The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW» Pope Pius Blasts Totalitarian State Pontiff Charges Suppressions of "True Justice" CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, Nov. 14. (AP)—rope Plavxn bitterly assailed "anti-Christian totalitarian states" today, accusing such nations of suppressing true justice by application of unjust laws. The pontiff laid suppression of "true" .rights in totalitarian state.? to ."prophets, defenders and creat- ers ol a culture, a power of the state and a legislation which does not recognize God and his sovereign rights." The Pope, in an address to the sacred Roman Rota—the supreme court of Catholicism—bitterly ns- sailed recent trials in such states. Me did not mention Communist states by that name, but there was little doubt those were the ones he meant. Nor did lie say Just which trials he referred to. However, he mentioned trials of "public officials," indicating he might have been refer- ing to the recent upsurge of 'Tito- 1st trials in the states of the Soviet orbit. These states, the Pope said, cannot return to a "moral order" without first restoring Christian principles of law. He said the sn.ijre.s- sion of rights in these states was an "eror of juridical postivism," which he defined as absolute stale law as opposed to Christian principles. "Absolutism of the state Is equal to deification of the state itself," the pope said. This was the Pope's second important address on legal matters within & week. Last week, In a speech to Italian Catholic lawyers, the Pope cautioned Catholic Judges everywhere not to recognize "unjust 'laws/' and beware of granting civil divorces in marriages which are "valid- before God and the church." AIR TRAFFIC • Continued from Page 1 traffic separation, spurred by demands from . Congress, aviation leaders and the public. ;The Barkley incident is likely to get attention during the.'CAB's continuing public inquiry into the Nov. 1 collision. That was. between an • Eastern Air Lines DC-4 with 51 passengers and four crewmen, and the .Bolivian-flown P-3B fighter as _ both approached the northeast run- tionalist areas on the mainland and __ an- VIOI.1NIST INKS — Benjamin Sosnor, -12, (j^ljove) a first violinist ol the UnHimore Symphony Os- chpstra, was stricken fatally the nj:,ht ot tho opening concert of the season nt IJrltimore. The music was not interrupted and tew in the audience were aware of his death until the concert ended. (AP Wlre- phnto). Obituaries Blythcville Woman's Brother-in-Law Dies Tom B. Harris, 59. brother-in-law of Mrs. Louis G. Nash of Blytheville, died suddenly at his home in Tlopkinsville, Ky., Saturday afternoon after suffering a heart attack. Mr. and Mrs. Nash left Saturday for Hopkinsville to attend the funeral services. Mr. Harris Is survived by his wife and three children. Chinese Admit Loss Of Highway Junction CHUNKING, Nov. 14—W>—Gcri- erali.ssituo Chiang Kai-shek arrived iri Chunking today. A short time later the.Nationalists conceded the loss, of Chienchlang, important highway Junction, 130 miles to the east. • It was Chiang's first- visit since the capital was re-established here on Oct. 15. problems involving the whole future of Nationalist China confronted Chiang. ' . . ' • Among them were: (1) some means of preventing the Communists, from completely engulfing Na- way at National Airport nearly two weeks ago. The Bolivian flier v.-as the only survivor. Complaints Overlap A week after that accident, an Eastern constellation filed- a complaint that an Air Force B-25 had nearly collided with it south of the airport. It 'said this near-hit came • while the airliner was climbing to cruising altitude and the bomber was making a practice instrument "blind", approach Field. to Boiling At about the same time, an Air Force B-25 complained to the -Boiling Control Tower that an Eastern - Constellation had endangered htm by making an improper li the airbase after taking off from National. Frank'Getty Issued a statement on behalf of Goodyear Tire' and Rubber .-Company, which operates an advertising blimp here, alter disclosure of the Barkely incident last night. Getty said an investigation by CAA had absolved the blimp pilot of' blame. Getty said the CAA (2) effecting a compromise with other Nationalist leaders, notably acting President Li Tsung-jen, to enable full united resistance to the Herts. Former Presbyterian Moderator Dies at 71 LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 14— lift— Dr. Charles w. Welch, 71, retired minister and former moderator of the Presbyterian church in the U.S.A., died In a hospital here yesterday. Dr. Welch, in retirement since •red him 1945. served -so years in the ministry -urn over after first doing woolen-mill and railroad %vorfe. He had been part- inllyally paralyzed since lie suffered a stroke Sept. 2 in. Michigan. Funeral services wir be held tomorrow afternoon at the "Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church here, which he served as pastor for 29 years. Dr. Welch devoted much ot his life's of - - -- - .— --. v~ the promotion ui found the Goodyear blimp V.-HS not; better relations between white and in a restricted zone or violating i negroes and between gentiles and any rales. He raid it hart been in Jews. lie was a strong advocate of constant five-radio contact with the meraini; the Northern and South- National Airport control tower. Two Pofio Coses In South Missco Two poliomyelitis cases %vcrc reported to health authorities of south Mississippi County over the" weekend, bringing the yearly toial to 119. The two nep; victims \vcre Juhn Thomas Frrahour, two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Frcsliour of Etowah, who was admitted to ihc Baptist Hospital in Little Rock Sai- urady, and Stanley Cfarh. two-year- old son of Mr. ami Mr.i. Stanley Clark. Sr., ol the Little River community near Reiser. ern branches Church. of the Presbyterian Position to be Filled At Holland Post Office Civ!! Krrv-ire.s examinations tor pn.^iions ns substitute clerk in the Holland. Mo.. Post Office will be held on Dec. 3. according to Civil Service regional otfices m at. Louis. Fnith.-r details on the examination ran be obtained from the postmaster nt Holland. The permanent secretariat build- inn "I (tie United Nations in New York is 544 Icct high. 287 feet long rtiu! only 72 teet wide. "Consider yourself fortunate, Bub—you can still get a loan on your car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." t at Indian School Doe* $110,000 Damage ARKANSAS CITY, Kas., Nov. 14. ,4>; — Djrtisge estimated at about 110,000 risulltd last night from a Ire which 6««pf * large barn and tool shed «t the Chilocco Indian School. S'* students, helping to fight the \amts, «ere ho-,pitallzed. Four were vercowe by smoke, one fell through roof »nd another was struck by falling beam. All were taken to hospital here. The flames destroyed the central wrt of the big barn, one of its wo wings, and the tool shed. Grain, iay and equipment also were lost. horse and a mule were led to afety. The barn normally houses bout 50 head of horses and mules they were In a pasture when he fire broke out. 'remised Land Teacher flee President of Group Mrs. Fred Wall, teacher at Prob- sed Land School, lins been named ourth vice president.of the Trl- County Association of Childhood Educators. The organization, which lists nemberships- in Mississippi, Critenden and St. Francis Counties, lected Miss Carrie Mowery, of West .tcmphls, president. •Vegro Baptists Convene n Blytheville Nov. 76-20 Tlie regular Negro Arkansas Mis- ionary Baptists State Convention will met November 16-20 with the Mississippi County organization as Rev. J, W- Knowles will act as Moderator. The entertaining club will be the Negro First Baptist church located t Cleveland and Franklin Streets -ith Rev. T. H. Hayward, pastor. Ihennault Confers With Gen. Mac Arthur TOKYO, Nov. 14—(/Pf—Retired laj. Gen. Claire Chennatilt, head f Nationalist China's largest com- nercial airline still in operation, ad lunch today with General MacArthur. Chennatilt, a strong advocate of \nierican aid to the Nationalist's, ecliiied comment about ills conver- ation witli MacArthur. He said he r as in Japan for two or three days visit." Livestock NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS. III., ov. 14—(A 1 )— (USDA1— Hogs W,- XX); barrows and gilts 50 to 75 ower than Friday; mostly 25 cents niter Thursday; sows 25 to 50 un- :er Friday; steady to 25 lower han Thursday; bulk good and hoic« 110-270 Ibs 16.25-50; top 6.50; latter price limited mostly to velglits 220 Ibs down; bulk 14060 Ibs 15.00-16.25; lighter weights argely 1450; sows under 400 Ibs 5.00-75; few under 350 Ibs 16.00; ulk heavier sows over 100 Ibs 14.005; stage 11.50-1^.50. Cattle 550; calves 1300; vealers .00 higher than Thursday; few oadj and lots good steers 24508,50; medium and good heifers and ;lxcd yearlings 19.00-25-00; com- non and medium beef cows 13505.00; few good around 16.00; can- lers and cutters 10.00-13.50. MINE FUND TRUSTEE— Charles 1 Dawson of Louisvillo, Ky., above, lawyer and former federal district judi;e, is the new industry representative of the United Mine Workers' welfare and retirement fund. He succeeds Ezra Van Horn ol Cleveland, who recently resigned. Dispute over the fund, created by royaHies on oil coal mined, figured In the current walkout ot Jolio L. Lewis' miners. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1949 City, County Policemen Search tor Negro Who Is Charged with Theft City and county police officers ore today searching for a Negro who is charged with the theft of $40 in money from the R. A. Anderson Store at 111 South Franklin Saturday afternoon. Mr. Anderson reported to police Saturday night that a Negro, described as being between 35 and 40 wearing a black cap, blue shirt and blue denim work 1 trousers, took the money from its hiding place In an old Army mess kit which Mr, Anderson kept on a shelf In his store. He told officers that the Negro entered his store late Saturday, grabbed the mess kit and fled. At the time Mr. Anderson was in the living quarters in the rear oC his store. Officers quoted Mr. Anderson as saying that the Negro had been in his store previously that day and evidently knew where he kept his money. Kcfaiivcr Sees f nd Of 'Bossism' in U, S. • ST. LOUIS. Nov. 14. (,ri — Sen. Esies Kefauver <D-Tenn> declared last night that political bosslsm in America will be practically extinct within 50 years. Spe.ikinB at n Y.M.H.A. forum, the Tennessee Senator said several "supixisedty impregnable machines have been smashed or severely damaged." He mentioned the "Kelly-Nash combination in Chicago. Mayor Curley in Boston. E. fl Crump in Tennessee, and the Hague machine in New Jersey." "Machine control in Kansas City isn't going to last very long either," Kefauver ^aid. He ndded lie thought the Democratic organization there had little popular support atid was heins shaken by the current grand jury investigation. Negro is Fined $725 For License Violations Willie Washington, Dell Negro, was assessed fines totaling $125 and costs in Municipal Court this morning on charges of selling liquor without a license, selling beer on Sunday and selling cigarettes without a license. Washington was arrested at his ionic in Dell yesterday following a ~aid by county peace officers in which several cases of beer and II- qttor were confiscated. He entered a plea of guilty to all charges. He was fined $50 and costs on each charge of lirjuor violations and $25 and costs for selling cigarettes without a license. The $25 fine was suspended. • In other action, four persons were fined, two others forfeited cash 3onds and hearing for another was continued until Nov. n on charges of driving w,-hile under tlie influence of liquor. Pined S35 and costs were Homer BPshares. Raymond Essary. Raford Mentiez and Oian Sullivan. Forfeiting bonds were Carl McBroom, S45.25. and Hardj Gray, S35.25. Hearing (or olar Wilson was con- Yoitth Seriously Hurt In Burglary Attempt HYDRO. Okla." Nov. 14. IJf>— A Joplin. Mo., youth was in a serious condition today from a bulle wound, siitfered alter he and a companion set off a home made burglat alarm at a filling station. The youth. Richard Conway. 11 Jonlin. is i» a Weatherford, Okla. suffering from a bnlle wound !r the Mde. His companion Steve'e. 13. Ja?per. A!o.. is being neld in 'the Caddq County Jail at Anadarko. Physicians save the Conway boy a good chance to recover, although his condition was t'X) serious for him to be questioned, Iltcius Hatfield, 'owner of the station, said the boys had set off the alarm early Sunday morning He fired at a figure running from the station'. A 22 caliber bullet pierc>d the boy's side and 'abdomen. The two youths, officers said, had escaped from a Joplin boys' home. State News Briefs By The AsweiaU4 Pr«« • LITTLE ROCK — The 15th. in- nual convention of tlie Arkansas Municipal League will open here tomorrow. Speakers »t the two-day convention will Include Governor McMath, Sen. J. W. Fulbrlght of Arkansas and Harry Ashmore, «v- ecutive editor of the Arkansas Gazette. Answer Two Calls Several bcUc*of cotton were damaged, Fir* chief Roy Head said today, yesterday when thev were found U. be a&aaThUe^aS through Blytheville to 'nil H . c . n . ie ' .««<» "»ld members of the H , r u "** fc^Wrtment extinguished the blaze at around 3 o'clock LITTLE HOCK — The Arkansas Beekeepers' Association two-day annual convention opened here today. LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Health department's Bureau of vital Statistics has reported there were 48,254 blitlis, 14,960 deaths In the state in 1948. LITTLE ROCK — Ocie Potter, 27, England, v,1H go on trial In Pulaskl Circuit Court Nov. 18 on charges that he raped an eight-year-old North Little nock girl. The State Hospital has reported that Poter was without psychosis and was mentally competent at the time. cu i put •>!<.<»> yesterday afternoon after the ' which contained tlie cotton was 01. a side track. Firemen were called this morning' to the home of Virgil Greene 82l ! West Walnut, where a motor 'in J washing machine became over* heated. '.'" Chief Head said damage wa slight. More Mian 39,000 wells are drilled | in a year by tlie U.S. oil Industry, LITTLE HOCK — Governor McMath will be the principal speaker at the national convention of Young Democrats of America at Chattanooga, Tenn., Saturday. CONWAY — New president of the Arkansas Industrial Arts Assocta.- lion is V. N. Hikill, assistant ; professor of industrial arts at Arkansas State Teachers College. He was elected at a meeting of the group here Saturday. LITTLE ROCK — Hoyt Duff, student at Arkansas A. and M. Is president of the 11 e w Arkansas chapter. Future Teachers of America. Tlie organization wound up a two-day meeting Saturday. River Boat Is Target KONG KONG, Nov. 14.- (A 1 )—The China Mail reported today (he river boat Sinching, flying the Britisn flag, was machine-gunned by Chinese Nationalist 'planes at Swatow if" OL'.er letails were given. tinued until Nov. 17. From where I sit... l>y Joe Marsh Now They Even Wa .-» Your SpinacSi For Yoo i Twenty-five years ha Yes lire made a big difference in the way things are sold. Remember when you wanted cheese? The grocer whacked a hunk oH a big "cartwheel" on the counfer (and usually forgot fo put the cheesecloth back over U to keep (he flies oflf). Today cheese comes yacinim- pacl;eii in glasses you can use afterwards- And coffee.'Instead of out of a bin now you get it roaster- fresh in a container—and don't even have to grind it! Take the old-fashioned "for men only 1 ' corner saloon. Today taverns selling beer and ale are "open to inspection" to everyone. That's beciiuse the tavern own "s and Brewers have set up a L -I(£«ju- lation Program to see thiit their "product" is always sold in tr.e ripht kind of "packnge." From where I sit. Unit's an nii- portanl part of the American V.T.V —keeping product and p3cb:t;<e ri^lit up In the m mule so the sclJr-V and Hie public bolh benefit.. ARKANSAS DIVISION, UNITED STATES SOWERS FOUNDATION N7 FYUMID (IDC., UTTLE JUXK, UK. The more you 'shop tter the 'OeliyEierf rme—iraf* and Joeol loxet, itany.artttwhitistdewaltt ($2 I J, ejfia. Prket may vary slightly j n ac/jomrntj Sire if up: Distinctive, exclusive new beauty . . . hacked by the enduring strength niui Mifcty of lii'O hinky Ions of roaiKveight. Spectacular performance (with amazing thrift) from a prcctsion- built, 1J5-||I> straight-eight engine. The relaxing comfort of » room) 1 , sonni/proofcd interior . . . cradled hy Packard's own »clf-controlling Limousine Ride. And it's ... Priced lower than many a lighter-hiiili, lower-powered eight —priced even lower than some of today's si.vei.' And prices include direction signals, fender shields, courtesy and trunk lights . . . many oilier extras. And the economy lusts! Durability note: Of all the Packards built, in the last 50 years, over 5<)'(- are still in service! The 1950 1-1 HP EIGHT • ISO.HPS'JPEIt • IM-HP CUSTOM' Gas economy report on the new U5-I IP Packard [light, with ovcr- ilrivet—based mi current reports from over 1,000 owners in all parts of the country. l, ft rrraittreft <\trt colt. Notice, please: The most frequently- mentioned figure is 19 miles per gallon! ASK tHE MAN WHO OWNS ONt MOTOR SALES CO, INC. WE NEED YOUR WIRE COAT HANGERS! ,., Hangers Must Be Clean Bring Them | AC Per In! We Pay IV Dozen HUDSON Cleaner — Clothier — Tailor r. m •••• / Hanging Up Ihe telephone receiver is like closing the door on a tit)...ling guest. It's courteous to wait until "goodbyes" are saidJ • Then you hang up the receiver gtntly —and for the same reason that you don't slam the door. SOUTHWESTERN till TELEPHONE COMPANY ^*a==./» 217 W. Walnut St.—Blythcville THE GRAMS COMPANY I\L \iior\s Real E»Ut< - Morluaqc Loan*-- Insurance OSCtOI \ - BIYTHEMLLT *l»on«521 Phone 3075 In England It's the Chemist Shop In France it'* the Apothecary Shop . In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE For Expert Prescription Service KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089

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