The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1935
Page 3
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— - . . . | | ^ ^ ^ .„__ .11.-.- American Farmers Resent "Encroachment" of . , ussucUillon of (he Jupa- Arizono, who Bombs and Threats in Arizona Creole International Probleiii, BY O1U-N ARNOLD Wridcii for NKA Service PHOENIX, Ariz., March 25. — Bombs Inn-led into front yards in Arizona, and human lingers sent LliroiiGh the malls in Japan, have resulted in an "international incident" of molehill propoi -lions which conceivably could grow Into Hie traditional mountain. The bombs presumably were hurled hy Arizona American farmers who are aggressively trying' lo drive out v'ien farmers, now on neighboring lands. More recently tlie horn' in the hills considered hy legislature. i The human lingers reputedly I oiisy, clue to the met uial they were mailed lo government heads [ -being more .skilled ill truck raisin .Japan by fnnnucal syinpntlilz-iln e nnd markellne-aliowed some ers with Japanese residents in AH- nice farm profits when Americinis zonn,-as a weird "prolesl" against'did not aimcks on IJir? Asiatics in Arizona.) The American formers claim Tt Is ihese fanatics, pins militarists (that the Japanese Have taken over I|> .Iflnon iirlirt niniLl.i ti i.,i . i"i>^ u*i.i threatening to crowd out the Am-' erican farmers here, and otherwise are becoming undesirables. The Phoenix Ministerial Association, and two other ministerial associations in neighboring farm sections, havu unanimously sided with tlie Japanese. 1'i-otcsl Is Flo|i "Only 25 or so American farmers have caused Ihe trouble," a spokesman for (he preachers said. "The ministers condemn their ac- ;uul •ui!> lands. More recently association In Arizona, who ibs have been figurative -' sa V s his people deplore the racial form of drastic anil-alien; clash and ask only to raise their m.sidered hy the Arizona: crops in peace. fact Uial they ... ... l.LL.ll- I, I111IL.IV.. I, J7tll:> JIU1IU11 ISIS 111 Japan. who would thoughtlessly make a mountain of the niotclillt. Sheriffs officers liere have characterized botli factions in tlie nrgumeiit, as being "unduly excited." But the United States Desent partment of Justice agents here utlmlt (liat j t |j tram j(|Bt such trivial incidents lhat wars grow. -Small N'lmilier Involved Not more than 200 American farmers, nnd not moic than son Japanese, are involved. Of the for- . mer, authorities admit'- 1 that 26 or so "radicals" are most of the agitation. only llons as unjust, un-American v>ini i r — ~~~ —J--V, M*I- in Jin iviui tiim cauwng mi-Chrlstlan. Of (he 900 Japanese here, all but 180 are native horn Knizc, head of the Ameri ' f" v, 180 " re nnllve )]om can farmers' aim-alien srmiD s™ i°'' milura! ' H1[i - Th{v V ««> Inoffcn- Ihe boinhings were hidiviZil ef ( f VL '' B °° d C " i7Cns ' not "'"""sine forts and not aulho,-m>,i .,,.1 „,.! i "- rms ' <la ?Bcrous rate whatsoever." forts and not anlhorized, but tliat more such efforts arc likely [o follow. Kruze, alon" win, oilier farmers of his group, have lucked signs lo (heir front gates- AMERICAN FARMER No Japanese or Hindus Wauled Member Anti-Alien Ass'n J. Tamura. leltuce farmer and leader of Ihe Japanese, says that Ihe efforts at terrorism have done negligible harm, and lhat his peo- nle contemplate no reprisals in ««> •jfWysc for reace " " '. salt) they llmt ~.. -- : rithat What good ialone with' In a public hearing recently, the ministers cited export figures to Wove lhat SO per cent of all cotton grown In Arizona (cotton is a major crop here) has been sold'to Japan. A recent threatened storming of Ihc state capitol by an anti-alien "army" of farmers-to force passage of drastic anti-alien lays dwindled to a brief lobby parade of 1C5 men. The Japanese announced that HINDUS Wi'j WAMPD Ann ninny farineis' Sinn seen on in district where Ameil. Uiivn iMIiitrd to ilrlvo Jnpn- truck Blowers fruin slulc. Only victim of the rail il stiifc in Ailrom lo d-ilp is llycai-old lonclo ShlmoUa, shown af(er Ins forehead was cut by nylng class when a bomb was hurled ai Ills parents' home. would was constiliitional, and said they asked only lo be Jet ^ fc .. tv ^ (.icty leponet m pvoU-st, no legislation cnapters" i,, ih c in.=;tilnlinrvil n,,,i <-.,!,i ,.:.., . .- . " "There is much excitement about it in Japan. The human tinners no7h^T arCSOrry ' bl ' l ^ c "not help it here." J" , point , of 'art, only one person has been Injured to date XoT M" , YOUet ° «*"«£ asleep m his bed one night wns cut on the forehead by a piece "f window gl ass , when ^ boSJ c ? '^'nearby. The bomb throwe^ nave not been arrested. nltlmu«h ™me months have elawsed ° Other bombs have" damnijed hi «a ,on canals, hcadgntes a d •similar properly of the Japanese farmers near here ">"n<we .Mcaii, v j,i| Ct the foreign office of he Japanese government h,, s pro do, r y ' ThC *»»'«« &°- nalioti of Arizona (which meets regiiliirly in a hall near MereMm '/sued an i]i U5 trnted booklet in Jatfanwc, presenting it.s side of tl e Ari/ona difficulty in detail. Tnt to ^1 for f '" a!nly f ° r tiistr »'»tion '" California and Japan. Jealousy Is Blamed to hnm nPa "^ C Say " li tojhem is based solely on Positive Relief ~ For Itchy Skin Cooling a n <| soolliinff Blue Star ?r« T " lcllsonlhe sW", sending Icslcd medicines deeply i,,to norcs whore il quickly tiils ilch t^tc" rash, eczema, fool ilcli, ringworm c'c. Money back if f irstjarfjili[.' Huge Liner Gives Texan Big ThriU NEW '-YORK (UP)- G. B. San- tlefer. president, of Hnrdin-Sim- mons University, Abilene, Texas. was given a nostalgic thrill when he entered- the smoke room of (lin Manhattan of the U. S. Lines at her pier yesterday. Uulfnio deads— part of (lie decorations of Hits room, looked down upon him from the walls whil typical scenes of (lie Southwest by cow- Sandefer was here to complete arraneemeiiis for the second annual tour of the Flardin-Simmons u were brought vividly lo mind the large murals depleting Iwy life. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSDKANCB DEFT. We arc making long time farm loans through the Prudential Insurance Company, at 5 percent and 5'/:> percent interest. TERRY-WORTHINGTON TITLE COMPANY Blytheville, Ark. Cowboy nand and about 200 Texans who will sail on the Manhattan June 19 for n tour of Europe which will include London, Ihe Shakespeare country. Holland Germany, SwiMrlimd, ftaly nnd France. "Texans will feel perfectly nt home on this great American ship," he said. "I nm more Ihan delighted wilh her." The pi-Jze buffalo heads in Ihc Manhattan's smoke room were presented lo Ihe ship by Kermlt Rcosevelt, son of the late Theo- Jore Roosevelt, a vice president of Lhe U. S. Lines and world famous "is a huntsman and explorer. Secrets of Central Asia Await Ijucky Explorers WASHINGTON. (UP)—Only on explorer with a four-leaf clover ;omptcx could uncover historic :eerets in central Asia. The National Geographic So- reported many "missing ry of mankind might lie found there, by an explorer lucky enough to escape the bullets of bandit hordes, nnd safety during nil enrUiqmito aiul (lodge a dangerous pestilence. It was pointed out that Central Asia is less accessiM? to a for- igner than the Antarctic. Dispute-lies from Lanchow. .Western Chlnn. reported that tmndrecls of rolls of musty liuddliLst classics recently were ' unriulhed In the wind-swept courtyard of a monastery ihat nourished inon: Ihan l,f>00 years NRO. Ruins of Ihc monastery were discovered nccldvnlnlly by n Tnnlst monk afcmiL M years URO. Ohio Farmer Finds Gold, Guards It With Shotgun OALLIPOL1S. o. (UP) — Alfred Harman Is Ignoring spring osit- planling time nn<l other farm activities to stand yuavd with a shol- iin over his land. lie considers it far more valuable than for mere crop-growl!!" this year. Harman took a quart can of "pay dirt" irom Ills farm to a chemist, who assayed il as containing gold. Th,, chemist valued t flt $11. Excitement followed in Ihe neighborhood, but without, a major gold rush, as yel. Fred Kruze, fnrmcr-innnaKer of Ihe Anil-Allen Association ol Arizona, who wniiis (hut trouble will follow if (he Asiatics cunllnnn to "encroach." One-Half City's "Policy" .Writes "Chisel" Relief AKRON, O. (UP)— Fifty | W1 - cc i,t of 'the "writers" In Akron's $1000000 number racket have uein drawing relief. These figures were revealed in a •eport from J:u:;i U ..-/ang, limit- cif t lie Ji-amlty Service Society, wiio Prize 'for •Anyone Wlio Makes "Gloomy" Smile U. H. rinirls, who is known nt "<l!<iomy Harris", so-nilli'd mcoli- unlral mnn. will i;lve « ]»>rl'iinn- nlli'i' til llu- Wi'.sllmilHHisf s:ili>; n«m 'llmisdiiy, 1'Vlilny uiul fl:\l- iinlny iilkMiioons I'voiii •>. [„ '., oVlni'k. Holding the reputation of ijein.. Ki ku-p his for lull hours without battlns an i\ve lid. Is UIH> uf tin' enter- talinnwils "Gloomy" has nimoitiic- i'd he will do. The leadnc of tin' show, will lie thnl. he will |>rl»'S lo iniyoiii' Hulking Closed to Men 75 Years, College Admits 2 Males I'AINBVIH.H, womanhood O. (UP)— Kacreil Bales of Lake Kilo been crashed by I w ((„. college maU'.v • 'I'lic tivo mo M. (,. Rutlor, ol Mudlsuti, nt'iir In'iv. anil Dr. Paul Iliiller. n IMlik'SvllIf dentist his urolhi'r, liuller was j'liiilualed from ilio Unlveisily of l>ill.';bm'i.|i with hl^li cnsliiscrlna honors mm receive;! an ulli'r In iL'iich, imivldliiB lie studied educHtlon. .So he enleri'd |,',it t i Ki'Ie. Dr. Unite,- hud euieivd tlio collci;,' previously lo ink,, .son,,, chemistry courses. C'olleue ollicliils hirlsted Un> nn'n'.s innliltiiliulon wus nol the )je«ln- "I»K of ro-i'tlucuiioi) here hitt nnjrrly that f-xcepliuns lind bi">n made In their oucfs. 100, Hit by Auto, Gets Uj» Laiigliinjr, Walks Off CI.KVHLANI3 lUPJ-Gcorucller- ylaii, slriick hy nn iniloiimliiie just two ilnys hMori> Ills IDDth Wrlli- (il '.v, not up to hni|;h nml joke Uira the accident might Imyo cinisiul him Id miss ihr party plnnncd for his cenliiry mlli'sioDe. llerylan. who looks 20 vi'iirs iuiKi!]-, wiih taking his (n-enlni- C(illstitlHi,,)l|ll Illoill; II busy |J KI |..' nuyhfaio. Up over the cnrti uliinli- ' an initomoullc as Its driver trjdii; io clean llur !cy wimt- ld. It hit HeryUui. pollcemiin wntilcd lo call an PAGE THREE '. nut not for llcrylnn. "flliiK'ks," he said, brushing oil lih tixiusei-K, "(huts nothlnif. Don't mind, I might miss my birthday p:ii(y In a hospital." Then he walked hoini'. 0)tJ f.^idiiijan f'eniiisiila Canal Plan Revived GLADSTONE. Mich. (UP)-The prnposcd .An Train canal across lh<' upper Mlchlaan nenlnsiiln connecting l.nkcs Michigan, Superior in a nd 1887, is vt'colvliiK .support hero. Kink- olllclals rc'ccnlly siiljinlitwl lli« project, lo ihc.. l\' ( | ( .n,l K,.|i,.f Admlnlslratlon for .survey, study would be 30 ,»to long nn d would rtAuce iho cost ol transporting Iron »>'<l cop-per oies from noil hern Mlclilgnirnnrt Minnesota to Chlcaeo 111 ""'"""" '" "" III addition to Its defense. World's Incinerator in Cleveland CI,RVKI,AND. OJP) -,Tcst tires have been || B litea here In the world's latest Karbngc inclncra- :oj\ Cle^lund's $770.000 structure In •"« "Hills" .ll.slilct lias j j( ,(,|, com . )le ( .'d utter ia years heated de- wt«, Iv.uilvs over siios mid (]i s . checked arresl.s mtidc since Pel). 'J8 by iMlice. 'licllef to these persons will hi' •^liiit on n t once." Znns; annoinicetl. 'It will be closed while we make an Investigation. We shall confer with police oincinls in ail elrorl to stop lln's racket." Slouiid Ahiri luiji: lindcil Sji:il 1'ALU DIVER, Mnu;. .tJIM-Mr and Mre. Harold Anibuslr' were married twice In four inonUis. Aflcr Ihe first ceremony, Mrs! Ambush sued her 'husband for llvorco, and Ambiuh sued his in- Inws for nlien'nlion of aflecllons •ccklng S25.000 damiigos. Then .hey -decided ii, m ,V,f up HIM try t : agtifn. yon fed rundown nml your Hives jrnulilc, with |jas, or indigestion. try Dr. I'imVs IMtlm AliMliral l)i s . covcry. If y, ul av( . tlnu-blcodccl. need lo on JicalKiy ilcsd. vcRclnWe Imiic, .Mr. ,ivr, A. ,>H5ii,, TC.M iclim o( clit.piii L - ,i,,,, Ml .|; . * Clink, Huffalo. N. V, See Gloomy Harris The Gloom Chaser — In Sales Rooms WESIINGHOHSE DISTRIBUTOR THURSDAY 2 P. 5 P. M. FRIDAY 2 p. M.. to 5 P. 1W. SATURDAY 2 P. M. <0 9 P, M. JS HE HUMAN?' IS HE MECHANICAL? Set This Marvel und Decide for Yourself • lo anyone making gloomy Harris Smile lie per- sonally offers a New Ford V-8 car free. louse HEFRIGIRHTOR JACK FJNLEY ROlilNSON Teleplionc 350 "Sure, enjoy yourself/' sold Jim. "It's a ding good cigarette." © 'W, ll«m* MY T 1 tvos working way late at the office one night and ran out of cigarette?. When Jim the watchman came thmwh • o ; / tackled him for a smoke. ,; ::1 ' : '' I! 1 "Sure," says Jim, and be fMiKJed over ft pack of Chesterfields. "Go'cihead, Mr; Kent, take three or four." Jhn said he'd smoked a lot of cigarettes h) his ii me, hut he'd jntl Chesterfield up hi front of tiny of 'em when il came lo lasle. . . . "a nd they a in'I a hi! strong cither," h the way Jim put it, 'I'Jxit was, the. first-Chesterfield I ever smoked. And I'm right there with him, Ion, when he.says it's a ding good cic;:r?Hc, »I:IIM:SI,AV SATtiiitiAV i.n.v u KO.STEl.AMiT/. OUCUKSTIU AM. CHOHItS 8 I'. M. (C. S.T.) -COI.UMBIA NETWORK

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