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Honolulu, Hawaii
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7 TOE HONOLULU AIWFRTISER. SUNDAY, JULY 16. 1922, was Miss Lucy Elizabeth Perrv. POSITION Vital Statistics I News Notes I A round Town Personal Mention Three Elevators Out of Business; Judge Counts Steps Agents for Eureka Insect Exterminating Plant A. I.

Silva of M. Melnerny, Limited, and Mrs. Silva will leave by the Matsonia on July 26 for San Francisco, where Mrs. Silva visit a married daughter, while Mr. Silva goes East on a 10-week business trip of his firm.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. H. Chong of 32-E Leilehua street are being congratulated on the arrival of their tiird child, a daughter, at their home on June 29, last.

Prior to her marriage Mrs. Chong was Miss Anna Nin Chang. The little girl has beeh named. Wilma EntaL Charles B. Makanui, deputy-sheriff of North Hilo, Hawaii, was among the many Big Islanders arriving by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning.

Rev. Frank S. Scudder returned by the Mauna Kea yesterday morn ing from a visit to Hilo and the J3ig Island. Mrs. Lillian E.

Neuman and Chas. J. Schroedel were married at 247-E Lewers road, Waikiki, a week ago vesterday. The ceremony i day. The ceremony was per formed by Chaplain H.

G. Gatlin, IT. S. N. "Leo J.

Miller and Laura B. Zeller were the witnesses to the wedding. John A. Bal of Hilo, formerly of Maui, arrived by the Mauha Kea yesterday from the Big Island to take up his new duties as assistant leniei cierK in lae orace oi me Oahu Ice and Telephone 6131 W. H.

Lewers arrived by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning from visit toILilo and the Big Island. Joseph N. TJahinui, Molokai mem ber of the board of supervisors, was arrival from Lahalna by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning. William Williamson, local stock broker, returned by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning from a business trip to Maui. airs, merlin ammana who was operated on last Wednesday at the queen's Hospital is now convales-1 cing.

Raymond A. Drummond, liana member of the board of supervisors, arrived by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning from Lahaina. Rev. Father Jules was among the many arrivals from Lahaina, Maui, ry tne Ji.ea yesterday morn-1 mg. Senator Ernest A.

K. Akina of the Big Island was among the many ar rivals by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning from Hilo. Jack Borroughs, Ben Seelig and! R. H. Worcester arrived from Maui I by the Mauna Kea yesterday morn-1 inc.

1 ere among the many arrivals by the Mauna Kea vesterdav mornins- from Hilo and the Big Island. W. J. Warner returned yesterday morning from a business visit to Hilo and the Big Island, arriving by the Mauna Kea. Joseph, Rego, the von Hamm- joung Uompanv.

wailuKu, was among the manv Valley Islanders ar riving by the Mauna Kea yesterday morning from Lahaina. Dick P. Harris, manager of the Maui Amusement Company, Wai- luku, and Mrs. Harris arrived from the valley Island morning by the Mauna Kea. Frank C.

Atherton, vice-president of Castle Cooke, left for Hilo on a short business trip by the Mauna ivea yesieruay atiernoon. xie win i return Tuesday. Jack D. McVeigh, superintendent of Molokai Settlement, arrived by the Likelike yesterday morning from Kalaupapa on a business trip to this city. v( Attorney Arthur M.

Brown returned by the Mauna Kea yesterday of Hawaii, succeeding Wil- CMcago-Six- ORCHESTRA Playing at Child's Restaurant Blaisdell Hotel Fort Street The hot weather or the desire to go to the ball game, or something of the sort affected three of the elevators in as many of the downtown office buildings yesterday, those in the McCandless, Kauikeolani and Stangenwald going on strike. Judge W. J. Robinson remarked as he reached the ground floor of the Kauikeolani building that there are exactly 89 steps in the stairs leading to the fifth floor of the Strangenwald building. In legal parlance this might be called, a "clue." The newspaper man accepted his statement as probably in the nature of direct evidence.

Lot Kauwe Dies: Was Noted Singer Lot K. Kauwe died at 6:30 o'clock yesterday evening at his home, Middle street, Kalihi, death being attributed to pneumonia. He was ill about 10 davs. The. bodv will be on view from 9 this morning un til 2 o'clock this afternoon at Wil liams morturav chapel.

Services will be held at 3 o'clock Kawaiahao church, interment to be in Kawaiahao cemetery. Born in Hookena, Kona, Hawaii, September 5, 1876, Kauwe was 45 years, lu months and 1U days oio. He was educated at Kamebameha school, from where he was graduated in 1897. Taking up the teach ing profession, he spent 18 years in Kona as a teacher, being principal of Alae school for four years and principal of Honauau school for 14 vears. Kauwe came to Honolulu last November and has been teaching at Likelike school, Palama.

Kauwe was well known as a sing er, possessing an excellent voice. He was deeply religious and very active in church work. Kauwe was a mem ber of Kawaiahao church. Surviv ing him are the widow, a daughter and an adopted son. COMING EVENTS JULY 10.

Moilim Field. 1 :30 p. m. Braves vs. Wanderers; 3:15 p.

m. Stanford vs. All-Chinese. JULY 16, afternoon, Hawaiian Band plays at Aiea. JULY 17, noon, at Commercial Club, luncheon meeting American Association of Engineers.

JULY IS. 7:30 n. assemhlv room. city hall, meeting board of snperrisors. JULY IS.

10 a. conrening of Ile- puoucaa lerntoriai piatiorm conven tion. JULY 18, noon, at Commercial Club, iunenon meeting Honolulu Auto Club. JULY 18, noon, Mrs. Davey's Kitchen, Lanlakea, luncheon meeting College ciuo (A.

A. Li. .) JULY 18. 10 a. m.

Flonolnlii. cohtmi ing of Republican territorial platform conTentlon. JULY 19. Alexander Yonnir Hotel bine room, luncheon meeting IIo-nolnla Ad Club. JULY 19, 3 p.

headqnarters, K- puaiwa building, montniy meeting ter ritorial -board of health. JULl 20. noon, at Commercial Club. luncheon meeting Kotary Club. ji -m, noon, in Cooke nail, central l.

luncheon meeting Trail and Monn tain Club. JULY 20, 7:30 p. Odd Fellow hall, meetine and Installation of of ficers of Olive Branch Rcbekah Lodge o. i. ii.

o. r. JULY 21. noon. Cooke hall.

Central luncheon meeting Hawaiian CiTic Club. JULY 21. 7:30 p. Kamebameha campus, farewell reception in honor of Ulrich Thompson. JULY 26-2.

8:15 p. Kaimuki Playhonie, Community riayers present I'ocateilo Kate." VOLCANO Complete tickets, steamer, auto and Hotel, $37.20. Haw. Tours. Adv.

Ilanakahi In Honolulu. Julv 14. 1922. and Mrg- Uanlel Hanakahi. of Iowsett lane, X'alama, a daughter Helen.

Hawkins la Maternity Home, Honolulu. July 14, to Mr. and Mrs. Georpe Charles Hawkins, of -'41 Kuhio avenue, Waikiki, a son Klchard Clayton. Cole In Tripler General Hospital.

Ho- iionuu, juiy id, iju'. to cjl. ana Mrs. Kllis Jay Cole, of 625 Slxteentn avenue, Kaimuki. a son Ellis Jar.

Kam In Honolulu. July 10, 19S2, to Mr. ami Jvam Bak lou, of Moanaiua, a daughter Sou Lin. Chung in Honolulu. Jane 29.

1922, to and Mrs. Arthur Men Hing bong. of 32-E I-eilehua street, a dauchter WUma Entai. Okada In Honolulu. June 24.

1922. to Mr. and Mrs. Ryoirhi Okada, of Moilnli. a daughter Yoshive.

Winter In Charlotte. North Carolina. June 1, 1922. to Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Winter, of 1009 Queen's Road. Jieyer i-arc. a son Frank Counsel Wonir In Honolulu. June 13. 1922.

to Mr. and Mrs. Wong Gee Chong. of a daughter Quon Kyau. MARRIED Wnrd-Tanton In Honolulu.

July 13, 19-J2, James AVard and Mrs. Mae Tan- ton. Uev. John H. Pierce, officiating; witnesses Fred agner and una ap tier.

Johnnon-IIorton In Honolulu, July 9, 1022, Carl Johnson and Miss Jennie llorton. Iter. Albert Palmer, win ister of Central Union Church, offi ciating; witnesses J. Brounlee ami A. R.

Hiett. Srhroedrl-Neuman In Honolulu. July 8. Charles J. Schroedel and Mrs.

Lillian E. Neuman, Kev. H. O. Gatlin, cnapiain.

S. officiating: wit nesses Leo J. Miller and Laura B. Zeller. DIED Kauwe In Honolulu.

July 15. 1922, Lot K. Kauwe, of Middle street. Kalibi, married, schoolteacher, native or lloo kena, Koua, Hawaii, 45 years, 10 months and 10 days old. Body on view a.

m. to 2 p. at Williams' chap el: services 3 n. ni. todav in Kawaia bao church, interment in Kawaiahao cemetery.

Pari In Honolulu. July 15. 1922. Gloria, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Christ i'aris, or sOuO Monsarrat avenue, native of San Francisco, 10 months and 10 days old. Buried yesterday in South Kin? street Catholic cemetery. Hawkins In Kapiolanl Maternity liome. Honolulu. July 14.

1922. Rich nrd Clayton, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Georee Charles Hawkins, of 2471 Kuhio avenue. Waikiki, native of this city, uried yesterday in oahu ceme tery.

Ilirai In Honolulu, July 14, 1922. Ma- saito. uaugnter or Mr. and airs, until zo Hirai, of 141 South Hotel street. student, native of this city.

15 years 7 months and 26 days old. Cremated yesterday. Kalahiki In Honolulu. July 14. 1922.

Herman Kamaka. son of Mr. and Mrs. Kamaka Kalahiki. of 61H-E South Hotel street, native of this city year, a months and 13 days old Buried yesterday in Kahaluu Hawaiian cemetery.

Koko In Lunalilo Home. Honolulu, July 14. 1922. Paleiholani Koko. of this city, widower, stevedore, native of Wailupe, Oahu, 79 years old.

Burled yesterday in Makiki cemetery. Maria In the Queen's Hospital. Hono lulu, 14, Joseph Maria, or 15t59 Emma street, married, farmer, native of Portugal. 110 years old. Burial this afternoon in Catholic cemetery.

South King street. Holoua In Stockton, California. April 8. 1922. Charles Holoua, of Stockton, widower, farmer, native of Honolulu, 3S years.

11 months and 23 days old. Ashes to be buried today la Puea cemetery. MARRIAGE LICENSES Issued in Honolulu. July 15, by Charles M. Coster, agent Leo Reed.

2. and Miss Charlotte Reynolds, 19; En-sehio Pormantes. 2S. anil Mrs. Ha Albas.

40; Capt. Louis W. Maddox, 31, ana miss liarnhouse, Zl. From this date, I will not be re sponsible for any debts contracted in my name by my wife Margaret who has left my bed and board. CHARLES E.

nUSTOX. July 14, 1922. While on your vacation the Fox -Trot and "Waltz As they are being (done in Chicago $1.50 Private Lessons $1.50 Studio Downtown Love Bldg. G. LEAVITT BROWNE, Instructor.

Tel. 6309 HALE NA ALU HAWAII The regular meeting of the Aha-hui Poo of the Hale Na Alii Hawaii will take place at Phoenix Hall this Sunday, July 16, 1922, at 2 p. m. By order of Iku nai. W.

J. COELnO, Iku Kau. JANDLING the heavy boxes means nothing to us; nothing but being careful of the contents, but being wire they ere not broken open; nothing but making certain of their proper and immediate delivery. 'Phone ns to move City Transfer Co. St near Fort Phone 1281 Cold Storage 7C to 1 :30 P.

M. to 7:30 P. M. 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i- BATHING SUITS I i ri on is 1 1 Lunch hour 12 Dinner 6 P. M.

mnrnitirr frnm TTiln oftoi- viait nlaSSed aWaV last IlUay in tne Japanese WOOD CUT PRINTS Dainty colored drawings of quaint Oriental scenes. We have these prints in all sizes and a great variety of views. The Japanese Bazaar Fort Street, Opposite Catholic Church his ranch near the Volcano of Kilauea. Eugene S. Capellas, principal of Hakalau government school, Hawaii, was among the many Big Is land arrivals bv the Mauna Kea yesterday morning from Hilo.

Peruvia J. Goodness, Maui mem ber of the house of representatives who expects to run for the senate at the coming election, arrived by the Mauna Kea yesterday from the Val- ley Island. Josenh Lizhtfoot. demitv-attor-1 ney-general, will return by the I Kinau morning from Kauai, where he has been on court business I in connection with the big Kekaha I and case. I.

M. Stainback, former attorney general of the. territory, returned by the Claudine yesterdav morning from Kauai, where he spent several days in connection with the Keka ha land case. Mr. and Mrs.

Hugh Howell of this city, who spent their honeymoon on Maui, wnere Mr. Howell was former-1 domestic W. W. Goodale, manager of the Waialua Agricultural company, was a visitor in the city yesterday Mr. and Mrs.

Alfred K. Perry, who have been visiting in Hilo the past two weeks, will return by the Mauna Kea next 'luesday morning, according to news received yester day morning by friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wishard and two children arrived from Hilo yes terday morning by the Mauna Kea.

Mr. and Mrs. Creorge I. and their little granddaughter, Elizabeth Beamer, who returned a week a co from a "year's visit in New Zealand, left by the Mauna jea yesterday afternoon to their home in Hilo. Gbitaaoes JOSE MARIA Jose Maria of 1569 Emma street Keen's hospital after a brief illness.

Services will be held at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon in the Borthwick mortuary chapel, Nuuanu street, near School, interment to ne in tne cain olic cemetery, bouth King street. Maria was reputed to have been one of the oldest residents lla waii. He was born near Lisbon, Por tugal, in 1812, during the French invasion of the Iberian peninsula. Tn that year, also, the United States and England were engaged in their second war. At the age of 70 Maria came to Hawaii, arriving in liono lulu 40 years ago on the immigrant steamer Hansa.

After serving nis contract period on the plantation as a field laborer, Mana came to Hono lulu, maKing nis nome in mis Surviving are rthe widow Mrs. Francisca Maria, So years old; a son, Manuel Mana, two grandchildren and: four great-grandchildren. amriiafies JOHNSON-HORTON Lnnv was Dcrfonned bv Rev. "Albert I Union. The witnesses to the wed I 1 I rliner wrre U.

urounil'l! aua v. FERNANDEZ-NTJNES Miss Julia Fernandez and David Nunes were married at 7:30 last nitrht. at Punahou church. Father Vietorino officiating. The witness were Mr.

and Mrs. Joseph Mene zes, sister and brother-m-law of tne hride. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of bride's parents, Mrs. i a Joseph Fernandez, rvinau street. of the families of the bride 1 friourk wpra Mr and Mrs.

Fernandez preaeui. i enenri T.neir iiunu uiuuu niv; I -mintrv Inev will live at 1209 I wilder avenue Life InsuTcT HaaiianrKf(ist Co.Iil By Naval Radio Saturday, July 15, 8 p.m. Maui Honolulu for 6an Francisco, mile from Honolulu. Tji Plncentia San Tedro for Honolulu. 632 miles from Honolulu livaaes it mucs num for San Francisco.

Astral Dairen for San 1 rancisco, 1830 miles west of San Francisco. Friday. July 14, 8 p. m. Astral Dairen for San Francisco, 2176 miles from San Francisco.

Hyades Kahului for San Fran Cisco, ibis miles irom jvanuiui. Broad Arrow Hongkong for tai Francisco. 2110 miles from fcai Francisco. Maui Honolulu for. San Franciscc, S70 miles from Honolulu.

Bearport Los Angeles for Yoko hama, 2916 miles from Los Angeles. Patrick Henrv Honolulu for Bal boa (noon), 1024 miles from Honolulu. S. S. Matsonia an Francisco for Honolulu (3:30 a.

15th), 930 miles from San Francisco. The addition of copper salts to casein glues has been found to in crease their rcsistauce to moisture and make them more durable. NOTICE I will not be responsible for any debts contracted in my name with out my written order. C. A.

WOODE. Honolulu, July 15, 1922. NEW LAMP BURNS 94 AIR Beats Electric or Gas a new on lamp tnai gives an amazingly brilliant, soft, white light, even better than gas or elec tricity, has been tested by tlio U. Government and Zo leading uni versities and found to be superior to lu ordinary oil tamps. It burns without odor, smoke or noise no pumping up, is simple, clean, safe, burns 94 Vo air and 6 common kerosene (coal-oil).

The inventor, Z. K. Johnson, 31 N. Fifth Portland, is of fering to send a lamp on 10 days FRLB trial, or, even to give one FREE to the first user in each locality who will help him intro duce it. Write him today for full particulars.

Also ask him to explain how you can get the agency, and without experience or money make $250 to $00 per month. The Perennial Window Shade Raised from the bottom up. Lowered from the top down. Will stay rigid in the strongest of wind. Operates noiselessly.

Decorates your room. Saves expense of awning. Lasts indefinitely. Adapted by the United States Government for installation, in Honolulu's new Federal Building and installed in many of Honolulu's residences and ofiices. JACK DREW.

Sole Agent PHONE 6780 Demonstration upon request. Do you wish to buy or sell Real Estate? Let us handle it for you. Do you intend to purchase or dispose of Stocks orBonds? Give us a Trial Order. REM E5TAT I JAS.I MORGAN 97 180-82 Merchant St. Telephone 6191 AGENTS WANTED aA aeents to sell cotn- ahirts direct to wearer.

Exclusive patterns. Big values. Free samples. MADISON MILLS, 503 BroivT, YORK vco.n STOCKS Band will at lies this afternoon. There tvCU b.

concert tcl.iy at The dance -wbicH -was to have Jbcen bv the Columbus Welfare club S.V evening has been postponed un til further notice. -PeMtion Vr a family allowance of ,05 moi.t! vra filed in the mreuit yesterdav in the matter ths Won? Koon Chan, deceased. estate is valued at ma suit for divorce filed on May IS last, lV laivivu Iciest Ojawa, non-support was discontinued iu print circuit court yesterday. Ia the divorce case of Mrs. Mary rt-rtrade Dver vs.

Joseph T. Dyer tJ-re John R. Dosha in the cowrt of! i ll JomWtlft relations jranuay WUfn-u the husband to pay his wife $60 a month as temporary paleiholani Koko, retired Steve Unre, died Home lasS Triday and was buried yesterday i "r.iTcilci cemetery. Koko. who this island, and was 79 years idd.

Petition for the probate of tlie wil tf the late Benjamin Fcnrbnrh an I for the appointment of the Trust company as administrator was filed in the circuit court yesterdav morning and will be heard on Aug ust 1. The estate is valued afc $150i Two suits for divorce, making 21 instituted in Honolulu during the first half of the month, were filed in the circuit court yesterday, as fol lows: J. Maeua vs. Mrs. Hisae Maeda, desertion alleged, and Mrs.

Vto Asato vs. lamesuKC Asato, non- support claimed. Licenses for the marriage of one Korean and six Japanese "picture brides" were issued yestenday by Charles M. Coster, marriage license agent. The brides are recent ar rivals from the Orient and are at present at the local federal inimigra tion where their husbands- to-be will claim them.

Herman Kamaka, young son of Ir. and Mrs. Kamaka Kalahiki of South Hotel street, passed away at his parents home last Friday. Services were held vesterda3-. interment being in the South King street Catholic cemetery.

Tflie little boy was born this city and was year, 5 months and 13 days old. i Gloria, 10-month-old daughter of and Mrs Christ Paris of 3051 JSIonsarrat avenue. Karahulu. diel yesterday morning and was buriel yesterday afternoon in the Sout'i King street Catholic cemetery. The little girl was born in Pan Francisco, coming to Honolulu with her parents sir months ago.

la a raid made yesterday morning In Auld lane, Palama, F. Tashima was arrested by prohibition officers on a charge of violating the 18th amendment. The officers seized at this place what they describe as the bes and most; modern sake press they have yet seen. They also seized 20 gallons of mash. Services for Chop Fonrr Chans' ho died last Monday at his farm i ipoun, ivapaa, Jvanai, 'the ody being brought to Honolulu bv he Claudine on Thursdav.

will held at 2 o'clock this afternoon in Borthwrrk's mortuary ehapel, Xa-uanu and School streets. Interment will be in the Ocean View tcry, Kaimuki. cemc- Sorrices for the late Dr. E. Hahi Mill be held at 4 o'clock thk after noon in imams mortuary chape.

rnenas or the family have been ir- vited to attend. The body will la sent by the Wilhelmina next Wednesday for the mainland to be buried it teetonia, Ohio. Dr. Hahn, who was ft bachelor, was born in Lisbon, Ohio, ana was aooot bo years old. Services for the late Charles Hokma, who made his home for some years in Stoekton, California, where he died on April 8.

last, will he held this afternoon. The ashes, which arrived by the Wilhelmina Tuesday, from Ran Francisco, wui ue mined in Tuea cemetery. Holoua, was a widower, was a -farmer, native of Honolulu, 38 fears, 11 months and 28 davs old. Members of the Trail and Mountain club will make an excursion to-dnr through Wniawa Valley, going cs fnr as the tunnel outlet. The Tarty will leave bv the Haleiwa Limited nt 8:30 o'clock this morn- returning at 5:30 this after oon.

Testerday afternoon the trailers and climbers went up Mount returning bv way of 'AUkikl Valley. Join Jim recsatly indicted by i'tlia grand jury on n. ehnrgo of rob-hcry Jn the second degree, r.s ji re- ut ef A'eonplalnt made by Mrs. ncn Anficraou, was nrnugned in the foiifO cnurt yesterday morning and enarj of psnnult nnd battery riming ngftinst Mm was dropped Andcrann nil rrA rTmf TIaII heat hrr to uneonsclougness and then a $400 fllnmond- ring from hpr. nwav MAJESTIC ttat rear heads to awesome heights of a former day hen thc5 lands were in the making majesticallv as cntlnels of the broad Pacific hich lies beneath their feet.

One's imagination need not ara far to picture the tremen-a upheaval of volcanic, days when these crags were in the mould. eteen these towering cliffs the Tacific Ocean, a ribbon Vve winds its wav the route Oahu Railroad. A truly wondrous sight may be had on trip. Weston Oahu, with rugced shoro at its best in this manner. Train leaves d.nilv at 9:15 a-m.

or information iind reservation tll-lf et" "cket agent. a an friii 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ly eounty engineer, returned by the I -g jennie Horton and Carl John-Mauna Kea yesterday morning from son were married last Sunday at the Valley Island. Central Union church. The cere- Mai, and Mrs. R.

Venables sn two daughters returned bv thmlAV. Palmer, minister of Central Mauna Kea vesterdav morninir from llllo atter vimt tn thn niiTitorv summer camp near the volcano ofllliett. Kilauea. Mr. and Mrs.

Daniel Hanakahi of 243 Dowsett lane, Palama, welcomed I ai meir nome last ridav the ar rival of their fifth child, a daugh ter, who has been named Helen. Mrs. Hanakahi was formerly Miss xianuan ianc. Mrs. R.

Whitehead and son, Mrs. Ituv Goodness and child, Mrs. C. auu 'il8S B. AVilliams were among the many alley Islanders arriving from La it a i i- haina.

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