The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on December 26, 1968 · Page 8
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · Page 8

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1968
Page 8
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g. A Thursday, December 26, 1968 THE FRESNO BEE FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE FISH FARMING--Part 4 A FAVORITE FISH FOR FARMING IS THE CAT F1BH A NORMAL CYCLE IS TO STOCK PONDS THRSE TO FOUR FEET DEEP WiTH RNSERLINSS IN APRIL, SV NOVEMBER THE CAT FISH ARE 'HARVESTED 1 AT OVER A POUND EACH IN WEIGHT IDEAL, FDR THE FRVINS PAN. FARMERS HAVE LEARNED THAT FISH PONDS CAM BR1N6 GOOD RETURNS FROM SMALL INVESTMENT. PROFIT RUNS AT ABOUT $250(u.5.) PER FOND-ACRE, FDR 3 TO 4 FEET DEEP WATER. ABOUT l.OOO FISH. TO THE POND-ACRE ARE FED WITH FOOD SROWN ON THE FARM. THIS IS MIXED ACCORD1N TO SCIENTIFIC RECIPES TO PRODUCE RAPID KEN.THY GROWTH. WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice resident Hubert H. Humphrey, 10 ran a close race to Richard Nixon has called for the ection of presidents by direct ote. Humphrey described the Elec- ral Coilege system as archaic lunar Backside Craters Get Apollo Names The names recall living and dead U.S. astronauts and famous officials of the American space program. Among t h e m , as the astronauts passed across the back of the moon out of touch with earth, were: --Gilruth and Debus, named after Dr. R o b e r t Gilruth and Dr. Kurt Debus. Gilruth is director of the Manned Spacecraft C e n t e r , the astronauts' home base. Debus is director names? Of'the few which bear of the Cape K e n n e d y moon S P A C E CENTER, Houston (UPI) _ Moonflight crewmen FrJink Borman, James Lovell an3 : William Anders will leave behind them a string of some 25icrater n a m e s across the luSii- backside that appeared nowhere but in their own charts before they flew around the mflon Tuesday. teost of the craters on the lufiar surface which never faces earth go by numbers instead of names, a great many are Rus- port. "Instead of u s i n g number: for these craters on the back side, should discussion be required, we decided to g i v e them familiar n a m e s , " said "Voice of Apollo" Paul Haney. Biit he added: "We were not so 1 : bold as to suggest to the world that these n a m e s be kept." the Saturn 5 moon rocket which launched Apollo 8 Saturday. --America, for the n . a t i q n which sent the first humans to the moon, and Washington, [or its capital city. --Shepard, after Alan Shepard, America's f i r s t man in space. -- S h e a , for Dr. Joe Shea, former manager of the Apollo spacecraft program, and Low, for the present Apollo spacecraft chief, George Low. --Freeman, for the late astronaut Theodore F r e e m a n , killed in an airplane crash near the space center. --Von Braun, honoring Dr. Wernher Von Braun, fathei of GARDNER VOLKSWAGEN N E W 1 9 6 9 V W S Delivered . . . Price *1984.50 381 E. SHAW at FRESNO ST. PH. 224-2200 Your Authorized Volkswagen Deafer in fresno -Phillips, honoring Lt. Gen. Samuel Fliiilips, top man in the Apollo moonflight program; J. Webb, for retired space agency boss J a m e s E. Webb; and Paine, for Dr. Thomas Paine who replaced Webb. --Mercury and Gemini, for the first two series of flights which put Americans in space; and K r a f t , for Christopher C. Kraft, the chief of Mission Control Center. --And, j u s t to the left ol Kraft, a trio of craters called Grissom, W h i t e and Chaffee. These were in memory of Virgil Grissom, Ed White and Roger C h a f f e e , killed in the 1967 Apollo 1 fire. --Bassett and See, for Charles Bassctt and Elliott M. See, astronauts killed in an airplane crash w h i l e preparing for spaceflights. --Anders, Borman and Lovell after the Apollo 8 men themselves. --Houston, for the astronauts' home town. --And f i n a l l y , just before they flashed into 'contact with earth on the right-hand edge of the moon as seen from earth Collins. This honored Mike Col Sins, originally a member of the Apollo 8 crew instead of Lovel iut grounded after he under vent a neck operation. --An impromptu landmar naming Tuesday produced th crater Aaron. During the firs unar orbit television show ground controller asked abou a feature he saw on the luna surface. Lovell replied it was small impact crater and adde casually "we'll call it Jon Aaron's -Another name -- althoug not a crater--which Lovell gav a name to was the triangula mountain he used to nnvigat toward a make-believe landin site. He called the peak "M Marilyn" in honor of his wife NEW YEARS'S EVE... FROLIC SHOES Dressy high heel D'Orsy pump, made in exclusive pteau de sois black fabric with turtle shell bow Dorsini--Sling pump with glittery foe and cross bow. Body of shoe in drossy fabric. Colors, black, white, oold and silver. 16- Dorsini--Shiny gold lame or silver lame closed toe and heel pump. Sizes-4-10-Widths-AA-B USE YOUR BANKAMERICARD AND MASTER CHARGE OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NISHTS UNTIL 9 free CiSy Forking All loti We Will Validate Ticket! SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 1902 TULARE £T BROADWAY Soviets Hail Moon Mission, Note Russ Role WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Th Soviet embassy issued a stat ment congratulating U.S. sciei lists for the "achievements" i the Apollo 8 moon'mission an wishing the American astr nauts a "safe landing" on eartr The statement, entitled "moo flights are our common pro lem," was signed by Boris Pe rov, chairman of the Council fi International Cooperation in th Investigation and Utiliazation Outer Space, USSR Academy Sciences. "The program of the Apollo [light, when completed, will I an important contribution American scientists to cosmo autics," Petrov said. "Sovi people, as indeed people in a countries, are these days follov ng with great attention 11 flight of the American spac ship . . ." T h e statement summarizi the space age--"heryided by the launching on Oct. 4, 1957, of the first Soviet Earth satellite" -and emphasized the role played by unmanned space shots. "The greatest contribution to this new sphere of human endeavor has been made by Soviet and American science and technology. A great role in space investigations has been played by automatic probes," Petrov said. After recalling the first Earth orbital flight by Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin nn April 12. 1961, the statement said: "Now astronauts Frank B o r m a n , iJames Lovell, and William Anders set out on a long-distance space journey. "Their flight, in which manual controls have a great role to play, calls for considerable courage and involves a certain measure of risk." Humphrey Urges End To Electoral College · · ' _ . · ~ .. . . _ . _ _ . , , i-- ~.n ui- flithni- in the Electoral Col College should Jie scrapped and replaced with '"direct popular election of the president." He did not spell out a specific plan, but urged the Democratic party to take the lead in shaping and pushing a constitutional amendment to overhaul the nd said there was a serious election mechanism. anger this year it could have waited the will of the Amerian voters. Nixon, carrying 32 states, won 10 presidency with 301 elector- votes to 191 for Humphrey ven though Nixon's edge in the ntionwide popular vote was nly two-thirds ot 1 per cent. Humphrey said the Electoral largln, has come under grow- ng attack this year, lately ar, result of the third-party candl- acy of George C. Wallace. Had Nixon not won a majority f the electoral votes the House Demo Publication The vice president gave his views in an article in "The Democrat," a publication of the Democratic National Committee. The Electoral College, which awards all of a state's votes to the winner in the state, no matter how vast or small his vote elected the president. There Wallace's powers could have een immense--way beyond his vote total. The national popular vole to-j £ " ' al was Nixon, 31,770,227, and ^TMjV Humphrey, 31,270,533. Serious Dangers Bursitis Yields To Several Treatments By Peter J. Steincrohn, M.D. DEAR DR. STEINCROHN: Ow! Wow! My shoulder hurts like there are many little devils sticking tiny pitchforks into it. Yes, it's bursitis. What docs a girl do except take aspirin? -Mrs. V. COMMENT: A girl goes to the doctor! (My guess is you haven't gone. Any competent doctor will do more for bursitis than prescribing aspirin and wishing you good luck.) Thousands of bursitis sufferers will tell you that it doesn t always end simply and satisfactorily. The fire slowly spreads. It crackles and heats up for months. I don't know exactly how your bursitis affects you, Mrs. V, except that it is causing pain. In the typical case of severe hursitis of a shoulder, the pain soon begins to bedevil you like the proverbial toothache. You can't sleep or work; you can't read or eat. It's always there nagging you. The discomfort gets so bad that you can't raise your arm above your head. Then comes the well-known syndrome we call the "frozen joint." Pain has immobilized the shoulder. Rather than move it and suffer, the patient decides to render it useless. The alternative management is evident. If the small fire of bursitis doesn't go out in a few days with your own treatment (aspirin, heat, etc.) the time to call the doctor is early. We have many effective therapeutic methods to choose from. Any one 01 which may do the job and bring relief. Of course, the first objective is to make the correct diagnosis: to make certain it is due to inflammation of the small sac which lubricates the joint and to nothing else (arthritis, etc.). Then, depending upon the severity and location of the bursitis the doctor will choose his form of treatment. He may inject some cortisone derivative into the region of the inflamed bursa. Or, he may decide on a series of X-ray treatments which are sometimes effective when used eari- Or, he may use ultrasound therapy. Perhaps infrared tren ment used early in conjunction with moist-heat applications will do the trick. The main point I want to make is this, Mrs. V--as In many diseases, early, effective treatment of bursitis is the best defense against unnecessary weeks of suffering. DEAR DR. STEINCROHN: I have been short of breath for some months. But what has bothered me almost as much, is a cough f can't seem to get rid of. I've taken all kinds of cough medicines. The reason 1 haven't gone to a doctor yet is that I think the shortness of breath is due to my being overweight. But I can't understand the cough. I haven't had a cold. I'm not allergic. Why docs H hang on?--Mrs. F. Comment: You may be allergic and not know it. Or, have a lung infection. Not having been to a doctor, you can't be sure. You may be overlooking another reason, often unsuspected, for a chronic, stubborn cough: heart failure. I believe you deserve a complete physical (which includes X ray and electrocardiograms) to make sure your heart's all right. For when a heart begins to fail (i.e. "congestive heart failure") fluid gradually accumulates in the lungs. Barrels of cough mixtures would be incffeciual in such a case. The patient requires drugs like digitalis to strengthen the heart and diuretics to help remove excess fluid. When this is accomplished, the cough will disappear. Why not stop experimenting, Mrs. F? either in the Electoral College or in the House of Representatives." He added: "It is now time for ,, constitutional amendment to assure that mm of our most fun- ratlc duties-the process of choosing our president--will function as well Distributed by McNouom Syndicate, Inc. Attorney Genera Deputy Is Found Dead In SF Home SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -Ronald Kearney, 30, a deputy state attorney general, was dis covered dead on a living room sofa in his apartment, police said. Coroner's officials said thej found several empty pill bottles in the bathroom. They ruled the death a suicide, pending a complete autopsy. His wife, Julie, called police earlier in the week to complain her husband threatened her and threatened to take his own life. She said she went to Sacramento to visit relatives. Police entered the apartment after a doctor said he was unable to contact Kearney by telephone !o check on his condition. Ptecei by Jack Shelburne HBEMBIMM Taxes cost more in 1 967 than any other item in the family budget. To ovoid paying too much taxes, be sure to keep proper records. Record books and forms of aii descriptions are available at Shelburne's, the only Stationer on the Mall in Fresno, the All American City, Let us serve you. Merely call 268-8444. Remember, we deliver FREE. Interest per year on $5,000 Full- Paid Investment Certificates and 15** interest per year on Passbook Thrift Accounts of any amount · Interest on $5,000 Full-Paid Thrift Certificates is paid by check at (he end of each calendar quarter. Interest on the Passbook Accounts \» computed monthly, credited and compounded quarterly. · These investments are available, to individuals, associations and corporations-in California only, · Since its founding in 1916, Morris Plan has promptly mat every request for withdrawal. Assets exceed one hundred million dollars. 'Funds placed through Jan, 15 earn interest Irom Jan1, PERSONAL LOANS, TOO Bill Consolidation · Travel · Taxos · Any good reason Morris Plan Fresno--1249 Van Ness Avenue--237-1161 Fresno--3021 North Cedar Avenu*--224-3060 Merced--1903 G Street--723-4206 Visalio--2015 South Mooncy Blvd.--734-8106 Other offices throughout California Humphrey wrote: "Because of our archaic Electoral Col- ege system, there was a serious danger in 1968 that the will of he people would be thwarted in he election of the president, Britain Resumes Russ Culture Tie LONDON (AP) - With tacit approval from the British government, a London impresario has signed up Russia's Bolshoi Ballet and another dance troupe to appear in Britain next year. The signing represents a renewal of cultural relations disrupted after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August. The Bolshoi will appear nex summer at the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden. The oiher troupe to come here is the Daghestan State Dance Company. Both were signed up by impresario Victor Hochhauser. is the rest of our constitutional structure." An effort in the Senate to ov- the system is considered i next year. If a constitu- ional amendment clears Con- ;ress and is approved by the required 38 states, 1968 may ha een the last year of the Hlec- oral College. Jewelry Loons By Appointment Only Phone 485-6510 Paul Orloff - Gayl Ninnis HKSNO DIAMOND EXCHANGE HOW TO SAVE MONEY PAINTING YOUR HOME One family saved $1800--and added $ 10,000 to the resale value of their home! Here are .tips on how to pick paints, the best tools to use, how to avoid common mistakes. Painting Your Home Yourself? is one of 41 articles and features in the January Issue of Reader's Digest. Pick up your copy today. READER'S DIGEST SAVE DURING DIME IDA'S PLACE Q A I SETTING OMLC Start · solid stainless service or add to your present set during th!s extra special value sale. Limited tlnio offer--order today. ONEIDACRAFT DELUXE STAINLESS BY ONE1DA SILVERSMITHS B-pc. PLACE SETTING $/l 48 2 liupoonii hollow htndhi fcntfi, ^^TT dlnntrfotfc, ufid fork, eoup ipoon. ttlntinoni* Chilnu* Tampa' ·Mdwufe at Oatlda IM. fet v-t- . . . p « p ··*·/·-* ,,«.»-,%. ,w.t u£$ 3 /NI a ^ » te # to BY DNEIDA SILVERSMITHS fi-pc.PLACE SETTING $C9S 2 itsipotins, hollow handle knKe, , silid fork, ioup ipoon. 5 Ymilli' P«ulRmri' ·TrhUmuu or ou«f» IM, "We Give SH Green Stamps" FRESNO AG HARDWARE OPEN SUNDAYS Blackstone at Gettysburg 224-6441

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