The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1940 Farm Prices Had Effect on Income U. S. Earnings Show Dip During Month of September WASHINGTON, N o v. is— m— Because farm prices were lower, total personal Income of Americans dipped 111 September despite llio first appreciable gain In factory payrolls this year. The Commerce Department re ported yesterday that personal income—buck-bone of consumer buying power—slipped to annual rate ot $210,800,000,000 In September from $211,400.000,000 In August. The September rate also \vas \vel below the $210,300.000,000 pace of « Hcmber, 1918, but 10-59 \vas stil . ding 19^8 on the average for the first nine months. The better average showing for 1040 was caused by a 55.000,000,000 increase, on an annual rate basis In non-farm receipts, which include dividends and interests, landlords' rent receipts, pensions and relief payments, and wages and salaries. The lower pi-ices for farm products brought a 13 per cent decline in farm income for the first nine months of 1943 compared with the same period last year. BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Biggest Single Boss in Nation Is Uncle Sam WASHINGTON, Nov. 15— (il'i— Uncle Sam, the' country's biggest singie employer, Is now operating on an annual payroll of more than 510,200.000,000. it was pushed there by recent pay raises voted by Congress, totaling about $500.000,000. These raises took effect at about the one r thlrd mark of the current fiscal year which ends next June 30. Thus the payroll stands to be even higher the following fiscal year, as the raise.? will be in effect all of its 12 months. They may be offset by' some economies. Aj^ A week-end survey of government ^>ay matters disclosed the figures In round sums. It showed thaat 53,574.000,000 is going to uniformed members of the armed services and $6,540,000.000 to civilian workers in- chiding those civilians working for the armed forces. The total number of ernp^iyes, uniformed and civilian, figured out at $3,692.001) antl their total pav at almost one-fourth of the $45,500,000,000 being spent this fiscal year. PRESENTS TURKEY TO PRESIDENT—President Harry S. Truman added to his gift treasury during a platform appearance at Savanna III., when pretty little'June Law. 8, of Mount Carroll, presented him with'a box containing two dressed turkeys from the I*aw Tnrkcy farm The President Is cnroute to Minneapolis. (AP Whephoto). - . Return of the Gunman WASH! NO TON —</!>>— Last March a gunman . held up Paul Brick in his grocery store. He took Brick's erhpty wallet but missed a roll of cash In his pocket. He's just made a return trip. This time he got the money and loot which Brick valued at more than $1700. Supreme Court Sets Limits of Vets' Seniority WASHINGTON. N o v. 15--MV— The U.S. Supreme court held yes- :erday that a veteran's job-security ' ;hts under the Drafl Acl extend beyond his first year back at his pre-war job. Justice Burton delivered the 8-ll' decision. Justice Douglas took no part. The act requires employers to restore veterans to their former positions, or to position of "like seniority, status and pay. 11 it also provides that the veteran may not be fired without cause for one year after he takes back his old job. The supreme court decision was given on appeals by John Walter Oakley, Jr., who was rcemployed by. the Louisville and Nashville" Railroad, and bv John S. Haynes, who went back 'to his old job on the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific*. Hallway. Both suits gre\v out of claims that but [or £he war the two men would have had greater seniority than the railroads credited them w ith when they Vent back to work. The supreme court agreed. A trace of chromic oxide causes the red color of the rubv. Irene Rich Scares Off Prowler with Hefty Shove Britain Calls Volunteers for defense Corps LONDON, Nov. li. I/Pi— Britain tailed for volunteers yesterday lor Civil Defense Corp.? lo be trained or service In case of war. Training vlll Include preparations for dc- ense against possible atomic war- Home secretary Chuter Etle said :ivlllan volunteers who saw Britain hrough the blitz may have to cope vith "vastly Increased possibilities of destruction" In the future. Active recruiting began today. Ede told n news conference: 'This does not mean that war Is Ikelyi'it is B common sense way of ensuring thai our system of national defer $e Is complete." Vishinsky's Table-Top Thumping in UN Twice Jars U.S. to the Floor LAKE SUCCESS, Nov. 15—WV- Russia Jarred the United States tc the floor twice yesterday in th V-K. peace debate. Nothing real serious, though. ' 'Twice while Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vlshinsky was speaking, he pounded tile table sc hard the woden marker beariii 1 the words "United States" slipper off Ihe railing and fell to the floor U.S. Delegate. Warren R. Austin took note of this by beginning h! own speech with these words: "The verbal fireworks and table-thump Ing of Mr. Vishlnsk has twice In advertently jarred the ' Ullltet States lo [he floor." Two Men, Age 71, Find Marriage a Bit Bumpy JEPPEUSON, CITY. Nov. 15—(jl —Two 71-year-old men found th NEW YORK, Nov. 15. (fl'j—Irene na 'h of marriage rocky in Circui Rich, the musical comedy star, pul - Jl| dge Sam C. Blair's court yestcr to flight a husky male prowler who " a - v - Both got dlvorcas, chargirr tried to enter her dreeing room scneral Indignities. Simriny while she was \vearingf Volney Sartain S40.000 worth of Jewels. "I'm a pretty strong farmer girl," said the actress, who gives her age as 5b, "so I gave him a good shove and closed the door." The prower was collared by a policeman outside the Broadway theater but later released when Miss Rich refused to press charges. Two bandits held up the theater last Thursclpy night and made off with S15.MO. Miss Rich is starring there In "As the Girls Go." Truman to Present Award To Gen. Georae Marshall WASHINGTON, Nov. 15. W| — Presidenf Truman agreed yesterday to present ah award for outstanding public service to Gen. George C. Marshall at a White House ceremony Friday, Nov. 25. The award is being made by Ihe U.S. .Conference of Mayors. It is a plaque bearing the words "public services is a public f.rusl." . Marshall Is now president of the America!^ Red Cross. He was former Secretary" of State and wartime chief of staff of the War Department. Blythcville Schoql District No. 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas lereby gives notice that It will sell .t public sale for cash to Ihe hljjli- jt bidder Its- proposed Issue of 450,000 In negotiable coupon school xmds dated January 1. 1950, bear- ng Interest payable seml-annually on July I and January 1 of each ear. The District It offering t\vo chedules o: maturities. In both in- tances the bonds are dated January 1, 1950, and mature on January 1 of each year. The first is a 30- year schedule as follows: , $10,M>0 in 1951, 1952 and 1953 11,000 In 1954 and 1955 12,000 In 1956, 1957 and 1958 13,000 in 1859, 1960 and 1981 14,000 in 1962, 1963 and 1964 15,000 in 1965, 1966 and 1967 ' of all Medium-Duty Trucks ". • - _ ^,.:£_:.:,.;>,^^-'^.^:.^,. : I \ GIVES YOU EXTRA Stamina EXTRA Comfort EXTRA Economy EXTRA Features EXTRA Value All CMC "450s" deliver full value for every dollar invested . . . deliver the extrai which make them the hardest hitting trucks in their field. Heavy, bumper-built front ends provide unrivaled protection. Valve-in-head, 270-cu.-in. engine! provide outstanding power and performance. Husky frames of 10.1 section modulus and rugged axles, clutches and transmissions provide unexcelled stamina. Roomy, wide-vision cabs provide certain comfort. These extra value features, combined with CMC's all-around engineering excellence, deliver the "most" truck for the money in the entire medium duty field. TRUCKS Lee Motor Sales, Inc. 309 East Main Phone 2056 o f Centertowci •as divorced from Ethel Sartain, 5, of St. Louis. They had been larrlcd since June 11.. 1948. A. H. Duncan of Jefferson city 'as divorced from Anna Duncan, afler being married since June Q, 1848. NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL BONDS 16.000 In 1968. 18G9 and 1970 4. A like H.OOO In 1911 chcdule. 18,000 in 1912, 1073 and 1074 19,000 In 1975, 1016 and 1977 20,000 In 1978, 1970 and 5930 The second Ls a 25-year schedule > (ollows: »12.000 In 1951 and 1952 13.000 In 1953 and 1954 14,000 In 1955 and 1056 15,000 In 1957 and 1958 16,000 In 1059 and I960 11,000 In 1961 and 1902 18,000 tn 1963 10.000 In 1904 and 1065 20,000 In 1966 and 1967 21,000 in 19B8 and 1569 22,000 In 1970 and 1971 23,000 in 1972 and 1973 24,000 111 1974 atld 1975 This bond Issue and a seven mill continuing annual building fund tax .o pay it were approved at the an- lua! school elccllon September 27 1949, by a vote of 827 to 25. The present population of the schoo' district Is approximately 20,500, its area is approximately 50,560 acres and il comprises, in addition to the City of Blythevlllc, some of the richest farming land In the Mlsslssipp delta. The present assessed valuation of the taxable property In tin District ts $5,737.140. and the actua value of (lie properly In the Distrie is estimated to be {57,311,400. In addition to this issue, the Distric has outstanding a balance of $3'J9. 874 of an issue dated April 1, 1948 for which it has voted a six mil continuing building fund balance. The bonds are direct, obligation, of the District and will be sccurcc by a pledge of the following funds: 1. The revenues derived from (h seven mill building fund contlnuin annual tax until the bonds (ire paid conditioned that the surplus in th building fund in each year, afte paying the bonds and interest maturing Unit year, may be used to call bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. 2. That part of the stale apportionment going lo the operating fund of the District. 3. All other revenues which the District may now or hereafter legally pledge, except the millagc voted for O[)craUon and maintenance and the payment of other outstanding bonded Indebtedness. The bonds w p ill also be secured by a mortgage on all the District's real and personal property, subject to a s=r. bid upon the-25-year The buyer will not be allowed the 'rh'ilcge of conversion to a' lower merest rate, and all Bids must not c less llian par and accrued ,lnter- st for the bonds at the interest rale upon which the bid Is submitted. The bomts will be callable for Jayment prior to maturity in Inverse lUinciical order, In all cases with U'crued interest, as follows: If culled or payment with surplus funds rotn the seven mill building fund ax. tU par on any Interest paying late; if called for payment wtlli "umls from any other source, at the following prices: on any interest date on and after July 1957. to and Including January 19UO, at 102 cents; on nny interc«t paying dute from July 1, 1061, to and including January 1, 1936, at 101 ci'iils; and thereafter on any Inter- st paying date at par. The buyer may name the liuslcu and place of payment. The bonds 1 be sold u|x>n Ilia approving opinion of Townscml and Toivnscnd, attorneys of Little Hock. Arkansas, anil the District will pay the expenses of the Ksiio nnd will furnish lo the buyer free of cost the printed coupon bonds, with tlie approving opinion of said attorneys. The bonds will lie ready for delivery ap- pioxiuialcly on January 15, 1950. The sale will bo held upon sealed bids, to be received until 2:00 o'clock P. M. on the 22nd day of November, 1040, In Dm olficc of the Superintendent of Schools In the City ot Ulythevllle. Arkansas at which lime all bids will be publicly opened and read. The District will award the Kale of the bonds to that proposal which offers Die lowest Interest cost mil Hie Dbtrict reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Each bid must be accompanied by a certilled check payable to the Dislrlct in the sum of $9000, upon a bank that Ls a member of the FDIC. The Dlslrlct will return the checks of unsuccessful bidders promptly, and no interest will be allowed on the checks while on deposit with the District. The check of the successful bidder will be kept to bo held as liquidated damages In Uie «vent that b» f&i» to complete the purchase of the bonds. For further Information address the undersigned. GIVEN THIS 1st day of November, 1949. HLYTHEVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Hy Max B. Reid, President and w. L. Horncr, Secretary 11(1-8-11 prior mortgage securing llic standing bonds. Bidders are asked to submit sealed written bids upon the following propositions: , 1. A bid for the 30-year Issue upon a basis of 2.75% per annum Interest. 2. A bid for the '25-year issue upon a basis of 2,157o per annum interest. - . 3. A bid upon an Interest rate, or Interest rates, lo be fixed by the bidder, but not to consist of more than three separate rates of interest upon the 30-year schedule. out- ="•": To Rtfict Atistry nj. Come in today! See a demonstration of this new Frigidaire Automatic Washer. Discover how Frigidaire's Live-Wafer Action lets your clothes last longer because it gets dirt out thoroughly -yet gently. Yes, your Frigidaire Automatic Washer actually pays for itself in savings on clothes and labor alone. And what's more, you'll gain hundreds of hours of freedom from washday worries. „,,..,. Only Frlgldalr* Has All These Features i liv»-Wot«r Action Rapldry-Spin AII-Porc*lo!n finish • 1 Undtrwattr Sudi Distributor • Loads from top, full-width • Top \\ flat for use aj labU • Cleans, empliet Itself • No bolting down FRIGIDAIRE Automatic Washer . . . g«ts clothes really clean! ... also »•• th* n«w — Frlgidoira Electric IRONER — for betler, foster, «osl»r troning. Fr!gMolr«EI«ctrkClOTHES DRYER for quick drying indoors-In any weather. Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-208 West Main ('hone 2071 LAYA WAY AT DREIFUS Reserves Her Favorite Pattern 5 Glorious =s 52 Pieces for 8 I'll In sll- tn lie Icivf'Ly "1'ir hlfnrrr- Imrllts of sollrl sHvvr :<l liiiicti |if»liiis, SL-L null- ([• now tn IH- sure fit iilcJis- -r lUK lu-r this <Jhr]5tlii:ii.. 1847 ROGERS BROS. in 4 Stunning Patterns 52 Pieces for 8 ,\ r.unmis n.ime that has l.rrn * cii.irnlil,:,- ,,f n, r ,*. tM sljllnit '. . '. 'li.r over A lf>0 ji-ars. .Snciri Anll- larnlslf rli.-U liu'liidcil. Service for 8 HOLMES & EDWARDS clK.lrr of 3 rlchljrd* « *KV rn KioiiBlil nillcrrvv nloik<4> /IL BB JW l Urt!.}'nn ._. .. Wr.ur flinmnnils STOMS IN 8UTHEVIUE. MEMPHIS AND DYERSBURG

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