The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 5
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THUUSDAV, NOVEMBER 9, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEW8_ FAOH MV1 Caruthersville Society — Personal Investigators Find Love Scenes Affect Adolescents Entertains Udells Cl»ss. •nic Fltlells class met at the licnie of Mrs. O. E. Hooker Monday evening with an attendance of 20. It *as decided that tlie class would have Another contest, and captains were chosen and the learns selected. The contest will close l^.c lost of December, with the winners being leled by the losers. • « + Biidal Shower. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phillips, who were recently married, were com- pUmenled with a bridal shower on Monday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Homer May at their home at 208 East, Seventh St. The Intimate friends of the young couple were invited and came as a complete surprise to them. The gift Itst included a fine 32-picce dinner set. household linens, blankets, electric appliances, coding utensils and many other useful and valuable gifts. * • » Business Meeting. The circles cf the Baptist church met in a L"usiness meeting of tlie \V. M. U. with Mrs. Gage Knight presiding. A special feature of the meeting was a talk by Mi's. Herbert Harrcll in behalf of the Old BY DK. MORBIS Editor, Journal of ' | MeUlml AuocUtion, and of |[y- Kla, the Heallli SUjazlne Wlien your boy- rides nn Imng- FIBHBKIX j desired. Scenes of danger and American 1 conflict stir emotions Among chll- difn of ull nge levels. These studies s«em lo prove that It Is not for the be-st health sometimes questionable romantic episodes, the resultant effects on that, ' Indlvldual'r. character nnd development can be nothing but baneful nnd deplorable." There seems to be no. doubt Owl profound menial nnd physiological effects on the emotions are produced by motion pictures,' Unnatural sophistication nnd uremuliire I stimulation of the body result. | Obviously, here is a condition demanding some type of control. I MAY LEAVE REDS inary broncho around the house, 'of the child to have Its emotions and your girl tiles to swing her over-sllmuloleil by certain types hips In Mac West fashion, you: of motion pictures. and II seems Centenarian SaVS Women have before you two examples of : nlso to be well established thai , , " ,. . • ; (he effect psycholot;lsls say Ihe there must be some restriction on ASSUme Too Many JOBS movies -have on growing children. | the witnessing of certain pictures' __ In fact, a recent Investigation ' by children of .various ages. shows the sexirol emotions of chil- : There are grcnl Individual drcn are stirred up by movies, par- fcrences in emotional veacllons to »i,« mm—i -i 103 ears If 1 fe 10J > ear ° "' '""• adults over 50 were tested as to, sec them, but rather certain types what ore the men going t» The iicrson or persons'entrusted ITS. with drawing up the ncliuil work-1 —-—:—,—: •, agreements &r tlir World Ecu- The (hick, silky skins of the iiomlc Conference' were known us sra-olkT ott«n sell for as much •'nippoileuis,'" l-'i'iwh for re];orl- as IHSOOO each. their response to certain lype.s of I of scenes hi the pictures, motion pictures. * * * One picture was a slapstick com-1 'I'm investigators mention edy; the other, a passionate orl-'facl particularly, because it j do? • "Women want to fill Hi? pulpits, (his - slt In the president's clinti Hiss" 1ms i days, and a lot of them would ental love drama containing about i been the custom frequently to ex-j rather have a business than k;rpi 12 love scenes. Including some'cuse' certain types of incidents hfl'ouse. Looks to me us If the wo- ribaldiy nnd debauchery. The dill-! motion pictures on tlie ground'men will try lo gnl nil the men' drcn were tested nlso on tragedies, j thnl u picture ns a whole, Includ- JC!K the way things are gotn« ii'jv pictures with dtinger. detective ing especially its concluding slate-. I'm wondering what's BOliis to dramas, and similar scenes. i ments, preaches a moral lesson, i happen." • '. Apparently children 'indcr 9j Psychologists are convinced that i years of age arc affected little, if I an exciting robbery, an enormous : Aversion to using their hands: ^ at all, by erotic factors in motion • love scene, or tlie behavior of n tor carrying anything is so strong ; \(OQQ FlCWS Tlu 1 t'im-Uiunii Ui:ils iiuiy li:tYi> a Ui^v iiiair.Hif.i' almm wltl'. a new in i^iil';nl iii'x> st-nstm \VIMi Hi" iv.-.'iil n-slxiiMInn ol Siilll.'V \\Yil :is invtliliml. mill Hie aii|!oluuiii ui nf l.mry Mur- I'liilil hi Ills iiliiiv, raino Illi; fol- luwliiK Malfiiifiit I'lom Dunk Ituiili, ;ihu\v, mv^'itt manager "liuii'i ln> 1:111 [irk.'d It I retire .ili'im wlili Weil.-.j Folks which Home Ironton. after she- collected coupons that nre being used in a drive for its tencflt. • • • Hosts at Bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Bernard entertained the Young Married Couples club with four tables at bridge. Their new home was attractively decorated with dahlias, chrysanthemums and other fall flowers. Mrs. Harry Baker and Mrs. J. A. Haydcn were presented the evening's awards. a • • Hosless lo Ladies' Aid. Mrs. Parker Kersey entertained tile Ladies' _Aid of the Baptist church with an altendance cf 1C. Mrs. F. H. Blomeyer gave an interesting discussion, continuing the ttudy on Job. • • • Observe Week of Pnyer. The Wom'an's Missionary society of the Methodist church met at the home: cf Mrs. J. W. Tipton on South Ward, who \vns assisted by Mes- damci C. W. Bnwn and Margaret LiShtfabt. At this meeting a special observance was given for the week of prayer. Mrs. B. A. Jumper had charge of the devotional, whll; Mmcs. W. IX Byrd and O. J. Matthews ha'd charae of the pro- pram. Mrs. C. C. Earnhardt anc! Mrs. N. C. Hawkins gave spiel!) 1 tmics on behalf c-f a memorial sctool and , hospital, and fclmes. Frank D'lllm'a'n and R.'Tj.'\Vard read poems in harmony with the observance.- A praver for these institutions was offered bv Mrs Matthew:. pictures. However, ns children, drunkard cannot be toned down .among the native women of Paul- reach adolescence, they unques-jby the concluding words of the mnrlbo, Dutch Guiana, that they tlonably are stimulated by love i picture. To a child tlie complete i even put letters on their hearts.' scenes In the movies. effect is not apparent as It is to weighing them down by n brick.' a ixiiOn of mature mind. I Termites knaw nway from tin' The lorn psychologists say. • inside and their' diunnKe to v:ood- i When a psyclioneurotic structures Is unsuspected until j r Is cil.rr IFul go- -a - I'HIAInl Most authorities on child behavior nre convinced that stimulation of (lie sexual emotions dm--! cent Is allowed frequently to at-1 tlie object attacked is ready lo. ing adolescence is not particularly' tend scenes depicting amorous and i collapse. >t tivilLini: i niiifL'l I. No Inur n, \J\-.l ti^rk libiti^r, FIKC ]»tn,(4!l ^>!nli (ri-.ln \AI\ lit y afthilj-. A*l iltnfxwl (< r 1'ijfy l',l!« — Holland IVews Note? PENNB VALUES that ch alhnge comparison J Beautiful Mrs. Thelmn Thompsou. who has been attending Jonesboro A. nnd M. college, .and her daughter. Belli, were guests for Ihe week end nl Mrs. Thompson's sister, Mrs. Ira Zahner, Mrs. Thompson Is to teach at llic Lake EChool, near Cooler. Byron Holly attended lo busi- nrfs at Kennelt Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Pinkslon and children. Gene and Maxine. l^ft Sunday to visit Mr. Pinkston's .'isters. Mrs. Frank Foster of Knobel. Ark., and Miss Naomi Pink- fton, who attends Jonesboro Baptist college, and other relatives in Arkansas. C. Hall of Flint. Mich., will spend the winter here fit the home of Mrs. W. S. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. VV. A. Gates jr., left Thursday of last week for Syracuse. Neb., to attend the funeral of Mrs. O.ites' brother, Har- I old Uechtold. N. P. Watson of Memphis was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Edwards Sunday. Basil Edwards left Sunday for St. Louts where he will spend Ihis week on business. Mr. and Mrs. John Azibil and young daughter. Mary Joan, of Tyler, spent the week end with Ihe hitter's brother, Voris Workman, and family. Virgil Utlcy was in New Madrid on business Monday. Mrs. E. P. Perry and son James A., who have been quite ill. are improved. MUs Ncal and Ulree Burlon. both of Holland, wen united in marriage Saturday night by Justice of the Peace M. Bailey. Witnesses to the ceremony were Dave Lovcll and Thomas J. Gibson. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Webb nnd children. Thelma and Sherman, arrived Monday from Flint. Mich., where Mr. Webb has been employed nt the Chevrolet factory. They will be the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. perry. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Browning of BlytheviHe spent Sunday with the letter's parents. H. D. Rogers of Benton. Mo., was a business visitor here last Thursday. . Dallas Hardin returned to Flint, Mich.. Monday following a week's itlsit with friends here. 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