The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 4
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?AGE FOUR BLY1WV1LLE. (ARK;) COURIER NEWS Designed to Give France Security Against Invasion ____JIIURSDAY, NOVRMBER_9, 19311 HE 5RIEN OF IS _Flii Underground Arc'-Shell Proof, Bomb' Gas Proof. AKTUJ.ERV ViRF. BEFIKB The labyrinth of galleries and passages underlies tlie whole system. Here It widens out into on assembly room like a subway slu- lion. Passages lead lo kitchens, power plants, control looms, sup| ply departments, barracks. Here aud there arc Ihe rooms containing el^viucrs and stairways leading through a tower lo Ihe I casemate poking i:s nos; out at ,.-p i i, : - Bi'ound lovL'l. Small railways carry ! rCIlCllCS ' ammunition to llie hoists lentllns up to the casemates, just as tho licists supply ammunition to Ihe ! turrets of a battleship. ; The casemates themselves, heavily M:.\ Sen-ice ; ''y constructed of aimorplat? aiul Y-AHlS.-AnmstSce Day. 1033. £»>'°«c<l concrete yards in thlck- :: ^'-r y^i4°* r °" cc: s^n M « ruK But>al ire,.,,, si Not the sod- ' ^''a^Sy "C oTlt '±* en l,irc..,1 zl trenches that saved r;it =; y ran ,, C(l grounri b;forc th( , m No country in Ihe world has so conuilete or elaborate a syslctn of border fortification us the French and their secrecy in constructing it seems well justified by the novelty Oklahoma Starts Repeal Ratification Machinery OKLAHOMA C1TV. Okla. IUP) —Oklahoma's machinery for a sl() " ai '>' from Connecticut with a vole on ratification of Ihe prohl- ! membership of 10. nil church here recently celebrated i'i the IHlh anniversary of its eslat- lishment. The churcli was established In 1819 by Nathan B. Derow, a mis- ' i lots. Read Courier News Want Ads. an bltion repeal amendment to the j II ^ " le oldest churcli o[ the 'deral constltullon Is In move- Presbyterian denominolion in mi- ifhl. "" : The earliest date on which an | ectlon for delegates to a state cpcal convention can be held, oivcver, will, be about mid-De- embcr. County conventions, lo be ollowed by olhers in congression- distrlcts, are In progress. Whether a statewide vote will held btiure ncxl July's, regular In 1—Main i-lilr.iiK<- tn work;-. pns^aK. 1 fciii-hcd by snnkfu rnikd. Invailnl '1 —Air rhiimbor tn 1 lm-k t'llab-. r,— r; < linj; hi^h atmospheric pu'ssiiro In [ilojcctliii; nl"iv<- be hulll up Inside, as ISLK dt-fens^! n-— Klt-v:iUir uiv ^—Yilhlltu. Inhiiblliinls siin- iiivini: ;it-r("--s to i- fliilly tr«lned lo man nearby de-i 7—CiiMTiMio tense*. •s---\V|ili-!ii-(l as •4—Serlei nf "lmll:)n-r.<K - I" hi millr-ry ii sysU'in ill .iHTmiiniMil rartilicsttlulls tlioi]«li nnt Intended to be e.sact !"1 i ".-.iHlHix fort"' stuirH In lover ! i itlun ilncir kitrlll-ll. ([iinrlcrs. cos* room. »ly chamber j >lr prcssur. 1 !inn, eti-. clettrlcnl wlr- H— I' 15- -S uwer plant. i'X'l inirlilliln iloors. 1 1: - -flnlU-ry '• leading itiiLtt' tower. 1 7 - CnKCmalc of conrrt'lc o»«f- lai.l with stcd tr.t fi.maiiiluK i|iilrk-lii-liiK Is-- -A m ....... Itlon lioliit. • )!i-- Mliilnliirc rt|\I«< t trans[iint ikiiiFiinnLtiotf . L'fi — Cascuww. Elk Hunters Report Sucffss JACKSON. Wyo. (UP) — Elk hunting was Rood this vein; With !fcO hunters checked tnlo this rc- K:O:I, 150 e!k were reported killed Three yrixzly Iwars were klllcu Itirlnt! the swison. Alwut 70 ]ii-r cent of the total number of wild deer. boms, goat.- and sheep in the United Stnlc range or live in Hie National for ests. By Laura Lou BROOKMAN' UIIAi'TUK I , RANNISTKIl noildcd to -^ tho waiter to refill his cii|> with ni!ffc. tlo said slowly,."IJul If It was minder —I" "Tliey u::;l.ln'i prove it," Jim • 1'axlon t::iii ;:i.V- across llio table. "Wasn't n scrap of real evidence. Four or ilve days later Ilia cap drilled nshorc. Aside from that- well, tie Ins! disappeared nnd nobody KIICWS any more about Ii today than they ever did. Tlia woman wasn't even questioned. I'TB never understood thst pnrt ot ft Site waa mentioned In Ills will, but Dot for a Inrgc nmnnnL I think '.he wife contested later—" 'Tour old Louie!" Bannister raised the cup of coffee, tlieo 6Ct it down ai&lii. "It happened that fall I was In Mrjlco." ho eald. "Never heard tho wholo story bo- tore." "And neither lins anyone else. The wholo story of wbat happened that ntplil on that yacht would in terest a lot of people, it Louie Kane waa murdered—" - "1 can't believe It!" Uannlsler Ititerniptcd. "1 slninly can'l bo- lleve nnyoTio would bump off old Louie It Just doesn't bee in likely." "Ilo murders ever seen lllsolyT" "Ot course- Lots of them do— when you know tho facts. Inevitable! [Jut 1 can't believe Louio Kane was mnrdored. even If he was a double dealing old plrc'.e wtUi plenty ot eneiglcs." Bannister ionkc.-l up suddenly. "There was something about the wholesale cusseiluess of the fellow—," lie ha went on. "Why. Louie would .Bland nnd lie to you until he waa black ID tbe face—and know that you knew lie was lying—and I'm damned It I didn't like him while he was doing It! Say. do you ro memlter the Alex Schneider »'a« so ture be bad the nomination for senator sewed up and Loulo try It myself somo dny. Imi, hut liat was a cra?.y gang wo used to was Banulslor wlio sat back, tening intently, now anil then Interrupting. Not a liandfomo limn. Tlio most generous JudKo would have rated Dave Bannister's features 110 better than "common got the linys together in his room) gar den variety." -Nevertheless. »t ffiur o'clock in tbe inornlns?" lliera wero o.ualltlcs in (hat face —Intelligence, tolerance, generosity. That mucb ot what Davo nan- "Sure 1 do!" Paston grinned. "And I remember how Schneider hit the celling wbcn lie found he was lie conio when you're ou a beat. You nover get them gluing at n losk In nn cilice. When I think o! llioso old ilajE—el:, -.veil. v:!iat's Ibe use? 1 suppose I'm BeUliiB old!" Aimosl 30, aren't yoi-,V"-^iiiton asked, smiling. "Well. Ifte 'iilTcr'f oiicn. Wo'll tnke yon oa at Tl,o Post nny ilny. fly llio fray. II you're really going to slay here for a while, Nora and I want to sco n lot ot you. She'll be bach next week. Want yon tn come out to tho houso soon. We'll have n crowd in for dinner. They nil want lo meet you. you know, fon'ro n celebrity! "I'd belter warn yon," h'e"-r:cni on. "that Nora is expecting you lo plva her llio low-down ou Molly- wood. Who's yelling tho latp.M ill jvorrcs aud why. \Yhellier It's really Iruo that llio slar's ret dogs wear diamond collars. And I thi:ik thero was something in one of tl:e gossip columns about you belne seen at the Drown Derby, lunching with Mr.a West or Gaby Peggy or ono ot llio oilier beauties. N'orn'll bo sura to ask about thai—" "Walt a uiinule!" liamilsici slopped him. "1 don't know any tiling about Hollywood's private life. All I did was work there." "Try to make Nora bclicvo tbat!" "Well, if Kora has any snrli ridiculous notions in her bead — which "I doubt—you'll have to re movo Ibcni. You're talking likr- Aunt Knte! Amazing as fLu-eins. I bavo discovered that my mint I? ono of Ilia nation's most Invoiemie movie-goers. Never miss;'.-* a chanso of pictures at the Sirito That's wliero she is tonight." "Vou still bavo to answer for tint luncheon nt tho lirown !Jo;Ln Wns It Mao West or "Neither. 1 tell Haby you was a Binslo tlitiig lo tho world tbnt I could get as excited over nowadays as I used to over Louie. Knno's rallies or .1, thrco nlarin flro or nn oil station holdup." thors aren't Invited to ta!:c llio glided social whir an Authors nre henlcil out Into . TDAXTON'S right eyebrow raised " rjiierulously. "How about bav. Ing a lirsl novel accepted!" ho do- inandcil. "And later hearing tbat some solf Saturday?" ll's a besl seller? How about sign-! • • . ling fat movie, contracts?" nislcr xvas could bo read at a beaten, (hit the nest trick i glance. I-oule Kane ever pulled was thai | Trcraont • society - for it was liius ilmvn In l'lilslmr B h--- 'chiefly Tremonl society that was Tbcy were «t It llien. Kor ball | gathered about Iho lables In the an Imur the Iwo men were lost in ioDk-panellcd. criin«on lav.oslrlcil r.n,i.,ic,.., M . Slorlcs about Louie - hou ,] ain | ns rooiii-cnjoyc.l Ibis! "Ual Hill's not what 1 mean.' opportunity to Inspecl Oaviil llr.a- ] llio olbcr protested. "Ot course 1 Ulster. Tremonl soclely bnd known ' sol a kick out ot It wbcu 'ICxil the liljii not at all In llie old iby;:. Now ! Lover' was published whc-n 1 they were aware Ihr.t, with tbe | read somo of the reviews. Tbe fa- publlratton of his lirst uovt.1 a year 1 vurablc ones. I wonliln't pretend before, liaunister's picture bad ap [icared lu newspripers ami masa nines. There bad been a inr-timi ciges and told to start pnu:u:i. the, typewriter 1 ." "Well, 1'vo warned you." I 1 ; ton paid. "It you haven't nny n stories of the movie srent y. better start manufacturinc ^ -:i Anyhow we'll get up n little il-:i ner next week. And how ;ii -:a Katie. ll:e rul'ilosa " political ' byss wlif.:-c d?:ilb on his prlvnle : eurruuntlrtl by an ai:i? of tuystery ! Stories til tlie adventures — and such atl'-oattires! — ol Iwo youns ' newspaper reporters wlio liatl fol lowed run news, written about politics ami crime and lite convenliims of fraternal organizations, aliniu court battles and bcauly cotilesls and the r.ilnc tlriks. The two bad worked tc- gelber sometimes: at others they had been rivals. D.ive Uanulslcr. still In bis teens, and Paxlcr? a [lie i!..-. •i^;.r; i t ,,.,,„.,. I diJii I. But tnats not the I line at all! 1 ni talki:, S atom c.v clloiv.cnt, the lliins tint beeps you watch . ..|, or(] ... ,, c „,,,.,;„, nearly niuo o'clock. 1 hail picluro made from the novel. Tlicie j from sleeping for nij;l .3 at a llmo had been some short stories, loo, —anil not caring; tbat makes j a wn? so lale under his signature in a weekly , you go cold aud hungry and work! Taxton 'aid "I el's «t • magazine b^astlot; Ihe larscst clr ; iill nil Hours and risk your fool | can't rni:mV up a c'..i:'[.!o".- lor some liriilge. usually nround bore—" liaiiiilstcr shook hl= lir:, be salrl. "I'll culaliou lu the country. | , 1{ , c k. nil tbe wltilo feeling so all- It was tbe llnliywcoci ph.-isc ol | Hred glorious lhal you could dincc Bannister's career that soenicd j ,,p and down Sixth street! Thr.t's most i;lpmorous to Ticimmt. wliose what I nio.ui. lias nnylliing marie r v rear or two Hoth ot then.-110.000 populoliou patro:ilzed Iwo ! yon feel like 111 at lately. Jim?" ]»,;,.„., ,,'s br ,1 -r. „ • vrlllmg to b.eak a leg lo glvo the - ilor.ti motion picluva Louses. Tlicrc i "No" I * " . , f , l ' " T.emont Evening Posi an exclu-: wero those who why, "Well, there used to be thing, i UnT^ 01 n MvtiTvt Bive banner line story lor Us latter such triumphs, the young ibal did. Lois ol Itien! •- i '""^ * c " a ll " e 0110lUr '^- i ' borne edition. j man should bo back In tlie bonie of I are, editor ot to rauce 15 years ago — the system dui;cuU. boinl>proofs, eomnuinl- ins and support trenches dug in earth, which the World :• fnlilier developed literally n.'.cr rue. and apparent system. effectiveness of tht A rare- photo of line cf the i . !t£el-and-concr;lc casemates of Ih: trench herder forts, now under con- btinclion. This double casemule cnly the emerging top of an inlri , cate system of works bjlow ground is hidden ill-a wood—part of thi clrong Mnglnot Line being bull librth of llie Vosges. The mail 'l.f uc.ighbo; wht> lojks back to- ay ID f-j.iiuiers o. Aisii'j-iviAtne u -.LI- would recognize the system ;[ •ticncnca (le uixu' uy .vmtn •Kituv iccluy Is t^vsr.iig the .j-vts nf h.'r exposed frontier. iKC'KKl'S iiVAtiltl-M IHfp myj'.ory in construction oi II-JSL- jicw lort:licrations, \vhicli has MtiTouuciccI them constantly sines ,.:uy wx-ix: iK'gnti in 1025, has bmi il'.cd partially. Nalurally. details right', 'shbiv's ho.iv the line protect: Jl military value still arc guarded the industrial "vital spat" o jealoialy, and "spy scares" repeal-1 France opposite. the disputed Saa ily have loilcd ulien el for IB to Basin,' .•netrale their details. , _'_|, lint the general lines of such de-' louses nc-.v art clear. Tlie uivJcr- .•oiiiid ma^ei have no counterpart ] n the world. Typical cf such compliciucti works is the ".Maginot Line," which protects lor 2CO miles the vital industrial i?i;:oii of Brtey, north of the VuSe'C'.j and opposite Ihe dis-1 puled Eaar basin. 31 is named for j M. Andre .Wf.ginoi, the late war . was active in con- -Alfit. 2::}(), them. -Nile minister, w!io juiviii" and building H^re. liivisifc'.e anrt sunk beneath the rolling and wooded terrain like .'• great mining inojuct, are tremendous woriis [\vliich no cue but the French military has seen. J-'AK-FLUXG -\ETWOHK Perhaps here ami there 111110113 the hills a wandering peasant has been ordered nv:ny Iroin a musli- roam-likc turret, or a new road or p:ncrele entrance like that cf a mU'.e shall hci barred the curious. B;il th» s'.ecl and reinforced concrete csscinafes arc not just scal- leml heU^r-sk.-'ltjr thrcugh the h:l!3. TRCJ arc lined up with one another lo give mu'iial protctlion by cru;.-nrc. r,:ui arc int?rcoiniectcd by a series of tunned arid galleries fnr bel'.'v: the giomitl—far enough to be safe ircm either hijii-explos- ive shells cr ncna! b:mbj. All the key |»sit!o:is nre buried deep in the liuvrels of Ihe hilb. Living quartets, niiijayjnss. stores, power stations, control posts, and macliinery arc rat of reach of any known m.-ans o: attack. MfU IO\S SI'i:.\T aomethin- !:k ; - SI50.C08.C03 has gone mo tjir'so cia'jcrat'j forts, which arc nf roi;:-.,? purely defensive in n.ilin:. , NC.U- cuch snc;o;- of tie- i fcnf-'S. |::N:::nn:'ir. p'.v.s of French 1 rcgtilar? inv? b??:\ establisho-J.'. Hut. In addition. Iho conscripts of Ihc ne:uiibo:-Ui;. v;!h-!es havo been i trained >: take ;he; ; - places as re- i i rives in the vurks en very short j Thus mob;)K--r.:on is sjiceded up. . rpccialu:i!icn of wr.rk. and th^ in- ; ccntive nf local defense an- all | niirls.l to cllectivencss cf the forts Tt U believed that within a :ow hours the frontier alon- the lin.-s. of new fortifications conlct be f'.os- I cd anr; s:c!ed. 1'KOOI-- AGAINST GAS The approach to one cf lhe."c forts is'ii.illy is by a sunken road leading j lo a rsncrclc-KBllcd entrance sim-I ibr io that of a mine. Tiir- pass"- I n;ri viil-.m ar>.- harrcrl by a .series of stj^l (ino:-.s. so that' even if the ciuranr.-- :.!:ciilri bs forced or destroy,-:!, successive set-tors cf th= . Frida l-lii, 10-35c ."Is dis pitcher chins's^al—and can doso college i- u t i o s tench us per- fcsscrs. a. ting or i\vo.!" : rJinnrhv; depcnd.i entirely on lov. W. H. Murray, who has in- Icated he will call no special el- ction. G. G. Caudill (itncrat Insurance 100 N. Broad* ay fhone 797 ilinois Church, 114 | Years Old, Celebrates i GOi.CONnA. III. (UP)—The con- I ;regatlon ol Ihe First Prcsbyteri- Friday & Saturday —Op Tin- Screen— . DONALD COOK and PEGGY SHANNON in OF THE JUNGLE' CREIGHTON CHEN ICY SERIAL CARTOON Gitade A Raw Milk Grade A 1'asteurized Milk I'lione 74 CRAIG'S DAIRY Last Time Today j Mat. 2:30, lfl-25c >\ Nile 6:'!5, 10-25c Fox'News Taxi -Buys Coinedv -On the Stage— FRIDAY — SATURDAY With a Special 10 A. l., SATURDAY — KOR KIDS ONLY 1'rice.s of ;inti Night PURCKLS.'S STAGE And Carniviil of Fun on the Stitgc Dngs Monkcvs I'onics (Jlcwns Acrohnlu .[ugt;Ifi's A«riulisls YOU'1,1, LAUGH, MOAN, GROAN AND HOWL! Corning Attractions ' \VEEKOFNOVSMBEU12ih DA.XN'ISTEIl applied of a lighter to bis tore he spoke. "My pulfp :i ,-ir> and you know It." lie s.iiii ;,o;v "A great ono you are to 1,1 Ki M ••;-.; Louie Kane's piracies! Ynu rnv. :i i a chance In r. thonsrintl o[ nri:i^ me In ou Hint West llavon nuiii-r'- Ho glanced down at his v. r;^t il. ' u ? ZASU 1MTTS EDNA MAY OLIVER TKI) HEALV ' ., Ard Hlr. Stooges . •'.. AND THE -METHO-' GOLPWYN-MAYER GIRLS' In sotni- nr-f. Ihe galleries and the p.isssjcs have been bialivl airtight, with mrans piovidcd both for aiti.lcial ventilation and for rais- •.1)3 the air pressure slightly above thai cf 11:? outside. ' 1 This would provtcb an effective tie!;::;.; aRaiu;: pa^ ;f all kinds, it is rxpcc'.ri. for sas could not enter an area where the a:r pressure was higher than that of the free gas Novelty Reel Eugene I'jillelte Comedy Welcome I.cgionmires .<t> l"y!hc villn: • - . bi3 tcyliood. Looking .nt him as he with a private office, secretaries to agrccJ. The drifted and laughter. Ihe 10 years disappeared. | staled, he needed a test. Dnvid Others lu the room lurncd (re- j Bannlsler seemed the picture ol queully lo glance at the table la]health, the corner, to nod and murmur and I Paiton was talking tben to look again. Always the gau of these men lingered on Bannister. They teemed Just & IWte In awe of this broad-sboul- deitd youug man with tbo chcsl- nut talr. iligblly ( rumpled, and tbo <fi,-{.Vj.i)rci. -Psitqn'B rather square tuca's'ir anlmaWfl and his words game Bcivoaily, wlili t rush, U now—]erk lly. with thai cliavaclerislic nsr- youngest cub on your staff. I'll IIEI you'd give n good deal to change places with him—" "Ap< you trying lo lell m« Ital you would? Because I'll aaie you vous emphasis. "I think I)un:s Is au otfer. You can go to work as Oulstde In the lobby t!, c lwo men besltaled. Uaunisler «.nA. "1 Can 1 liic.p . think I'll take a cab. you off anynUer» Th.3 otber sr.ook his head. "No he said. "1 think I'll ece if I inn find Psradlne. stop In m'i;.e of- In Guatemala," bo said. "At least j» cub reporter oa The Post, any ho 'was tho lasl 1 heart]. And iday. old man!" ' lice loitcrrow, why dmi t v.- Sr.odErass — remember Snmlsra?s.! llr.nnlslcr srinncd. "Think you're i "Maylia 1 will" isam,,,,'],. doa'l you? Well, by ncsrf*, bn's ;calling my bluff, dor, t you? All i Ited. "Well I'll <'rifi -,1'- raising rlilr.v.eiis!" i ngbl. you aie. Jiift the i-aiv.e, Jim juood niglit, JIK ; - Bannlsler einllc'l. "A north* r>-i "ajlfiii. you ktion- as well na i do | "Goort uirlit, "\n\ • FOR QUICK STARTING' IfKST FOR WINTER ATTERY New, Stronger, 15-Plate • • Yoiu- Old HaUei'v and •90 lorprise," Jio commented. "MtfUlut llio real Uirilii la ucwsuaocr I c.' Phone 811 Today Phillips Motor Co, SUNDAY - MONDAY, N'OV, im - l.'ilh Alice Hnnl." in 'STAGE MOTHER' Paramount News - - Laurel & Hardy C'nmcdy TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1 Ilh - 15lh \V. C. I'iclds, Allison Skipwurth and ISabv Leltuv in 'TILLIE AND CDS' Paramotiiil Newt; Cumctlv "liltic liiackhirtls" wilh Muran & Mack THURSDAY - FRIDAY, NOV. 10th. - 17th Jean H-irlow and Lcc Tracy in 'BOMBSHELL' Carloon - - Comedy with Ruth Kiting SUNDAY - MONDAY, NOV. 12th • 13lh Irene Dunne, Joel McRea. Trances Dec and Kric Linden in THE SILVER CORD' Novelty Heel - - Charley Chase Comedy '-. TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THUKSDAY, NOV. 14-15-1U Jack Buchanan in . 'MAGIC NIGHT' Fox News • • Coined v (Xa Uo i

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