The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1940 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1940
Page 11
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DECEMBER 20, 1940. BIYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER MEWS EJectriq Dealers Urge _p ---• • - • , -, -. , - ' . '"•• /\" r .~ i ~- *"• '* '-I' f~ 7 ^Ji >• ' Immediate Selection Electrical Gifts have a set of the numerals "41 [cut from orange peel and drop jilicm into Hie coffee-'-'as you serve jv. Wit.h only 3 more shopping days left liefore Christmas,'"the" electric Dealer's'stress v tliij importance of "selecting yo.u.v electric "' appliance gil'ls as'early as'possible. '• " ; '"''' " Especially'.if you are giving "Her" on" 'electric range, water-heater J br "Cfrigeraior is "this 'necessary in view" of-"the tirne''rieedeU to" deliver and install one of "trie major "appliances:'- .'•'.• Mi' ".'." ". •The great' number of sales and installations inade : to date indicate" t'liat 'this" Christmas \vijl, more than ever before,''be' an ' electrical one \v|th hundreds'" of ' familieis' m BlythcYille 'and surrounding;' ''sections "enjoying the comfort anli convenJcnce of electrically heated \yr,ti>r f " refrigeration and electric cooking qimstmas : jnorning' and for 'yea'rs ,to cpine. ' ''"'"" Possibly 'you"have already made yo.u.'r" "dectrie'-" appliance selections. Jf not i v t' isn't 'Loo late 'to' db' "so. There is still time 16 select th'c appliance'you \viih and 'to'have'it f'fe'Lal^d '%r6r<p' Christ;pas'.'*' See your electric 'dealer' or the "Arkansas-Missouri Power " Corporation today. .Give yo.u.r family the happiest Christmas of all. ' Give .them the comfort and convenience that modern electric appliances afford. v, " : —-• •• Sl'lCp ^ Place 3 : pieces o'f 2-inch stick •[cinnamon and 12 whole cloves in I the bowl of ' the vacuum colfee- maker; or into cold ' Water for Iie.rcolator and "boiled" 'cb'fTee; or into 'pot of drip-hvakc-f. Make coiTcQ double strength, using 'a heaping mcasiirijig tablespoons of coffee "to each measurinc. cup of 'water. Tq servo, poiir into charmy dish. Top with numerals. TOMOliHOW'S MKNU B H E A fc' jP'A S T: ! Toriiato juice whole-wheat priddle cakes, molasses, coffee, milk. 4 "• LUNCHEON: .Veyelablc curry with rice, bread and butter, gingerbread, tea, milk. " DINNER: Shoulder pork chops, mashed 'pbtalocs. stewed tomatoes and onions, 'lettuce"salad; 'prune pje, collec,' milk. ' Tiiis Kitchen Works For Its Owner New Year Jn- j;h Bgclget Is SnialJ BY MRS/ GAYN0R fl.IADDOX " NKA Service Staff fyrUer How can you swing a big party oii'a'small budget? : Let's ; see what can be done. A" molded salad filled with a chicken" or'fish salad" will "go a long and delicious way for very little"- money."'However, to accentuate the spirit of the new year, you might also serve not' only .this delicious salad, but also some kind of roast meat to slice "cold—a whole ham,'"a "large "shoulder of pork, a roast 'leg" of' lamb or beef: ; Rolls, cakes and candies and coffee go With this satisfying" and" easy to serve hearty" supper. "" : '""" TINE MOLD'WITH CHICKEN, VEAL OK FISH SALAD (Servos 6) One envelope plain unflavorcd gelatin, Mi- cup cold water, 1 cup hot 'water, 1 A cup mild vinegar, 1 tablespoon" lemon '"juice,'" : '/i'' cup sugar, % teaspoon salt. Vi cup blanched almonds, cut in long shreds; l-i: 'cup' canned pineapple'; cut in long shreds; \\ cup "'s'tufte'd, cut in shreds'; •'£' cup'smair'sjsveet pickets, cut in 1 engIB wise"shredsr few" drops green coloring, if desired. Soften gelatin in cold water and dissolve in hot water.- Add sugar, Salt,' lemon ' juice ' and ' vinegar. Cool, and when mixture begins to thicken, 'fold in remaining- ingredients'. Pour into ring mold 'thajt has been rinsed out in cold water, first, and chill. When firm, uumold onto lettuce and serve with mayonnaise dressing. If green coloring is used, "add along - with sugar, 1 'salt. etc. Fill center with chicken, crab or other similar type salad. ' H you like special beverages, serve hot mulled cider or else spiced "coffee",""'served 1 '' piping ."hot from a chafing dish. For each cup. « Gifts at TOASTER -.>•'•* H. -1 - \ -.' J 'r.i- !.•>.;- J » • av Just a press of- a switch and toast for'breakfast is Fast aria' just as' you 'like it':' : ' ' "'' ' Your v Qift.s Parly the Rush ! IRON Crisp, gol.den-brown waffles and ; -' l ' "ifi anyone'"'ivyi • appreciate. ." " : ' ; ~ • •"• '"'.'"". '•'''*' ,.-* . •• * *• '•' ' "•- SAj^DflCH £RILL For a ciyick job there's noihin.s like this'.sandwich grill. A ut'ir- ity appliance' that ."cloics m a riy WALPOLE ELECTRIC 110 So. 2nd. Students Say '"^cllo" 175 Times Each Day ' ' • • •..,»-.. ..^ . ;, , ALFRED, N. Y. (UP)-The word "hello" is spoken 175 times a" day b'y : the average student,'according- to an Alfred University survey. ' The sisrvey reveals some girls give the salutation as 'many .'as 350 times, on .warm spring or sum"?«' cl ?ys- The average,' however, is brought clown by some of the timid youth who recognize a passerby only when necessary. ' Soiuhboiind la Silken Chic E of the smartest fur coats of the season is, this amply :ut, swagger model of sheared bay beaver, shown with muff arid nat of matching: fur. Dein-Bacher fimencan designer, created the : ensemble. FULLY-FITTED Supcr-Powcrcd Meter- Miser 'J'O HAVE a kitclicn wliicirreally docs my work for me is simply w-piuk-rft:!," one can easily imasuic the owner of this ncwly'-coinplct'etl kitchen saying- to her fricmls. r ; .'.*'li'.'is'-practically automatic, ami I never have to 1 "worry about results. "1 kiiow the milk will be fresh 1 and sweet when I take the bottle from (lie refrigerator; because its electric operation keeps the temperature safe for 'foods regardless of the weather. "As -for cooking, all I have*"to worry about is to be certain to use Ihe right ingredients in the right pro- ortion's. If tlierc is mixinj; to be liorie, electricity' docs it faster am! better than I can. O.ucc I've .placed mings m the oven, all 1 have to do is to set the tinier — electric cooking mst about runs itself. >• "There is never a «rioment's"waitiug for hot water V-' open the faucet at the sink, and the electric water heater in the basemeiu pVov-idcs nil 'the' li'ot water 1 need witliotit ah Instant's delay. ' - ' ' .' ' .... *-.<-. "Dishwashing? You can sec for yourself how '•simple "it is; Mv dish- wash'er' lakes awa'y' o^iie of 'the most Disagreeable of kitpheii tasks; ' ' ' "The sjilcrHlid lighting arrangements, loo. add ^muchUo'-the Vase''atid" pleasure of niy '•; Wrki ! '••Duli v <Jays •mean nothiiig any nteVe, \vhen jf'.'.cah : flood the room with light' whenever I \vahV •- '•'•'- * : - '-•'•'. •••:.- • . .'"Best of all, my liusbaiid declares. f<XHl, ilVc ''range rt'tluccs"•"•'• waste cdoking; there'arc fewer hrokcii dij —• and all 'our; meals taste' so ' Expert ^Voinjari Pilot povers Caribbean Area :~~-~'_ _______ *•••- ; ••'."*-? CLEVELAND. O. (UP) — Mrs Arlcne Davis, diminutive aviatrix who holds' a rating permitting 'her to pilot '-larger ..... planes • thaiv any other 'woman ilier, ' ' has : retuiiied from a sp'lo flying- trip IflLthc islands ot •the;^Crtribbean? "Tlie GiQOp^mila trip took her to .Cuba. Haitr'ahd P.uerto ;Kic6: •;'. : '" : t ; -' ^' ! ^, rs - ^V 1 .? .attained national recognition • 'when ' "she won' "fifth place in "Che " Bchdix '."• l^to'phy -Race, a tran.scontine.ntal feature of"" ''the Nutionnl Alr^Eaces. / - ' " ; "Placing'' fifth 1 in. thc r Bcnclix race may,. A\iakc yoii famous, but :: ''''my ; ' > ily Refuse Decimates f >••**** ->-i.rj,< HAMMONJD, Ind. (UP) — Oily refuse ' actlrf' 6 the ' waters ' : of IcT tropical j sakl. "And one Mrs. ..'-Davis' the .biggest . one e .bgges thrills of "the. .trip, was in handling Uie- technJcfil 'details of : Uic^pp. ' such as clearnnKc »nd. weather papers/' charts ' "R^ad "Courier iNews want, Lake M3ch'igah J • is '' causing ! "clcath to 'the' ••renij'ihing: edi6ic : i flsh'iiul constitu^s^bnc^of the !two;hazards Li3 ' "tic "^combaLted "by '' coininerbiul Ilshernicri;" ' : '" " ; /'-' '. -^:^. •'•••**• '••.<•'•• AUr,! ' F/lshernien hayc bamied .together MTf ;'are " (faiiecj " && f ; inL 1 crn'a'tIonal %ird ' of :jliaulry a fqr jqircafi- Lakes l^pries anci'"a'rc : u.rgizig ! stip'gort or unJfo'rm ' regulations ; ' to prcscrvu the ' d\vhidJIn{f suj)'plfof 'fish that furnish a M'pr '4,000 fisher- 'ncn. Viiliiablc I'i The famous ' pain tin g," "ChrtsL Before Pihite." by"Von Munkticsy, was completed in" IBS) and .sold to John Wfinnanuikp.r "for $150,000 in 1U80, ciiiring .\yhich ycar'iV won a gpk!. ineclal' at' the ' Iiitenuitional .Exhibition. »RAND NEW MODEL — ot the lowest price in history for o Frigidaire with all these features: •Double-Easy Quickubc Trays with'Automatic Tray Release and Instant Cube Release f Double-Width Dessert ' Tray v '"•• •• ' * Frozen Food Storage • Cold Storage Tray • Big, Sliding Hydrator • Famous Cold Conlrol • One-piece all-steel cabinet • AutomaticIntcriorLight • 5-Year Protectioa Han • Stainless Porcelain in food compartment and many others Now g*Ae lowest price ever* For that very important person here" is your 'perfect gift. ' gives the finest \of ''.cooking "'results— .speedily, thriftily. A range .packed .with Jcaturcs you y/ould n't expect at the price. Tlie. down v 'paymcn t" is np rnorc thari'you would pay for an ordinary gift! J>o you really'warit'to thnll hcr.thij Christmas?"Then 1 come in, sec this cooking sensation, HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. JUST LOOK AT THIS FOR VALUE/ • Cooking Top Lamp' • Automatic Time Signal • AH-Pofcclam Finish • Thcrrriizcr Well-Cooker • Automatic Oven Heat Control • Spccd- Hcat cooking units with 5 speeds • Big Twin-Unit Oven • High-Speed Broiler • Sliding adjustable shelves. •.*%** M J**-;***,**,'*^ yti 'j^j. *rSfi'-«!|f; Electrical NOW « BEMCEB fUflMmUM! ff J SAMSON $2 26 $20 ELECTRIC OVENS $17.50 Pullman Sets Our regular 320 tiyerhol Electric Oyens, no>y offered • at' a'special |>rice. ; "' f ' "•"'"' ' '' •"" $1 A .95 Three #iece Pullman Breakfast Set, toaster and coffee maker. $1O.SO 12 $4.95 Universal Glass Makers $0.95 . :$-~^; $12.95 TABLE RADIOS 5 tube Munlolii table model jfr radios, rcduci'd so you''''clu'i *P buy !jcf<)rc Christinas af a T^ "' '' * '' "' ; Jiardware Go. Wilson Henry Certainly you'd like a r ' Q'ueein . yash^r 'lor Christmas! ' ' We'll be glad to jnake , ;f--'^p.^?- : J^'^I^S^ you a liberal cdiow-' '••••^^•-' : '••'••'•--••'^^ once on your'o Id washer and give you all next year* to : pay for the balance onjhe 'new one. Come in 'this week. - - :••"•'_ ^"« No olher --vyqshcr -qJrcs" you 'all ( thesc f«saturcs. Yc». the-price of this double. n/NKn'e v w^ir*S ? cetf' r Qiiieii^ff"L^jihm- f niosl ', -MODELS /Of conTcntlonal hrpe,^ 5mg/c ' wall N washers I' \ HQM ES WJTHOUT f 1 . . . ."•_'•'->!•" "•:> .. •'.,... . .. .•>"•>.•< , ... ' ' ft Ff*^gits*i*+±f~. *- ELtCTRiCITT c ' 20S W. blzin SL Jllplianpei Cd, J» \V«, AtlnmsY •^MHiiHs'sr Fhcn-8 -233 T "« T^,

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