Scott County Times from Forest, Mississippi on May 8, 1968 · 17
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Scott County Times from Forest, Mississippi · 17

Forest, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1968
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SCOTT COUNTY TIMES FOREST, MISSISSIPPI Legal Notices ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals for the Renovations to Kitchen, Lackey Memorial Hospital, Forest, Mississippi, will be received by the Board of Trustees, Lackey Memorial Hospital, Forest, Mississippi, in the Board Room until 1:30 p.m. (C.D.S.T.), Tuesday, May 21, 1968, at which time they will be publicly opened and read. Bids will be received for the following Contracts: Renovations (General, Mechanical & Electrical Construction) Kitchen Equipment Plans, Specifications and Contract Documents covering this work will be on file and may be examined at the Office of the Hospital Administrator, Lackey Memorial Hospital, Forest, Mississippi, and copies may be obtained from the Office of the Architects, Charles P. McMullan and Associates, 515 Yazoo Street, Jackson, Mississippi, upon deposit of $15.00 for each set, to be refunded upon return of each complete set in good condition within ten (10) days after opening of bids, except that the cost of reproduction and mailing cost (not to exceed $5.00) will be deducted for each set in excess of one from an actual bidder and for each set from a non-bidder. Each bid must be submitted in duplicate on Proposal Forms furnished by the Architect and must be accompanied by the Bid Security in the form of Certified Cashier's Check or acceptable Bid Bond payable to the Board of Trustees, Lackey Memorial Hospital, in an amount equal to at least 5 of the Base Bid; such security to be forfeited as liquidated damages, not penalty, by any bidder who may be awarded the Contract, but who fails to carry out the terms of the Proposal, execute Contract and give Bond in form and amount within the time specified. No bid may be withdrawn after scheduled closing time for the receipt of the Bids for a period of thirty (30) days, and each bidder shall comply with the laws of Mississippi applicable to bidding and construction of said project. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Lids, and to waive all informalities. , By Paul Strode j Administrator j April 24, May 1, 8, 15 DIVISION OF STATE AID ROAd CONSTRUCTION j MISSISSIPPI STATE HIGHWAY j DEPARTMENT BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF j SCOTT COUNTY SECTION 900 J NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received : by the Board of Supervisors of Scott County at the Court j House in Forest, Mississippi ; until 10 o'clock A. M., May 27, j 1968 and shortly thereafter Your Choice of 3 SIZES! mm ror years of pleasure, pick a inapper Comet Riding mower in i size to suit your lawn . . . 26", ;0", or 41" cut. Equipped with i to 8 HP engines, they cut up o 1.9 acres per hour with ease; Jimb 45 grades. J & R SALES uumtt Iwy. 80 FOREST opened for construction of Grading, Drainage, Base and Surfacing of 4.134 miles of County Highway known as the Norris-Lake Road and also known as Federal Aid Secondary Project No. S-0466 (4) B. PRINCIPAL ITEMS OF WORK ARE AS FOLLOWS: Quantity Unit Item ROADWAY ITEMS L.S., L.S., Clearing and Grubbing 22,567, C.Y., Unclassified Excavation (F.Mo) 1,200, C.Y., Unclassified Excavation (F.M.) (Stripping Pit) 164,242, Sta. Yd., Haul of Excavation 35,000, Gal., Asphalt Cement for Surf. Treatment, (AC-15) 450, C.Y., Seal Agg. (Type VI, Cr., Gr, Slag or Stone) 64, Ea., Right-of-Way Markers 9, Ton, Commercial Fertilizer (13-13-13) 87,310, S.Y., Sprigging 18.04, Ac, Top Seeding 36, Ton, Mulch-Veg. Material 4,320, Gal., Mulch-Asphalt Emulsion 3,950, S.Y., Solid Sod ROADWAY ITEMS -ALTERNATE NO. 1 898, C.Y., Cover Agg. (Type 1 - Slag or Stone) or (Type IV - Uncr. Gravel) 584,833, Unit, Haul of Selected Material 54,222, C.Y., Sand Clay Topping (C1.8, Gp. C) (L.V.M.) 5,340, C.Y., Stabilizer Agg, (Comm. CoarseXL.V.M.) 1,780, C.Y., Stabilizer Agg. (Comm. MediumXL.V.M.) 53,348, S.Y., Mixing, Shaping & Compacting 17,600, Gal., Cutback Asphalt for Prime (MC-1) ROADWAY ITEMS -ALTERNATE NO. 2 898, C.Y. , Cover Agg. (Type 1 1 -Slag or Stone) or (Type IV Modified, Uncr. Gravel) 487,360, Unit, Haul of Selected Material 45,185, C.Y., Sand Clay Topping (CI. 8, Gp. CXL.V.M.) 53,348, S.Y., Soil, Cement Water Mixing 4,804, Bbl., Cement NON-PARTICIPATING ITEMS 9, Ea., Warning Signs (Reflec-torized) 2, Ea., Project Signs 96, L. F., 15" R.C. Pipe Culvert, s.s. 272, L. F., 18" R.C. Pipe Culvert, s.s. 48, L. F., 24" R.C. Pipe Culvert, s.s. 172, L. F., 30" R.C. Pipe Culvert, s.s. 36, L. F., 36" R.C. Pipe Culvert, s.s. 8, Ea., 30" R.C, Flared End Pipe Culvert 2, Ea., 36" R.C. Flared End Pipe Culvert Estimated at 8. To be corrected when Cement Factor is determined by test BASIS OF AWARD: The award, if made, will be made to the lowest qualified bidder on the basis of published quantities. Plans and specifications are on File in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Scott County at Forest, Mississippi and in the How to raise your sights without raising your new-car investment. Price check an Olds 88. You'll discover a lot of so-called low-priced cars cost as much or more. And Olds gives you big-car room. Big-car comfort. Big-car performance. Plus the extra assurance that's yours in an Oldsmobile. What are you waiting for? See your nearest Olds dealer today. Get a betier buy during I I "youngmobile r office of the State Aid Engi neer, 501 Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Building, Jackson, Mississippi. Proposals may be secured from the Chancery Clerk of Scott County at Forest, Mississippi upon payment of ($15.00), which will not be refunded. Certified Check or Bid Bond for five percent(5)of the Total Bid, payable to Scott County and the State of Mississippi must accompany each proposal. Bidders are hereby notified that any proposal accompanied by a letter qualifying in any manner the condition under which the proposal is tendered will not be considered in making the award. CONTRACT TIME: 150 Working Days (s) W. J. Measells, Jr. President Board of Supervisors Scott County, Mississippi May 1, 8, 15, TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF SALE W1EREAS, on December 31, 1965, Levi Bender executed to O. B. Triplett, Jr., Trustee, a deed of trust recorded in Record Book 294, at page 219 in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Scott County, Mississippi, securing to Bank of Forest an indebtedness therein described; and WHEREAS, default having been made in the payment of said indebtedness and the holder of said note and deed of trust having requested the undersigned trustee so to do, I will on the 27th day of May, 1968, offer for sale at public outcry and sell during legal hours at the Main Front Duor of the County Courthouse in Forest, Mississippi, for cash t the highest and best bidder, tlie following described land situated in Scott County, Mississippi: Beginning at the Northeast Corner of Block 92, City of Forest, Mississippi, run thence South 100 feet, thence East 60 feet, thence North 100 feet, thence West 60 feet to point of beginning, situated in SE 14 of NW 14, Section 15, Township 6 North, Range 8 East, together with all improvements thereon. DATED SIGNED AND POSTED, tills 29th day of April, 1968. (s) O. B. Triplett, Jr. Trustee May 1, 8, 15, 22 THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, SCOTT COUNTY. To Albert Glenn Fedrick, whose address is - Quarters K. Barracks, Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia You are summoned to appear before the chancery court of the county of Scott in said state, on the 1st Monday of September, A. D., 1968, to defend the suit No. 8861 in said court of Shirley Ann Hollingsworth Fedrick wherein you are a defendant. This 26 day of April, A. D, 1968. (SEAL) (s) Earl Webb savin' season" m r r -Mr mw arm - .m m& Mr w mm- STEAKS! STEAKS! Ralph Brown Grocery and Market has the Price, market manager, real soon and have him cut the steak did!! (Adv.) Ringgold BY MRS. TRESSIE McDILL A prayer for the week: Heavenly father, grant us Thy holy spirit that we may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thought for the week: God loves and protects us from all evil of body and soul. Trust in the Lord and lean not to Thine own understanding. Being cruel isn't good wishes. Happy Birthday: May 3, Mrs. Helen Usry. May 4: Mrs. Elton Hollingsworth, Mrs. Milton Gordy, Mr. James Harrison, James Gray Haralson, Mr. Raymond Burn-ham; May 5: Earlene Whitehead, Brenda Fay Summers, Mrs. Willie D. Walls. May 6: Mrs. Wess Summers. May 7: Joe Edwards, Wayne Weems. May 8: Mrs. Kenneth Jones, Thomas Arick Ellis, Cathy Weems, Brenda Summers, Ema Mazingo, Diane Culpepper. A nice crowd attended church at Antioch Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Saxon's Wednesday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Alton Leach of Cone-hatta and Mr. and Mrs. Tom-mie Gill. A real nice letter arrived from Mrs. Gladys Moore of Mobile, Ala. I have never met Mrs. Moore, but one should be glad to have her as a friend. Many thanks to her for such a nice letter. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Adams were Saturday visitors of the Edgar McDills, Also Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Horace Burkes of Natchez were the McDill's visitors. Horace spent from Thursday to Saturday with his sister, Mrs. McDill and his wife visited her sister in Sebastopol, who is improving nicely. Sie Clerk May 1, 8, 15 is Mrs. J. C. Johnson. I Miss Cathy Summers has i been in Lackey Hospital, but is doing fine and she will soon ! be back in school, we hope. I We received news Friday of j the death of Mr. Claude Mc- I Dill, formerly of Conehatta. i At the time of his death he was making his home with his broth- 1 er, Malcolm in Jackson. He was ! the first cousin of Edgar and Howard McDill of this com munity. 1 won a three day and two night trip to the coast. In a few days I also won a hundred dollars in a contest. This must be my lucky days. It thrilled me and surprised me too. We are sorry to learn of the illness of Mr. Carl Jones. He is a brother-in-law of our neighbor, Mrs. Stites Gardner, Sr., to Mr. H. D. Warren and to Carl and Eley Warren. His wife was reared in our community. She was the former Susie Warren. Mr. and Mrs, Kermett Sharp of Liberty recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sharp. Mr. Wendell Sessums of For- best steaks in town. Visit Charlie of your choice. You'll be glad you est visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Sessums on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. JohnEleyWar-ren of Jackson recently were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Warren. We are proud to learn that a former neighbor, Mr. Roger Sanders of Carthage is back home from the hospital. It seems as if Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Riser are having more than their share of heartaches. Her mother is in Lackey Hospital. Her son, James, is in Pascagoula Hospital and a daughter in law, Mrs. Joe Ris er is ill in the Baptist Hospital, i Mr. Parker Hall and aunts, Mrs. Roxie Champion of Baton Rouge, Mrs. Ruthie Champion of Morton visited their friends and relatives back here. They also visited the cemetery at Ephesus and Antioch. This is their old home place and they seem to be enjoying their trip here. I had the pleasure of seeing all three. Mr. Grady Sessums has been on the sick list. Mr. artd Mrs. Mickey Beaver a message to every Mother's child avoid the rush- on t wait Mother's umday. to call her Long Distance Call Friday night or Saturday instead and get through without delay. Low Long Distance rates are in effect all week-end. Dial your own Long Distance calls and save up to 40 over person-to-person calls. and children left Wednesday for Marion, Indiana to visit friends. They will stop over in Clarksville to be with friends there. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Warren of Newton visited with Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Warren. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Sessums' guests were Mr. and Mrs.L.E, Bennett of Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robinson and Joyce. On April 27, I witnessed a thing I never before saw - hail here the last of April. It didnt seem like Easter. Congratulations to the five girls of Forest, who won high rating at State Piano Festival in Jackson. We were especially proud of our granddaughter, Di-anne McDill and we hope the five the best of everything in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Stone were Saturday visitors of Mr. ' and Mrs. Jessie Warren. Mrs. Jimmie Wolf's children , have all taken turns in being with her since she has been in i Lackey Hospital. A speedy re- , co very to her. ; The sermon Sunday morning , brought by Rev. Cain, pastor of Steel Church was appreciat- ed by all who enjoyed him on S Radio WMAG. This program is always one I listen to. It's been very nice of each of , you who renewed and subscribed for the paper with me. Miss Janice Warren of ECJC spent over the week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Harrison are cuddling a new little daughter, Lea Ann. She weighed 9 lbs., 2 oz. She is being wel- ; corned by a sister and the ! mother is the former Jenna ! McDill. Grandparents are Rev. i and Mrs. E. E. McDill of Conehatta and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Harrison of Ringgold. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Matthews were callers of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Sessums. He is j still on the sick list. Mrs. Lavada Warren is back home after a week's visit with Mrs. Clennie Hawkins of Pulaski. Little Theresia Warren enjoyed a birthday party Sunday with her little cousins and unfil Day May Southern Bell WEDNESDAY. MAY 8, 1968 Pea Ridge BY MRS. ELSIE COOKSEY Mrs, George Jones was called to Indianola to be with her mother, Mrs. Norma Spears, who underwent surgery Tuesday. She left for Indianola last week end. Mr. Jimmy Stokes is in the hospital in Forest and has been for two weeks. Mrs. Jimmy Stokes is in the hospital in Jackson. We wish for them the best. Mrs. Evelyn Caldwell visited Saturday with Mrs. Bilile Azcuy of Brandon. Mr. Lonnie Barefield is visiting Mr. Floyd Barefield. Mr. Lonnie is from Detroit, Michigan. News has just come of the death of Homer Fortenberry of Brandon. Mr. Fortenberry has lived here on the Ridge and has many friends here. God bless the bereaved. o BUCK SHORTGAGE It seems to be the scheme of things that as vacation time arrives, many a healthy bank account loses its balance. friends. She is 6 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Graham and Holly of Good Hope were guests of the James McDills. Mr, Danny White, grandson of a former neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie White, was out swimming Sunday and drowned. He was laid to rest In Antioch Cemetery at 2:00 on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hawkins of Pulaski were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Buddie Crox-ton Sunday. Mrs. Jean Gunn and children were Tuesday visitors of Mrs. Martha Ha mm. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sharp spent over the week end in Liberty with Mr. and Mrs. Ker-mit Sharp. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. May had the pleasure of having all of their children as their guests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hamm's guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Summers and children, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bradford and children and Mrs. Marie Killem. 12 w Of iccuhci

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