The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 4
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I PAQE FOUR BLYTHEVILT/E, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAHCEI M THE HIATHEV1U.K COUKIKK NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES. Adverting Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives; The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc.. New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas. Sup. Antonio, Sail Francisco, Chic.iso, St, Louis. Published Every Afternoon ENCcp; .Sunday. Entered as second class mulifr at the post office at Blythcville, Arkansas, under act. of Consrcss October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES Bv carrier in the? city of ISIylhcville, 15c per week cr SG.JO per year In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles. $3.00 per year,' $1.50 lor six months, 85c for three months: by mail in postal z cnos l «'° to slx - l» cl «sive, SG.SO per ycnr, In I'.cncs scun and c'sht, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. The Parly's, Opportunity Senator, Norris says that the only hope of the progressiv:.-; of both major parties is that the Democrats in 1932 will nominate a progressive candidate for the presidency. It can lie said with e<|iiid truth that the only hop: of the Democratic party lies in tho nomination of a progressive. The principles on which the Democratic party was founded, and upon which it flourished for a century, arc not remembered by many so-called Democrats today. .N'ot since Oscar Underwood has the party had in a place of leadership a man really animated by faith in such cardinal doctrines of old time Democracy as tariff for revenue only, local self-government, anil a minimum of official interference with the rights of the individual. Perhaps changing conditions have made the chang: inevitable, littt changing conditions have also brought new issues. If the old program of the Democratic party does not fit the year 1931, it by no means follows that the party must differ from the Republican party only in r=pre5cnting the desire for public office of a different group of politicians. The trouble with the Democratic party today is that it is too much like the Republican party. There has long been a large group in the: Republican party of voters to whom Ihe national leadership,of that rarty. and many of it policies, have been anathema. Their number- lias been tremendously incroassd by two years of Hoover prosperity. 'They arc looking for a place lo turn. They have no leader ef sufficient slr:iigth to justify r, third party movement. They will turn to the Democratic party if the i Democratic party will give them ;i can! and a platform that is something belter than it blurred rubber slump of wlii-.l ilii! Republican parly offers. opinion that the disease is peculiar lo the more intellectual. These scientists however, are suggesting that most cases of headache can be remedied by ii simple rcgtiliilion of the method of living. At (he same lime, Ihese experts -say that lluisi- who are subject to pains in the head are descended from an intellectual faction. For this disease is hereditary. Another theory which has been advanced by many, states that those who arc lall are de.-eemlcd from kingly lines, for Ihe lall and strong held the high places of government in olden times. Peoph who go tn great length to prove the .superiority of their ancestry have always been a pain in Ihe neck. Now they shall probably become an ache in the head. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Jim T!)orpe-~Dilch Digger can't ticlp Soiiioluiu- you Jim Thorpe. Once tliu irre.'ilesl :iLlih>lc in tlio world, Jim w;ts ilisfovcivd lite oilier <!uy out in I.iw Angles, ;t common laborer, swinging pick ;itul shovel in a clitcli. In fooUi;il], liiiscljiill, iin<l (.nick iintl liclcl apovts, nonu was wrestler H'nti Thorpe in his day. Money tamo easy after lie lnnietl lii.s talents lo professional sport. Hut Hi:- money dwindled away. Many men of llic world of sports, when their hey-day of quick, easy money pn.s.scs, continue lo Keek money in some sort of cheap racket or near- rack :t, rather than work. The hiiliit of easy-come, easy-go is too hard to break. They never amount to anything after that one brief moment of sportint; triumph. They have forgotten, or have nevir learned, how to work. Rut not Jim Thorpe. When need came, Jim rolled up his sleeves and took a pick in his hand. And he's been .supporting a wife and tv:o lino kids on his ea:nin{fs. He doesn't earn much, but it's honest money. JIuiiy opportunities must- have come lu Thorpe to j;ut money in devious ways, trading Hie last rags of his great nam:- to sumo cheap racketeer, bootlegger, or flimflam promoter. Rut Jim digs with his hands instead. A man who can do that nnisi have stuff in him. Jim Thorpe deserves a break. "Oh, don't (wise the iniu, Colonel." WASHINGTON LETTER driven Into the room, and hence there Is not only copious persplra- ilon, but also a rise of the temperature of the body. When the temperature of the steam or hot bath Is over 100 degrees, a considerable tax on the system may occur, and such baths should not be taken by anyons except person* of fairly robust constitution and sound heart. Immediately after ihem should lie quietly for at. least one-half hour before nt- lompUne to dress and BO outdoors. For people who arc less robust, | the bath at a temperature of 97 degrees Fahrenheit, is mere sult- ! able. i lixptrts in the treatment of diseases by hydrotherapy have I alto developed the device called whirlpool batlis in v.hlch hot water Is driven rapidly around i the vat by an especially arran I system of plp?s and valves. The whirlpool bath is exceedingly helpful in softening tjfjii 1 /?, relieving pain, and preparing inllamcd muscles and joints for later massage. Massage is a valuable therapeutic measure particularly when properly associated with heat and the care oi the body generally. Great care miibt be taken with massage uhen tissues are painful. I It should ntAcr be forcible as lon f j • us ihere 1.-. acute inflammation. Rough exercise or manipulation of j inflated joints may brill:; about ' seiiouj injuri. BE SURE YOU'RE. RIGHT- Is Mo.U for lie BUVSUAKI/S UIltTII On March M, 1028, Jacob Rnys- =•?!, t!ie most eminent painter ol the Dutch school, \va^ born at' Harlem, Holland. After studying -jur^r his uncle Jacob was received into tho guild , In his home town. Ho moved to | Amsterdam about 1G55, where he :' soon obtained citizenship rights. o'.hcr o;f i:i the Republican conven-i At tnis tlm e he traveled widely in iion o: i'i.!0. McAdcn mid Smith I ''? nrttivc 'and and in the out- ruined each other at Madison lyt "% l!i11 region of Germany. are of VAC saevue is 41tey- > ai' % 3 as toi as cals wiLd^s,,^ licrlcrs Tear His I'rcspiM- Will s-'iiiiavf Garden in 1924. But thej Injured lircnusc 1 lie IN Tun F:ir in Lead BY i'.OBXEV DUTCH! U NKA Service Writer WARHINCITON — Then it. of cours?, scmclhin'} lo Hi-. 1 idea that r. candidate can qel so c::t in front that his position tiiereby ; eae!]. but tecouiL's precailous. Democrat; who favor G iT.inklln J!i)C.--?vell oi Iff lo M^II-.' \vcrry on tb and llH' iUiiporlerJ of othrr dates profess to derive co:i.=: ccmfcrf. from it. Nevertheless. It Is possible loo much :,!rcss on the ft the men who is obvioL-'jly lead onions: nomination conventions ot 1928 demon- ( " re ancl s observer of na- chose for his paintings CHURCH EXCUSES :IS3' George \V. Barhaai= - , siralcd the fallacy ot the theory tllc .»at and liomely scenery of his '. a va:\ ninning start for a " atlvc country, with lor.cly ham-| "For wlioscever sliail yive yo : J a cup oi water to drink in my name, because ye Ijclony lo Clirbl, verily 1 tay unto yen, he shall not lose his regard. And whomever shall ofleud one oi il-.cse liillc o:iC3 that bo- l::-\e in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanycc! about his neck, and he \vcrc cast into Hie -iea." St. Mark: 9:41-12 "^ ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY nomination is fraught with pent.; lets - walcr mllls . dark sheets o But Hoover and Smith were out'™'"' overshadowed by irees. His in front far ahead of the conv:n- : forcs lions. Opposition developed to | scm neither case did U, Tn !6S1 Ruysrael returned to!, to anvihlpr, at the conven-' Har ' cm P° or ""d ^ck. and his t:cn; both n-.e:i won their nomina- Mennonite corelisionists procnrrd n ! n '";taln ami . waterfall are called highly poetic. !6S1 Ruysrael returned lions in .1 v.-all: Brsiiles Rcosjvoll, for those princi- • iwssibilitles a! ninl admission to the alms- w »<-'™ lie died in March, according to plan:; announced ie-; Commissioneis with tile rcqucL Ci?ntly by the Dcpaft!iifntal Coun- that all Rctarians be placc-d o cil of the Charcnic Intruieure. Thai jury servict 1 as soon as tl'.ey ar' cost is estimated at S4.000.COD. Tho' needed, viaduct, will be 120 foot high and the roadway will be 75 fcot wide. pally the recent Democratic committee! ~~ meeting were Owen D. Younp, Alit'SEXCir PLAN ~r I nOTARIASS BO JUKY [HTY ATLANTIC; crrv, N. j, IUPI The K r .tary Club has decided tha: : ato from hi»h schcol. I!1G VIADUCTS it is time that all go::l eitlze RGCHEFORT, Trance, (UP>— A' rorve on juries :n Cap; May Coun- VoL-n? I ov nra-iy for CrllfHc [I PERU. Inci.. (UPi—Kus?.:-H Kcit" 13, has attencicd scliccl for on! six years Dut l:e in ready, to graciu He eiuere!', school for the fnc-t time at tl:r a7,;i and pa=EEd into juniq i'ir iiilities thriT- ,ith and Senator Joe Robinscn of Aikansiis. As far as this writer 'giant viaduct, 0,501) felt lens, is to ty. So a resolution was passed by. hb.'.i s:hool the fcl!o\vinn ycar.^H:] could oathrv. the only one. of the connect the Island of Heron with ; the Club and '.he- icsler of ihu; mother. Mrs. John Keitii, tlie French mainland near here,' membership scut who prrscnls 7 hose Aches m,//?c Head If scientists are right, in their deductions thai headaches are n sign of brains there is reason to rejoice anionj; tho/-: \vho do not belong to the intelligentsia. Invcsligntors into this, ailment at thi) researeh hospital ol" tlic Universily of Illinois arc roachiiiK the An English lecturer says American v.rlt.-ra don't clearly define Ilieir cliaracliirs. Our a 1 .!- thors shoulii rcnlize that clarily brains ;il how. 1 . "The pluy's tlic tiling," as even n bridge player miglit say. Americans, according to recent statistics, made and ami consumed S.OOO.OM pounds more pretzels last year than in 1025. I'rovlni;. we suppose, that pretzels lire now worth their salt. threat to :;::•,:>'. at. • Ucosjvelt. at this time h Young. And the suggestion tl:a: such a And not very much cf a threat, ap- rcsiticn is :ilmo«t fa'nl ••; ::on?i'n.ii- i at that. It was common-i csi. ! 'y iimjcrstccil that the Raskob-i There are t'.vo thii: - :? ',ro:!h nien-^ 3Sioi;?e ninnagemen: of the national [ livnin/ in v.hich lh.- lii-.'n who b:- , parly orsnnl7a!!on favored Yomijl comes" an oiitstanrti'i-.' c:'.::(:i'Jate aland that Raskol) had hopes thatl year 01 -more bcfor,". :!v >i:iivenl!f:i'i' Smitii might again b« thu candt-| biys iiii::r:'H ur.r-.:. dr- K tiv.'jdnte. i chance that lie and hi> r-.;crd M:!!' Outrside New York there sterns toi b>- :•_- closely hvpr-u-.i 'hat hislb? seir.e spotty support for Younj.j ciu'nilrs will find a I'..-.:., rr.ciTjh to injui'e or ruin bis ciianucs, which nirjlu r>thc' v '.i.-:-. have sone nnnoiiccf! i,:Uil after ni::ninaticn. The otl'.e: is lint n! formidable rival will di-i.-lop or bi citvelopjd nsninst him. Korsovclt in r.f.-i.l In tii:;: p.riiclr, v. iii.:^ -crms ID ecu:'.;- BP. Rcoscvil: biT.-.:;«c he is .to the County torcd him. A her \vcman w:is recently ncrjuitttxl for shoot iti'4 lniPb:n\(l in a brirt^L 1 fjunrrpl. This \viU nbly rncourugc many ^. \\ifp. In fiiturc briii^ ics, lo put more steam in the kick diKdccE her mate's .slihi. OUT OUR WAY By Williams run to sr,:cl that ;u (.::.• v.r.s riin- ;irc'.:ud a: lh." IM.:'.t Demn- mcr.tin 1 ; hrre t-i - in • tny dam- but it is by no means comparable I to the cnthU3ir..<m expressed for Roo^c.vel:i 'o^ commiltseinen from nil sections cf tlie country. en Smith' Quito a ft-.v IJc:i:ccrats were dis-', nppointod at what they cccsidcrc:! i indications that Smith had yearn-! incs fa: allot::-:;- nomination. Most | of liiem have deep admiration for .-ibilit', 1 . it - the cx-guvei no;- :ind ndmit that i'.' v.r.s r;ni-' w. 1 . i a j'.i-:^e of bra! luck for him -t Denin-! tlv.: lie to :-.:u in a "Republic.-.n year" instead of 1D32, which iisini; fatlcrr didav. There v.iio tlinnuli: tr.r i:^V':r:i-; too lUera! snrl liberals v.ln r : .oiight he wasn't .-iifrieicntly ;;ul:r:.l. but or.e net :v.'.il! of Ihi 1 !i:e.-t.:-. • was to co:if:iir. il'.e impv€>-::on of Roc-=e- 'II \elt tl'.fy i'ci-1 sho:i!i: be a "Dtmocratic | " As for Rci)iriF;m, when he sailed U^sV.cb nirl Ihe "hoir.e itilci ;>!r.n" in ;:n u:u:i'ccssnrily vitriolic :-;ccli. i' appc.ircd an if Jo.- bad prcokU-i'.vi.i! ;;spir. i .ticns. too. Yourj correspcndent N'nr <!:(; any fc:iiiid:r..:, do- ! rusly. b;:t Fcu.oliow couldn't linS t ve!op. Th.'.t is. no i»:i? ^-i:o it is n-. • :n:y pcL'.~ons \\ith npinicni \\orlli; ;bir time c.isy to ;;u:i'.::i snhh! be! ccnsi-krinn wbn really took t!ie so- j ,n: poisr '. called "Robinson boom" seriously, j :-.rri' w.i:-! '!ho far.OTf. in Kcofi". c-H's slrenn- ' .• Ro:s?-i th. ir.any of tlicm obvio'i-. cr.n be 1 I fcrcci'.:'; dciailrd .soir.o o:l'.ft H lime. But. l!.'.v>?;.r.d '* one tbuin his supporters frnm heie' a y.t-:,::,\ ::;::! th:r: acrcctt on was that \:~sc.:. '.i:e governor h;'.c: un appeal to "[he ; il:d c.;ch | nij:i ::i the street." .ir.ti-Rcorfveil. 1 : s. foniL* :r.!k. to llu- r:l'ji r ve'.'. v.-?.rn't ;;? slion: a man ns the 1 party f!-.i t'nr.t then' v.a- nco:! nn or.c piiy.iucc:: \VcoJ ;:nd Lov.den Hot Bath Is Simplest Way of AUcvialine Rheuinalic Painsi AM AUTO.A M« , C.CCV CVOto OR , HE'LL MEMEQ , BE CAUSE. M&'JER WAMT£O. lA^ DOWT' OWM A, ws deyi-cc rahrc:i'nc:i I'ahv.^iiV.cii. l-'or A. n. N'Fil.L UKSTl -:-"i-.-i:in. 'Jr.rt Term) \V. C. LAWL!:U the .tcr.cency to pnspira- Anirriran ,uiJ ^f | Hot ai: v b.i:!,^ are prcu:]rii by 'I.i;n7iiu- .heating the u : .r in a room to vari- from 100 d'^rccs up tu 1(10 degrees in a rorv.n in whirh raised' cv- MCT.-S lias been r\u- ' tl'.c fo' ^t to the \*.i\\'' ',. . .-,i:e nt 'he munlciiul ;,-. Lc held April ~i: Perhaps you do your staple shopping 1 by tho week. Larger items you renew each month. Household furnishings, automobiles, radios, and similar things are in the nature of investments, whether for months, for years, or for life. You buy these things at long intervals. But no matter what you, buy, you serve yourself best il: you plan your purchases in advance. Every list you make is a budget in itself. Careful study of the advertisements will always help you in picking and choosing ... in comparing prices — in weighing your needs and desires. Making up your list is really a fascinating game when you play it against your allowance. The more careful you arc in the preliminary study of the advertisements, the better will be your chance not only to get the best selection for your purpose ... but also to find out in advance how much money you can save for unplanned extras'. Ii v;-j

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