The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER .15, 1949 BLITHE VILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE THf NATION TODAY— Dato for Hearings on Problem Of Incomes Snows 38 Million Earn Less than $2,000 Yearly By Janics Mnrlow WASHINGTON, Nov. 15. (fl»>—Next month the problem ol low- Income families will get an ahlng here. This will be at public hearings conducted by a subcommittee ol the Joint House-Senate Economic Committee. get ready for the hearings* J.S. Refutes Moscow's 'harge of Acquiring Air force Bases in Spain WASHINGTON, NOV. 15—</T)— "he Slate Department yesterday denounced as "absolutely without foundation" Moscow charges that Ihe United Stales is acquiring air bases in Spain. The Moscow Communist Patty the subcommittee had a staff of government specialists get Information together for it. The report of the staff was made public over the week-end. It runs 138 pages and Is an attempt to bring, up to (late information on low income people. The report said: "The stas, needs, and economic circumstances of the low income families in America have not been udequately appraised In recent 1$ What follows has been taken from the report: In 1948. there were about 3S'-6 million (amines and eight million Individuals not In families in • the Untied states. Nearly 10 million of those fam-i files—rcriresentliw 32 million per-, sons and six million individuals not in families—had incomes less (nan $2,000. Must Uve In City Most of the families below the S2.000 level are city or non-farm families. Of the total of nearly 10 million families, about 3 l>3 million lived on farms. Of that number, 1,700.000 had income less than $1.000 In 1948. Since low Income people can buy less tnin those w:th higher Income, the report says, they hold back the economic progress of the country. There are various reasons wny so many people have to live on incomes less than 52.000 a year. 'Some are physically handicapped some are people over 65 (about 1,700.000 non-farm families were headed by persons over 651. 'some get low income because they're unskilled workers. Abuui 1,500,000 city families with less than 42.000 Income were broken families. That is. they were headed by women because of widowhood, desertion, or divorce. But the report particularly stressed lack ol education Wsaid: "Slxtv four per cent of the non- farm families headed by per.sons between the ages of 25 and 64 receiving Incomes below 52,000 <in 1946) had not progressed beyond the eighth grade. "Only six per cent had gone beyond high school. Lack of etluca tlon for a better paying occupation thus appears as an important cause of low income. Opportunity Costs "More important than this, how ever. Is the fact that cducntiona opportunity in the United states at least beyond the grade-schoo level, still greatly depends upon th income status of the child's family "Low Incomes result from lack education, and lack of educatio for the next generation results fron the low'Ivienme.s o{ the present, a process which tends to stratify the population." Which is another way of saying: II it. child's parents can't afford to send him through school, his chances for climbing in the world nre cut down and, if in turn, he makes only a low Income, he won't be able to send his children to school. Those who favor government aid to education will probably use this •Trcport for support in arguing for ~ aid when Congress comes back in 1950. And it will be used also by those favoring wider social benefits from the government for the handicapped and agel. Senator Sparkman (D-Ala.1, (n releasing the report, said it docs not necessarily represent the Economli Committee's views but will be used as a base for its studies. British Girl, 3, Fitted With Set of False Teeth LONDON. Nov. 15. (/T>—A thrtc ye^r-old girl has been fitted with a set of false U'eth under Britain's national health plan. Dentists say the child, Anne Smith of Birtley. Is the youngest person in Britain wearing dentures, •Anne's own teeth came through d sc->lored nnd caused her much ill- health." said her mother. "Doctors said Ihnr had to be taken out." Anne will have to wear the tc-th, adjusted about every six months to fit her growing jaws, for seven years. By that time, say her rient'sts she will have her own see =et of leeth. newspaper Pravda declared the United states has built or Is preparing 99 air bases 111 Spain. It quoted a Spanish Communist paper, Muti- do Obrero- Llncoln White, State Department press officer, said the charge Is "so old It is beginning to grow whiskers." he added: "It Is completely without foundation and typical of the unfounded propaganda which the Russians have been putting out about the United Stales relations with Spain," British Given Christmas ' Gift: Added Food Rations LONDON, Nov. 16. (AP) _ Food Minister John Stracliey handed the British people an' early Christmas present yesterday, bigger rations of candy, tea, bacon and cooking fat. Stracliey announced the ration bonuses In the House of Commons. He said the government also will Increase the supply of Ingredient*. to bakers [or making cakes and cookies. The bacon ration will go up from three ounces a week per persons to four ounces starting next Sunday. On Dec. 4, the tea ration goes up from two ounces to two and a half candy from 16 ounces every four weeks to 22 and cooking fat fron iwc ounces to three a week. family Has Something ' In Common; It's Schoof LYNWOOD, Calif., Nov. 15. W)— Dr. Herbert A. Berry, Lynwood dentist. Ins wile, May. their children, grandchildren and great- grnndchil- Iren have something in conunon. All go to school. . Dr. Berry became a dentist alter ue >iad a wife and four children. He Is still taking courses at the University of Southern California, riis wile goes io Compton Junior College. She wanLs to be a writer son is studying to be a physiciin granddaughter, Mrs. Joyce!! Coopp 1 , is one ol her grandfather'^ lassmates at USO. She wants to ; a dental assistant. >.rs. Cooper's daughter, Janice wo-atid-a-half, attends nursery rhonl. She wants to be an ic ream truck driver. King Has the Last Word On Princess' Millinery LONDON, NOV. 15—W— K 1II g George VI has the last word on Princess Margaret's choice of hats- That, fashion item comes from the designer of the newset bond worn by the king's younger daughter. She wore It to ft millinery show yesterday. The hat was a black felt fez w 1 ^: a plume of ermine tails. One reporter said it looked like : guardsman's helmet. Aage Thaarup, Danish-born mil liner who whipped up the exclusive lOdel, said the king liked it. "He always has to see her hats cfore she wears them in public " Thaarup added. Young Girl Uses Buff For Trips to School SOUTH THOMASTON, Me., Noi 15 — (ifj— Marianne Lufkln, 12 couldn't have a pony so she settlei for a bull calf. . Ferdinand doe's more than si and smell flowers. He carries Marl antic to school and back. ' Marianne has taught the si nontlis old bull to obey—most c he time. Hiding astride a sadd made from an old belt, some burla nd a blanket, she steers the rope cins. Laddie, her Collie dog, trots along be hind If the reins and switch don't convince Ferdy to minds htsl business, the dog's barking usually does. Marriage Licenses The following couples have ob- ained marriage licenses at the of- cs of Miss Elizabeth Klylhe, coun- y clerk: Jose Garcia and Miss Teodora Rodrlquer, both of Blythevllle. William Kennedy of Leacln'ille ,nd Miss Peggy Grecnwall of Forest City. Charles Conglcton of East Alton, 11., and MUs June Day of St. Louis, Vfo Alfredo Murtinez and Miss Ellsa tordenoz, both of Blytheville. Jettle Kennedy of Blythevllle and \iiss Ruth McBrldc ol lllythevillc. Charles Ltnebarger and Miss Jo «i Sullins, both of Luxora. Virgil Ora Thompson and Mis Lcla Rose Dsmbach, both ol Oak Ridge. Mo. James H. Rogers and Miss Doro thy Je»n Higatnaon, both ol Ely thevllle. Leman H. Roblrds and Miss Mar Sue Rice, both of Manila. N THE I'KOBATK COURT FOB THE CIIICKrtSAWHA . I1ISTKICT, JllSSISSU'l'I COUNTY, AKKANSAS n the Matter of lit- Estate of Elijah V. llil, Deceased 1'robato No. 1910 N O T I C K Last known address of decedent: Route 1, Blythevllle. Ark. Date of death: October'20, 1949 An Instrument dated June 14, 1945. was on the llth dny of November, 1949, admitted to probate .IK the inst will of the above named decedent, and the underslgiicil has been appointed executrix thereun- der, A contest of the probate of the l can be eftected only by fltin? a petition within the time provide! by law. All persons having clntms agatnsi the cst;itc must exhibit them, rtulj verified, to the undc.rslRiK'd withir six months from the date of lln first publication of this notice, 01 tlu-y shall be forever barred am precluded from any benefit In estate. This nollcc first published latl The blue of the sapphire is due inlmim and beryllium. With the Courts Chancery. Geneva DuBois vs. Walter DuBois, suit for divorce. Mrs. Amy Jackson vs. John H. Stephens, et a!, restraining order relating to lots adjacent to Lot 204 of Block 16 in the original survey and suit for $225 actual damages and S2500 punitive damages from factory operations. Martha Lee McNabb vs, William Bvran McNnbb, JrT, suit for divorce. Edna Harris vs. Woodrow Harris, suit for divorce. WE NEED YOUR ' WIRE COAT HANGERS! Hangers Must Be Clean Bring Them j /V Per In! We Pay • V Dozen HUDSON Cleaner — Clofhier — Tailor iy oi November, 18W. Mary Grace lllll Wyalt. Executrix Route 1, Box 388, Blytheville, Arkansas Reid and Roy, attorneys, Blythc- Hc, Arkansas. ll|15-22 'arking Meter Penalties Icing Mode More Strict LAWRKNCBVILLE, III. (AP) — 'oik.s who Ignore purking meters seil to set oft with a warning. Uul LO more. Violators will be summon li to the City Hall to drop a nickel n n parking meter set up In po- N THE CHANCER* COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS (Chliluuwbi District) Millie Washam Wilson, Pltf. vs. No. 11,007 Louis O. Wilson, DIt. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Louts C. Wilson, Is warned to appear In this court 'lltiln thirty days and answer th« otnplatnt of the plaint!!!, Millie Vashain Wilson. This 31 day ol Oc,ober, 1915. HARVEi' MORRIS, Cleric By Deity Ball, D.O. John S. Mosby, ally., Lcpanto, Arkansas. U-8J15-22 NEW llnv Opens Week [l.iyb 7:00 p.m. .Mii'lliu-c Saturday & Sundays Mai.-Sun. 1 p.m. Con!. Shuulll Manila, Ark. Tuesday "POSTOFF1CE INVESTIGATOR" willi ^Viirrtn It mi]; lit M Alsn Blnirts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "THE BIG STEAL" with liulierl Mllihum, William Hcmllv, ami Juiit (jrcer Warner News A: Short Wednesday & Thnrsdtiy "BEAUTIFUL BLONDE FROM BASHFUL BEND" with llftly C,i;ilj|c Also Sllurl.s I UKSDAl NIGHT I.ATK SHOW 8:3(1 P.M. "AHIJADO DE LA MUERTE" A Mc.xlran Feature Wednesday & Thursday 'MY OWN TRUE LOVE' with ATelvyn Douglas anil Phvllll Calvert • News A Cumedy Today Only • Ouen 6:30 Arkansas Gets $200,000 '•or 'Disaster' Loans LITTLE ROCK. Ark., NOV. 15 (AP)—Arkansas has received $200,-j 000 in federal funds to assist disns-' stricken cotton farmers in 20 counties. J. V. Kighfill, stale director of Iho Farmers' Home Administration here, said the money, the first "installment" of federal funds which Us to be loaned to farmers In areas designated as "disaster" regions, was received yesterday. Highfill said he has been assurer! by federal officials that additional funds will be made available to fill the needs of Arkansas cotton farmers who were hard hit this year by wet weather and boll worm infestation. Chilly Weather, Snow- Flurries Hit North CHICAGO, Nov. 15— IIP')— It was on the chilly side along the northern tier of states from the northern plains to the New England stales today. Elsewhere teirjieratures generally were slightly above normal The mercury dropped to belov, freezing over the northern plain and as far south as Springfield III., where it touched 31. Then were a few snow flurries in thi Illinois capital city. Flurries aisf were reported over northern Mich igan and Northern Wisconsin. ALSO TWO CARTOONS Wedl ""CROSSFIRE" Thurs. "Homestretch" Our Entire Stock Of BLVTHEVILVE'S ONL> ALL WHITE THEATftf Last Day • Open ti:30 : Ann Cntlt) in "JUNGLE SIREN" Also "Some of the Best" RED CROSS and RHYTHM STEP Suede & Suede Combinations SALE BEGINS WEDNESDAY MORNING Brer Rabbit says.... MY SYRUP SPREAD ON BREAD SURE MAKES YOUNG FOLKS HAPPY! Brer Rabbit has the real sugar cane flavor also healthful Iron and Calcium T HE delicious taste of Louisiana sugar cane—iron, needed for good red blooei —calcium, necessary for strong bones and teeth! Children geto/i these when they eat bread and Brer Rabbit Syrup. And every day, whole families are made happier by enjoying delicious Brer Rabbit J5yrup on hot cakes, corn bread and biscuits. Tell your grocer you, loo, want Brer Rabbit Syrup. Packed in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Penick & Ford, Ltd., Inc. Reg. 10.95 & 12.95 Values All Sizes But Not in Every Style ALL SALES FINAL FAMILY SHOE STORE . 312 W«t Main Phone 2342

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