The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1937
Page 6
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f AGE SIX Bowen Stands Out For Osceola And Wright For Luxora qiCEOLA, Ark.—Tlie Osceola •Indians ended the football season Uy defeating Lnxora in n Tlmnk£- givins game nt Osceoln yesterday by Hie score of 38 lo 0. .Bowen, wllh his flashy run-back of kicks was probably the -outstanding player of the game, although he (lid nol put the tall over the ee."l line. Wrlgiit. captain and 1 quarterback cf the "Liixorii team, was easily tli'ir outstanding player. One toiiehdoivn \vas made in the firm quarter on a pass from n. Ayrrs to Ramsay. Another pass, Ayers to Bryant, Accounted for ihe extra point Towards the close of the second period, Osceola . recrcd twice, Blackwood carrying tre ball over the first time, and » Bryant receiving .1 pass from Ay- M'<S for ihe -second Doth times they failed to convert. This left : the score 19 to 0 at the half. - A pass, Blackwood to Ramsay, F.ccred the only tnlly in the third quarter, with Ayers carrying the '-"tra point. In the fourth quarter - Sllverblntt scored oil a long- run Horn the twenty yard line, and in the final seconds Bryant received- a long | from Ayers lor the nnal six points. Both conversions failed. . This was Luxora's first eleven- man game for the year, us they are members of the Mississippi county six-man league. They were unable to get going. - making n total of only three first downs for the entire game. WrigDt . made many gains through the line, tut the team was handicapped by fumbles. Injuries, and bad passes from center. Winning Pl^ of 1937 i * V .BLrrHBVlUE,(ABK.) COURIER NEWS CAtJPQftNIb SHIFTS 7Z> SINGLE. WW& FOWWOH, /,,'JO WC BoTfAF?! WHATES 7&-YARD 6OLD£.N BEAR DRIVE By OARING DARLING By HARRY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NEA Sen-ice 'A row between Joe Engcl ol Chattanooga nnrl Tom Wathlns of Memphis is hcndfd for Judge ; f.andis and may end House Nights, •Automobile Nights, and wlwtnoL m the minors, which wo.dd be a good tiling . . . Njont \^ se i, ? i| is all right, but when (he pro- 1 feraionnl , game no louder cn:i Maud on its own pins it "is high time lor the no'oi- athletes to| strt: reinstatement ns amateurs. ... . Engel gave n«-«y a house and lot. washing inachiae.-, nnd ail !Mts of prizes to atlinct a rm-i-a crowd to Engrl Siadiuni in IHJfi . . . H« says V.'alfeins a^tceci k snare in the exueiw. . . cwi- scquently.. $1050 'was deducted friim the Chicks' share. But when the Lookouts, appeared m Memphis year, .Watkins te Mcgctl to] She's only seven \cars old ami weighs just 00 pounds, but Deborah Ann Tracy, who look her Hret dive when she fell out of n Venetian gondola at the . •• — - ' . .-• •".'•ji'.j j i .'UJCfjcu n» j ...... £,\sii\iujt,i tn 111C have withheld the $1050 Eiisjcl look I cl "cago Fair Ihree years ago, is IBS! season. . . . with Wade Kiilffer switching from Indianapolis to. Hollywood 10 ream.oe that new club of the PncTu Coast I.'ngiic. Babe Ruth once more rmtls himself on the outside looking in • . . -A movie group intcrestort in Ruth iilanned to p\irchase the Mission outfit ' of San Francrco ' the 'franchise of «-hl c h Is befn» tranrfcrred, nnd the Bambino was s phenomenon amoiiB SI. Fcters- "«'•& Fla., clivers. The little minnow out-slunls older veterans and swans from a platform 10 feet higher Hum the springboard. Vfceplive But (he flicker . . . r folks' deal fell through, and with tit. the old horn? run manufacturer. Rockets Rice in n in his 'idle Changes Axiom After losing five games wason for the first time cradling career. Lou Little of Co lumbia is convinced that the old football axiom. "One good back makes a football team." should l)e supplemented by "If the fcotball team." bad little besides Sid Lucknian. you've Rot ' The Lion . . . . Ccimnander Jonas Ingr.nn rcfereed n Princeton-Dartmouth fame some years back ... At the start of the second half he tucked a hlghly-jVizcd Avenler under the Dartmouth bench only to find it gone when the last had been fired. A few nights and his There later, the commander wife took in a movie . . . were newsrecl shots of the Princeton-Dartmouth engagement. . . "What a beautiful rim!" ex. claimed Mrs. Ingram. . . . But what the erstwhile Navy coach faw was a spectator run out to the Green bench, seize his sweater, and race to the nearest exit. . . . ~"Those boys of yours don't do much .talking," Fred Wallace. the official, told Dr. Jock Sutherland of Pittsburgh. . . "At Pitt we figure that the debating team vill take care of the talking." replied the good doctor. . . "Tluit leaves the football team free to do blocking and tackling." * * «. « Hockey Packs 'Em In New York Rangers lied the Montreal Maroons, 3-3, before »,- 587 nt Madison Square Garden tile other night. . . . An nmateur Came played to 13.-i<!2 In Ihe afternoon. . . . NOI a tad day. . . National League malingers are, still squawking about Ihe referee-i Ing. . . Lester Patrick fisjureij that the last Maroon goal sho'ihl nol have been allowed on account of high sticks. . . . it's the same eld slory. . . . TI, C rfferpfs c mi_ er siwil a contesl with too much whistle blowing or forget Hint there is a rule book . . . since Princeton trimmed Navy. the increment to make a switch in the Tiger coaching staff no loiii- - er is wired for sound . . . -am Michigan took another shellacking from Ohio Stale, so a good share of the Wolverines continue to howl for Harry Kipke's scalp • . Klpke brought Hunk An- cierson hi as line coach on his own ... Old Hurry-Up Yost has had nothing to do with the Maize and Blue football fortunes since 'he one-time Notrj Dainer reported. • . . For years. Yost has be.-n violently antl-Notre Dame. Boy Born I'atriollc DALLAS, Tex. (UP)-Because he was bom HAS KEPT RIC& /A/ THE •SOUTdWEST ' . . /WD OUT, TtjE WLS FAILED ^ TO sc"~ TftftEE. TALLU'ZD "Blytheville Has It," Ben Epstein Says In Ga/ette lien Epstein, sports editor of tlie Arkansas Gazette (Little (lock), who watched Thursday night's Cluck-Thoroughbred game Irom the press box at Forrest City's stadium llirows several coinpll- the. Chicks' way In his column "Gazette Sports Uazltn;" in today's issue of tlie Little Hock paper. Ilk comment follows: "HI.VTHKV1I.LK HAS IT "If those Pine Bluff Zebras hadn't tntiglit us tlie difference lx'- nveen right and wrong a Joiif lime UEO. we wouldn't hesitate in •.rulliiK out on the farthest twiy <iml ballooning the liiythevihu ,.._., Chicks us the best lilgh school I 22 Carmine.' lui.lijall team In Arkansas. Nov. 1 , i 23 Titles. . .:;_SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27, Biblical Patriarch HORIZONTAL 1 First of the Biblical patriarchs. 7 He was the of the Hebrew race. 13 Implement. \*. Part of a wainscot. 16 Part of a shall. 17 Poem. 18 Inclination. 19 Enormous, 20 Cupidity. Answer to Previous Puzzle 42 Pierces. 4C Sash. named ujvau.iii Lvain m rtrKiinsa.s. NOW, i 23 Titles name* the pro and conning. 24 Female sheep. r ' 3 Color. Zebras uiul the Chicks liavir not and will not meet this season ilcn't get all het up and until yc hr-ar my .sermon. "Tlmr.sdiiy night was the fust glimpse we had enjoyed of the ihe tilyilieviile-Jonesboro games at JiMie-slxiro in 1U35. The Chicks >«>re no .sissies then. Dili the difference ot-tween the '35 outfit, which fea- uiral Ifeischel Moseley, Ulie ster- jljig soph at Alabama todny;, and the current crew Is like then and now in chorine apparel. In other words, Individualism has made way for teamwork, a football, scripture which Poy Mammons of Hope follows to the letter. "We'll confess that we thought that Joe Dildy, Chick coach, had Assumed a conceited altitude when before the game at Forrest City, we asked whom he regarded as his best flayers. 'Honestly.' he replied, 'that's a question I can't answer, I think one back and one lineman Ls as^ good as the other. If one's an rill-stater, they're all all-stutcrs!' Sixty minutes later we were ready to beg Mr. Uildy's pardon. " " "One reason we didn't believe that Blytheville was as good as its iiiplioiters claimed, is because the isual run of big prep elevens are sluggish and lack the necessary sptirk, The chicks are big—so big —and click with precision. As n team, it does everything well. Chick players who miss their assignments, hear about it in short time. "Blytheville may be out of the beaten path of Arkansas football geographically, but if the Chicks 20 Self. 28 Nullified 32 Wand. 33 Evergreen, shrub. 35 Romantic. 48 His wife was z R"<lt.l)N-son. 3 Drove. 4 On (he lee. 5 Ready. fj Damaged. 7 Auto guard pail. 8 Ancient. 9 New star. -• -••- jj flUKiHffI covered «Gibbon. 41 Dined. 54 Robbed. 58 Solitary. 57 Mud in livers. 58 Heaps. 59 To surfeit. CO His son 61 Fish. 02 Ethical. 15 Born, ! 20 His story Js In, 21 Items. 23 Little lumps. 25 You and I. 21 To depart. 29 Before. 30 Cotton machine. 31 To perform, 34 Upon. 36 Mother. 37 Amatory. 38 Having a tail. 39 Preposition. 43 Pronoun. 44 Large room. 45 Genus of beets. 47 Single-edged knife. 49 Too. 50 To bellow. 51 Species of pier 52 Part of foot 10 Eighth ounce. M Spain. VERTICAL 1 Preposition. ] 1 Otherwise. 12 Decays. 55 Electrical unit 57 Tone B. dancing classes at friendly House. Within six months she became so Miss Imogene Smith r . . _ wumii six inomns she became so liriU Queen atlc Pt that she was made a mem- _ ber of a choral group in a recent review staged by Miss fniogene Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith, happen to be coming down your I was crowned football queen of the road-duck quickly if you don't Armorel high school Wednesday want, a stiff argument. '\Ve guarantee it. * * * "Dlythevillc's side of the story Is that a i s anxious to meet both Little Rock nnd Pine Bluff next nfternccn before Deil-Armorel game. Her attendants were Misses Juanita Pankcj' and Prances Adams. Dick Green, acting captain of Ihe team, crowned Miss Smith. season. Officials decline to sign, J who was dressed in a black and however, unless a home-imtl-home I silver evening dress and \utii). She , --ome basis* is agreed on. Couch Uildy declares that Little Rock wants to Play in the capital only. He EnUI Hiythcville is willing to match any i guarantee, penny for penny, pro- . the school. The girl catches the rhythm of the music through vibrations. Miss Halt's teachers say she also shows unusual ability in her other classes, especially sewing. Burglars Close School LUCAS. O. (UP)— When thieve.'; croke into the Lucas school basement and stole an electric motor vidin g a home-and-home Ls AfJD fitS 8VU-UK£ RUSHES..',. ' T5XAS Ctt/tiSTiAH To Ideals of Past Regarded Dead By Dr. Keller ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)—Idealism and diplomacy src nol enough to solve the problems of the world today. Dr. Adolf Keller, noted Swiss teacher, nrcheolojjlcal explorer and writer, believes. He recommends In addition a creative power "Hint cun be given only by God." Dr. Keller said he was convinced "we are facing the end of an old world, ideals which we cherished, Ideals for which we fought " ranged. North Little Rock played at niythcville this season. Blytlie- ville will play at North Little Rock next season. "FACTS ANI) FLASHES "BlyUieville's complete backflclfl of Meredith., Mosley 'and Drown is Alabama-bound, we're told, fts a sound investment." Geurin's Team Finishes Ahead In Bowling Match W. O. Giierin's "All-Stars" deflated Jim F. Harwell's "Giants" in an inter-club bowling match ; ,l Sudbui-ys Playhoust last niglit Ouerin-s team won by a margin of approximately G5o points with LaGrone Whittle setting a last pace with a top average of 2-io per game. Turkey Srrvccl Vcar 'Round BERKELEY, Oil I. ,UP) - The tmkey „.<, „ h 0 | i(iny in sliuuion seems to be slowly passing Ui P^m and ; t,,al con- irThe"^..?"^ a=^o political idealism which studies made by the GhnrTn nomics nt the Uiiiveisu"'^ ciH- Admitling the advance in "civil- lornla. • shevism, structive they sent 300 pupils . „„.., „.„,, ouu earned an arm bouquet, of orange vocation until forced , chrysanthemums. Ch:ir,v.s digger III. and John Edward Regenolcl carried the crown lo the black ami orange decorated throne. Armorel won the game ivith a score of 'H to 0. Girl Graceful Dancer Yet Deaf To Music DAVENPORT, In. (UPt—Grace- ful Hilda Louise Halts. l!i, is one of Ihe best dancers in Davenport, although she virtually ts unable to hear a note of music. Uurin« a childhood illness. Mis; Rnlfs suffered almost complete los.-; of hearing. But that did not affect her cheerful disposition. She made the best of her situation nnd learned to read lips with such proficiency that now she has no diniculty understanding othora if she can watch them as they talk. Athletically inclined, the sirl o?came a member of the northwest. Davenport Turner society, where j she has won several medals for I excellent gymnastic performances.' Recently Miss Rnlfs enrolled in - new motor could te installed to operalc Ihe school's water system. Hawaii to Try Potatoes ' .HONOLULU (UP)-V/ith 50 CB ,.. k loads oi seed jwtatoes being ' Clipped here this fall from other Parts of America, the Hawaiian potato Industry may become rs widely kiiowji ».s Us more-' fauipd grass skirts and ukuleles.- COMMISSIONER'S SA1,E Notice is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner. In compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlckuswba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas on the 27 day of September, 1937 wherein H. J. Hale and Ida Hale nicker. Executors et al. was Plain- Ulf. and James Floyd Harget et nl were Defendants, will sell at mib- f '"' ct! °» l ° "1C highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of ttree months. at the front door of i-p<crl" rl H °" Se ' bctwee " the >>°ws Blyth f e'vnl b Arkansas'! »" the\»! day of December. 1937. ihe following real estate, to-wlt: Lot No. 39 of the Original Survey to the Tow,, ,„<>„• ^ity) of Blytheville. Arkansas Said sale will be had to satisfy said decree i n the sum of $52 vw.GO, with lo per eejit from September 27th, 1937 Hie purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money nnd a lien will be retained upon' said property as additional security for the payment of such niir- chase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said court, ' on this, the 9 <| IU , of November. 1937. ADDISON SMITH il Commissioner In Chancery ' 10-17-2< * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZt * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stock I'rompt Service To All Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 24 Hour Service Call 633 * WRESTLING Monday Night, 8:15 SUGY HAGAMAKA vs. EDDIE MALONE SID MARCUS American Legion Arena hallon. technique and education" of the Bolshevist doctrine. : Dr. 1 Keller criticized the Marxist Idf-' ology as n nc&alion of those values' for which Christianity stands, Read Courier News Want Ads. Pecans Wantet Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide & FiirCt). Rear Joe Isaacs' Store was bom on July 4. his father Th™* powers, he continued, of- presented L. H. Coney with a his- rcr -' iolutio " s of 'tic problems and! tory of the American Revolution promise n nDW national nnd inter-' uon Coney received the book published 1 "I 1855 as a boy in 1873. Since that lime he hud read ft throu»h 2 promise .r- natioal order. He mentioned Bol- 20 times. Shoos Arc More Comforl- able When Repaired at Smith Shoe Shop "5 Soulli 2nd FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS Given Away Until Christmas Only a Short Time Left to Prepare for the STATE AUTO TEST Save Money On Auto Parts and Accessories >"«5£. ATO AUTO PARTS a PHONE 103 &• FOR 'PETE' THE PLUMBER y. Folks When \\inlor comes the birds South, Unless you lake your car Soulli, Neerls a Winter -CHECK UP- PRESTONE, HKATERS, FORD Free Testing of Brakes, Hose Connection's, Buttery, Etc PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY! LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Kastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. r.ife Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCROI.A, ARK. WE'RE ALMOST READY FOR THE RIG KVENT TWO NEW FORD V-8 CARS FOR 1938 Now you have the latest, authentic word. 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