Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1895
Page 5
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John II S-vHta. nlntny oight yours old, WHS brouirhtto VVarren, lod , from Columbus, Ohio, Siu.dny night. He left his homo, wife nod Ibo nhl'dren In Salem. N C., about 1840. and for years all trace of him bus boon lost. Several years ago tha living children, /our in number, Instituted systematic search and at lust found him at Columbus, O., but other parties by tho sanao namo had a guardian appointed for him, claiming to ha his heirs, slnco which time tboy have been keeping tbe old man. in confinement. The children yet living are Rooert Swain, of Jasper county, Indiana; Mrs Sarah Jones, of Wells county, Indiana: Mrs Nancy Rick, etts of Blackford county, Indiana; anil Mrs Cynthia E. Crum of Warren, at whose home he now is. Tbe children were all at Warren when he arrived, and ho readily recognized them, calling them by namo. He retains bla mental faculties to a remarkable degree for one of his age. Proceedings will bo Instituted to recover his properly, HIM Wins Hail »>-i>urtt>d. Peru Journa : Last evening when deputy county clork, Cloll McDowell returned homo bo discovered that his fife bad departed and ttmt much of housobo'd effects ware also gone Ie learned that laoy had boon hauled to the Lake Erie & Western freight office and that they wero billed for Indianapolis. Ho secured a writ of replevin and handed it to Marshal O'Brlan. Today tho officer called at thestttiion ivnd notified the company to hold the goods. Mr. MuDowoll left lust nlyhtfor Richmond, via Logansport. As bold pirties are out of ' town more- facts cannot bo ascertained. YOUR NAME IN PKIXT. CIIIH of n IV'iwon'il C!linr:ictvr Cou- v.ernlns LuifiuHporterMlliHl Tholr In the city yesterday: M. A, Goldberg of Goshen. L. D. Coyle of Greensburg.^ StHnton /ilnn, of Joliot. III. George P. Harloy of Delphi. Joseph Murphy cf Kentland. C. W. Page, detective, of Rlohmonc 1 . Goorgo W. Layoo of Royal Center. Dr. William Howard of Grass Creek T. E. Legs and A. E. Potter of Angola. Judge N. 0 Ross has returned from St. Paul. T R. Sawell came home yesterday from Pittsburg. John Rodlfor of Clinton, is visiting friends in the city. Capt. W. C. Coulson has gone to Washington. D C. Harry S. Elliott was at Delphi ye:« terday on business. N. G Hugbell of Anderson, Is in the city visiting friends. J P. Howe of Duluti^" Minn., is visiting 1 friends bore. Lewis Hall of Delphi, is visiting his brother Frank Hall in the city. Dr. Geo W. Thompson of Wlnamao was tbo guest of Dr. B. C. Stevens C. V. Rsnborger'd Broadway bakery was gutted by flre about one o'clock this morning', and the water used getting- the destroyer under control completed the destruction of tbe stock and furnishings of tba well known eslablisaosent. Tne fire is suppottd to Dave caught from a stove at the rear of ine bakery. Tivo belated pedestrians pas-ing west on Broadway, noticed ihe smoko issuing from No. 428 Broadway, but they qu^erly enough did not make un eflfort. to turn in a fire alarm, but were passing on their way, when they met Pa'.rolman Cy Graham, who had been attracted by the sight of tbe smoke. He turned in the alarm. The flre waa like the one at tbe Roes building further up the street, in that it was a difficult one to manage. The smoke was so dense as to repeatedly drive tbe firemen out Into tbe ulr. Craig's tailoring establishment and overall factory occupies the upper floors above Renberger's place, and It wan first thought that the flre had reached that part of the structure. Most of the damage to W. D. Craig's place of business was due to the water thrown in putting out the flre at the rear. Mr. Craig has $G,OOi insurance on bis plant, and bie loss will cot reach above $500. C. V Rdnonrger's damsge will prooably bo $1,500. Mr. Kenberger could not be found tbls morning, but It was said that he carried insurance in a small amount on his business. Tha lire was out before 3 o'clock, although it was found necessary to call out the r'iftueatb street boys before the task could bo accomplished. When t&e ivator vrns first turned on, the rear of Rtnbarger's bakery the second tljot- at the back wns oue sheet of llamo, and the situation was for a time rather crl ical. The building is owned by the J M. Justice estate. Tho loss on the stiuc. ture will j-robably reach $1 800 or $2.000 and "it is said to be insured. TWO LOGASSl'OKTBOYS, al Indianapolis on S —Tiicy L.fl't Hum,- Ijaot H iturrtnj-. Captain Thomas received a telegram from tde superintendent of police at Indltnapolls stating that he had t<vo boys under arrest who gave the name of Mitchell and said they lived ai. Twi nty-fourth and North streeie Lo- gansporc. Hd nskad for information concerning them. Captain Thomas visited the home of Frank Mitchell wbolivos at hi location given. Mr. Mitchell told the captaia tbut tbe boys left home on Siturday and took *11 wilts them Captain Tbomns wrote the Indianapolis authorities that tbe boys wero not wanted here by the police haa returned from where he made a .111> 11 ry to IJUHIU Any oae dsslnas; u> Buy real estate can secure a loan to be repaid on the monthly pUn. Interest only 5} per sent. Consult J. T. COCKUDH.N, Room 8. Spry Uullfllng. Print?, 2J ccn'.s per yard, at the Trade JPalace Gingham* 4 cents a yard. \ Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DHL- CREAM • BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. A pore Crape Crea m L f Tartar Powder. Free rom Ammonia, Alumo. -wy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, John Chestnut Cleveland, Ohio, business trip. C. S Jones was called to Sidney, III , yesterday by the berious Illness of his broihor-io-law. Harry and Pltmny Ray of Rockgelc 1 , drove through the city yesterday en route for Bunker Hill. &.. W. Humes has returned to his borne at South Bend after a visit rrltb the family of C. J. Cragan. Charles Demerly, a La'ayette barber, has located in this city at Kraut's shop on Market street. Mrs John Elpers has gone to Decoiur, I'l , to attend the funeral of her nieco. Mips Carrie Michael. Robert Or*in. who has been visiting in this county for a month, has returned to h!s home at Lexington, Ey. Ed Wnlch has returned to Wau- koi-ha, VVis., after a visit of a week with a sister, Mrs. John B Wilkins Isaao Hlnaroelbergor and J. W. Burrows h-ve relumed from their sojourn in the lumber redoes of Arkansas, whero Mr Hlmmelberger has extensive interests. Huntlngton Herald: Bfn Harris who works in the Western Union Telegraph office in tbls city, ' went to JLogansport this afternoon where be will take charge of an cffioe for a few days. Marlon Chronicle: In theclly /rom Lofansport yesterday: Bert Ross, J. W. Hamilton, W. -C.- Fischer, C. H. SchVer and B. G Nehsr ____ Misfc Anna Weaver of the south end, has removed to Logansport where she will m»lce her home with »n uncle. Tho Order of Cbo.sea f'rieuds held a public installation of officers at their ball last evening. A large number .vore in attendance and after the exer. ciscs a pleasant dance '.vns indulge in by the yonog people present, 'J he following officers wera installed for tbe ensuing year: 'Past Councilor—P. N. Shank. Councilor—Alvin Denbo. Vice councilor—Mrs. MaudDriscol. Prelate—Mrs Hackee Secretary—Luther Bryan. Ass't Secretary L'lhe Dilrymple. Treasurer—A S AJford. Marshal!—Will Giogloff. Warden—Mrs. Obcnchain. Guard—Frank J^ck^on. In Olileu Ti-«i<-» People overlooked the importance cf permanently beneficial effects and were satitfiod with transient action: but no>vthat it Is generally known that Syrup of Fii^ will permanently cure habitual constipation, well-Informed people will not buy other laxatives, which acl for a time, but finally injure the system. Ctiitrceil With Contempt. W. W. Smith, the Pan Hacd'e baggage master, wai attached some time ago forconteoppt of court In that Iw f»il«d to furnish $25 toward .the prosecution of bis wife's suit for a divorce. Another attachment has been issued for Smith, as it Is found that be b»s failed to comply with the order of the court Tbe correspondent of tbe Electrical Review writer his paper from Wish. lagtoQ as follows: Judge Carpenter's decision in the Ber increase has caused much excite meat and indignation among the Washington patent attorneys. It practically declares that If any attorney permits the patent office lo de.ay action, for any reason, upon their client's application tbe patent will be void. OQ tbeother band the patent oflice examiners do uoltake kindly to tho Idea tnat they are to be subject to the dictation of tbe attorneys. They know ibe law and the rules of tbe office and will continue to obey them The friends of Mitchell, Simonds Butlerwonh and ottier commissioners, who were in cffica while tbe Berliner aopilcation was pending, are quiir Indignant that euch a man as Carpenter should officially stigmatize them as pirtles to a fraud practlc. d upon tht public. The solid sense of the men best qualified 10 judge is thav the decision will nuver eland. Some years ng'> Justice Clifford of the United States supreme court prepared an exhaustive opinion on tbe main question involved In tbo Berliner case and decided that an Inventor Is not responsible for de lays in ihe office. So far as the other point ii concerned, the opinion la expressed by uninterested, lawyers that if anybody except Barliner bad the second patent or if anybody except tbe Boll Tule phono company hud owned it. the question would never buve been raised. Tbe decision plainly shows that Judge Carpen'er did not confine himself to tbo adjudication of 'hr ripbls of an individual who. claimed protection from tbe government, fur Cls invention, nut that ha undertook to use tho government suit aeniusi B-irllrir." a^ a club with which to smash tho whole Bull Te epbone con aero It Is ooe of tbe pecullariiiB- of the people to abusu an iuventor for all ttuur grievances, real or imaginary, against tbe corporation which happens to uao bis invention. On ono point, there seems to be a good.deul of misapprehension. Tho Berliner patent has not been excelled, and it will not be cancelled, at leatt, until the Court of Appeals reviews the case Meanwhile tho Boll Cotupacy holds tbe patent and has a light to operate under it. lufrlngers thould tike tbe decision simply as legal advice for what it is worth, and they will do well to consult their own lawyers before making any radical move. The announcement of Carpenter's decision was balled with dtlight by man? persons, by whom It was re garctcd not only as tbe death of Berliner's patent, but as the destruction of the -'great monopoly." Of these persons there are three classts: One is made up of exchange subscribers dUsstlsSed with their treatment, in too ma^y c/^ses for 2°°d reasons. Another C!HSS Includes persons who might, have made a. fortune by Investing ia Bell Telephone stock, but who let the opportunity slip. The third class is,a large one and embraces those who are still ambitious to make a fortune in the telephone business. Tbe Review's Chicago correspondent, Mr. Kctlyn, expresses their feeling with beautiful pcttic patl.os ID saying tbo decision "removes tbo undeliued !ear of monopolizing oppres slod, and capital will not berit.ite to enter this lucrative field, from whence a waUiog future vtre;thes lonb its welcoming arms." Tbe arms most conspicuously stretched out just, at this lime are those of telephone schemers reaching after the capital of gullible spectators. Tbe promoters of tbe numerous schemes deci.ire In oce breath that telephones are public property and in tbo nest that they ho d patents wbicb carry valuable rights Tak'ng-the community by and large, comparatively few persons care vrhluh way the ntatter goes. Tele phonic communication is a necessity; nobody wants two ixchanf es io ooe city, and ihe success of ;be business mustdepencJ, not upon paiem rights, bjl upon tfScient and useful service and Tftir dealing. 25c lOc 13c 15c 18c Ladies spriag heel Caadee rubbers 3 t« 5 Childreas heel rubbers 7 to 10 ............... Misses heel rubl ers Uandte and Goody ear. . . Lad es storm rubbers 2 and 3 ........ Ladies French Hee! Oandee 1 :» 4 Misses Caadee Alatkas heel 13 lo I ............ 35c " ' •• spring 13 Jo 1 .......... 35c Ladies .' 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V V Senator McLsao this morning io- troduced a biii to establish an Indus, trial Home for the Blind, whore manual trades can bo taught. The House jndiciary comraitt.ee has decided to report favorably 0:1 Ibe resolution for.'i consutaiuinnl ment which wilt permit voting machinery and also on Reprei Holloway's bill proviDir.g f:> • ibe licensloe Of stationary engineers J. W. Bsem a discharged ^ttaad- ant at the Central Hospital for the Ini-ane, appeared before the committee on benevolent institutions and made charges of cruelty to a patient against Dr. P. J. Wallers one of the ward physicians. Superintendent Edenbarter eays the man making the complaint was discharged for striking a patient with a pieces* garden hose and that Dr. Walters reported it to tbe superintendent. jamember of tbo Senate is authority I for tha statement that they were j brought by a m&n named Drlscoll, I who was formerly a clerk at the prison j but w;ts discharged about 9. jearago, j'Warden French's Meeds 6ay for in- competency. Dr'scol) fays tha wa-den jjurcbat-ed meat at one price and nbargi'd the State another and tbat aciti of inhumanity have been permitted. .t V-\v K.NH B^.li Lrngiio. Representatives fromHvansvllle and Terre Bauto, lod., and Bloomlcgton. and Joliet, 111., met at Peorla, 111., Tuesday afternoon aad organized tho Western Inter-State Baee Ball Lengue. D^catur and Springlield, 111., a\so sent proxies, while applications were received from Burlington and Dubuque, Is. , Fo.'t Wayne, led . an4 Ruck Island 111. Officers were elected ! a-s follows: Preeidcnt and Treasurer. i H W Schmidt, ^erre Haute; Secro- j larj', J.iba A. Ntisiick, ,/oliti!; Coun. j cillor, W. S. AJeC^ull, Juliet, Jt bus j not yet l;e^n decided wheihc-r to make | it an eight or si six c'ub leigue. j Salary limit was roade *800, clubs to plaj on percentage. SOMEWHAT 1MPBOVE1) The short leBgtDa of dress goods ac.d linens lit such loir prices are going off •Hrely, no* at the Trade Palace. .•Sinn a Sot Upon tne O.-<l:r oT Golay. But-go at once and buy a bottle of the fragrant SOZODOyr. You will never regret it. It not only beautifies and preserves tbe teeth and arrests decay, bui leaves tbe mouth cool, and tbe breath as fragrant as a rose. Thousand B of cases of. rheumatism have baOT cured by Hood's Sarsapa- rllla. This Is abundant reason belief that it trill cure you. A resolution was Introduced in the ^ouse asking- that tb« editor of tbe Indianapolis Sews, its reporters, or any attache thereof be invited to appear before tbe comntttee on rights and privileges und submit any and all evidence Tbe News may have to sustain Us charge made editorially tbat the House of Representatives has been subsidized by any corporation or individual concerning any matter of public policy on legislation. Tbe editorial In tbe News was headed "Tbe Pass Evil" and tbe resolution savs makes a serious charge seaioat the honor and integrity of the House. * » ^ * . '. The Senate committee on prisons will go to Michigan City on Friday to Investigate tid management of tha northern prison, While the members for I of the committee refused to make I public chargei against Warden French IB the Condition o! Warren K. HeXotvlIaMn Slight Chance tor Kecoverr. The condition of Warren Koowles, who'was shot by Harry Worden last Sunday, took a change for Ihe belter vesterday afternoon and there U noar a slight chance for his recovery. He is still in a critical cocdllioc. how. ever, but bis Sao constitution stand* him in good siead. f«r Sale. Elegant home just completed on easv monthly paymei ts, two story, six room frame reticence, elegant mantel, bath-room, water cloeet, and all modern conveniences, centrally locflted. Any one wanting to buy a home by paying a little more than rent. Thii in your opportunity. For particulars, call at once- jAM K9 T- COCKBCKX, Room 3, Spry's Building, corner Broadway and Pearl SL. She Kolned Her H-alifc at Mcho«l. Sad but ceedletB. With proper care and ihe use of Zoa-Pbora, at needed periods, her splendid intellect might now be eupported by perfect physical powers and graces. Sold by B. F. Kseeling and Coulson A Co,

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