The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1950
Page 3
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JUKE S, 1950 Cold War Danger Is Told by Pope Pontiff Says Issue Threatens to Burst Into Hot Dispute VATICAN CITY, June 5 —</P>— t'jfc Plus has warned that "the rflSous cold war threatens to burst Jnto an incomparably more disastrous hot and burning war." lie said that "only a coalition of all people of good will of the whole world In a vast notion, loyally understood and in perfect accord, can bring the remedy," Addressing 2t>0 delegates lo'thi International Congress of Social Studies, Saturday, the Pontiff called upon "the great human family" lo unite in a common effort to give countless families a fuller life. Thus, he -said, would be removed "one of the most preoccupying factors In the international situation—the one that, more than any other, tociay feeds the ruinous colt war." "This Is the great social problem that must be met at the crossroads of the present hour," the Pope declared. "Millions of men arc suffering in modern society and ar immense multitude of unhappy ones are hungry or threatened witl hunger by unemployment." The 74-year-old Pontiff did no' mention communism by name, bu he continued: . fAl is upon their misery, their dis crfl|Mgement, that the spirit of evi gambles to hurl thetij into the cur rent of atheism and materialLsn and use them in mechanics of socia Gi-giuiiz.itions contradictory to thi order established by God." The Pope said these unfqrtunad millions, "dazed by the blinding light of beautiful promises, by bold claims of successes that cannot be checked, are tempted to abandon themselves to easy illusions, which cannot but lead them to new and terrible social upheavals." "It Is necessary to look full in the face, in its full extent, the duty of giving to innumerable families, hi their natural, moral. Juridical and economy unity, a Just, vital space— even though In modest measure—at least sufficient lo the needs for hu- niiui dignity," BLYTTIEVILLF, (ARK.) COTJKTER NEWS I PAGE THREE Finger Surgery Now Being Used n Heart Repair LONDON, June 5. Iff) — Three ritlsh sui-gcoiis hnvc announced a chnlcjue of heart surgery, using le doctor's Index finger mainly, hlcli they clnlm may cure a com- SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE SUN—Interdenominational services are conducted by the Hcv. R. W.. Armstrong in Canada's only drive-Ill church, loealed In a former outdoor theater in Ottawa. Worshippers are seated in their cars, with individual loud-spcnkers hookeii up while (he choir is in the stands at foreground.. The minister plans lo "pack 'cm in" all summer, with night services as well as day. Jap Naval Bases Said Unnecessary Kidnaper Given 10-Year Term SHERMAN, Tex., June 5. (IP)— A former Texas convict has been sentenced to 10 years in a federal prison for an Arkansas kidnaping. Hubert McClelland waived grand jury indictment and pleaded guilty before Federal District Judge Randolph Bryant here Saturday. The judge fixed the sentence. • JMtClellaud was accused of ab- di^ling Otis Swicegoori of Masjnol Ark., at gunpoint May 24 after Swicegbod picked up McClelland in his automobile. McClelland, Swicegood said, forc- to Texarkajia, Tex. There Swicegood said he deliberately drove his automobile into an other to foil the kidnaping. TOKYO, June 5. (fP}— Adm. Ar-v thiir W; Radford said today the' United States does not need naval bases fu Japan. Yokosuka is "a very fine base," the Pacific fleet commander said at a news conference, but "it isn't essential." The Navy could get along fine with Guam and Pearl Harbor, Radford said, by using mobile support and supply ships. He said the Pacific fleet, how bolstered by carrler- bascd jet planes, is "adequate to' any immediate tasks we can fore- ice." The admiral's remarks were In answer to a question whether the Pacific fleet could offset any Russian thrust if war started. His views conflict with those of some military leaders here^'ho are known to hold that post-treaty bases in Japan are vital to America's security. • Radford is here for a conference with General Mnc Arthur, who would assume overall command in the Western Pacific if war broke out. Two Legged Lizards? ADELAIDE — (if) — Washington University hopes to trace further the evolution of two-legged creatures by a study of Australia's bicycle lizard. T\vo staff members of the South Australian museum have gone to [the Gawler' ranges of South Australia to search for them. Timid and harmless, the lizard when disturbed makes off with the speed of a racehorse, running on its large hind legs. Six-Months AWOL, Soldier Caught In Vets School SHENANDOAH, Pa., June 5. (If, —John E. Oavens. 28. Shcnandonh, Pa., went AWOL from the army Jan. :( in Japan. Six months later and some 10,X>0 miles away lie found himself •rack in the Army but in the custody of military policemen. An FBI ngcnl arrested Gavenas yesterday. He was attending a veterans school by virtue of an honorable discharge received from the Marines. He had re-enlisted in the Army and was sent to Japnn. Oavenas told the FBI agent he "hitchhiked" by plane to Seattle, Wash., and from there crossed the country by automobile. Publisher Goes Fishing; Customers Help Selves KEWANNA, Ind., June 5. M 1 )—It you want to do business with the Kewanna Observer late last week you just walked in and wrote'your own advertisement or news item. The door was open but Publisher Bill Lyon wasn't there. Fishing. too good. His weekly newspaper came out with this notice on Page One: "The office of the ODserver wil be closed June 1, 2, and 3 due to good fishing conditions. The offi' door will be left open and paper and pencil will be on the counte for accommodation of patrons who wish to leave news items, adver Using or seek estimates on job work." Party Hails Pool Plan BONN, Germany, June 5. (/I 1 ) — Vest Germany's dominant politica >arty Saturday hailed the six-na- ioii endorsement or Ihe Schumni >lan as an important step to\varc European unity and world peace. It can be called flic foundatioi of a Kuropean economic union, sait statement Issued by the Christiai Democratic Parly. That Is the party led by Chan ;e!lor Konrad Adenauer, wlio ha ;hrown the full weight of his coali ,ion government behind the Fiend foreign minister's proposal Lo poo Europe's coal and slccl resources. AFFIDAVIT STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF MISS. I. Pipkin Jolliff, hereby ccrtif that I have not, since having bee iMiied Retail Transfer Permit Ni 859 for operation at (300A) Mai St., violated any of (he pruvisloi of the law or any rules or regula lions promulgated by the Commlb sioner of Revenues. I iiereby make application i transfer Retail Beer Permit N 859 from the above mentioned loc: lion to 303 Main St.; said premi; being owned by Dr. V. R. Fox ' Manila, Ark. I further certify that there is n beer, wine or liquor permit at the proposed location. J. T. Pipkin and R. M. Joliiff Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3rd day of June 1U50 Wrn. G. Fox Notary Public My com. expires: 8-11-53. 6|5i50 ion form of heart disease. Tile trio snld the operation has *cn performed slice :ssfully seven mcs In repairing damage to the eart's mitral vnlvc, which permits he flow of blood between the two alves of the heart. Damage to the mitral valve, called iltral stenosis, often follows rheii- latic fever, the British Medical ssoelatlon's Journal said In re- orling the new technique. The Journal said a group of Amer- can doctors In Philadelphia lind oportcd success with operations ti. iinilar cases but that tlic new tech- icjue developed here was ihe more evolutionary because it used oul> he doctor's index finger In rcpalr- 1B the heart damaee. As performed by Dr. R. c. Hrock he operation consisted of exposure f Ihe heart, insertion of the index inger into the stricken valve, and tretching the passage between the wo hnlvcs of the heart to restore lormal circulation.. The medical journal said the new ipcratlng technique was a "stride ihend" in henrt surgery. The magazine reported seven pa- Icnts hud made satisfactory progress after the treatment. Two others died after the operation •Coond Marlhn Adants Faulkner, Mrs. Maude Shobo Ilaycraft, Henry Hell and Sue Bell, Herbert Bell and Louise 0. Bell, Harold Dell and Imogene Bell, Ralph nogeis ami Katti- erine Rogers, lawrcncc Rogers and Viigie nogcrs, MIS. Vera Bell, Earl I3cll imrt Grace Bell and Mrs. Laura Bell Rennnlg are warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chlcknsawba District or Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty (M) clays to answer complaint o[ iilain- Ings (if ony) mentioned therein; and the general conditions dated Sept. 15, 1912. And Qodctiaum thereto dated May lo, IDH Specifications and olhcr data may bo had al Die olficc of the custodian of the building or the office of the division engineer, or Public Buildings Administration, Room. No. 501, Lemori Building. Washington, D. C. Irvini Ll. Porter, Division Engineer. 6;3-3-i. tiffs W. C. Gates, Mildred Mitcli- Wilbui- usson Cutler and Francis Possum" Adams. WITNESS my hand as Clerk of said Court ami the Heal thereof this 20th day o! May, 1U50. Ilai-vey Morris, Clcvk By Ruth Magec, D.CJ, 5122-29 -6J5-12 General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service, Room 604, 1114 Commerce Street, Dallas 2, Texas, May 25. 1850. Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be received at this oiliee until 3 p.m., June 15, 1950 and then publicly opened, for furnishing the materials, and performing the work for miscellaneous re- puiis mid nalnllng at the U. S. P. O., ance with the specifications dated l'H-Dlv-6 April 26, 1350, nml draw- 'Red Star' Sees Syrian Battle June 5. Ml — Tlie newspaper Red Star MOSCOW. Sonet anny said Saturday that liashcmitc Jordan troops arc massed along Syria's border and claimed a new Syrian coup d'etat is brewing. The Red star report; came from Soviet news agency correspondents 'n Cairo and London. The paper inked the reports with Jordan King Abdullah's plan for a greater Syria. Abdullah's long-cherished plan of a greater Syria embodies union of Arab Palestine with Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and I'aq. IN' THE CHANCERY-COURT KOIt THE ClIUJKASAWIM DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS W. C. DATES, et al., Pltfs. Vs EMMA WETSEL CROUCEi, Et al., Dfts. WARNING ORDER Defendants Lillian Wctsel, Loit- ella Walsh Durrer, Mrs. Homer 'S Steffi ri0 A REPORTER QUESTIONS... By KOLAM) lilt OWN 'fere are more exciting exfiarifttres f (fading citizens whose trvitl'tc it'tis lused by 'the lark of vitamins li\ t 2, iron and niacia in their systems.) THE QUESTION re you taking the remarkable now ADACOL treatment everyone is talk- ng about? What are the results? THE ANSWERS Trs, L. M. Hnmmnck,* 1025 Tulnne HOU£ tOIl. Texas. "I have >een .sick for .uite some time vith neuritis .dies and pains. could hardly lk on my right eg for over a month. I started ,aking HADACOL md nm on iny ourth bottle nnd now I can .valk as good as ever. ^Tnd no nppe- nt all but now I'm gaining, JAUACOI. 1s thn most wonderful nedicine In the world and I'm going to continue taking It." Lawlon Smith,* Homervllle, Georgia. "I had been down with weak spoils, neuritis pain, and I just conltln 't sleep at night: I had no npn elite and nothing seemed to help me. J am now on my third bottle Of HADACOL. I f(!Cl Kood, sleep good and cat better Success story: Popiikr demand for Packard's exclusive new Ultra- matic Drive is simply terrific! Since January I, more than 85% of all I'ack-ards—including the lowest-priced models—have been ordered with Packard Ultramatic Drive! Success secret: Packard Ultramaiic Drive is the first fully automatic drive to combine I The super smoothness of torque-converter acceleration with r\ Tho gasoline-saving efficiency, ond more positive responsiveness, of •*• jolid direct drive at all cruising speed*. No clutch-pushing, no gear-shifting. No jerking, no clunking. Nothing new to learn! Just set it — forget it! No gas-wasting slippage at cruising speeds, because you cruise in direct drive. No "racing engine sensation." No risky down-shifts, which might cause a skid on slippery pavement. Smooth engine braking power when needed. No gearshift from Forward the car in snow or mud. lag. Instant change to Reverse, to rock MOTOR SALES COMPANY 217 W«t Walnut, Blythevillc, Ark. and no such pain. Thanks IIAMCOL." for Varnella Sargent,* Magnolia, Arkansas. "I had been weak until my mother heard about IEADJCOI, and bought me some. I started taking IIADACOI, and now have more energy than most of my fellow stu- dcnUs. I am 13 years old. I weigh more, cat more, and sleep better. I look only 5 bottles of HADACOL and feel such a medicine should be praised." Mrs, I. E. Nelvla, Sr.,' 2G22-A St. Vincent Ave., St. Louis, Mo. "I could hardly eat anything at all that did not hurt my stomach. Now I eat most anything r want and it doesn't hurt me. I can't praise IIADACOI. enough and have recommended it to all my friends and neighbors. T feel much better since I have been taking HAIMCOI-." NOTE: Why don't you get that wonderful, \vonderlul HAniu:oi. feeling everyone Is talking about? HADACOL treats and removes the CAUSE of neuritis aches and pains, stomach distress, gas. bloat, Insomnia, and a run-down nervous condition due to lack of vitamins B,, B,, Iron and nlacin in the system. That's why It's so amazingly successful and has brought relief beyond belief In case after case where all hope of getting relief had been given up. Sold on a strict money-back guarantee. Trial size, only $1.25. Large family or hospital size, $3.50. * Photos by prorcsAlonK] mtx*e!«. ©1950, Tk, !.,H1.«. i:n,,.,..ilo. DOUBLY BEAUTIFUL... Matching 14K Gold Wedding Bands DREIFUS The highlight of lh« ma*, riage ceremony. Rich 14k gold wedding band* for man and v/ile, TAILORED 14K GOLD BANDS ?o«5 n LL §2 Down 0 HEGANT T4K COLD MATCHED RINGS SOQ95 51 Weekly £3 No Charge for Credit DREIFUS . Wrar lliananrfi llrelfin . M WLST M\l\ ST. . ILllMVItU Ul 91IIUUW FOR SALE Bargain! liai'giim! Kin-train! TRUCK $275 Hauling Cotton Choppers 503 EAST .MAIN LOAN S CARS, TRUCKS Real Estate & FIIA United insurance Agency A. F. (Dee) IHelrich, MIT. 1st & Alain—Rear City Drue Hlvlhrvlllf, Ark. SAVE M tAest $VHM£R7IM£ SPCCUUS! LIBBY WATER GLASS SET s m , size ..-6for33c COLOR1NSE for lustrous, sparkling hair.6 rinses ; . INSECTICIDE SPECIAL QtElkay's 5°a DDT. and Metal Sprayef-SI 21 value 79' BREATH-0-LATOR neutralizes breatti odors' 1.00 THERMOS BOTTLES'•'<"• Picnics or fishing.... IM.orQl. ] ,49 to 2,75 TARTAN Su "lan T.oiion. Nol greasy or oily bottle 75c On the A>r "or fltwu NCK POWELL as Richard Diamond Private Detective • NBC every Wednesday OWENS DRUG STORE Main & Railroad

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