The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 27, 1935
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'Served by M United Press WEWS Courier Blyihcvillu Dally News Herald Mississippi Valley Loader SINGLE COPIES FIVE CE Project Calls for Federal Control of Big Lake- Lit lie River Wafers Missouri House Votes Two Per Cent Sales Tax JKFFERSON CITY, Mo M,,,. 21 iuP)-Tlic Missouri house tof representatives today '-pnsseil •• ' n two per cent genenil sales tax l>n administration lenders, wlio esl'l- miited it will- produce $20000000 in revenue, were unable lo command ihe necessary majority make the bill effective Immediate The case for tlie effective and permanent control of St. 'Francis river (looelwnlcrs through the expenditure of $18,000,000 of feder funds will be presentee) to ' Hi flood control committee of tl house of representatives at Wash ington next week by spokesine for Arkansas and Missouri coim ties in the river's basin. They will present facts in sup port ot a bill to give effect to recommendation of the chief o army engineers that the Missis sipl valley nood control prograu be expanded to Include the Si Francis and its tributaries, til Yazoo and Us tributaries, am other heretofore unauthorized pro Jects, and to provide for paymen by the federal government fo necessary flowagc rights and ease merits, which under existing law must be paid for by the localities uenefitted. J. W. Meyer, engineer, and c W. Afflick, commissioner of Drainage District 17, have been deslg nated by Langdon Jones. Kennett - president of the St. Francis Valle> Flood Control association, to represent Mississippi county at the hearing. Clifton H. Scolt, receiver for Drainage District 17. will also be present and will probably testify, and Jim Crain, of Wilson hns Indicated dial 1m will attend the sessions. WanU Enil Flood Menace > Enactment of the proposed legis- •; • WI°n win ja^nre e a r ] y CO n5truc- «,tlon_aV>rljr the Su-Fi-incls' and its tributaries. Included Big Lake and Little River, of Hood control works winch aniiy engineers declare would end danger from any volume of water ever recorded in the St. Francis basin. The-project, as approved'by army engineers, calls f or Rn almost entirely new Jevee system, higher and stronger than the old. and with floodways widened sufficiently to handle any possible volume of wa- Of the S16.'000.000 eslimated as tne cost of the. entire SI Francis program, exclusive of flowayc rights, more than $2,000.000 would be expended on Little River, chlef- jy hi Mississippi county, plans of the engineers call for setting back or the levee on the east side of Big Lake to near the meander me, virtually doubling the area of the lake, and for widening r the Little River floodway from Bis Lake to St. Francis lake: It is ?^ 0 ^. ed to makc tlle floodwav 8,000 feet wide (about a mile and a half) for 7.3 miles south of Big Lake ami (he:i gradually to reduce its width to 5,01)0 feet Other work proposed on Little River Includes enlargement or the Elk Chute drainage district levee in This Dixie Princess Really Is Twi ins The measure now senate for action. goes to tl Strikes Back at Long and Couglilin at Senate Mu nilions Hearing 'WASHINGTON, Mar 27 (UP)— Bernard M. Baruch struck bad at Senator Hucy P. Long and Ihe Rev. Chavlcs E. CouRhiin lo- iay witli evidence and testimom that he sacrificed million., | 0 st . rve :he nation loyally during Ihc- world Tin famous finnncier and advis- :r of five presidents, in a surprise move before testifying on var profits elimination, 'asked the •ennic munitions committee to put. an end lo the Insinuations and muendoes" aeainst Him. _ ond Father Coughlin, in hen- attacks on Gen. Hurt] s lohmon, have bitterly attacked Baruch, whom they describe as lie nower behind the former MRA lead. • • .' Fut Money In Liberty fiomls .Jo .charges-that lie capitalized >n his position, as chairman of he world war Industries'board to take private profit*, Bariich as-' ertc'ei that he transferred most of lis holdings into Liberty Bonds t a loss so that he had no tax- Wc income during the years 1918 nd 1919, when many induslrial- sts were making millions. Banich ad an income of -52,301,023 in Ifllfi. His holdings of Liberty Bonds ti one time totaled $5,300,000. ''Never from the moment I was ailed to the government's ser- icc did I have a dollar's worth f Interest in any concern manu- icturing munitions," he testified. The financier and friend of resident Roosevelt dumped on ie committee table 100 pages of ocumentary evidence to back up is assertions. Urges Trice Control Ironclad control of prices by the overnment in _ war time, coupled ith heavy taxes, were urged by aruch to prevent war from "be- 8 a profitable Industry." Bpyer, right, wearing llu- crown, bin J ., „_, lv[)u| can't tell them upart. One of them was chosen for could shave H. The solution was SEEKS ELECT i ration .lean Coyer, left, nnd ' which i s which. « s t] u . twins' own friends Ihe honor, but she refused unless her slsle :it. Hi? pictures will prove. 'onfest Winner Pelitions Governor to Order .Congressional Election : UTTLE ROCK. Mar. .27 (UP) -A special election in Ihe scvpnlh ongrcssional district wa t-askcd by vade II. Kitchens of Magnolia oday in a petition to T.ov. J M utrell. ... Kitchens \vnr, declared winner in court contest of the congrcssion- 1 prlnmry last summer- over Con- resinan Tillman B. Parks of amden. The decision was handed own January IB at Hamburg bv "•cuit Judge Jsurick Henry atter i) eslensive hearing. Judge Ifciiry aid Kitchens won t] le Democralic ominatlon by is voros. Parks has been expected to ap- al tlie I'nr.e to Hie slate supreme A special general election must = held. Judge Henry pointed out : the time of );is decision, bp- use Ihe ruling only gave Kitch- is [lie Democratic non>ln»i,lojj. Biff Jones May Coach Oklahoma University NORMAN. Okla., Mar. 27 (UP) — Cnutaln Liwronce (Bill) Joues, former cnndi at the U. 3. Mill- tnry Academy, may become head cont-h nl Hit? Universllv of Oklahoma if tie W iir deportment will :ivff him a (our of dutv at the mlvcrsltv, nr. W. P. Bbwll, im- vprnitv nre'ldfiii snfii tnfay. •lonos is an R. o. T. ' o. 'ni- Iructor at Loufslnnp SMc unlvjr- •ity ouil wns conch tliere until 1)0 reflfliieel ln.ti, fan nfl<>i- n (Iff wilh Senalor Huey P. Long. The financier offered [o helo evee n Missouri, just above the stale line leven, at a cost estimated at $07740. While the program will be of tremendous benefit to owners of properly in Drainage District- n ending. It is believed, for all time tlie danger of Hood from Little «lrcr, its execution will also impose a heavy burden upon the district, particularly If congress fails to Provide for federal payment for llownge rights. The probable cost of flowage rights for that part of nient^ilu 5 " 1 noo(!wa >~ cnlarge- cd by Mr. Meyer „" , , ot the district, j,, ,id(ii- tlon the district would lifc more than $208.000 in bcnentl ^,S ngainsl l ? nrj lo be included tn the floodway. Enlargement of BV Lake would take about 5800,000 i n « sesseci nenents from the district In the latter case, however thi> loss would be largely a p apei ' onc as the district has been unable to collect taxes on these lands for 0 number of years. Enlargement of Tyronz.1 Another feature of the st Francis project of espwlal inter-' «•« to Mississippi county Is a plan for enlarging the channel of the river from the town of southward for about 15 iVronza 'n "°° d off , m the upper end of the Tyronza waterslied. In this county. Among other benefits it would avert, repetition of the s , situation which developed cary year when Inability of the Tyronza to carry the run-off from a heavy rain resulted In Inundation of a large part of the Dvess rehabllltalion colony The general p i arv ' for Ule n)0 , n arouse public opinion for pass- ge of war profits legislation "llii.-; sslon." He agreed that industrialists' world war profits, revealed by tlie committee, were "utterly indefensible," but said he had not known of (hem during the. war. Big Lake Water Falls Another Three-Tenths Piood walers at Big Lake dropped three-tenths of a foot in the last 24 hours, brinsing the stage at the Highway 18 bridge 248.7. the lowest in more than a week. Similar falls were recorded at the stnle line and at Honicrsvillc. Mo The lake will probably fall an- clhcr four-tenths by tomorrow- morning, it is believed, and If theie are no heavy rains \vitliln the next few elavs all danger of a levee break will be gonr. Gas Man Expe-T( Marksnnn HOLDENVILL.E. Okla. (UPt — Charles Baldwin, fitling slation oiierator and amateur marksman, shoots holes in soda bottle caps and cuts snakes in two with n Pislol nt 50 feet. Once lie went to a shooting gallery and turned m n record of lilts against !>9 out of 100 moving metnl birds. stem of the St. Francis calls for enlargement and sel-tack levee to carry flood waters from and itodiws Ferry, wo., where the St. Francis leaves ™ hills, lo St. Francis f.nkc. *iom St. rands Lake the waters 01 the St. Francis, united wild ™ s f .« Little River, would be ""led In a h|_ 8 h i eve | noodwav ™, 7'^ acrow country to St. ay ' at t _ . _„ ,. tx , *n;u vl (,j H1J3O1O- Klvcr backwater. Thc pro- includes no provision for pro- ,ln , 0ll i i!>11CiS SUbJeCt '° Mlss «- slppl river backwater 'Last Man Club' Wonders Who'!! Guard Last LANCASTER, o. tUP) _ Tlie lUMtion of who siinl] lip custodian of a fcotlle of wine which (lie surviving member of ilia -Last. M™ Glii!)" of (lie Rainbow Veterans' Association will eirink lias become - 50 involved that Hie clulj hiij calle-d a special m-eling to decide A safely deposit box hns been donated Hie club by a local bank to safeguard the vintage until it is needed, but whether It will be used must be decided by the organisa- tion's 34 members." Lewis Noise, of Lancaster, stale ^resident of the club, said safeguarding of the botUe is impor- 'anl became thc whole meaning uf '•he "Lusl Man Club" would be Ics', if tlic surviving member were forcjel to eirink form a subslltuta tottlc if an accident should befnll thc original. The issue will be decided March 28. New York Cotton. NEW YOPK, Mnrch 27 (UP) Cotton flnsc-d slene'v. Mnv Julv Ocl Dec .Inn low 1100 1017 10RO 1035 1 l)7f. 1107 1072 IOW Snol.« closed steady nt lias unchanged. New Orleans Cotton NEWOPSBANS. Mar. 27 (UP)_- Coltnn closed steadv. i nnen hioli low clo<ie j Mnv ino^ n m inn? un.| ! Julv ieiOT 1117 IOM linti I ° K{ \fiM io«T inss ipno ncr 1088 ion 1060 lOlfib JA " , , 1081b ^"01° rinsed steady or. nj.| iin- clinnjrcd. Closing Stock Prices A. T. .ind T ........... Annconda Conner ..... '. BelliMiem steel Chrvster ..... Cities Service Coca cola . . ......... . ("•moral American Tank General Electric General Motors Tntirnntloiml Harvester '><We.5!wi-Rn>'MnK ...... jXTonr^nmcrv Wnrd N<W Vorl- Central .'.".'" Pnrl-nrd " KV? 7-8 10 1-4 34 5-8 34 1 5 1-G Sugar Can e Refuse To Produce Cellulose WASHINGTON. (UPl-CclluIoso wrappers now can be made Iran bagasse, refuse from sugar cane mills, according to D. P. J. Lynch chemist in (lie rj. s. Department of Agriculture, Lynch hns gone to Hawaii where he will supervise Ihe manuraclurc . Cora ........... ' •°t. Louis-Pan Pr,incl.5co Plmmfns Hod Ptnnilnril of N ,1 ...... ""Vyns Co 'I. R. Sm.-.i|'inV ......... W- f. Steel .. Zonite .. ...... U. S. and Russia Arc Na- fions Most Divectly Affected by Her Action GENEVA, Switzerland, Mar. 27 (UP)—JaDnn left the Lcafiio of Nations today, giving the world two problems of Inestimable importance. 1.'—Will slie consolldole a friend- shit) with Germany? 2.—What Is (he Japanese navy doiii'j in Ihe former German islands which Japan holds under League of Nations mniidale—and will continue to hold despite her reslenntton? The first problem concern.* Russia first. Japan is Russia's eastern neighbor. Germany Is on her ivr-st. separated by Palr.iiu bill separated by less llian aoo miles at the nearest point, which is East Prussia. The second concerns Ihe United Stoles -most intimately. The possibility that the Japanese mandated Islands may bj fortified !•= -regarded as (he reason for a clwngc in American naval policy. There have been persistent rc- txirts that Japnn is fortifying th» Islands nnd liullding suh:K«rlni' bn^es nnd airdromes. Prance, which owns Indo-Clilna and Great Brllaln, witli Hongkong and her grealcr easl Asian trade and her dominions of Australia mid New Zealand, nre Inlcrestcd in toll] problems. To Receive Bids On Two Road Projects In County Bids will be received by the state hiehwiiy department at (is Little Rock oflire April 2 on several rond and bridge construction projects, including one in Mississippi county and another par- tiollv in (his county. Onc project Is described ns Job No. uiin. llieliwav 13. Mississippi county. 71 feet of concrete and st?cl bridges on the Monette- Lenchvillc road. "notlipr is listed as Job No llion. Hiulnmv 18. Crnlghcad and Mit*K"!ppl roiinKes. 7.4 mites of "raelinn. rlraiiut-c slntcturcs- ami ilnoifs n.'untifnt on the W. 3-8 37 7 3-R ?.1 3-3 13 3 3-4 15 5-8 1 3-8 1 f ii-R .17 a-n 17 1-.1 ]OB 1-! m \-fi Mcnettc-Lrnclivili: S 3-8 Chicago Wheat ....,, July open 91 1-3 hfph 7-S Irw 1-2 road Western Republicans Planning Spring; Rally WASHINGTON. Mar. 27 (up>— of alpha cellulnsr! by a process which he perfected on a laboratory Scale tlicrn las?, su "Alpha cclUilosc; "is Ihc principal rayon and Iremsparenl _. sheeting now used for wrappers. "Ba?asse oITci-s Interestlni? pos alpha cellulose." 'he'^ndded""^"!'' Chicuf/o Corn -------- , cause there is no of col- .„ ^j llu |Ji UlJUJtll Ul CO1" lecllng this raw material at the factory, It comes from the mill as a by-proeliict which in (he past has been used ,„.„„,., . , ,;,' u , i -f. i,^ i-y •-•"j*,iit\i 32 3-8 93 3-1 92 3-8 93 1-81 Mi <3rtle wcslcrn Republican lend I ers came Inlo Ihe open today with a plan for n springtime farm toll rallv to liberalize the party »v sliiftine its leadership from [lip east to tlu> Mississippi valley. Parly leaders from (en or more states are expected lo meet In Kansas City or Toneku in May 'o raise Slon.OOO and prepare the foundations for a liberal a. O. P. Honor Haiut T.Mclc-r Pawnee f of contc! ' lionorarv Goldman. New York, imted band loader, at the annual ' here April Stalemenl Follows Announcement ol 25 Per Ccnl Production Cut WASinNOTONTMnv. 27 (UP>- Thc NllA order for n 25 per cent ciirfiiltmcnl .of cotton textile |n -o- ilucllon pruliiibly will mean nn . iitltcr slrlke. Fnincis j. (Joriiiin. vice-president of hie United Textile- Workers, snlil today. Testifying before Ihe house mlll- »-y nffnlts couunlKce In connection witli n ijlll lo curlall use of iiallonnl (jufinlsmen In strikes Cloiinan said that Ihc order uc' 'unlly means i. 25 per cent, rcduc- lon In wages for lextile workers "1 lie slaHu is now set for mi- othcr slrike." Gorman warned (lie. -ominlltec. "Rinployers cu prices "id (lien tried lo make up n, e iroilt by lakhiB i on of he hides of Ihe workers." "The only method we 1mvo of lelillng Mils Is by bringing Into >'iy our economic slrcngtli." he Production in (he cotton lexllle 'ndustrv will be curtailed lo m°el •educed consumer demand, a Nn- fonnl Industrial Recovery board -innoiincempiu said today. Reductions will be limited lo nol u.orc limn 25 per cent nf •naxlimim liciurs of operation pre- •crlueel In the coilc. Production vlll be allocated among mills on he basis of estimated demand. Commmtinir on thc action. 'Icorge A. Sloan, chairman ol the •olton tc.xllle code nulhorlty, siild: "It will mnkc, possible thc con- hiaeil employment of many thoii- nnels of mill operatives in mnny nills. who have, been facing the ertninty ot Imnicdlalo and Indo- Inllc lay-oils. The Industry ns a vliole has been operating in the cd for months." Rides 2200 Miles 1 Jo Keep Pony uetcrmlncd to rldo Ills' roan pony 2200 miles riillier u mt Ell'o him up, Loonila "llnck" fcloveiison, 12, slmwnlmro with Sniokey" near Tulso, Okln. Ij making Ills way from Arizona to Marlon, 111., wlm li| 3 pareula .wlio motor by onsy stages ami Pn" I' 0 " 1!;° '' l " C " Ch "W't- Covering 40 -nlles „ day, Ihoy plan lo roarli Marlon In April pint form for 193G. There were Indications tliat this Republican preliminary convention might develop Inlo a. pep meet- i"S for a inieMJe western presidential candidate. w m ci m 'ormcr Citv Official An nounccs Candidacy ioi Vacant Municipal Post Sidney Crnig made formal in ounccmcnt today of his cnn'iic'ac' or Ihe office ot citv clerk, (lib 'Ct lo Ihe will of the voters a DC municipal election. Mr. Crate, a former city cler)- ecds no Introduction lo (he busl "ss men niul electors of nlylhc Hie. He believes that his mmlifi nllon for UIR office, proved b' Is administration of affairs of th wsillon in Ilie i»st, well recoin iciuts him. Mr. Crale paid that lv ifl avnh>c( thp eleclslon of Hi •Idow of the deceased citv clerl ? lo ivlieHi«r she would make UK iw J>IH had decided to become a Itrlnte onli' after hn had bc-ei cflnltcly Informed that slic muld not be a candidate for the fflce. A resident of Blvthevlllc tn ranv vcnrs. Mr. Crnig Is known ersonnlly tn a Inrge majority o. ie citv's electors. Washinpton Plans War On Capital Termite; WASHINGTON. (UP)-Tenulle, 1'ich linv« liirlvcd on timber suo- ^rl.-: of old Woshin^tnn hcm n s n^ ali-d for a Inlsli hafde wltt\ thp Termites nre members of (hi •T-'I fimilv ijosso.«in? n keen nn elite- for v-onfl. It has been e.stl n 'M ihr>t Mm Ini? hns caused •lO' u-orih of damage n •nr to HulWIncs in Washln?to: H the South. Alarmed b;- the situation. Ihc coarlmi-nt has Issued Instmc- ons designed tn repel the lermile v.ision. It ulso tins assigned ivmond A. St, George, of the ureau of Entomology, and Dr. J7. Snydef. termite nutliorlly, assume command of the ROV- nment forces. St. Gcoree said that seriousness the termite menace lies in the ct that the bu? dews not- disclose Us prcfotice until nffcr Its destructive work is nccomDllshed. it lives underground and fears sunlight. BOSTON (UP)-OiM^ William •i. Mccluskcv. commander of the Marine Reserve coniMauv. holds a record all his own. He has porli- oloatod in every Boston Evncua- Ifon Day celebration lor thc past 25 years. County Commissioners Name Judges, Clerks and Certify Candidates The county election commission in session at Osceola this morn- 'I'ff certified candidates for of- 1ce s In geiiOTQi city find town cl- "Cllons to he held in Mississippi -ountv Tucselny. April 2, and imm- -d elecllon offlcinls. The official bnllot for Btvllio- villc was - certified as follows- Mayor (vole for onc). o H Orear, Cecil Shane; city Treas- 'irer, Jncl: Hobinsonr City Clerk '™ t , c ror one). Ruth Blytlie, Harry Mklns, ROM Stevens. 7. M n cn (. '"V, A, c. HtOev. s. c. Crnle. Oscar •-lexnndcr. Cecil White; Alderman 2_i'st ward. R. n..Hughes, Leoimrd inylor:, Alderman, second ward, ^oin W. Jncltsoii; Alderman, third •vnrd. J. E. Lunsford, Win Mc- "arlancl. Officlats for (lie election here -vcrc named ns follows: First Ward (Phillips Motor "ompanv bulletin,;) o. C. Barnes *.. J. Hcnton. Ivv W. Crawford' 'uelges; George Williams, Gcoi-ge ^ross, clerks. First Ward CCIty t!all> w. M Williams, Charlie Glenn n i ^nnford. Juetpes; Jlnrvcy Morris Dixie Crawford. Clerks. Second Ward (E. B. Gee Sales Company building) Jesss Taylor 'ohn C. McHnnev. W. D. Jones indues; Henry Humphrey, Jack "Mey. clerks. Third Ward (Ark-Mo Lumber Yard office) T. j. Nance. Roy 'lllle. .rack.Horner, Indies- Char- 'cs Newcomb. Roy Nelson, clerks. Candidates for town offices nl '.«achvlllo were certified; Mayor. C. T. Carpenter'. Tells of Midnight Call by of Armed Men ' MAHKED THEE, Ark, Mar 27 (UP)—Alined members of a natty of olKlit or ten carloads of men. t nrcd l*o (lie Marked Tree home I of c. T, Carpenter, attorney fbi-* ^ Ihe Southern Tenanl Farmers Urf: ' Ion. lust midnight uftei he 'le-' fused to come out, he said today , Intimidation of Cafpenlci ami" the nrine of two shots into his home was a renewal of "night.! riding" anil threats made recently, against W. II. Slultn, union prcsl-' dent, and A. B. Drooklns negro} preacher and union oiganlzer In' the controversy between the union nnd citizens opposed lo It a * Sliont Out Light *' ^r told 111? United Press •four or five" .of Ihe men With guns were on hla porch when .he was awakened and opened, the (Icor to see who it was He said he closed- the door ami rbius""d to come mil.- Whereupon, he said, the men fired two shots, one bursting out a porch llglil he had, turned on. and then made a, hasty retreat with (he others ! The mob reportedly blamed him. for being of material aid to the, continued "agltallon". b> th" or- ennlzers to Eel sharecroppers to Join the union and foire plantation owners to their terms ' "My wife heard someone knocking on the door at'about mid- 1 night," Carpenter said today 'I was asleep. She called me and it went, to the .door,' my gun In. hand. 1 opened tire front door! and there stood- four 01 five men' wllhVguiiS, A.: <..•;!• .,.; k --, "Thcjvask-cri me (p conic out 'it told tliem I would,not and closed' Ilio door. -When J did they fired) two shots, one of them bmsllngi the porch light I had turned "W before opening the idoor. They left hurriedly ami drove off" Exriecfs Sheriff to Act Sheriff j. D. DuBard of Foin- sctt county arrived a few minutes after-the shooting, which aroused* the neighborhood and cieated don-J sidorabic excitement, Carpenter explained. The sherlfT remained at the home the rest of the night Carpenter said he had not demanded an Investigation of the incident but that, he believed Sheriff DuBard would sec to it Uiat all steps were taken lo Identify' members of the mob. , . Missouri Woman Hurt in Fall at Store Here Mrs. O. W. Graves of Pemlscot county. Mo., suffered a dlsloca- ion of one shoulder and a possible fracture of the shoulder Made when she fell while shopping in j. c. Penney company's department store here this- morn•1(5. Mrs. Graves was remoicd to the BlythcvlIIc hospital where she remained 05 a patient this after- neon. Dr. W. A. Grimmett of Die hospital staff said the e^act extent of her injuries had. riot been determined. Districts _Sell Refunding ; Certificates at Discount Commissioners of 'PR; Ing District No. One and Storm Sewer and GutlerinE District No One have sold S-12,000 in stale refund- In? certificates for 74.5 cents' on, the dollar, it lias been disclosed price at which the 'certi- Fields, Eugene Shancyfelt' B. Culver: Recorder o o "(Ires, W. L. Tuber. J. L. William: 'Mermen (vote ror five) p p "Islier, J. W. Cox, A. O.'Taylor' tessc Hathcoc!;. ,\r. Honncll, P. i. Alexander, Luther Gibbons Officials to conduct thc Leach- 'Ille election were C. L Smith - H. Gamer, E. p. n.vrd, Judges ind W. H. Hyman and Arch Pierce, clerjts. No candidates submitted petl- lons for placing tlielr names on he Manila election bnllot and it *-as understood that ballots would be prepared at Manila. Election officials were named ax follows- Valter Wright, c, E. McQuirter Bud Ashabranr.«r, Judses. and D A. Scott and Arnold Fowler, clerks. Celebrated 10!th Birtlnlav McMINNVfLLE. Ore. (tJP)-Pat- Ick Fay, native of Ireland cele- rated his MMth birthday this month. He has raided In the Oregon country since 1S63. i here. cer- ficates were disposed of was several cents above the market -price it is understood. The certificates were received under provisions of the road laws nnd refunding measures allowing local paving districts re-lmburse- ment for 1 - 1 highway continuations built as part of paving districts Payment was based on the amount o«c for the continuations at th» time of passage of the act pro- vidlnj for payment. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Cloudy, showers'In east portion and colder tonight Thursday partly cloudy, colder In east ponton and south portions , Memphis and Vicinity—Possibly; lifht rains this afternoon or to-' night,, colder tonight and Thurs-' dsy. The maximum temperature 'here yesterday was 69,- minimum *•' clear,'accord Ing to Samuel p. rls, official weather /observer,

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