The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVBMBRR 20, 1037 BLYTHEVIT,I,E, (ARK.) COUKlRK NKWS New Ford To Be On Display Tuesday Sanla Clans Should Not Fail To Provide Amuse-1 merit Devices By MARIAN YOUNG I N'KA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK.—It's time to do your Christinas shopping—and Ict'.s not have any nonsense about H this year! Buying presents for those yon love isn't hard work or dull or too inucli trouble or anything else unpleasant. It's fun. Hint's what it is. And even it you don't think so this inltuitc. yon .will as soon as you begin to look at the array of really handsome, really new and really interesting gifts in the stores. Oetting right, down to cases, we'll start with wearing appim-l Items—tilings that. men. women nnd children will love lo receive No one ever has too many accessories, and It's been many a yeai since we've heard a single man complain of having too many bathrobes or n woman so much as hint that her supply of negligees Is overwhelmingly large. The old standbys—lingerie, stockings, purses and gloves for' women —sports jackets, lies and sweaters for hoys—socks, shirts and studs for papa—pajamas, bathrobes and bedroom slippers for the smallest members of the family—still arc tops in preference lists. Plan to give each just what he wants and what he has asked lor, but go him one better and find (he newest and smartest model of Hie specified Hem. • How to Delight Young Women If sister wants stockings, how about some glnmoroiisly sheer, sheer black ones to wear with her dinner dress? The most exciting pair we've seen have clocks made entirely of diminutive gold beads. Any young girl would like ai: evening bag. Let it'be one of ihe new, flat models, book-shaped and completely fitted with compact lipstick, change purse, pcrtume flacon and such. Or a drawstring type of black satin with,a few red or green or gold sequins scattered sparingly over the satin. Among the most attractive presents for gifts are: a 'handjnadt sweater will a neckline that stand.' up in points in front is plait across the back (for mother a: well as daughter); fur-lined bedroom slippers that are smart, It- look ' at 'but which have :: ilat' heel.) lliaj, make for comfort;.-.- a r ,iieck- lace made of tiny circlets of mult I-' colored felt lor one who loves, sports clothes;; ati evening headdress with a flowing veil and topknot of tiny feather Rowers; a single amber flower pin. Also, a knitted ski set, with sweater, mitten, socks ana cap in white with Tyrolean embroidery. matronly Tastes The loveliest lingerie is dripping with lace. Nightgowns look more like evening gowns than anything else we can think of at the moment. A three-piece set (nightgown, slip and pants), tailored and nionogrammed and finished with a dainty embroidered motif, is something the tailored woman will adore. It's smarter to have handkerchiefs, marked with the recipient's first name than with her monogram. Newest of all the novelty handkerchiefs are those with the words of songs embroidered across them. The words are interwoven with national flowers. Edelweiss nestles in the corner of one smart handkerchief which has the words of "Tiie Blue Danube" embroidered in all-over effect from coiner to comer. Printed on a white wool scarf j .ire colorful bridge card motifs. Also French iweins and mottoes. Also sure to make the women on your list happy are: a slcntlcr gold wrist watch, curved to fit the wrist; wear-clean doeskin gloves 'the more she wears them, the cleaner they become); an alligator purse with a wide bottom and a slender top on the same lines as Ihe bottom; velvet afternoon accessories, including small velvet purse and 10-biitton length gloves of matching velvet; a white flannel bathrobe, full and flaring about the ankles, and lined with scarlet taffeta. Or a negligee of ecru, lace with lining of pale lime green silk I fitted and flared with liny imff sleeves). Or a black smoking jacket of quilted silk satin. Suiting Masculine Tastes ji, For men. a poplin tie and silk 1 . handkerchief set. in authentic Scotch plaid, is new and sure to be appreciated. Plaid, incidentally, is one of tne most popular pat- j terns in men's accessories. Also new j arc ties of a non-wrinkling wool I and cotton fabric, originally <ie- j signed for summer neckwear—now I ni i In- iiirl: i fm inu'tU-si; n whlti-: lorry doth bench rolir- with near-! let Ix-lt ilf yon aro coinx to hike i i her south vim y(m ); u os; lwu .; [ribbons; scurfs; stockings and, I socks; blouses, sweaters; Icutlict'! Jnckets and belt.s-oh, It's (joins i lo be :, merry chrlstmus! To Present All-Girl Minstrel Tuesday Night The ne«' 1938 Font will make Tuesday mori>ii)<;. Several mod'ls will be- on display at the Phillip Motor company. Walnut and rifth streets. Including Ihe deluxe luilor sedan pictured above. Features of ihe new Ford me a sweeping style that makes the car appear longer, new radiator s;i'il!e drsijjn, increased room in closed models, easier steering, anil n safety night-driving device. It is produced this year in i ,vo lines, Hie .standard K5 or 00 horsepower group, the dLhixe ai-horsepov.'er model. madi- by Mrs, l( I' Moll. Hill I'll Kilns! iif WMC! bs'iiail- riisiliiK .•.iiiilon. Memphis, will In- pivsnn uial on (he lookout for lull-lit for fiitnri 1 use over the Atctniihb, .stullon.' Mr.-;. l,ec MasUcll is Mutlm- A'!- vis:i'. urn! Doris counts, Worthy Advisor of, (he Osct-oln Assembly. Tlir Ki-lwr lllcJi Kchnol Ordii's- Iru, OUti'cl«! by John Ki-isor, ,\|ll also play .M-vfrnl unmix-)*, Whisky Price 12 1-2 Cents A Quart 100 Years Ago .'AGE THREE In Kdiudw, five feet Jong, earthworms grow Fnsco Taxes Paid In ' ' . Ark.. Nov. '.!!> —Forty five Blrls. nil members ol the \wx- ly orijuiil/eil 1'Yiinci's lioijnii ll»l»- l)ow tissnnbly, will Ix- piv- sunteil In [|». ursi all-Kills minstrel ever shoivn here, oti Tuesday nl s hi ,,t c i B |,( olclock at tin- Clem Theatre, under Ihe direction Of »(•!> IDllC.stl'ltl. Inehuli'il In Iho program :in> old mid ne\v jokes, now kong ht'.s.ji'oiimy *iug. with Sue Gwyn a;;' lii'ii-nil coiintv annoinurr and linrbara nante a.-flnnli- luxra; s County Total $32,097 r.ouiH. MO.-.or tin- $2M.- in inxi's which (ho Ki-isco iiillroil p:iid in Arkansas for ]!>:ii>. i> total of $:i'2.()'fi).:i;i was paid In Missl>sl|i]il I'lUinty, hicludliiK lilt 1 <'ll.v of iilylhi-vtllr Mississippi was nato S4,7tll).3U lor Its tux; $';, in for c'oinity i VI') — One) hundred years alto whisky sold for lU'i cents a criwil. bul n heller bi'Hiid brought us much ns U>( iri'tus, iin-oriilni; lo an old account houk of the Hlrd-ln-lhind General SWix'. Upper Morion 'J'ownshlii, Elgin cli'ur.s ••- sjx'lled "xetinn" In the neroiims-could lie bought lor 'I cents, bm It sold to a heavy Mucker loo wouid cost only zi cents, the Iwlui'r reveulrd, Olhor dwils showed that one ilown leaspoons were, sold for ;|i.j irnls; onn iloxci) «!(,.<, lav., ccnls^ u <|iiurtor-|)rt-k .ol suit, ft cents, and one pinmd of him), i;i cejits'. UP YOUR LIVER BILE- fVitfewt Cilortl-Ajid Vw'll Jump Oil of fcd la' ibe Morning (twin 1 to Cfl Tho liver riioultl pour out two pounds &t IteuM Mle Into yt,ar Ixiwcll dally. Jftlih Ml* liiiuttlowiiiv-frti-ly, your food ilotan'ldiKWit. II /wl il'.caya In the Luvftla. Haft bloats uy your lUmtarh, Vou ml rcmnllLiaU'ii. Your nysii'in f«;«l.*nnrd ond you feel lour sunk ninl On: \vorM liuiks mink. J.oxfittvc.i uro only m*)«",IiffM, A mer» bowel movement d<jorffi't KOtol thiro;uu<>' H IntsY.t ihoM KOixf, oM Carter 1 * Mttl.- UVIT I'll).i to nnU.«s« two pound* of Ulo HnwJn^r /nrly«i]<)nijikr>-uu/V't'J"ujion<ltj|i" H Jfarra* I'-^.tfuith', yHJirnnrJnu In ma king bid- J1i,w ' Specialty -luimliers will be I road and biidiie ins- reiHlriiil by .lean chile.s. Josephlnn ' ' ' Frii/ier. Ijij-jlno Wilson, Mnric Mnyo, Murjorie Kdrlnijlon, IXiiis Counts All costumes were Now Lornl^ti nl 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE 'BUREAU DON KDWAKDS, I'rniirlclw All maki'j of Itrlmllt Tyiirwrllrrs, Aililhig Machine* and C'alcnlrifdrs—Kfiiiilrlns—i'ans—itlliboiia 'Jone in dark shades for winter. Jewelry, belts fiill ntici ; ports jackets In a soft shade'of I u baby green. Sue:le jackets, even skirls! of tiny a boudoir set, consisting bathrobe, mulching bed garters, for and suits, arc smart uo end ] jacket nnd crib c m-n and boys come in special gift, ttoys. Any woman who likes the, included in the array of benu- jo.xes which^ .-ire useful in them-. cciuitry would be happy to get a j tllul presents for children are: <i 'snow suit with collar of dyed bunny fur in any one of half a for men (dozen shades; n wlndbreuker of plaid blnuket clot)), with hood nt- .elves. A belt may be rolled into : .suede 311 ashtray, for example. Or u lovely Ue niny be packed in a utility jacket in any one ot the muted cold's. Cth'-'r nice presents with separate compartments for cellars niKi handkerchiefs; u navy flannel smoking jacket with striped tray for jewelry and such. Smart ; are: a rjox of gingerbread pigskin ties for boys come in precious •< that new leather) for his dresser, stone colors, and the inside cover'—" 1 ' - --' • -jf each tie box has a picture and ihort story abont the stone. If the men in your family have moire just, started buying shirts with • jacket French cuffs, jewelry Is some- skin which look like fur down Ihe/ :iihig to consider. Rectangular cuff i front; dress shirts; monogi-.immed :!nl:.5 of plain gold, with an Initial i scarfs; lounging slippers; socks, n one corner and a colored stone ' And a gift order for a new hat Is in the other, will please the man ! n pretty good idea, too. who likes a touch of modern j For l-'amily's Newcomer I Give the baby in the family a | hand-knit bed jacket of softest :he Si2 e of a ^fi^&'S f^^'^ ^°" * *" his jewelry. Among the old-fashioned ire giant circles and cound precious stones such us uiv- ;uoise or lapis. A "shirt control" set wliicli includes links, tie pin' and tie-holder with chain will, please almost any man you know. Also new is a jewelry wardrobe. It consists of three pairs of cuff links in various colors to go with various shirts. Young brother might like n bell with a compass on the front of it. He. and liis daddy, too, certainly would b? impressed with a belt buckle, monogram of which was ccpicd from the monogram of an extra-fine French handkerchief. .rhp/manufacturer simply irnport- : ed 'several fine, hand-embroidered iinen •handkerchiefs, had the rnon- Jgrams «o carefully copied that even tile flue stitches around the outside ol the initials were simulated. A father whom we know is going to give his young son ana d.nughter-in-1aw matching suede the back elnsiroocn taclied; a bathrobe cut mandarin coat (fastens at one .side of the neck); an over-the, shoulder purse (straps can be re- lapels; a leather shooting i moved when the little girl wants with wide strips of lamb- j to cany the purse In her hand instead of over her shoulder). Also, a bright plaid skirl with matching bolero; a party dress of black tnffcta with pink Tyrolean embroidery; matching gloves and mittens (packed together in aii| attractive box); a prliH dress (the print designed by children for children). l-'urthermcre. i\ dirndl dress of black velvet with lace butterflies sister does sweaters. Also nice Cooks who cooking ktunv g insist on oo d BLYTHEVILLE TRADE DAY SPECIAL WEDNESDAY. DEC. 1. PURE COFFEE 10 Pounds FRESH—WE GRIND I'l 1 GAINES MARKET US W. MAIN QUALITY FOODS v MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all iimes. S SAVE O MONEV AT y GAINES MKT. 118 \V. Main Phone ••>'•'• COME IN TUESDAY November 30 To get the full news about the TWO NEW FORD V-8 CARS FOR 1938 You'll want (o know all about these (wo great new Ford V-S cars right away. The new Ford line is the hip automobile news of the year—new luxury, new design, greater comfort, and two distinct lines. New 193S fie I.tixe models arc larger, roomier—the most luxurious cars Ford has ever built. This year, America's most popular car gives you a wider choice than ever before. You are cordially invited to come in and gel at our premier showing. full information first haml PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY MILK of MAGNESIA SHAVING CREAM 33 SOc Size Phillips Milk of Magnesia 33 SOc Barbasol Shaving Cream IJl'O.'Khvfiy Jt I'hoiic SAVE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS 40cS!ze Fletcher Castoria Campana Italian Balm 26 Gilbert ALARM CLOCK i 09 Stainless Steal Bubble Bottle Valentino TOOTH BRUSH ' f> . 23 Stock upfai lr>r hniily. I'j 2 Stic, Bread Toaster SOc Size Mldol Tablets Hills Cascara Quinine > Tablets /so Blue Feather Doubledge Razor Blades Aspirin Tablets 29 Rustic finish NUt BOWL Monarch Water Bottle "Centaur"' ., Playing Cards "'",., 27 C illK Kfiifc cnrJ*. Cdpic ol ilciiKni and coloi*. Electric HEATING PAD ABDG Olaflia Caftuli,, 25', Cod Liver OH Otatttn Lcfottn, pint Yeast & Iron Taktrli. Oatlli SO . . Irradol A Park* Davit, & ouncit Hall ver Oil I'azk« Da, . , Cod Liver Oil Tall,!,, Whit,,, SOcS Abbotts Hallver O/ICcpi, ui/fio.f. tOO't Lux To/Iff Soap Lllebuoy Soap Gardenia Oatmeal Soap Palmollvo 1.00 Si Mar-o-Oil Shampoo Pint Rubbing Alcohol (inrcia, Melhn, Jluriel l{oi Tfiii, n for 2l)c l'itu'c Albert Kcdcral Jucljye 2 for, 5c Scot or Seminole Toilet Tissue 4 25 tScSi Carters Liver Pills Petro Syllfum I.ZSSilr Feenamlnt Tailtlt, 2ScS!** 'Hinkle Pills Baltic a! 100 . . , Ex Lax Tablets Wpodbury Fac*Paud,r, SOc Silt Beauty Meal 1.9on Laraiaa .. Angelas l.OOSite . Neet latf, SOcSite . Hinds Cream , SOc Jernens Lotion Epsom Salts KetineJ, B ou/ice Castoria O.K. W.,3oi Mineral Oil Kutiian.pinl mall Super Suds 3=29 Lady Esther Face Cream 39' Kupfer Assortment Vicks Nose Drops SOcSixc Pcrtussln Dental Perborate Ori;.,5o 0 r,c 76c Size Listerine For Dandruff Certified Milk of Magnesia Tooth Paste 2 35 Rhinitis Tnblcts , 2S't . . . Rel Nasal Jelly Chocolate Cherries 1 Ib. . 42 C Chocolate Covered Nuts 91 oz. 55 C Pepsodent 1.50 Size Anusol' Suppositories Box o(12 109 Energine Cleaner nce*, Ftreproaf Roach Pizen Pou'Jer. 3 OS — Shoe Polish '~ Altai, lOcSiie 75= Lucky Tiger Vegftaf with I.OOHabTenic ... Modes s '• Soior/2 . WildrootHalr Tonic in til. SOc Si,, Dr. Scholls Zirtt, PaJi -Deluxe J&JTalc Chocolate Thin Mints 1 Ib. . 35 C Ruffmade Chocolates t Ib. . 42 C Cord Set, 6Ft. • ffc - d Jsl.'.'ts. 1 16. tot . Assorted Chocoblc, 11b. boi Country Assortment, 2 Ib. box Whisk Broom* Docillc ,cwej •Sf < 35c Size \h v* Pyramidon t Tablets Cleansing Tissues 24 30c Size Alka Seltzer Bottto of B

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