The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1935
Page 6
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Class of Loop, Grimm Believes Rates His Otitfield Best in Loop; Boys Musi Toe, Line KlllTOR'S NOTE: Tills Is another article of a scries dealing with Ihc liif league tralnlii; camps. l!y KliSKINK JOHNSON NRA Service SlafT Correspondent AVALOM, Ciiloliim Island, Mar. j 27—Building (or the future, and I not promising a pcimnnl Ihls year i under his jilnns, Manager Chni-ley ( Grimm is sending a rejuvenated I gang of Chicago Cubs through | spring iraininjj chores here. I Gone are Hie familiar faces of I Guy nush, Pat Malonc, Jim weaver, Bud Tinning, Dick Ward, R\g& Stepheiison, Babe Herman, Denny Talc, nnd Hob O'Panell. To tin Wrigley fold have come 10 assorted youngsters mid three veterans. .Freddie Lindslrom and Lnny French, from Pittsburgh, iiml 'lex r Carleton from St. Louis. ' ' Despite this general housecleiui- Ing, which ellinlnnleil all the "playboys," Boss Grimm denies up and down that dissension In the ranks caused his outfit to do a Jackknife from the top of the heap near ihe close of last season > National League pennant race. ."All our strength was on tne bench lust year because of injuries," says Charley. "We hud our regular learn on the iiuld but (hi times. There was no Internal strife. Ball players have good and had years, nnd we Imcl our lenn one last season. "I'm lakjng a chance on build, ing for tlie future this season, Grimm continues. "I'm going to || give some younger fellows n cluincc to make good where (lie veterans have failed." Charley Cracks Whip Manager Grimm is "more than satisfied" with his deal with the Pirates,.. In which the Dues got Bush, Herman, and Weaver for Lliiflstrom and French, and the- trade of Tinning and Ward for Hiirlcr Carlelon from St. Louis. Like the Icnm, Boss Grimm has changed. ",rve been a good fellow in ! thc past," he says, "but from now on I'll wnkc Simon Legrec look like Pollyamin. I'll stand for no more monkey business." Despite the,,loss ojr^nboiit Ifi names, on paper, 'through disposal Solntioii to I'reviom Contract Problem By . Harry Grayson .ViVMONAI. LKACiltK C I, II l7s __ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, BY ART KRENZ' _^^ ""7T<,yp''"?T mjff.-r*& Comer i In- .and Weaver , of , Malonc, , Bush, Grimm thinks liis pitching staff this year will make 'cm sit np ami take notice. French, the big southpaw, nnd Carleton will Join Lon- nle Warneke to form Chicago's "big three." Veteran holdovers are Charlie Root, on Ihe raegcd edge, Bill Lee and Roy Joiner. Four rookies are showing their wares. Clay Bryant,, 'up from New Orleans, where he won 10 and last 10, and Tom Casey, from Atlanta where he won 8 and lost C, seem to have impressed Grimm tlie most Both are big fellows and right- handers. .. The other two arc Roy Henshaw, tiny left-hander who hail a swell recpr:! of 1C wins and 4 losses with- Los Angeles last sen- son, and Fabian Kowalik. late of Buffalo, where he won 18 and last Gabby Boss Catcher Charles Leo HnrlneU remains head man" in the receiving •department. The veteran 35-ycnr- old backstop, with 12 -years' service behind him. still has one of Ihe best arms in the league Three youngsters, all under 22. arc battling for the two relief 'berths under Hartnett. They are Wall Goebel, up from the Pacific Coast League Angels; James O'Dea from Columbus, ana Walter Stepnenson who drew pav checks at Lafayette' La., last season. Lindstrom at third adds a decided punch to the Chicago Infield '"Grimm's way of thinking. Billy Herman continues to have a leech-like hold on second base' and Billy j urm again wm holt j down the shortstop .position Phlt Cavarretta. a first baseman, and Edward Cihockl. rookies, hope they •Rill fit Into the scheme or thln« in; the Infield. "I'll take m'y outfield against the pick of the crop." Thus Charlie Grimm sums up the situation in the Cub outer garden/where Hazen Cuyler. Chuck Klein, and Tuck Slainback room. Jobs of all these regulars will be In danger, however, if a newcomer up from Chicago's Los An _ gelcs training farm, can hit bio league pitching. The young felto Is 24 -year-old Flank Demaree, win led the Pacific .Coast League hitters last year with an Impressive .338 average and a long strinK o circuit clouts. Up in the air BO those Culj outfielders, classed by Manager Charlie Grimm as the best In the league. Left to right, arc Kiki Cuyler, Angle Galan, Tuck Stalnback, and Frank Dcmarec. Below is .Outfielder .Chuck Klein, n disappointment -1 last -i season, who, vows he'll Uf iiear the top of' tho batting averages this year. Ex-Queen ; ': : HoldsGDurt ; Ttecorrt DAVENPORT. Wa-sh. <up> _ Murray Zuehlke carried out a family Iradition wfien he pjid his faxes and received Lincoln County receipt No. l. rpr 38 consecutive • years his father, Fred Zuehlke. who died last May, was first in the county to pay taxes. Drop of Once Tells Story Thai. Dffrals This Coniracl AT fiOAT-fJKTTINCl ill ErsUne Johnson, NRA i c- correspond-jiil cover l n * I 'hull's, cub? and While Hoi on ihe west coast, kirks Ji> -,vith - .'•«:;ni- inU'irstine information pick-i (d an wiille chinning with 111:111. asm nnd players in California 11.'re 'tis: Alter "office horns" In miijor Ir-iiRiic Ijal) camps nut lure, plav- i-rs Indulge In r, wide nworlmi-iil ol pastimes, partly pure i:civii- ti'ii) nnd partly nrecled excrcis;. With thi? CMcnyo Cubs on Cnt- ulliia Island, wild goal hunting n tlio Invaiitp sport. Manaicr Charlie tirlnim takes a great d'liJ ol pleasure sendlns his fcoys "up :nul down rugged peaks in a-nrcli of Ihls elusive loastic'. "It's good for the muscles nnd tli" wind," lie explains. And after you've witnessed one oi the Cubs' I'Ximtillaiii straggling nnd pufi back into ramp, you're inclined n . Champion .sprint; 1» Ki lleldi-r, who ill'lfl '?.',. Over at goal Iwwci 1 l Ciiylfr. w4ernn oiit- shot down NYC Pn-.nili'i)!i, WM. K. MoKliNNUY . AiiirrU'un lli-ldm Another jnLerastino linnd >-i>V mlUcd lo me bv R. U. uicli- ui'ds. of Dali-nll, founder nnd first "resident or the American Bridie Lomnie. Richards wns perhaps (,lie most colorful llHure In [lie days of imolloti nnd while 1)1 health hii-: prevented him from playing miiMi conlrn"t, whi>n he docs plm- he hns alwavs been nble. lo gji'i- 11 Bood account of himself. Richards snys, "Mutches arc won on simple uluvs. Certainly -very "nod card iilnyor .should know how to execute Die fiitr; .'•qiice/e.s and coups, but Ihe.y do not fiomn HO ofien enough." A Bond declarer I* one who will take advantage of his opixment's, while'it strong opponent Is (i'lie who rccosmlw.s tlip vtite of deuces "s .well us nci:s. Tlie I'lay Today's linnd Is not. exception-1 nlly hard. The natural opening | Today's Coniracl Problem I *• Hriulli Is ]]lay|nj; tile coil- tr id ni l|n(>e no Immji. 'West l "iion.'i I lie jr,'-k of spades, liow would you jjiny the hand, vVlli Hint iilcn dlaiiinnd suit in dummy and Dm kins located ivlK-rc j-oii ran pick It M p 7 A K :: V .1 ?. 2 » C) J 1 0 S -1 A J r, r, s * .1 tn ' V K~i; 5 » 7 i; V 0 i« fl * K :: '2 A Q 10 B j * A Q ! V A S 7 < i » A < fi ; , ,?, A K 3 2 '. Solution in le.xt issue. -Jjj A Q !l S 'J V I) 1 U S » A .11 (l ) * s c i A •'> V K i: R I « :i I :; A A K Q J N w e s X r V J 'i 7 r, ; » K' Q S 7 * n 5 2 ' A A K. J i o 7 C -i I y A . » i; 5 s ...-.«•; ! * n):: i . nuiiHi-aiii—K. ;\,,d \v. vul. ISlHIlt, \Vl-M Xdllh |.V, S | !' A -'* 2 * I-I.KS I I * I'ilKS I'lISS I'.ISS j OpeultiK—4, K. H against a tour spade contract is the king of clubs. East plays the deuce, and Hint tells 11 slory (o partner. II says, us loud ns it can. I am not interested in clubs. Will you shift to somelhlng else? However. If West is in doubt nnd \vnnls (o get fi more complete story from his partner, lie cnn crush h| s queen of clubs. Then when East play.s Ihe five spot, his .slory becomes 11 definite iuc."s;M:e —shift to nnotliL-r suit. Ym shifls lo n diamond, the contract Is defeated. The foolhardy West player will cash his king nmi queen of clubs nnd tlien Ihe Jnck, which the declarer will rutl. Now the contract can be made by cashing the ace of hearts, leading a smnll spade, winning In dummy with the eight spot, nilfing n heart nnd enlcring the dummy nu'iiln with another spade. Then ruff the last heart mid lake tlie diamond finesse and when East wins Ilia trick with tlie iiucen. ha is helpless. If lie lends n heart, lh« cleclnrcr will discard his losing diamond nnd run in (IllllJIlly. Mamigci 1 | Jimmy nykcs nnd his Chlrago While Sox f.psnd most cf their spare time playing golf. I'iti':- liiirgh's JMrulrs am goii uddicl.s. ton, bin ihcy go hi more for (.Infancy art of horseback riding r,n the moimlnin trulls directly behind their hotel In Snn Gernar- (lilKl, ('libs to llccd (irpelcy Ajgain The Cubs have done tin nl.'oiit- j face In tliclr decision not lo re- ' turn to Cntnllnn Island for sluing iralning In l!Bii. p. K. Wrlgtey ims Issued n stnti'mcnt tliat his boys will I>D back asain ac:'.l season desplto the hasty dp- ci.sion of League moguls to bun exhibition games with majnv Iciiglie outflLs, on the grounds that these contests hurt gate receipts during tlie rcgulnr season. The reason the Cubs had planned to leave Ihe west const and train In Florida next year wns tliL- ftict thnt major league ouinis haven't been drawing enough money at (lie gate in exhibition games lo pay for the pasteboards. Tills situnllon can be blamed on the popularity of football in southern California. The section : is completely dally over the gridiron game 12 months in the year, anil baseball doesn't create Inn stir! r.f n mild zephyr in the locality. The New York Ciinnls will tes-' tify lo this. Trying Los Angeles two years ago. tlioy picked up • otilv chicken feed in n (lock of cx- litlliutis. nnd thni hud an i-.nlli- r|«nl:(! shake Ihings down around ;Helr cars. WWfo \nnn eoxe fl-f file PP£C<CflCtl$ OF- and w*»i '^kiiAi »;.\uoii- | "ii •^aiumiiy, LIIU loLll Uilj 01 visiting sporta 'scribe,-,, [ April, 1935, the following tfcscvibutl lit- looked as if he had missed cnlling. Jolly Cholly Grimm isn't the same fellow he wns when lie first look command of the Cubs. Hi; j elevation to the uost of vice prcsi- | dent has jiwakcncil in Iifin n sense i of responsibility, nnd he's ruling ' wltli on iron hand that used lo be i like putty. NOTICE. 01' COMMISSIONER'S pursuance of tlie authority nnd directions contained in the cic- cietnl ortlcr of the Chancery Court of Mississippi Comity, tor the Chicknsawba District, made Timber for 1055 Roaming around: Buddie Frcncti, "JVj-yenr-old son ! of Lurry French, big southpaw [ >itcher obtained bv the Cubs from i, • . Pittsburgh, works out with his I 'f «f n , The mlcral ta ' ;<f dad every day. De-spltc his a ? o. ° , fat ' , lx "" s ; J, cor l>oration. com" ' plahiiiul, and Harry Taylor, ct al., defendants, Ihc Commissioner of his \ real estate, lo-\vit: Tlie North Thirty-tv:o 132) acres of the Northwest Quarter <NWW) of the Northwest Quarter <NW'/,) of Section Twenty-three (23) Township Fifteen (15) North, Range El(-- . ; veil (II) East of tlie Fifth | Principal Meridian, i in Mississippi County, Arkansiis j TERMS OP SAf^E: On n credit •of three'-months-; the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by taw nnd the order cause, with approved security, bearing interest at tlie rate of Five Per Cent (5%) per annum from ale until paid, and a Free Lunches Kiulcd PROVIDENCE, R. I. (UP)—Gone nrc [lie cir.ys when free lunches went with road construction. Chos. P. McElroy, new Public Works Director of Rhode Island, !;n.s or! dcrcd that henceforth all em- ployes must cease charging food- stuifs to the state. McElroy has refused to approve a two-week expense item of nearly $100 for luncheons for employes 'engaged in road construction. Courier News Waul .Ads (No. 55IM1' then between The pending therein Bnnk young French really can throw a jasfbiill. H;' mips 'cm with liis right paw, however, while his duddy is a southpaw. Apparanlly determined to irmke "•' his statement that he would . ,', , S"ra "is siaicmciu inai lie would Watch Ihc piny of those (leucos. | Ic nrt Mie American League in hil- Ihey are just ns Important asking this year, Al Simmons has es at (Copyright. IMfi. NEA Service. Inc.) 4-H Basketball Club at Leachville Elects LEACHVILLE. Avk. — Alter a successful season Hie 4-H club basketball club of Loachvillc met a few evenings ngo mid elected (he following officers for the 1W5- 36. season: Marion Baker, president; John Stone, vice-president; Wniuter Wilkins. secretary and lien.smer: Nanie McHancy, re|»rter: Mrs. Buggs Garret), sponsor . «• ""-""t. oui;. for the girls, nnd Frank Mnrtin can sco that, if West now,! sponsor for Die boys. been smacking plenty of homo runs nl the White Sox' Pus:iil?nn cntnp. TJicy couldn't find n uniform big enough to lit Jim Weaver at tlie Pirates' quarters, so huge James still is wearing the livery j of Ihc Chicago Cubs hs spurted (lust season, P. K. Wrigley. proxy nf (lie :ubs, cnn play quite n bit. of second base himself. During a re- , undersigned, said court, will offer for sn:e al puolic veiuluc i to the highest bidder, :iL the South rtoor or entrance of the County In the City of . Blythevillc. In the County of Mississippi, for the Blytheville District, within llrj hours prescribed liv law for judicial salc.s, ' ( i nle '* Given m tiny of March/1035. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner In Chancery. my hand lhi. s 18th Helltim gas content In air Is not jwlsonous to the human body, according to experiments, | Alter a two-year absence from th» set realm over which the reigned before her 1933 default to Helen Jacobs, Helen Wills Moody 1ms deckled to resume teniils, if only for the exercise. With b«r pet Bealyhnni, Jackie, .ex-Queea Helen Is shown abovo .'fcoutt-bounoV la San Francisco, 'tor « workout. Chinese Baseball Team lo Tour SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — The all-Chinese baseball team of Honolulu will come to the mainland early In April for a series of sa'mes. Now! It's Spring Your Car — Change It's Complexion from Dullness to a "Rosoy Hue. Beautiful New -Paint Colors for the Body of Your Car, Its Wheels and Fenders. E x p e r t factory-trained man in charge of all Body Repairs, Fender and Metal Work, Painting, Etc. Quality Work at Very Reasonable Cost Phone 777 - 811 Today Phillips Motor Co. Ni'«'s Wfinl Ads. FOUND A HEAITHHJI p.epar.d food 99 „„! ' " of 100 do ? i «re e« 9 ,r.t<, ,,\ _ Millii'i biologically luted food.--« C IT>. p'.<l». Wy. 9iur , n l H J lo Htirf,.. W let lipe onYilei. IIUIJHAHI) HAKDWARE CO. FOR l.KASK Brick business building in best district, ready for occupancy In May. Choice location. • - G. G. Caudill Pluiuc 707 The Outstanding N£W VALUE in the Hatf-Ton Truck Field S The New Most Direct (All Paved) Route Bly theville to Chicago via CAIRO ILLINOIS Over U. S. Route 51 or Illinois Route 37 (Egyptian Highway) Turn Rurht at Sikeston, Mo. on U. S. (>0 Shortest and Fastest Route to Chicago CAIRO BRIDGE CO. INTERNATIONAL n 113 ion above shows G-h. panel f* n.whcelliasc- A7-fl.bojyonl2j.i ase alto arailsblt. Iniicle liti^h boih bodies, 52lnehes. T ODAY, everywhere, International THICKS for light and fast duty arc giving an exceptional account of themselves in low-cost performance and lasting reliability. NOW we announce the N<«' Half-Ton Six-Cyfii'd'r Model C-l, a fine? product of International truck engineering, styled for the popular demand. The striking beauty of line in this new truck is only its most obvious feature. On the job.and as time goes on, its unseen qualities of ruggert sturdiness will come to the fore. We promise you the extra factors of durability that we know a truck mint bare. International Harvester lias learned this vital lesson in many years of building trucks for service. Lit m dmomtrott thii mil' MoM C-l. Other fnttmalionali ','<-tcn la 714-/OW. Comt in, or pliant its, DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC, I,. (}. Nash, Mgr. Phone 802 N cxt to Armory

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