-rsvlllc Wednesday evening. Mrs. J. Moore of Si. Louis is here vhlLIng in UK iiome of Mr. ami Mrs. Ed Moore, Mrs. Moore Is very Mrs. D. B. Hayefi who has been ill for the jiast week Is Improved Mrs. W. M. Welker, who has been In Memphis at ihe Methodist lios- pltal receiving medical treatment, lias letiin-ed home. Wild Gw»e Attack Dome Of Missouri Courthouse , MARSHALL, Mo. (UP)-A flofi ! of wild 6«-5P. flying southward, lj«- i came Incensed Qt (he rnnrthousc dome horo the other nlxlil. •Jlwy ntiarted it, flappliiR ti"r wings noisily and lionkhig at th. 1 rli-ctric li^hls tlial arc a j>:irt of :n,- dc-,'ori\t:oi)s. 'llic city c!mrl- ti.m had lo'rcpliivc 2il bulbs next (lay. -i^. i American Held On Spy Charge Soviet Discovers World's Largest Salt Deposit -MOSCOW. (UP)—Wlial Is described here as [he world's largest sill deiwsil lias b;en discovered uy an Academy of S:lence cx[ e <J!'.!on about 100 miles .southei ' of Stalinbad (formerly Dushanbe), •apltiil of the Tadjik Soviet, Rcpub- llc. night hundred inexr.t above nea level, on tl)e HoJa-Munln Mountain, acconltiig to the report, Is a salt deposit estimated at 30000- OCO tons. Plans for . commercial exploitation a so HOT,' being made. Soviet Find World's Rarest Metal in Desert i Instead of hot rolls try ncrv- that wily foe of dieting rue diet- i lm? to-istcd crnrters. A sodn iiiC guest fears [lint she may O f-:" ackcr k snl1 ' 10 h «™ n^ul one- fend her hostess if she falls to! follrth ns mi) "5' cnlorJcs as tin im- pimnke of 'the tempting, rich '• """"'"I Piece of bread the same feed usiinlty ierved, but bl:e knows i Mjle ns " K cl '"e(:er. Yon can find fhiit If ihe yields the breaks'" (;rraL vurlciy of wnfcrs and down her carefully guurdert diot' c ™ c > a ''' s and "bLwuits" on the and undoes the work of weeks of mnr!a '!. one lo suit any need and stern "retUiclng." p . unf - allcl 't W| H pay to study - • - - - Ilieni and mnkc use of lliem. Fnods Low in Calories n-ult rorklntls (luisweelehcd) Jellied meals, broiled meals ' and i Inlo consldcrrulon and strvc no- cordlnply. Tlie following menu ftverages aboiil G60 calories: Bui bridge lunchcoiis do not have lo be so Injurloiu lo diets. The IhousWtul lioskss of today plans her menus with her rertuc- Menu Bouillon Radishes Celery Veal Birds with Browned Pears Spinach Tlmbales Dried Apricot Whip in Merlntiue' Shells... Black coffee Tomorrow*: Menu . , . , - - -.- tu .» »,, u DUEAKPA3T: Orange ing friends in mind niul combines fisli. one hot succulent vegetnble cereal, crenm, scrambled delcctabillly with a minimum of simply dressed with suit mid pep- toast, milk, coffee. ' " t )cr n '.«l n Uttle butter, a plnln | LUNCHEON: Vegetable >!ilatl with French toasted cracker*, pear and ,peanul if desscri must b;butler snlftd.' rice cuswd piidding, , h , ihe hostess I * „ f°f" may want to and green or fruli dressing, and Juice eggs soup r *T fe/v of FUR TRIMMED •fit F/* COATS Just in time to meet those first wintry days. Exceptionally line Coats, all superb values at re.nular prices - - NOW al one- third off. The Furs: The Colors: Black Fox Ited Fov I'oinlcd Fox Mink Grey Fox Skunk SquhTcl Wir* Orty Tar. Green Br*im " 11 EXAMPLES OF SAVINGS $14.75 Coats Now £ 9.85 $24.75 Coats Now ..'.... $1630 $29.50 Coats Now $19.75 $37.50 Coats Now ;.... $25.00 Also other price coats at the , some reductions . ROSENTHAL Northeast Corner FJ. Ft. & Main INC Read Courier.'Hews Wimt Ads. MOSCOW. lUi') _ The --.eta! kno»-n lo science, tantalum. luvs boon discovered in substantial (luanlities by n. geological exrscdi- tlon In Hie Desert of Ksil-Kum. ni-ar the Aral Sea. the AcadHii^ of Science ;ias revealed. ' Heretofore uintaljin was (-\I traclcd only In ihi; descrls o!' Aus- Accu^pd ns a member 01 au in- lernational spy group, Arvld ^\'erner Jacobson, 23, above, im Amcrlcnn fctidol icaclier and i:rai|iinic of llio University at Liiii'forH, Fijiland. His wife also »vr.a lukc-n into custody. Tlio Jacolisons nro suH;iocteil of C'oniniunlsiic anillr.iious by Iho Finnish police^ £aiil a C£.V.e- tiiam V* Detroit, tralia and Anu-r!c.\. Ti\o location cf a Soviet source Is r>'gnrded a; Important. Head Cornier News Want Ads The Season, Hubbard's is Again We arc ready for the big rush to fields and woods, to duck blinds and goose pits, with every wanted item for the hunter. Hub hard's has always main. tamed ^a complete department for ihe sportsman, and this season we have an unusually good supply of arms, ammunition and olher huntiiii/'fcjuipinent. \Ve are especially featuring the old reKable line of REMINGTON Gnns and Ammunition. Cheek over your needs and pay us a visit. Remington Shotgun Shells Sure Shot, Nitvn Kxprcss and Arrow Shells, a 11 Kleanhnrc smokeless. The most tJepeiuliiljIc sliclls you can buy anywhcru. Poi-'Box - Drybak Himtin? .The. Coals aro jjiiaranlccil waterproof with hlondpnjuf pocKets. I'anls and lireecht-s rcinforcctl in seat nnd knee ;tmi rubhcrizcri. i j er Suit - - , Per Box and Dp 50 I'er Suit Winchester and Remington Repeating Shotguns These Kims an> offered at a &f\/\ ^fl price within 10 per cent of the ^L %U l%ll present.dny dealers' cost. WvVlVW Largest Stock of Rubber 13 o o I s in Miss. County These Hoots were hou.irht before ;i recent 35',;, price advance and they are priced siccordiiiRly. A complete stock of the well-known (Joodrich Hypress Hoots, fcatm-ini; the IJtenliir l!oot for thick hunters. We Can Fit ihe Biggest Man or the Smallest Child! Brilliant and Just Rite Headlights~ -~- SOeTUp Steel Traps al Less Than Any .\fail Order Prices No. 1 Traps ': No. 1 % Traps No. 2 Double . . Si)riiig $1.50 §2.65 $3.75 HUBBARD HARDWARK CO. jniTRSDAY, XOYMMRRR !l. I93: 1 , for making possible a volume of business in October that was far bcifond anything we had expected. One tliiny is evident;—SATISFACTORY SERVICE, and MERCHANDISE at the RIGHT PRICE. November Promises Even More Here Are Home of the K10ASONS: Oil Ranges ?tr' $35 Ranges «-°-c« $24.75 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^••aagiflaiaaajteiSajEJ^afffjfipFjEy 6x9 F. B. Rugs $2.9! GoW Seal Felt Hiise 2*9 F. B. Rugs $3.95 9x12 F. B. 9x12 Rugs Felt Base Floor Covering, Square Yard JBMaMm^aaeBiBjflh«mfc.m<,<mE Building Paper Kitchen Cabin etsSliJ! KH3flnHBBBSES£5;SQHE9E Mattresses Coil Springs; Coil HKBM II 1.1. SLUMBERON, /ft A A •* {=• Mattrp^Q The M:iiircss \ <x 7^ IIIuLllCoo LUXURIOUS ^OtJcflJ 1 E»yt-g-f-j>>iA i«^c--i^g) 1-1 inner Spring Mattress SKAI/Y Inner Sprinjr M;>tt[ Value for Half $34'50 $29-50 $9^.50 $10.75 These prices are not based on present market quotations. They are lower than could be made on replacement,— Do not DELAY YOUR BUYING TILL ADVANCES ARE NECESSARY. Char: LE Good FURNITURE at Moderate Cost

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