The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 5, 1050 JBLYTHRVTLI.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FTVB Mighty Mauna Loa Rolls On In Greatest Spill of Century By STANLEY CAKTEK HONOLULU. June 5. (/I'j—Mighty Manna Lea, a mountain with a stomach ache, continued its greatest eruption of the century today, spewing a lava flow toward the 1 sea Bst endangered 35 homes and a l^c area. Police at Kona, a village on the big island of Hawaii, said all residents of the endangered area had been evcaualed The new flow began about night fall and raced at breakneck speed- toward the sea. The lava's path transcends the southwest slope where the second and third flows of last week tumbled into the Pacific. Police said it endangers Ohla Lodge and four or five houses clustered around the lodge, and ttie village of Opihali, which consists of about 30 houses. Residents of the village were evacuated Thursday and Friday. The lava was expected to reach the sea In a short time. On the othei side of the volcano foreman Ernest Morton of the Kahuku ranch said the flow there seemed to he dying out. cowboys were stationed to watch it all night. (The island of Hawaii is the home of the United States' seccud largest ranch—the Parker Ranch which is sl : ghtly smaller than Texas' huge King Ranch.) ' The new lava stream coursed down the southeast flank, threatening buildings on K".huku Ranch and the villages of Kau, Naalchtt 1:^1 Waiohinu. These are located HP''southeast Hawaii Island which is about 200 mile-s southeast of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. For the fifth straight day, rivers of red-hot rock curled down the southwest slope, burned black paths through forests and green fields and boiled viciously Into the ocean. These fiery streams already have consumed homes of 40 persons along the rich southwest Hawaii Kona Coast and forced another 60 persons to flee. "It's a tremendous flow — the greatest volume of this century," said volcanologist Ray H. Pinch. Revising estimates, lie said the "new burst in activity" indicated the eruption "might last much longer" than two weeks. Marine Admits Murder of Aunt MADDEN. Mass., June o. (/?>)— Grim-faced and unshaven, a rugged ex-Marine today made a mumbling, attempt to plead guilty to murder in the beating death his well-to-do aunt. Under Massachusetts, a guilty plea to a capital charge 'cannot be accepted and a plea of innocence was entered in behalf of William W. Even. 10, oj East Sullivan. Me. « s case was continued, without I, a; week. Ewellj is accused of slaying Mrs Viola Tully,-56-year i old widow, at her- Melrosc home Thursday nlgfit Hours later her battered body ivas found in a roadside ditch 100 miles away in Scarboro, Me. After his capture at gunpoint, police quoted Elvrcll as saying he wanted his aunt's new car. Baseball Club Owner Found Dead in Bed SYRACUSE, N.Y., June 5. flP) — William F. Hofmann, owner of the Syracuse Chiefs ol the International Baseball League and .former newspaper executlve.died today. He wns 65. Hofmann was found dead in bed by his wife. He formerly was president and publisher of the Long Island Press in Jamaica, president and publisher of the Long Island City Star-Journal in Long Island city, treasurer of the;Star Ledger in Newark. N.J.. and secretary of the Syracuse Herald-Journal. • He retired from 'the newspaper business in 1D46. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "PAiD IN FULL" wl.lli Uznlictli Srotl. Hubert Cu m mi n gs, , and Tltana Lynn I ': Warner News it Short TODAY'S BUSINESS MIRROR— Noise of Roller Derbys Drive Women to Whoop for Blood NEW YORK. OT—Mirny women of them women, love to yell, but modem civiliza- . Chicago Tnilntnc School tlon hasn't offered them much of "We have our own training school n n '! lan 5°: , . ' in Chicago," said Leo. "and It takes END OF THE LINE-Retiring after 22 years and 3,200,000 oir miles as an American Airlines pilot. Copt. Willia H Proctor w-w Sirrrilnrt in r'hJr.',^^ L,., i.: t . . ' * * V L lul . Wils hicago by kisses from stewardesses Lorraine'smiVh" n'i.l " C8 r ard ' L °° king °" arc c °-P il01 Richard c so dish engineer George Leighton. Proctor is the first com mercial pilot to fly until he reached retirement age of bo The dsicovery of this simple lit tie truth about the ladles Is going to make Leo A, Seltzer a nice big plot of gold.' He as given them something to yell at. Leo, who In'46 years has promoted things ranging from theaters to hockey and walkathon contests, is the "Mr. Dig" of the roller derby. "Seventy percent of our funs are women," said Leo, whose various roller derbys this year will probably gross more than $7,000,000. Just what is a roller derby? Most Americans who haven't yet seen one and therefore aren't sure. And many of those who have seen one aren't sure either. It was the elements of a track meet on roller skates, with both men and women teams, and also the more homicidal aspects of wrestling exhibitions and a good, old- fashioned hair-pulling between fishwives. Ladirs Driven Wacky Whatever it is, it drives the ladles noisily wacky. Teen-age bobby- sockers and staid old grandmothers whoop for blood when ,'••> racing feminine skaters tangl, « -I maul and spill each other 01. * .e swin- shrcclding track. "The roller derby is the only Ix/rty contact sport today a woman can go to and get personal release." said Leo, who is something of a philosopher. "She can't see herself as a boxer or a football player, but she can picture herself as one of the woman skaters. And so it is an outlet for her. She gets rid of her own aggressive impulses in the excitement of watching the derby. "A Healthy Thing" "That's a darn healthy" thing for Truman Plans Quarstieo Visit • WASHINGTON, June 5. (AP) — President Truman will visit the Quantlco Marine Base in Virginia June 15 to watch a series fo battle maneuvers. In announcing this today, the Whi"e House said Mr. Truman will make the trip on the presidential yacht Williamsburg. He will see amphibious landing operations, a simulated attack on a fortified position and a demonstration of air support as well as an assault by troops carried by nine helicopters. . • . ' Thief Rifles Choir LAKE GENEVA. Wis.. June 5. («•) —A church-going thief made hlm- ielf $82 richer in the choir loft of he Congregational Church yesterday. He rifled four purses in the coat room during services while the choir was singing, "take my life and .et it be." ;.-•.'.••• >'..j. - — - TT T "£ •'•• Czechs Given Order PRAGUE— <£>)— Since the establishment of the^VEast German Republic, Communist lenders here have endeavored to soften this nation's traditional dislike of its German neighbor. The' controlled press daiiy informs readers .that "All ermans Are Not Alike." It is a pretty tough job, however, convincing a nation which has for centuries been ruled first by the. Austrians and then by the Germans under Hitler. But government leaders keep pegging away at the theme that life in the Russian- sponsored East German Republic is changing the character of the people living there and that the only persons Czechs must fear are the Germans living in the Western sectors. NEW Hox,Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m Mat|nee Saturdays ft Sundays Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Com Shoiriti; j . Manila, Ark. Monday 'KID FROM TEXAS' with Audic Murphy ' Also Shorts V Tuesday ^'MILITARY ACADEMY' will. Tenth Avenue Gang ; Also Short* ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE: Monday —DOUBLE FEATURE— George R;tf( in "Outpost in Morocco" Alan Lachl and Dorothy I.amour "WILD HARVEST" Cartoon & News Tuesday &- Wednesday John Wayne nnd Ellen Drew in "SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON" Comedy and Short about three years to develop a skater to the point where he is ready for competition." The derbies will chaw an estimated C.OOO.QOO fans this year, and Seltzer believes in another' two years they will be the nation's top- ranking indoor sport, By that time he expects to have three leagues operating—one In the Hast, another In the Midwest, a third on the West Coast. He also is planning to create leagues In Italy, France and England. "The key to the whole thing Is the women," he said. ••Women spend the entertainment dollar, and where they want to go the men will follow." !.co doesn't see anything unusual in the blood-curdling enthusiasm of female fans. "I-et's face It—women aren't (he weakest," he said happily. "Nature made them stronger. They are far sturdier than men." He only wishes he'd foun dthat out twenty .years before. vana lists H?t British ' her. And, of course, it's a "good thins; for her husband, too. She won't have to take out her aggres- 've impulses on him." Seltzer says he dreamed the game up on n cafe table cloth In Chicago back in 1934. 'I had acquired HONG KONG. June 5. I,T, _ Six passengers were killed inn] six were wounded yesterday ivhen two Chinese Nationalist warships pumped more than 200 shells into tile British blockade runner Cheung King off Amoy. The attack took place on the high sens some 20 miles outside of territorial waters, the manager of the shipping company here said. | The Cheung Hin K is nil BOO toi. coastal steamer. It had called at the Red port of Amoy with a cargo of fertilizer from Hong Kong. The siiip was on its way back here. Captain J. Skinner of the Cheung i a half interest in the Chicago Coliseum," he recalled, "and needed something to fill it. I read in a magazine that something like DO per cent of Americans had roller-skated at one time or another. That gave me the idea for holding races on roller skates." Since then the game has grown and developed its own rules—rules that don't altogether rule out mayhem. Today there nre about 200 professional roller derby racers, half . Iling notified his office here thai the vessel was leaking badly fro shell holes and had developed a 10 decree list. The ship had aboard more tha, 100 Chinese passengers und a crc\\ of G2, including four Europeans. Counterfeiters Smashed ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia. June 5 (/I'j— Police said today they have smashed a counterfeit ring which distributed an estimated $2.000.000 in bogus u. S. money In Ethiopia. Two men identified as yiranj A PRETTY TWOSOME Blythcyilte Firm Gets Waterworks Contract Pride and Usrey Construction Co. of Hlytheville was awarded (he con- Iracl to lay and Install the mains tor the waterworks system In C'ara- way this week, according to Mayor Randolph Moore and City Atty. John S. Moshy of Caraway Tolal cost of the project, including drilling a well, Is about SGO.COO which will give a complete service to Caraway. Mr. Mosby said actual construc- tion will start within 30 days with the project to be completed in lati August, Heat Felts 20 Cats LONDON, June 5. (rtV-It got so hot In London today that cats got drowsy and fell off window ledges, "I lie Hoyal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported it cot 20 calls to pick up cats injured In thai, manner. 'Hie temperature rose to W at noon and was still cllmblnft. {2-12 yri.ij By Sue Burnett Here's an adorable little patr for girls of prc tcen-nge that's as practical »s can lie. The little dress is all in one piece with uiitt.'ut-unck belt. She can wear tlie pinafore over her school frocks. Pattern No. 8G01 Is a sew-ritc perforated pattern for si/es 2, •!, t3, 8, 10 and 12 years. Size 4. dress, 1% yards of 30-Inch; pinafore, Iv'j yards. For this pattern, send 25 cents In COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN MUM- llEEl to Sue Burnett, Courier News. 530 South Wells Street, Chicago 7, III. Send 25 cents now [or the Sprint-' and Summer FASHION. 48 pages of new styles, fabric news, special features, i^'rce pattern printed Inside the book. A tulip craze swept western Europe in the ICSO's and ono prize flower won an award of about. $00,000. Nayljl, an Indian, and Budclla Omar, an Ethiopian, were arrested by the criminal investigation department. , ' Open 7:30, Starts 8:00 Monday First Blythcville Showing "MONTANA" starring Krrol Flynn and Alexis. Smith Two Cartoons ' Yes ... here and ready for your inspection...a big, roomy, 11- cubic-foot beauty tliat freezes and stores up 10 385 pounds of delicious food. Does it conveniently, economically...right in your own home. "The International HarvesterSystcm of Food I'rcscrvation"assures you a constant reserve of fresh, vitamin- rich vegetables, fruit and meat, in season and oul. DON'T WAIT . ..the supply is not unlimited . . . see this great, new freezer, TODAY'! with *FROST-LOK *FREEZ-AREA *VAC-U-SEAL *TIGHT-WAD and 12 other big features I SEE IT NOW! Try Our "Taste Treat Of the Month" 312 South 2nd. Phone 6863 Delicious Lenion FSake fee Cream WOODS DRUG O\NE COMFORT at the Modern Air Conditioned Rdzorback It Costs Less for The Family to Eat Here in of Trout Served v/ilh DcJicious Tartar Sauce • Shrimp Cocktail © Fried SSirirnp Q Italian Spaghetti © Chicken & Dumplings ® Pit Barbecue O Barbecue Ribs Razorback Hlway 61 So. Blythevill*

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