The Yazoo Herald from Yazoo City, Mississippi on September 20, 1895 · 3
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The Yazoo Herald from Yazoo City, Mississippi · 3

Yazoo City, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1895
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fiZOO CITY EE3ALD iffice-N -T Mla, Street, Up Stair faZOO CitV, Sept. 20, 1895, LOCAL 'JOTTINGS Tomorrow it equinox. ; 'one Monday Bighb jfanr cisterns inlbecitTr empty. yterdav wasjewish Nty-Tear getp nested .B'rJreading the BKBiU. ; Delightful nights; 1ut out the days. w will miss the open air band- con certs. 1 ? Host of the summer refugees have re turned- , T r t , ivttton pickers now ret o cents a hundred. fhe stores are full of pretty fall and Inter goods. ; ; Schools open and children and rent happy- . . - I Goods, goods. Plenty of the best In tasoo City. I fhe drouth has caused stock water to 'i pa- 'ijecomc scarce. , Another artesian well is being bored !b the Waterworks Company. Preaching at Center Ridge Church 'next Sunday at 3:30 p. tai sharp. I Tssoo City bas been enjoying first Tolas dust hatha for two or three weeks; I The walls of the first story of the Knights of Pythias building are finish ted. I Brickwork on the foundation of the W Catholic church progressing rap Th ousands of dollars are being paid ptit in Yazoo City every week for cot tin picking. Beginning last Monday freight trains litre oeen running eacn any noun South. White teachers examinations today tomorrow. Colored. Friday and irday of next week. Cotton bas been coming in at a lively its this week. Good prices and a fair 'demand were the moving spirits. , Yazoo city buyers are paying as much for cotton as New Orleans. Don't to any other market, hot to Yazoo 3tr. Kr. J. B. Estes and family have rented and moved into Miss Fannie Wallis' cottage . residence on Madison street. I "Shams and the Genuine" by Rev. kSm Jones at the Opera House Monday Inirht. Admission 75 cents. Tickets at .P. B. Powell & Co's. I The members of Trinity Guild are rerouted to attend an important business Wting at Mrs. C. E. Holmes', Tues- Jaj evening, Sept. S4tb, at 6 o'clock. I The friends of Mrs. J. E. Sherrard will he trlml tn learn that hulut arum Wn placed in charge of the repair gaffg m the railroad. He is an experienced 'nflrosd man. I Mr. Ed. S. Harris, of Deasonyille, M4138 head of cattle last week at an Bnrtge of tlosach. This is one of the lagst sales that has been made in Che poonty for some time and at the best WW. ' J Fublic School No. 1 opened Monday :Wi 1 284 scholars. The school has an fiawnt superintendent and eorps of leaeiiers and it should be the pride " of 'our citizens to make it second to no tber high school in the State, Eight, 9 and 9 cenU tor cotton It taalrinA. 1 - p -"'K ur lormer it-nua weal hnad smiles. It is well thee should they deserve the very best mice fur nor product, and Yazoo Citv buvers t. v- - vays par the highest prices. I the IlKRiLD does not say that it agrees .win the ideas exoreseed in the com bin. Viication printed on the first page today isaefenseof the "New Woman. but ' MMwsjr piece, and newt; regard. m w views, is what the IIkbaid I Messrs. Crane Bros. & Co talk hard ware uirough the Herald today. This prianeeds no introduction. - Its rlong f ii successful career In Yazoo City has (3tohhed a far-fauied reputation Jot i-irness in dealings and unexcelled I'04 They can meet prices 'of nv The Library Association 1s indebted 0 Mr. Peter Jainet, for tlO to b : used , " 1,00,5 P" vileges forth -poor. - This .mn,Brs for ten. Librarian Anderson 'atei that be could use three times as nuch. Contributions, could not be m to a more worthy cause and oth- Might follow the example set by 'r. James. J.; - , . V 1 The ladies have met with phenome--Uqecess in soliciting advertisements 'f the Woman's' Edition ot the Her-iD Advertisers are requested to get eireopy ready at once, as" work on ; Pper will begin this week. It is Mf intention to make it a first class ra- r ia.aH respect,-so do not delay gtt- copy of advertisements. ' many friends and acquaintances 1 ar.MiM. Fisher in this county will 'ere. to learn of his death on the 10th "at hia' home in Hinds county. iie deceased was for several years a "zen of Yazoo county, n'ying last -r to Brownsville in Hinds county. " death is much regretted and his be- '"iwiaow and children have the merest syniyathv of all. The ball given by the Yazoo Citv ocert Band at the 0Mra House Thurs- n'ght was a grand and delightful m every respect. The attendance Tery large, the ladies being beauti-'y nd becomingly dressed. The wo was superb and highly ccmpli- H 10 (1 K S.TL. 1 uie aanccrs. Dancing was until four o'closk Friday morn-" -yeryone who attended enjoyed "selves. . VT, ntof Eden visited Yazoo ti Wf ek for u,e P"rise of test- prices or goods with those of 'jus and STew Orleans. The result " be bought all of his groceries, -vvi na urngs from Yazoo City , 'is, having found that he couIJ vcy Dy the transaction. There Tearina Cotton Bales. Some three weeks ago we printed a circular endorsed by the New Orleans and other cotton exchanges, urging planters to cover their cotton well and to use not less than two-pound bagging. This hns occasioned some talk and criticism by the planters. They urge that It makes but little difference how much care and attention they give their cot ton in baling and putting (ton the market in good condition; thatafter it Jis brought to town irter&ulledt psaraplea nd bored until there is little ? of the bagging left Ion some bales-!arid Uhat this is the 'cause of " the damaged and Tagged condition in which- it . reaches foreign ports. , Pr The H.i:bau, thinks there : la ""some oanse for Ibis complaintby the planters and tluy should not be- held, respohsi-ble for all the bad looks about aTbale ol cotton after it has passed through a half dozen different hands. There la' noth lug of the same yaliie as a bale of cotton that receives as- rough treatment, and it la astonishing that it holds its orn so well. I: is left out in all kinds of weather, rolled through the muddiest and dirtiest of places, is pulled "and haulm about bv the most careless of handlers, who have no more regard for the bagging and ties than they do tor the dirt awl mud that sticks to it. There is no doubt bu. what a good dal of thi-t rough handling could avoided and the cotton made to present a better and more marketable appear-anee. ft para to handle any article Of commerce oarefuHy. and there is nothing that will bring better returns for careful handling than cotton. Let farmers, merchant and buyers bear these facts In mind and there will bono cause for complaint from the cotton exchanges, who are oftentimes too quick to find fault. At the beginning of the season is the best time to start theaereforms, and Yazoo City, always a leader in good mores, should set the pace. Business Hea'a Heetlng. Mr. F. B. Bowes. General Freight Agent; Mr, W. M. Rhett, Assistant General Freight agent; Mr. W. H. Hays. Traveling Freight Agent, and Mr. Ij. F. Montgomery. Traveling Pas senger Agent or the Illinois central Railroad, arrived in Yazoo City yester day morning in Mr. Bowes private ear. Messrs. Bowes, Rhett and Hays came to meet a committee of cotton. factors and merchants appointed by the Yazoo Citv Cotton Exchange to arrangerates on cotton to and from Yazoo City. . The meeting was held yesterday morning at 10:30 o'clock, but little was accomplished. -The railroad officials agreed to make a reduetion of 15 cents a bale on compressed cotton to New Orleans, taking under advisement the proposition to give lower rates on cotton to be shipped rrom adjacent towns to Yazoo City. They also thought that a change in the schedule of the passenger train going South could be made making the leaying time from Yazoo Citv S o'clock, instead of 3 :20, as at present. This would give the merchants, cotton men and banks more time to finish up their mails, but. it would be an .inconvenience to those who come to Yazoo City to do their trading, and it would also destroy the connection at Jackson with the train going East over the V. & M. Railroad. Yazoo City is entitled to the very lowest rates that can be secured, and the Hkbalo trusts that our business men will not let up until they secure them Any change in the schedule should be well considered before ft is made, as we cannot afford to injure the large trade we now get from the Southern portion of the county. PERSONAL.; Miss Maude Baldwin returned Friday to Canton. Bishop Clias. B. Galloway spent Friday in Yazoo City. i Mrs. Rout. Kemiington is visiting friends in Jackson. Miss ; Josie Barksdale is visiting friends in Greenwoods i . v , Mrs. J. B. Crane returned. WedneS- Don't fail to get In on those two lets of lace and embroidery. .One lot 6c, worth 10 to 20c ;, one lot at lOe, worth 15 to 35c. Save money at Jones Bros.' new store. Geo. HV Qoekemeyer A Co., are headquarters for all kinds of. Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions, etc. Frea delivery io the cit j. The Sasi tones Lectors. ' For the Rev; Sam Jones Lecture tn YazonXitv;' -Monday : night,: railroad tickets will be sold atone fare for round trip from atatlonahe'tween Jackson and Greenwood. . - - ' - , y The freight train South Monday .will be held at Yazoo City until after the lecture, thus enabling parties to make the return trip that day. -Passengers from the north will reach Yazoo City at 3 :20 pk m and', return next morning at 5 :55.: .; ?5:"t Mr.l Jones .will breach's Yazoo" City Monday morning, and ; the indications are that be will bave an immense audience to hear his lecture. - "rFor Dry Goods, Groceries, etc., call on , - - - -GEO. H. QUEKEMEYER & CO. A new broomsweepsclean. at Jones Bros.' new store, 10 worth 15 to 40c. Buy one and 2ac, ' . Death -of Miss Jessie Middleton.' Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Neal drove out to Pocahontas tins morning to attend the funeral of Miss Jessie Middle-ton who died yesterday. She was a most charming voung lady and ber host of friends in Jackson will learn of her !eatb with great regret. She was a daughter of Col. E. S. Middleton, one Of the most prosperous and substantial citizens of the county. Clarion-Ledger, 18. - . The aboye will be read with sadness by the many friends of the deceased in Yazoo City, where she was so well known. Miss Middleton was a niece of Mrs. G. W. Eoy, and her death is universally regretted, and the family have the tentlerest sympathy of all. Fresh eggs always on hand at J no. J. North & Co's. day from a visit to Blloxi.V" O 4 Mr.nd MrsuN S. Ada'aJS-' returned Fridaylfront ConpeV WeUs,?C ..".S ' A' fr. fountain Crai ieft Tuesday 2to attend the Atlanta Exposition,'' "vvC4 :.xllr. WVC,Crafgand fainily returned Saturday from theiy summer trip. 1 - Mr. Jas. S. Barbour ts visiting Mr, J. b. Montgomery, on snyep creek. Mr. Wm. Hamet returned "Saturday froma vlBit to Mobile and New Orleans Mr. C. Livingston returned Friday f rom hit purchasing trip to New York: Mrs. J. L, Montgomery of Silyer I Creek is visiting relatives In the city. Misses Emma Anderson and Josie Day are guests of Mrs. Jasper. Strong. Col. t. N. Gilruth and his son ' Nwi ton, returned from Louisvsille, Monday. Mrs. E. Enevoldsen returned from a visit to her relatives at Hazlehnrst Monday. Miss Agnes North left for Greenville Wednesday where she will teach in the public school. , Miss Rebecca Blundell left Wednes-' day evening for Jackson to attend Bel- haven College. .. Miss Lula Halbert has returned and resumed her position as milliner for Mr. C. "Livingston. Misses Hilda McAlpine and Fannie Kennard left for Brookb'aven Friday to attend Whltworth College. Messrs, Marks Shaefer and Jas. But ler left Monday to enter (he Agricultu ral and Mechanical College. Miss Euphamin Eocco and her neph ew, Master Rocco Nierman, left Satuiw day to visit relatives in Memphis. Mr. M. Summerfield of the firm of Messrs. A. Summer field & Co., return ed Friday from his purchasing tour. Mr. Baxter Wilson, 'ex-Sheriff of Holmes and a large dealer th hardware at Lexington, was in Yazoo City this week. ; Mr. Cbas. P. Richardson of New Or leans spent Wednesday and Thursday i in Yazoo City, the guest of Mr. J. Hopkins. Messrs. F. P. Hiriman and Frank Hamel left Saturday for Bttaxl. They will visit the Atlanta Exoosltionbefore returning. Mrs. Owen Brown returned from Nazareth. Kr.. Monday, where ahe bad gone to place her daughter. Miss Carrie, in College. Miss Mabel Brown, the interesting daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Brown of Deasonville, is visiting . Mrs. C. K. Exum fh Lintonia. Dr. W. B. Thomason left Monday for Memphis, his wife accompanying him as far as Madison Station, where, she will visit relatives. Mr. J. W Hopkins, Superintendent of the -Standard Warehouse, who spent the summer with relatives in Louisiana returned-Monday to resume his josi-tion, - ' Miss Dannie Waterer daughter of Mr. J. W. Waterer of Free: Run, left Wednesdayevenmg to attend the In dustrial Institute and College at Coinm-bus. Mr. R. W. Lumbley, tf Satartia, left Saturday evening . for-Holly Springs with bis daughter, ,Miss Maud, who will attend-Malone's College at iat place. . u ' . . -r Mr. Owen Brown returned Saturday from Cleburne, Texas.- whera he! had gone to see his f atherwho was reported ; quito slck. Wearegfad tolearn that helpft him tniinh imn'mmt. .r.s.?'.- .. . Capt. Sam DV G win, a leading plant er of Holmes county, was in Yazoo City Tuesday with samples! of i 34 ; bales :of cottonr Capt. Gwin says that his croo will be 40 per cent, short ot last, year's, -'HohVChas. Fitzgerald. United - State Postal Inspector, spont Tuesday in Yazoo City. Monday Mr. Fitzgerald received : notice of his re-appointment and an incrsase in his salary' of .(200. Uncle Sam has no more faithful or effi cient officer." 'r -Misses A. M. Kennard, Ada Calhoun, Claudia Jones and May McGuire re turned Saturday from their vacations and on Monday resumed their places as teachers in Public School No. 1. Miss Emily Butt, teacher of the fifth grade, and Miss Kennedy, of the fourth grade arrived a few days prior to the opening of the school. Messrs. Robert Craig, S. Clemens and Lee Bowman left Wednesday for Greenwood, where thev will be engaged in the cotton business this fall and winter. Messrs. Craig and Clemens will look af. ter the interests of Messrs. vy. C, Craig & Co., and Mr. Bowman for Messrs. Barnwell & Co. They are clever gen tlemen and fine business young men. Greenwood will be the gainer by having them, -" - ' Silyerine waiters, large, 10c; small. 5c at Jones Bros.' new store. The W STORE, The BIG STORE, r x- r o rv s tt- r r- r r r ': a Svl a -J The STORE HOI that LEADS. THEM Mi, IS Win it nfif. wsi.iit. f ii siVH vnn n, 1itnos; wnrth iuiIokm v o.iw 'sn.vft voii inniiftv; nn if?5f?W mind tliat you read facts as well as iigrures. AVe sell CYcrythinaiuL sell Jusfras wo;ftadrertise7 'Xnr biar store occupies -o t?te v -over live t housand (5000) square feet of lloor space,: .and see about these goods. (0M42'- It'3a bis store. vNcxt tiinoyouaro down town step In tlie wliltt fronts GROCEIUES.- 3iv .Best Granulated SugaftvV. . r.-yiSaarpdund uood Lara-. v, : .v. . r-oo a-poana. Good VSceti&i . . J.. .. . h5o & pound. Good JoffG8V,-. o- s i 1 . 190 a ponnd Xeraoa-and ) VanilTa'Exiract , . ., , ; ; ;.5d i,bottld Clairelte and Water JdelotttSbapil. . . . ..:-4o,a b& Lorilard Snuffs ...... 15a it bottle Pound Cans Baking Powder. . . . . . ; . . :...5pentg ,a eave yun jnonwj uu everyiuiug. ' f I 11 iK 5 yrtw'. 5 lit SHOES t SHOES ! 1 SHOES Wo:wn,tha lararest stock of Slioes in Yazoo City. WoJbough.tousJioes on May utiiiwnen tneyjwere way. ciown ln-prlcer We are selling6 them just: that way, No advance in prices at Jones Bkos. Bm Store. tet us show yoit; through Our new store, ; v ,Sept. 20. 4Pt fl We received over four hundred suits Clothes from one house this week. ; y Our Clothing department on second floor is worth'-seeing It occupies iover-2Q00 square feet-of floor pac and is the best lighted Clothing Store inline city. Bead wa jls ttig store aooiii vioming. tit? v nnnnfj. ' "Novelties f n Cotton DresiGooda at 10 and ISo per yard. ( ThM turn tuAiirlful. At 14e a vard that beautiful Golden Dranen Cloth for' mantles, scarfs, etc. - At 65c a yard 44 inch all Wool serge, worth $1. At C5e a vard. 44 inch all' wool erenow. Worth SI. " Indigo Bines. Turkey Beds. Simpson Greys and all of the i best Calicoes, onlv fie a vard. . i At'Sc a yard one lot of Laces and Embroideries on center , counter. They. are worth from 10 to 20c; your choice at 5c . At 10c a vSrd one lot of Laces and Embroideries worth. 13 to 40c; going at 10c a yard. 5e a van! for eooil Bed Ticking. 10c each for the largest Hnck Towel, sizes 28x48. Heavy 1 goods. New line floe Linen Towels. Table Linen?, etc.t " At 25c a pair a ladies fat black hose. Equal any at 40c. i Domestic and Sheetings from ,'oC to 2c a yard lower than ( other nooses. NOTIONS AN-O SMAlijC tVAHES. BeBt Spool Thread, 3 spools for 10c Best Ball Thread . . . . . . lc a ball Crochet Cotton; '. .... .4e a ball ParitaaPins.... . s .60 a paper Good Pins. . ..d papers for 60 Bone JOoIl&x "fiitffejpiS;; .Sc A doled Cuff Holders. . . , WTlOo a pair Lead Pencils. . . . ... .5c a dozen i Beam JTote Paper. , . . .'. . . 12k'o 2 packages Envelopes tor . . . . 5o Hair Pins.... ... Needles. Toilet Soap.'. . . 3tc. l-tc, tc ir y-mm, iinextweek, lc a paper H. M lc a paper .Sea cake jx- iirTT mis Bavo iur uuunujgrB DU)iinrh :. WiIThave some rare bargains in 'noase-U hold necessities here next week. raB u ig Store Wants Your Trade- Money saved on every - g you eat or wear at ! - DIC CYftDI Frora Bostos to Prlscetos. Dear Herald -Boston i not fond of competition, so it waathohgbt best not to offend Its spirit by bringing It Into, too.close contact with Its old time rival. New York, even In a letter. 'The good book says that "one star differeth from another star in glory" and that there is "one itlorv ot the sun and another glory Boston may not in inis Miss Eloise Montgomery has opened her art room at the residence of Mrs M. A. Harrison and would be glad for those desiring portraits painted or to take lessons in art to call. Her recommendations are of the highest. Awarded IIf-I:ixt tlars Vcr!..' Tel?. Building Materials, Groceries. Notions, etc., sold cheap by Geo. H. Quekemeyer & Co. Bla nke's Best Candies 40c a pound at The change of books made in the pub lie schools of the city will cost the schol ars nothi ng. If they will take the ones used last session to Mr. R. S. Wheless they will get new ones in exchange free. This, ot course only applies to the books which have been changed. The changes were made for the purpose of getting a uniformity of books in the city and county schools, and as the exchange costs nothing, no fault can be found. The uniform 3'stem will be found ot great benent timl we commend the text took Committee for their actidii. Hound trip railroad t". kets to the At-ianta Ex; nition, 1 to ten clays, are only ill. CD via C -rand J unci' : n i - 1 (id n vi nr.'.v rti ;r;: or : Tickets i;jol fr n.K?y C v .uu .", I an.i C At t:.'- -' t . e,:;n 'j ; i i i a I it" ' r i ' t of the moon." comparative sense have the "glory of the ana," not ttie "glory oune moon" Is hers. JShe may not be New York, ut 'a elorv" in manv resoects. is tiers only second to New. York. In spite oM perluvas the most narrow ana crooicea business streets on the continent, and in soite of their puzzling Jntersections and eccentric and ohexDested 'wander ings, a volume ot business flows through tnem wnicn is not sausueu dui n ultimately reaches the confines of the world runninz from this as a center. like spokes from a wheel's bob. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why she is called "The Hub." The distortion and irregularity-of ber municipal limbs seem, however, to bo no hindrance to the city's progress. The "numerous twists in Washington street seem to bave little power to retard her commercial sneed. demonstrating once again fhot tttt lorn, nan loon ts an lisvf:. Blemished in this particular though she be, it still requires very fast running to overtake ber. This is true, not in one. but hi many particulars. It requires more tban a trot to overlakeher in pub lic, buildings, eommercial enterprise, JnventivejBkill, educational facilities, public libraries and a public spirit equal nerhana to that of anv citv In the world. which more than any other one thing accounts for the community's most striking attraction?. , Her citizens loye Boston and are wiilinff to sacrifice nnich lor the common weal. Thw old elms on the commoh now a superb park In the heart of the city-are the ohjects ot a paternal regard 'almost "affecting. It tinnier on the nathetio to witness how the city bas adopted every possible de vice to oreserve. these attractive oiu memorials of past generations. - Against the ravages Of an insect of recent yearn, as terrible- in thoroughness of its depri-dations as the -locusts of the. Orient. There would be fewer 'deaths? among human beings If they were nursed half as well.Tliis same spirit is. discovered in every kind of improvement; iniher famous Public Libraryis perhaps the greatest of its kind In the world, and truly palatial in - architecture, decoration and conveniencevOt appointment: E. A. Abbey chose as the subject or the magnificent interior decoration of this superb structure the legend relating to the search for the -Holy Grail. this being in his estimate the beginning of-.- modern romance whicli occnpies so conspicuous a place In the formation of nil libraries. - - Such a Dublic SDirit is admirable and can be emphasized here consistently since Yazoo City has the reputation of having as much of it to the square foot as anv town in Mississippi and will com pare more than favorably with any of similar population in the country. Manv are in search of the secret of Chi na's fall under the blows of fists as small as those of Janan. The explana tion is easily understood when you coru-Pieheud that China has no public spirit. Pave a street and unless watched verv close the flags are removed to pri vate premises. , Their Grand Canal and Yellow river have been neglected for so many years and generations that they have silted un until higher than the level of the surrounding country, due to a fatal public short-sightedness They are almost beyond redemption The word of modern coinage, Comte be ing its father, Altruism, expresses an idea verv necessary both to Yazoo City and Boston, and includes in Us Uenul tion a thought of others. It is always used In contrast witn tne egoist w.iose thousrht first of all is superlatively of self, the alter (the other fellow) com iner in for no snare or it. i nere is a place for the egoist in our world, but it is China with its pigtails and prayers for self, and not in altruistic America Were we writing in a censorious spirit, we might whisper a regret that Boston I has not spanned as wide a horizon with her spirit of altruism as we would like to see. We wish Hawthorn had never written that his heart wos not large enough to include anything bevoud New England, and we regret that so many in Boston seem to act a3 if the world ended when the limits of Massachusetts were reached. It is now a su perceded astronomy that thinks the sun is the center of the Universe, important though it be as a local center. Of course no one, unless running from the law, would visit Boston without crossing the Charles into Cambridge in search of Harvard College. The famous institution has changed in exterior verv little from what it 'vas in 1878, at least to a superficial observer. The Cambridge elms are still alive after an awful contest with those vandal bugs. Water from the old purp is still h cold as thouyli its stream drained an iceberg. It would te an to the institution to spo'l it with ice. There mav be new t iJlncs but we failed to loente t'.em." '1 l:e city has rressed in upon it on a 1 giJes tiil now, wa r ' it wou"..l I Hve to stru - le f:r i t i . ie i ; ... it r.iis t n ( : t crc s t.rci. '.s a 1 r thought, by a transition for which as-' cociat ion Is responsible, we pass to the shades of Princeton, dear te us by ties tnatare ootn ancestral ana experimental. " Situated bait way between New York and Philadelphia, an hour's ride front each. In a beautiful country where every foot of soil makes some return, and in a community which its-own literary atmosphere has created ; a place long a ravorite tor weaitn ana literature, it has Ions since Justified the wis dom of Its sturdy founders in Its loca tion. Should those eighteenth century subscribers to its funds, after - an ab- , Bence or full an hundred and fifty years revisit the Nassau Hall of their day, they would witness xno violation, of agreement in the-giving of their bard-earned money . So far as our knowledge goes the grounds and buildings a a Whole are without a parallel in the country, for the uses to which they are to oe put, tueir architectural attractiveness, and the exquisite neatness with which they are kept. Even a half doz. en years have made as great changes in the physical aspects of Princeton as we witness a similar period doing in the development of already robust children. Building after building has run up on the campus of both college and seminary, which are separate. In- which neither cost nor convenience have been spared, until on the grounds of the college there are separate rooms ot modern design for oerbaps twelve hundred stu dnts. The center and glory of the congregation .of structures including dormitories, recitation and ecientifio buildings of every degreeof importance, observatory, gymnasium, chapel . end structures of a general literary , necess-ity.ia .old Nassau Hall, - the parent structure,- which Washington onae used as headquarters and ' the new marble halls after the model of a GrecianTem pie, of Jibe Olio and Whig Literary Societies, Senrefc Societies end fraternities haVe always been here discouraged and all the best life inyolyed in", them has been centered in these literary societies for a hundred ana Hfty years, which in part accounts for Princeton's Influence in the legislative interests of the coun-trv: Debate, literary and-historic re search, bave always been fostered here with a paternal interest and the -old mother ii as long el nee had her- rewaru as she With pride has contemplated the career of thousands of her sons in every part of the world. When we" left' her shades again we felt as if .we had taken some, splendid tonic tT-C, E. C , THE OLD RELIABLE OTHIE 50 Continue Selling Hardware Cheaper Than it casts their Competitors. (MAKE A NOTE OF THIS FACT) BELTING, PACKING-, STEAM FITTINGS. The famous "all wool and a yard wide." EAGLE GIN OIL Th oxi.y lubricating: oil fit for Gins and En gines. It win not gam. Charter Oak Stoves Garland Stoves, finer, cueaper. and better than any. Axes, Ax-handles, saws. I'aints, oils ana uiass, Tin ware, cheaper than anywhere. You will save money by maiung your purchases or CRANE BROS. & CO. ; GENERAL C0TT0I1 Jit Reoeived At ATStTt- i c, LIVllIGSTOirS "Only until pet." 1st canJyou geft'lOc. -Jin photographs, leaye then.; l.; .'Vf. more -will About shoes. . As yon -need ".It pair don't buy until rou see the big 'shoe stock at Jones Bros.' Big Store, s V,' - All goods brought to Geo. 2 II. Quekemeyer Sc Co., are delivered free to auy part of the city. .The Deaf and Dumb Institute will open its next session in Jackson, : Wednesday, October 2d. This is a State In stitution and ever r deaf and dumb child in Mississippi should avail themselves of the vast privileges and advantages which it offers them free of cost. If there are children in Yazoo county afflicted with deafness and dumbness they ought to attend this institution. Frof J. K. Dobyns, the Superintendent, will give cheerfully all information desired No similar institution. in America has a better fitted and qualified man than is Prof. Dobyns. Blanke's Best Candies 40c a pound at. Jno. J. JNortn & (Jo's. vWo arerprcparcd tdL handle cotton this sea sonv17.W have ensrag ed fsi: -competent, cot- - .5,-. f;-., J'ft a . .-. -'V i! ton. saiesmaii;iuur aini will be tomake QUICK SALES and PROMPT UET UKJNS. A iiv:I consignments made us will be much appreciated and will receive our. prompt and careful attention on arrival. Otir commissions will be 50 cents per bale. - - ; Respectfully, . - i T. II. Ckaig & Co. Si Silks, Dress Goods, Trimmings, Table:Linns TowjBlSiiV -v Lace Curtains. Silkolines and House Furnishings mmm Is full of such nice cheap and Pretty - ; (&Q)IDS Come in and see for you are severally Expected. New Fall Calicos all the best brands only oe a yard at Jones Bros' new store. ,1 - .;' Messrs. Lear & Pepper had a hav press at work back of their stable in Yazoo City, Thursday evening, which drew quite a crowd, manv of our people never having seen one at work before. Messrs. Lear & Pepper have raised this year between 300 and . 400 bales of hay averaging 100 pounds each. The hay was not only home-raised but the press was also patented and made by Mississippians at Meridian. The bales are perfect in shape and of the most convenient size for handling. The process of baling is something similar to that of cotton. W. B. Elmore, the 10 cent photo grapher, will leave on the first of Oc tober. Eey. R. G. Hamilton, for three years rector of Trinity episcopal Church in Yazoo City, has received a call from the Episcopal Church tit Anniston, Ala., to take ell'jct October 15;h. Ann; -n ii oneof the most progressive towns ici Al t a 8 n J V e churc!s there is i i :ii ' ' ; t f -1 t ' i t VB C y ' ; ". INSURANCE. Barnwell & Barbour are prewired to furnish reliable insurance.' TI107 rtvrccqiit a lino el tlio r,iro::r;c::t cam-"inic3 in tlio If You Want A Bar Just try some of that GOOD BOLIE!3TlC at only G cents, neglectfully, gam We Can Save Figures In an Advert isemeot YOU MONEY ON SHOES! -1 f. t .1 JS&A sJ. V. - - WATCHES, CLOCKS,JEVELRY ' - - AND FANCY ' GOODS. 7I.epairing promptly done. T701d Post Office Building, Main Street, Yazoo City, Mis?. Settle Notiiing Observation first and experience afterward are the be6t to go by. We GuaranleaiVha'tVe Sell.J ' Goods and Fricesr -. 'And' our sraaranteeisentitledTtCr' V- respect if long and successful' eer.'i vice counts tor anytnitigy- t And' when welifee "'others - adver- j . , C. V . 1 Residence for Sale. On account of departure, mv new frame residence on Broadway, containing 7 large rooms, 2 halls, bathroom, store room, kitchen and many closets; front and back galleries, all exceptionally well built with double floors and triple walls, furnished with fine carved wood and plate glass mantels; hot air furnace, water works and all mod-eri, improvements, fine brick cistern, good stable. The yard is thoroughly tile-drained, lot fronts 150 feet on Broadway, in excellent and healthy neighborhood. Will be sold at a sacrifice from its cost on easv terms. Apply at First National Bank for particulars, tf C. LIISFELDT tising bottled . goods.-qvetwhichsi time . has f charitably thrown TV-mantel p mould ; - teas that have 4f become musty with age, and- can- '-f--" ned goods -too convex to ' stand ; - . ' we are tempted to put away some , Our IFresli Stock And allow it to become, stale, bo - we can conscientiously advertiso a clearing sale, v But as we Jiave no enemies to punish and no wish to curtail or -make miserable the happy lives of our friends, we ehall probably keep right on turning over and renewing our stock so often that everything we send out will bo fresh and wholesome. II. B. EIGIITCAP, Insure Your Gin. r --t ere- A c. CU' :r 2"c ter r"nl Fr- ' " ( r 1.'. - J . .- ' . i . '," n 12 r 'es he- ) 11 I 3 1 ' ' I We are anxious your jym very, very to insure and other property this fall, and can write you in Eng lish or American companies. We will cheerfully give you rates and any mtor- matioii by letter or person. We wan your busincr.3 and are v. illincr to conic out to your lior.iea alter it ii necessary. Yours for L -9 " t tr i r. ;:)v. cll ci'Yr- "-jc:tv ? v ' ' if 51. v r f i'esuoo but what our r:rc' -: -l wholesale orders zzi f 3 C ElusorXewOrk-s.t Ul , of men to deal ( ; ; vwhere. L(t i t . .. 3t:iveYazooC7s' :

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