The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 3
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NOYKMRRR n, Bl/YTHEVlLLIi. (AKU.» COUfUKK Ni;\Vi'. I'AGli THIIBP. Attorney Has To Admit 'She Mad- Young Man "Cabinet Deb" \ • . _ _ . ; M Tries Hand A blond, curly bended youll). v.lio i:rob>tbty could have won. hands down n "1:1051 liamlwi" ! yount nian" contest, took the si and !;i eirctiit court' ywwday "Jfs: let him U-'ll H." objected. F. F. Alexander, defenre counsel, who had r.ot hesrd the witness's | !<,...,. ••j.-ino m huerrosr- an ob- Jeciion. The courtroom. wi=er only bei\Viise i; h;itl hc-:'rd 111' 1 nawe, "Yoi'iie lady, I must sr.y you cc-riainlv mnJco n fine looklni; bov." ssW tin 1 niioinev a moment later after l>elnu advised in i< wlilsixr bv iif.sotlate tdii'ist 1 ! Hint tlv.' wil- nf" i v.'us '':i i;irl." li»>- if.rhi!- iiiid h's lu'tirt sol on :i ix>y so vhcii his baliy turned out 'o be 11 pill in 1 i-fiii-iil IIC.T as ' . a bov. Miss Mvrtlo Poc. comely j 23-veav-o!d liornersvllle. Mo., girl : KtM. pvoUilning her masculine at- i : • tire. Mi«s 1'oe wore trousers, shtvl. I and square tooil shoes, and wore them as if she hud. a.s she biiicl, ! worn ihem all her HIV. Her hAlr ' conformed Hi the pattern. beinR Washington's social Hstit.i will '. cut hi the average boy's Kyle. ,,1,1,,,, „,, .|| S!t |j.. [s> llt!rn ltl)3 And. as if to add conviction to y _.;,,_ p or ^ ,i ;ms i,i cr 0 | See- her story, the witness said she liuri rotary of War and lira. Ueorgo to Clank her Mailed car alter the [i v >ru. la Urn onjy "i-aljlui'i delm defendant, a man. hart tailed to lanto" of iho B'casmi. She'll lio do so. ' nvoson'.ed to capital society UD i Nov: Yt-ar'fl Day. U S. to Protect Indians' i Products From Imitators ?|^ ^?^ t $^* t £ )v mad? by miichineiy, would be GALLUP, N. M. (UP)—••C!its>.-s',| seJ „ A ^ececlent in prosecuting .uitl imUa'.ors" of Indian m.tdc-. ,.j^v goodi who represent their prc<lnct! as tl:c eeiuiine article will t'c-ol r.'.c ; heavy niuid or the Trade i With Non-Skid Pavement ST. LOUIS (UP)—Clly engineers .In Hie street department are ox- I pcrimenting in an edort (o develop ! non-skid paving here 10 lover the ; number of automobile accidents, j One of the simpler expsrlmenls ; Involves the rolling in:o the siir face of asphalt streets a i-'raimlar Or nrllty material. Automobile 33 Years Old Still in Daily Service ' l.Kf:. N. H. itlf'i--An mr.oinobil-; u'.nli in the day* \\istMi inoi.r can [v.-eie "horseless cavrlnpts" is still : vondeilni 1 , .satisfriftory d^iSl',' ser- vlivs hire afu-r '& y^iij-^ on the ! ro:ui. I It's a" I'JOO-uiodel ear ownc-d by •' Mrs. J. w. Harvey. Ui:!lt oy tlic •S<Mrs Mctoi Company, of IVtro'.t. ih:> machine is capable ct 30 milesicelved vc:il Monday thin Inclr nn hour — which Is probably « daughter, Mrs. Violet Tomllnsori of fast as one would care to travel Three Rivets, Mich., was very 111. In It — find Averages around JO ! She wtu opsratcd upon for nppcn- miles to the gallon of gasoline. , dleits nnd pneumonia threatened. Thomas TKrfnVn spent Sattir- dny nlehi with Mr. and Mrs. Dou- Half-Moon se! Howard. family «'eie uiusls TUiirsilay eve- nlnR of Ntr. and Mr». Chtrlta 8prln?cr nnd. fomllr. Eujcne Wklner of Lon* Ook »'ni< the guest of Qeorjie E. Sprlnaer Saturday. 7:30 p.m. Brother if.noy of the Lake Street church at BlytVicvllle will keep his rejnlnr appolntmenl here Sunday at 2:30 pm. School at Lone Oak will . . Mrs. II. D, Sl'.aneyfelt of Half I Monday, NoVTnbtr 13. Mom wns (he tjuc.'.t Sunday of Mrs. Matidle Sjirlnfer. Wakcfleld, is sick. Wei Tomllnson h»s been ill !oj several dayi. Mrs, Jim Fields and little daujTi- ter.i. Iln B. and Mary Frances, are very sick with malaria. Miss n. De'.brldge of EX?!1 is vU- Itlng her sister, Mrs. Helen Shaneyfelt, (Ills \\wk.'.le Lo;ii;e llownrd lins been vury sick ;his \u-ok wllli tonsilltis. Mr. nnd Mrs .). \v. port lock iv- Driver NIGHT Puxico News Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kmery luvo imvc'd in (his comimmlty. Mr. and .\frs. Chnrley lir'Xk and Lone Oak News Brother I'lnkston of HolUiul, Mo.. will pTcadi SiiHdny nt 11 nnd Aboiu $25 net pront was made T K/» v *»' <• mn^V> bv H:c )'. T. A. with IU IIallo«e'rn I ll 6 Y 6 S UlUCn 111 iJ M'l!^^'!.!!!;^!., M. \ monthly suffering Mr.v Hpk-er. mcther ot Mrs. Uudi-1 fk _ f f 1 A P H> II !• Imrl whe-n sluv|inat V^ARU.Ufe would prevent. fell ir:m :i ]V.)ri'h lusl 'Hiesday. Mi'j. Fleming, inoiher ot Mrs. 1 Seereiarj- ci Liie Interior Harold Vtoia Meccham spent Snndaj L. Ickes in a letter to the Unite'.! j hen? v;H:i hrr Mster. Mrs. Otils Indian Traders Association here • Reed. pledged prompt priraauwn of all j Mrs. Pearl Forltnterry o£ Stee!" UKijii!raL'tiirui"S, wiio rtprL'senl Lheir • is here sjMiiiding i [e.v days n'ilh articles in a manner "hiVfrious to Mrs. d. J. Wftitil'..'. our native craftsjncn." Lena Barnes s|X'nt Bimday night tckes wit>te ciiat llii' recent. ru>:w:th Lcora HritcJiard. ir-2 <J1" the commission, onleiinff j Eph Hico m?.df a buslne'ss trip the Maise! Ti-adisig Co. ol Albu- , (o Walnut Ridge Sunday. Riums COUK wnrHOur "DOSING" HEMORRHOIDS irilcs) rur- ed without Hie knift. Skin tamer, varkoscd veins, .Um- •ols removed non-surgically. nRS. NIKS and XIES Otrire 514 Main Plionc S> Fi ce Delivery Free Delivery) SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY PEANUT BUTTER Srw 23 C LIMA BEANS Premier. Fresh Nu. 2 Can 15 L GoltU'n Rod Pure Creamery PINEAPPLE Dole. No. 1 (irade- No. 2 can ACOAD ATTIC Monarch. Mc<i. White OOL Ai^r AKAUUj No. i Flal Can LL PICKLES Monarch . Dili No. Zi/i Can 15 L COIR 1 HPJr^^'r^Vt COFFEE Slumlord No. •> Can. '•', foi j 25c Eggs Fresh. No. 1 Yard < Dozen Ciinovit I'onnil Can l.ibby's Choice No. 2V, Can 175 1C Camay Toilet ^1 S«AP & c. Ii Giant Uurs FCST TCASTIES ToiletPaper 3for20c Ralston Checker 55-Oz. Package MUSTARD .lar Kitch j-'tmmaitl. New Crop No. 1 Full Ort'iim wim ICC I.h. U NECK RONES I.h. SC-AP CHIPS "'^'iS 20' LETTUCE I.arg(> Head Each COUNTRY SAUSAGE PORK CHOPS Fresh I.I). Baby Beef or Veal Chuck, Lb. HAMS Fresh. Halt or Whole icle 11C Lb. II BACON In (he Piece Lb. ir FRANKS OR BOLOGNA SPARE RIBS Lb. T HENS Fancy Full Dressed, Pound Old Time Prices at GR4BER' WOOL SKIRTS §1.98 U* Wool Skliw, il< iniLtU- luul .shown Auinmu's U'Mdlui, 1 1 Hvory diiy shtnmcnls «f ni'w winter merchnndltic for (In- family arc itnivinK. ln-liiK'i'H' to you (hi- wry luU-sl. in men's and wunK-n's fashions it! lypii-iil Cfiihi'v prki's . . . Kvery item plainly mnikcil. no lnirti-i-iiiK. Hit- .--ami- pi'Hv to all . . . Voit'll like- shuupinu ill (iralit-r's ivht-re I'vory- ono ri'i-i-ivos fair, I'onstflentiotw service, l.ttrpest seloi'tions in litis section. SUEDE JACKETS (!tnibli! Bin- i 17c New Dresses and Coats at Prices Youll Like Newly Arrived Style* that Will Appeal to You, Too! Dozens ol" new Divsscs jusl sivrivuil in linifl for 'riuinkstfivinj,' buyiiijr . . . Kino fashions ill id rubrics. exjti>rt lailnrinn . . . New (.tttnils thai ;»lil to llii-ir I'hm-m. Ymi'll-suy HO too wliiMi vou sen thi-ni! The Materials: Woolens Hatiiiti Velvets Jetreys 'Ihc Colfirs: Ksijle Bliu 1 cninesL 1 Blue Eel Grey niirriiiiuly •1'oast Hra«n —and oilier.-: Si/os: 12 to 2(1 :l(i to Ml $1 $•7.98 .75 HOUSE DRESSES 98c Ladies I.OIIK Slfcv;- HOUSL- Dresses ii! a Ijeautifttl Miijii; of new fall priiiCs, giiai'iintcud f.i^l colors. I,adit's nnd Children's Raincoats i'Ui'il Blyles, rubber- zed plnld-back niKtcr- a) !n colors of red, roeti aixl brown. Siie* or elilldi-en, nilurs ami omen. New Hats Turtaaas - IlfrvU Hrimj, 98c S1.98 $2.98 Vhuliu'i- .vim like ii or nul the v t iuipovalive you wosir it wintor oo;il . . . And, il' you sluip licic ynn'll linvc Thl . t -, lrs; to ndinit Dint (Irabtir's Cinils mv tis KWK! slylori, (iH.liiiu I'ubrk"*.mid as ux]iort tiiilonm: us yon cnit lind nt prices Hint live lowor IhRii Wolf Fnx Ciipin Oiiratiil Ueiiver lamb Skunk '.98 $ 1012 Othen Up To ,'{,9.75 POLO COATS And Tweed, Sport Coats $7.50 Another .shipment of ni-wly .styled Polo mid Tweed Sport c:ouUi Just arrived .. .Snuvt looking, suft. uiit- lerluls, \v a r m 1 y llnwl. Slices for mlsse.s -.nul u-o- mun. nil colors. $ 10 Tur 11 c - N' bciiulllul us menl ol new odscis.' . cck 70x80, smelt! 69c 72x87 duilt 70x80, double $1.35 titixSH, double $198 70x8U, double $2.49 72xM, double $2.98 Men's Dreji-' SHIRTS Colif.r iittaehed. dint ccloif. solid colors tind funcy patterns. 7Sc .Men's Heavy Flannel SI. SSc JAOMS snd .storm pfool S 11 bue- cloth. Ladie's New Shoes Tics - I'unuw - Str.ips - Oxforda ;OW! New styles jnsl arrived In Kid, Suede i"d I'iUi-m Black. Blue. Toast Drown '<na "htr colors. Hi;h. low aim medium heels. $1.98 $2.45 $3.50 $4 $5 MEN'S SWEATERS \Vu hftve nny hind of sweater you vanit from il^lit weight fancy weaves In .slip-over, V-ncck, worsted coat swenleiii' nnd licavy shaker knits In Miveinl uoo<i styles. 79c $2.98 CHILDREN'S SHOES PATENT - CALF - GUNMETA1- OXFORDS, SHOES, STKAl'S A creat nstortmcnt ot Miirdllv built sno:s. oxfords and straps for children. All sizes "S8e $1.25 $1,49.:$198 MEN! Here's that New Suit You Want Children's VFATEF Slij>over and COEU My- kv. Al! lAeia'iH.s i'.nd lc to $149 .'.Itn'K Heavy . rici-i-cil llnionsuits Good heavy (jnality SSc Al lire |:rlocs lielow »t present 2 feature value f,rou|is of suits...Suits whlrli If'bought at the r'urrrrtt wholesale prirts would have tn Mil inn-: ricr.ilily hijlitr.. .1-attst Kail modtls, new tclci-ins", >».»' l""rrns. Yuuns men's and i-on- Gcnuh* 16 ounce blur serge Suits, «H wunl, KIKK! JUlinj models, ex- ceptioruUly well tailor- eil. A v:ilur thai caii'l l;e iluplicateU. of A S| srolip luvilv mrlvfd 2 Sulls fur ycuus nun... Styles and patltnis >cu'I] like Including •iris, liTaltl. 1 :, tic. .95 .Men's Heavy Ribbed Unionsuits 79c Children's ' Witistline l-nionsiiits Tar.od style.s. good OVERCOATS '10 [A Hullywwi) model, tiillcrcd jof nn all wool, Blue Mel- I ton. a smart looking serviceable fabric .95 Trousers Mm'.-. Dress Troiu- IT-, In every lnn\e- ln:tblr fabric and naltcni, 22 inch ami m-ulur toltoms. $1.98 Others I'p to SWo Hats Snappy new I tylc-s In Ihe nc*. lifiln .11,il dark rlmdcs imp or curl brims. $1.50 Others S1.29 to S2.60 MENS News Capii ior men pr.'d l»ys. new pnt- f> m w\c »u-ins. YcRiilnr and \jf\f9 ' at'Justaule sizes. Dress Oxfords New Stylos - Lowest I'rii-os rlnin toe or winy lip styles. lirtls and Bhidiers. leather u. rubber heels, sjnie .stvles \\ilb Cuban l-.ei!s...Wc ran fit von correcilv. TICKING Linrnnt' Yd, 8 o si n c e, gunrnntcGd fen i'.sr 1:102:'. x - 1 '- / i [nfiin's Suede. SUITS I.?gji'.vs. helmet and coat. Sizes 1, 2 and 3. Munis' Chinchilla COATS Wlili' 1 . pink. blue, tan an;! led. $1.98 $2.45 $258 $3iO $5 Men's Work Shoes Men's sturdy work shoes in Scout lasts, plain cr cap toes, l?alhrr nnd com:.'osltion soles, somi.' v.lth double soles. $1.25-'$1.49 S1.28 $2.45 !» DEPARTMENT STORES '""I On the Old Grand Leader Corner Blytheville, Arkansas lioys 1 l.ongiu New patterns, \vell tftll- OMd Horn good materials. -$4,91 NVfimsn's New FBRSFS I-'la'. and porch stvlfs, all colors and leathers. i.;ulics Suede l.adics Kirl Fine quality kid g:ovc% at [.Imost unheard ol nr:c:5...All new i'tvles. $1.25 to 12,59

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