The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California on January 16, 1948 · Page 19
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The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California · Page 19

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 19
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THE; FRESNO BEE V Fresno. Cji., 7Kuf,7 J»ii. 15, Ia4» The ;Air Holy Land fight Takes 20 Lives; JERUSALEM, Jan. 16. -- Wi Bombings and shootings scourged the port city of !Wfn today Arab-Jewish fighting . throughout the Holy,land brought death to at least 2P persons. Jewish bombs in Haifa blasted Arab buses and homes the Jews believed sheltered Arab snipers. The Arabs replied with' shootings and stabbings in the streets. Hagana, the Jewish militia, an Bounced it was responsible for pre dawn bomb attacks in which IS persons died. Hagana said one-of the victims was a former German officer "who has been training and leading Arabs in anti JewijI tacks.' p .A Jewish Agency spokesman talc a news conference the agency hac learned from non Jewish sources in Syria the Damascus government had replied to Palestine's protest against attacks by Syrian volun teers upon Jewish settlements in the north a week ago. · » The reply, lie said, declared "the Syrian government is not in posi tion to restrain its masses, but ivil at all times respect its interna tional obligations." ' The spokesman said "the lack o frontier 'guards to restrain Syrian and Lebanese volunteers from join ing Palestine Arabs "is of major importance." The Copenhagen newspaper, Ber lingske Tidende, last night said the Arab League has tried to order machine guns for Arab armies from the Dansk Indtistri Sydikat, Danish manufacturer of the Madsen gun. The paper quoted A. Henckel, the company's managing -"'director, as saying the arms would not be supplied. Unconfirmed rumors in Copenhagen were the Arabs had been enroling volunteers for 'the Holy Land in Denmark and already had sent a small contingent to Sweden to await 1 transport to the Middle East. : ri«Uy, · January 16th · TO t e. si. KMJ--r*oplt An . Funny: · ti:30. Waltl Timf. KARM--Morgan, Ameclit, Laneford Show: 6:JO, Oszlt and Harritl. KMJ ....,..'.... S*i Kilocycle* K8GN (Day)....890 Kilocycles KYNO .........l»t« Kilocycle* KFRE ,,,,,,,,,, 13M Kllocvclei KABM ..., U» Kilocycle. KKKM (3.7 MiEacyclei ThiM Droxnmi .art corrected o th* lattct poMibU hour before pubU- emtlon Iron . Information auppllcd by the intlyjn and ir« lubleet to re.'l- tlon oi ctaceuatlon without notice. . For procrams from 6 A. M. to · P, M. refer to rsf«rea» laslt la your SundiT Bee. California.. Packing .': j Hai Satisfactory Year SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 16.-- Of)-- Altrcd W. Eames, president of California Packing- Corporation, told stockholders and employes' in an interim report today there is every Indication the fiscal year ending next February 29 will be "very satisfactory" both to stockholders and employes. Asked t a press conference about dividend payments, which were increased for the first quarter of 1948. Eames said that even more could be paid out were it not for the necessity of putting profits back into · · , $7,000,000 or more the business. Eames , , would be plowed back into the business this fiscal year, about the same , ^ST'sonl; l! W Vo j; 0 k:iS!" Si as in the previous fiscal year, Brown. . V : i i l - C i . A!.'*;,.. KYNO--Gabriel Heatter: 6:15. Five Star Final; 6:20. CrysuU Room; 6:30, Infor- matics please. 7 T. » r. M. KVJ--I^t'i 5-oofc At Tht. Newi; 7:13, 'Memorable JIU3ic; 7:30. SporuNmretl; 7:45, Your Vilhlns Fritnds. KARM--It Payi 'T« B* Itnorant! 7:30. Spotliglit Revue. i avalcad* Of Sports; 7:45. Sports nivik; 8:30, Thli 33 i V i t a l S t a t i s t i c s KYNO--Meet Th« Press; T :30. Cl«o Kid tt To 9 ' P. M. KMJ--Supp«r CiuQr. b:lS. Can You TOP This? KARM -- Lowtll. Tbomai: 8:15. Jwfc Smith; 8:30, Canny Thomas; S:ao, news. - KFRE--Charlie FBI. fls'O--Sctrltt Queen; 8:30, Ehvlrt Cross: 8:45, Toe Spooner; 8:53,. BUly RM*. · , r · 9 To 10 L*. M. .vld Street: 9:15, Cainpui 9:30. Mystery Theater. KARM--Baby Snooki; 9:30. Club Fifteen: 9:45. Edward Alurrow., KFRE--Break The Bank; 9:30. Famous Jury Trials. . KTN'O--GItr.n Hardy, news; 9:15, Beulah; 9:ilO, Ituld* Of Sports; 9:45, Henry J. Tayior, lu TO n r. JH. MJ -- News; 10:15, Opportunity Unlimited; 10:."0, Tops In Pops. 'AHM--diet Himtley 10:15. Dance Time. ;iTKK- Song Siiop; 10:15, Decision Ni 10:30, Ambassador Orchestra. :YNO--Fulion Lewis, Jr.;- 1U :15, ..Date \Vith A Disc. ··' 11 To Mldftliht :MJ--Cfiiifornian Orchestra; 11:15, Pro And Oon; 11:30, Starlight Nocturne; iiraa, Newi. CARM--Dant* Tim*. 1?RB -- ciaremont Orchestra; 11:15, Giro's; 11:30, Breneman's. CYNO--Date With A Disc; 11:45, news. Truman Still Plans To Build Balcony · WASHINGTON, Jan. 16. -- · W) President Truman, likening opposition' to his proposed balcony to that against the first White House bath tubs, said today.he is going ahead with the construction. Truman recently disclosed plans 'to build a balcony outside his ovnl room study on the south portico of the mansion. He told his news conference opposition -,lo it is pretty much the snmc as that which fought the original bath tubs, gas lights and cooking stoves there. He said the earlier innovations entirely changed the interior of the White House, that Mrs. Miliard Fillmnre put In thc.'first bath tub and was almost lynched for doing it. Representative Muhlenberg, Republican, Pennsylvania, an architect, raised latest objection to the balcony . construction today. He told the house: It is to he remembered that pub lie buildings are not the* persona property of any tenant . '. . and U is not their prerogative to make physical suit persona desires. STEMl'US--In Fresno. January 10th, to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robert Stenple 631 West University AYtnue. a son. JUKNSUX--In Fresno. Jamiarr nth, to Air. and Mrs. William Jam» Johnson 246 Howard Avenue, a son. LDttKlSOX--In Fresno. January lOlh. to Mr. and -Mrs. Clarence Edward Morrison, Tranquillity, a daughter. BK(W*--la Fresno. January 30th, to Mr and Mrs, Grronirco Brown, Pinedale, a -' daughter., . MKLANOV1CH-- In Fresno. January 9th to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ntklanovleh Route S. Box 9GX. a daughter. FHOST--In Fresno, January lith. to Mr and Mrs. Forrest Tcmpleton Frost, 31° North Calaveras Street, 'a son. I'lTES--In Fresno. December 31st, to Mr and Mrs. Keith Edwards Pipes, S4f Pine Avenue, a. daughter. BKTHKL--In Fresno. Dwrember 22nd, t Mr. and Mrs. Room Bethel, Selma, m daughter. · I'UJJRIM -In Fresno, Decemwr 2^na, i Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pilgrim, Selma, daughter. . ' " CLK1IKXCE--in Fresno. December 22rn to Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Clemence, Flv Points, a daughter. . . WALKRK-- In Fresno. December 23rd, t Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Walker, Route 9 illLMEK^In Fresno, December 24th, Mr. nnd Mrs. James MlHer, Firebaush KSTRAlfA--"in FreiDO, December 25th. t Mr. and Mrs. Jess 'Estrada, Route 3 Box 445.- a daughter. KIFFKJE 1 A.Ml f ELS(.\--In Kmsspurg. January 16. 1045. -Aususs Samuelron. A native of Sweden, as«d S6 years. Friends arx lavlud to attend the jravesiiie services to be held la the Kinssburr Cemeter at 2 P. M. .on Saiurdiy, January 17, 194R George »nd Beatrtc* Garaer, Funeral Directors. BLASLNGAMK -- In Clovls, January 15, tt uaiib""... oc.l t -In Fresno. December 2fitli. t atiirday, January (7th 8 To 7 A. M. KMJ--Down Harmony J-ane- 6:15. newi t«me;-fi:30, Western lilt Parade; 6:45, Saturday £arm Review. . _ ARM--Sunrise -News; 6:15, Sons O' Guns; 6:30, Decision Now; 6:45, Sorts 'Of The Pioneers. ;PRB--Hayloft Jamboree.. . :YNG--Pan A mencana: 6:15, MornlnB Devotion; 6:17; Bar 13 Corral. 7 To M - A. M. OtJ--Luke Wills; 7:15, news; 7:30, Brealcfant Broadcast: 7:45. Gam Hayei. ARM--Ed ClouKh, new*; 7:15, Pleasant Travelers; 7:110, Bob Garred; 7:45, .Timely Tunea. KFRE--Newi; 7:35, Wax Shop; 7:30. news; 7:45. Clork Watcher. KYNO--Frank. Hemingway, newi; 7: Rlae and Shine; 7:30. news; 7: Ozark Valley Folks. 8 Tn 9 A. M. CMJ--Curtain Calls; 8:15. Tune Time; S::iO. Smilin 1 Ed AlcConnell. KARM--Warren .Sweeney; S:05, Let'* Pre. tend; S:30, Escape. !FRE--Abbott and Costello; 8:30, 01 The Lost. KYNO--News; Know; ;30, Vale FIJI Want To Glenn Miller :15, Jews; 3:45. ti II) A. A. KMJ--Jack GregRson; 9:30, Farm Review. KARM--Theater Of Today: 9:30. Big Sis. McClatchy Your Two Are Injured In Minneapolis Blast.. MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 16.--(INS --Two workers were recovering to day from injuries suffered in an ex g lbsiori and fire which wrecked thi. enernl Mills Company, No. 3 plnntl in Minneapolis. The loss was 1 placed at $250,000 by officials. Gregory Martin, 35,'- of nearby Robbinsvale, and Daniel .Wyson, 28, of St.'Paul, were burned yesterday when a storage tank blew up and set fire to the plant. Only the walls of the three story brick ;bullding were left standing. A large amount of srain was stored In the building." Rob Donald Nelsons WEST LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16.-(INS)--The police today reported thieves entered the home of Don- al'd M. Nelson, president of Ihe Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers, and stole jewelry valuer! by his wife at 51,000. RFRB-- Safety First; 9:15. WCTU; 9:30 Three Sons; 9:45. Future Farmers. . JCYNO -- Pan' Americana; fl:15, AH Aboan For Adventure: 9:30, Tro Arte Quartet 10 To It A. M. KMJ -- Farm And Home Hour; 10:30 Meet The Weeks; KARM-- Grand Central ( Station;. 10:30 K.FRK-- American " Farmer; 10:30, Jna Rolando; 10:45, news. TNO -- Glenn Hardy, 'news: 10:15.. Gille* Pie's Garden Guide; 10:30, Bands Fo B01 ""'- 1t A. " M . To 12 Kn»n ' KMJ-- Archie Andrews; 11:30. Walker's Kitchen; 11:45, Pauline -E KARM-- Mary Lee Taylor; 11:30, Giv And Take. ' · - KFRE -- Metropolitan Opera KYNO -- Western 'Hit Parade.-. . (Advertisement) -- Mews? i Man On The Farm. "l-ukt" WIIU; ' Althoueh the Campus Reporter heard every Friday night at 9:15 features current happenings in Fresno State College life, it has more than interest lo the present student body. Many alumni tune to the program each week to satisfy old nostalgias of college days and to keep up with present activities. The program features news of the past week and forthcoming events, including sports news, student government, serial events and a special cuesl who is prominent in campus affairs. The program is broadcast by Fresno State students Bob Lurker, a sophomore, and Barbara Reichcl, a junior. TnnlRht at 10:.M r. M., KfcJ wil. present » special broadcast nvent when the rovlnc microphone visits (he I.Ions International Midwinter Confercnco which Is bcinc held in Fresno this week. Walt C»vc. special events announcer will Introduce some of ihe leadlnir flsnrrs In tho convention of one of the nation's leading service clubs. Orchestra leader Mark Warnow will be the guest star on "The David Sf-'et Show" nt 9:00 P. M. lo- nipht. with the Mcllo-lJirks n n d Ihe Ernie Felice Quartel. When two men fry to nutwlt each o t h e r o v e r » woman they both love, the results CARM--News; 12:15. Garden Gate; 12:31 Radio Kids Blole Club: .. EFRfi--Opera, ^YNO--Music Room; 12:30, news; 12.Mi Four Knights. J To 2 P. M. _ Mi--Doctors Today; 1:30. Fresno Coun · c!l of Churches. KARM--Treasury Bandstand; j.:3i Music: 1=43, F. B. Williams. CYNO--Sports' Parade; 1:30, Disc Ma 2 To 3 P. M. ·CMJ--Saturday Juke-. Box. KARM--Philadelphia. Symphony Orchestra KFRS--Teu and Crumpets;. 2:45, He Koury. , · · · - [CYNO--Dlec Matinee. ~ KMJ--News; 3:15, Religion In The IS'fiWi 3:30, Symphony. . KARM--Cross Section. U. S : A.; 3:Ji Fresno Evening HIph School. KFRE--Piano Playhbuse; 3:30. Luncheo with MagEle McNclIls and Herb 1 She don. ivYNO--Disc Matinee. 4 Ty fi P. M. iCMJ--Symphony: 4 :3(l, Curtain Time.-, {ARM--Hawk Larrabee; 4:30, orgai 4:45, Koagj CarmiehAel. CFRE--The Vagabond^ 4:15, Harry Wi mrr; 4:30, Record Shop. . KYNO--Sport* Review; 4:15, Frank Hei jnetvjiy; 4:30, Henry King. . (V Tn ft I'. M. KMJ--Valley' V!snette»; 5:15. news:.5:3 Kins Cole Trio; 5:45. Elmer Peterso KARM--Knox Manning: 5:15. Sport 5:30, Charles Colllncwood; 5:45, Bj Carred: 5:55. Ned Calmer. KFRE--Our Town Speaks; 5:30, Spor KYNO^New*; 5:15. Christian Scienc 5:30, Munic; 5:45, Jan August. MurderSuipe'ctWi'lJ Be Returned To Placer ROSEVILUE, J*i. 16.--m--Assls ant District Attorney I.slhnd Prop nnd Bnrnett Husc of the state a partmcnl of criminal Invcsligatio were to leave San Francisco h plane late today for Miami to r turn Charles Edwin Thomnsson Placer County. Thomnsson, 26, described by u FBI as nn arms' deserter, is charg with the murder of 25 yenr o Lulu Mac Snstcy of Stockton. ' Her bullet riddled body was ... - . Mr. and Mrs. Vern Elfterl, . Koule n'-F^no-. December 26th. .to M: and Mrs- Joe Kios. Clovls a daughte, ^TIN( -- In Fresno. December 27tn, I Mr. and Mrs. Joaquln Patlno, Route 13 A B KCIA-I* F?.3no. Decen.b.r 27th t Mr and Urs. Apollnar Oarcla, Rout S. Box 544, a daUKhter. rr.AI.ADO-- In Fresno. December oOt to Mr. and Airs. Herman Recalado, 40 Geary Avenue, a daughter. , i l t 0 I l l t r . r X 111 f 1C""", -""""·4 " ei-rmft ind Mrs. Acee Gooden, 83 · G bir«t, i!^K/KSn 23SSS 3% nttiruVr--In da Fr«no: Decemher 30t' I" Mr. «nd Mrs. Jot Rodrigue?, Sange 1 lRU£lltCr - - January 12th. to M B. House, 217 Pin and Mrs. Jack ,,,,,,_.!--In Freeno. Janufery 15th. An- ctl* from Jo*: DeP.uoil: Interlocutor}- Uenc:' ? mielty. ^^ f . Hll ^ w ' : ; A|( ; v Erraa'*Mrfrom Barft"n7McIJonai5; Joier- locutory decree; cru*lty. DEATH NOTICES *,:(.:,!.\.V lr. Orange Csvt, Jasaarr --· 194S, Nick Sraoljan, a native of Yupo- la.vla. Rgcd 6'J years. Loving father of John and Leo Smoljan. of Orange Cove: lovlnc brolhec of Tony Knwlian of Greenfield, Ktrn County. Member of Orance Cow. Andrew Smoljaa uf Soledad. JUmber of the Croatlan-Stovonian Benevolent Society of Los Angeles and the United Herzecovinian Caihoiic Eene- volent Society of Los Angeles. F.osarj in the Catrne Chapel Friday nipht at cipht P. si. A-requtem ma:s will be celebrated (In Saint Anthony Church in Reedlty. January 17, 194S. at nine A. M. for the repOM of his eoul. Interment tn Dlnuba Community ^lauscleum. Huebbcrs officiating. Horn* -!a charge. Cairns Funeral Florists C O'N D I T S --BEAUTIFUL. FLORAL W 1305-07 Fulton .Ph.4-4707 FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYVTHERE MEMORIAL FLORAL SHOP Specialising In Funeral Designing 1025 W. Belmorit Ph. 4-1*" LEGAL NOTICES XOT1CK INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS Pursuant . to stntulD ami to NOTICE Of INTENTION T, M. V. Bairies. operating* n^rn* or Thft Fresno Amaleur A I, in elk' " : h" hnrehy nmilfeh ray f n t n t l o i i uf ..^lylng to" tnc State Athletic Com mission for a license to conduct Ama- :eur Boxlnp at Ryf»n's Arp»*. 1310 Fresno Street. Fresno. California. (Jan. 13, 14. 15. 16. 17. IS. IS, 20, 21, 32. 23. 24. 25. 26) Resolution of the Commission of the City of Fresno. directing this Notice, said Commission of the City of Fresno hereby Invites-sealed proposals or Dtds for the sewering 1 of Lots 323 to 600. Inclusive. Resubdlvl- stort of Kearney Villa Place; IJdlson Heights and Edison Helchts No. 2 In the City of Fresno described In Resolution of Intention No. 190-D. which said Resolution was duly and regularly passed and adopted toy the Commission KOTIC£ OF HEAKLNG JPKTITION FOK ANNEXATION OF ALAMKIIA SCHOOL DISTRICT TO T H E GREAT WESTERN UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN lo aU persons concerned.'that a petition has been filed with the Board of Supervisors oi Fresno County. California, under the provisions of Section 2S01. ct scq.. of the Education Code of the State oE California, fnr th? annexation of. the Alamrda School District to the Great Western Union School District: "NOTICE is HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that the said petition will be heard by ihe Board of Supervisors at their office In the County Courthouse Fresno. California, at the hour, of 2:00 o'elocfe P. M., on January! 27. 1WS. at which time and place any crested person may appear and oe tlon ? . . Mrs. Grace Ho;;ue of Fresno; grand- made for full particulars and pari mother of thre* pranvichiidren. A native lar description of said work and a Par- . 1v , s - - ticular · dc»vrtDt!on o f - t h e assessment! (Jr.n. 9. 36. lyib) 1-- HOMIS FOK SUE "TODAY'S BUYS G. I. EQUITY . APPROX. S2800 DOWN 505 » aimnpioii. Lovely 2 -bdrm. homt appros. 6 mcs. eld. 1.173 pq. ft. fir. space. L^e. llv. rra. with frplc. Ven. blinds tbruout.. din. rm. and brkfst. nook. Ige. kitchen, lots of til*, beautiful bathroom with. answer over tub. hdwd. firs, thru- out. tibi. garapf, 10x12 basement. Possession cloce of escrow. 3.BDRM. HOME APPROX. S3500 DOWN . . HI and J citv. si-ieivallts and inspection call tnis . . ushj, insid* curbs. Kor your . EAST POSSIBLY G. I. ·iSil ilcKorzie. Lovely 3-bdn home. Prewar buih. Nfcply la, scaped. Sidewal_H*. curbs. Nr. velt Hi and County Clerk and ox-Offl-i - clo Clerk of the Board ot Supen'Isors of F r e s n o ! County. California. ! By CEO. M. FURNEAUS. j Deputy Clerk. I of Californin, aged 74 y*srs. Pnvate fi^ieral service will bc-fttld Saturday,. Januarj' 17. 1318. at 11 A. M. ai her home, 406 Oxford Av*., . Cloris, with Rev. -Ed^ar Braillvy ofClcUUns. Inltt- merit v Ciovis Cemetery. P!*ase omit flow*rs. ·UKCELI--In Fresno, January 11. 194$. Guy William Purceli, beloved hutbacd of Edna Purceli; loving father of Jarpd. Roy B. Purceli: brother of Miss Amy Purceli. all of Fresno. Mrs. Laura. ilal:ie and Airs. Lillian Cheney o* Canogo Park. Otto V. Purcell of Glendora. Mrs. Myrtle Hanaell and Erneat H. Purceli of Qrefion, ' a nativt of Kansas, aged 64 years. Friends are Invited to aurad services Saturday morning at ten-thirty o'clock In the Slrphens Memorial Chapel. Cremation. Parking next to Library. Stephens Bean Funeral Service. r ARSONS--In .Sacramento. vJanuary S. 1948. Sue M, Parsons. A native of California, aged 66 years. Beloved wife of Everett Curtis Parsons of Sacramento; lovlng mother of Everett Curtis Parsons, Jr of Vallejo Roderick Shaw Pardons of Redding: sister of Krnegt Sha\v of New York and RIcliard Shaw of Sacramento; grandmother of Everett Curtis Parsons, J1I of Vallejo. Frii vited · to attend the graveside funeral services to be held at Belmont ilemoria' Park on Saturday afternoon, Januarj 17th at two'o'clock. Rev. L. A. Wood officiating. The remains will lie In slate in the chapel of the'Lisle Funeral Home Li and Calaveras Streets on Thursday ^HOSPITAL . ,.j 75x143 ft. throuKhnut. tile 15. Hvias and dinlrc rm.. h xvith sep. stall 5how?r. Nwely landscaped w:tS !3:s or shade xnd a Mirink!in= svs.. sine- walk! ar.d curb?. The best valus I've seen. Tfrms can b« arranged. nfc* 1 ;ounty.of Kresno, State of California. . Bids shall be made on the following Units and itemized as follows: ,162 linear feet of S" Vitrified Clay Pjpp sewer, in place ,246 linear feet of 6". Vitrified Clay and Friday and until i flay. it o'clock Satur- M C I J A l t K N -- I n Fresno. January 14. 394S. Roger W. McLaren. A native of Oakland. a B ed 71 years. Brother of Frank C McLaren of Oroville; uncle of Huth Flshir of Oroville. Friends are Invited to attenrt the funeral services \ held in the chapel oi the .Lisle Ft Home, t. "and Calaveras Streets on urday mornlnp. January IT. 194R, Sat- it 30 o'clock. Ir. Clair A. Morrow officia Inc Interment Belmont Memorial Park OASLKY--In Fresno, January 14, 1948 William Robert Oakley. Father of Her hert Oakley of Madera, Csrl Oaklej of Louisiana. Georse Oakley of Oregon Charles Oakley of Pomona, Mrs. Kath · Arkansas, anil Mrs vllie. Four brothers jno. December 241 flrton Thornton, 261 / Yosemlte Avenut. a rtaURhter. Mr ana Mrs 1 . Robe i« 201, ,o L« Lcn'U, 1118 Mr and Mrs. Mnrvln Hanson,' 221 \Vest Olive Avenue, s. son. A V T K l t In Fresno "December 31st. to Air. nnd Mrs. Charles Wayne Baxtei 4XCIIK7^!"n Fr^Yno 1 December 19th to Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Sanchez, Fl\« in"TFVrFI I * - - I n " Fresno Deccmbei 15th t o ' M r . and Mrs. Robert Eugene PeUengcll. 3261 Hedges Avenue n son COSTA--In Fresno. Becemher 23rd. to ?,Ir. nnd Mrs. .Jesus Acosta, Route 7, IWXK-- InVrTVnn. December .21st,_to MrV anrt Mrs. Henry Ainfilie Thafie, 711 North Broadway, n. son. . W I N D -- I n Fr«no. December 31st. to Mr and Mrs. David Adam Wind, 838 University Avenue, a dftupnter. ' 1.LKS--Tn Fresno, necember 29th. to Mr. and Mrs.. Bert Carl Allen, Shave iO.MKZ-- In Fresno, January 10th, to Mr and Mrs. Cruz Gomez, 711 Collin: GKF^KN--In Fresno". December · 22nd. «( Mr. and Mrs. Waller Jack Green, 5042 Monlecilo Avenue, a. son. ' EFEVES--!n Fresno. "December 23nl. Mr iinrt Mrs. William Reeves, 1; Jlan Pahlo Avenue, a daughter. VH1TEHOUSK -- In Fresno. Decembe 261H. to Mr. and Mrs. Arnct Thoma Whileliouse. 12B North Van Ness Ave ntia. a daughter. ,,,. fASTRIlFIM-r-ln Fresno. January tin Mr and Mrs. Ronald Alexande a;trofln1. Madera, a daughter. OGAWA--In Fresno. December 27th, Mr. nnd Mrs. Klkuo Ofiawa, herman -JRn 0 --In Fresno Derpmher 27th. to Mr anrt Mr". Richard L. Ford, 2020 Nortl Fruit Avenue, a dauRhter. DAVENPOKT--In Fresno. December 1 fith lo Mr "and Mrs. Kenneth Vernon Daven port. Route 11. .Box 7-1. a daughter ~ LICENSKP TO WED found In a field near Rn^cvlllc December fllh.. She was working as a waitress in Stockton whim shc.dis- nppenrcd early in November. Thomasson Imd worked ns a bellliop and bartrndor in Stockton and as a cook tn Fresno. KIIDER-\VIIEAT- Jn Fresno, Jamie 15th. William C.'Kliidcr, 37. and Pear V; Wheat. 23. both of Fresno. swVFM^KAilMtE--in Fresno, Janu: 15th E. W. Fowell. 56, and El ·Rabnke. 39. both of Alt-berry. HARH1S-KIDD--In Fremo, January Inth Mon Harris. 3fi. and Pauline C. KldQ 23, both of Selma. ' HIIRO-ORTIZ--In Fresno. January 35th Jot Arlettn. 55. and Fcllcilas Soto, 2f both of Fresno. 8BAI»T.F.V-rANZEX--In Fresno. Januai 15th, Eliot E. Bradley. 32, Fresno, an -Grace A. Janxrn. 21, Sacramento. CONTKEKAS-BKDOVA--Iq Fresno, Jam ftry 15th, P.aoul.F. Contreras, 22. an DorlH L. Bedoya. IS. both of Selma. RUSE-ROSS--In Fresno. January 35th Jimmy W. Ruse. 18, find Nancy J. P.os 1R. both of Fresno. MenoXAT.n-LAMtFomi--In Fresno. J n n iarv 15th, Albert R McDonaH. 3fi. an JeflVplft M. llankfnrd, 21. both of Clovi AICAROSIAN-BAL1AN--In Fresno. Jam nrr IHtn. SnrkSs Aharonlan, 51. an Mnry Ballnn. 53: both of Kan Francinc TOOKMAXIAX-BAIJIKIAN--In Fr e E n January 15th. Melky Tookmanlan, 31 Aliadcna, anrt P.ose Bnlnklan, 26, Pa Her. A(i1IILAR-KSPIN07.A--In Fresno, Januar Ifllh, Domingo I fc Apuilir, 22. anrt R mnna Knpinora. 17. both of I-alon. llAVMOXn-^ONKS--In Frcuno, Junuai 15:h, Oeorfie F. Raymnnd. 31. Filtsblir; and F.thclda Jrne.«. 2T. Kresno. A«mLAH-»KMr.KK--In Fresno. Jamn 15th. Ralph Apilttr. 21. and Ruin Hen prr. 19. J)oth of Frrsno. KOSTER-GIACOSK -- In Reno. Jamiir 13tb. Walls W. Foster, 24, ami Jeam J. Oltvconr. 19. Itotri nf Frc?m Named In Paternity Suit i nv ,,. L Q S . VlVgini» . . ROnRiqi;F,7 - . ~ In Visall erlne Simpson of Ann Hall of Gree _ and sisters also survive. A native t Texas. »5ed 61 years. Funeral servici will be conducted trom Yost v% eni Chapel Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock Rev James C. Matthews officiating. In terment in Mountain View Cemetery. A M O O H J I A N " -- I n Fresno, January 15 194S Bedros Peter Damoorjian. Broth er of Mary Chooljian of Del Rpy; uncl of Armen Dick Chooljian of Del Re\ Buran Chooljlan of I,os AnEele.-). Mrs A Zaillan of San i'ranciaco. Mrs. B Kavolan of Fresno. Mrs. Zavart Pa pazian and Mrs. Biadzar Papaxlan New York. A native of Armenia, age 77 years. Funeral services will be i conducted from Yost Webb Chapel! Saturday afternoon at 3:30 0 clock. Rev. A. H. Ci.aKmanjian officiating. The remains will be forwarded to Weehawken. N. J.. for interment. ODMEK--In Fresno. January lu, 194S. Georne Bodmer. Father of Mrs. Gene : vleve Richard anil Mrs. Eleanor Richard Isirlct proposed to be assessed lo p a y j ~ he cost and expenses thereof. Reference is hereby made to the (Sans and specUlrations for s-ald work) lasted and also on file in the officer t the Citv Clerk of the Citv of Fresno. · CLASSIFIED INDEX Bouse Assn. . *--rnfurnished 71 I 39V ...VIA! . . M C I Pipc sewer, in place 357 4" on 6" "Y" Branch ___ _ ranches, in place 35 masonry manholes with cast Iron - frames and covers 4 lampholes with cast iron frames a nd covers AH proposals or bids shall be accom- anled by a cheek payable to the City u f Fresno, certified by a responsible ank. for an amount which snail not . be less than ten per cent of he-as"re£ate of. the proposals, or by i bond for the said amount, and so payable, slsned by the bidder and two sureties who shall Justify before an officer competent to administer oath n double said amount and over and above all statutory exemptions, or by . corporate surety bond f o r . said [mount. i Said sealed proposals or bids shall i ue delivered io the Clerk o( the said Commission o£ the Citv of Fresno, to- u-it: to the City Clerk of the City of Fresno, not later than the hoiy of 10:00 o'clock A. M.. of the 29th day of January, 194S. said time being not less than ten davs from the time of the first publication and posting of said notice. Bids will be opened on said day and hour. The said Commission of the Clty-o! Fresno also determines and declares that serial bonds bearing Interest at the.rate of six per cent (G7r) per annum shall be issued to represent each Auin Supplies, Tires Etc .391 UVTO, TRCCK RENTAL 69 A17TOMOB11.K TU^SSIFIED DISPLAY '3, AUTOMOBILE LOANS 63 AUTOMOBILES BOUGHT AND ^ AIJTOMOBli.KS *KUB "EXCHANGE. . .d~ AtT03IOKILt:S FOR SALE 64 AUTOMOBILES WANTED ^0 ....J...J, fiiini, Cantrn* ;J-| Boats. Sports Equlpnwnt ,· .''-J KHlIdins SuppUes. Kooflnt 391 Bulhlli.r To Br Mnvcd ^9 Bl'SlNFSS. Industrial LuU ·* BVSINKSS OPPORTUNITIES IB BrSI.VF.SS WOllTUNITIES \VANTI-: n " BUSINESS 1'ERSONALS 2l CHINKSK HMKHS 23 COUNTRV RKAI. ESTATE -. · 8 COUNTHY ItKAl, ESTATE TO RENT 9 COUNTRV REAL ESTATE ' WANTED TO KENT 10 assessment of cd to repre twenty-five dollars (525.00) or more remaining unpaid for thirty days after the date of the warrant. Said serial bonds shall extend over a prriod cndlnp .nine years from the 2nd day of January next succeeding the next Oct. 35th following their date.' Payments on the principal of unpaid assessments and Interest shall be made by properly owners to the City Treasurer, and the same shall be disbursed by him. all as provided in the said Improvement Act of 3911. Dated January 15lh. 1948. ' (SEAL) C. E. ROUGHTON. Citv Clerk and Clerk oE the Commission of the City of Fresno; California. (Jan. 16. 17. 1948) both Minn or Fresno sota; fiv , ''George Bortmer grandchildren and four . --------grand children also surv native of Wisconsin; at;ed 7S 3 The -remains will be forwarded t Paul Minn., for funeral servjce Intermcnt by I.YNN--T ~ Yost Jt Webb Mortuary. January 15, 1048. 'William Bedford 'Flynn. Husband Donney Flynn ot Fresno; father J. Flynn anil Mrs. Marparct Coe of Fresno. John Flynn and Mrs. Margery Leonard of Taft, Elmer Flynn of Bakersficld, Woorirow Flynn fif Del Heisnts. and Mrs. Mildred Tlpton of New Mexico: brother of Jack-Flynn of Oklahoma and Mrs. P. A. Rtrorip of Tennessee; twelve grand children and two creat grind children jilso survive. A nrt- tlve of Tennessee, aged 73 years. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Toet Webb Mortuary. KTKA--In San Dicfjo, January in, 1P4S Stipan Sctka. Brnlher of Mrs. Tuna Nakich of Yugoslavia: uncle of Mrs, Mnnda. Santlch of Fresno; three grand' ncpnewf. three prandnleces. and two Kreat grandnephews also survive. -·' native of De.ina, Dalmncia, YiljoalaviR aged G7- years. Thfi funeral cortcRi will leave the Yost A: Webb Jloruiarj Saturday morninR at 9:45 o'clock thence to St.-AlphonsuB Catholic Church, arriving at 10 o'clock, where mass will h« celebrated for the repose of his soul. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend rosary services In life Yost Webb Chapel tonight at S o'clock. [CT.AUGLIN -- Tn Fresno, January 14, 19-1R. Mrs. Nannie McLaugiilin. Moth er of J. T. Hudson of Sacramento; sislcr of Mrs. Cora Bfrdett of San Joa^ qiiin, Mrs. Fannie Perdue and Mrs Ullie Harkins of Oklahoma. A nativ) of Missouri, aged 7" years. Services Saturday, January 17, J94S. 1 1». M. Sunnyside Mausoleum, I,on£ Beach. C Harry Palm funeral Sen-ice. BAHY AI.»AIX)S--Infant son of Mr. NOTICE OF I X T K N D K D SALK Under Section 3110 Ci\il Code oi Oi Plate of California rOTICE 'TS HEREBY GIVEN: That BALDWIN'S INC. and JOSEPH KAUFMAN. Vendor, whose address Is HOT Fulton Street. In the City of. Fresno,, County ot Fresno. State of California, intends lo sell to BOND'S JEWELERS, Vendee, whose address Is 215 West Fifth Street, in the City of Los Angeles. County -of Los Angeles. State of California, the following described personal property to-wit: All fixtures, equipment and poot H of a certain jewelry business known as Baldwin's Inc. anrt locate at HOT Fulton Street In the City c Fresno, County nf Fresno, Stair of 1 California, and that a sale, transfer and assignment nf the same will be made, nnd the consideration therefor will hr paid at 10:00 o'clock A. M. on the 26th rtav of. January, -1948. ai the office of J.' L. Fcinfeld at 215 West Fifth Street In the City of Los An- pcles County of Los Angeles, State of California. Dated J a n u a r y 33. 19'1S. ·BALDWIN'S INC. Bv JOSEPH KAUFMAN. Vendor. ." BOND'S JEWELERS By THOMAS KIVEL, Vendee. (Jan.'lS. 1948) Mrs. Candida at birth in . survived by his ill FLEXES FOK SALE » uplexes--FurnlshfS 521 , u ^) rxea _Un furnished 53 Elertrlc Appliances 39 FOR SALE--Mil eel Inneom .........30 Garden Suppl!f», Fertilizer* 39 1AT, GRAIN. PASTURAGE 4» HELI' \VASTKH--Female 29 HF.f.r WANTED--Ftmalfi with Investment 1 ! HELP WANTED--Male ,-33 HFL1* WANTED--Ma!r »nd Female. .37 CETJ' WANTED--Male'with investment ..- "5 HELP WANTED--Saletnwn 36 iELP WANTED--Salesmen and Saleswomen 38 fEI.P WANTED--Saleswomen 3^ lO.^IES FOK SAtE -, I Intel Ap»rtm*n( 5- HOTFJ.S. APARTMENTS-Out of Town ·?* iH.sehnid Hixids i -t-J 1I1SP ,--Furnished *-"i »lo:i5C5--Partly Furnished n2ri Houses--L'nfttrnlihed 53A| INCOME PKOFEKTV FUR SALE ... 2 \ INSTKt'CTION COCRSF.s--Fpmale . -34 INSTRrCTION COFHSES--Mule ...30 INVESTMENT 18 LIVESTOCK '· 4S LIVESTOCK WASTED ....: 47 :.orr,E NOTICF.S 23 [XST AND FOUND 24 LOTS FOR SALE 3 Machinery. Motor*, F.if 31)1. ISCRLLANEOCS CLASSIFIED DISPLAY A Miscellaneous to Exc-iinnce 3ft -I MtstfTltunrnii*. to Kent 301\ SIISCELLANEOIiS WANTED 40 MONKV TO T.OAN--Real Estate N O T K I K T(t KLKCTRICAL CONTRACTORS Notice is ..hereby given that the if Fre.«no locnl h05pital. He is mother. M.irrtureta Al- Fresno City High School District \ v . receive bids for the First Project oi the re-Hfrhtintr and necessary re-wirlnp of the Fresno High School, located at 1S39 Kcho Avenue. Fresno. California. in accordance with documents on file with Carl F. Wolf. Engineer, 1112 Jones Street, and with the Business Manager o£ the Fresno City Hteh School District. 234S Marlposa Street. Fiesno, California. Bids shall be submitted on forms prepared by and which may he ob:alned irom said Enuineer. Bids must be- accompanied bidder's bond or certified check for not less than ten per cent (10%) of ihr amount of the hid and mafic payable to the Fresno CHy Hlph School Dis- and filed S.'WS Mari- MONEY VTANTEn MONKV WANTED ON--Heal Kstfttf. .20 MOTOKr.VCI.FaS FOK SALE ~? MOVING A N D STORAGE Bl OFFICES. STORE!!. MISCELLANEOUS TO RENT ....59 I'RT STOCK--Don. CnK ^2 Plnnililnc Siinnlirs. SrrvJr* 3f) roni.TRV. niitus. RABBITS 43 Oiit of Tnirn POMPS, MOTORS Kitdios, Pinnn!. Slusl^al In«tnimrnt '. KSTATK AXn nriLDlNG ,APsiFn-;n »'SPLAV R K A L ESTATE KXDTANRR RF.AT, ESTATE EXCHANGF-- Oof of Tn*TM RK\T, ESTATE FOK 8ALF-- . Out of Town · BEAL ESTATE TO RENT Out of Toivn . . . · » . REAL ERTATK WANTED rirntfll ETChn" 0 *'^ RENTALS--FHRKTSITED ROOM AXO BOARD WANTED . ROOIS WANTED Room* with Rnnrd SALARY cnATTET. T.OAVS Scwlnt Machine*. Sft-vlrrrf · SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE .... SUHUKKAN REAL ESTATF. FOH RENT TRAILER HOMES TUAILKIl SPACE RENTALS TKirS, TOURS, --Runes . . . . TRUCKS. TRAILERS . balos. his' fnihcr, Canrtirto Albalos. r.nd ten brothers ,tnI sisters services will he held at the Cemetery, Friday n f t p Graves! iloly Crt isJey's West Side Cnnpcl. CAIIH OF f HA N K S iVE WISH to express our appreciation for . the hind sympathy shown in t u d e - n f ways during the recent multi- Illness Ann dtith of oiir beloved wife and mother. Merrill M. Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis A. Chamberlain. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Chamberlain. Mr. and Mrs. Mcrvyn N. Chamhfrlftln. Florists Chimo-Oliver Flowers For All Occasions "« Specialir.e In Funernl Arrangement* _..i3 FrMno Kt. (Holland Bide) Pii 4-301 :i 3204 Van Ness Blvd. Ph. 2-8120' ihi? Business Manager. S.' St r cc-t. Fi't-aiiu. Caiii'arnt . T U K K E Y S FOR- SALE wrih . . heforr: 8:00 p. m.. on the 5th day of Februarv. I94y. Bids will he opened in ubHc In the Board Room of the rhonl Administration Buildinp at the above artdrcss on or about S:00 p. m. of ihe same date. The ahovc mentioned bldcfcr's bond or certified check shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder will enter Into a. contract H awarded Ihe contract and will be- declared forfeited It the bidder refuses or neglects to enter into said contract after being Typewriter*, WANTED TO i.LNT ..... Ynn.1 nml Coal .......... iVORK WANTED -- Frmnle WORK WANTED-- Male F.qnipment ... requested lo do so. The successful bidder will be re- MARKS BERNARDI PHONE 4-5929 ·11 W. Flillon FLOWERS quired lo fuvnish a Labor and Material bond in an amount not less than f i f t y per cent (SOtf) of the contract price, and a Faithful Performance Bond in an amount of one hundred per rent UOO'/r) ot the contract price, said hnnds to he issued by a surely company sails factory to the District, and Ihe birfdfr will ne jV'.rctl in ciw satisfactory proof to i ibe Dislrirt of Ihe maintenance of ndefiunte Workmen's Comncnsatlon Insurance, and of the mainlenancc of Public LiablHtv Insurance in amount not leys than $20.000.00 fnr one person injured In anv nne accident, and not ROSSI FLORAL CO. SIXCK J O l f i WILL CALL AT YOUR CONVENIENCE . MCFadtlen, I . inncnpoll ,,,,.. in a suit on file in the ma. iiiperior court today that 'screen fioniNA-n.iNAi.KS -- in H""- J«ni«r »ri«ST. Henry rawartHeteelhta JiVifiSSK' * £TM^ J "' anuary 15th t Sixtn H. RoitrfQUFX, 2 and Rnmona G. nodrlquez, IS, bo fit Lindsay. ni.\Nn-BAII.KV -- Tn VlF.iiirt. 3*nw 14th. W. B. Bland. 21. and Gcn Batley. 50, hoili of Fortervilt*. Visalla. Jsimm 14th T. Jim McCnriy. 10. Pnrtervill anrt Th-;lma I. Hunter, 17. Tiilar*. HOfifiKno-SrilOTT--In VisilU, Jan 151h. nick RngKcm. 23. and B*tir S Sennit. 17. both of Tl^on. Jf'r.nle C. Mtrqticz. JS, both of H a n - j x j N N l A FI.OWER^SHOP since 1023. Fii- .. .fin . . . 3 P H . . .3K WANTED--Male and Frmalc. .28 THE "FRESNO BEE McClatchy Newspfipem, Owner and Pul Usher. Offices. 1559 Van Ness Avenue. M F M K K R OP THE ASSOCIATKI PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to lh« use for republicatton of «1I the local news printed In this newspaper. as well (is all AP news dispatches. Entered as second class matter Octohfi 17. 1922. at the poMortlce of Fresno. Calif., under the *ct of congress Xarch 3, JS79. ADVKHTISINO A N D SUBSCRIPTION I N F t l R M A T l U N , Display AdvrrtUInc: Display Adv*rll*- ine in the news 5cction suld only oy the column Inch minimum one Inch. $2.52 laily or Sunday. Contract rates on rtnue5t. The Fr«no Bee restrvcs the ri.sht tc revise or reject xr.y sclvertisemtnt. " our an appears Incorrectly · immediately, inly If your . correct ln«rrtir ... ..... - ...... i. accepted for ent less lhan S-*0.ftOO.OO lor moi c Vhai; one. person Injured In onr accirJonl. and nf the niainU-nancf! o( Property Damage Insurance In an amount not less than ;»r pcijfy Rf rnrrlci . L.30 per SCBSCnirTHIN KATES Street Snirft And Nrwisfnnds: Dally 5c ·Sunday. lOr per ropy. - " -ertl. Psftr arid Pun Sunday only luc . copy. Mall Subscript:TM Kite*. (Ciillf., Wjuh.. « . a . , s . . .. , irt Ncv. ». one month, dailj anrt Fiindar St. 20: three months, daily and ' month.*, daily and Or*.. Ariz, iS5.000.00. I The District in the manner tiro- At Your Hoinc"£or~Anv"Oeca S ion 'vMrt hy !.,«· has determined ihr pen-|3TM°Vla*«o^°" :M0 ;M?. e sW.'i' y on"TM$3:85 H7 FULTON'. PI. 3-2311. Klshl 2-5S76;oral prcv.lillnc rale ntr dlejl WSEOSl :|, n h,rr In I'. S. A. D«lly mid fun- and tho rate, for IfgaJ holinays jmfi|rtj,y SI.55 per month: Sunday cnly. S5.5U · DESMOND'S HOUSE OF FLOV.T.KS Where No Order U Too Small For Innlvldiial Attention overtinv! work, anrt" hr.s arloplrrt ft!r*fveflr. schedule Iherelor as PCI forth In t h e j Forfisn. sp^clflcntlfins. Conlracloir, muft pay,mon:h. tor any labor [herein described nr classified an arnnunt not less t n a n f 'nr rales spccltied. ; Thr Dislrirt resen-cs the right to Daily an-l Sunoay. Sl.SO piiovi- - «ii rilONh. ..-.^221 *The I4U* lJ»u«h ; M " rk Warnow KSH'S -SljTitcry Theater chiller to- nlShl »l 3:S(I P. M. Other Eucsls on KMJ tomfcht will Include Jhc anncarance of Kay| liyser on. the Bill Slern show at 7:30 rturinr which X»y will display 1 his unusual store of snorts facts. At 6:00 P. M., Art Linkletter will ·welcome Anita Ellis, the star sonE- slress of the Red Sfcelton show, to People Are.Funny. Morn new developments In the.] tT. S. Dept of Apricnlture ftlfettinjrj the farmer will lf nntllned on the McCIntchy F«rm Review tomorrow ·t »:!W A. M. I HiKhcr mathematics? It's » sti«p for eneineer Bob Rilcy in Curtain Time tomorrow "M-4:30 P. M. But ·when it comes to figurine out women, Riley doesn't have the right caufltion. the father of her IS monlhs old son. 1 She said the bahy, Richard, was ._ horn in Minneapolis June 30, 1046. JOHNSON -She asked £500 hospital c.xpenscs, S330 monthy support and ?5,000 at torneys'w fees. nerai designs. Hcaronably priced. E9S '· relrel nny or all bids. No. .Ftiltcn. Pn. 3.2703. . j unless otherwise required bv law. - ... Ithdraw his bid TUNIINTHI 010 6(KP SNOW CIS--4:00--KARM 580 ON YOUR DIAL Thomas F. Jortn«cn,*. «CJiln?l| r,i} date. A A3. John.-on. tomplamt filed: grmind r jj.Mfi N. Van Nss cnitltr: couple married In FuJion. M*^..!ti FI*\T.RV--In VlMtlfl. Jar.inry 15th. R«oyA*. Flanery, Tniftre, nsrsinKi Ktr.w; O. Ftaneir. comnlalnt fl!«t: protmrt. tmeliy: c\:5trx!y of thr« children «ri«l possession ot commonily prooerly in- 24.1 Fonth o Strert. liilnrt. askert; , t-ounie married In AnadttrKo, Okls., in i 192S. i MOONS--In VIsaH*. January ISth. An- letiA I.(con«, Tul»rc, «jrs!n?.t Albtrl I.i^iTiJt. complaint tilrt: uroanrt. rnielty: - «oaple married In XVaxner. Okla., " 1942, nnd. scparitted la si July. ORF.F.R--In Vir-alia, JARIIAIT IWh, Vir- tlr.ii Grf*r agftiMi Jfltm 1^ nrt«r, complaint fitefl; RTo»nd. cmeity; couple married at VJsalia In 39*6 and i firAt«d J*r»iiary 4 T 194S. SCOTT--In VisaH*, JantiAry "Hth. Genrp* E Scftlt. Vi?*llft. JigAlnst Ida Iltne Scot i, complaint filfrt: sronnd. eniiUy; couple married at Yum a in 1940 And scramled in October, 1946. FRESNO CITV HIGH SCHOOL . DISTRICT tint nowpr E :Rv- L. I.. Smith. Business Manager. HJnn. «. 16. 23. IMS) THVORCKS GRANTED flEUINOER--In FtffT.f*. January ISth, I^ona from Jonn GerJnper; interlocutory decree: cruelty. MfCAItTT--In Fresno, January 35lh. Julia from Thomas H. Mccarty; final rte- -^ln Tresnn, January ISlh, Lucille from C. K. Lncla, Jr.; final dfcre*. ISBFTT--In Frwnft. January 15th. Adah T.. frnm Huph H. Niabeit; interlocutory decree; cruelty, flECKF.R--In Frenno, January 15ih, Shirley. from William J. Betker; lnl*rlocu tory dwree; cmelty. WHEKflBfllDSIIP PROVES ITSftf I--HOMES FOR SALE NEAR COLLEGE »ur-rt(lrm. homp. 2 biin?. ail m 1 floor, lp. llv. rm., lg. rtinir.p rm.. rtrfpir.. r.flwf) fir?.. iTiTTiSCiilate anri comforJabTp. ip. c'^se;?. nf-x- hrinpinp 5100 per mn. rwirn rental tft sturter.t* ar.d iff. home for ° Wn ALSO CLOSER IN ? 7rr«-Mrm. :^mc. 2 bair?. IK, 'iv. rm.. !;rtr,c rm.. firplc.. ^^!«·rt. flr.«.. cent. h^At. Both r.on\(? srf. ro^i values for Income or honvff; £«?·! tsrms. EAST ?»"ic« .t-room h^me. le. liv. rm. *rd IE. kiifii*n. Mr.-n ." rfrAJ.'ire nxira and f)Hii. Buy rrm- sr.fl r-uJi^ )*'*? on s*^.e loi 51.300 wVi! h*n,lle. Prlee 44,500. RANCH TYPE Prewar suicfo, -~"b6itti.. I?. i:v. rrr; . patio. fifiv^J. flrf.. ftrp'c.. brauliful rf\Tt^: sMrf.* room, cftrr,fr \t". ·WORT" PECK1NPAH IjH j^ R ma flwa y. Ph. 4-2 S S6 CITY PROPERTY $7,SOO--52.000 flown bujs a ntw ^.|^m^ E*si near the Fair Grounds. ?c*tt. 1 BI.K. lo shapriir,p eer.ler. hus; flft*e lf schMtls. toi SOxlSO; 2 Fir.aH homes. SI.200 dov.n on each, $4.000 cacti full rrtc*. COLLEGE--DISTRICT 3 hlixl^s itt foUep*--4-b*drw*itt. fir co»M b* iiBMl n, 1 ? fi brtrm*. Thi* wrtnlrt b* * fir\^ hftme fi^r A lars*- family or rwm rentalf. 2 rr.H Mrh?. Centra) rieat, cxilir.c .lysiern. 3.000 ft. of floor 5pa«. Hrtwt. firs, Va,cant, 521.000. Sft.Oftfl dot\-n. Call Talbott--Ph, 5-ll2fi Bay-Valley Land Co. I20fl Broadway. Js'ottry, In?. Fhon« 2*0913. $7000 4S42 IOWA Near Map;*. Ni« ^-bdrm. hem* in P.XC«!_ cnnd. nr. Roosfvcli Hi., insirt* city, sidewalks anci cur'ns. bus rerv- loe. S^e Ihij for jmod value. II \vi\\ surprise you. Call this ollice for d ' liU ' W. E. BAIRD 4?11 E. TuUr. 5-22H uolli 6 F. M. A BEAUTY o bdrm. ViuiEiiatly we!! c^n- Ktrururi home !e.*s lhan 2 vr«. old. 'All larce rnis. Corap'.cift linuse carpcifrt wall to wall, frtilc.. fir. furnace, infulaiert, ven. Hinds, lota of tile, wardrobe closfis tn all bdr^r.?.. 2- car para.te «'i!h separate laundry rm. I'alio and spnp.Stlc-" ^*-~»' sidewalks and curbs trtct. Call .Mr. _ Si^ rms. consti cant and Call Mr 6 P. M.. 2-OS31. $8750 BUYS Very attractive 2 bdrm. ?t«cco. Kxcsllent condition. Pre-war construction, hrdwd. firs.. ven. blindF. fir. furnace, tile features. fenced back yard, near mi? lint nnd storm. Call Mr. Silva. ' 3-1754; after 6 P. M.. 2-OS.J1. D. C, LeVAKE Phnnft .1-1754 2S23 Divisadero After S P. M. Phone 2-0512 Open 5unday_10_ A. M. tO_4_P JU it.. S2275BO --"Two tarpe bdrms.. den. master bath corapieteU- tiled ' {with stall shower and beautiful tiled vanityl. Shower bathroom between den and second bedroom. Larpe Hv. rm. with outside entrance to patio. Separate 1st. brkfst nn., i=c. basement and ceni. heat. Nicflv land?c.. 75-11. loi with sprinklers front and rear. Home redecorated in 1947. Some ni£S. ail ampes and curtains included. Located in one ot best northern dists. Dpsicned for the ultimate in co-nfortahle living. Phone 3-9833 evenings. 521,000 -- 4 bdrras.. Fit Garden?. Brick home. cor. lo'.. sprinblered. true? and shrubs. Price-l below prod tnt ion rost .-.t 521.000. Shown tiy appt. o n l y . Phone, 5-1700 eveninRs. 534.000--1 bdrms. on Terrace. A pumitile home wii h piicst apt. over Ear. Lois of tile in kitchen. 3 baths; shown by a ppt. only. Phone 5-1709 evenings. WEST FRESNO--3 bdrms.. office, rumpus rm., basement; OB 3 lots, sprlr.klercd. A charming homr. on a paved street with everything for luxurious Jivinp. See it today. Phone 5-1709 cvcnmRS. O.W.'PEARSON CO. 1225 Broadway n i ? n . e 3'4*51 'NORTH"" ~ 3 BEDROOMS ' S12.500. ON CORNELL, NEAR VAX NESS BLVD. Spacious 3 hdrm. stucco. Finest quality ron- struction. Frplc.. rtM. garage. Lge. lot. A home of- quality in the best North loc. $3,600 down payment. 1--HOMIS FOR SALI BEST 3-BBRM. DEAL"."" Dovti Payment No. Proontm IMMEDIATE POSS. GOOD NO. LOCATION If you need a homa com* la ad sec us. . . . JUST OUT NEV 2-bdrm. G. L home tot "1«. It's a Rood dear. Don't wait. · NICE 2-BDRM. HOMES' 1 On Florodora N. E. 1 In Roosevelt HI district. Nelson Rogers' 312» OUv«. 4.6S9T . ETM. 3-1921. VENTURA AVE. . · THREE BEDROOMS Lovely stucco home close In on 75x150 ft. iot. An excellent property wio. lar^e r-?on:t ar.i tnurh c!o«- « space, uiassed m knotty pine den. Special miy;c room with oeactiful woodwork V'err larpe kltchea with tilt 5iak. 3 bedrconis. Macy fin* featur** incindtec tirtp!ac«. sptin- Uer svstera. cecrjeci work, outsic* wash room, barbecue, and fruit trees. Sfcown by appointni-at tltro'jch this office. S14.SOO. HERB LEVY, JR., CO. In Our X-w Mirfem Office On= BIocX North c-t Wibsen Theater 1627 Fulton Ph. 3-9341. 3-1793 VETERANS OPEN 1 FOR INSPECTION All Day Sat. and Sun. 30 NEW 2-BEDROOM HOMES, 100ft- FINANCED IP ars ready for immediate poises- sirn. Som* priced as low as $8,000 Th*!f homes have barriivcod HOOK. dual wall fumares. plenty of tlift in kitrhen and bath, S« th»m in the GARDEN VIEW TRACT at Wes: and Shields AV-. on Ccrtlacfl ard Dayton Aves. xirott- ^'_ Fbor.f 4- r.755 __ " "G. I7EQUITIES LOW DOWN PAYMENT THREK BKPRnOMS A lovely h^mc NORTH *-n N'ornia!. Fireriace. hard'.vnoii floors. lots oi \\\t. Close to ?chool and bus. Va-BEDROOMS On Hammond. Stucco, plastered \valls. furnace, Venetian Mind?. Material faoutht for the fence, A pood, buy for "59.500. ANOTHER Near Mayfair. l.HS pq. ft. of f\oos space. All tile bath. Venetian blinds. hardwood floors, lots ol cupboards. G.I. equity. AND Lots ot oth-?r rjarzatnj. S\venson Real Estate 441S Rfrlmont \vr. 5-22Hfi _ i;3Sa6 _ 5- 3 552 IN FIG GARDENS Jwt betns complstefi. ramblic? Ranch Type hnxe 01 three bPdroomff, two tiaths. central hcatinc. double j;a- race. elcc. dish v%-asher bulk in and Ints of other exceptional features. Built for a. home, owner forced to sell. Price S27.500 complete. Pos- spspion about 30 days. COLLEGE AND EMZAESTH Orner Int. two-Ftory nltler type home, well built with best of materials. Three hndrooma. sun room, basement with furnace, carape for four cars. etc. Vacant. Tries 510.000 includes · some furniture. Wakefield Hopper PIONEER REALTORS Ph 2-tl5? __ 1 0-3 Beltnont NEW S13.000 OX CORTLAKD NEAR PALM. Over l.SrjO *q. ft. fir. jtpace in this distinctive modern ftucco on' corner lot with dbl. car. Full tile shower, spacious kitchen ·witii (ull tile drain. A home you will lie proud to mm, and In a line neighborhood. Ft IA financing. 512.950. 2 KLKS. FROM MORRIS DA [LEY .SCHOOL. Best *orth location. A new home of exceptional quality. Approx. 1.300 ?q. ft. Many special features, attractive desfcn. (Will he finished in n few weeks and buyer may select his color plan and added features. 1 A HOME OK DISTINCTION, DON'T ilISS IT! ·V. A. BERGFELD Exclusive Acent 333 Hollaml BWc. Ph. 4-0161 Ercs -1-S15J MAYFAIR" """ New 5-rm. smcco under construction. Buy now nni pick your own color scheme. Should G.I. with $500 down." Phone 2-717,1 or 2*2044. New 1-Bdrm. Stucco East location, on nice sized lot. im- posse.*.*ion. $4,500. 53,000 - - for cash. Call showing. Near Hamilton Jr. Hi 3 hdrmF, nnd den. KncltFh type, home, nice liv. rm. with frplc.. 2 baths, nice location. 522.500 f u l l - price. V 2 Acre Close In 2-bdrm. frame home, nlrf condition. SlnKle car c^race. Tool tiousc. Small chicken houses. Presstirp system. Nice loon i ion. Priced at 57.500. Show any time. Vacant. Immediate possession, s ALMartin 170" F»lton St. 2-7173. 5-22S1 NOT ORDINARY These homea avaialhle for immediate possession. Excellent ron-Hructlon. dcslr«b1f location. Investigate fvlay. All flicihl* for O. I. and F. H. A. financinc. Furnlshen. 2 bdrm. hnrrfr on narhrtd. modcrrtiely (urn.. Insiil.. inpirte citv. Nice arrangement. Assume O. I. loan. Kcnsonabto down rayn*.*nt. You ran move rich! in. Kscrllfnt hliy. North, ndjninine Fie G^rrtpn. 2 bdrm. Owner sav* to scil at 0. I. Appraisal. 51 l.nno. Yo:i will appreciate the arr.incement ard mcnt. Frplc.. many f pat tire.*. Op.e 5hn«-!nc "'Ml «cfl thi h"-r-. P";t«T hurry. Comnietfly f n r n i ' h r d . 2 hdrm. h'ime on weM TerraJP. prp con?:n:c- tion. oxrpllcnt location fcnrrd yard. complete. ~F;ill rrir". $12 OOn" Vin'- ancinp can be worked rt'MiriRi: /.m. KEX'U'HATCH, Rcaimr Lnr^e 2 bdrm. with dining rm. and dinette. This Is a. ''BAXTER. BUILT" home with coollaj; ducts, weathers! ripped windows, thermo. furnncc. tile vanity and many other deluxe features, tou owe it to yourself to compare this ultra qual- itv home. It will "speak for itself." In rity, on .bus line. Full price 511.900. -1306 Lyell Ave. Fairview Gardens "Fresno's Choicest Subdivision" VAN NESS BLVD. Beautiful modern 3-bdrm.. 2JA baths, , 2-story home. Central heating, wall to wall carpeting, sun deck, 3?oSar- ium. patio. 6 f t . tile In all baths, lot 70X135. Built by nationally famous .-.rchitcri. Shown by appointment only. 531.000. FIG GARDENS Beautiful adobe ranch home, shake rnof, 3 hdrm?.. Ig. ien. 2 fireplaces. 21.6 baths. Cor. Hi acres covered with beautiful shrubs, trees and flowers. New electric wirlnp throuth- oi:t. New sanitarv system. Phown by appointment only. »35.000. BrokPr Ph. 2-0653 HENRY A. THANE ~ FIG GARDENS 3 hdrms.. S13.250. Older home in excellent condition. Assume G. I. equity. Nicely landscaped. 106 CORNELL 2-bdnn. stucco, one 17:H3: llv. rm. "3x15. 6 yrs. old. Tile kUch. with hrltfst. bar 12x21; frplc.. wardrobe closets, insulated; thermostat heat; vcnoti,in blinds; 4 telephone jack?, corner, sprink. $ys.. 2-car garaze, patio. 2 WAS. So. of Morris Dailey School. Vacant. Shown any time. Immcd poss. 562.24 mo. inclucinfi tas. insurance. "Owner will iake s«c- oml for balnncc with about S4.000 down. Ph. 2-06SS. Bkr. HENRY A. THANE JOHN¥! DONAGHY, RItr. No. 3-hdrm. on %l Montf^rflr.Tlot 150x80. Immed. posers. W i l l take house trailer in trade. A nice setup. . HOWARD H. MOORE · Ifi-Jo N. Fre?no 4-912S. 4.5J571 JOHN "P! DONAGHY, RItr. fi(H Di%i5.iiero Ph. 3-6161 fidfi No. FirM r Pn- 3-21 fS. 'convenient' kitchen in iHe.'' Ccmral hall mnnci-iinc bath and bedroom. MS 7^0 ror 1-ornc? north call Lloyd Klc«n*.' l-"r, Palm. Th. 3-p.526^_ ^"fiKDTi^oMs; cfcjp in. SV.SOO. JOHN' P. DONAGHY, RItr. as Sa'K£I° S ; 3 " filss Fr.r 5al- 'oV trVrip.**rric*f!ern home In crxi.i Inc. Knjoy early spring *un- R*"i' f-^tup. Insiirancp PI:. 4-470.1 OOOt) LOCATION, -i-rm. concreta b-rck liousc. fv. lot. SH.37a. JOHN P. DONAGHY, RItr. ... Trirt rtcn. JusV olT~Van" d. Choice wall lo w»u car- inriurl?rt fti 514.750. For no7;n_ rail Llnyrt hJpgens. . - . _ . _ . p~"5"-"rir i (lroorn. clean. JOHN P. DONAGHY, RItr. VTCH, Rcalmr j ^no p :v: ^.irro 1-CSttO BUSINKi'? LO fce Mrtrcom r.n p. m i i l w a y hrnvrr . . , tMnc in first ·!**? rti.iru'lrus crpoTt'.ir. SI 5. 000. Near Clovis, 31,500 Down tt -- fir.t nmv .OO a mcr:ti. p! rr. ar. arrp ' f x i e r ; n r un- mfrtfrn »s rK t?~ rt rear yr^. A . Trice, . . . SS.OftO-- 51.500 tfnwn. HANSON REALTORS 2-1S79 .^ A L L E N * E R M A N 2126 TULARE ST. PHONE 3-7656 ROOSEVELT HI. DIST. 2 hdrm. fcf.;r,f. hiwrt firs., sir. fur.. ti bath ar.rt kitchen. An o'.der home modstr. xr»n ;ccate4. Pncfrt to ?eli. EAST ON TULARE 2 bdrm. horn? or, 2 acs , r:orn« 5ir.*H and r.Mt. h.-iwrt. ftrf.. w«u furr.*;«. p.w ran^e and other fiirniuiw. l»nn eomp'.fWly Ifvcl. Tnccd rcascnaKy ·with terms. NORTH END 3 hdrn;. anri rt:n smccf-. Central cwlinB srrt hcninj;, frplc., MWI. tin-., siall shower, sprmk. .-»·,«(.. ' . . . __ __ 3 "FF.fir.OdM' house" flnT\ f\'.c on Palm anS Buliard, ror:tiwc.«t corner. __ __ ~:2-bf : !rTn."tt;Vco fcomt on ~ S'K\V~:2-bf : !rTn."tt;Vco for S~ .~nf Terms. RANOINf; SI.."00 _____ CKAl.TOn, J HOMES CsM MIP.VALLEV IICMF.f. INT. I^;!B R'.arVlnTi,- 4-Wi-a S'F.\V S-ro-.-.rr. f.v.-f t- '= A.. *l?3 m". ic' \v. . .. new S(». Willow, __ _ _ BEE CLASSIFIED ADS BRING RESULTS .'. . Ksldlf. Lo«ns. F.. Tularp. __ . l-Mrm. SIKCCO. f*'~- S5.300, Th. 2-7023. tin-*"-. __ . - " 4770 E-'.nvr.l rn.-.r.f SfTSHK ftW.\S~TiIST friOSr m N. pin. RUr. - - ~ " " \

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