The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1940
Page 9
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1340 BLYTHBVDLLB (ARK.> GOUK1ER NEWS V 1 i • •electric have a set of the numerals "41" ,cut from orange peel and drop j I them into I he coffee'-'as' you serve. J Of Electrical Gifts With only 3 more shopping days left "before Qh ristmas,' the" 'electric dealers' stress '.the jinporEance' of selecting your electric appliance gifIs as'' early as' possible. Especially 'if you 'are ilying "Her" an 'electric range, water-heater "or refrJ^era.i6r '.is'' this 'necessary in view'of'blip time'iieedecl to'*deliver and install piie of''the'majoV'ap- pliances; '•'." : ' .»/, ' ; ; The great/ number of sales and installations made jr to date indicate tlia't Qiis"Christmas will, more than ever •before,' 1 ,be" an'•electrical one \sdlh hundreds' of : families 1 in BlyUieyUlc : Jvnd surrounding "'scc- iions'"ehjoyiiv/ the comfort anti convenience of electrically heated N y ;F '; ter ' refrigeration and electric cooking " CihJristina.s' morning'''avid for'years t'o come. ' Possibly you" have already made your 'electric'''appliance selections. If not ii "isn't 'too late to' do 'so There is _ still time lo .select the appliance'you wish and 't'o have' it Mi^Ued ' %rore ! OhrjstijwsL'' See your electric •' dealer' or theArkan- Ea's-Missouri Power ' Corijorafion today. .Give yo.ur ejn,t.h-e fa.mily .the happiest Christmas of all. ' Give .thejn the comfort and convenience that modern" 'electric appliances afford. v, "'"'"" Feast New Year In-Even Budet Is nal Itt r MRS.- GAYNOJl MADDOX ' Service Staff 'Writer How can you swing a big party oii 'a" small budget? • Let's : s'ee what can 'be done:'' '&' molded "sala'cj fiiled with a chicken or fisii salad will go a long and delicious way for very little 1 '- money] 'HoweVer,' 'to accentuate the spirit of the new yeaiv you mig-ht also serve not only ..this delicious salad, but also some kind 61 roast meat to slice "cold— a \yhole ham," a 'large shoulder of pork, a roast 'leg" of lamb or beef. Rolls. cakes and candies and coffee go With this satisfying" and' easy to serve hearty' supper. " ! : J'INE iVlOLD WITH CHICKEN, VEAL OK FISH SALAD (Serves ,6) One envelope plain unflavored gelatin, 1 A cup cold water, 1 cup hot .water, </, cup mild vinegar, l tablespoon lemb'ii "juice, "'/j ' cup sugar, 1 A teaspoon salt. Vi cup blanched almonds, cut in long shreds; *.-••' 'cup" canned pineapple, cut in long shreds; "Vi cup : stuffed cliycs, cut lengthwise in shreds; ^ cup : smair"s:we'et' pickels, cut in lengtKwise"shreds,'"'few" drops green coloring, if desired. Soften gelatin in cold water and dissolve in hot water.. Add sugar, salt.'lemon ' juice l and vinegar. Cool, and when mixture begins to thicken, "fold in remaining • ingredients'. Pour into ring- mold 'tha v t has been rinsed o\it in cold water, first, and chill. When firm, unmold onto lettuce and serve with 'mayonnaise dressing. If green coloring- is used, 'add along ' with sugar/'salt. etc". Fill center with chicken, crab or other similar type salad. ' '-'' If you like special bevevages; serve hot mulled cider or else spiced 'coffee","served""piping "hot from a chafing dish. For each cup, . — _ «-«.,.., Vx Vr Jl* » i* J *"' Place "3 ; pieces of 2-inch stick [cinnamon and 12 whole cloves hi (the bowl or the vacuum coifee- liiaker; or into cold • water for percolator and "boiled" 'coffee; or into.poi of drip-nnikur. Make .coffee double strength, using '> heapmy measuring tablespoons of coffee "to each measuring, cup of water. To servo, poiir info charing dish. Top with numerals. T.OMOUKOW'S MJiXU B R E A 'K! P'A S T: : Tomato juice whole-wheat' j-riddle ctUccs, mo- laskes, coffee, milk •"LUNCHJEON: Vegetable curry with rice, bread and butter gingerbread, tea, milk. ' DINNER; Shoulder pork chops mashed potatoes.' stewed tomatoes and onions, 'lettuce "salad, "prune pie, codec, milk. ' " ' -' Students Say "Jfcllp" 175 Times Each Pay ALFRED. N. Y. (UP)—The word •'hello" is spoken 175 times a day by the average student,'according to an Alfred University survey. The survey reveals some girls give- the salutation as"many 'as 350 times on .warm spring- or sum- m . e . r cl ?>' s - The average, h'owe:vei', is- brought down by some of the timid youth who recognize a passerby only when necessary. ' l (liffs (if Just a press of a switch and toast for breakfast is ' Fast ari'd'just as ' you like it:' '"' ; ' : " : $el£el Your Gift^s JEarly !d the Rush ! IRON 'Crisp',:' golden-brown waffles and : b9y/'':w^at' a taste''.tllrm;"A : gift •airiyorie'r" will': appreciate.' : " " -; ' : RILL For a quick job there's np.thing like this' sandv.lch grill. A ut'ir- ity appliance : that does man'y - 1 ""^ 1 "" -••*- "" ; ' - ! ELECTRIC SHOP 310 So. 2nd. Phone 311 This Kitchen Works For Its Owner Southbound In Silken Chic 0 HAVE a kitchen which" rcalfy docs my work for me is simply ivomlerfiil," one can easily imagine the .owner of this newly-completed kitchen saying to her friends. ' •/"it "is practically automatic, and 1 never have to "worry about results. "I know the niilk will be Fresh' and sweet 'when I take the bottle from the refrigerator, because its electric operation keeps Mic temperature safe for 'foods regardless of the weather "As -for cooking, -ail I have'''to worry about is to be certain to use the right ingredients in the right proportions. If tliere is mixing to be Hone, electricity does it faster and oetter than 1 can. Once I've placed things in the oven, all I have to do is to set the timer — electric cooking mst about runs itself. •vTherc is never a moment's"waiting for hot walcr V" open tlie faucet at tlic sink, and ,tlic electric water heater in the basement pVoviOcs '.ill' : th'c hot \vnter 1 need witliout uii nistaiit's delay. : -'•-... . • "Disliwashing? You c;m sec for yourself how-simple "it is.' Mv dishwasher iakcs nwiiy ; one of "tlic most distigrecabk- of kit'chch tasks.' ' too, a (Id' much' to* U>e 'ease 'ai id pleas ure of niy work!''7>ii!l\day.s : mcan nothing any ntorc, -wncir jr'ciin (Uxnl the room "with"' light' whenever 1 w.Vrj't t6: : " ' r '" "<''"' •••"-•.•'•-• ; ; ' .:•:-; '"Best of all. my husband declares, is the economy •— all : the applfanccs are so U'expciisivc to'operate, tlje'rc- friycnitor prevents waste from ^poikd food, :the-' l \faVjgV'^'rV(iiices ! -'-'wa'sie"'-'ih cooking; tliere' are fewer' broken tlishejs — and all 'our meals taste so gooil I? QNE of ihc smallest fur coats •V«v of the season is. this amply :ut swagger model of .sheared bay beaver, shown with muff and riat of matching fur. Dein-Bacher American designer, created the . , ensemble. FULLY-FITTED Expert Woniaii PJIpt poverj Caribbean .Area CLEVELAND, O. (UP) — Mrs Arlene Davis', diminutive aviatris who holds a rating permitting'her to -pilot 1 Uarger "planes -thair any other 'woman flier,"has returned from a solo flying trip tflwthe''isl'ands of -'-the pafibbcah^ 'The - GflOv-milS trip took her to. Cuba', Haiti'"and Puerto Rico! -' " ^' "^ -">-'! 1 . ••'•'..'. ' Mrs Bavis 'attained national recognition' 'wheh""she' won 'iifth place m the"Bchdix'^Trophy Race, a transcontinental feafure of' h "the Natipnal A'ir'-'Races. / ; '• "Placing 4 ' fiftiv-'ih the''Bcndix 'race may . make you ..famous, but' "my bjggci,t tlu-in 'tame onv 'this •' jaiinL to tiopical '.islancl^^-- Mrs. 'Davis said "And opc'jj^f the .bigfepst thi.ills of "the ...trip /was in handling the. tccliaical 'details ' of the'^iop, such as clcariifij^c'- papers,'" chaH.s and weather imports." : "' ^ Read Courier Oily Refuse Decimates " ' • .• '•' > r>J •> f •;'*•• a • > •>:-;<•;. 1 14 \ \,, .. HAMMOND, Ind". (UP) — Oily ^^c'hlar^eting:' 1 tlic' \vateii'"of Lake Michigan'- > ' causing ;; cleni,h lb the': Yiemaml.nif edible' fish '-jind constitutes"' ohc' of the 'two; hazards tb ". b P "'c6ivib>Ucd ' 'by ''••eomiiibr.tial fishermen." " '• ' ;i , ' -•-•.[..-"•-•...-•'.'••K F.ishe.rmen liay.e banded together yd : ;;are 'called '^Uic^'teticrndtlpnai Rftard of Jiiqulry-'ror '.Greh^Lalc^ l.Tsheries and "are ' urging 1 s.iipport 01" unJidrm ' rcgirtations ' to preserve ^ Dwindling supply' jO f ' fish that fun\Lsh a ' liying '. for 4',000 fishcr- Valualtic ..The fainous'' pauitingr "Christ Before Pilnle," by" Von 'Mtinkncsy, wa.s completed in 1URJ and sold io Jqfin Wannaiiiakm- Tor '$J50.000 in lUS'ft, during ..w'hic'h .year it won a Bold . Jue'diVr aL' the ' IiiLe.rnaLipnul Exhibition. BRAND NEW MODEL — of Ihe lowest price in history for 0 Frigtdaire with all thei« features: •Double-Easy Quickubc Trays with Automatic Tray Release and Instant Cube Release • Double-Width Dessert Tray*' ' ' " " ' ; • Frozen Food Storage • Cold Storage Tray • Big, Sliding Hydrator • Famous Cold Control • One-piece all-steel cabinet • Automatic IntcriorLight • 5 ' Yc f r Protection Flan • Stainless Porcelain in food compartment and meuiy others Mow ortAe lowest prke ever c^UAcsc features IUST LOOK AT THIS FOR VALUE.' • Cooking Top Lamp • Automatic Time Signal "• All-Porcclajh Finish • Thcrmizcr WcJl-'Cookcr •Automatic Oven Heat Control • Spccd- Hcat cooking units with 5 speeds • Big Twin-Unit Oven • High-Speed Broiler • Sliding adjustable shelves. mttajr oth«r quality (c&turei9 For that very important person here is your 'perfect gift. A beautiful Fngidairc lEIcc- trie 'Range •that gives the finest ,of cookkig 'results— spjccdily, thriftily. A range .packecl .with features you \vouldn' t expect at .the price. T£e down' payipcnt' is no more than you would pay for an ordinary gift! JDo you really want to thrill hcrthis Christmas? Then come ;m, sec this cooking sensation, HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. YT. ^aiii yl f cople most populous .la i, are China a ' .''yiia, jRus- 45o,oo,000r insoodo 000' ST^ 5?? 1 ? c ~ ^ 180,000,000; and\the .United 0| States, more .than" 1^000.000.' •.'• Electrical NOW AT 8EWCE9 PRICES $1.25 WAFFLE IROKS 52.95 SAMSON *2 m ELECTRIC OVENS $17.50 Pullman Sets 25 price. ** $5 Universal Glass Makers $g.95 $12.95 TABLE RADIOS 5 tube Muntolit table model tonstty and colTcc ma|<er. '//• •w j .., .saving-. "TJic 1'r.oyTessive Store" .1. W. Slioiisc eanew ^ ''r//'*''•'*• ••/W't^'l&fF'i'v't ''V ,'fomiljjjj^- Certainly you'd like a new Speed Queen Dasher for Chri'slmas! You are entitled to the tune-and lafeor-saving advantage* of a i J modem Speed Queen ~ a washer 'that geis your wash "on vv the «line in Hall the time." We'll be glad, co '.make you a liberal allowance on y o u r o 1 d washer and give you all next year' to : pay ;for the balance onjhe | new one. Come in : this week. • • ~>;T^ ^^ • No olhcr -washer giJres you - all these fealurcs. Yc»..ihe price of -this double ' ;'Quccri :'.if'P LESS ""than -.'nfosi " * 5V MODELS /a wall "Speed-- Queen." i"P LESS "than 'mosi ', MUOtLS /or conyenfionql-type/5in^e" f wcxll- : 'washersr. \ HOMES WJTHOUT "'^•"?- '-T •-• •**££. ' ILECTRICITY^ lance I i . W. AtlaiMs, -JManasr Phone -233

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