The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX OUR BQARDINGHQUSE BLYTEEYILLE, (ARK) COURIER NEWS By Ahem / _ Busli, Herman, Weavei May Shine in Changcc Livery, I'DlTOIt'S NOTR: This Is an- ftlhc-r of a series of articles from blf leajiuc Inilulnt; camps. The Milijprt Is the PillsbiiiKb I'inili-s. Hy KHSKINi: JOHNSON NEA Service SUIT Correspondent SAN BERNARDINO. Calif, Mar. 20.—Three funnel- Cubs, a pair of youngsters, nn ex-Giant, anil nn inspired redhead this year may j lead Pittsburgh's Pirates to their first NiUicnnl Lcasur: pennant since 1021. That's the opinion of Pie Tray- j nor, who look commnml of the I Bucs last, summer \vhen Gcnrge Gibson v«as forced to wall', tlie plank after his crew piactfcally gave up the ship. "There are a flock of If's connected to that opinion, however," Traynor said, ns he halted n three- hour drill nnd sent 28 scurrying' to the showers of the Pirates' training camp here. "But." added TrnynoV, "evc-n If nil my dreams don't come Imp, we ore set this season lo put up a whale of a fight." - Lfiler, In u sicinn ball), Triiyiior warmed up to the subject of his team's chances. And U wasn't just the heal which put him into such an optimistic mood. The husky third baseman really ,!s one excited guy. He probably would get steamed up nbout the team if he were perched atop the North Pole with nn Ice cube In each shoe. "Om winter deal with the Cubs strengthened the tenm consider ably," he reflects. The Plrales acquired Pitchers Guy Bush and Jin Weaver nnd Outfielder Babe Herman in exchange for Pitcher Lnr- )-y French' and Ply Chaser FreiUlj Ijlndslrom. "Between 'mi," Pie points out. "Bush anil Weaver won 29 games last year, while our French was winning 12. So, on paper, at leust we're 17 games lo (he good. "Babe Herman may regain hi; one-time form with us this ycnr. He's n real base hitler, nnd always hns hit well in our jwi-Jr nl Pittsburgh, where we will piny 11 games this season. , Oulflelil Lists to Port Acquisition of Herman, who will guard, left field, puts three left- handed hitters lit tlie Buc garden. Paul Waner. 'league lending hitler, again will be "In right Mil. with brother Lloyd in center. Utility Mnn Forrest Jensen also Is a porl- slder. . . , Big Jim Weaver, the former Cub and the Prlmo Camera of baseball, who stands <!>4 feet and weighs 230 pounds, is showing plenty of stnlT in practice here. ' nnd. -life Herman ami Bush, likes the idea of turning Pirate. The' pair oi youngsters upon whom Manager Traynor Is counting are pitchers who led' their respective leagues last year in strikeouts. Darrell BInnton. who was with tlie Bum at tile tail-end of lost.season, won tl nnil lost 8 for Albany ' in the International League. Mace < Brown, up :'frbm Tulsa and--Kansas city, won : 13 nnd lost H. Both arc right- handers. The cx-Ginnt is Pitcher Johnny Salveson, who divided his time last season between Bill Terry's crew and Montreal, winning' n ond Ipstni? 5. 'Trayiior thinks this 21-year-old right-hander may • tie- come a big star. > Charley "Red" Lucas Is the inspired, redhead who may go to town with, the Pirates this year, A regular with the squad Inst season, "Red" wasn't so hot, winning ]0 and losing 5. But so far in spring training he has shown a world of Improvement. "Lucas has shown me more in one d.iy here than he did nil last year," Traynor says. Kouki'c Catcher on Relict Rookie pitchers working out with the Pirates here Include Lloyrt Johnson and Wayne Oxborne. left- handers, both up from the Missions of the Pacific Coast League. It's doubtful whether they will stick. Regulars, season on the pitching staff who were held over Include Ralph Birkofer, W.iHe Hoyt, Harold Smith, and Bill Swift Backstopping duties again will rest upon the shoulders of Tommy Padden ana Bob Grace, both regulars last year. Aubrey Epps up from Birmingham with an impressive .301 batting average, is the neacomer to this department and he should make the grade in n relief spot. The only weakness in the Pirate Jlneup appears to be at second base, where the veteran Tommy Thevenow and the sophomore Harry Lavagetto will hold ssay. Traynor knows 32-year-old The\enow can't be in there everv nay, .and Lavagctto, on the other hand, needs plenty of experience and must learn how to hit Veterans Gus Suhr at first Tiaynor at third, and Arkj , vaughaii at shortstop complete the learn. Three rookies, James Browne :.irom Little Rock, Wilbur Brubak- cr and Flojd Young from Albany ond Pittsburgh, are ready to step into any of the infield berths •BATTL£SW\P 'OATS yep i-ro A \\ inwk- WLl - WIN A HORS C -K W6 ^ A N\GUTM/\Rt! 'PACE LAST Ot WAS OM A 'fcOM-MT WAS A BrXTTLESHlP-<YVE HAVING. TAR6&1 WAS TPOWDER -BACb^ONt OF THE WAS TILLED j POP.GOT -c AND OATS I EGWD.rfs fV\Y HOUSE, DREADKAUGHT "BOO HOOPl r Ffflyr BOLT lach .Had- Fall When Boll 'Disqualified; Rush and Chancy Toil for Hour. Benny Holt, (he red-skinned luul man, fouled out again at the nr- mory last nlglit utter he had split falls with Cyclone Blum 111 tlie feature match on Ihe Amnrluiii Legion curd. Burns, wno won by vlilue of Bolt's foul, Including n sock ill the referee, won n full with his leg lock when it appeared that Bolt had Mini in n bad way. Bolt won tins first fall in n slam-bimf; fashion mid was the aggressor most of Ihe way. In the preliminary Lon Chancy tossed newcomer Dill Rush for one fall nnd the pair wrestled the re- mainlin! period of their hour limit without cither securing a full. •A 'fur sized crowd sat In mi Ihe snow. Guard Mctalisl; High School Golf Tournan'MMit- Begins Jnmes Outird was meilallsi for :he (iiiallfylng round of the l>|f>h school golf tournament, playeil in Ihe Blytlicrllle counli-y clitb Saturday. Guard tiinied In « card of 82 o pace the field. Gilbert Hammock was' second with (ID nnd Cecil Branson and Albert Hidgtns' (iiial- flecl with 85's. Tlic first two match play rounds of the tourney will uc, plnyed next Saturday morning. Guard drew'a Tract oiul round match [it 10 o'clock. 127. T lii N, n a i Karl 1100,1 nm| ll« rp tee norlhwesterly of the (ill in the Ill-si mutch at 8 o'clock jsoulhcnsteily side of Ired Arian, Carl Lay .anil ft Hidings, Bninson drew » round )>ye. N. 13. Menurd nnO ..,.land Bishop, Morris Tliomnsor and Houston Cuudlc ulso meet Hummock drew u llrsi round bye 34)-f,r.fiB «» '5"",; xvesl anil east anil " ing 55.0tf ucres, more or less, e.sli- flrsl milled ii s lo value at, $5.09 per i, C i United stales of America, E.-iM- crn District ol Arkansus, Joiie.s- boro Division. Be a , That at a' District Coiirt of Ihe United Stittes of America, In and for ihe Jonesboro Division of Ihe Giislcrn District of Arkansas. IKBUII and hold- en on Monday, the 281 h 'day of November Anno Domini, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thhiy-r-'our at the Unllcil stales Court Koom, in the City of Joncsboro, Arkansas, the ITonnr- ublo John E. Murtlncnu. Judee presldhiK and holding siilir Cnurt, (.hi! following iiroeeedlngs were hurt, to ivlt: February 7lh, 1SJ35. in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Arkansas, Jon?suoro Division. Unllcd Stales of Amerr No. 7S6 vs. At La\v, 322.83 acres of land In Mississippi 'counly. Arkansas. Order of Publication. Upon application of the plaintiff, United.Stiile.s of America, duly vermeil, It appearing Hint the United States of America has commenced in (his Court a suit lo condemn anil enforce a legal claim to certain tracts of land lying D. Hoffman Tracts (Nox. :«- 33a)—138.0-1 acres. All those parts of the SE'/i, Sec. 3!>. T 15 N fi 0 E. middle SW'.i NE 1 ; SE 1 , NWU, E'.i SW'.',. Kec, 2 T n N, R a E. lying- westerly of ('he easterly side of,.prnliiji E o District No. > 17 Kfght-ofWny,-' containing 138.(H acres." ,mpre,i or less, esti- led . ns; lo ' value, at s-1.50 per icre, 'or u total of $021 is Parcel Thrre-Thp C. H. Klrktoml MINUTES you'll discover a LIFETIME oj satisfaction if shoe Nunri-Bush . . .FOR MEN Try on a pair of Nunn-Bnsli Shoes. Sec an<)/<W:thc dift'ercnce Ankle.fashioning makes. You'll know that this fealurc means a lifetime of shoe satisfaction to yo». Variety of smart styles. $6,75 $7.50 $8,59 R. D. HUGHES & CO. 3 Doors West of Ritz Theatre or a total of $278.-!0. Parcel Four The Miiri'ln DIIMine Tract (No. :». —31.51 acres. All llicise pails o! N'.i NEV, mill SE'/i NE', See. H, T ID N, R 0 E, 51.83 acres. All of Lois ami -1, Sec. 28, T 15 .south, rind west of the north aiul east skies of Drainage Ulstricl No 17 Rlglit-of-Way, containing 3167 acres, more or less, estimated us lo value at $5.00 per acre, or :i :qtnl of $157.85. Parcel Five—The Unknown Owner Tract (No, ; 2»i- 13.48 acres. All that part of Die NW", i SW!1. See. 10, T H H. K n R, lying north and west ol the easterly and southerly siilc cf Draiunt'e District No. 17 nighi- of-Way. containing 12..IK ncros. nore or k'xx, estimated as to val- iv ill $10.00 per acre or a tol-il if $12-1.80. Parcel six—Tlic "Nick Gin-now Heirs Tract (No.' 32)i. a, :t containing 51.83 ucres."'m n re" o- : less, estimated „„ lo v ,, Ulf . „, S10.00 |>rr ucrc, »or a lolnl of $51B,30. Parcel Scven-'l'lu-• Mrs Mary R. duly, Tract (No. 12)—373 acres. All,that part of the NW'.', of the original survev In Sec og T IS H R !) K, lyl,,,; ,,. ls t "„( Dramngv 1 - Dlslrlcl. No. : lo Levee RIght-of-Way and westerly of Lot 2. more particularly described ns follou-s: Beginning at O t, O meander comer A.- P. (i couinion to the west side of tot i!. Sec '!' 15 N. H a E; thence N, IIWFS W f. cli.s. lo O. I,, o. coj-ner A. r, ' tnd being sltucte In Mississippi Cr.iinty, Arkansas, suiu mnds being siwirically de£crli;e,l in plain- llfl's complaint us follows; Parcel One—Tim lil Mmisey Fisher Tract 'No. 'M>-KIM ncres. All Ihd'p purts nl the ami SEV,, Bee. l'^ HI K'.-J NK 1 .',, ; ; 'ic. aa. T ir, M' '•> H, lylni; WC-.H ol ihe easl *• of the Uralnaec nistrlct No lilRhl-nf-Wtiy, I'onlalnlni; 23 ao •ri'5, inori) of IP?..;, c.-itlmat,.,! as to valui! ni jr.OO per aero or i lotai ol $»B.5n. Parcel Two-Tlie Ci-ecs W 4.55 chs. to east side of Hrninngc Dlstiicl No 10 Rights-Way; tlu'iicL- S 1 degree If, imnuU'.-; K i:t.4l chs, with eas i e of siiid Right-of-way; ihencf N W .ie«r.'f-s K 7.03 uhs, , 0 B e- nlni;; containing 3.73 ucrc. 1 ;, f'.- w less, cstlmnteil its to value rtt S20.00 |ii-r acre or u I of S74.W). All of said tracts Icciiti'd in| county' Hun of tlie United state's of"Am-" I'i'li'ii to condr-mn salil hind lor IKC unil lienclH or the United Sillies of Annirlcii lor imblic |nir- liimvx in tin- II..,-,; of a Nallonal liiril itcfiW. and it appearing to th,.'Court Una (he Jolluwlnt: named - - - --..mis. to-wlt; Miuy K. cadv; l):inn>l L. Cmiy; James R. cunu'i- ui-11. Trustee; Gus Uavis, Jr • R 11. navls, RoyjM Davis; ,;.' T Jr.; Liicy -li. Dean; o. F °"» V. Demi; M.-iry (.urnow nrury; H. w. Drui-y- iJinlsey Plshcr; Jrn li'. l K. Foster; Uliiim Gnrnow- I-'o.slc-r; Murcii.s L, Foster Jr •' Mary A. |.\)ster; Mary N. Foster Annie May Pisher; I. I,. pi s lier : Annie V. Jtansen; unknown heirs <tf Miiry E. Maurer; E. i) n,>[f. rniin: Eilwurd Duniel Hoffman- Hoffman; C. II. Itlrklnml; II. Kirkland; Arthur E Prince* Ashley B. Roralt; Hostler Thornton; Charle.s 1C. Wyati- Marijar- etlc J. Wynti; ;i. o. Hniison; New hiiKlnml Securities Company- Hunkers Trust Cojiijmjjy of si Louis, Missouri; Bin l^ke Shoot- inn Club; Rnttnn Mound Club-Unit)" Central Life Fasiirance Company; Puepcke Leicht Luiiiljo- coni- Piiny. are not inhabitants of this Irlct, and are non-residents oi this state. And it appearing ;o tiie Court that the unknown heirs of Kll:i M. Brown, de«?a'od of niack Davis, deceased, O f j' T Dran. decenscd, of 1C. E. Driver di-ecased. of Wm. C. Diinnavonl' ueceased, of U-slle Giirnov: de- eeusi-d. of Nick Ciiu-now, deceased of Clev(-!ur,(l Onrnow, (ieeeiifed of Virginia C. 'Hunt, deceased, or' W tone, deeen.-sed, of N. j 0 ),, r c | e . e.-ised, of Andrew p. Jones' tie- erased, of A. B. RczcJI, dece'ase<f of Ora I/.e Knin, deceased, anil of r. Schneider, deceased, should made imrties defendant in order that they nmy assen any ight, lllle, or Interest (hey or any f them may claim -in and to the aid Iniids; (hat none i,f the de- i'iHliuUs ul:ijvc named herein have vohminiily e)iiei-«l thefi- npijear- ance lo this suit, nnil thai personal .service ujjoi) tliciti cannot be liail; it i.s hereby ordered that all :he (lefeiulanis above named herein, non-resltienis and unknown heirs, nun each of ihei,,, avpeat . )lc»d, answer or dcmiir to ihe Sjild ewnplnlnt nied by ihe plaintiff, Ihe United States ol America, m or before the 30th Hay of March, l!).i:>, and In default thereof Hint lliu court will proceed to tile hear"K and adjiidlelatlon of said suit uul that tills order be published in' i newspaper of general circulation u Mississippi County, Arkansas once a week for four consecutive weeks. This the 7th day of February. 1B3S. John E. Martlnean Jnllcil States District Judge for the Rwtcrn Dbtrict of Arkansas. A True Copy I Herewith Certify. TUESDAY,^MARCH' 26, Sid B. Redding, Clerk, By E«s Malhes, D. O. District Court 'of the United States of America, Eastern District of Arkansas. Jonesboro Division. I, Sid B. Recidlng, clerk of the District Court' of the United Slates for the Eastern District of Arkansas, In the Eighth Circuit, hoivby certify thai the foregoing writing annexed to this certificate Is a true, correct, and compared copy of the original remaining of record In my office, ni joneslMro, Arkansas, IN WITNESS WIIEKE- OF, 1 have hereunto set my hand and the seal ot salil Court, this mil (lav of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five and of .he Independence of the United Stales of America, Hie one nun- died and fifty-ninth. Sid B. Redding, Clerk, By P.<v.s Malhra. [J. C, SACRAMENTO, Cul ,rjp, r proved business conditions «'P!V responsible for 11 331.4 * l f ' f .« gal" in tank debits In one «, i compared with ii year ago ,i same time as compared to a «„.! gain ol 35.6 per cent. TOR UCASK IJrk-k business building in best district, ready for occupancy in May. Choice location. G. G. Caudill JOHN BUCHANAN Wood & Coal Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, I'rnilrlclor All makes of refill -typewriters, ,»,l ( liii K Maclilitcs and C'al- t'ulalors—Uepairlnu — farts — Uilitions Matinee — Friday, Snlurday i.itui Siindfiy Only MAT. & NIGHT—10c - 25c ONLY .$75 BANK N1TE TUESDAY • CARI CAEAUM.E PRESENTS' RALPH BELLAMY VALERIE HOBSON • T I Tuesday - Weds. MAT, -2:00 - l(lc & 25c - J.Oc & 35c YOUNG LOVE ...DUMB LOVE! Grade, and Gcorgic- Porgio playing Mr. & Mrs. Fix-It to thoso sweothooits of song, but not helping muchl Fox News Andy Clyde Comedy M and Thursday GEORGE BURNS & iGRACI! ALIEN 'JOE MORRISON DIXIE LEE Pnramouni Musical Short Dumbbell Letters Big... roomy... beautiful new 1935 Studebaker Champion Sedan B ELIEVE it or not, you can now get one of the finest automobiles ever built in this country—a magnificent new 1935 Studebaker Champion sedan—for just a few dollars more than the lowest priced cars. Only the new and greater Studebaker Corporation, operating on a thrifty 1935 basis with millions in new capital, no bank loans, no burdensome overhead and no excessive plant valuation can afford to offer you a deal like this. If you've been shopping around, you kunn that this Studebaker delivered price is the real bargain opportunity of the year. This enormously roomy sedan isn't just another car—it's a brand new 1935 Studebaker—a Champion— with incomparable Studebaker prestige and performance. Tlie sleekly streamlined body is steel reinforced by steel with no wood pillars or braces but steel welded to steel throughout even to the roof panels. And the brakes are'the finest in the world—Studcbakcr's new compound hydraulics. Come in and compare this Studebaker in every detail with other cars and then go out for n convincing trial drive, DELIVERED COMPLETELY EQUIPPED TA T BLYTHEVILLE The price qurteil ahovo is the delivered price in this city. It includes all necessary equipment— bumperf, bumper ganrds, spare tire and tube, melnt tire cover, safety glass in windshield, metal spring covers, radiator emblem and Federal excise tax. Your present car will be accepted as pat t payment—the balance in convenient monthly payments at very /air rates. Automobile Sales Co,, of Blytheville Biylheville, Arkansas * ;

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