The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1940
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1940 British Girls At Essential Tasks BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Many Are Needed And Few Available; 500,000 Called For Munitions BY PAUL MANNING NKA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON.—The saturation point has just about been reached in the number of women available for Britain's war effort. A recent appeal for new women to be trained by the government in munition work was to have enlisted 500,000. But during the first day of the sign-up most London Labor Exchanges reported less than four women had .enlisted at each Exchange, in this drive by the government LO insure thai -something approaching jjeak production will be maintained during future months. INDUSTRY OFFERS INDUCEMENTS Even in private industry there is for the first time a great-shortage of women workers. Stores warn clc-rks, offices want typists and tailors want machinists. As bait, one firm is offering bed and breakfast, in their own under- around shelter to any woman cleaners who will work a 48-hour week and the girls can bring- a member or two of their family who might be left* alone at home. Stenographers can just about pick and choose their own jobs, which they arc doing. One Central London firm had to offer working hours of ten to four, and nc' weekend work, at a salary higher than normal in order to get badly needed office help. So with this competition from private industry, which is trying to keep going and willing to offer fairly good wages, there is little chance that the Ministry of Labor's appeal for women * to learn arms work at a salary of some four dollars a week will draw anything like 500,000. Six months ago it might have been possible, for at that time there were more women than. jobs. But now this surplus labor group of women has moved from London and the other crowded industrial centers out into the small country MAVY, AftMY * AIR .FORCE INSTITUTES Hollywood Goes on Local Obligations Giant Giving Spree Not Gelling" Go-By ' nnd endow a home for old nnd needy veterans of the flickers. !'u(n»lm;iu Loses to Skunk WILMINGTON, Del. (UP) — Thousand.s of British girls, who work .all day in munitions plnnts nnd other essential industries/ pafri- otically devote their spare time to working in cfuiiecns. nnd other vohinteer activities. Cardboard Angels And Organ Will Brighten Chrirtmas Dinner WOMEN WANTED foranploxmentofNationalimportahcc This ad appeared in a London newspaper, duringr recent effort to enlist 500,000 more women for training i n munitions work. Disappointing results suggested saturation, point has been reached in number of women available for war production. towns and is showing no inclination to return. Not that women arc failing to do their share in the drive to win a war. There are more than 2.668.950 paid and voluntary women workers now engaged in the war No. 15 wires each 14 inches long. Bend back 'L- inch at each end for hands and feet. Wrap each wire separately with a .strip of peach crepe paper cut, ».;. iach wide across the grain. Allow four inches for arms and then bend the wires nt right angles. Place the .surplus neck crepe paper below doll's head between the log wires and wrap all together with .strip of peach crepe paper. Standard: Cut cardboard circle 3V-;' inches in diameter. Then wrap a 12-inch piece of heavy No. 15 wire with a n-inch strip'of peach crepe paper. About 5 indies from one end bend the wire at right ! angles and shape to form a spiral. } Fasten spiral to top of cardboard base with gummed paper tape. Then 3 inches up from base bend wire at right angles to form : a chair. Allow !>;. inches for the seat and bend wire again. Seat angel on the wire and fasten to one leg and to angel's back with strip of peach crepe 'paper. Cover -* base with powder blue crepe paper which has been stretched and crushed between the fingers. Dress: Cut strip of white crepe HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 20.—There never has been a Hollywood Christinas season quite like this one. Jt'.s the grandest giving spree in tin; history of the openhnnded, softhearted movie colony. Picture people have been criticized in the past for their Rcner- c.sity in alien causes, but at this year-end there's no one to say they haven't done right, by their local obligations. First there \vere Spain anil China, (hen Poland and Finland, next France and Norway, ana now England. There are British Red Cross. British War Relief. Bundles lor Britain, ChrLstmus for Britain, ambulances, uirplunes. bnmluues and blood for Britain, .sanctuary in America for kid relit-gees, and I don't know what else. Hollywood has been and still i.>: responding liberally. For .iiwhlli;. some pretty sharp remarks were made about, how plenty of Americans needed help, and that. Hollywood itself had unprecedented relief problems. All very true. But the economics of charity is peculiar, :il leiisl amonu well-to-do actors mid executives and movie cjuens. The more they |>ave and the more they worked for people in unhickler Innd.s. the more aware they became of human need wherever jt existed. COMMUNITY CHEST For example, Hollywood never in the past has been wholly in accord with the Community Chest, and Us administration, mostly because the la tier's agencies were disinclined to aid cuscs which possibly could be shunted to the movie industry's doorstep. Tills year there was no argument, and people in the studios contributed a whopping- $465,708 — 47 per cent more than they gave- to the Chest in 1939. In about the same proportion, all the exclusively movie relief organizations have been fattened this season Mrs. Abraham Lelir. good, gray, Irish wife of a beloved Hebrew financier, has spread the work of her Hollywood Guild io hundreds more families nnd individuals than ever before. Bustling and bossy, she charges right into the offices of picture tycoons and sprints invay with checks. All year long she administers a highly personalized f - - * - -...».-MV^»^ » V 4*A£*tlt ^J\. t fclUIIilJU^CW paper for sleeves 3'L- inches wide brand of relief in shelter, food. Group of carolling angels for your Christmas table centerpiece. By aniS. GAYNOR MADDOX Your Christmas decorations must dinner table be mirthful' Women have become such a vital part in England's fight that future bright, representative of the season and have fresh color. White, gold, red and green are the best .-o°lors' PIPE ORGAN For Lhe base and lower keyboard, use a cardboard shoe box. Turn bottom side of box up and cut- out one long side to form the knee hole space. Then place a lon«* narrow box »A inch deep on top of the shoe box. This box should be placed l inch in from front edt?e of shoe box and cut it flush with back of organ. Hold in place with gummed paper tape. Place another long narrow box on top of the second box 1 inch from the front edge of the second box. For the sides cut 2 pieces of cardboard the same width as the shoe box and as high as.the organ. Fasten sides to boxes with gummed paper tape. When organ is assembled brush historians will surely give them a | P RSt e over the cardboard surface large slice of 'the credit. Just recently the first of 1000 girls, formerly unemployed, have gone to work in brown smocks and red turbans, serving refreshments to' a large part of the 150.00 men, women and .children who each night make the crowded, noisy sntways of London their homes. These girls get paid for the work, but seven dollars a week is small compensation for working some ten hours each night in the shelters. So it's probably patriotism and their belief that they are doing .something to help London carry on, that made them enlist. And it is no doubt the same belief that prompted many girls to demand four o'clock quitting hours. For many of these .same girls can be seen any night working without pay behind the canteen counters of London's many air raid shelters. DIFFICULT TO FIGURE NUIVrBER OF WORKERS In addition to over two million women engaged in official war- work of some kind or other, there are also 95,000 engaged in farm work, which includes 35,000 of the Women's Land Army but docs not count the some 400,000 wives and daughters of farm owners. Then, there are the Salvation Army, the church groups and the YMCA, who operate some canteens with YMCA help. Also, every little town has a women's volunteer group of its own. which does work largely unknown to the central London authorities. There are - probably more, but organized work is so largely decentralized in England that a complete tabulation is difficult to make. and cover powder- 'blue crepe paper. Stretch the crepe paper fully and remove .excess paste with tissue before applying. This will avoid wrinkles. Draw keyboard on white writing prj^r with India ink and paste in place on organ. Use small gummed dots for organ stops. ANGCLS Head: Make, tube of double thickness of peach-colored crepe paper. Tube should be 4',^ inches deep and 4'.i inches in circumference. Stuff tube with cotton and tie with, spool wire 1 inch from top and bottom. Paint features on with water color paints and tint checks with rouge. Hair: Cut strip of yellow crepe paper i inch wide across the r/in. Slash one long edge into fine fringe !{• inch deep. Curl fringed edge over blade of scissors and paste strip in rows around angel's head. Arms and Legs: Cut two heavy Read Courier News want ads. Corn Dog America'* > TRY ONE TODAY Ole Hickory Inn Aenw Tfnm HJffc IT TASTES LIKE * -, _. GOOD WHISKEY SHOULD TASTE and 5 inches lon br - Paste under arm scams together and slip sleeve over doll's arm. Tie" in place (it shoulder with spool wire. For the diiess . cut. ..strip of. white ..crepe paper 8 inches wide and 12 inches long. Cut out arm holes and fold back M. inch along one long edge. Shirr folded edge over a knitting needle. Slip on to a 6-inch length of spool wire and remove the needle. Insert arms through armholes and tie dress in place around angel's neck. For a belt cut a strip of red crepe paper 3 / 2 inch wide across the grain. Stretch and twist tightly between the fingers. Tie pulled crepe paper strand around angel's waist. One of the world's largest volcanic craters is Kilaiiea. situated on the eastern slope of Maunn , on the bland of Hawaii money, jobs and job-insuring dental 'and medical aid. At Christmas time she puts on full steam, gets tons of food, clothing and toys, '. :lU)g^,flee.t.s of snarky limousines to' deliver them. In addition, each of her 50 prominent directors is made responsible for the Christmas of one of her 50 neediest families GIFT EXCHANGES ABANDONED In past seasons many Holly wood- ites have -sent out penny greeting cards instead of costly ones nnd HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Rcpai/big, Weldlnt Across from Red Top Gin There Is No Finer CHRISTMAS GIFT THAN A Royal Portable Typewriter Most "type-able" portable you've ever put a finger to —in every way the world's finest home writing machine. it's operation i* cleverly quieted ... it fairly whispers along. Handsome modern, streamlined - • - place it in any surroundings—it's a tribute to your taste. Has every prov ^^^ rd aid to perfect typin:; in perfect comfort^Thrcc lus- 0 f hOOSe from - black - mnroon. green. Com- l'.™<fcome, prnctiCQ| ovcrn f ff , u . t ypc The picture and description above is that of the Royal Portable Typewriter. FOR AS LITTLB AS GIVE THIS AMAZING TYPEWRITER !Or« PER JLV/V* DAY PpC|T W] ih each Royal Portable TJIDI 1? inCC DeLuxc Typewriter, one I ADLt all metal folding typewriter. Wilh Rubber Casters and Finished in Brown or Olive Green. The Table sells regularly at S5.05. This Offer Good 'Til Christmas Only DON EDWARDS The. Typewriter Man Glencoe Hotel Bid?. Phone 511 |i:ive ulveti the difference to clnr- ily. A mem 1 Important .schema nidus LIie sumo idea is being ucloj^t.- cd this year: Insioad of A aivinf.t 8 UM cxponsivo present, ho stMuls him a e:ml snyinj> that, tho money which might have bcon spent for, sny, n sterling .silver cocktail sot,, h:i,s been donated to such-and-such tm ovijnnl?.ntion. The nceiicy rc- coivhiK <ho moiu'y from A also gels u card klonlifyiiiK B a:; Uio honor. So 1'J continue; to usu 1 his lust year'i; .sterling silver cooktui'l set. and everybody is luvppy. Then! . im» several -other Holly, wood relief i-rovips, such ns the Assistance League, but the principal agency within the movie iiulustry is the Motion Pl,:uir<; Relief Puntl, to which ulmoM, everyone- contributes one-half of i per cent of weekly earnings. Today it .spends nboui $20.000 a month in aiding nearly 2000 individuals. And tho Se.reen Actors' Guild eotilrlbute.s tho $10,000 a week received from a sponsored radio show on which actors, writers and directors work free. Nearly all this money is beini; sitvi-d to'build SAVE A c on VMIC •§ 2 every Tank car to your car. TetfMthyl GM) JOYNER OIL CO. D. B. nifhwmj 61, Nortb 24-Hour ScrrlM COAL SPECIAL High Grade Black Diamond, Dellv- ered. per ton Bundle kindling free with ench ton of conl. Farmer's Gin & Exchange Co. Phone 325 BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY Complete Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR, SHOP ''"' 107 *••''••*• ' thohe"167 Him FRIDAY Matinee Iflc & 20c NiglU lOc A 30c BARGAIN DAY Also Novelty Shorts & Cartoon SATURDAY ELLIOTT THE tATEST WILD IUL H1CIOK AO- VENTUIEI U'ntuun Jk t,triiu "vireen /irc.jcr", Continuous- show till 11:30 p.m. I Phone Hits 224 Phone Rosy 322 LISTEN TO KLCN 10:00 a.m.—12:45 p.m.—4:30 p.m. ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY { Now IN PERSON on the Screen! Abner ••••••iMMMM Stud QR Unittd Ftaiurt Comic by AI Capp ftKO RADIO PJctut* with Granvillc Owens & Mona Ray ___^_ Also Comedy SATURDAY Cartoon & serial "Deadwood Dick" Continuous show till U:30 p.m. drive mtecuous parking came a cropper when a patrolman ilooked into a parked automobile and discovered —a skunk. The patrolman, whose name was net disclosed by his pro- .superiors, burned his imform , CHRISTMAS LIQUOR BY THE CASE You Will Be Amazed at the Savings! MIXED CASKS IP DESMUl) Your Favorite Brand In Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP 107 8. 2nd St. LOUIS Phones 1<>7~M 19. FOR SALE SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR Barrel <tj xn A* ii o i '' —•• W>r;. 4$ Lb. Sack '* c*ro* O^ T I Ct I ' *]>*»&.V- 24 Lb. Sack .. .• $j c SO Lbs. Lard $$.25' 100 Lbs. Sugar $4$y C. ABRAHAM Ash & Broddway phone m Modernize "Her" Kitchen For Christmas Wit ha FLORENCE OIL RANGE FLORENCE Here is a practical open front range u( an extra low price. It has five burners, three beneath the cooking top and two under the oven. Roomy cooking top. Accurate oven thermometer. CONSOLE OIL RANGE Florence Table Top Oil Range One g'flnt nnd two standard wickless burners. One standard burner at each end of cooking top, the extra-powerful giant burner beneath the oven. Fully insulated oven. Porcelained oven linings. A beautiful, lb\v-oost nnit. Tin's handsome white poree-- latn model has red. chromium-trimmed handles. Three surface burners, two oven burners. Its extra big oven provides space to cook a whole meal at one time. Smooth paneled front, fold- back top cover. Large utensil storage space. $45 HUBBAR FURINTURE CO.

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