The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1933
Page 3
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[WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 8, 1933 BLYTHEVlLLhi. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAG, I'ow Until Recently Were Optimistic Enough to Predict It For "1933. Iv MiA Service \ WASHINGTON.—Only a year 050 i!:i. HICSI militant and o;i- ivels were sloganeering and couldn't be enforced. By that' time t>:e Association Against the' Prohibition Amendment had 120,000 members. In 1927 the Women's Commute? [or Modification of the Volstead Act changed Its to the Women's Committee for Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment. In the same year several state and cily bar associations joined the repeal movement. By 193!; the American Dar Association itself had come out for repeal, declaring lhat prohibition was a "source of confusion and hindrance lo the interpretation and admlnls formed the Women's Orn for National Prohlbl- :!on Reform. There are now 1,500,000 members. The Crusaders, another national organization eoin- mitled to the cause ol tenr.jerance through changes In the dry laws, were Incorporated in January, 1930. with Frederick Clark of Cleveland Where Seven Died as Plane Dived Into House PAGE KVi as commander. Tlio membership AutreV WaCllCl' Charged' soon spurted to about o million (twl ,,.>• i A.. i 11 c. i spurted i a aunrlcr. ! KJSH OK REPEAL FORCKS I repeal tight soon began lo roll up impressive results. In 1930 Democrats of twelve stales and tration of ihe entire body of Hie [ Republicans In five stales Included ] r . v " : repeal planks In their platforms. ' i'iiblic sentlmeiu Had been ermns- l Tw ° wet governors, Ely of Masking frcm t!:e first, but it had tow chi.setls and Cross of Connecticut ciniortunllle.s to make its;lf felt. \Villi Attack Upon St. Louis Woman. Trial of Ainii-j Woenor, former Missouri convict on u clinrev of (rlmhml nssnult. O;MI«| In circuit court here tills iifu-mnaii. Denver Dudley, prasifii'.lii;; Illinois am! Massachusetts lia'd vol- jliibllloiilsis in ihe House ami four i-rl fur beer and light wines, ami; I against a slate enforcement act. In ' xcn elccuxl, as were 70 anti-pro- tcrncy. said In Us opening Mule-. by 1943" I They di.ln'i know their own Irength. t-nforcunent law. Montana repeal- i ]Tur ;oday they already stand at c(i jn Ia2t nml llK s;!m(; ye j r Ncw ; York repealed its state of epovh—an ;'(X)^h |:;ukvd by iwo-sidad bitterness strife, by liquor gan-^s and 'nous jyiuliclieism, by riai^h |-.vs ina-Jc and broken, by sjwak- ru:n fleets, judicial paraly- *?H r " r '• * yea i Ycrk. Illinois and Nvvadti uppeal- r-d to Con-jrcsw for tnudincation. I Trie llrst Literary Digest poll. In • 1S'22. astonished ihe nation by chowing t^.al of 922.302 persons who sent ill ballets, only 38C per , rait fnvcred Ilic lau- as it existed.; A prosier m:mb?r wanted mortifies-, i i d " G per cent favored out-. 1 t repeal \ y oc aeular results w»rc I obtained in ID26 in a poll con- I line led by t'nc *.'ew«paper Enter-! n e A ot'at on. national news- j '< <uu e mice of which this news-1 ipajcr is a member. Three Inm- I drc-J Alfred E. Smith (left) ;ind Jouftt -jhnuse Ihe Senate at Washington. menl that Ills sute would offer evidence lo .iliuv tlml Wngner wl-' l:\ckcd a HI. l;ms woman, on n nip lo Homers-.llli>. Mo., on ihe ^ravel road le.iding fr;mi Poplar CcniiT north, n'joul u milt 1 b.-low ihe Missouri rm-. '1'he woman *ad psssed thruigh lilylhcvlllo null roile a bu.s to Poplar Conu'i 1 . thiubk- lo .seetne LI Ue;l. she was •. i" mi, Ihc ri.-'il uf the way. Wagner was wairfiny ivith her. He also had rk'den li'.e bus frui\ L'lvtheville afliT tc'lng released Irnin ihe prison Ilic day before niid InO lell tin; bus tit Poplar Coiner, walking mi (lie JicriiL-i^viUL- roul to his mother's 'iicmi-. C'lnud? !•'. Cooper of defense lf.>l Hie jurors tlie !• v.'uuM i Her evidence to Hint ius'.ccd of a criminal and iwciUy-six newspapers in' xicholas Murray Fiiitler. the late .tales participate!, and 1,747,-1 DwiglH w Morrow. Cardinal Fred G. Cbik (left) and . William Green 020 straw vote were cast. Only I 18.9 per cent favored the existing law; 49.8 per cein wanted mcdlfi- cation. and 31.3 per cent, declared for repeal. KCPEAI, SIDETRACKED At this time, neither wets nor drys were satisfied with the way lend. Yet as recently as 1931 Dud-! things were going. Enforcement ly field Malcr.c was calculating! costs were skyrocketing; so were lilemnly thai it would lake 25 years arrssts for drunkenness. Wayne R. • •- - • whceier gleefully announced lhat "each new Congress is dryer than annul the Eighteenth Aruen:.- lent. And nearly twelve years te Ire thai, when prohibition became Ifectivr on [he morning of Jan- |\ry 16. 1920. there were many who it would remain for fti leas' lalf 'a' century. Is, jammed jails, corruption and |icom|>elcnce In high places, home e-ji'. and pocket flasks. | Tlic blunders of the ' drys, the organization of their op • orients, Uic desertion cf proim lent) inenibeis cf the dry cause, |ie business depression which lent :y to ilic repeal campaign |-all ' were cogent factors in the ['POSITION FHOM START J T.:e r,ecord. however, shows that lierc ,Y>ns powerful opposition from ftrsjl.• -Brewers' .and distillers nd organized, labor line! chain- toned the doctrine of state's Ights. 1 'i'he .hard-iicjupr men riad its predecessor." Yet more and more modifi:aticn and repeal measures | efatie Natl ' 01 -, al committe. succeeded Henry H. Curran as president of the Association Against, (he Prohibition Amendment. Waller P. Chrysler headed the Crusaders' "victory-fund' 'campaign. Mr. velt endorsed the wet plank of the Democratic party. And the swge was soon set for abolition of the most controversial piece of legislation In tli iitetory of (he nation. Sirs. Charles H. Sabin and • Pierre duPont Hayes. and General Perilling were only a few of the prominent men who had declared themselves against the existing law. Then on June C, 1932. John D. Rockefeller Jr. reversed his stand on prohibition In a letter to Butler. Franklin D. Roosevelt hailed the shift of sentiment. Alfred P. Eloane. another former dry, changed his mind too. So did Charles Edison, sen of the inventor. Jouett Shouse. former chairman of the executive committee of the Demo- ".'trick by L? that the woman . itemplcd to rob him at (he point cf and he was forced lo strike her to prevent the robbery. | Olfieers claim Wagner has scrv- ul two terms in Ihe Missouri piis- ! crd. TiH'.si- Miionldeniiw ruins were lhat voinaintd of n New 1 Jersey National Ciinid blpliinu am J., alter Hit- ship hnd craslicd Into the two-iuiry KtrucUirs, <.'»- icgro, suiyer ui • ' ro. was found I I'lociccl. and tnktn lire. The pile.. 'Jeut, Gcorjc R. Johnson, noted explorer-alvman; Ills olscrver. for attacks similar to the one "'^d'ci^^r^ayer of!" "°- '» Shrewsbury Towi,,,,,, Junior Daley, neg guilty of second degree murder by n jury. Tlie jury elected to make no recommendation to the fnurt as lo |:Knishmenl lo be meted out. Th? court will pass sentence later. The jury received the Clark case shortly before noon. Trial of the negro slajer opened late yesterday afternoon. He was represented by: Death Ininled out of the sky to Like seven lives In one of the most uiUMuil nvlutfoi. accidents on rec- Slutistics Show 0 Countries Have School Attendance. Kdm-iiilunnl fuel." ••oncer!»y sentence i'ylhevlllo, ' AiUuhMiii, mid ^ managed. Uiilled Stales -»rc dlscloced ln«iK n a«r :'t;p!ay of posk-rs nml l)ti)lelll\ il the rhsl N.itloiial Hunk fcull(l\ ins. Tills display, under the dl-» only i»tllou of M!-:s Winnie Vlrnil T . ncnt |y luvi'iT, i--: a fealuru of Nailonul t New Viiuciillrn \vc-rk. .sijonsornl by Ihe \ iral Kcliuol'i ;i!.<l Pureiit-'IViiclicr '. V!H!-lul!ons. Til? public Is luvll- ,-d lo view the I'xhlblt. Tlir.:e \vlin Hi Ink the United S;KI-S is Rlirad Df foreign coun- lil-.-s sluinlil ccimparc llBiiri'S slmwn in u i-liiirt v.hich .slmws Ihh o'oun- ly U la r bcliiw tither lands In tl'.uol all'.'iidiinct:. ' Arknr.Kas. ivliirli tins the lowest ru'crcl nmoiiii slulvs ot the lower Mi'jilsslppl vnlky spends M cents ^.ally lor i-din..-llnn Us chlldri'n. s'.'lu) go on the nverage of 12U days \->:r ytur, while the nvcraKC Jh[r.u;',l'.oii! the reinUry l-> 03 cenl'i I'lilly v.llii 113 us tl'e average Kit r.ii'ir.cL 1 . ;\'ii;:hcr iiciiU-i 1 >s n map of Iho linlti-d Klatei wlilcli shows the erst \v\- cap'.lu cf -;li:menliiry,- iil-li .school, nivmal antl night .'Chooh. Arkaii'-as .ranks third fuiin lust. According to figures slinwn the \ and five occupants 01 die house were killed. t I, Jail here early today by Sheriff Jim • Olio Koc-htll/ky, died al her home Moyd who said he hail received re- jut Cape Glr.irdcau. Mo., last jiwr'ls Hint men In the community ; after a brli-f Illui'sa. were disciifishij; plans to take him . Mrs. KochltUky left for Cape 01- 1 frciii l!ic Jail "by force. , rardenn this mwiiluj! nnd Mr. 1 lie was indicted oy tile grand Jury j Kochtluky may [ollow Inter, l-'u- il-.eic ycsteiday and wns to hnvc niMiil airang-iiiciils arc iiicomiiU'le , been arraigned totla'y. Prosecuting! Seeks Divorce Claud p. cooper. .. „ . .. T1 , ueen airnig.ien imaj. i-rubeci.u 1B j Cleo Enst was acciuitted of a! Hot Sprint's Mail laKCIl to Atlorncy Emory said today llmt lie charge of disposing of property on i T 'I Tl I f C {„ Klu nsk tho <letl(il I 10 "" 11 !'which a landlord's lien existed by I J al! .lllsewlicrc tor Oate_ Sunday Callalian was^Uiken^ to Kee]jing. money received [rom taxes ' for lead Act and asked a presidential pto. They also hired Elihu Hoot carry an appeal to the Supreme |ourt in 1920. "Now for an era of.clean living Ind clear thinking." benevolently jjclahnsd the Anti-Saloon League. |ut on the very next day. when stills were s'-'ized. ii became .rent t'.iat enforcement might Wp. more of a chore than had been jrulcipatcd. shortly thereafter two federal agents were arrested to: krruption. By March the state of IlississipjjL liad voted dow;i ?. r \j..\\ io aid Federal enforcement |\ Ji : nc. prc'nibUion ngc-nlr «f Mrs. Arvey Hastings Bond Fixed at $15,000 CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Ill ha- beas'corpus proceedings before Circuit Judge John E. Duncan, bond for Mrs. Arvey Hastings was fixed at $15,000. sne Is being held pend- •• .,._,. » ing a preliminary hearing In con- racksd in committee. The next j nec(ion v . ith thc Bank 0[ stM , p elections sent several wet Demo- ^hery erats to Congress from some 1 cf the' industrial states. And finally the Democrats dared to nominate Al- ] tred Mrs. Hastings is charged with be- in? accessory to the robbery, It be- jury ye!*.'rday. East's acquittal was one of "life few so far during ;he court term. L. .M. Richardson, Walnut Ridge' attorney, and Mr. Cooper rcpre-|. sented East. HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Nov. a'y fa I utory charge. Fri'.nk C. Callalian, ' Hot Springs rooming house proprlc- Sweclen. Denmark. Iceland. Fin- tor. was taken out of town to an land, ar.d Norway comprise the. five unannounced prison today. ; lienton and brought v to Hot Springs ivy Lovcll of the Huftnian scc- ycs'.crdny for (lie grand Jury ses- tlon has filed suit In chancery court slcn. Ills accuser Is a 12-year-old j seeking a divorce from Engcuo 1,-girl. • | veil. 1 Tlic iictlllon. filed IbroiiKh Stan- j ton A. Pepper, Huffman atlorney. I alleges lliul Ihe defendanl de:;erlcd the plaintiff in 1031 after 12 years married life. •chcolii In tin- niyihcvllle s[x:cial <tliOOl district dropped from approximately SCG.M10 In 1020 Co ap- l.rcixlmalcly SM.COO last y^ar. Thc ixr cnpiln cos: of educating ft child 1icro In 1030 was $40.33 while !l cost $10 In C.ipi! Cllrardcaii, Mo. l:i lrr.-al sehoul bulldlnifs, posters v.iiiih tell uf the liicrease<l de- 1'iaiuls upon th,- schools mid give •a comi:ur!;.cn I" transportation, crlnkhrj syili-mn ni|<1 household Kinvcnlciicrs. mid articles made oy F.liuli-nUi of the vni-nllonal mid I boine i-connmlc clnffles of the negro Uchuol, which aie for sab at low prices, arc Included In the cx- iilblt. MYS. Wesley Block of Cape Girardeau Dies 0 " Ecandinaiian nations. Callahaii was removed Irom the! Mrs. Wesley Block, aunt of Mrs.; Head .Courier News Want Ads. Emucriiib uurtu to iiuiiiiiu»\t jii- . . . . - -• »rt v smith fnr ihe nrrsidencv ln - ? alie S«) that she transported the Thc^Hoo e"r Victor ^as Sed I -°bers'share of the loot from this , the prohibitionists-as their o*n' »™'j '" t"™ « ««»*•?'»: l > rtimnli 1 '' U The"vi'cro'ns"ive-and-"'ten lrest camc Knort 'y » fter l he con- law was oass-dI by Congress r.nd ! rcsslon of h " ""sband, Arvey Hast- signed by Mr. Coolidge Just be- i ™-&- nad impliaitcd her in the fore Hoover's inauguration. The new Chief Executive reiterated his, views on the "noble experiment." • but api»intd the Wickershaml Commission to study prohibition and law observance in general. In one session of Congress 5C It is not expected that she will be able to make bond. Her bond was,$5,000 greater than that fixed for Raymond Michie, one of the alleged plotters of the robbery, released from custody under bond of $10.000. pending appeal of his case bills had been introduced for the. af( ; r hfe v;as s ,, nlenced to ,„ legalizauan of 2.7o per cent beer.., th(1 ponltcntiarv'bv a jury Other bills named 4 per cent beer ' • ' ' * COSTLY ^*|* ^ (f^iL> TOBACCOS? r per and still others were for wines. Thc potato crop beiug the basis Governor Smith haci suggested an' o[ 1ts p r i nc ip a i export, alcohol. Es- nn-.endment to the Volstead Act'. tnonia js nicknamed "the potato which would scientifically define icpublic" i "intoxicating strength." Senator- '. _ Edge of New Jersey had proposed nn amenomant which would incline the words "non-inloTdcating in fact" instead of the one-half of one p?r ci'iu maximum. I ?•. Three days after President Hco-, ] vnr's inaugural address, Mrs. Charles H. Sabin resigned from' ihe Kepublican National Commit- j ^- i - ((trips women through monthly discomfort |khc!as Murray Butler (left) and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. i stoc!: rjf liquor from the special |am. cf th3 Massachusetcs delega ) • v .o the Republican National •onve'ntioiv and San Franc.ccr) was ported -wide open" for the D;m- 1 ratic convention. Abcut this lime Ihicago reported tiiat its coarts lerc becoming hopelessly choked lltli prohibition c.\ses. =jres.s remained in session lltli June, nabka ol Ohio irn:!e lie first speech against t!~.e dry law. |id the first unsuccessful attempt repeal the Volstead Act was lade by attaching a rider to an I >propriaticn bill. The Senate hem to worry about the cost cl en- ncnl; but even then no one e??cd the fantastic limits to Jhich it would mount in a tew rars. BUSINESS KXTERS FIGHT In December. 1D20. the Associ- I ion Against the Prohibition Imendment was incorporated in lie District of Columbia. Here las the beginning of serious op| Jsiticn lo Ih- drys,. The latter Jicw how tc handle the prejudic- II liquor interests, but they hnd I >t counted on having to figfct big business men and industrialists, I. ich as Pierre duPonl. W. W. At- j rbrry. head O ( the Pennsylvania laiiroad. Fred Fisher of Detroit, lioland Hnrrimnn and Chirles Rabin, hankers. Arthur Curtiss 'lmcs, Hicam Mixim, Percy raus. Jouii J. Raskob. T''e Moderation Uague 'was In- Rrporatcd in New York in 1923 create sentiment for modifica- 'lt In 1920 it Joined with the xiFc'-nained association and the ncrifin Federation of Labor in esenlinj evidence to Congress to ow that the dry law hadn't been NOTICE Tax Payers in Drainage District No. 17 A s|ieci;il appeal to you is made at this lime that you pay your 1933. taxes at once. The successful culminalion of the District's refinancing through t nc Reconstruction Finance Corporation depends, in a larjic measure, upon the good faith of the taxpayers to the extent that this year's taxes be paid. There is nothing lo be gained by waiting as the lax for 1D33 and former years will not be affected by the proposed refinancing. To make it possible for you to pay your taxes, a special reduced rate to four per cent was procured for this year, a reduction of one-third from last year's tax. Only a short time remains before the hooks will be closed and I am depending upon the land owners for their full eo-operaliori. CLIFTON H. SCOTT, Federal Receiver, Drainage District Number Seventeen Of Mississippi County, Arkansas. ALWAYS the finest tobaccos k * ALWAYS the finest workmanship ] ALWAYS Luckies please I Airffanc -vinu of Amman Ttiaca Companj •wartheaiei at RiiJrvi/tf, N. C, One Hundred Million Dollars ivorth of fine Turkish and Domestic tobaccos are being aged by the makers of Lucky Strike In fine warehouses like these—open to soft Southern hreezes—a huge reserve of choice Turkish and Domestic tolwccos is aging nml mellowing. 27 different kinds of tohacco, "the Cream of the Crop"—for nothing hut the best is used to make Luckies so round, so firm, so fully packed—free from annoying loose ends. That's why Luckies are always so mild, so smooth. "its toasted " FOR THROAT PROTECTION-FOB BKTTF.R TASTE

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