The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on October 13, 1976 · 2
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 2

London, Greater London, England
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Wednesday, October 13, 1976
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THE GUARDIAN Wednesday October 13 1976 Ford ) Four! Ministers iii-ii aides in Carter sex slur From JACK NELSON s Smith's delegation to Geneva talks Milwaukee, October 12 While Governor Jimmy Carter was campaigning at a hectic pace in Illinois and Wisconsin today, another curious development in the 1976 Presidential race was overshadowing his discussion of issues. It involved reports that campaign aides of President Ford had circulated unfounded rumours anions reporters that Carter has had extramarital a Hairs. Ford campaign aides have been circulating the rumours about Carter in recent weeks, but that fact did not surface publicly until today when the columnist, Jack Anderson, disclosed tha.t he had been the recipient of such rumours, had checked them out and found them to be groundless. After that disclosure, on an i nmcam Broadcasting Corpo- A mi ration News programme. Carter commented that he and his wife. Rosalynn, had been upset by the rumours but did not believe they had been hurt by them because they were untrue. The Washington bureau of the Los Angeles Times received information about the alleged xtramarital affairs last week from a Ford campaign source but could find no evidence to substantiate it. William Greener. Communications Director of the Ford campaign, has denied that the President Ford Committee was the source of the sex stories. Anderson reported that after Carter's recent Playboy magazine interview, " Republican sources gave me the name of a woman who they suggested had once had an affair with Carter. Thereafter, they supplied me with the names of four other women." Anderson added : " T did not investigate the charges. Nor did I mention the allegations to anyone, not even as idle gossip. But then, a startling thing happened. I began to get calls from other reporters asking about the charges. They had been alerted that I was about to break a sex scandal involving Jimmy Carter." Anderson said he had concluded that Ford's campaign .-tides were trying " to use me in a scheme 'to. get the sex story; published " since they were the only ones who knew he had received the allegations concerning Carter. A Ford campaign source in Washington passed on the report to the Los Angeles Times and said it had come from a disgruntled Democrat in Georgia. He said it involved an alleged seven-yeariaffair. The source said ' that a Washington columnist, not Jack Anderson, had copies of documents that would' tend to substantiate the affair. The documents, he said, included air flight and motel room records. Los Angeles Times. UP! adds-- President Ford lias now admitted he made a mistake in saying Eastern Europe was free of Soviet domination and delivered a scathing attack on Jimmy Carter's leadership qualities. " I did not express myself clearly I admit it," Ford told a group of ethnic leaders at the White House. In a statement. he read to the gathering, Ford said, "the original mistake was mine." He was referring to his statement last Wednesday during his television debate with Carter when he said Poland and other East European nations were riot Soviet dominated. Since then, he has said he could have been " more precise " ' that it was all a " misunderstanding." "There can be no doubt where I stand," . Ford said. "Any man who seeks to 'persuade you that I think otherwise is engaging in deceit and distortion." How Thai Right switched targets The crisis that brought down v. From MARTIN WOOLLACOTT: Bangkok, October 12 perhaps responding to instruc- Thai democracy, the country's tions from a new and hidden best long term defence against This was to coordinate mili- as with all the other forces, was Of course we never intended it centre. Communism, was the twisted tary, police, and civilian ope- to provide local intelligence on, to- be used politically at the It was against this back-legacy of 20 years of American rati0ns. against the insurgents, and if necessary resistance to, centre." ground that .Field Marshal, efforts to create effective jn addition to its obvious func- Communist insurgents in rural v Finally there are the military Thanom returned td Thailand, counter insurgency organisa- tton this overall command was areas. broadcasting stations, a uni- The return was arranged and tions in Thailand. This was a organised to discreetly run and Th , naramilitarv quely Thai feature of the situ- the orders came from some-counter insurgency coup, one fund both an intelligence iL ?! ?was pca"d out ation. Some of these stations at where in the obscure American commented bitterly. netWork and a number of sup- ofs lhe Border Patrol Police one, time were mainly focused anti-communist organisations. In fact the.' takeover itself osedly private groups and Sththa OA talSette dSSi on (broadcasting to those few with, it must be presumed, tTrventioT6 . S roll in'fra tacbmbS, are of Thaifand wSer the endorsement from a higher w.e.nBJililn?.a" 1SOC has never been an out- ,. ,r notinnc ami Communist insurgents are level. ZnJcalZZ the work of a diverse erouD of l"?-W0Jrii!f.a irf!?,.? ."i.yi to defend Tsociett "against active if 5"e"9?0Clri af?;nV.dtit:.. 2E mSSih or T kill tfT, 3t0cnfnnl dents in Bangkok. Communists and not to play T1", r..u v. understand what has hap- pened in Thailand you have to conaCK 10 me nixies wnen me . , n . j.. Z i 1 A ybothejThaMndttie American sith?s,;e:rjp8vchanged manr times&Buttte basic family of jmstit'4toi.jretaained the same. !' Thailaricl'needed, it was'4e- cidedi'ran. overall counter Jnsur- gency' coblthd, these -;days "calIe4iISOC.fInternaI Security OMriiflowCoinniand). ,- - , Americans were oeginmng to h-V nMnm. rn.aH in tho eaucauonai roie or leaciuiitj m. - it a Question of several comDet- pour in money and advisers to nds HteSSdaUv trained Jrtmpto . patriotic: ideology and The process through which . "? Xtl" Whoere tCTot-strengthen the Thai counter in-. aAes loL DaraSr; Puttin PeoDle on 8Uard a8ainst this Lh&tteJZ ot counter insur- Jn they or did thly not surgency sucture.' andce uTtWworrreS Communist techniques. ffitream noUUcss'Syster- incU- thT high ttS In two decades of argument ,nriiir : Thp hnmi mmrrf At one timo' thoro wns the p'1" pouucb is mysicr nffieers now tn choree? These Mr Ian Smith will lead a context of Rhodesia's virulently delegations to Geneva. In Mr team nf fniir Ministers and reactionary government politics. Nkomo's case he has - yet to team of four Min sters ana Ag Agryjlture Minister he decide whether he will be able three senior officials to the Slistained the farming com- to attend at what he considers Geneva conference next week, it munity in the difficult days after such an early date. Both move-was ' announced in Salisbury jl)I, a feat which made him one ments have today been con-tonight. It is understood they. 0f the most popular Cabinet tacted by officials from the will fly to Switzerland in time figures among the rural white British High Commission in the for the four-day preliminary community. Mr Ian Smith has Zambian capital of Lusaka, talks before the conference always looked for a blend of Mr Nkomo's group issued a begins on October 25. An successful businessman and con- statement after an all-day meet-advance party of Rhodesian servative farmer in his Minis- ing in Salisbury today . indicat-security officials is expected to ters and David Smith admirably ing that an Nkomo delegation leave for Geneva on Sunday. . ,.,- M crr.wh MvnFlr mLfZ vrl Mr David Smith (Deputy Prime SJnTWFi AffAiV' Mr wiliirv ( smfirfS S ; i nL nn i anl MMWwk Partrfdne (ffl ami Natm-M nm o The nffi Natuiul Resources) i he oil - Cabinet Secretary. Mr David Morrison. Secretary for Foreign Allans, a"SHle pc?I" Leai craning, Mr vieorge " . . and was appointed to the which Mr Nkomo iormed witn The only surprise in .the jUStice and law and order post Mr Robert Mugabe last week-Rhodesian delegation is the eariier this year end. inclusion of Mr Partridge, a Ml. Van der B'yl has worked After these discussions a former local government minis- so hard to preSent himself as final decision would be taken ter who has never been closely the caricalui.c 0f a Racist snob as to whether a Patriotic Front involved in any stage of that it is diflicuit to tell where delegation should go to Geneva, Rhodesia s protracted const i itu- the parody stops and the man the statement said. Bishop tional crisis since UDI m 15 begins Some of his m01.e tern- Muzorewa's ANC will meet in But in a small but broad based pe,.ate remarks about African Salisbury to decided its delega-team, Mr Partridae seemed the nationaiists include the des- tion for the conference. , ideal non-speciausi. criptions " spivs and lay- Reuter-adds : Mr Mugabe said Mr David Smith, a Scots-bom abouts " and " savages " A self- in an interview published in farmer who first came to styled dandy who frequently Dar es Salaam today that the Rhodesia in the 1930s as a confuses block-edged sarcasm Rhodesian armed forces must tobacco farmers assistant, has with humour, he has excellent be replaced by "people's been described as the one man contacts in European military forces" as soon as the interim who could persuade the ruling and political circles. government is set up. Rhodesia Front party to accept He aso tends to gravitate to "Without the (interim) gov-a majority rule settlement if esser European nobility and ernment being in full control the Prime Minister resigned. such politicians as Herr Franz of the armed forces it will be Compared with such extreme 'Josef Strauss on his frequent toothless," he told the Tan-right-wing figures as Senator European trips. zanian government - owned Lardner-Burke 'now Commerce The two main Rhodesian Daily News. He said the white and Industry Ministry and a nationalist groups Bishop Rhodesian police and army notable absentee from the dele- Muzorewa's African National "are the very people we have gation) David Smith is regarded Council and Mr Joshua Nkomo's been fighting against. They as a moderate but onlv in the ZAPU have yet to name their must surrender completely." Andreotti pushes plans with threat to resign From GEORGE ARMSTRONG: Rome, October 12 The italnin Prime ." Minister, Signer Andreotti, says he is not PoinPto hp a eravedietrer not going to oe a giayeaigger for the Italian economy, and it Parliament-should not ratify his new tax increases and other parts of his austerity plan, he SS snfflfat ThFfafpIaK Turin 500 workers laid- down their tools in protest against ,the new taxes and tomorrow he announced Jour-nour siriKe. in Turin, also against the new taxes, will take place. B2f r J?S? PaP nn t that we: are going to make them The trade unions are under 1 j miicklv keeP register of all income, pressure from the grassroots to SSgon a-Sl BtriS?' and we sha11 be checkinS declare a nationwide general ?eclde 011 d SeneraI stnke' them. In Germany, pro-strike against the Government The Communists have reluc- fessional men who defraud in the coming days. That pres- tantly accepted the austerity on their taxes are' disbarred sure is being felt by the Com- package, but plan to try to from their practice. I don't see munist Party as well, and modify the 25 per cent, petrol why we should be softer than without their support . the price increase so as to. shield the Germans." ' . ' Blacklist of disaster poisons From SIEGFRIED BUSCHSCHLUTER: Frankfurt, October 12 A . list of more than 700 TCDD, the poison that caused into the atmosphere, if the pro- highly poisonous substances has the catastrophe at Seveso. Of the duction reaction ,.is allowed to been prepared by the Ministry 721 substances on the list, said overheat. All safety systems for the Environment of the to be the first such index in must be designed in such a way State of North RhineWestpha Europe, eleven are even more that in a production failure lia to nrevent a repetition of the dangerous than TCDD. Al- another . safety precaution poison disaster that hit Seveso though the remaining chemicals comes into' effect. Emergency iri July. All companies in; the 'are regarded as less poisonous," measures have to bevinstalled to Ruhr district which produce their effect is said to be poten- make sure that pressure in- these chemicals are to be sub- tiaily lethal. v ' creases are prevented by chemi- jected to even more stringent The Minister announced a cal mean. security precautions than at. number of conditions. that have Finally, an acceptance test or present. to be met by industry before a trial , run are to prove the "Announcing the list, the Min- any chemicals on the lis.f can be effectiveness these safety ister, Herr Farthmann said that produced. There must be safe- precautions. Existing plants all chemicals had been included guards to ensure that poisonous must be changed to meet the which had a similar effect as substances cannot be released rules for new installations. MPains. ""f. a"u "J officers in titular charge of it standing success, and the $ n,ot now have much power The locus of the high command of the anti-Communist oper- ation has moved. elsewhere, to snme ,ess nilbiio.annaratus. But some less public apparatus. But principPie remains. . . iwu-eunv uiumci uiauiKeucv m i.. . ; .,. i;- .,. I KUU11C1UC11LS WC1C 1U1 3U111C ttfdesbut out of dozens, of tuaiiy emerged supreme. . They.,had some original con nections vwith the real, scouting movemehtf shpwn, by ' their Baden : Fpwell kerchiefs and wogglesi ; and'' with 'the-army. The idea pfr-tlje Village Scouts, From JAMES MacMANUS: Salisbury, fits that description. His other asset is that he has careiuuy masked whatever political ambi- ti,.ns ue m.. v,Vp M Sutaw , in his early 40s. is the youngest and least known of the Rhodesian team. Unlike Mr Partridge, who is Rhodesian- rn- he s a South African . . Rnodesia in tne l" I" " . " ,r eV P"?.,, speaking to make rapid pro- gg -n th(j Rhodesia Front, Andreotti cdbirict would cease"; to xist. -The leader of the militant MMal WorKers' IJjiion called for a , general strike in protest against the Government's measures. Jggnor Antonio LettierL ttrKi council meeting of the - Com- munist-dominated CGIL Union confederation i: V' We can no longer accept ine uiacKiiitui or Andreotti who is threatening to ractior TThesT toteWnoUw. civic action. These hybrid police . oniHiors wn intortrtprf t work-- among th Idll Tribes in border ,m'nn' ' " : u . ' . Another obvious idea was for an umbrella type popular anti- an umbrel a type popular ami- PPrmW organisation, with- uut ayuaicui i-uiliicuciuiio ... . , ; 1- at me uovernmenr, ana wuu mo i Xi j A. .Sm. was effectively succeeded after ';i973 br Navapol Nayapol was 'created by ISOC and other in - - '"telligence,, agencies, in the; words of oije of its. now. dlsillu- sloriedlparents " to be a- private;. pQpuIar mass 'organisation against Cpmmunist i infUtration.." October 12 will attend the Geneva talks but only alter turtner discussions with other nationalists in Nnirnhi The statement condemned Britain for stubbornly trying to " stampede the conference " and said that this attitude did not augur well for the outcome. The statement said that an ANC 7?T-,l! w"uVi ", members of the Patriotic Front, a tacticl political alliance the lower paid in the' next two' weeks parliamentary debate. In an interview with La Rep- publica, the Rome newspaper, Signdr Andreotti says that for the past three weeks' he has been receiving each morning a $gg STiffiMKSSE .tafohto c-cAd- uesafn sisnor Andreotti Dro- mf KL? " the famous9 doctors tois hff nhHsed ' to tav their income Th. hnnM ho liUnoH "trong. . . ' t Ut ,,, fon fi, tricks o V , enemv and boostinH the Tniora e enemy "g.oraraie ?f -the loyal population. Later - Venera nureose bhydcbaescanle &1 bu , . , . . - r rprainpn rnpir TnHSTfrv nr tiihiii- "v-,r. Fill IMI IVP I HCnTll ni 1HS. The notion of th e p primary enemjr shifted from the Com- "itiJJ1! Jains to the Left-wingtStudent, ader unionist, or poUHcian in tne cities. . And .. these . popular . institu- tions were, out of the control of their original creat, ior were , China's leadership before the latest upheaval. From left to right, the new Party Chairman Hua Kuo-feng, radical leader Wang Hung-wen, . Defence Minister Yen Chien-ying, and Chiang Chirig. Wang and Chiang are now widely reported to be under arrest. Fair trial plea by Indians INDIAN Socialist leader George Fernandas, brought to court in handcuffs and chained to a policeman, yesterday asked for action to ensure that be gets a fair trial on charges of criminal conspiracy - against the Government. He said that he and the other 21 co-accused n'eeded their hands free to make notes and sign documents during the court proceedings. The magistrate, Mr Mohammed Shamlm, ordered that one hand of each of the accused should be removed from handcuffs. Watergate appeals THE U.S. circuit court of appeals has upheld the Watergate cover-up 'convictions of former Attorney-General John Mitchell and former top Nixon aides John Ehrlichman and H R Halde-nian. But the court reversed the conspiracy conviction of former Assistant Attorney-General Robert Mardian on - grounds he should have been tried separately from; the ..other defendants. '."Lawye'rfw ' Elirliebman;! Haldeman" and . Mitchell are ''expected-to appeal the deci sion to the supreme Court. : Fallen star SOVIET- ballerina Tonia Afonia mistimed a leap on stage, fell five metres into the orchestra pit and ended up in hospital. :.Thc 25-year-old dancer, In .the touring Moisse-liev ballet" troupe, fell .during a practice session for performances; beginning at the Palais i'ps Congres in Paris next Friday.. Suez blocked TRAFFIC in the Suez Canal was interrupted for 15 hours after ;a Greek tanker ran aground and blocked ' the', waterway. The- 30,000-ton southbound tanker Uanxllas was floated and towed to Suez ' City harbour. Amin moves UGANDA President Idi Amin has sent his Defence Minister and Chief of Staff, General Andris Mustafa, oh "indefinite and compulsory leave," according-to Radio Uganda. Second term Dr Kurt Waldheim says he will seek reappointment as UN Secretary-General when his term expires at the end of this year. The military radio stations ,r j TT'r . v whipped their listeners into a f and fs"cce.ed vmcing most Thais that Tham- masat University was packed ith a-uugt heavily armed leftistJ assisted bv-Vietnamese leftists' assisted by-Vietnamese ents. Then came the military take- .- woe two if ,nc V UIMb H. wiuu VI are as yet no answers. But the way in which the counterinsurgency, apparatus Was twisted around like, a. field gun. unUl itwas .eventually trained not on. the Communists but on Thailand .weakj'Left- wingers and fragile democratic system is clear enough, v. . , . New Syrian offensive may hit peace talks ". From JIM MUIR: Beirut, October 12 Syrian forces in-the Jizzine ttvo points would give the Syr- legations should refer the final area of South Lebanon today ians access to another two east- agreement reached yesterday to launched a major offensive west roads leading through the their chiefs and gather again in apparently aimed at breaking hills to Sidon. Shtoura to finalise and through . Palestinian - Leftist The Leftist-Palestinian joint announce the accord, and there defence lines to the Leftist port forces commander in the south were hopes for an immediate of-Sidon. was quoted as estimating tbe ceasefire. The move came little more attacking Syrian forces at four The timing of the new offen- than 12 hours after the Arab armoured and infantry batta- sive means that the Syrians League envoy in Lebanon had lions, divided equally between may have been aiming primar- announced that talks between the two lines of advance. ily at torpedoing the new agree- Syrian, Palestinian, and Most observers believe that, ment before its signature Lebanese delegates meeting in having launched the offensive, tomorrow, and may also have Shtoura yesterday were " 100 the Syrians will carry it the aim of creating a new situ- per cent successful. " through at whatever cost and ation in time for the proposed Leftist-Palestinian military they can call up overwhelm- Arab summit on Lebanon next communiques, said the offen- ingly superior forces if needed. Monday. Inter Press Service, sive began about noon with in- The Syrian press and radio Palestinian guerrilla leader tensive Syrian artillery and have been preparing the ground Yasser Arafat issued an urgent Rocket bombardments blasting for such an offensive in this appeal to Arab heads of state to the defenders' positions at area for several days, '.'"intervene immediately and Roum, Haitoura and elsewhere . Despite the apparent progress stop this massacre of our in preparation for armoured made by yesterday's eight hours, people by Syrian. " He said the and infantry advances along of four-sided talks in Shtoura. Syrian thrust " came at a time two axes. " the Palestinians and Leftists ; when the Palestinian delegation The Syrian thrusts were re- have been long convinced that was adopting apositive stand at portedly aimed in two direc- the Syrians are determined to the peace tlks. I appeal for tions, westwards towards Roum. continue their solo drive every means to stop this new on the main Jizzine-Sidon road against them in Lebanon. - military assault against our 14 miles east of the port, and Now the resumption of the people and forces for which southwards towards Haitoura Shtoura meeting is in serious there is no justification or cau-and Jbaa. Control of the latter doubt. The idea was that the de- se. "2upi. Peijyian officers' " seek asylum Lima, October 12 ; Two Peruvian Army officers accused of maintaining links with a guerriHa organisation have asked for .political asylum in the Venezuelan Embassy here. . The men are MajoV. Jose Fernandez Salvatecci and Captain Eloy Villacrez Riquelme. jThe whereabouts of a third .officer, Captain Hector Portella Laguna. are not known. The Government has accused the officers of involvement with the " Peruvian Revolutionary Army," described as a Maoist paramilitary organisation. Fourteen civilians have also been charged with membership of the group, which is said to have been preparing a campaign of uroan guernna action. Observers are sceptical of the' official account of both the guerrilla group and the officers' supposed contacts with it. Since the Cabinet reshuffle in July, when leading radical members of the. Government were removed, the ruling generals "have been conducting a campaign against middle-ranking Left, wing officers. Peru is now under a state of siege, and. press censorship has been -. . rigorous. All independent weeklies have been closed. With complete control of the media, the Government is free to accuse its opponents of a wide diversity of plots, justifying further extensions of the state of siege. Something of this type is thought to be occurring 'in the present case. Major Jose Fernandez Salvatecci, for example, has been accused of various crimes over the past months. He seems to have become a " trouble maker " in the eyes of senior Conservative generals because of his support for the now removea raumai r-nuiu Minister and former Head of the Armed Forces, General Jorge Fernandez Maldonado. Shortly after Fernandez Maldonado was forced to resign, Major Fernandez was arrested, along with' 12 other officers, according to reliable reports. They were accused of attempting to organise a counter-coup to, reinstate the former Prime Minister. Later last month reports began to circulate that considerable support for Major Fernandez had built up within lower ranks of the army, and a typewritten document supporting him was being passed around among the ranks. The latest turn of events the accusation that three officers were involved in a Maoist guerrilla group which' iook pan in cocaine proaucuun and. marketing is seen by most observers as a fabrication. Inter Press Service. Yolcano Erupts About 200 workers , at' the thermal power station-in descF late northeast Iceland .were', evacuated- today when' a mud volcano erupted nearby." Black children smash steij'eens From DENIS HERBSTEINgJohaiinesburg, October 12 Schoolchildren in Cape Town's black' townshins have declared war on illicit liquor " 1,: 4. 1 . inn r-U f. clliai;&.iOs ell iCdaL iuu aucucciujiiuicu iu uut uui luuuuiig (illegal drinking houses), g which is a feature of the drab and emptying 't firewater" mtofblack South African town-the streets. - ships. .JPney also - realise L that After raiding shebeens infc the profits from liquor sales ;o Langa, Guguletu and Nyanga to white' and Indian licensees, yesterday, students today? or to the Government. Blacks searched for liquor in incoming "dp not have. "the right to own vehicles. They also raidec bottle stores, another four shebeens empty (j another "incident -in the ing drums, and smashing botj j. h, ek -tufleil attemnted ties of whisky, brandy and wine ilhe iE ,Mh. hS oared suburb of Athlone to link broken glass, there was hardly up with coloured students. They . , . - - -11 i j the shebeens were illegal anjl press charges. " Tjisf week- the schoolchildren had issued an ultimatum to she- were thrown at cars on Sett-been owners -to stop . their ffle lers -Way; the start of. the gal operations and get rid of Garden Route to Port Elizabeth, their- stocks. ' The students The highway was closed for a blame drunkenness for the fact time. Several vehicles, includ-that their recently orderly pro- ing one . belonging to the tests against African 'education Department of Bantu Adminis-and apartheid got out of handT" .tration, were burnt out. Barre faces a major test on austerity plan From PAUL WEBSTER: Paris, October 12 The French Prime Minister, ity plan, which raises taxes, M Barre, faced the most "Haunt- petrol prices and social-security ing public test - since his contributions, is not sufficient appointment in August as his " to arrest inflation while penahs-economic autherity plan today ing low-income earners, went before Parliament. The attitude of the Gaulhst More than 80 amendments U.D.TR. to M Barre has however and a vote of censure are to be considerably, softened as a re-discussed in the National suit of last week's debate on Assembly, where-the first indi- general policy, the ritual test cations of-Gaullist opposition for new prime (ministers (.in will be tested which he supported basic Gaul- Strong pressure will be put list principles of national inde-on M Barre to introduce a tax pendence. on personal fortunes a project Although M Barre is expected supported by. two Gaullist to have to concede several former prime ministers, M points, it. is unlikely that the Chirac and M Chaban-Delmas. Gaulhsts will react as they did M Butagre has rejected the pro- to the capital-gains, tax in June iect which he says will be dan- when they nearly, wrecked the eeroUs ' project. So far there is no mdi- The'main attack both from cation that the censure motion the Left opposition and within will be supported outside the the coalition, is that the auster- left opposition. MiG pilots can eject By DAVID The Soviet MiG 25 reconnais- sance, tigmer wnicn.iarmeo. m japan last month does-after all have an ejector seat, in spite of the allegation attributed to its Hpfpftine nilot Lieutenant Vik- - ..! j-j tor Belenko that it had been left out 'tq-save weight. - The Russian pilot was said to hnve included the lack of an ejector seat in -a list ,.pf. the HJTnlk, O 5rtT'ti. Aaairrri fo-itltc when iii i was 1 "debiriefed" by V In the growing generation ea6 between; black parents and children, the youth are deter- : 7 .,4. 1mnl.;nrr Leal KctE aiiu vaiuu auu filmlb of childrea were . .':'.!' In the renewed unrest, stones FAIRHALL , US intelligence officers in wnsnineron. British i defence experts were' always sceptical 'of the report, which implied an extraordinary degree of incompetence or cal- lousness on the Russians'-part. and it has ncw'been contra- dieted by tne autnoniauve American journal, Aviation' Week. Jt seems the MiG 25 is Vfitied with a standard elector ennt'oc uenri In . tho mnrnlmm. mon MiG 21 interceptor. ' '

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