The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
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Celebrate Armistice Day In Blytheville Saturday Served* by the United /*rcs.s BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEIl OJ» NOK'IHEAST AKKANBAS AND SODTHKABT M1BS5OUH) VOL. XXX—NO. W:>. ...tlwvlllt SSS™!', i.V iiSSSSE , m.yTimvu.i.n. AHKANHAH. TIIUIISUAY. .sovBMnBBj>._iim SINOT.R COPIES FIVE (IRN'lt.J mat OEM ID Larger Cities Not Waiting for Formal Ratification of Repeal. UJ- rnited Tress Sale of hard liquor will be 1 aflecied in the larger clt'es in United States by repeal of the 18th Drug stores and saloons did a brisk business despite wurniu;; bs federal courts ilu'. prosecution; -.vould continue until [ormnl repeal IX'Lsmtcr 5. Whlk'ity was plentiful in York, Ciiiciigd, S 1 .. Lo'jis, Kansss CJity and Cleveland, where inixec or slraislu drinks -.veri- .*:rivd openly over bars. Since lightened restrictions 01 urp'cripiitn whisky, drug mores ii ;"01 these cities have bein igvi the- formality of prescriptions. Several downtown Cleveland drug K;O:CS displayed whisky and wine o! hleh ali'oiio.'ic content. Slaying Rai'fl'-s Po : ii<v as Unknown Blond Is Sought Who Is Ihe pretty blond woman, aid to have been a caller at ~Yacv King's bachelor apartment on the night that KniK. orchestra eader at, a local theater, was mys- erlously shol io death in hts bcd- oom? Police officials, who were confl- •li'nl yesterday that the woman would be apprehended within 24 lours, admitted today that the Identity ol King's alleged caller inflined a mystery. According; to John A: Link, night ?lerk at the liolcl where King re- Ided. a pretty girl, blond and •murtly dres-sed, asked for the lumber of the orchestra leader's ip&rtini'iu on the evcnin? of the •sia! shooting. Slie left the hotel, •rcordlng lo Link, <jnly a few min- iti's before the body of King was 'ound by Joseph Drugan, orcliestra! •liver and friend of the slain \ »»m. 'rnance that begins today on page! Dcnisc Lang, attractive society 4 in the Courier News. 'Hie hero-: •;Irl whose engagement to King ine of this story Is the attractive' •as recently announced, could not young woman who was accused of Denudes find Farmers Join in Opening Highways to Markets. DES MOlrfES, Iowa. Nov. !> <OP>—On'xwlilim' to M>o notional farm strike, called October 21 ns n protest against failure of federal "° "I 1O""*»'<ri>. Irv r^lcti "> n.s fj I fnvm nrodi'ds, inereased today Hij Deouty sheriffs and anil-strike] orfanizntlons forced thousands of 1 i rickets from hiFh»'n»s "nd be reached for a statement today, the shooting of R popular orches- Arthur J. Lang, her father, 'all- tm leader. The hero Is a. novelist -upiTy refused to talk to reporters, who offers tlie unknown blond a '•un other members of the family ride on Ihe night of the murder admitted Miss Lang was prostrat- id by the news of the murder and ing figure In confined to her bed under a doc- , citing drama. the wnv for unrestrained mar-l | kellmr of farm products. Cnldi v.rri'hur nlrti'il in diminishing Uiej ni'mlwr of nickels. Mimv fanners re^ondet! to an '"»val bv fien. Hugh S. Johnson, NRA admln'strator. to plve fed- era! fr.rm relief mlMcs " ti fair trial." Cieneral Johnson Is on n PROCLAMATION BY MAYOR Saliirrtny Is llir rillu'iill) Anniversary ul ll'.e squills of il»' Aiinlslu-e, \\likli imuked llii' i'iidln<>. or lilt 1 World Wur. No'. IGIIK ihcio.ilifT tin- Auu'iinm Lpglou und American Lrglon Auxiliary ruinii mlo oxislfiic.' mid fliiu 1 Uii'lr l.'irih lliay niivi* continuously l;ceh doing Mime area! wm-k In every rnimiiunlly of tlu v imllon. Tlie Aiiii'rii'iin U'glun mid American l<ri;lun Auxiliary arc! espu-|;ilU Interested In Hie' weltuiv 01 those who wnc disabled timing Ihe World Wnr. TJin lorn I Posts ol the American Legion und Amerh'iiii Legion Auxiliary have been working diligently lulcly lo miita' KiUiirdny :i (;ul(i Jay ami 10 nivo ttiln entire MTUOII of ArkmiMis unrt Eoulheasi Missouri iin L-iilcrlamlne program. A iiHtKSifllly known speaks will to hero and an unllmili'd amount of good bund music nml other music will bo furnished. Then 1 will hi' u parade. THEREFORE, us Mnyur ol Hlytiirvlllc. I ijiwlnlm Halurdny. November 11. u day of ci-lcbrullun '.mil hereby call Ufon i>ll of Un 1 people of Ilk" City lo help the American U'ilon nnd American LC-E.OII Ancillary n succct.i of their i-lforlVtiiul lo frln in tl!! 1 parade mid llinnksitlvliuj; nml especially urge till I) .'.jtiessps to close und rc-Li:-v for the few minulcs which represent Ihe anniversary of Hie point, of time M which tin- Armistice went. Into ulUcl. CECIL, SHANU, Mayor of blylhevlllc. Sixteen Girls lu Rai'.e For Crown and accidentally becomes a iead- romtmllc find cx- HIT!' FIE! 1 tor's care. (UP)—I Identity i of King's mysterious Cedes in Prospect WASHINO'i'ON, NOV. 9. Ccntiiiucd warfare against Ihe 11- U : sal liquor tratfic was decreed by federal agencies loday as it was !n- cili-a'cd that NRA and AAA codes mi-gin be utilized to control the le- ?,ali?.;d liquor industry when pro- iiibi'iou ends December 5. Diillllers have filed a marketing njrcEmcnl wilh the Agricultural Adlustnient Administration and -a eou'a of filr practice with the NRA. It was pointed o'Jl that vintners and b:e,v tl -4 might be brought nn- \ nrm ., nrpm p nt .'» ; d-.'rsbiiiia/codes'to-give the gov-1 « ._'. CHitr.Snl eomptete regulatory power. indications Ihnt this form of control wculd be esercisc-<l were contained in the creation of a beverage section in the processing and inifketlns division of the farm administration and the summoning or Secretary of Agriculture Wallace to a White House conference on llouor tomorrow. Author Blond" Is of "The Laura Lou Unknown Brookman, caller will be revealed in "The who has a number of popular sev- Unknown Blond." a mystery ro-, laLs to her credit. DP ICIulRElTES VJhlch threatened ontxislt'rtn lo Ihe pr^^irtenf': r*v-rvu«iT/ xxillcles. |.-. \ t^ -\ t f> • ' i n r* i • »« 1 srxv, mi! Temiwary [round Guilty of Criminal Braves, Routed-in .Mavoral Mllo Reno, president of the; \ 1. I I W/^ mot , Tl i' V n ^ ^ FRIIII Holiday Associaiion. *ho] Assaull Upon Woman, blcclion, form cmied ihe strike in on effort to| ft rii Popular Corner. for New Offensive, force federal action lo raise farm ' ---- and halt foreclosures. de-| AMny ^^ ^^ Mlssul>v , serlbed the lull of strike activity NE\V YOUK, Nov. a. )— TIIIII- . . | convict, was convicted of criminal mtiny Hull, shorn of almost \M po\V- Sixteen pn.'ity girls from nortll-; C.LM Arlumsai and southeast Mis-' with will vie lor tins title "Miss!.„,.. Arkansas-Southeast MU-iWl iouri" in the Armistice D.iy cole- j bullion here Saturday. I Out of town Judges will choose! the queen at 2 o'clock al the ell"' iiidHorh'.in. She will be crowned i Saturday nlsli U::10 o'clock lit lliv j city niidltorluui when the qiiniv ml her maltis. who will be 111 1 . 1 llior emit'-'slanls, will lie InlrodiiC- to Hi.' "ii-s's. T'ICV. mrl s cor Is, wTll be guests of honor at he [lance will 1 '.] Is lo follow with I. 11. Sioul us .'"leinl host. Saturday Is la be n. full'tiny for he contestants who will bo the cenler ol y.Hvuclloii while ilu'v He i-lly. They will be guests or the Ainorlcnn Lcgloi and the auxiliary wh'n »'-". s-- ' -1 -ir- 'Is and E. C. Patton in charge. They are lo meet at the Hotel otile at 8:30 o'clock where n suite of rooms will be at their disposal while they lire here. The rc'inirsil will by llrsl. They ure to ride on flnat In tlie parade nl 10:45 o'clock nnd wl'l iv"'i a '•""•'— the holel nt 12 o'clock when Nolll ::d, comnnndc,' ot the nisi, and Mrs. Howard ITuctor, president of le.ilen anxllhry. .vlll b 1 .' mes;nl. Following their .ippcurance In the '*To)m tSoscli twsldent of th» flss:iul i u l' « circuit court jury here c r and reductd to n purely MIIII- ..Titmesoln holiday" association, F ald lsk 1:lst "'s in ""^ sentenced lo 10 hattan Island . "' / "the strike Ls showing mbre 5 ' c:lrs '" l!l ° Arkansas state peni- lion, today opened n dcsperale bal- x'rentll. t>'nn cither stntn or na-. t«ntlary. lional officers had expected." ' I T!l(l J" r V racelvwl Ihe case about lie nscilnsl tiie Roosevelt wing o the j Latest activity I eluded an at'-mn Fly in,Formation Ov- c\- Si^et Parade Saturday Morning. ARMISTICE DAY PROGRAM 10:45 u. in.—tirade. 1:00 i. in.—Address by CharlM II. lli'oiiTh, on (^arthoiue Iswn If weather )i«mit«. Othfrwife In cllv auditorium, • 2:'"> p. m.—Selfetlon of Mtat Northf«*t Arkansas - ScuUieatyt M'r.--iirl frmi Id women reprt- iciiMiit ronimuniMrs In this vir- inlly, at city nudltorlum. R:30 p. m,—C'Townmr nf ^lis» Nortbrail Arkniuns- Southe.wt liifourl from 16 younj women riH-tscnllnit ccmmnnHIrs In (Ids Icinllv, M city auditorium, (0 IKV followed by a dint*. An ulr circle, with n Inlf <ln/,en 1 more nlrshlps, Including n huge I-niotorcd plane, participating, will e one of tl:e big- features of tlie nnLstlcc Day celebration i'.ere intnrrtsiy. Airships and pi ln 's f re >n Mem- hls, Keni'.ctt, p.irjjjould. Jackson. ington Mav .Come Tonight or Tomorrow, WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UP) — Soviet-American negotiations on Motion ^ picture companies "thai of strikers In- '0 :3 ° P- n! - and returned a v=rdictl 3a \- u R Clirr y p Tnmmany lead to d*.-"iinli« a ni about 30 mlmilu. It wis the' - ciittle train "nt Horlonvllle, Wls., firs', nijlu session ot tlic court levin. n W/ TL W/ 1"1 fhe rclejsc of fon- Iru-k load= rf. Wanner wa-i found gnlllf of al- L'Dn^r-, WorSfi'1-r.aU T ViOt-lCI ( 1VU stock'-near swiix* Cllv."Io»'H; j ia'ekln» a woni*i "on 'the* Piplnr War CJ """ iW»VViri^!cf and plckellni! of highways liear Comer-llorncrsvllle, Mo., highway Sav? Mpthcidist and Picketing of highways near Comer-llorncrsvllle, *jays "'""'"""^Knnkakee. 111.. Six sticks of dynv Ihe day afler lie WB Conference Speaker. lu aboul 30 mlniiU-3. It wis the er W I KSD continued reign Is llke'.v " '•' "'"• "' " lu bu questioned by : dlssppJlnfeil jiubcrdlna'es, adcpled tbt} Ancient stnitoyy .t^'atuh? ofluhoh'o'the ijest defense. Me nnpped a pro- I nilti: were round [cattle train. HOT SPRINGS, Nov. 0. (UP) — were understood today continue to pr«>Juce pictures show- be procecdini; rapidly toward ing murder nnd scenes of lust" U'^TC conclusion. • rapisxl here today al tlie eighth an-1 a result, of dloiomaiic snade nual meeting of the Little Rock! ™* Third Ita'l J'.Hrtq- Fiml COUNCIL BLUFFS. Nov. 9. (UP) —A bruise on the Chicago, Mil- St. Paul nnd Paetnc ruil- 'noar Portsmouth, Io'.va. wis IVBS r^bised from , fastened to Ihe the Missouri slate p:nllt;nt!ary. He was enruiite lo the home o[ his mollier anil the woman, from Evil St. I/iuls, was KO'.HJ to Ihe home of a friend near Hornei-svlUe at Ihe time tin- al'.ack was a'.ie^d lo have occurred. They had rklden the sains bus from Blvthevllle to afternoon progra.n they will linvc the remnlud"r of the duv lo OUT <elvs until thc night program and dance, i Blyllicvlllo Is to be, represented by Mlw MarKarot Ort»3. d.iughtei of Mr. an:! M's. llernnn C-w, Miss Oross, who nltended Vander- bllt Unlversltv at tVithvlllc, T:nn Is a i:o™lar.incmlx>fy,;t;--h» yinnit er set llevt "ind'lihl pirffcvH 1 * 1 ]"'! n number of beauty nnd popular , to oblnln the removal ofjlty contesis. Slie was the uiianl 1'ostimster Genera! James A. Par- moils choice of ll:e judges In th Icy as chairman of tl:c New state Democratic committee, York (.election of "Mlsa Blythevllle" Kentucky Goine Wet LOUISVILLE. Ky.. NOV. 9. (UP) —Wots ssirged a!:eiid in Incomplete !etu-rs fr'm Ken'.ucky's repeal elsc'.ion today. A'lhou-jh the eleclion was hek' TuTday a Kentucky law k:-eps the |. 0 - rs .-.-i^'ed uii-li the following day Immthl o'isei'iTrs expressed a bo- llei tcJnv lliat t!ie B!ue Grass st^t^ v,-?s t^.:e ^I7th to repudiate nation wicb ptohlbltion. Rs-litrns from 040 of the stale'f 42P1 prsc'ncis >»-<ve: for repeal 79 1°1;" a»ai-v.-t. 5G.423. KenT"cVv win hold its ratification convention November 21. 10 other entileslnnls M'ss Louise Hale Is lo be "Mis Sees Rebuke lo Ruustvcll I Os-eob." Bhe was the choice of MONROE, Li., Nov. Q. (UP)—U. 1 ceJla residents ID rcuresenl tin S. Senator Hucy p. Lons, In n i city in iy colon carnival al Mem sp;ech here last nlghl, said lhc pii| 5 recently, vole in Nc p ,v York's mayoralt)' dec "ilates recognition T1 Jiiou was 'omorrow. The vital point of the conversions -.vos lo be reached late to- lay nt tlie White House when Mr. Utvinoff meets ^fr. Roosevelt Slate department Soviet "buy*ng up imiiarines and newspa- aniiouneed tonight or pers". with advertising. He said that the greatest artists In th? country are engaged In exploiting the younj wtimen of he nation. "These evils." he said, "are gnawing at thc Iteart of .American life officials and.are a far greater danger to the any tlil-3 week. area nojro, cliarsed with the murder of; un address by the senator on the hoped the discussion would be ra ii 011 ti, 3n ntiy meni-^ i 1 " •ufficlenlly advanced by Ihat lime ramo from oernmny In the World enable thc principal ncgotia- war ,. ,ors lo decide definitely on terms Ar!!an 5., s divorce laws were as- 1'orfr Cniton NE\V YORK. Nov. ton closed steady. 9. (UP)— Cot- J-j'i. • Mir. Miv July Oc', (,'A OS1 . 999 1">M 1025 10-15 915 1003 1018 1M2 1043 low 372 981 997 Ifll2 1024 1043 close 90 911 1006 mi 1035 1053 recognition. sailed by Dr. W. F. QulllDn of Nashville, secretary of the Baa"! i of Chrls'ian Education. He said | that "divorce leaves women worse : than widows und children worse ' than orphans." The conference adopted a PIPS Til SINK • Mil SHEET Fxnect 1.400 to Parl nate in Masr, Dem s'ration Tomorrow. Ernest Williams, negro, uufcr- j stale tax sltimllon. : way In court loday. A ]i3lr of heck i !crs who sought ,10 confuse Long The court has yet lo pass sen- [ were ejected from Hie inccllng. lencc on two ne?n> slayers, convict-1 ed of second decree murder. Oscnrj Stevenson nnd Richard Chrk. ne-- -•rocs, ',(-e-L- rsnvic'ed but ti'elr sen- j tenccs left to the court without! recommendation. j Ha/'-n Hall, accused in a Barfi?ldl : store robcerj-. who had been at lib Pai'tlCI- crt i' ni!-lsr bMd prior lo the coml | _ lerm but had not aopoanyj In court.; Uemotl- was taken Into cuslody this morn-I „ in-; and lcd?ed In Jail. Korrps'. Chbi-l PrenarCS to Quell Last for the Maiden, Mo., M!ss Orluc ilu'iChlns, brunel dnii7>'ter of Dr. olid Mra. W. Hiitchlus of Man'la, who is nl- well known here. Is the commltt?? selectlcn from Ihat town. Yarbro is to be represented Miss E'lza'ieth McLnn. diiiuhtev of Dr. and M". D C. M"L"-'. »••— represented tbLs town In tlic rc- c»mi v fn'.iv-'vide hsiuly cintc-'t. Holiday Proclaimed LITTLE ROCK, NOV. 9. (UP) —A proclamation was issueil b> Oov. J. M. Pulrell this afternoon declaring Armistice Diy, November 11, ix state holldtiy. Thp governor asked 'thai ail slate : ottltcs ba closed and that HTIS be diiplaycd by. merchants bvrr : (he- state.,' In' nH'inory- 1 . of ^- Tenn.. nnd other |»lnts as well .as ocal pllols, are .expected to take part In the activities. The oulstandinj atlvactlon will bff 14-pa;senger Ford Irl-motorcd plnnc which will carry passengers and a'J3 will b= used In tin stunt flying. Lt. Walter M.-BVonJ.rt and Lt. Cnnrles Wilson of Milwaukee, WLs., will handle Ihe huge ship. = A group or airplanes are to fly In formation over li\6 line of march during the parade and individual plltts will perform Intricate stunts during lhc day. Newstim Will Be Here Tte pUnes will land at a fleld-at Ihe north end of Franklin arid. Second slrccts. The big Irl-molorcd plane will be here Saturda'-' and Sunday mid will ily at night '£\ well as diy. belli? oquippsd \vlth landing lights, other Dlanss ; ar* riving here Saturday will probibly remnln over Sunday- ... . • Among ths pilots who have iridlf Sp:Ls clos?d sleady at 1005, up 15 New Orleans Cotton ^kob Tells of Syndicate Formed After Head's Suicide. OhservMion of Ampr'riui .. . j , ... . ,. , .cation Week In Blvthevllle will be c oi:ri t»rm hal recommended that if it I | cnnc , llr , prt wlf)l R „,„„ F0rt , ,,„. courl '-™ found tlvu OMo-,v ay c-)Ui!« »t' monnr(lt| bv j_ 4(K , bllr . ,,„.,! Scarce cannol be opened -wlth., ,,,. ^ ldav • >fwrnoon _ T ,, c hm ,, benefit to the church, then llic| nnri „,,.„ w|1 , ff ,, rmHe Dn M! ,, n property should be offered the clll-. slrcet between Second street -end zens of Scares- who would ossumo. thp FrU( . 0 rall ,. 08d nt 2:30 p m . ; holm ls accuMC | ln lhc snmc bery. Fr | d , „ fln;) j d , the iVestiges of Onposition, to Grau San Martin. i 1 *""""* *r l0 "' merchanu. | 13urd"-tte 'Tompklns, HAVANA. Nov. 9. (UP)—Govern- of ^, r Bank lts present indebtedness. i anrt wln slng nvc Kongs , "In event Seircy declines l|;o col- ; Yeslerdav morning the Lange ,li^e Ih-: bM-d of truilces Is au-! scnoo i f :,,a e nl hodv nnd vlsi'irs i lhori?ed to sell the college for debts will send Miss Ann dark haired daughter , , , , .1 Mrs. .1. F. Tompklns. . mcnt tro:pi were deployed lotlay sllc , s tnc sainc |vuc ns he| . s , s , nr .for nn Immiuc". land and water v;ho rcprcEcn t cll t ] 1nt town j n tllc •attack against San Ambrosio bar- selection of "Miss Mississippi racks, principal stronghold Of reb- Cnmtv" bf,t surlnt; els seeklnj to depDJC Prudent I M|M Qf]mn ^ yf][ kmm NEW OHLE.VS. Nov. 9. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. oien hKh low elose . 'OS!) D31 938 980 . 981 9<11 MO 9S8 . OT1 1016 ions 1012 1023 1039 1044 1014 D?c. Jin. Mir. Miv July Oct. 1001 1023 1044 1CW5 1018 1013 l(M8b WASHINGTON. Nov. 9. (UP) - : tll Bl nave Men Incun-ed." Suicide ot a New York bank presi- t ^cnt- during thc 1923 market panic i r , n r -nd formation by Alfred E. Smith • MaUlCS UeStfOy farm and others of a syndicate to pro-' — " ' tecl thc sbares of Ihe bank and tvold a possible run floured today 'n Ihe senalc stock market investigation when John J. Raskob appeared us a volunteer witness. v»re addreF.wd by E. A. Rice, chief of ivillce. who spoke on ! "Safely." Frldav mor"l'i» at Lan'i" !l,. R Tull will srwak to the {.students on "Advantages of U U7 i t UMi A Schools." He will comoare educa- nome nest O! nOHana !lton opponunllles In America and ' 1 Africa. HOLLAND. Mo.—The home of W. There will be R program at the W. Richard, farmer, a mile west of' Junior high school ussemblv toJies of civilians who were cauehl Tenn , and a grou'j of Mo., pilots including Cecil Anthony, By- Sanders. DDluh Eiggs, T. H, Slo;:r <i'id Sll^i Strnbeur. A Warner Fleet, s->3;hlly built training and stunt ship, will -be le-ilurcd in slimt flyhn Saturday. O'lo not 1 ', oiriohiitj linnsr, \vUJ, make a del*yed jump Sun-hv •>.•• lemoGii n' His flyliii; field an:l ma7" give a slm'hr perfonnance Saturday afternoon. Twelve Members of Gang EOV U'irtcr Ai Chicago., •T. i iiin iiii'j [ii: iiiurgui:. UIIUIIIL L V JI ic- i Arrest Today al^teww,;*.,™ «re p^ns 200 j^,^^ _ MV| Miss CHICAGO. Nov. 5. (UP)— Opera of fl w-?ll o-ssn'.zcd Spols closed steady at 915. up 16. Stock Price? A. T. and T ......... 110 5-8 Anaconda Co'ipcr ...... 15 1-2 !Mh'.cl:cm S'.eel ...... 31 1-8 C-r-sier ............... 43 3-8 C'ties service .......... 21-8 Co:a Cola ............ 97 1-2 General American Tank 30 S-4 General Electric ...... 21 1-8 General M-(ors ........ 303-4 In'CTiialinml Harvester 39 1-4 Minl'-onKv-v Ward ..... 20 3-4 New York" Central ..... 35 33-4 16 7 3.8 IB 2 3-8 . Holland. was destroyed by fire early j tomorrow In whlrh numerous nu- cl -f u | glin g C f ];iQnap->ri w'nlch col- Injured, many of them women. A stole ol war existed throughout the Island. Business In • Ha- .•aui was pinlj-ztd and few PM)le were en he «lreet$. •• ™ lorc club is! Mnxlne Wallace! and Mrs. W. M.' s a former stu- Free M?n Arrested in Warhurst Raskob tesltfted he, Smith, and "ns aftemoon. Virtmlly nothing.plls will partlcloale. Anna -Ihers Dirticipated in the syndl- : was -"ved. There was no Insurance, j .Jon^s v;|ll speak on "\Vliat Ihe []nis"dti'r"im -aie H" said it was to support l The fire, be'.leved to have been Public School Means to Me." and was f,^,^ %tock of the Countv Trust company caused by a.spirk from thc Ilus. hjdiJnme.? Terrv on "Tlic Carry Over 12 mm iftcr lh« suicide Kovember 10. 1929. Sained such licadwoy when u uf James J Uiordan. president of discovered (hal it was Impossible callon. Ihe ton!- ' to do anything lo check It. Mrs. i Yesterday J, Anhur'w Cutten, Chicago grain Richard, her mother. Mrs. Kettle at the Sudbury school trader, followed Raskob with a c-lep ! Ratterree. and her daughter. Mrs.; period, by step story of Ihe formation of a 1 Orvlllc Plnkston and thc latter's IBf •Jat Mac Iccted"more Ihan J5M.COO from v!c- ino p*st ihroc yeafi today wilh arrest of ..•is i Into Everyday Life of Public Edu- Confessions have been obtained from some of the alleged kidnap- >y step storv 01 me [ui.nai.u:i 01 a,—'""- i'"".^-n «"v> ^v ,n» lL i u S23 sj-ndlcitc in Sinclair Consoll- j hre - children were dt home at lhc iatcd oil corporation slock. . [lm(? . but were aKe to siv« few of Cutten, Hairs- F. Sinclair, and thc household furnishings. Albert H. wijgln shared in a profit tnelon of almost SI2.000.000, realized in the transaction. ps Petroleum ...... Ridlo .................. S'mmcns neds ........ S:. tinl-'-Pan Francisco U. S. ar.1 of , Co. .. Steel . The smokers ot SUlcs cons""ied clgarets In IMS, ! 43 7-8 25 3-8 42 the United 105.S«,109,4M Chicago Wheat The flames spread to the garase asH;mbt r the state's attorney said. ' All are to b< charged wit v . ~t • i nri inaping. a crime punishable injured When j death under Illinois law. u . i vii r . .'• Ths confessions. It was stated at Motorcycle Kills Uw tne stal? . s M tornevs ora==. .up nt least nine major kirinaplnzs and smokehouse, destroying both. I CAMDENT. Ark., Nov, 9. CUP)— : in the Chicaio r.rea and mav result Chancellor to Hold at Osceola Constable Lule Stone, 44. was In 8 In critical cohdllion today after his a! motorcycle struck a cow on a high- i :o'.utlen of five others. Addilion- srrcsts are expected. "•c arrests resulted from on in- near here list nl<?ht. ; vesti->atlon by sli>le and fadoral nu- He suffered a fractured skull nnd thorltles, led bv Palriek Roche, for- She b ell known n n " gove-niienv was confident I an and nolle? rebels who so-j?lit :i overthrow Ornu In an uprising :hit WPS lo have broken out slmul-' tancotisly in key t«ns throughout! the Island. i Dec. Mav open 69 3-8 92 1-2 high 92 95 l-l elnv> I OSCEOLA Ark Nov 9— Chan- severe body bruises: The cow WIF mer chief Investkator for llio slate's; to the grand Jury vi'Aiw ',. _ _ ' _ . „ _ . t-n'-j -.. j .i._ i _i_ -i «' ... . «. »._ _ L..' t OSCEOLA, Ark,, Nov. 9. — Tha mystery surroundlns the death of :L. H. Warhurst. 60-vear-old Eva•^ • | dale farmer, whose body was found in week ago on the bank of Ihe would suppress todav the last ves- Mlss Rwe Emmi s«bau«li. alstnr Ml-sI-sMrpi River south of Golden Uges of oap-s'll-n fr-m the civil-- of Mr! - A '""" v Nel1 clrmms . 's to , akc i nnd | n? . wherc h e had been reprrecnt Holland. At present she shot tn ,jcath, deepened yester- Is emptovcd In tills cltv and is anv W | t |, t he r^lca'i'; from coonty often mistaken for wr sister j on \ me O f c i sht 0[ t | ie n | no s,,^. whom she clor.ely resembles. : pec , s hM {or investigation Inlo "Miss OwnMl' who Is soonsored the murder. bv the Holland community club, is The ninth suspect. A. L. James, M|FS Orace Davenport, a blonde was released several davs R50. 'Vllivl^*' r>r>(|,n/?-3nt ' with . curl - v llnir - Those released yestcrdw were Al 1 ur • r • • ' Ml^ '!"•« '^ WcMo. daughter vtc James. Johnnie Scales, Grady Waives Examination of Mrs. Wa M'nhle. win ovnr I* Jeans. Albert Lawrence. Ed Chil- other contestants for the title of ders, Carl Young. Ben Hunt and OSCEOLA. Ark.. Nov. 9.-Austln "M^ Steele." She is sponsored by a man known ni' "S"" 1 - *";'^ Bvnum. 45. Carson Lake farmer. "« Steele lifters club. residents of thc Golden Lake com- who shot and killed his son-in-law, Miss Dorothy Adams will come munlly. • Clarence Morse, at Wilson last 'rorn Joiner to reorcsent her town -week, waived prellmlnnry hearing In the contest. She Ls a brunette,' WEATHER h"fore Justice of the Peace W. P. w'"- nirlv b«'--. ; Hale here yesterday and \vns held "MLss Armorer Is Miss Dc-ni; 3-8 91 3-4 cellor J. F. Gimtncy of Joncsboro killed and the motorcycle's office. He now operates 89 92 1-2 Chicago Corn high will hold an adjourned day of.'shid. Chancery Court here Sattrrdnj'. , Srvml yeaw tlie offlcor wi^ Inlurcd when his motor was in col- • open Dec. 47 1-3 May H 7-8 49 1-4 65 1-3 A British nrmy officer, Maj. Angus Howard R. Ogilvy. died In low close ' Fez. Morocco. 27 years ago,» but! 47 1-2 48 7-8 was not burled In England until 6? 9-4 K 1-3, this Rummer. l:slon wltlv a fire truck. private dclrclive agency. Bunin Nobel Winner Helium gns was discovered , w>s known earth, STOCKHOLM. I UP)—The 13;« Sweden. Nov. 9. Kobc-l prize for arfed to the Rus. Bunln. murder. and a sister of Mia heavy frost tonight,. Friday fair. Misons Meet Tonight charge of McKinnon, danthlcr of Mrs. E. A. McKlnnon and a slslcr of Miss Masdalcne McKtnnon who won warmer title of •«,« Mlss^ippl Arkansas—Fair. csW"r. «'lth WPS', nn-l^u. and Vicinity—Fair tonight and Friday 'TlVe'".v>;ect!oiis of "Miss Havti" ' 1<ov y f r "'- "iisored by the Lions club of T'e maximum Ivir.pETjture '--- was 54. minlmi-.m Tlie Chlckisawta lyidgc No. 134. F. anrt A. M. will Invo the regular that town, and "Ml« Lenchvllle" 3nlght. 7:30 o'clock. All sponsored bv the •o'hers are welcome. club, have not yet

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