The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1968 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1968
Page 12
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• Pag« Welw — Blythevffle (Ark.) Courier News - Monday, Apr!! M, tt« Bomb Editor's Note: William C. Baggs, editor of the Miami News, has made a second'trip to North Vietnam. His first visit was in January, 1967. This is the sixth of Mr. Baggs' reports on his findings. , . ' By BILL BAGGS Editor of The Miami News Copyright 1968, The Miami ' News NAM HA PROVINCE, North Vietnam (AP) - Delayed - The children of My Trung play with unusual toys. . , Here is the back country of North Vietnam, 90 miles south of Hanoi, the young ories amuse themselves in a makeshift game of rolling back arid forth on the edge of a rice paddy a shiny American rocket which proved to be a dud.' ;' N. Vietnam The rocket was fired into one of the, farmhouses here. It did not explode, and now it is a kind of useful, if grotesque, plaything for the children of the village. However, on the journey from Hanoi down into the provinces there is much evidence that these rockets, and bombs, fired more often than they did not, in the absorbing country of rice fields around the village of My Trung. The reporter had trav- eled'this route 14; months ago, and the damage today was immensely greater. 1 : • • * '*;*:'. In' Hanoi, the bombing has been a kind of nicky. You find ; one block of homes arid stores pretty well bombed out in Ha-' noi, and perhaps the next street reveals scars of the same raid, but then you travel a considera- ble distance before you see another 'entire block reduced to rubble by the American planes. The story is different out in the provinces. Here you find the huge footprints of the 1 United States Air Force. On the roac south, for instance, you see 1! rail cars in one stretch, bunched up together, skeletons of steel, bombed into a funereal estate. For miles, on either side of the narrow road, the buildings are gutted. These were homes: and shops and some, doubtless, were military targets. There is, for example, a school spreading on more than seven acres, and now the structures are demolished, the' walls and the roofs gone, and your North Vietnamese; escort expresses his indignation. Upon examination, you find out that this was a school where By TOMMY YATES Associated Press Writer It's May'1 in Arkansas, last day for candidates to file for public office. The weather is sultry as the clock strikes the half hour before noon. The place is the Marion Hotel in Little Rock, the nerve center of last day Democratic political activity in the state. A crowd has gathered. Some have loosened their ties, and taken their coats off, pinning their Democratic campaign buttons on their shirt pockets. Newsmen stand about jawing the possibilities of who will file as Democrats just, under the wire at noon; Activity has slackened but anxiety is • near rampage, although public officials and candidates-slouch around the filing PEEK-A-BOO Johnson?. Amusing effect was captured on Mm by Randy Dieter who observed children at New Harmony, Ind., struggling to.relocate a large picture of the President. NEW YORK (P) - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail. Safety experts estimate that auto seat belts, now mandatory in all new cars, could save 8,000 lives a year. But a recent check showed that barely half the drivers use them on long trips, and only 38 per cent on local trips. In a single year the number who said they had belts but never wore them rose from 10 per cent to 17 per cent. Agriculture started the human population explosion. Scientists believe that during the long period when man did not know how to till the earth and lived by hunting and foraging, there were only about seven million people in the entire world. Since birds have been around for millions of years, why isn't the earth covered by their feathers? Because nature provided a microbe that break them down. But we now face the problem of having civilization inundated by old nylon stockings and discarded detergent container. No microbe exists that can break down many modern plastics and artificial fibers. Fashion note: Sideburns are becoming high style in som masculine circles, particular!, for evening wear. So, to a lesse extent, are mustaches and goa tees. The man too shy to wea them during business hours eai buy a whole set of falsies fo $150/ or a pair of sidebum alone for $50. Quotable notables: "Women are most fascinating between the ages of 35 and 40, after thej have won a few races ant! know how to pace themselves. Sine' few women ever pass 40, maxi mum fascination can continue indefinitely."-Christian Dior. - 'Insects have by no means IDS' their continuous war for surviv al with the human race. House flies can become resistant to our best insecticides in an little as two years. Some even get de pendent on the stuff, and have a hard time living without it. The odds: If your community has be«n ravaged by a tornado it might cheer you lo know (hal the -probability is it won't be Blruck by another twister for another 250 years, even though it lies in a storm belt. On the other hand, Veports National Geographic, Oklahoma City has been bit by 26 tornadoes since 1892. : "Emergency, emergency." Most physician* teem allergic to the rural life. Some 5.000 U.S. communities now have no doctor. In New York and Massachusetts there is a doctor for every 500 persons; in Mississippi only one for every 1,500 potential patients. Happy is the home that now has a pink or white dogwood tree blooming in the yard. Legend has it that the ancient Greeks chopped down a grove of these trees around a shrine to Apollo on Mt. Ida to get lumber to build the Trojan horse. Another legend holds that Jesus was crucified on a dogwood cross and, in pity for the sorrowing tree, assured it that never again would it grow large enough to serve such'an evil use. Worth remembering: "Charm is the ability to make someone else think tiiat both of you arc wonderful." Tidbits: Stagecoach robbery was such a popular pastime in (lie wild and woolly West that during a 15-year period Wells Fargo stages were held up 313 times. It was Kin Hubbard who ob- sered, "It's pretty hard to tell what docs bring happiness: poverty and failed." wealth have both CORONA DEL MAR, Calif. (AP) — The roads of this seaside community received a psy- chydelic paint job—by accident. Crews repainting the yellow and white traffic divider lines misplaced cones to keep drivers off the wet paint. Cars slipped and skidded on the goo before the mistake was caught. By then, the Pacific coast highway was a mod painting in yellow and whilt. LIVINGSTON, N. J. (AP) Five teen-agers have discovered the footprints of two types of dinosaurs at a quarry here. The prints, ranging in size from one-half inch to larger than an open hand belonged, accordig to geologists, to dinosaurs called the anomoepus and the anchi- sauripus. They roamed the state open hand belonged, according ago in the Triassic period of the Mesosoic era. table with pseudocalmness. The long hand on the doc reaches the quarter-till mar when out on the street in froi of the hotel there is a clatte Crumpled soft drink cups; bi of paper and dust come flyin through the open hotel door. The crowd moves as a,bOc toward the street. They see dust-covered helicopter wii bits of cactus lodged in th wheels and an inscription the side: :"Goest West, -Youn Man." put steps a person dressedJ a Santa Claus outfit. His eye brows are .gray..and .there...! gray around the temples. H slings a rather large, red tow sack over his shoulder an heads across the street towa'r the ! hotel. Newsmen are buzzing. Th IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS VELEMA JANE BOLDING PLAINTIFF vs. No. 17605 ROBERT J. BOLDING DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, Robert J Bolding, is hereby warned to appear in this Court within (30) days and answer the Com plaint of the plaintiff, Velema Jane Bolding, and upon his failure lo do so, said Complaint will be taken as confessed. WITNESS my hand as Clerk of the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, and the seal of said Court, this 19th day of April, 1968. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coals, D.C. ieid, Burge & Prevallet Attorneys for Plaintiff Burrow Attorney ad lilem 4-22, 29, 5-6, 13 Saratoga National Historical 'ark has a monument to a 'ounded leg but not its owner. ANKARA, Turkey (P) Turkey and the Soviet Union have signed a rail agreement calling for a once-a-weefc train service between Turkey and Moscow via Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. — In a marathon relay swim 25 teen-aged boys spent 194 man- hours—eight days plus two hours—swimming 272.4 miles in 39,956 laps of the kidney shaped pool at a private residence. IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS MARY ELIZABETH GUYTON BOOTH PLAINTIFF vs. No. 17,549 RUDOLPH BOOTH DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, Rudolph Booth is hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the Complaint of the plaintiff, Mary Elizabeth Guyton Booth, and upon his failure to do so, said Complaint will be taken as confessed. WITNESS my hand as Clerk of the Chancery Court of the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, and iic seal of said Court, this 19th day of April, : 1968. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, p. C. Reid, Burge & Prevallet itorneys for Plaintiff Leon Burrow '.-... \ttorney ad lilem 4-22, 29, 5-6, 13! THE NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING Discoveries in the Weight Field: Obese persons who reduc have the same number of fat cells in their bodies as whe they were overweight. "Reducing" means shrinking the cell in size. The number of fat cells in the body seems to be determined by early eating habits. Calorie intake in later years expands or contracts the cells and controls weight directions. Another new discovery is that certain individuals who can only lose weight on a strict crash diet and regain it with a normal diet cannot help it. Because either through early unbalanced eating or a mistake of nature, certain amino acids and. pro- ^~ , 'Ta4' teins are not doing their job on certain kinds of foods. In othei words, the body has lost its ability to handle certain food type as fats or proteins, etc. Thus the food goes to fat, not fuel. A properly balanced diet and/or temporary medication often re stores the ability of the body to deal with these food types. "BOOTS" SCUFFLE: Nancy Sinatra sues Goodyear Tir and Rubber for use of her "style" by Sue Rainey. Everyon including Nancy should thank, not sue, Goodyear. The com mercial is great. The singing is great, too. So, Nancy, pleas don't sue Sue, too. Meanwhile, 'Teen's Director of Beauty and Fashion Service is able Sandee Boots (her real name honest!). Sandee is considering action against both Nancy anc Goodyear. The case: "Kicking around the name of Boots." DOPE-Y DOGS: Specially trained dogs being used to traci down marijuana. "Fetch" means uncover the pot. Animal can follow scent to hiding places and to pinches of grass hidden in such difficult places as closed coffee cans. .Man's best friera is becoming enemy No. 1 of pushers in teen-land. Guru Not So New-Ru: Yoga and Hindu kick not Origina with young Hollywood set—during Roaring '20s the silent screen set did the whole bit. Even the Beatniks of the '50s (most o whom are very straight these days) had their thing—Zen Bud dhism. GUITARS ALL STRUNG OUT: Sales of rock 'n' roll instru ments slid eight to 20 per cent last year; That includes drums amps and guitars. Could it be a dangerous satch point in teen interest? Is rock music slipping as well? Or are teens discouraged from organizing groups by the jillions that now jus exist . . . or try to exist? HELPFUL HIPPIES: In Los Angeles teen runaways turned hippy don't need clothes or money of their own. A sort of community clothes pool exists, and a teen can always dip into it. Where to crash? Easy—someone or a few someones are bound (to have rented one of the largest old frame houses that dot the Hollywood/Sunset Strip area. Food is come by the same way— a flush group shares what it has. Records .Go to Pot: Five-fingered discounting a growing problem for growing drug chains and discount houses. Pop records a big target. Reason: Easily "fenced," used as barter goods with pushers of marijuana. One California drug chain, alarmed by escalation of problem, moved in with special police assistance, (including dogs). Busted four'teens (two boys and two girls). The cache found in cellar of ringleader: over 200 albums. , • , - ; •-,:.' ,..... GOODIE GOUGE: Kids protest against rising cost of movies and concession goods. — their solution?' Rent their own;— bring ; their own munchables. High on the list' — lollypops, RAH, RAH, )»M: After com puter dating, -then what? Com puter scooting, that's what. New company matches teens with colleges for « nominal fee. Could be big, big, big. It can probably help narrow down choice of schools for undecided high ichool senior*! ; —By Robtrt MacLeod Editor, 'T«en MifuiiM i 151 politicians are awaiting further developments before issuing statement. . * *•*••• "Ho, Ho, Ho," the man chuckles as" he:advances up the steps i and. goes into the. hotel. Onlookers scratch' their heads, wondering who or,what this is. One veteran Democrat whispers to a cohort, "It's a dirty Republican ; trick." :•'•'; The crowd quickly "shuffles back to the table arid the man walks up, takes'the sack ;off his shoulder and throws it on the table. Out spills 1,500 $1 bills, toe exact filing fee for governor. The man spins around with a lourish, whips off the hat, wig and beard, and smiles: : : "Just because I said it, it doesn't make it so." bamboo handicraft was taught, but in these days many of the bridges to transport • military and other 'vehicles 'across streams are made principally by bamboo. You try to make the point, but the Vietnamese escort is amazed that: American planes have bombed a school. The fields along the road, and off it, are tableau of green prosperity. These industrious farmers, since 1954, when the Frencli were defeated,; have more than doubled the production of rice, which is the basic food-supple- merit in 'this country. The fann- ers have accomplished this by intricate systems, of canals and dikes which provide a dependable irrigation, and by a selective method of seeding the rice, and by intensive farming. On the ; edge's "of the'lndiess 'rice- paddies, you see patches where vegetables grow.. The-farmers ^ ^ j _ use; these precious, smallpieces few" sma'il factories exist. One Troubled Hong Kong, the iome of some 3,800,000 people, ncluding more than -a million efugees from Communist Chi- ia, is the industrial capital of Southeast Asia. The 398-square- mile British Crown Colony makes everything from drip- Iry shirts and steel bars to :otton cloth and canned fried ice. Hong Kong- ranks fourth among world movie producers. of ground to grow food for .their own families, and they, sell.the surplus production in a most en-' ergetic capitalistic way r at'-the roadside markets you find in all of the villages of the province. (Despite the enterprise of the farmers, smaller rice crops are expected this year. Fewer acres were planted. But no one explains why.) * *;'; Nam Dinh is the third largest city of North Vietnam and the American bombers have .visited it often. The funny little electric power plant in Nam Diriri- has been bombed andi bombed; repaired and repaired, and its limited capacity continues to supply the city with a modicum of • electric power. There is'no electricity -in the villages. Highway NO. One", which rambles south frbm:Hahoi, is reaily overnamed. It is an' asphalt road, .so -frequently patched, bombed numberless times, and hardly two Ihhes in width. NOrth of jPhuIy, again you see those enormous • footprints of the American bombers. The road has been bombed into the earth, and the North Vietnamese have built stretches of new road, laid new -runs of- rail lines, and rebuilt .their bridges by inserting large stones with planks and bamboo. *•*•<*• , It is along this road, meager as it is, that the North Vietnamese send help to their philp. sophical cousins in combat down south..yet detection of tKa wave of help moving south .is almost impossible. The .traffic moves only at night, or it did until President Johnson announced a restricted bombing of the north, and the large trucks rumble along the road with dimmed lights, or no lights at all. ; ' •••-'; '".I. ; In a journey through the country provinces, you see why thjs is such a difficult war for the strategy of the U.S. Air Force. North Vietnam is an agricultural .country... In the entire province of Nam Ha, with a popui?- tion of 1,720,000, there is no u)- dustry worthy of the name. A produces textiles, another is en- canning fruit, another manufactures'' glassware anjd still: another puts out the needed farm implements. And thatfs all. .. ... •'•'•: •..'*••-$ * J The goods needed to carry on the .war are very, largely imported. They come from the (a- viet,Union; from China, from eastern -European countries, fromi neutral countries. Thus, North Vietnam is a way-station, it receives from other countries the war-materiel and the American planes have'few ; factories to bomb. And this fact, out in the agricultural provinces of North Vietnam, obviously makes -it very difficult for the U.S. to use its great technological superiority in the.air.Jn.other.words, the legitimate targets Of- war out in this country are scarce. :; WOMEN SUFFER WITH BLADDER IRRITATION Common Kidney or Bladder^Irritations affect twice as many women as men, often causing tenseness an4 nervousness from frequent, burning 1 , itching urination. Secondarily, you may lose sleep and have Headaches. Backaches and feel older, tired, depressed. In such cases. CYSTEX usui ally brings relaxing comfort by curb- Ing germs in acid urine, and easing pain. Get CYSTEX at druggists today; It's time to count the votes! (STRAW VOTES, THAT IS) NEW STRAW HAIf by That time of year fe here again—Straw Hat DajMime for you to come in and cast your vote for your personal choice of our styfen array of new Dobbs Straw Hats. Textures, styles. Come in, cast your straw;*ofe and take home your Dobbs choice today! All hi favor, say Dobbs. From 0 R.D. HUGHES CO.

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