The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1049 BLYTHEVTLT.E (ARK.\ COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Buying, Building Both Have Points Each Has Advantages And Disadvantages, Depending on Desires Erecting one's own home or buy- Ing It ready-built each has advantages and disadvantages, says the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing house for building information. •*\'ri the custom-built home, a wid- 'K choice of location Is permitted. A vacant plot can be utilized in a well-established neighborhood with fine trees, good transportation and convenience to schools, churches and shopping. In many ready-built new developments, these amenities may be years In the future. Satisfactlun In Planning Greater satisfaction comes from planning a home to fit one's family needs, hobbies and special Interests, and it permits self-expression since the owner-planned home can be entirely distinctive, without the made- In-a-mold appearance. Rooms can b« arranged as the family wants and there.Is always the assurance that material and equipment in the custom-built house is exactly as specified. Wall space and floor areas can be planned to fit specific furniture. Ready-Built Advantages The cost of ft mass-produced dwelling Is 15% to 30% less than custom-building of an identica house. The buyer knows what he t> getting before closing the deal, as he can Inspect the finished product In custom-building, n layman often finds the house is entirely different on completion than he expected due to his unfamilarity witr sketches and blueprints. A ready-built home usually Is I complete package, including land scaping, utility connections and ^mechanical equipment. Anxiety ove Hie countless details that must b worked out by owner, architect an contractor is avoided. Then there is always the possibility that the horn will go beyond one's means due tc what seem to be minor change during construction. Coiisultatiou with one's banke and a good architect before dec id ing whether to buy or build is us ually the best procedure. Home Incinerators Gain Housewives' Ace/aim Economical, small, indoor iricin erators arc being used by increasin numbers of housewives as a mear of disposing of rubbish and gar bage, according to American Builde magazine. . The magazine points out tha home incinerators meet the quirements of communities whic have adopted rigid sanitary reg —Courier News I'holo IN COUNTRY CLUB AREA—Shown above Is the new home of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Applebaum in the Country Club Area on North Highway 81. This BrlcK and Ille house contains two bedrooms, living room dining room, kitchen, hall and bath. Provisions have been made for he addition at two more bedrooms inti another bath upstairs. Inter- or walls are of plaster and hardwood flooring Is used in all rooms except kitchen and bath which lave tile floors. This tile extends from floor to wainscoting In (ho bathroom and ab ove the built-in cabinets in the kitchen, which is finished in a color scheme of green, red and yellow. Tlie fireplace is located on the north side of the living room- The porch on the north runs the full width of the house. Another, screened-in, porch is located on the east side. The two-car. garage Is built separately from the house. The butane-burning convcctor type heating system lias radiator, which are recessed Into the walls Storm sashes are provided for al windows. The house Is built on a lo which has a 100-foot frontage and Is 400 feet In depth. Drives Are Paved In Subdivision in West Blytheville A representative of the David Real Estale and Investment Co. said today 3-1 lots will be ready for sale, shortly in the firm's new extension of David Acres Subdivision. This area is south of Main Street and West of 21st street. Work is nearing completion on a circular concrete drive about which the new houses will be built. Houses will be built both Inside and outside the ^Irivc, and all will be facing it. In addition to flic entrance from 21st Street, there will be three other streets branching off the circular drive. Kcul Generator An automobile motor running a car at 60 miles per hour creates enough heat to warm a seven-room house in zero weather, according to experiments. illations. Incinerators also solve the problem of • rubbish and garabage disposal in homes where automatic oil or gas-fired heating plants have been installed. American Builder says home Incinerators can be attached to any flue with a diameter of six Inches or more, including furnace flues unless prohibited by local building codes. AMOUNT OUTSTANDING * M J J A S O.N D J F M AM J J A S10INIPJT M A MJl A • BILLIONS IN BONDS-At the end of August, 1D49, the American people held $54.700,000,000 in United States Savings Bonds ol Series E, F and -G. The chart above, based on data from the National In- dustnal Conference Board, shows how total bonds outstanding rose ^steadily from $J7,200,000,000 at the slart of 1947, in spite of.heavy J. cashing-in of bonds. . > AT THE START CONSIDER THE FINISH Just a few gallons of Vane-Calverl Painl make a difference, Freshly painted, your house Ii more than just beautiful. It's actually worth more! In a nationwide survey, real estate experli agreed thor a good paint |ob increases the value of a house 12%. So take o careful look at Ihe painf on your house. // always cosf* more nof fo painf. E.C. Robinson Lumber Co. Friendly Building Service Phone 551 Real Estate Transfers (Chtckasawba District) Ruth Pinkerton Ashley to Monroe and Ollie Wallace, two acres la Section 1-15N-10E. $1 nnd oilier consideration- Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold and Marie D. Wright, to Sterline Price nnd Juanita Cook, Lot 9 of Block "G" of John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $900. W. L. and Elizabeth Ann Moxley to L. H. and Jane Hay, Lot 4 oT Block "H" of Richards Addition, $1 and other consideration, Leonard and Bessie Taylor to Eva Taylor, Lot 9 of Block "C" or Barren and Lilly Subdivision, $10 and other consideration. Lloyd and Grace Gates to R. V. Gean, Lot 2 of Block "D" of Hol- laral.ile Addition, $600. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Kemp E. Whisenhunt and James R. Deal, Lot 1 of Block 3 of Davul Acres Subdivision, $800. Loulizzia Thompson Van Patton to Ivan R. Van Patton, Lot 79 of original survey. $10 and other consideration. L. S. and K. W. Hartzog to Carl and Edna-Nies, Lot 1 of Block ''A' of Richards Addition, $7,500. Car) Odcan Watson and Reba Watson to Steve and Cora Ellen Calvert, a plot 50 by 150 feet of Block "D" of J. P. Pride Subdivision, $450. J. E. Stevenson, Jr., ind Mary K. Stevenson to Thompson Brinkley Grlftin and Lorene Ruby Canada, all of Lot 5 of Block 7 of Country Club Drive, $5,800. H. H. and Lucy Houchlns to R. A. and Gladys Ellti, all of Lot 7 of Block 4 of Country Club Drive 51,150. :R, A, and Gladys Ellis to F. B. and E. Charlene Scott, all of Lot 2 of Block 3 of Country Club Drive, $9,500. Corrlnne and Virginia Williams to Hubert nnd Velma Seymore, Lot 3 of Block 5 ol Marsh Addition, $10 and other consideration. iVuiy Dixon to Hubert and Velma Seymore. Lot 3 of Block 5 of Marsh Addition, Si and other consideration. Norvelle and Geraldine Lansing lo William j. and Helen Chngnon Lot 6 of Block "C".of Hollanciale Addition. $5,750. 'Matc/iing' Furniture And Floors Suggested Interior designers say that floor should be In tune wllh Ihe furnish lugs of a home, whether it be ultra modern or of period design. With modern blond or bleachet furniture, a smart floor treatment is achieved with black, dark brown, or dark green asphalt tile, accented with narrow while diagonal stripes three or four feet npart. Dark, heavy furniture calls for pastel floor tones without complicated designs. In an early American setting, a floor laid in random lengths of bluff and light broivii will create Ihe effect of early-day wide plank flooring, blend harmoniously with the period furniture. In a Georgian house, plain un- paUerned floors set off the ornate furnishings, fit the Georgian tradition. Light taupe, beige or other neutral tones are most effective. •/re Losses Up After Declining -or 7 Months Fire prevention experts expressed oiicern today and renewed their ffortti to reduce 'America's fire toll afler the national loss In August flowed a rise following seven siic- •C.S.MVC months of decline from the :arresuondliig months a year ago. No reason for the August, 1040, rise of 1.2% over August, 1948, lias :i discovered, but tiie National Phc Protection Association says that sub-standard construction Is a lead- ng cause of high fire loss, included in sub-standard con- slriiclloii is the lack of fire barriers i] walls and other concealed spaces through which flames can spread rapidly. Fire prevention groups ore inslslent that all such spaces bo fire-stopped. Because it is made of rock, slag or glass nnd therefore cannot, burn aud needs no chemical treatment lo resist fire, mineral wool Insulation is accepted as flre-retarciant construction by administrators i ol many building codes. The Homo Insurance Company slutes: "Insulation in walls and ceilings should be the non-inftam- mable, mineral base type such as mineral wool," Built-in Drawers Keep Vegetables Handy and Fresh Utility Room Requires Light, Cheerful Colors A utility room should have plent; of windows with washable curtain In cheerful colors. Walls and floor should be brightly colored, moisture resistant, easy to clean. Washubli paint is the answer for the- walk and moisture-proof asphalt tile in harmonizing or contrasting color I ideal for the floor. To add interest, work out you own floor pattern with asphalt tile arranged in pleasing geometries designs or stripes. Decorate cabinet doors with bright-colored dccalino- inaiilfts. Green and yellow, pink and green, scarlet and robin-egg blue arc nil good color combinations.' Convenient vegetable storage can Iw provided by a built-in bin with sliding drawers, as reported by American Builder magazine. For thorough ventilation, the wood framing of the drawers Is enclosed by small mesh wire or three sides ami the bottom of eacl: drawer. When the plywood door is closed, air circulates through the bin by means of a vent In the counter lop and another vent under the front edge of the lower drawer.' The Idea was developed by Oscar Clarholm, Daytona Beach, Fla. builder. Easj- Excuse If a Chinese dinner guest lays his chopsticks across his bowl, it is a sign that he wishes to leave the table, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Conviction Appealed LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 15. (>P) — Robeit L. Filtcnbcrger. 37, appealed to the Arkansas' Supreme Court yesterday from a conviction for bigamy and a three year sentence imposed In Crawford Circuit Court. Begging is considered a legitimate occupation in Chinn. The Chinese even have a Beggars Guild with thousands of members. 79 Million of the Men W/io Fought in Nation's Wars Still Alive Today WASHINGTON, Nov. 15—(/Pj— Some 10,000,000 of the men and women who have fought this na tlon's wars are still alive, the Veterans Administration said yes terday. Of the total of nearly 25,000,OOC who took part, 034,000 died in service. Tabulations as of September 3 showed that lo,535,MO participate! In World War II, of whom 409,000 died In service. Living World War veterans, .._ Including those still in the armei services, total 15,252,000, The Civil War was the next mos costly in lives. Of 2,192,000 wh partcpatcd In H, 364,000 died. Ii service. Twenty-two Union survivors ari still alive. In World War I, -1,744.000 tool part and 131,000 died In service The tabulation showed 3,5TO.O(H] World War I veterans still living. The Spanish American War ha. 392,000 participants, 11,000 In-ser vice deaths, and 125.000 veteran still living. Good Balancer Balancing feats come naturally to the sea lion. In the wild stale, the animal tosses fish and catches them broadside so that they can be eaten head first. COVER THE EARTH | Complete Paint Service! On the Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams • BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Hill" Pease •I. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Phone 2m WATER is your Cheapest Commodity • - - Use it FREELY! Blytheville W ater Co. Blytheville, Ark. YOUR OWN HOMI THE MUKinui INSURANCE COMPANY OF JMfTdOl 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Jusl think, for a small earnesl-money deposit you may now secure ono nf these new modern two bed room homes, now under cimslriiclloii. Man.v are making Ihclr selection M come while you rimy choose. llcautlfully designed, slunlily built, some have picture windows. In new suliillvlstou. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Holly Development Corp. A BEAUTIFUL NEW FOR YOUR HOME! WITH TfrZSE FEATURE5r Dial-tit Conlroli— at ooiy lo turn 01 |he dial on your radio. Both andfavolofy of porcelain ermmel on <atf Iron — *l«on» at the louch of a damp tloth. Talfel of vllroaui china — <*ulot,nmd«nt flu ihing action. Bdlhlub hat Hal safely bal- lorn — low H In. helghl — •aty to *rcp In and oul. • No need to get along with old, worn- out fixtures any longer. You can bring new beauty—new convenience—to your home with n Crane qunliiy bathroom. Not only nre these fixtures new in styling, but they posscsi such important engineering features aj Oittl-ese faucets iliat open and close at a finger's touch. Hen of all, thc.ic Fixtures represent * new high in value and arc available oa our convenient time payment plan. Call us today or, better yet, drop in nnd lalk ii over. 109 North 1st SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Cuslom wurk lor Rins. >ilt:ilfn mills, nil mills. Custom Slicarinj; up to I/.] mrh thickness Prank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh liromlway Chime 2K51 ? ROADS S. J.CGHEN Contractor LYNCH BL6:LVTHEVILLE ARK

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