The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLM. (AUK.) COUUIEH NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVE.MBKR 8, , BLYTHEVILLE 'COURIER NEWS THK COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor . H. W. HAINE8, Advertislni Manage; Sole National AdvertUUnj; Repres«nlatlvM: Artauuuu; Dailies, Inc., Ne^ York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Llttls Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered nj uecond class matter at the post office fit Jllyllicvlltc, Arkansas, under act of Conerres Oc- JfUC— tober 9, 1817. Served by Hie United. Press. ~~" iuhscfti PTION RATE; By currier in uit City of BlyllieviUe, 15o per wtck or $6.50 per year In advance. Dy mall within a radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year, 11.60 for six months. 85c for three mouths; ,.by mall In. postal zones two to six. Inclusive, . »6.5fl per year, in zones seven and eight, $10.00 iH-i yi-nr, payable In nd'-ancc. Wall Street Betrayed Or Betrjyer .. Wlicn Lccmor f. l.oreu. jumiK'tl up in meet ins, waved u §20 bill nml il«- clnrctl that the ending of tlie KO!<! standard was ;t lu-.inoiis violntloii of trust, he ftiii'l'cd a lot. ol' people thinking along lines he hadn't Intended. His point, of cotirsi-, wiis sitnplu enough. He had in liis hand a ?20 1)111. When it went .into circulation it was worth ?20 in gold; today it is not; hence tlie government has done something horrible. But the spectacle of this Wall .slrrcl man beating his breast is"notliing less than grotesque when you put it "P against its proper background. Part of thai background is tlie farm belt. • In the farm belt then; arc a lot of farmers jumping up in meeting and waving bits of paper •— 'mortgages, which were contracted when it look one bushel of wheat to buy a dollar alicl which must be paid when it takes two bushels to buy a ilollr.i-. * •* *' The farmers hnve been thi: victims of a betrayal quite its mic! as that which harrows the soul ol' Mr.- l.oree— crueller, ijcrliaps, for no one supposes that Mi 1 : Loree is in tlnugcr ot losing "..ills'home-ami his bread rand butter. Furtliermpro, the betrayal that came to them came while Mie dollar Was firmly anchored to gold. They were undone by "sound money"—money which for all its soundness, was worth onedhing when lhc.v : borrowed it and another when (hey had to pay it back. • Their demands for rcl'Df are just as valid as Mr. I.oree's—more, so, perhaps, for our departure from gold has not brought the well-fed Sir. Loree into danger of hunger mix 1 tlie loss of everything 'he owns. * » » And that isn't all there is lo Ibis background, either. This is hardly the psychological moment for 'a Wall street man lo get up on his bind legs md talk alxinl "a violation of trust." There are a good many Americans today who possess beautiful pieces of paper, for, which they jwiti Wall street good money. Wall stretH pledged its faith that these bits of pa;>cr could be redeemed at the price that was paid for them; and that thov would bear interest steadily until the moment of redemption came. liul lotlny you can buy lots of those pieces of paper for a nickel on the dollar. There are many more that aren't worth even that. • ' If we arc- going to wave pieces <>f paper and yell about betrayals, let's start with farm mortgages and Wall street bonds. After all, Mr. I.oree'.s ?'iO bill will still buy <|iiitc a few groceries ' —Bruce Cat toll. By George Clark Another Big Push Tlii! Public Work;; Administrati-m's $H!5,00(I,000 lean to the railroads for new construction and new equipment well may turn out to lit one of the biggi-sl factor.-, in bringing about industrial recovery. To begin with, §51,000,000 goes directly to tlie steel iudustiy. An order of that six.e cannot fail la bring that industry a strong revival; and it is axiomatic thai a llouri.-hing steel industry means good business in many other lines as well. Furthermore, the new construction which the loan makes possible will affect a number of indiislrk's. It means the re-employment of a j>r^at many idle men—20,000 will)in a month, according to one estimate. All in all, the loan ought to have an exceedingly good cITivl on genera! industrial recovery. Thwarting Justice If you would like to know about one of the dodges which enable crooks to cscai>e punishmenl for their misdeeds, consider the plight of Mrs. Clara All of Chicago. Mrs. Alt's home was burglarised in 102R. Twenty times since then Mrs. All lni!{ gone to court prepared to testify" 1 against Iho men who have been charged with the crime; and each lime the case has been continued, so thai Mrs. All has had th,; fun of going lo the courthouse :iO times for nothing. The other day a new hearing was , scheduled. Mrs. Alt was on a women's u/mmitlcc to Welcome .Mrs. Roosevell Uv Hie World's Fair, so she didn't go lo : courl. She was sent for and lined ? 10 for slay ing . away. If you can think of any system of court procedure better calculated lo help the crook defeat justice, there are plenty of slippery lawyers who would be very glad lo hear from you. "You never luoli al mi 1 iiity more." You Can Control Your Weight by Controlling What You Eat HV l)ll. MpHlllS I-'ISHUCIN' I It is simpl: to estimate n diet nn Ddilnr Journal nt the . AiiHTiran to provide the proper substance i Medical As&uciatiun, and of Hy- j relationship Ic occupation. Lot t Rcia, the Health Magazine j presume that you waul 2500 ca!o You must know, of course, thnt j r'cs a day. You must have nt leas what you weigh deiicnds upon ivlml j100 grains cf protein for growl you eat. But <lo you kr.o-.v how I and rspair of tissue. One hundre grams of protein provide 400 ca' orus. lo cticose and ine.isuru your foacl to control your weight? amount of foDd you require j '[-lie re.-,! of your diet providi depends not only en the work thai ! Hie ciieruy. U consists ot ortu you do. but. upon your siz.v A nir.n ' hydrates "i;i:;i Each, gram ^ 5 feet 8 inches lall arid wJijhina i carbohydrates provides tour car- 150 pounds requires 1500 c.t!3ries | n cs an ti each gram of fat p:-cv:il' for 2-1 hours, provided he spends i nine eateries nil His time in bed. .Th: n.imito j u ta! . cs M;)5 ms (Q kc a he eels tip nml moves ar:mri, he 0 mA 4f|J fl • ke needs more calories. - , M(mrt Therefore" it te ^ fitK „ „ If you live n quiet, retired life.; tie more t:ian four ounces of nr ion can keep your weight constant I lein dnily to provide 100 cnbrii with aboul 2000 calories. A mil-1 There arc !ev: foods which a pure proicLn or pure carbohydra vcr-.iliy professor would require nb:ut 2500; n lumberman or a vorkcr In n brickyard requires as We have been sucli a clcspciatcly tried In our finances Hint we are a:i unmenlluliy (cmpleil |ieople In our morris. — Methodist Bishop Edwin H. Hughes of Washington. t i. Wo must learn to llv= wllnin ourselves lor some time. —Speaker Henry T. Ruiney. * * 5: You arc asking me what 1 ihink of the luw. That is a pretty big order. —Albeit II. Wiggui, retired banker. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Crom the files of the UI>Lht?m» Rally Courier YKAI1S AGO— Tlllirilay, Nov. K, I0'.3. Tile li!y',::cvil!e hotel lias recslv- ' a letter from it -'dupe" at Kcn- n, iviin.. yjung lie hab 'DJCII in- rnied the hotel wants a clelec-l- e. No, he had no dream alone. Is line. l)fcai.«e it is said lools i net tlifBin, but 'r.e liad been upcd by one of the many so ctUI- d detective colleges into paying is good coin to Icnrn to bs a de- 'ctivc, and no doubt he lias been graduated" by hU dupsr, probanly icr all ill.- money was gone. We in only liken him to a young girl 3 Lo Memphis from Blj't'nevllle -'cently and paying $24 for having er bobbed hair curled. Blythsvillo Ins six scent troops or which it may justly be proud, ce sixth was organized Friday evc- ii>S and is call-.'d the school tro:i;). Grady Shires is scoutmaster and | i>rl Ellictr nssistanl. The r-lec- icn resulted in Fred Copetand to; 1 criue and Mark smith, treasurer. - rTHIS CURIOUS WORLD This Time "X" Did Not Mark the Spot I-'RANKSVILLE. Wis. • (UPI — iunters searching (or a cat-he o[ bonds supposed lo have been hicl- len on the P. H. Nnu farm here an inranc 1 member of fin old amily, Ihoughl they had the rensurc in their grasp when they OF iOOTH AMERICA, <JROWS.ITS LEAVES ON TOP) ANQ l\S FRUIT AT THE BOTTOM / FAMOUS AUTHOR. Or SOUTHEfJN SONGS, NEVER LIVED IN TH£ SOUTri. ,&<* THUNDER DOES NOT 6OOR MILK/ ITS Tl KOT WEATHER. ACCOMPAKlYlNf THE STORiViTHAT ^< Stephen Foster was born in Pittsburgh and d : cd in Sew liscoverecl a tree with a large "X" j W illi Hie exception of an excursion to New Orleans and n visl •til IP. tlie trunk. Kentucky, he lived al! his life atovc ihe Mastou and Dixon HiuT rhc-y nearly uprooted the 'tree before an old resident told .them hat the mark had been made by in old wire lencc which had cut nib tlie trunk. never saw ihe Swanco river and had not even hi'C.rd of It unt| saw the name on a map. while looking for a name lo use in his FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP) — Residents believe (here is a for- Toodles. year-old Spitz, has nrtopt- une In old bonds hidden some-1 cd a new-born hluon which she vherc on ihe property. I found in her ynrd after the kit- .en's mother was killed by tomobiie. The strange thing] Ihe owner, ncnPnrrelt, said, | Toortlrs never htid liked CHAPTER XXXVI [\? lloli's lather wbo broke nawa. "ContuiiDd t boy of mine! " be said lo fiartmra. "lie wants to turn the ooai around and head for Lome." being an Infernal nulsaace. It wns dark when tie said good- hy to tbe captain. Rnrbar.i had refused Hob's offer to drive del home. Slie had recovered Her composure and told bim ^wc ••Hiit Sir. Weston!" Haroara ei-i tl1nt Sllc Will:? andean were claimed. "I thougut you said we taking tier to her out.t'3 She were to keep "ilm away a ;oDB ladlled tU:u Ellc ^'B 111 sce B ' B time! 1 thought you &?.!,•! it tfctild ""' d:1 >' alul HwnkeJ .him tor the be good for tlim!" "I've changed my mind about [was. too. Joan exclaimed over cvl thing, consclntis ot the II ontrouizius air tlial Sara ct| uot conceal. She know Sara sorry (or her. Despite Joan's i and su.^ar is imvc carbohydrate. nuch as 8000 calorics in 24 hours, j Diclitinns nave prepared Lables Rrohi work does not use it])', that giv; 1 the amounts of protein. .nans- calorics, but it ilwfc protlncQ jcarbshvririU?. and fat in various t type of exhaustion which <Ie-' fcnr:-:. " \\ yen want tc eat uncler- .nanils rest rather than focd. ]stanriit:i;:y. you fho;iM hava these that." (lie 'nan ?aic dryly. "I've decided fiob mny tind a cure tor Egg" whiie"i5"almcs't "purc'prot" ni3 """""ness at hnme—;i per- cess In New York, lespHe t:\e| , citement of her life tlier^.J perfectly delightful trip. ' j bai1 n **- aanaged lo mar "So ions. Cap." Hoi; said. sm!l- : . Sara tllis facc spelled failure "Next time I'll iry to be a|a z\r\ coulrln't gel n huslnnd| belter passciiRcr." tiersei! wbal did It matter Tlauiiliig io brlns that olflet I prcUy ^nd talented she wa girl along?" mancnt cure." He couldn't resist lotting the satisfaction De felt I "I'm oil tiilf n;:ui;le to show In his tone. |ber." tiarbar.i's face Hardened. Surt- | He woulrt tiai-c liked lo shout .only, will) the sense ot detent i tuo glad uc»-s from tlie liousctoiis. u-elgiiiiiE unon lier. sbe cast dl- He Had planned exactly what Ue CCURCH EXCUSES Uy Geo. W. T'::i' fo~^ you c.U has to biir»r:l up in your l:oay io sii the energy yen n;ed in work land p!ay. To burn this food, yon ; brc-.tthf :u oxygen. The energy de- I velnpsri by this prrccss is used in ; r;:uf.rurtiDn of your muscles. a:i;I | in maintaining temperatures "f ! \'our body. The pastor of my church called! A ^larvintr p.orsan still can lite oilier day. It ECPIUS he hnsi quite nclive. both p'.'.vsicaliy and been in chitrqc of Mils church for j menially. l;;il ]i£. win lo;.? woi several months lull this was liis kccnus? in the absence or foo;l. first call, or at least, the first will burn tip his oan body with nc he found me in. I had let ; ihc oxygr-n that lie brcatl'cs in before T realized thnt j The inorr- work you do. the m:rc e-sslbly he was a prraclter. and oxygen y.i;i must have and tlr hen I had finished telling him •• marc fcori you cat to ke«] ^ how I loved my churcli and! jour n-eiehi stallouarv y children, and how I loused Physicians have a w ; ,v cf Icain- r them lo have imnwr Iralulns: ln s the minimum activity of tlic ich ns they co-.ilcl i;i-l in Sun-1 \ mr na bcdy by in-asirln" iv School nnd clmsch and Ho-v ith..,- c.HI i'.s bas.,1 :uWr,b'o!istn nnl I had irietl In l;utl a i-nl Th( , h nicisme of thr nxvs-r-r cod Christian w K , m to take I i]U ^ ,„ ^Sy allrVcTr s the former pastuv. had tien- cled ns. he seemed to feel right ad nbout U. and r.fier he hnd ^It^^mr^/^iv; 0 Spiriiualist Announced Seanc I^ng. 'UP> — f my time in b?d nr.-l' for 'that i w '" i;llt! Wilson, tn:™b=r cf n =pir- eason I dirt r.c; :un i-d church, i '-™' 151 . M ' cl - '••*'• d;nn lo a seance here Is no doubt in nu mind bull "' ;:i .' rs fr:cr.ds. hat this pcnr mriit !n'd absolute-' ri> " •'•I'-rit cuid • hns - no Irnininc .nlouq <-icial jincs. n '' ' ' lc Mict. "th.i: [ must "io lu- 'o me it's pi-.ihil Ic, .-.-e n iiiaii. ll '5 !Tl - 1 v <i-l b^ rc.uly for tliu cnll f his fine that prob- , :lt 8 ^'f^ck." My doc-s not ,.-.iy of t!ie : Al %•*>- • ° rjilapsed In h:s ite steps, and he a:);: .\rcd lo tr i ci " ui ilv ^ die;!. Ihe quadrille ;\fe. , — "" •-- — GUESSES! By WUliama HAVE , BUT t <3U£SS VOU ' MOST OF USED U" , INSTIDDA PIECE. HE RES AHOTUER! -ME TRSlMG to A A ONE OF \K1TO THE 'STOVE. MOU KEEP OME FVTS THE AMD SAW THEM AV.U' HOW OLD IS •UIOV.'EEH ? VEARSTOO SOOM. and has rested Qitleth for a whil in bed. plom.-icy to the v.-luds. "I can't would do. He would tiaci Joan. surprised nt anytliing tuck lier arm in his inastcrtully. tiilyht Uo." shr retorted. Bet oft to tlle wnrrlagc- , : ; aVtcr the way" he has neglected Miccnac. It Jonn had somo JoollEli me on tills trir." "liul; Dan Maxwell hasn't neglected you. Quietly. Mr. \Veston said I notions about wailing he had a ' huadred unanswerable arcumenta to prove that she was wroog. I career—no mpuer bow 3pectd] lar—was. after all, a poor stitute [or a boaic. It Sai'a had rolccd til thouKh'.s Joan would liave agr] with her. But Sara said nolhl Her pity was revealed only In I tone and in her pale blue eyea Joan was In a mclancll mood as sbQ started h.mewJ She felt unutterably lonely [ Atter they were married be i tins golden September day. Cl , would tell ber all ibat was lu his brown Jenves showered dtf Shaken by disappoliitincnt. rag-; hoart S||C W01|W (orslve „,„, (or I abDllt Uor and craMc<l under f| bis headstrong foolishness, he : Fall—ami ibe leaves were dyl was sure. And te would spend I "The mclnucboly time ot year| the rest of his life trying to make | up. Inwardly. Barbara tied to her cauiii and wept. She locked tbe door and would adnit no one during tbe afternoon, nor did sbe ap-! ,, p for al | ,,,„ uniuppincs, andj . ,, ., . w b pear „, dinner. Tbe maid, bring-] nain „„ arroBance „„„ ,, ck „, A ^ ^ now on _ _,, I fitlh baii "jroiisht licr. | lhollellt _ a i,o would be taking Joau wag so wouderful! So I p i ace araO ng the women who sweet and noble and brave and '.'cheerfully about Ihcir work. ivith swollen cyea and Hushed j chcelo. Barbara said she was having a toucli of sea-sickness enchanting. Iiv?rylhiii£ was right hut Hie maid had seen the results | , vilh ' the ° orll , since ,, oh hac] had of ra B( - and disappointment lie- ; t|lat Uricf u , k h . Havana with tore and was not deceived. It was the hardest blo Tat and llaruey. The taxicab slopped ;:l the Park Had ever known. For once : , V v c nue address. I'ob leaped out ber sclf-conlidenrc was thorough- L ud untcrc ,i the uuildius. At tbe ly Elir.uered. She had cume so [apartment door he lifted tbe clone lo her heart's desire nnd (lieu lost It all—to a little no- bndy! Uarbara hail not a douhl ing from the world tile fact they loved and were uutoved. would always be like that cause she con id never marry • out love. And Her heart lind ?iveil to Bob Weston. Her would always be his. A laxi rattled past and camJ knocker wllb steady, certain fin- I a stop <J OTC[I the street. Joan, gers. lie waited with the calm- ] down, thinking her own uess of a man who has found the ! i| 10 ,i 5 his. diil not thai Rob was rusliliiE back io | nl! , gfc password to happiness. | untn sho [, c . lr <i i, cr name''„.., Joan ttarlng. He had seemed! A mn |,i ans werc(l. "Miss War-1 slie stood still then, starind char.scd slue; dny they Had ; ,, ir? ,. shc ro pcatcd. "No. sbe', Rob the radiance in her heart seen Joan's sislcr in llavati.-i. Hob •. , s| ,. t |lcrc shc ,. s E011C , o j| Cin . vcalo ,, „, , 1(!r i. JIll1nolls CJ . e$ . nan eoiic io the tahlc where fat i s ,. , la|11 , 5 , VCI1 , olll lo lllm blln(j ,.j .... , , , ., Dob turned away, rol^erly. nut I On the swift Ilight from When lie re imied he bad | „„, for motllcnt . im-1 York, will, the roarins of the ] iiarbara that the couple were ' Incrtiatcly hc w!ls r i ;1 , ir ,ins to sur- j plane inolor In his ears. Hob mount this obstacle. ' Where ! thought of n thousand cndca: the man wiib licr were sil- tini;. \Vbcii he relumed" he h - 1 ' 1 ' told flarbara that the couple on l!ieir honeymon. It seemed . riultc- unimiiortaut to Her but Bob ' ,, b l|lo noarcst , lcc , 0 !,ad been terribly -sc.led nbou, , ° nn a|r , it]£ timc lablo? this news lor some ren?on. ngs He would say to Joan.I icndornosscs to prf to her how ilcop find enduring j j'J(gJilLtQLi\l Movember"S ! i! v " IVai?l;!r» founds Library of •Philadelphia, tderety is deal " r fite day. KCM morning Barbara was out . XN wa)fefrt home s]owly S , |C love was. Uiil when lie saw] ?, 1 - . .-. .. •-. i tlicro were no words. Only on deck with all irncca ol \\\ v \ \ , . t , r emotional storm erased. Sbe wore I * ^ ' ««»| ^™£ o ^* \ «'e. meeting hers in that iaz| one ot her most becomir.s oulfi.s j^J^ .l 3 .!^.'! 1 ..,' ...) ™.,™ Wonderment. Ills i!ps on Idl D.iu Maxwell, hoping tbe others' 5l f. It was the sort o' humor Hint I "Let's," she agreed husH leaves a stins. a little hurt omf' happily. p.U'TAIN ERIC w.-i; almost as where. '-• pleased cs nob when tbe j Sara was an cfT.cient and very "Windward" innrio her way Into i proud youug housewife. She took New York narbor. T'ue return j Joan through her home, tbe sec- trip, with the restless yo-mg man j aboard, nad used the captain's resources. Never had he seen such tmpaitc":e over the gradual dl- ^linisliitig of di5i3itce. "We're making good time," the oKcr man aad growled when, for That leomcd tbe hundredth time. ond tour ot inspcctioa since Joan'3 arrival. Sara waa determined that the other girl should, not miss 4 single one of the comforts aod conveniences o[ tbe nut It was Mrs. Waring aed the final word next day. I was reading aloud to Sara. Uc| and -Dill from the atlerr- papera. "Mrs. Randolph \Va| announces the marriage o( daughter, Joan," she ---i Mr. Robert Weston ot Ncwl 1 There was priao In the nothl new Bouse. Ttiere ^erc all sorts ' eyes, triumph In her voice, ot time nnd labor-saving devices, j paused, touching her hanill Sara was proud to show Bill's, chief to ber eyes. Boti asked Low lone ij ix-ulc 1 oe ' sistv what a considerate husband • "Oil. children!" Mr?. Wai *?:rire they were in. j Bill was proving, what an ur-aod-' exclaimed. "Oh. I'm so happy I S'i6 i«u;t-.'. Ke ki»* a« 5^1 [connns youns bu^-scsa mar.

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