The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1954
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Landy and Bannister Are to Compete In Canada August 7 VANCOUVER, B. C. (AP)—The fifth British Empire' Games, the commonwealth's own "Olympics," came into being today with some of the world's top athletes—including two men who have broken the four-minute mile—ready for fresh assaults on world standards. Climaxing months of preparation in all parts of the world, track and field men, swimmers and fencers were set for nine days of competition in what was conceded to be Britain's greatest sports spectacle since inauguration of the games 24 years ago. , Big Parade The competitions were still 24 hours away. Colorful full-dress uniforms, bands, pageantry and the parade of 775 athletes from 24 Legion Wins On Tight Hurling Doug Dorris Gets Eighth Straight Victory on Hill By J. P. Friend Doug Dorris tied the Little League record with his eighth consecutive victory without defeat as the American Legion turned back the inspired Lions Cub, 2-0, yesterday afternoon in one of the snappiest and The Legion righthanded ace needed only 57 to tame the 1953 countries will open the games officially tonight. The last few days have marked a tapering-off in practice work. There is at least one exception— John Landy of Australia. The man who wrote into world, records an almost unbelievable 3:58 for the mile is perhaps the most arduous of all in training. Bannister in Secret A week irom tomorrow the world expects to find out what happens when Landy meets England's Roger Bannister, the man who first smashed the four-minute mile with 3:59.4. Bannister has worked largely in secret 'but Landy has galloped in full view of hundreds of spectators. John clipped off three quarters of a mile a few days ago in 2:59.4. LITTLE LEAGUERS—Not in the league lead, but making things tough for the league leading American Legion clubs are the Kiwanis Little Leaguers (right) and those of the BlytheviUe Shriners. Kiwanis has been Legion's biggest threat this year, finishing second to the Legion club in the first half of play. (Courier News Photos). The father of Hank Bullough, Michigan State's all purpose football guard, Levi Bullough, was a college soccer player in England. first. Morris already was camped on second. To The Rescue Failing to captalize on an error in the third, Well's single and subsequent theft of second, the Legions generated their usual last ditch stand and it netted one run, which proved quite unnecessary but loomed JUI.UIUM» t<J uaiiit mi\, j.yu« -. . , , . •. /-, -._ ^.ti. c^rn, and match winning sfcein god and tag to Coaches Ott^a of Joe Bratcher, Lion Ace, now graduated to the PONY loop. j Doug doled out only two hits, a scratch past the box, and a clean; drive to left field. He fanned five and issued no base on balls. Dieplaying his best form since talcing over the Lions Club mound, gum-chewing, handsome Billy Nelson was impressive even in defeat. True he was tagged for a half dozen blows, but three were infield variety. He issued only one base on balls, fielded his position very well. Fine Fielding JesA Raspberry also sparkled defensively. He came up with three super fielding gems, the most scintillating being a scoop up of a low throw by shortstop Jimmy Killett in the second. He robbed Dorris of a hit with one-handed stab of his sizzling grass cutter to start the third. Jimmy Killett and Bobby Jacques turned in fine jobs infield. Little Jerry (Monk) Rounsavall, peppery Legion catcher, was the offensive difference between the two rivals. Twice he came up with Mike Boyd in scoring position and came through like the competitive trooper that he is. The first clutch blow came & the first and provided the run that was needed, though an extra was added later. With Johnny Ray Plunkett and "Rusty" Moore perished Boyd beat out a hit to deep second. Gary Gestring made a magnificent stop of the difficult hopper but was unable to nabe the fleet Legion second sacker. Dorris treated with proper respect and given nothing to swing at, was eventually passed. "Monk" pasted the second pitch to right field and Mike easily scampered in. Old Fashioned Duel or the next three innings the enthusiastic fans were treated to a first class, but old fashioned pitchers battle. Dorris mowed down the first nine batters to face him before Frank Alford was safe as Prank Wells permitted the runner to kick the ball loose from his glove while crossing the bag. The Lions, heartened by this break, made their most serious scoring effort. Raspberry, failing to bunt "safely, forced Alford. Boyd took Jerry Hill's grounder and stepped on on second to retire Raspberry. Killett was hit by a pitched ball. Bobby Jacques' difficult hopper got past Dorris, despite a great effort, and went for a hit to fill the bases. But Doug deftly eased out of the jam by slipping a three strike past Gestring. Danny Morris led off the fifth with the tons clean safety off Dorris but was caught in a double play on Billy Nelson's attempted bunt that was gobbled up by the alert Rounsavall who quickly tossed to Fox) Mullins and his first sluete- enant, J. L. Plunkett. Boyd punched a one bagger to right with one out in the top of the sixth, Dorris' high, hard hopper kept on going past the strenuous effort Rounsavall picked the first serving of Gestring, Boyd racing to third. Rounsavall picked the first serving to center and again registered his keystoner. The Lions Club final gasping effort came too late and too little. Two were gone when one of Dorris' fast pitches grazed Hill's shirt. Craig sounded the death knall by turning Killett'e smash into a force out at Field Bunched At Kansas City Hole In One Gives Young Pro a Lead KANSAS CITY (ffj — Youthful Mike Krak, virtually unknown on the professional golf circuit, held a one-stroke lead today going into the second round of the $20,000 Kansas City Open Tournament. Krak of Louisville Ky., had a hole-in-one to his credit-the first of his career. He shot an 8-under par 65. Just a stroke off pace with 66s were Ed Oliver, of Lemont, 111., Earl Stewart Jr., and Fred Hawkins, El Paso, Tex. Oliver won the event last year, AMERICAN LEGION AB R H PO Plunkett, rf 3 Moore, ss ... 3 Boyd, 2b 3 Dorris, p 2 Rourisavall, c 3 Wells, Ib .... 3 Craig, 3b 3 Lovelace, M 2 Mullins, cf .. 2 24 2 6 * * » LIONS CLUB AB R H Alford, rf-lf Raspberry, Ib Killett, ss Jacques, 3b Gestring, 2b. Morris, If... Graham, rf. Ma this, c. -. Nelson, p ... 18 PO 0 11 0 2 0 0 0 0 5 0 20 0 2 18 12 Summary: Runs batted in—Rounsavall 2. Hit by pitched ball: Killett, 'Hill (Dorris). Stolen base- Wells. Double play- Rounsavall to Wells. Base on balls: Nelson 1 Strike outs-Dorris 6. Nelson 5. Umpires- C. D. Hood, Maurice Sanders, Matt Monaghan. Time: 57 minutes. under par for the 72 holes. Groupad at 67 were such players as Henry Ransom, Pontiac, Mich., Doug Ford, Kiamesa, Lake, N. Y., Jim Turnesa, Briarcliff, N. Y., and Jack Fleck, Davenport, Iowa. Dick Lundhal, of Logan, Utah, Herman Scharlau, Boca Raton, Fla., Marty Furgol, Lemont, HI., and Lloyd Mangrum, Nilea, HI. each har first round 60s COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. UB —Defending Champion Skid Pirtle of Colorado Springs moved into quarterfinals of the Pikes Peak Invitation Golf Tournament yesterday by defeating Clarence Freeman of Tulsa, Okla., 5 and 4. Pirtle plays Dr. L. M. Sandy of Blackwell, Okla., in today's feature match. Dr. Sandy defeated Bob Wood of Liberal, Kan., 6 and 5. Dale Roberts of Pueblo, Colo,, who sidelined pre-tourney favorite Jack Munger of Dallas, Tex., Wednesday, in turn was upset by Pete Adam s of Colorado Springs, 6 and 5. Chuck Briggs, Denver, defeated Loy Martin, Tulsa, 1-up. tional Steeplechase at Liverpool, England, in 1929. The Chicago White Sox originally were called the Invaders and later the White Stockings because of their hose. BIG WATERMELONS ICE COLD 2V2C Ib. — Hot 2c Lb. PEACHES & PLUMS $2.29 Bushel Red Triumph POTATOES 100 $Q50 Peck No. 1 A Size .. Ibs. 0 41C LB.*»2 Main St.Wholesale Or Retail BlytheviUe MAS Jo T J?n, SILICTED •UilNISflf Auto A Impl. Sal**—Nat'l Fran. $93,409 Lumber Yrf.-Whol. & R«t., Ex.—Cr. Gr. 20% Pr incldi mv. $15,400. Minn-442 $130,000-Pr. $64,800 with inv. Minn-401 Auto A Imp!. Sales—Nat'l kn. brand-inc. Lbr. Yd.—Whol. & *»t. Bldfl. Mafli—Gr. Bldgs. Gr. $91,000, Pr. $18,700. Minn-440 $36,000—Pr. incl. inv.n $33,000. Minn-420 Cofc-Gr. $20,000 yr., tiv. Qtrs. lift I* La**t A CMI. W«*r-L*V K«ntal, Lg. money dn. Inc. Inv. Pr. $25.000. Minn-408 CHy, Mod. Equip. Pr. $9,000. Minn-430 Cofe-Danc* Ho!l-Gr. $40,000, Add'l inc. Nit* Club A C<*lni-2'/j A«., Liv. Qtrj., from Apt. Pr. $16,500 pi. ov»r. Minn-417 Incld*. Inv. Pr. $26,400. Minn-412 Cafe—Excl. toc.—Gr. $20.000 incldi. inv. p| um Wn«; A H««ting-t«oM, Lg«. Stock, 1 For a better future send for complete listings in your area. FrH in coupon and maH— 6ro«»ry~E»t. Trod«, Uv. Qtn. Pr, $9,010 incl. inv. Mmn-422 Norn*. Addr*u_ $1,000 Wk-Pr. $15,400 incl. inv. Minn-433 ft«fri|. A A»»l. $t*r*-Noft Fran., 3 Km. <s;oc.-Nan tr. r Gd. toe.. t«. Stfc., Gr. *>'•• l »; '"»• •"«'• * ™>.OQO. Minn-434 $65,700, Prof, 10%, Pr. $ 12,000. Minn-452 «•»•*» T«T. A »*i».-2l Ac., 4 cob.n. Grot.ry - Modorn Eqpt., M. Bldg. - Gr. M °'" Hwy.-Pr. $27,000. M,nr,-465 $26000 inv iricld.—Pr. $14,000. Minn-445 *•»«!—'/» m',. lok* fr., 25 «., 11 cub«.. Croc. A Gcn'I Sto«-ld«dl for Old Cplt. mod - < onv -. 2 hom ««- fr - $55.000. Minn-439 Gr. $6,000-Pr. $5,000 inei. inv. Minn-43* ***»rt— todg* A 12 c«bim. Got I Croc. General Star*— tiv. Qrn.-t»ot«-Profit Sa'«», Incl. Inv.-Pr. $38,000. Minn-463 $8,000 incl. ir.v. — Pr. $8,300. Minn-44? S«rr, l»*.—N«w ( mod., r»»tour., tir» fron. G«n'l St«r« A H*m«-tg. inv. Gr. $32,- Gr $32,000. Pr $22,000 w. inv Minn-418 City. _Stol»_ I «m int«r«i»*d in Q I wont to sell my bu«in«« Q I wont to buy • bv*inest COAST TO COAST 6 N. Michigan Avt. Chicif a I, M. S«nr. $t«. A 0«r.— Stdy tradt, *x. equip. Gr. $30,000. Pr. w. Inv. $15,000. Mmn-40» K«rwtl»n-Gr. $40,000. $50,000 irtcl. bldg. * inv»rt. Minn-403 ^ fi • 500.— Pr. with inv. $29,160. Minn-411 Groc.-feu $ta.-4 rm. hom*-Gr. $31.S3J. 20% Prof. Pr. $17,600 with inv. Mich-405 fcrvic* Sf«.-larg« Inv»n.-Cr. $31,000- *C*t. A Oat St«.-E»t. 50 yn.— 3 Ae, with p r . $30.000 with invtn Minn-405 Home. Gr. $33,000-Pr. $13,200. MInn-459 Crot. A M*« Wht.-Nofl Franchii.-Gr. $100000 Inc.. inv Pr $16,000. M.nn.431 Hcr4war« Jtort— Gd. Inv. Got $olti— Gr. $32.000-Pr. incl. inv. $31,300. Mlnn-410 n-J rm. H«M irt'iT ii '• ' «• i -Profit $5 500-Pr. $1 8,300. Minn-424 Gr - **0,000. Pr. $1 1 ,1 1) ,nc. Inv. M>fln-43J H«f«l A Ajti.-E$f. ov«r 30 yn., Gd. l«. **•*.*». * ilk. W«nt-Gr. $73,000. Pr. Pr. $27.000 with Inv.n. Mlnn-450 $27,000 incl. land, bMg». * inv. Minn-43* ,H««t. A $ht. M*t.— Inc. tooli, »$&t. & inv. T»T. A C«b».-3 «., 5 hlrf«t., m«In hwy. Nt. Prf. $10,000— Pr. $25,000. Minn-448 *'. $17,000 inc. lond, b!4|., inv. Minn-431 ck fc Eqpf. Mlnn-421 A C«f«-R.«. Ttrm. Ut., 43 uftiti, W*mw»'» Ap^.-Ff«nc. Gd, Cr. $2»,000-Pr. $11.000, Minn-42* Or. $20,3tQ. Pr. flt.fOO. Newport Seorcy Battle Tonight For Legion Title OSCEOLA — Searcy and Newport tangle here to decide the cham- ionship of American Legion baseball in Northeast Arkansas' B area. Newport is strongly favored to take the title. Searcy had to go in two games yesterday in order to reach the finals. They beat West.Memphis 9-7 and then took Monette by 8-5. If Newport wins the first game tonight, things will be all over. However, if Searcy should take that first one, another would be needed in the double elimination event. Kid Matthews Meets Cockell SEATTLE U)—Harry (Kid) Matthews is taller and has a greater reach than Don Cockell of London, but he'll be topped in all other statistics by the British champion in their 10-round heavyweight fight tonight. Matthews, who is 5 feet 11, will weigh about 180. His reach is 74y 2 inches, compared to 71 inches for the 5-foot 9 l / 2 Cockell. In chest, neck, biceps and other measurements Cockell has the edge. He even has the edge in Ring Magazine ratings, which list j more tournament which was sche- Tennis Moguls Name 'Police' They'll Patrol Net Players on Circuit SOUTHAMPTON, N. Y. 0?}—Sidney Wood, president of the Tennis Players League, announced today the organization was recommending a five-man committee to over-see "activities" of players on the tournament circuit. "We hope our recommendation will be acted upon by the United States Lawn Tennis Association," said Wood. Wood said the committee would be made up of two top players, two USLTA executives and one former amateur player. Wood's announcement came as a result of rumors that at least one of the country's better players had made excessive demands for ex- the pense money to plaf in the Balti- j him in third place and Matthews in seventh. duled for this week. The tournament was abandoned. ' SWIM NOW! Moxley's Clearpool At Walker Park BlytheviUe OUR NEW OPENING TIME Daily Except Sunday 10 a.m.'til 9 p.m. * m # A • •• • • M •> » » • • • • • » *• *M» See our New Modern Filteration Plant and Chlorana* tor that makes the water perfectly pure and Healthful to Swim in. A¥K"ABOUT"RENTING THE POOL FOR PRIVATE PARTIES IN EARLY MORNING OR AFTER 9 P.M. 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