The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE (TWO BLYTEEVILLE, <ARK.) COUKLEK MEWS THURSDAY, NOVRMfaEK 0, 1933 Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS •Dorcas Sunday school class, Baptist church, Mrs. H. E. B 110 W. Walnut, hostess, 7:30. p.m. Bridge party at Woman's club, Mmcs. J. Louis Cherry, Baker Wilson, J. H. FJklns, Cecil Shnne, A. B Fattficki hostesses at 2 | American Legion and auxiliary Joint meeting Woman's club, 1:30 p.m., Woman's club. The Etude Music club will meet. with Winifred and Eugenia Crawford, 301 E. Missouri. This Hand Demonstrates Bow -1 - , - * Force Bid May Invite Trouble urogrcsis on wnjfli ahcady Is being made, will be 10 per chit lower In its ratio to weight to balloon volume, II Is declared. Olher objectives Indicated by the Institute are glues and dyes more resident to cosmic rays In Ihu upper layers of Ihc strato- \i sphere. Rei-. Mid Mre. T. Q. Korie CompUmrnl*d. Ninety members, or the O]Kti it a si Door Sunday school ctabs of llw Flret Methodist church extended farewell lo the Rev. and Mrs. P. Q Rorie at a banquet Insl evening In Ihe social room ol itif church. The Rev. 'and Mrs. Rorie left today 110:11 [or Porl Smith where the Rev. Mr. Rorie Is to be pastor of the Dodson Avenue Methodist, church. Fall flowers and patriotic colors decorated the banquet table :md (he program was in keeping will) the Armistice Day cclcbrallon will) Hunter Slcadman as loastmaster, niiy I These lalks were mnde: "How to stnlcs. Keep Peace In the Home," Mnx B. Held- "How t-o Kteb Peace in Company" Miss Frances Wlnburn: "How to Keep Pence Tliough Sln- Sle," Miss Winnie Virgil Turner; "How la Keep Peace M Church," A. O. Hudson; "How to Keep Peace With God," L. E. TU11. Lavonn'c Redman played two violin numbers and Wilson nntl Gcorte | Henry sang a duel. Tlw Rev. Mr. Rorie made the closing talk on "Peace Be With You." The extensive «'ork which the Rev. and Mrs. Rorie have done In the past four years was recalled by members of the claw as Ihe; bade them goodbye and wlsliixi them success in their new hoiiii and work. P. E. 0. Entertains VtsiliHK Members. P. E. O. chapters ol Carulhcrfi- vlllc and 'Kennelt, Mo., were guests of the local chapter for a luncheon meeting Wednesday at the home ol Mrs. J. A. .Leech. A three course menu was served at tables prettily dccoraled with autumn' bouquets in which Hit- chapter's colors, yellow- nntl while. . predominated. Mrs. H. H. Houchins and Mrs, W M. Williams were in charge ot Ihe program which was featured will: from i a dialogue by Uies? ladles who to!d Miss. Intercsling, as well as amusing, facts, about the Iccal members in the form of a conversation between two gossips. All of Ihis was In rhyme. Other numbers were: piano solo Miss Margaret Merrill; vocal nuiA- ber, Mrs. Paul L. Tipicn with Mrs Claire Michle, of Cnruthevsvllle, al the piano; song and dance, Sars Lou McCutchen with Miss Men-ill accompanlfc; rending. Mrs. Marga- rcl McVickcrs of Campbell, Mo.: and reading, Miss Hazel Sample. Tile cut of lo-™ guests were Mmcs. Aliens Dorrah, Nellie Lei Dorrah. Christine Roland. Mayso Sawyer. Blanche Bennett. Suslt Walson. Claire Michle, Grace Wheeler. Virginia Ward. Nell Hor- ncr, Eaille Byrd and Zada Collins of Carulhersvllle; Mines. E!i?ab?tl Baldiviii, Jessie Harrison. Corr» Baldwin, Decia Vordcner. Ncl' Blakemore, Jcanette Edwards. Er- r.esltne Hemphill, Wertie Jones Clara Karslen, Bert Shclton. Marv Groves. Ada ZSnuncrinan one! I,:!: King, of Pletinell; Mmcs. Mali Crockett and Margaret Hope o[ Cape Glnvrcl?au. ana Mrs. Mnrgnrc' McVickcrs of Campbell. * * « t'ountj- Wide Bridge Luncheon Is Planned All club women of Mississippi county are invited lo attend county wide bridge luncheon lo be held here Thursday, November IS al the Woman's club, an event sixmsorcd by th; executive tioarc of the county federation of women's clubs to obtain money for the educational fund. This money is being used lo assist in educaf- inj; a Missksipp county girl. Mrs. L. G. Byerlcy. o! Leachville, is general chairman, assisted by Mrs. L. S. Mitchell. Osci.ola, ; education chairman of general arrangements. Jilmes. w. W Haw- tins, Blythcvilic. A. E. Robin,,on. Lcachville. John W. Edrinsuon. Osccola. R. L Soach, Wilson. Wai- 1 ler Wood. Luxora. and George M. Lee are on Ihe hosier comniUtre: Mrs. R. C. Langstori. Luxorn. A. E. Hunt, Osceola, S. M. Hocigra, Osceola. and Howard Proctor. B!y- Iheville, are members of ihc prize cornmitlec. Com\;Iimcnl5 Rev. and Mrs. W. J. LcRoy The Epworlh league of the Lake Slrcct Methodist church complimented Ihe Rev. and Mrs. W. J. LcRoy with a irarty last evenlni which was a surprise. Members look Ihelr refreshments and spent Ihe evening In games and conversation. Mrs. LeRoy was presented a bedspread. isy WM. i Secretary. American llrlil(;c l^adue Todny'B hand was tlia- 4 «iusc..of much discussion and i-oirjujenl nt Ihp remit Caimdlim.-Amcrlciin conlracl briilse championship lournameiil conducted by the American Bridge League al Niagara Vails. N. Y. The lournauieut is lo become-nn annual - evenl,-ihc localion nller- bclwmi ihc United Stales nnrt" Canada. Nt-xt year the, Am- crlfiin players will pby their fusl cotili'iicl louriinmenir In -Cnnadn.. M tills Wii* Ihe firsl 19111-1111- nipnl l» which players' froin'- two illfrerrnl coim'.rlc.s purtlcipatctl. we were Inn-rested keenly in Ihe lype o( contracl lo lie played by liie Cnnarilans as afjalusl those of the United Sltites. While 1 hcTO've lhal the Intli'i'. al pri-SPiit,. cull handle UK.' bWdlng a lltllo bcl- j ler, 1 must say that as card play-, crs Ihe Cunadlans are ns line us Today's Conlracl I'roblem SoiUh. ll»' dr-alc-r. (Minns tin: limy MhuliM llir liliiilllm l>n>11 rd. K.I'K! ami Wmt ulwiiya fpades nnd therefore the hand! C nv :,,f ^rientict. Prnmicc tl.ould be opcucil with n two |)M. S ° Viet aclentls " rromiSC ^ ^ "'"' Stratosphere Materials brides,uas no posiotncc. so slumps cannot be purchased there; lel- MQSCOW (UPi—New materials !l<™ nrc put into tin cans with tu facilitate future slralosphcre- ll!C nfcessary fll«lils have been publicly pledged' sclenllflc workers In the Re-' However, I am" not Inclined to fa- A'OI Ihn shading of the original Iwo or three bid. : j My' partner, Sir Derrick J. I i Wernhcv, president ; of Ihe 'Ani- . ICikla, one of ihe Outer He- i amount ot postage with one club. West passed, as did I In Ihc North. East was kind enough lo keep Ihu bidding open with one heart.' South, then; bid Iwo spades and • Iwo no trump. TOO I,ATB TO CLASSIb'Y tearch Inslllutc of the Rubber .liiilusli-y here, 'Found-One lire and wh=i-l. Hieli- The pledge piomlsos lo <levelop| way 61, phone I5ia-l-'ll. 9ckl3 a balloon famric more reslslanl t'>:—^— ~ changes, moisture and I WHITE GOLD WRIST WATCH. Watch! Don't lie Flim Flammed on I'rice or Weight! LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Friday, Sat and Mon, i other conditions confronted by a Soulh'.s nexl bid was lour t]ul>sl. stratos P hcr . c b ? lloon - aiiii 1 was forced lo makfl.^ome! response. I decided lhat a four spade contract WHS nno trick lets than five clubs, nml did not feel Ural either could be nindo, so my I rr.sponsc was four spades, .which East doubled. ' ' ' . The ten of hearts Is opened and won by East with ihc queen. The king of hearts is cnnllmicd and the heart Is ruffed by Soulh. Two rounds of spades are taken and Ihcti plubs are led until Wcsl ruffs, ant) four spades doubled i; The fabric, Plioiio 1, Mrs. Spurjjcou Patwr- on. - OckH . The majority of laWcs arrived ix club contract, n few play- T ,,ave ,cen In ihe United | onh^ontrac^ lhat--™,, ^ m^ slr'oiiK 1'iiiiiiKli to be opened with mi original rorclnif'ljlil. nnfl If n forcing hid Is lo l)e. made, should two nr.a tluco;I6rclng 'bid be used? Remember, an original tlnce bid In tin; Sims system 'stales lhal there)is gamc^iu the'sult first named and that partner Is to i>j\mc' his highest ace. H seems lhat. II the ace ol henri.1 could Ix? lociUed, llicre should be a slam In ihc hand. It , Ing the hand at live clubs doubled and redoubled. Only three pairs arrived at a E]»cte contract, which, Bits oj N&iCs Mostly Personal The Rev. and Mrs. P. Q- Horlc and son, Paul jr.. who have made :!ielr home here for the pnst lour years, left loiisy for Fart Smith where Ihe Rev. Mr. Uorlh' will be pastor of the Dsdson Avenue Mcth- odisl church. > . Misses Eliznteth Mrtjckn, Vlrgin- ,a Martin niu: Virginia Ntinn spe'nt ycslerday In Memphis. Gerald Blomeyer has recovered from a tonslleclomy. Mrs. A. li. Holland and Mrs. Znl B. Harrison have returned from Rector. Ark., where they were called because of Ihc serious illness tlieir father who Is now better. - MUs Alice VVtiltsltl or Pnrngoiild i the guest ol "her sister, Miss Belle Whllsltt. who Is ill. Mrs. C. E. Wilson has returned from a visit with relallves in Ethel. Mrs. Ulll liolan has arrived homo A ' V !i 7 f> I « .1 !l li 0 2 A o i ci !i ;: i" >i ; K Q s I : Denier V A K QS ».A 10 V. * J S S.' Rea,l Courier News Want Ads. MARGARET LttOFFriT School of/ '• .;j ..«• '•-: Dancing and Dramatics SOAP it G. or Dig I'uel. (Jiatit Si/e Limit. 7 JJurs 25 c For Information 0;ll! at Stiidin ii-Kl House WusC of Central Sfli(i:il) Monday and Thur'silay 2:SO to 4:80 P. M. FLOUR" Jane Bbl or K i\0. 15c A A KM 65 ,. / , V.I •' ,-',.•' ' 4 N'uno .. -'•-' , 4 A-K ((1) 0 \i\y Duplicate—N. ami K. Vnl. .Oiieniiig Icail-j-y 0. : from •«. -\lslif in Joncsboro. an oriqinal bid of Ihrco clubs Is made ihc partner responds will three .hearts, .showing- the ncc o hciirls, hlx clubs scfcni assurer! and i>ossibly seven. On Ihc other hand, some play | rrs contend t'lint there is no'dc-i finite' way to tc'll whether the hand shoijld be pliiycd a.1 clubs, fli'. Rite Price Grocery & Market HVsl Main SI. T. H. Var niylhcvilli:,. (Itvner urnl Special Pricos for Friday, Satur. & Mou. Pure Rio Coffee, fr. gnid. lb 15c, 7 Ibs SI Tomatoes, No. 2 can, 2'for 15e Case $1.75 Corn, 'Evergreen' No 2 en lOc.Case .$2.15 Cocoa, Mothers. 2-Lb, Box . . . . . 19c Cabbage, Largo Firm Heads. Lb. . . 2V 2 c Fresh Tomatoes, firm, ripe. Lb. . . . TVfec Potatoes, Lb. 2c; 100-Lbs.vS1.65 &.S1.85 Celery, "Jumbo Stalks 5 ' bleached. Eii lOc Lettuce, Large Firm Heads. Each . . f>c Tomato Catsup, Hitters. 14-otf bot 12V 2 c I Mustard, Temple Garden. Qt. Jars . lOc Sorghum, Alabama. V 2 Gal. Bucket 35c Corn Flakes or P. Toasties, 2 boxes . i5c Sweet Mixed Pickles, Qt. Jars . . .4')c Apple Butter, Cardinal. Qt. Jars . . liic Rice, Fancy Blue Rose; lb 5c; 10 Ibs 45c Mackerel, "Salmon". No. 1 ens, 3 for 25c Pure Lard, Swift. 4 lb en 30c; 8 Ib'cn'GOc Pecans, 1933 Crop. 10-Lb. Bags . . . 75c Sugar, Pure Cane. 10 Pounds . . . 50c For Ynuif.rlvcs. Lone Oak School to Open The Lone Oak school will open Monday. Ncvcmbsr 13, with W. M. Crow as superintendent. Mrs. Fields . and .Mrs. Lucille Baggell are teachers. Twenty-five thousand agricultural workers from Japan recently were admitted to .Brazil; passagf far the£» "coldnlsl4" was paid : for ty the Japanese government. • '": Hog killing time is here! B Pepper lb l*'c Salt, Old Kip. Coavse.. 100-lb sack §1.10 Pig Snouts or Ears, nice, fresh, lb . TVac Pork Chops, small, lean. Lb. . . ".--. 15c Smoked Bacon,, Independent. Lb. . ;. ;10c Porklloast; l|j$ii"& nieaty. Lb. . . i'ty-zv Oleo, Tropicai'N. IbJOcj S\yift Pro lb 12e Beef Steak, Fey Ark. beef, all cuts lb 15c Baby Beef lioast, PoiuM , 10& Oysters, Fancy Selects. Pint .... 38c Cream Cheese, Fancy Southern. Lb. . 15c K. C, Beef, Loin, T-bonc, Round. lb s . 20c Franks or Bologna, Pound lOc Hams, Evergood. Selected. Whole, lb Wo Sell Craig's Ksw at]d PasteuriMd Milk 1'roducls FHOXK ZM.^.WE DELIVER TO .YOp.R. HQMLij or >VAU».\ WEEK-END Friday, Safurdai/, Sunday •• For Cash Only IflAI/O Ncse and Throat Drops 39c j/ /'Swill's HmpirA '/i \ -Nu-c ar/e / cc or \Vhok-, Lb. utiis, 1,11. c. (J Limit Tall van lie Ncse and Throal Drops Salve Cough Drops 39c 29c 6c 50c Walgreen TootW: Paste 27c IPANA Tooth Paste 39c Man-O-War Shave Cream lOc Perfection Cold Cream, 4oz. - - - 39c Citrocarbonate - - - Vaseline Hair Tonic - - - 39c & 69c ^sunny »rook, Canovu, -Maxwell *^Bi*» Housu or Deans, l.n. -_ • ^ ^* Kamer Lane. Ciuaraiitwd To ^ "| ** Satisfy. I'ound •• » ** CCCOANU1S '•"'"• " ra " :K S,r i '"'6c l^m. Swift's Oriole. Sliced I'ound M'c No^^• Huvc All At Lowest 1'riccs FRUIT CAKE Ingrcdientj BLACK PEPPER 4-Q/.. Can Liru-h Fresh. Long Silver Threads. 1'onnd _6c 25 c SALT MEAT Host Grade. Not Strong i'ound Tie FRESH DATES ORANGES Coiichella Vulley Calif. I'o-ind 2Sc Florida. Sweet & Juicy 17(i Size. Dozen 2§c OLEO White Lily or Wilson's Nut I'ound IGc Cod liver Oil PRODUCTS : $1.50 ".* $1.19 Super D 79c LARD Tob. Dept. i Prince Albert lOc j Cigarets I5c , Crcmos 3 for lOc I Cigars 2 for 5c L_ { j ro-Psyllium For Constipation 98c Flashlights 45c to $1.48 RAISINS DATES Murine Wampoles MACKEREL Pazo,. For Piles. Tube HENS M11K' U1 Salts 69c Midol 39c Bisodoi 25c Porter Heal Oil Sloan Liniment Models Castoria Absorbine Jr. Cough and Croup Remedy 39c Alarm Clocks \Vatches98c Fount. Rot Fiidtje Sundue We Chili 15c Tamalc We Hot Chocolate ... We Soup — We Coffee 5c Sandwiches 15c Pies lOc Hot Dogs ........ We Cream Almonds 39c Lavender 39c Hinds 39c Rose Water and! MEAL 5 Lte lOc 21 lb. Sack 39c beautiful Lurjje Cler.n Westerns. I'ound 2c I'nre Coiton Seed Oil Compound. I'UUild L1A BEANS- Phillips. Groen No. 'i Can 10c Libby's. Seeded or Seedless 15-0*. I'ackagc 7c Red Turkey Large I 13c VEAL ROAST Younpr and Tender Pound I'Vesh. Snow While Nn Limit No. 1 Tall Can Heal Fat. Full Dressed. Milk Fed I'oiiml I Small Can 3c Tall Can HENFEEr il>s 10c 1(IOIbs $I.4S PORK STEAK Nice and Lean I'ound 12 TOMATO PASTE Spring Vallev Can PEACHES I.ihhy's No. 2'/i GRAPE FRUIT Jtiiry Florida. Nice Size Kai-h MINCE MEAT- Marvin •C SAUSAGE F I'ure i'ovk. Made rcsh and Clean. IV».:nd BEANS (In Hulk) G. Xoi-lliuni, .|'/jc; N;ivy, 1J). .|r; I'inlns. l.b. 5c - - - 12'Ac Thick Rib. l.b. - Shoulder Clod. l.b. Fine for Mc:il T.oaf I'niind "f JLj% * 2** COFFEE (Hulk) Lb. IQc''" 45e SALAD DRESSING Shecord. Flavor. Haianccd t I'int CATSUP ll-Ox. IJolllc Each Main at Broadway Main at Second PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR 24 POUND <M OA SACK $1.4U Large 2 3-4 Lb. Pkg. Pillsbury's Cake Flour FREE!

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