The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1954
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS and upon oelng submitted to tne Evacuation of North Viet Nam. Begins; 50,000 Must DeddeSoon By FORREST EDWARDS SON TAY, Indochina (AP) — The film already glazes the Vietnamese woman's unseeing eyes. . . . Her mouth opens and closes in slow, agonizing gasps. Each tired, wheezing breath could be her last. ... ooTeWr ueu«nam, Governor. Fresh blood stains the bright red bandage where a foot haa been before she stepped tary ^ sUte. Treasurer estate. Audi. on a mine this morning. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 45 BE i'i tusSOLVED by the House or Representatives o: the State or AT*.- ansas, and by the Senate; a Majority o! all the Members Elected «? Eacn House Agreeing Thereto: THAI THE FOLLOWING is aerfiby [/reposed as an amendment to the COiv stltutton or the State of Arkansas. year «.n which the election is aela, and shall be directed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives The Genera! Assembly shall convene In special session on" tne first Monday in of the vear in which the mernoers oi the Genera) Assembly are elected and shall be in session to: a period cot to exceed three days, unless called into special 5esj«on ,, :he Governor At buch session o! the General Assembly, and upon both Houses being organized, the Spea&e: o' the iioxise OJ^U \^flt*** ww. —£> electors oi the State for approval oi rejection at tne next genera) eiec- tior fo* Renreseatatlves and aea ; - - -.- , a or 1? a majority of tHe electors of Representatives shall open and voting "t^e-eon at such an election. {publish the votes cast and given for Sopts such amendment, the same each o: tr.e officers hereinbefore sba'l become a part of tne Constitution of the State or Arkansas, towit: SECTION 1 The Executive Depart mar.*- nr tnlS StUtC COnSlSt of a A pool of darker red spreads on the dirty mud-colored stretcher on which she lies. Her Vietnamese soldier husband places a tender hand under her jaw as if to ease its painful working. He does not know what else to do as he looks long at her face, then closes his eyes. He does not weep. For her, it is probably the end of the evacuation route that was to have taken her first to Hanoi, then to Haiphong, eventually to somewhere below the Geneva partition line that cuts Viet Nam in She is only one of the host of pro-French Vietnamese who are Man Charged with Murdering His 'Best Friend' Freed on Bail i,o.ij v* *j!*£*«-*«•» *• •"-•— " •»— —- JH. tor of State. Attorney General Commissioner of State uands. *" whom shall Keep their offices at seat of Government, and bold offices 1'or the term of two years and until tneir successors are mentioned, in the presence of botb House? of :he General Assemoly The person paving the riighest number of i votes :cc each of the respective of- j flees shall be declared duly eiectea j thereto: and shall immediately oe- i gin his terra of office; but i: two or more shall be equal, the nignest in votes for tne same o'fice. one nt them shall by chosen by a joint vote of both House? of the Genera! As' serr.Diy. and LI majority or all tne members elected shal) be necessary to a asu-iw* * The annual salaries oi SECTION 4 n« General Asssmbiy such State officers, which shall be paid shall meet in regular session o; oix Jin monthly installments shall be as'*- >*"* "»•* The Governor, tne sum _ or .P"teen control—and possibly vengeance— of the Communist-led Vietminh. Thousands are fleeing to Hanoi; millions are staying behind. * • * The woman's soldier husband is one of a handful of Vietnamese who manned a tiny French Union outpost. 10 miles up the river from sector headquarters here. Thirty-five miles northwest of Hanoi, it is one of 18 posts in the Son Tay sector, , which French forces must quit before Aug. 11. The men, their guns and what ammunition and rations they had left were being loaded aboard a French landing craft when the woman stepped off a footpath nearby and onto a Vietminh mine. She was put aboard the landing boat, because the river is smoother than the twisting, chopped-up roads, and the plank and canvas covering of the boat gave some protection from the 115-degree sun. But it may be her last trip. Here in Son Tay a long truce convoy is . drawn to the. side of the ma'in road leading to Hanoi. It has just come in with men, weapons and ammunition from an outpost eight miles to the southwest. PHOENIX, Ariz, (/?;—William E. Demand, charged with the murder of his "best friend," was out of jail on a $30,000 bond today He is accused of the slaying of Vernon Donn Frederick, 38, Scottsdale service station owner and city councilman. Frederick was shot to death in the living room of his home. About an hour later in the early hours Wednesday Mrs. , Thousand Dollars (515,000-00); the Mrs. Demand, daughter of a , Lleutena nt Governor, the sum of Three wealthy Dallas, Tex., family, was the former wife of A. Pollard Simons, widely known Dallas real estate man and builder. She was the step-daughter of the late Capt. J. P. Lucey, a multimillionaire. Mrs. Demand was left a trust fund of $250,000. Thousand and Six Hundred (S3.600.00); the Secretary oi the sum oi Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars tS7.200.00): the Treasurer of State, the Thousand and Two ty 160) days, which need not oe continuous, a't the seat oi government even' nvo years on the first Monday "in February of each odd numbered yeai until said time be changed by law The members of the Genera) Assembly snail receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dol- ruuu>. <-"<= »-— lar s (S2.400.00), except the Speaker sum of Seven iof the House o: Representatives, who Hundred Dollars j shall receive as his salary Twenty- the j :iv* Hundred and Fifty Dollars (S2. Two 550.00) for each period Of two i2 Dollars State, ar« required to attend, and mileage, at the saao rat* aereia provided SECTION 5 There is nere&y created a joint ad interim committee of the i Genera) Assembly to be selected irorn its membership, as may be provided by law. for the purpose of conducting research into governmental problems ana making audits of State agencies The Genera! Assembly snail j fix the amount of per diem and ex! penses or committee meraoers and ' the compensation anci expenses or the committee's emoloyees. SECTION 6- na' The Genera, 1 As! seir.&ly shaiJ trom time to time pro- i vide fo: the salaries and compensation of the justice? of the Supreme Court and for the salaries and expenses of the judges or -the Circuit i anci cnancery Courts o: this State, i provided, that such salaries and coco- I pensation of "he justices of the j Supreme Court and the salaries and | expenses of the judges of the Circuit ! ind Chancery Courts snail not be less j than now provided by law. j <b) tne ueneraj Assembly shall oy law determine the amount and metnod [ of paya.snt of salaries to the Corsi missioners of the Wor-cmens' Com! pensation Commission, provided, tnat I the salary of any Commissioner shall not be less than now provided by law (C> rne uenerai Assembly snail by law determine the amount and method bi payment o: salaries oi county officials Nothing nerein shall be con- strued *s abrogating any right of tht people as the State of Arkansas under the Initiative and Referendum provisions of the Constitution of the statutes of Arkansas. Id) Thai Section 23 of Article X12L of the Constitution and Section 2 o: Amendment CX to the Contitutlon of the State of Arkansas t>e and the sa.sae i are nereby repealed i SECTION 7 That Section 39 oi * Article 7 Oi the Constitution of the • State of Arkansas is amended to read j as follow: i 'for every fiv- hundred elector* [ tnere shal! be elected one justice of i the peace, but every township howeve: small. shaD have two justices of the peace." oe in force upon its adoption and shall not require legislative action to ' put it into force and effect Approved: March 26 IS53 C G KAloL Secretary of State StomachJproar Gtt fast, toothing relief with PERCY MEDICINE Dr. Spock Although this famous baby authority hasn't time to answer readers personally, each month in his new, exclusive Journal page. Dr. Spock answers the most helpful questions mother* have asked him. This month, he discusses infants' sleep problems—Is your baby a night owl. or does he need attention...and what do you tell the neighbors? Be sure to reacT'Dr. Spock Talks With Mothers." Look for it today in the August Ladies' Home journal, now on ell newsstands! Continued Probe was found dead in a canal. Inves-j Qf Thome CdS€ Recommended Faye Demand, wife of the accused, was found dead in a canal. Investigating officers said she drowned when the car she was driving plunged into the water. Demand. 35, owner of a photo shop at Scottsdale, is charged with shooting Frederick through the heart with a .32 caliber pistol while Frederick was watching television in his home. The Frederick and Demand families were next-door neighbors. I $7,200.00): the Auditor of State sum of Seven Thouand and , . . Hundred Dollars i $7.200.00 n the At- j years payable « sucri time and in I toraev General the sum of Eight : such manner as the General Assam- Thousand Dollars ,$8,UOO.OO>; and the ] bly may determine; and in addition Commissioner of State Lands, the sum to such salary the memoers of the of Six Thousand Dollars ($6.000.00) Genera] Assembly shall receive Fen SECTION 3 The aoove mentioned Cents UOc) per mile for each oiik Officers shall be elected coins to and returning ^r Qualified 1 Wctor5 o7 tne'State at from the ,eat oi government oye. i-r«p at the time of the reguia: i the most direct ana practicable route 4neral election toi voting foi mem- .and provided further that when tote ? euK1 Q f . tne Genera) Assembly, tae j members are required to attend an TURDAY Three men bundled papers out of an office. A sign says it is an American economic aid office. No Americans are around,, and the Vietnamese only shrug when asked what they are going to do with their load. The sector commander, Col. Francois d'Aboville, will have all his men, their weapons, supplies and families inside Son Tay tonight. He will be ready to begin their withdrawal to Hanoi almost immediately . The Vietminh won't be far behind. Underground representatives probably are already in the town. CANON CITY, Colo. (#> — Accompanied by a ringtail monkey, a whale's rib and 180 rusty guns, two disabled war veterans have toured 44 states on a 270,000-mile jaunt since 1944. Fred Shelden and Bill Sellers like the life. Packed in their ancient truck are such attractions as a bear trap balleyhooed as the only one in the world which catches the bear by the head, and an assortment of pictures of hangings. Visitors are welcome to inspect the display. If they wish to contribute a dime or quarter, that's probably months. have been here for The 50.000 civilians in the Son Tay area must make up their minds this week or early next if •they want to leave or stay. To these and the rest of the 13 million Vietnamese north of the 17th Parallel, Viet Nam Premier Ngo Dinh Diem appealed yesterday for a mass migration southward. * * « Diem said the problem of air CHICAGO !#>—A coroner's jury has decided wealthy young Montgomery Ward Thome died of natural causes but that an element of mystery concerning his death remains unanswered. The jurors recommended continued investigation of the case by "city, state or federal"' authorities even though their verdict marked the official end of the case. Thorne, 20-year-old heir to a mail order fortune of nearly two million dollars — died June 19 in his $75-a-month one-room flat. Cause of the death could not be determined immediately. The coroner's jury Thursday accepted a report from four eminent pathologists who exhumed the young heir's body that his death was caused by bronchial pneumonia. oero uj *u-f v^t^«^»"< ' i^_,, returns of eacU election therefor snail be sealed up separately and trans- extraordinary or special session o: the General Assemblv. thev shall re' ' sea sea. the "returning officers not later tnan " November oi tne of government by j ceive in addition to salary herein pro- Tided 1,520.00 _ the sum of Twenty Dollars- pei day for each day they Ike to Speak to Council WASHINTON (/P)—President Eisenhower has accepted an invitation to address a meeting of the World Council of Churches at Northwestern University in Evanston, 111., Aug 19. He also will re- i?i j.uu u\^ ti. \^.*j.i* w v* i_jM.fc«»-*K— j -— — - — t^JJLl * Xll.« rxuiti A*? • i.J-t« tjLm\j »* A *J. - 1 - w i fine: if not, that's fine, too. The ceive an honorary doctor of laws i show is seldom seen twice in the same town — but not because the two veterans and their show aren't 1 welcome. "We just enjoy seeing the country," Shelden grins. degree from the school. Entire Town Auctioned Off DELLEKER. Calif. (£> — This entire town was auctioned off yesterday. Irwin Friedman, San Francisco auctioneer, announced he had received definite bids for all of Delleker, site of former lumber mill activities. Sold were 58 homes, a hotel, a dining hall, school house and several other buildings. Delleker was. founded in 1909 by the Feather River Lumber Co. The . available timber supply became I exhausted last November and the town's 350 inhabitants moved H-Bomb Cause Coolness? TOKYO (/P)~A Japanese secien- tist is blaming the H-Bomb tests last spring for still another development—chilly summer weather. Dr. Hidetoshi Arkawa said that because of the lower temperatures a record low rice crop is in prospect this year. and ship transport had been solved away. 4214 . million - dollar program to move and resettle some 700,000 persons. American officials in South Viet Nam already are supplying medicine, food. 2,000 tents, and roofing for 50,000 dwelling units. The Americans say that is only the beginning. Acting Economic Aid Director Paul Everett estim utefi the present 25 million dollars a year in If. S. aid will have to be quadrupled to help with resettlement. There was little sign of concrete preparation for the refugees in Hanoi, however. The vanguard, three thousand Vietnamese Catholics, poured in last night from Bac Ninh and Phu Lang Thuong and had to find shelter in a church school. A policeman on duty, nearby said he believed their coming had taken city authorities by surprise. to Visit US. BONN, Germany (£>)•—Chancellor Konard Adenauer will fly to address the national convention of the American Legion Aug. 30 in Washington. "His visit will be of short duration," the government said yesterday. It is considered certain, however, that the German leader will confer with President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles. Pair of Pioneers SAN ANGELO. Tex. '/?> — Police thought they were getting a runaround when a prisoner gave his name as Da il Boone. But the police clerk said it was correct — the man was a personal friend of his. The clerk's name is David Crockett. DONT GIVt YOUR • PROFITS! A VACATION Thank You I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the voters of this section who voted for me in Tuesday's primary- In spite of my defeat I feel that I made many friends throughout the district. This fact alor.e makes having run worthwhile. Sincerely, £ W iijott AT YOUR GROCER'S ONEQUART BUTTERMILK HALF - GALLON OLDEN ROM SWEET MILK At Regular Price! 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