The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 6
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JBliYTHEVlljJLJ!), (ARK.) COUK1UK jrmmsiuv, NOVKMHFH Sutherland Slumped, Also Tn»'n.nnoiin« wr,,., " Fi;n'ds Purdue-Notrei ho ,S!" al BRUSHING UP SPOKTS By Laufer OARNEoiE-MICHroAN STATE —This will be dose, but I Inlnk Michigan StaiJ will vrln. COLOATE-OH10 NORTHERN Another easy o:;c- for Andy. COLUMBIA-NAVY—CiCSC. Prob ably Columbia. DUKE-MAPYLAND — Wallace Wade has Duke up there, at }ezt. through t!i!s wet-i-:- r .^. FI.ORIDA-OKORGIA TECH — Da;i;c Too Havel. ling. GEOROIA-YAU: - AS UAKVAKIJ-ARMY-- Gar D.U'i-.l- iii':i Cadets 'Mil *:• ••';> unarihinu '•(.i bo still'L-r than :.i ix<. •BV: JOCK. SUTHKKI.AKT1 Ccacli, rnlvmlly- of IMUsbui PIlVSUUliGH—Next S.-uun games ;elv;> I'M- football dopss'.f-.'S two toujh OIKS to plck-'.ii fuel, c tl-.o=e CKO batiles ai-e so cto? that '• I caii'f] slot a posiihe winner In -. the Hiir'rtue-Mo'.rc Dame nn"air. and tile coiK-es'. be'.vcen Duqin^iii- :uid o\ir P3V Pi'.itlws. T-;e 'i'urdue-Souv name gf,-lo-| SYRACUSE-KNOWN'- Bellior'-i.-;'anybody's ganw. ll»«k em rivals !n ;: <•! MI,-. Andet«')R's i'liiad is en tlw upf.ivn. .' ar.d Nable's fino lucks'will . California's . WEST VIRGINIA- WrSCVXS'FllNl ~\Vi£c;ir.lii a ill lii.i-ly -.1:11. ' Bel'.or wafh Manu!:.l:i . wi'J. No mulic!- v.-lwh.:nl ilic iSHF.r-. - MISSISSIPPI — Mi«>' i>d Al.ib.uiiii. v.'lll ;wiii3. (viivill l-e u rioso si-;w. : Vi'c-'wvlwe.i Oolnt u i'.liU' ii---'-- ':.tiiiB 4}J p ?'Jl Elini't Liytlen's l>.i- -oucsnai^iur.t hero « 1'itl. 'I'll'' ;-o:«e tou?'.i c:!nics nu- liitir beii. 'Jiey can Liatcli i:s -.fin \\f!g!n. and cxporlem-e. tiirir kickers ft'.'c better and tli'.-iv pi^'^' era have- been mart sucrcssfu!. If. 1 coutj^^^'-^s '^^ cn '*' 1 *' b:UL ' lot o! 5Uv;>lc-.vS nl^lu-s. tlie res', of the names in wiyh. •M.AHAMA-V. i'. I.—AUb.i»iR lia-s M ir.ucli stinl (or Us Gintflcr vlvnl. AS .'• PORDHAM-K. Y. V. — Jimmy ( Crowlcfs Hams should have llllii- j - tKub:^v.-lth .Wiis one, although the • •'; lnleiih-«.vivairy benvcen (he lv:o| il! mnki? the icore clow. ! FOLLOW 4'BALL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES SIPG . -rax- rbunois- 1 Mek fiSnlcy will not conlinui 1 to[ : is i bad. bn-aks. His Nordracs'.em j ' eleveiic-ihould vrln over Bob '/.'.i|)-1 pile's improved Illinois leuin. 1'FA^OHIO STATE—T'lis will y/rp • : .pi to v^ BiicsBvfa. Pirn. Wlllaiinn f$ .'lias Wgcr. better and more men. 1 .'?.' , "it wlll...jl!t«iy be nultr ricc'slvi-. j V-l.L.A. r '': OR1?PP.S-OREOON STATE —I 8V I •' Am- tj-jm that holds U. 8. C. lo n ; g| L U ISJ..WV - -'6«veiu=i. tie gels nv.' vote. Oregon fpAiiiri:iV»f'Fir >Slate. •• )PAULOI^. ! V frlE CALL TO OOME BACK AT 41 Tut GREW MATADOR Or GWR S PLANS A Ed Sherman Is Haled As Great Field General pr&ftUble yufcUif*. Local Jlinioi'S On Small! Ed Slx'-man. former slnr bafk] End of Game w;:,i.;"-.rt .m^non w it h ««• niym,.• .'IKl 0, yaini: wmii,!,;, „,.,„ chl( , kaiOTb ,. , s ntcl3l iV'lr'iiirhis C.namps. - il: "•'• 0 of lllc «'«iesi n.--w &»-> cialn i vf/ produced in HMidi--rso:i fi-lH:,H| 0>ll< ' fl! :U with. Rheimnn lake? his turn 1 season and IDMIIS lhal she local lugging (he ball and m«n»g«6 to team will play three of its jour get across the cbai* roarli* for remaining tllw at Halty field. ih* Wilson Bulldogs will mest the ohlekasaws here Friday night, Nov, 10. On Nov. 17 the Mavo-.n and White squad of Blythevllle wii". leave the BlylhevlUe campus for if. second and last avay-from-honi; game or the year. On that ciay the Chirks v.'ill face tlw stron? Pa:-rest City eles-en al Forrest City. Horii Sehwart?'.^ .surprising i.jx- ora eleven -.till liinilsh 'jppasi'.ioi; for lh« H. li. S. urUlders litre or. Mov. 24 and will be follov.-el hy lIiLTe.^. lior<- on S'ov. 30. Ifl IQttS Dl 1TO in Ail:r,d.'!phir, As lo Ef.y about .shi-niiiin: Micnnan. (iimi-t.-iu.ick. is Ai-V -HIIIOJ- Iiluh ,v;huol dropped L i 0 7 .-dx'i-ion to fii-llevu'j Junior tc-nui. I In? slai 1 oi' v.'i'.li :••>» injim-d wrisi. mi* I 1 ' |:u-,- of '.hi- lilyllicvillc ti'.im. U *-;i iS-ilibii v mi run il yinds lo t'oii/i ! the lllvtl'.cvillf tnuchdown. The lineup: I Mm foiwrtrd. Slicunan, tlu- ' ((.-rlMck. UKUI'C-S ixiii!>i)k-ioiisly In a.-:a\v.-, lien, on iliu blotklijy; ilia: i'iuil;i-v: tin- C.-;u'.-io-d O--I-IL- .suueriii'i-'-Ji-r! of ; ullii-r barks to make tin- b.-illluii'. s:hooX Im-: miiiouiicixl. iMlns [hut the niuiiUudc- iippiaiids. 81411:11;; c: liiu Mc-inp!i!s u-am for iJi; .'.oldoin t-all.s u plfiy ih;ii I'x'- :i garni- lu'i'e On Turkpy Day ^om- l-ort fooltall uu'.lioritlc.s illiagrcc p'.i-tcs the Olilcks s-jji?dule for tills i ; closo OP.» again. !n:L I'll pick the j! - MICHIGAN — ^f•;chlrall •Vccntinu?s to march toward the Bis •Ten tit-!?. Too many sopi'.omGre.'; In ,- r thc nWseye lineup. KANSAS" STATE-IOWA STATE rt —Bo *lc.Millih's 'Icaiti should ivln f :& this o!ie"without lunch trouble. ; j NEEflASKA-KANSAS — Hehrtis- • ka'is x-fr'.n the pick ot (h? Big Six.- vrith iJTbest tsam in t-V.e last nve year;. »5co' 1011511 lor Ka;isas. -S t>UTHERN CALIFORNIA STANFORD-The Troj.ins will "• •* .'jrj much ^ait-(S.t!ri. Po.-. [J 1 . I.T K.G C: rcu HT ItK QU Ml Itll PB Jnliii'.Gi: IX>/.ifl- Bums Wilson HHIliw: llntciiins Il'.^CVi Crfii" Drink EISER was l:i-:n; so!;! at. a day liinsiTy fair. In a .<-:taltd envelope. .Mrs. Cosl- idsi.' sent- a calling cai-d with l!io name "Cynthia" on u, and t!m doll '*.ij so iramcd. Tills Incident was recalled rc- ceinly vft\tn her 2raiid-diu«hici- 'Aas born !n f;om!02liciu. 'J'iif b.\bv. dangler or Mr. and Mrs. Joiin Cooli'Jgt. '<as nainc-d Cynthin. j A lov.- tiliniaif puts the value of Great Britain's crown Icuvrlv at Record Moose Killed in Rocky Mountains RIVEHTON'. Wyo. (UP) — Wlut is b.-llrvi'd '.o I)- 1 lh« lirgtnl mooso eve:- V:il!''d in til* IJocXy Moun- tKin.t •*AS biig-iKl neai 1 lievo by R. T. Lvlil.'. uf Onsp'Jr. Wyo. T,n- animal hatl a s|);-t-ad of fit .:•.•>. It w.i-3 niin-' fcff'. six inc'nc'; (all -,i:id i-«i»:i:-i'd roin- pack horses to uk£ it ta camp. F'ive .stuls -.vt-n; ricniircd before ,,.,,. ,. tlw biir iiiuD.j »-.!•> brdiijht ii3 I'nlu in tlw line H.S diiimain- i short iide di'iil ol sue- fd. No. ft taki'.s mil the defensive Angeles IKIS nsi-d r.n •'• with :L un ce.w Hi's vcnr. rlfht halfback. No. C turns t.hc nwdccl. ILS does No. 5. Ho outlines the. maneuver as opjiosliii; .right guard In, while Nn*. I »nd 1 Mkc oni the (if: follows: No. 8 Is checking the lefc guard, fcnsive right lackie, who usiisll NO. 3 fnkes to Klve Oio bull to No., 10 ROTS on lo clean un on comes s:rul«lil in on the plf.y. N No. 4. but spins and ?ocs Ihrougli secondary wherever He \vil 1 ta 2 t;ikes Ihc doiwisive ria';!-. end. Local Wholesaler Buys Pane! Truck m r AHT KKliSX NKA Sctvice Spur's \Vriti-r Conch Bill Spnulding of ihr r lor Tiny University of CallUirnlu nt Los CJfl rFLORSHElM SHOES fur Falls \ii ~.~ a The iuimeroui! s'yjes o( .7.: Florsheisn Shoes sire as •;..; vovied as iiieu's lastcs in •".' footwear—yel every puir ^ gi ve s the same faultless serv- "•- ice. Only Plorshcims \vji| v ; ever thoroughly please you— once you have \von'« them. Black Calf Oxfords T Slunvn !ibtiv>> ;uv Ciivl P>;iss. di-ivci". Ailoii Hardy. Ford Salesman, mill H. N. Swysiniii/fH. pvoiii'ioliii 1 of ilu- Cetitral C'ull'i'i.' Co., veceiU inii'ciinsL'r of ttu> iH'W Kurd \'-o> i';inol TMick. Mr. SwciiriiiKUii is i'.i!>-lily iilonscd \viili his now l-'ortl V-8, espuciiiliy its nttrnctive ;i|i|ie;ii':niCL'. unusual lai'trr loading sp.ite. iK'rl'ovmaiK'o and economy. Smart styles, good Fitting .lasts ... A shoo that will Rive' you real service. 4.95 Good Shoes and Hosiery The NEW FORD has a 75 Horsepower 8-Cyclinder Engine jwwcrfu: v-orformance ihat only ax ci.'o't-o.vliiuier erj;ir,(- can give is an important reason for select inj; ihe New Ford. With added cylinders you get more power impulses over a given distance of lr:ivei and they are of diminished intensity—thus it is a smoother operating engine at all speeds. This modem, efficient design ccup'td with tow car weight gives maximum fuel economy. Kxceptionnl quality features of the Ford V-S engine arc the aluminum cylirder heads which further increase power, smoothness and economy; and the onA-piece cylinder block casting insuring rigidity of structure, low maintenance cost and lony life. A Ride Will Convince You or Co. Opposite Hospital Blythcville, Ark. real 'em rough; they lifye it STETSON HATS RAMBLER T O P C OATS by Hart Schaffner & Marx UKNCH MADE I'atk it in your IIH^; throw it in your car; wear it in the rain; sk-ei) under it—then hanj? it u)) a short time anri it Icoks as i;<x)d as ever Warm days, cold days, blowy days, snowy days—they're all the same- to it. Smart- fsl styling and a wide range of colors— an ideal fall coat everywlicrp: an all-year coat in half the country Shoes o!' Quality .SO Beau Urununel Tics llie Best Manhattan Shirts New patterns just arrived i-niuraciny the latest ideas in greys,, blues and maroons . . . Small gingham patterns and other new- designs in collar attached or stiff collar to match. White NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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