The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on October 28, 1988 · 40
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 40

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1988
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VtheguardianT Friday October 28 1988 40 TELEVISION AND RADIO Watching Today's weather forecast Sandy Smithies HRH The Prlnoo Of Wales A Vision Of Britain (BBC1. 10.20). Dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty: Prince Charles cruising down the Thames, quoting Wordsworth and commenting on the stumps and carbuncles ol the modern London skyline. Omnibus's tilm, the first TV programme to be written and presented by the Prince, sets before a new, mass audience HRH's forthright views about architecture and the urban environment. Expect more bashing of the "fashionable theories ol a professional establishment which has made the layman feel he has no legitimate opinions," another appeal for the planners to team from 1he concrete mistakes of the pre-war years and make the most of a "second chance," lots of positive images of the kind of developments which find royal favour. 1 1 L333 TJ 6.0 am Ceefax AM. 8.35 Leon Errol. 6.55 Weather, 7.0 Breakfast Time. 8.5S Regional News; Weather. B.0 News. Weather; Open Air. 9.20 Kilroyl 10.0 News; Weather; Going For Gold (R. 10.25 Children's BBC: Piaybus; 10.50 Jlmbo Amd The Jet Set. 10.55 Five To Eleven. 11.0 News; Weather; Open Air. 12.0 News; Weather; Daytime live. 12.5S Regional News; weather. 1.0 News; Weather. 1.30 Neighbours. I. 50 KnVtjTfl Without Armour. Robert Donat Is the chivalrous Brit secret agent helping ccuntess Marlene Dietrich to safety during the Russian Revolution, in lavish 1937 thriller directed by Jacques Feytkr. 3.35 Cartoon Double BlU. 3.S0 CMMlren'a BBC. 3.80 Corner's. 4.5 EWoKs.. 4.30 The Satellite Show. 5.0 Mews-fourtd. 5.5 Record Breakers. 5.35 McJ&MkMra. 6.0 NMh Weather. 6.35 RoglerlaJ News MasatiMfc 7.0 ttogan. Guests include TV presenters Sarah Greene and Mike Smith, firmly on the mend after their helicopter aciaent, Charles Dance, and Prunella Scales, with music from Jane Wiedlin. 7.40 Blankely Blank. Les Dawson with more gurning and word insertion. 8.15 Twenty Tw6 Year Of The Two Ronnles. Last of the series, though doubtless not of the compilations, or the repeats of the compilations . . . 9.0 News; Regional News; Weather. 9.30 Casualty! Living Memories. Another difficult case for the hospital team, with a young potential organ do-i nor on a ventilator, and permission to be sought from his distraught parents. 10.20 HRH The Prince Of Wales A Vision Of Britain. See Watching Brief. II. 35 Cuba. Richard Lester's romantic adventure postponed from a scheduled screening earlier this month has a script by Charles "Tumbledown" Wood, and is set against the background of Castro's revolution. Sean Connery plays the mercenary employed to shore up the crumbling Batista regime, and finding diversion in old flame Brooke Adams. Made in 1979, with Martin Balsam, Chris Sar-andort. Denholm Elliott. 1.30 Weather; Close. Wake 6.SS-7.0 pm Wales Today. 1.10 1.3S am News ol Wales Headlines: Weather. Scotland! 10.6O-11.0 am Dotaman. T.O pm Reporting Scotland. 10.S0 Left, night and Centre. 10.S0 HRH The Prince Ol Wales A Vision Ol Britain. 1S.5 am Film: Ri9ht To Kin? 1.35 Weather; Close Nofthnm Inland! 5.3B pm Today's Sport. S.40 Inside Ulster. 0.95-0.98 Neighbours. 0.SB-T.O Inside Ulster Update. 5.30 am Adrian John. 7.0 Simon Mayo. 9.30 Simon Bates. 12.30 pm Newsbeat. 12.46 Gary Davies. Zja Steve Wright. 9.30 Newsbeat. 5.45 Singled Out. 7.0 Jeff Young's Big Beat. 9.0 Hey Rrradio! 9.30 In Cqncert: Womack and Womack. 10.30 The Friday Rock Snow. 13.302.0 am Richard Skinner. ' 4.0 am Steve Madden. 5.30 Chris Stuart. 7.30 Derek Jameson. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 11.0 Jimmy Voting. 1.5 pm David Jacobs. 2.0 Gloria Hunniford. 3.30 Adrian Love. S.5 John Dunn. 7.0 Memories of You: Chris Ellis. 7.30 Friday Night is Music Night. 9.30 Nigal Ogden. 10.0 The Golden Years. 10.30 Old Stagers. 11.0 Peter Dickinson Presents Nightcap. 1.0 Ellis Hill. 3.0-4.0 A Little Night Music. HMe3 I 6.5ft Weather; News. 7.0 Morning Concert. 8.30 News; Composers of the Week: Bizet Lacoccinelle. Jeux d'enfants op 22, Carmen act 1 excerpts, and the Overture: Patrie op 19. 9.35 Northern StnfoniaRichard HtckoxBernard Roberts (piano). RosBinl (Overture: La cambiale di matrimonio), Malcolm Arnold (Sinfonietta no 3), Cyril Rootham (The Psalm of Addnis), Mozart (Piano concerto no 15 In B . Flat). 10.30 Brahms's Clarinet Sonatas: op 120 nos 1 and 2. Andrew Marriner (clarinet), Alan Gravill (piano), 11.20 Halle Orchestra'Stanislaw SkrowaczewskWChristiane Edinger (violin). Wagner (Overture: Tannhauser), PenderecW (Violin Concerto). 12.18 Interval reading. 12.20 Schumann.. Symphony no 4 In D minor. Carbuncle basher: Prince Charles sees what architects and planners have done to London IEEE g 9.0 am Ceefax pages. 9.30 Daytime On Two: Encounter Austria; 945 Scotland This Century: 10.5 Look And read; 10.25 Around Scotland; 1045 Storytime; 1 1.3 Into Music; 11.25 Wondermaths; 11.40 Let's See; 12.0 Job Bank; 12.20 English File; 12.55 Scene. 1.25 Mop And Smiff (R). 1.40 Walrus (FTJ. 2.0 News; Weather; You And me R). 2.1 5 Sport On Friday. Motor racing and soccer double bill, previewing the Japanese Grand Prix, commemorating 40 years of Silver-stone, and highlighting ths week'B Euro-soccer action. Plus Rugby Union, golf, and tennis. (3.0 News; Weather.). 3.50 Hews; Weather; Regional 4.0 Women Of The Year Lunch (ft). 4.25 It's My Pleasure. Lorraine Chase tells of her lavourite TV moments (fl). 5.0 Rock Athlete: First Ascent. Sid Perou concludes the rock-climbing history (R). 15.30 Thre Days One Summer. , Bill Tidy on the joys of county cricket. 6.0 Blockheads. Another Laurel and Hardy classic, wilii Stan doming home from World War One 20 years late to a warm welcome from his old comrade, but not from the new Mrs Hardy. Made in 1938 6.55 Popeye: The Jeep. 7.5 BiHto: Bitko. The Marriage Broker (Ft). 7.30 On The House. More from Ihe DIY team, including the lowdown on rising damp. 8.0 The Friday Report: Intensive Caring. How one hospital's special baby unit is trying to cope with lack of resources (London only; see below for regions). 8.30 First Time Garden. How to turn the patch of mud behind your brand new house into a thing of beauty. 9.0 A Gentieman's Club: A Memorial Service. Last of Richard Gordon comedy. 9.30 Protecting The Children: You Need The Support Of Your Colleagues. The programme goes behind the sceneB with Lincoln NSPCC stall lo see how they cope with such problems as child sexual abuse. 10.10 The Borodin Quartet Play Tchaikovsky. 10.50 Newsrtigm. 11.45 -Weafherview. 1 1.50 Sudden Fear. A season of Hollywood thrillers opens with this 1952 typical film noir with Joan Crawford as rich playwright realising her actor husband (Jack Pa-lance) is plotting her murder. 145 Close. Wateei MMM Pis id Cymru Conference. &0-8.30 Public Account. Scottondi 8.0-0.30 nm Brag. Northern trafendt 10.25-10.45 am Ceefax. 8.0-8.30 pm View Prom The Castle. Eaafl, North, Worth-Sati: North Sea. MfcHandsi Inside Story. Horth-Wfsto North-West Face. South: Cody. South-Waoti Fattier Quinim. wean westun tup 1.0 News; Chamber Music live from Manchester with Musicians of the Royal Exchange: Aikati (Concerto da camera in C sharp minor), Dvorak (Waltzes, op 54 nos 1 and 4), Mendelssohn (Sextet in D, op 110). Elisabeth Perry (violin), Alexander Balanescu (violinviola), Roger Tapping (viola), Moray Welsh (cello), Paul Matt ion (double-bass). Anthony Gofdstone (piano). 2.0 Aldeburgh Festival 1987. Sacred and Secular. BBC SingersJohn Poole with instrumentalists: Britten (Hymn to St Cecelia), Ned Rorem (Three poems of Baudelaire), Gordon Crosse (Dreamcanon I), Lukas Foss (Psalms; De protundis), Britten (Sacred and Profane). 3.25 Berlin Philharmonicvon Karajan: Mozart Symphony no 39. 3.50 Interval reading. 3.55 Strauss: Alpine Symphony. Mainly lor Pleasure. West Coast Jazz. Max Harrison's series continues. 8: Improvising soloists including Conte Candoli and Chet Baker (trumpets); Herb Geller and Bud Shank (altos), Bill Perkins (tenor). News;Thlrd Ear. Howard Ferguson's 80th 5.0 6.30 7.0 7.30 Birthday Concert: live broadcast with Levon Chi-lingirian (violin), Clifford Benson (piano), ECO Wind Ensemble. Ferguson (Violin sonata no 1 op 2), Richard Rodney Bennett (Three romantic pieces for solo piano), Ferguson (Violin sonata no 2 In F sharp minor op 10. B.35 Howard Ferguson talks to Paul Spicer about his life and music. . 8.45 Mozart. Serenade in B flat. 8.45 Not Painter, But Hunter. Play by Alan Pascoe, 10.45 Rossini: String sonata in C. 1 1 .0 Composers of the Week. Howard Ferguson: Overture For An Occasion op 16. Discovery op 13, Amore Lan-gueoop 18. Gerald FJnzi: Eclogue op 10. 12.0 News. ZZI iril'l 5.0 am ITN Morning News. 6.0 TV-am. 9.25 Runway. 9.05 Granada Reports. 10.0 The Time . . . The Place. A recent Children's Society report estimated 75,000 teenagers under 16 run away from home each year. Some of those runaways come off the streets to join a studio discussion on the issue. 10.40 This Morning: 10.55 News headlines; 11.0 Cash Shop; 11.45 Makers; 11.55 Granada Repoits; weather. 12.10 Rainbow (R). 12.30 Santa Barbara. 1.0 News. 1 .20 Granada Reports; The Week In View. 2.0 Falcon Crest. 2.68 Granada Reports. 3.0 Take The Hkjh Road. 3.25 Granada Reports. 3.30 The Young Doctors. 4.0 Children's ITViScooby Doo (R). 4.10 Crush A dr$ne. 4ft Freallme. 8.15 Blockbusters. S.45 News. 6.0 Granada Reports, 6.30 Ntrtn West Connections. Quiz with Richard Madeley and Fred Talbot. 7.0 Famtty Fortunes Hosted by Les Dennis. 7.30 Me Arid My Girt. When You're Smiling. Richard O'Sullivan and Tirtt flrooks-Tayler lead the falher-and-daugtiter sitcom. 8.0 Beauty And the Beast: Another perilous adventure lor the lovely lawyer (Linda Perlman) and her furry friend, she now taking her turn to rescue him from subterranean dangers. 9.0 A Taste For Deathi 3. Continuing the P.D. James murder mystery, with Roy Marsden as Dalgliesh of the Yard, wanting to question the young nurse, Theresa (Rebecca Saire). about her employer's bizarre death. She knows something that has made her afraid and has gone to ground. 10.0 News At Ten; weather; local news. 10.30 Granada Reports; 10.35 Missing! 1982 political thriller set in Chile and based on the true experiences of Ed Horman with a strong performance from Jack Lemmon as a father initially unable to believe the US authorities might not be telling the truth about his son's disappearance at the height of the 1973 coup. With Sissy Spacek as the son's wife. Director Costa-Gavras and Donald Stewart won an Oscar for their screenplay. Followed by news headlines. 1.0 The James Whale Radio Show. Television and radio are brought together in this weekly live simulcast. Followed by news headlines. 2.0 Night Network followed by news headlines. 4.0 Route 68: Tiie Man On The Monkey Board. 5.0 ITN Morning News. 6.0 TV-am. CeefaxOracle subtitles (R) Repeal 5.65 e.o 6.10 6.25 6.30 Shipping forecast. News Briefing. Farming Today. Prayer for the Day. Today including 7X, 8,0 News; 8.35 Yesterday in Parliament. News; Desert Island Discs: Michael Foot. Famous for 15 Minutes. Terry Brooks was the first "the Milky Bars are on me" kid. But what happened after he outgrew the cowboy suit? News; International Assignment. Morning Story: The Man in Ihe Mirror by Mark Patrick. Daily Service. Analysis: After the General. Hopes have been raised in Pakistan for a return to democracy, following President Zia's death. But could any government civil or military handle the increasing ethnic unrest. John Keay examines the nation's prospects. Treasure Islands. The children's book programme looks at whether children need encyclopaedias, and which are the best. News; You and Yours. The Food Programme. The World at One. The Archers. Shipping Forecast. News; Woman's Hour from Newcastle. Mews; God's Revolution. Fourth part of Don Taylor's CromwelHan drama series, Summer Manoeuvres 1647. News; Wliko's Weekly. Tony Wilkinson visits Ihe Hampshire Chronicle. . Kaleidoscope: God's Revolution and a locus on rock bandU2. PM. News magazine. SIX O'clock News. Going Places, Transport magazine. News; The Archers. Pick of the Week. Any Questions? Jonathan Dimbleby, wilh Chris Pat- 9.0 9.45 10.0 10.30 10.45 11.0 11.47 12. 12.25 1.0 1.40 135 2.0 3.0 4.0 4.30 9.0 6.0 ; 6.30 7.0 8.20 9.30 am Schools: Start The Day; 9.35 Swings And Roundabouts (Ulster only); 9A2 Picture Box; 9.59 How We used To Live; 10.21 Chemistry In Action: 10.43 Geography Today; 11.5 Going Places; 11.22 Our World; 11.39 Mathematical Eye; 11.39 History At Hand (ScottishGrampianBorder only). 12.0 The Parliament Programme. 12.30 Business Daily. 1.0 On Course. 2.0 Strangers When We Meet. Glossy, unlnvolving account of love and lust In an American suburb based on Evan Hunter's bestseller, with Kirk Douglas as the happily-wed architect led astray by neighbour Kim Movak. 1980. 4.10 The Thr Stooges: Punch Drunks. 4.30 FrHseit-'To-OM. 6.0 Soarsorow And Mr King: Vigilante Methdrs. Kate Jackaort, Bruce Boxlertner as the US secret agents. 6.55 MtirtM Buehstansangui'. 0.0 RedbrWt. 1 : Join The Circus. Artolher showing1 tor the Wri-part series following the people ol Newcastle . University through one ac-. dehilc year R). 7.0 Channel 4 Naws. Wealher. 7.55 Book Choice. John Grigg reviews the first volume of the authorised biography ol Harold Macmillan by Alls-lair Home. 8.0 Irish Reel: Learning To Lose Second of Ihe documentaries on Today's Ireland, made by Brendan Hughes with a commentary by Ulster poet Damian Gorman, is a critical assessment of the education system on both sides ol the border. 9.0 The Qoidon Glrlsi The Artist He being the sculptor chum who wants Blanche to pose for Him but is she his sole Inspiration? 9.30 A Houseful Of Plants. Return 6! 1he indoor-gardening series, reporting on a computer programme that can match plants to suitable locations, and advising a yucca-lover on the care of his five-foot beauty. 10.0 Whose Une Is If Anyway? John Sessions and friends play the game. 10.30 The Vast Resort With Jonathan Ross. 11.20 Halfway To Paradise. More entertainment from Glasgow, featuring the Jimmy Somerville Orchestra, American country band The Waggonneers, and post-punk novelist Martin Millar. 12.20 Fat Angela. An American-Spanish co-production directed by Spain's Manuel Summers, but shot in the States with an American cast this oddball romantic comedy revolves round an overweight couple involved in a poslal romance, and in mutual deception. 2.10 Close. ten. Minister for Overseas Aid, and MPs John Hume, Harold McCusker and Clare Short, tackle the issues raised by an audience in Northern Ireland. 9.5 Law in Action. Weekly report on legal issues. 9.30 Letter from America by Alistair Cooke. 9.45 Kaleidoscope: Five artists have found opportunities and1 audiences with the ballads of the Eighties. 10.15 A Book at Bedtime: No Surrender by Robert Harbinson. 10.30 The World Tonight. 1 1.0 Today in Parliament. 11.15 Financial World Tonight. 1 1.35 Week Ending. A satirical view of the week's news. 12.0 News; weather. 12.33 Shipping forecast. UWi-11.0 am.12.0t 1.85-3.0pm Schools. 19.30-1.10 am Schools Night-time Broadcasting. BBC World Service can be received in Western Europe on' medium wave 848 kHz (463m) at the! following times GMT: 7.0 am NeWs: Twenty-Four Hours. T.SO Write On ... MS Seven Seas. 8.0 News: Reflections. 8.18 The Spinners and Friends B.SO Music Now. 9.0 Hews: Review ot the British Press. .1S The World Today. S.30 Financial News: Sport .MS A Choice Of Verse. 10.1 Juste Plain Madness. 10.15 Seven Seas. 10A0 Jazz lor Ihe Asking.. 11.0 News: News about Britain. 11.18 raiding from . . . 11.80 Londres mldi. 12.0 Radio Newsreel. 12.15 pm Europe's World. 12.30 Business Matters. 12.43 Sports Roundup. 1.0 News: Twenty-Four Hours. 1.30 John Peel. 2.0 News: Outlook. 2.45 Nature Notebook. 3.0 Radio Newsfeel. 3.1 B Tha National Brass Band Championships 1988. M New News about Britain. 4.1 5 Science in Action. 4M The World ibday. 60 News: Commentary: S.1S English by RboId. MS Undies sOtf. 5A0 Haute Actual I. TOPrograniniae in German. 8 News; Twenty-Four Hours. 0.30 Science in Action. 0.1 Network UK. 0.15 Europe's World. 9.30 Business Matters. 9.4 S Mal-DUdl Days. 10.0 News; The World Today. 10,30 Financial News. 1040 Reflections. 10.4)83 Sports Roundup. 11.0 News: Commentary. 11.15FromlVie Weeklies: 1150 MulUWKkS. 12-0 Hewsdesk. 18.30 Personal View. IMS Recording ol Ihe Week. 1.1 Outlook. IJtO Financial News. MM Classical Record Review. 1MB Book Choice. 1.S0 New Ideas. News; Review ol tha British Press f .15 Network UK. 330 Peopla and Politics, o News; News about Britain. 3.15 The World Today. 3.30 Tho Vintage chart Show. 4.0 Newsdesk.' 4.30 The World Tottsy. 4.45 Morgattmagazin. S4S 648 News. OJM Financial New. .0 Newadesft. 5.30 Lohdroa Mittn. 8.0 1.30 2.0 2.55 3.0 3.30 4.0 6.0 I. 0 10.35 II. 35 As Granada. Gardens for All. -A Country Practice. Home Cookery jClub. Take the High Road. Sons ahd Daughters. -As Granada. About Anglia. As Granada. Anglia Live. Film: The Desperate Miles. 1975 thriller wilh Tony Mu-sante and Joanna Pettet. James Whale Radio Show. Night Network. Baseball '63. 1.0 2.0 4.0 Border 5.0 As Granada. 1.30 A Country Practice. 2.25 Charlie's Angels. 3.25 As Granada. 6.0 Lookaround Friday. 6.30 Take Ihe High Road. 7.0 As Granada. Central 5.0 12.30 12.35 1.0 1.30. 2.0 2.55 3.0 3.30 4.0 6.0 7.0 10.35 12.6 1.0 2.0 As Granada. Home Cookery Club. The Young Doctors. News; Central-News. Gardening Time. A Country Practice. The Vet. Take the High Road. Sons and Daughters. As Granada. Central News; Central Post. As Granada. Central Weekend. Kojak. James Whale Radio Show. Fitnv.'An Eye For An Eye. 1951 murder thriller with Chuck Norris. Live 'n' Loud. 4.0 Grampian 8.0 Aa Granada. I. 30 Gardening Time 2.0 Film: Thirty Six Hours. 1954 thriller with Dan Duryea. 3.20 Sons and Daughters. 4.0 As Granada. 6.0 North Tonight. 7.0 As Granada. 10.35 Crossfire. I I. 5 Out of the Elephant's Bad. 12.5 The Equalizer. 1.0 As Granada. HTV Wales 5.0 As Granada. I. 30 Film: Park PJaza 605. 1953 drama with Tom Conway. 3.0 Take the High Road. 3.30 Sons and Daughters. 4.0 As Granada. 6.0 Waies at Six. 7.0 As Granada. 10.35 The Oivided Kingdom. II. 5 International Rugby. 11.35 Kojak. 12.30 Film: Crescendo. 1969 chiller with Stefanie Powers. 2.0 Night Network. 4.0 Wales this Week. 4.30 Joblinder. Waste as Wales except 0.0 pin HTV News. 0.45-7.0 Your Say. 10.35 Flashback for tha Fans. 11.5-11.35 Scene 'SB Scottish 5.0 1.30 As Granada. Film: In the Doghouse. 1961 vintage comedy with Leslie Phillips. Flora and Fauna. Sans and Daughters. As Granada. Scotland Today. take the High Road. As Granada. Scotsport Friday Extra. Film: Missing. 1982 drama wilh Jack Lemmon. The Freiberg Jazz Festival. Night Network. James Whale Radio Show. 3.10 3.30 4.0 6.0 6.30 7.0 10.35 11.5 1.30 2.0 4.0 TynoTees 5.0 As Granada. I. 30 Survival of the Fittest. 2.0 Falcon Crest. - 3.0 Take the High Road. 3.30 Sons and Daughters. 4.0 As Granada. 6.0 Northern Life. 7.0 As Granada. 10.39 The Sound of Music. II. 5 Film: Murphy's War. 1971 WWII adventure with Peter OToole. 1,0 As Granada. Ulster S.O As Granada.' I. 30 Gardens far All. 2.0 Charlie's Angels. 3.0 As Granada. 6.0 Six Tonight. 6.30 Sportsbeat. 7.0 As Granada. 10.35 Witness. 10.40 Kelly's People. II. 30 Sledgehammer. 12.0 V. Sci-fi series. 1.0 As Granada. Yorkshire 5.0 12.30 1.0 1.25 1.30 As Granada. The Young Doctors. News; Calendar News. Help Yourself. Film: The Brave Don't Cry. 1952 mining drama with John Gregson. Take the High Road. . Sons and Daughters. As Granada. Calendar. Living It Up. As Granada. Film: The Death Of Me Yet. 1971 thriller wilh Doug Mc-Clure and Darren McGavin. Kojak. The James Whale Radio Show. Night Network. Night Heal. 3.0 3.30 4.0 6.0 6.30 7.0 10.35 12.0 1.0 2.0 4.0 S4C 9.30 ia.o 12.10 12.30 12.35 I. 0 2.0 2.30 4.30 0.0 6.0 6.15 9M 7.0 7.30 6.0 8.30 8.55 9.40 10.0 10.30 II. 20 12.20 YsgOlionSchools. Egwylflntervai. Pobol Y Cwm. Newyddion. 5 Lon Goch. Open College. Parliament Programme. Cynhadledd Plaid Cymru. Fifteen to One. Lost In Space. NawydrJlon. Eric. Pobol Y Cwm. Amser Chwarae. Trebor. Galwch Acw. Newyddion. Y Byd Ar Bedwar. Day Dreams. The Golden Girls. The Last Report. Halfway to Parddtee. . Film: Fat Angels. 1980 comedy with Farnham Scott. OlweddrClose. 2.10 Morning General outlook A LOW pressure to the northeast of Britain is pushing colder air into the north. . Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and the far north of England will be mostly dry with some sunshine and just a few coastal showers. . Much of northern England and North Wales will be cloudy with a little light rain or drizzle in the morning. The rest of Wales and England will be generally dry with some sunny spells after the clearance of early mist or fog patches. London, SE England, E Anglia, Central S England, Midlands. W Midlands, SW England, 8 Wales. Early mist or fog. Mostly dry with some sunny spells. Max 16C (61F). B England, N Wales, NW England, Lake Dist, Isle of rno Weather Watch Chill wind of bureaucracy Michael Hulmo Under the Supplementary Benefits Act (1976), payments or 5 a week are payable by the DHSS to people on supplementary benefit during periods of exceptionally cold weather. The definition of exceptionally cold weather is obviously crucial and involves climate in three regards. Mow many climatological stations should be used to define the extent of cold weather? The fewer the stations used, the less representative of the DHSS offices where the claims are made. What length of time is used to define a "period"? This could be one day, any seven day period, one calendar weefc, or one month. And how is "exceptionally cold" defined? Does one use daytime or nighthne temperature, windchill, indoor temperature or outdoor temperature? The appropriateness needs constantly to be improved for accuracy and fairness. The system currently in use dates from December 1986 and for a .claim to be upheld requires the mean outdoor temperature to be at or below freezing for a continuous Monday to Yesterday's summary Around the world ILcncHlmo reparis) C F C F S 21 72 "Los Angeles C IT 93 S 30 86 Luxembourg S IS 61 S 18 N Madrid F 18 64 C It 52 Majorca F 24 76 S 32 90 Malaga F 22 72 S 23 82 Malta S SI TO S 21 70 Manchester C 12 U S 9 t Melbourne 8 II V F 13 SS 'Mexico City S 21 10 F 16 61 'Miami F it H F 21 70 Moscow C 0 32 C 15 59 'Montreal C B S 32 90 Munich S 1 57 C 19 66 Nairobi F 26 77 F 11 52 Naples B 21 70 C 14 57 'Nassau S It K F 17 S3 Newcastle C 12 54 S 7 J5 New Delhi S 2B 02 C 27 81 'Ne York S 10 60 F 14 57 Nice 3 St 70 F 23 73 Oporlo P 10 16 S 5 41 Oslo C 111 S 17 63 Paris C 17 63 F 14 57 Peking S 16 61 S 19 69 Perlh S 19 46 C 14 57 Prague F 8 43 F 21 70 Reykjavik S -I 30 S 11 52 Rhodes S 19 66 S IB' St 'Rio do Jen C 29 77 F 13 55 Riyadh S 34 93 C 22 72 Rome F 21 70 S 20 68 Salzburg S 17 63 F 14 57 Seoul F 17 63 F 22 72 Singapore F 20 64 S 17 63 Stockholm H 5 41 C 19 66 Slrasbouifl S 17 63 B 12 54 Sydney F 34 9a R 3 37 Tangier S 24 76 C 22 72 TslAviv S 2S 7T S 16 El Tenerils F 24 76 S 13 55 ToffflO S 21 TO-ll 9 41 Tunis S 24 75 C 15 59 Valencia S 21 70 C IE 6" 'Vancouver S 10 60 S 31 B8 Venice C II 66 S 25 77 Vienna S f 45 F 25 77 Warsaw F 46 S 19 66 'Washington 1 It M C 14 57 Wellington S 17 63 C 15 59 Zurich S 12 64 Aiaccio Algiors Amsterdam Athens Bahrain 'Bormuda Barcelona Gclrjarte Benin 'B Aires Blarrllz Bliin'ngtiam uomnay Bordeaux 'Boston Bristol Brussels Budapest Cairo nardJI Casablanca 'Chictgo Colaarie Copenhagen uorru 'Dallas Denver Dublin Dunrovnih Edinburgh Faro Florence Fraflluit Funchai Geneva Gltnauw Glasgow Helsinki Hong Korvj Innsiiuck Inverness Istanbul Jersey JotwiB Karacnl L.vnaca Us Palmas Mseor , Locarno Lontlon C. cloudy; Dr. drizzle; F. lair; Fg, log: H. tuit; H, rain; SI. sleel: Sit, snow; S. sunny; Th thundBr. ' iPrs'lout cay's readings) London readings From 6pm Wednesday to 6am yesterday: Mln lamp 16C (61F), From 6am to 8am yesterday; Max temp 17C . (63F). Total peripg; sunarwna, niai rttiiimu, .mi in. THI QUABDIAH li9Farr!r)gdoTi Roao London EC1R 3ER Telephone : 01-278 2332 Telex: 6811746 (Guardn G) . Fax:01-B37 2114. Fax:01-833 8342. Afternoon Man, Central N England, NE England. Rather cloudy with some rain. Sunny intervals developing. Max 13C (55F). Channel Is. Mostly rather cloudy with chance of some rain later. Bright spells. Max 16C(61F). Borders, Edinburgh, Dundee, SW Scotland, Glasgow, Argyll, N Ireland. Sunny spells but ..some coastal showers. Max IOC (50F). Aberdeen, Central Highlands) Moray Firth, NE Scotland, NW. Scotland. Sunshine and showers, perhaps heavy and wintry. Max 9C (48F). . Orkney, Shetland. Sunny intervals and frequent showers, perhaps heavy and wintry. Max 7C(45F). Outlook for the weekend: most places dry and bright but colder with night frosts. Mean dally temperatures for a -Mean 0.4" 's'm't'w't'f 's's Sunday period at'the closest climatological station (63 are used) to the relevant DHSS office. There are various ways, however, of using climate data to produce clear and sensible criteria for cold weather payments. For example, is an average temperature of zero Centigrade a suitable definition of exceptionally cold? Under public pressure it was increased- to zero from -L5 deg C in 1986. Temperatures, however, do not take account of wind speeds, although the cooling power of the air is greater on windy days than on calm days. More importantly, is it fair to define the "period" as a week running from Monday to Sunday? A definition which allowed any seven day period to qualify is surely preferable to Around Britain Report for the 24 houra ended yesieroay: lemn Weather C F (day) Notllngh; PtamnuM floss-on-Wyi bast com Scarborough Bridlington Eiwgni In iManehastor : 164 Deansgate Manchester M80 2RR Telephone : 061-332 7200 Fax '.061-8325351, TfilfHriionoSalM: London : 01-430 1234 Manchester : 061-332 7200 Sun shine Rain hrs in GNQLAND Birmingham 4.4 ,02 15 59 Stiwrs pm Bristol 53 .06 15 59 Sunny Buxlort 2.1 .19 11 52 Sunny pm Carrisre : 1.8 .22 13 55 Shwrs pm rrlfr 2.8 .09 14 57 Shwre pm Condon. 3.2 .01 17 S3 Sunny pm Manchesler 18 ..17 13 55 Showers Newcastle 12 .15 13 55 Bright pm Norwich 2.5 '.02 17 53 Rain am am 3.1 .06 14 57 Shwre i 6.8 .02 15 59 Sunny 4 5 07 16 61 Bright 2.1 08 15 59 Sunny 2.2 .11 14 57 Bright pm 3SS .u VI' 13 on aiiwrci am HUnBiamon '-r .UJ lo ai uiuuujf Cromer t. .29 16 61 Rain am LowestoK 3.0 IB 64 aright Claclon 3.0 ' IS 61 Bright pm Southend 2.7 17 63 Sunny pm Margate 4 1 17 63 Sunny pm Heme Bay 4.1 17 63 Sunny pm DOUTH COAST Folkestone 4.6 17 63 Bright Hastings 3.3 16 61 Sunny pm Easl&ourne 3.4 16 61 Sunny pm Brighton 4.7 15 59 Sunny pm Worthing 5.1 16 61 Sunny pm Litllehainplon 46 17 63 Sunny pm Bognor Regis 54 IS 61 Sunny pm Soulhsea 6.5 IE 61 Sunny Sandown 7.2 16 61 Sunny Shanklin 7.4 15 59 Sunny Vantnor 6.5 15 59 Sunny Bournemouth 7.0 .02 16 61 Sunny Pogle T.I 16 61 Sunny Swanage 6.7 .01 16 61 Sunny Weymouth 7.5 16 61 Sunny EKmouHi: 7.6 XB 17 61 Sunny Telarrrnotrth 6.B .02 16.61 Sunny Torquay 7.2 03 16 61 Sunny Falmouth 7.4 .09 16 61 Sunny Penzance 7.6 .26 15 59 Sunny Isles 0lScUW 7.6 .18 15 69 Sunny Jersey 5.1 .01 17 63 Sunny Guernsey 8.4 .02 17 63 Sunny WIST COAST Newquay 7.4 .43 16 61 Sunny IliiaeomDB .57 Showers Minehead 6.0 .02 16 11 Sunny Waslon-e-Mare 5.9 .02 15 59 Sunny Night euf Sun and moon SUNRISES SUM SETS MOON RISES-MOON SETS . 6.46 am -. 4.4ipm . 6.09 pm . mm pm tomorrow MOON: Last qtr Nov T Lightlng-up times aeifast- . 5.27 pm to 6.60 am eirmirgtiam- 3.ib pm to am S at pm to 6.28 am 5.16 pm to 6.47 am 511 pm lo 6.16 am 5.15 pm lo 6.32 am S.OB pm (o 6J3 am 5.13 pm to 6.26 am Glasgow London Ufanchester- Newcastle NDltlngf-am- High tides 0324 7.2 1633 7.4 0022 6.1238 6.7 0034 9.6 1262 0.3 0S91 13.3 2115 12.9 0749 7.7 2012 7.3 020D 3.7 1403 3.6 0401 5.7 1634 5.5 0047 4.3 1308 4.2 Cover- Liverpool- Avonmou tit- Hull- Qroenoclt- Leitn- Dun LaogHalrt- Major roadworks Motorway JmoUona Daisy mi s Moderate M4 11-15 Moderate 1,15 4-4a Moderate M25 11-13 Moderate M60 1-2 Moderate M62 2I-22 Severe M62 24-25 Peak times W63 1-7 Severe r-602j'6J 1 Severe Satellite predictions LONDON From TA ttui Eros Salvul 7 03.5B 04.00 35 04.41 04.44 60 SEfESE ENNW NW'SE Seasall 05.53 0601 30 Cosmos 1735 fB.02 16.66 70 MANCHESTER . From To Elev Erts 03.56 04.00 25 Salyu!7 04.41 04.43 40 06.15 0620 25 Seasall 0554 0620 30 Cosmos 1715 18.01 18.05 70 SESE SEESE WSSE ENNW NW'SE ' Leaves or enters eclipse. Predictions are for tomorrow, limes are GMT. Wealtiar information supplied by the Meteorological Office. Road informallon supplied 6y die Department ofTrantporl. Satellite predictions by Hie Royal Greenwich Observatory. hypothetical 16 day period MeanO.e5 'm't'w'tIf's's' an arbitary calendar week. The graph shows the sort of anomalies that can occur under the present system. Two successive Monday to Sunday weeks have mean temperatures of 0.4 and 0.6 deg C, although within that fortnight there was a seven day period when the mean temperature was as low as -1.2 deg C. The current system would allow no payments to be made. Although the questions, of station representativeness and temperature versus windchill are complex ones to tackle, from the climatologists viewpoint it should not be difficult to use the running seven day period rather than an arbitrary calendar week. 9Dr Mike Hulme is a Research Climatologist at the University of East Anglia. Southport 2.9 .3b 13 ss bnwrs am "'" p""' 2.7 .35 14 57 Sunny pm Morocamte 2.1 .43 12 54 Shwrs pm Douglas 4.0 .15 12 54 Sunny WALKS Anglesey- 4.9 6.1 4.0 6.0 .50 14 57 Sunny .12 IS 59 Sunny .91 15 59 Bright .36 14 57 Sunny uarum.. Colwvn Bay- Tenby NORTHERN IRELAND Belfast ' Dfal a forecast For a recorded regional forecast dial 0898 500 followed by Hi e coda for your area; Greater London 401: Kent, Surrey. Sussex 402; Dorset. Hants, loW 403; Devon, Cornwall 404: Wills. Gloucs, Avon, Somerset 405: Berks. Bucks, Oion 406: Beds. Herts. Essex 407: Norfolk. Suffolk, Cambs 408: S, W & Mid Glamorgan, Gwent 409; Shropshire, Hereford, Worcs 410: Central Mldfando 411: E Midlands 412; Lines, Humbersida 413: Dyled. Powys 414; Gwynedd. Clwyd 415; NW England 416; W & S York, Vorka Dates 417: NE England 418: Cumbria, Lake District 419: SW Scotland 420; W Central Scotland 421; Edln, S Fife, Lothian, Bordere 422; E Central Scotland 423. Grampian. E Highlands 424; NW Scotland 425; Caithness, Orkney, Shetland 426; N Ireland 427. Peak rate 38p per minute, off-peak 26p. Manchester readings From 6pm Wednesday to 6am yesterday: Min temp IOC (60F). From 6am to 6pm yeaterday: Max temp 130(55?). Total period: sunshine, 1.8 hrs: ralnlall, .17 In. Published by Guardian Newspapers Limited at 119 Farrlngdon Road, London ECIR 3ER, and at't64 Oeansgale, Manchester M50 2RR. Printed at tha Guardian Press Centre, 2 Mliiharbcur. London E14 ONG; 164 Deans-gate, Manchester M60 2RR, tar and on behall of tha Guardian and Manchester Ewnlno News PLC. 44.204 Friday, October 28. 1988. Registered as" a newspaper at the Post Office. ISSN 0261-3007. 1 2 3 SCOTLAND Aberdeen. 5.7 14 57 Sonny Aviemoro 4.6 .12 11 52 Shwrs pm Edlnburoh 5.5 13 55 Sunny Esfcdalemuir 1.5 .15 11 52 Shwrs pm Glasgow 4.5 .07 12 54 Showers Kin loss 5.7 .03 14 57 Sunny Lerwick -- 1.8 .46 11 52 Showers I ni-hrr- 5.5 13 55 Sunny Prestwick 4.1 .03 12 54 Stiwrs pm Stoinoway 1.8 .72 12 54 Rain pm Tiree 3.0 .02 13 55 Showers Wick S.I .13 13 55 Rain pm

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