The New York Times from New York, New York on May 20, 1898 · Page 8
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
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Friday, May 20, 1898
Page 8
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u 8 THE NEW YORK TIMES, FRIDAY, MAY 20. ' 1898. TWELVE ' PAGES riXASCIAI, DIRECTORY. Chemical National Bank STO Broadway. National Bank of Commerce. cap. ajt rcR-.;a, a xaaaaa it. . i Hanover National Bank CAPITAL, 1 1.000. 000. SURPLUS, n 000. 000. . aad 11 8mi St. The Nassau Bank Corner Beekmaa til luwi Streets. Central National Bank S20 Brwtr Continental Tj-ust Company SO Brl St. XtW TORK tECLBITT THtIT CO, 4Y4 aad 4 Wall Street. CAPITAL, I1.UWJXX). SURPLUS. tl.SO0.00O. Washington Trust Company Stewart BaUdlng. 2MO Brcilwir. 1 PHILADELPHIA. Fourth Street' National Bank Capital Sl.50w.000. Serplae $1 JOO.OOO-KAKKERP CARD!. HENRY!CLEWS& CO.. J BANKERS. II. IS. jlS. " IT Broad St- Members H, Y. Stock Exchange. Oitoi tucui far Investment or oa Btrfli. tstaeost allowed oa deposits, subject to cluck at sight Act Financial A(UU (or Corporation end toTMtan. J I FIFTH ATE. . cor. Kth St. I 4 B ROADWAY. Wlk Exge Bide- SrannhOOees WOBUlUKil.OOI. Oeaa.91. 7 HUDSON ST. Mercantile Lxgs. I jiswuaihl.. Brooklyn. HAVEN & STOUT 1 Nassau Street, Cor. Wall St. New York Stock Exchange, Nfw York Cotton Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade. Orders executed on above Exchanges in BONOS, STOCKS, COTTON, GRAIN &T i3 WALLj STREET, NEW YORK. t Urmbrl of NEW YORK BTCMTC EXCHANGE. NEW YORK roTTON EXOHANOE. STOCKS AND COTTON. Ureilarat' Boada aad Seenrltles. Apply for Market letter. Simon Borg & Co., BANKERS. No. 20 Nassau St., New York, 'N'VESTMENTSECURITIES. FIXA.NCIAL. Brooklyn Elevated Railroad Go. REORGANIZATION. TO THE HOLDERS OP Flr.t HorlfKf Bonda of the SEASIDE AMI BHOOKLY.N BHIIK.E KLEVATtil) RAILROAD CO. Second Mort(r Bonda of the BROOKLV ELEVATED RAILROAD CO. I.poad Morffrsse Inromr Budi of the LXIO ELEVATED RAILROAD CO. fapltnl Stork of the BROOKLYN LEVATED RAILROAD CO. Notice la hereby given that la pnr- aaace of tbe plaa of reorganisation heretofore aaaoaaeed, the FOURTH AM) LAST INSTALLMENT OP JM PER t'RNT. of the nmonnta to he paid by the noove-deerrlbed aeenrity holdera la railed aad la payable at the of the CBNTRAL TRl'ST COMPANY OP HiGW YOHK. 54 Wall Street. Sew York City, oa JIVE 1. WHS. . Pnysaente shade will he ataaaped oa Traat Company eer'ISestee of depoalt. N.w York. Mar 14. 18M- P. P. Oleott. Chalraaaat I Jnmes T. Vaodwnrd, I Charles Parsons. , Committee. Ernst Thalmann, Leoaard Lowlaoha. ADRIAN H. JOUNt J. N. WALLACE. See v. Counsel. 64 Wall St.. N. Y. (IPilMaTRVST gMPANY 22 BROADWAY. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $L5C9,CC3. Lersl Derxtsitiiryfor Court ssd Trust Fund. TRANSACTS Aj GENERAL TRUST BUSINESS. Acts as Emstor, GsirdUi aid A.rslnlgtrstor. Sens Farcira Excesses aad Letters ( Credit, PAYS INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES. TAKES ENTIRE; CHARGE OP REAL ESTATE. ACTS AS TRTSTU FOR RAILROAD AND OTHER MORTGAtiEsT TRANSACTS ft GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS. .OH BbKXH.Pre7aBt?" BOS WELL P. FLOWER i, ,, CHA8. C. mcKINSO!.? Vlee-Presldente. , Secretary. A.'?,SG.Ro,,i,MASN. Tmnm. EJJKD-Ul'J,80N- Seeretsry. PUJUP S. BARCOCK. Tnist Offlcee. .. TRllTEKd. gasey p. HjvaT,erec. Cord ll.Ter. ""7"1' I" .Flower. Perry Belmoat. Lowell M. Pals. w la. T. WardweU. Chas. C. Dtrklnsoe. ?:S'yer.-" , L. C Pussr. tiro. W.rrea Salts. Joha B. Dlckeraua, Gen. W. Quistard, Seward Webb. f""n. b, porae. Kicks rd rlafleld, iwetei O Isy. Perrl rsl Kflhee, areas i-artia. Stk M. MUUkea . SIXKttfO FISD NOTICE. OHIO FALLS CAR H ANIFACTl'RXNO I COMPANY of Ciarkavllla. Ind. Plrat Mortem-. ,Oold Bond, daxad Octobar lat. ! WOA Tha Omtral Troat Compaay of N.w York. Tnutea. 1tm notlo that in accordance with - tbe tarsal of Article Fourth of the above mortae. tt wtU receive offera tor the mle of twenty boada of the above referred to Cora pan jr. the price not to eaoeed tOS par cent. (ll.0&0 per bond, with Intoreet to coupon date next enauing, the total tier not to exceed the amount of Twenty-one thouaaad dollar tfctl.OUO ) Blda will be opened at the office ofr the Central Truat Ctaapany of Moa IrMayIUTW0rtl C"r' tw1' ctoc" CXNTRAL TRl'ST COMPANY OP NEW YORK. Troatoa. br S. r. HYDE, 2d '.Toe rrmUmL Union Ferry Securities ; BOUGHT AND SOLD. W1LS01N& STEPHENS 41 jWall Street. N.'Y. SECURITY & TRUST Ca WAU ITRCKT, HEW YORK. Capital f J, 000,000. Surpva $1,600,000 CHARLES s. FAIRCHILD. Proatdeat. "- Strona'. lat V.P. : Abram M. ByattU V,P. vmmmu n. anD awa,i xoian van If -an. Aaet DR0WH I BROTHERS CO., wall rr.L JSSCR COMMYRCIAL. AND TRAVELERS CKEDITl AVA0LABLB IN AU PARTS TUB WORLD. - w A OEXTLEMAll PORMXtltLT Df A MKRCAJf-ttio aae. wa baa a lutt etrele et aeaaala. aaoaa. woM Ukw to ..aairt with a eaaa- atlaakia etook arokar. aeariai M. SU. Bos lat OUTSIDE SECURITIES ' la epeeteltp. . DAVID PFE1FFEH, It Wall St HON INSTALL THE FINANCIAL MARKETS Stock market irreg-ulax. Aala yeaterdar Wall Street's diapoalUon to await war developments was tn evidence. Total transaction dwindled to less than 3U0.UJ0 chares, and excep: in a few conspicuous stocks th- market was rather uninteresting. Stocks, generally speaking, were strong, and at the close of the day many net advances wre recorded. The strength was greatest In the early hours; toward the cIjoo there oame a teaction -which cut down considerably the' early gains. Wall Street Is waiting for good news. It expects the annihilation of the Spanish vessels as soon as they get within range of American guns, but there is a disposition to await the confirmation of this expectation. The belief In' an American victory keeps the market strong keeps reactions from going too far and brings about rallies after every dip. But some of the most Important people In the Street are doing nothing but watching and waiting. Heretofore When Wall Street has shown a disposition to wait. It has been btcauve. there was a fear of adverse developments. Now there is no such apprehcnslcn. Tbe market is waiting, but it is waiting for good news. Yesterday the manipulators continued their activity In Mxne parts of the market, although they were not as aggressive us heretofore in those specialties which have been furnishing sensational features. In two or three properties there were evidences of new Inside confidence and marketwise activity. The traders flopped around in the market, taking the bull side during the first hours, and later corralling profits and taking a position on the short side for a turn. The commission houses were less active than for some time. The news from the business world continues Inspiriting. Such railroad earnings as were reported yesterday practically all showed gains, many of them being encouragingly large. Money market ease continues, and amtyig Wall Street authorities there Is agreement that rates will probably stay low for sorHe time. Foreign exchange brokers are confident of further Importations of gold. - Government bonds were steady and unchanged, except the Ours, liKS, which closed slightly lower. There was a sale of 11.000 lives, coupon, at 111. Net changes In stock quotations of one-half of I per cent, or more were: Stoeka Advanced. Aai. Sug-ar Ref. Ann Arbor pf Cmnada Southern Canadian Pui-iAc Chi., Uur. w' Chi.. Mil. & St. Paul. Chi. A Northwnt Chi.. K. 1. Pac C C, C- A- 8t. L. .. Consolidated Gai l M. & Ft. D Great Northern pf . . . Hawaiian Sugar Keokuk & Lvs M. pf. Laclede Ga pf Lake E. A W. pf I Luula. A Nash S Manhattan Cons. . . J. Minnesota Iron . 'v National Lead pf . 1. N. Y Air Brake. Ore. R. R 4 Nav. S People's Uu, Chl. l'tl'ullnian Car .... IS Ktu Grande West. Hlu Grande Wt. IS Si. J. A O. I. 1st 2 L SJ. Leather l"-4 t". 8. Leather pf. 4 L". S. Rubber 1 , Wabash pf lVert Chl. St S ...2 ... 4 . . .1 ... 4 Pf. a4 ...14 pf 3 PM4 V ...14 ... ... k ... S Stoeka Deellaed. Delaware & Hudson.. 24 Michigan Ontral. Den. A Rio Gr. pf... 4 Minn. A St. Louis. Flint A I'. M. pf t4 Xrw Cent. Coal... Ft. W. A Rio Gr H4iReauinc 1st pf... Lake Erie A Wet... S.Teia. Pacific Net changes In bond quotations of 1 per cent, or more were: llonda Advanced. ui. A N. gold 5a. 24, St. L A I. M. gen.. Mo. Pac. Consol 1I stamped 14 Mo. Pacific tr. 5s 4;Standard R. A T. 0.l Mo. Pac col. tr. 5s.. 1 4! Boada Declined. Eq. Gas A T. of Chi. III. Cent. 4. 1912... Hi 1 2 JWeat Shor. 4s I MOXEY AND EXCHANGE. Money on call loans at 1V2 per cent., closing a;, m per cent. Time money, SliSV, per cent for thirty days, 3Vfi4 per cent, for sixty days to four months, and 444 per cent, for Ave to six months. Commercial paper rates, AUaZt per cent, for indorsed bills receivable, M per cemt. for cnoice single names, and per cent, for other. Clearing House exchanges, I13.",332,2S1 usance. .v.j.iu.; Sub-Treasury debit balance, PS32.KM. Money on call In London. 2463 per cent. Rate of discount in the open market. 34 per cent, for short and 344(3 per cent, for three months' bills. Foreign exchange market was dull. Posted rates were unchanged at S4.834 for sixty days and 47 for dmand. Actual business was done at 4.8.Ki4.8;i'i for sixty-day bills. M.ottViM.W. for demand, S4.StfVtf W.8Pi for cable transfers, and f4.81 W.&Ki for commercial. In Continental. Paris franco were quoted at 5.224 for long and 5.2t4 for short, reichsu marka at V 5-10 and w li-lft, and guilders at 1-16 and 40 3-18. New - York txebange quoted aa follow. : Chicago 5c discount. Boston oc discount and par. Sari Franoisco Sight, 12c premium; telegraphic, 15c premium. .New Or-aji OomnTM-rclal. Zlo premium; bonk. II premium, ffevannah Buying. 1-ltlc discount ; selling. 1-ltlc premium. Charleston Buying." par; selling. vc premium. Cincinnati Be tween banks, par; over counter. 25c premium. St. Louis 30c premium. THE IOSDOS MARKET. American shares were dull In the London market. The principal changes were: AdvancedPennsylvania. S. to 5SV Declined -New York Central. . to 117: Atchison. to 124; Louisville and Nashville. H. to 644 and Reading. , to 9H- CanadUn Pacific sold at M; St. Paul at SH; IlUnols Central at 106. ; Erie at 12. and Erie first preferred at 35. British consols advanced 6-l. to 110 11-16 for money, and . to 110 S-16 for the account. The Bank of England gained 1173.000 on balance. The weekly statement shows tbe following changes: Total reserve Increased il.629.000, circulation decreased 107,000, bullon Increased 1.521.353. other securities decreased 1.463.000. other deposits decreased 390.000. publio deposits increased 529.000. notes reserve Increased il.618.000 Government securities decreased 2.000. The proportion Is now 4U0 per cent., compared with 43.27 per cent, last week, against a decllna from 51.40 per cent, to 51.37 per cent In th corresponding week of last year. The rate of discount remains at 4 per cent Gold was quoted at Buenos Ayres at 15S.30. against 157.80 Wednesday and 158.80 A .week ago; at Rom at 108.32, against 108.30 Wednesday and 10L70 a wwekago. BID! FOR BAXK STOCKS Atnartca . . . . . ..sso ..ies rket at Pulton .225 .ITS .187 .145 .116 .410 .ISO .2 JO .245 -234 . to S:hiliV . MarcaKtu Broadway XM Ootral national... W5 Chatham 2w City K. Cl tiara' 123 Cteiumbia ISO Oammaree 2u0 Cuaunental . 121 Cora Exchange.... .S76 East SUvw 125 ITtr.h Aiwm 2uO rtrat Nat. ot a. la. 13 Fourth National 175 Oellatia National. .SOU Oarfteia Nationai...ta Oraeawtch iri Haaovar aai Rudaoa Rivar......lS IMerchanu,' Merchants' Ex. Metropolis Nassau National Cnl0B";; New Amsterdam New York " New York Ctoanty.".' Ninth Kui.i - SI. kr (Park 1S3 .2vd .IN .. M .150 ITS ..450 .110 .. aa .- .-273 .Uw Pad 8c Pbenlx Rnwbllo ...... V. Seaboard National. loatMoal... 8OTotb ---1 Sao. A Leather..! ViwdMmea's . . , Wast Skd. ...... , Wastara NaOoaal., Irvlag -14TS mirnir auirr ... 1 TO LLacota NaUonaL. .TSO Manhattaa ,.a Air orntuL dexiau Ths Attorney Qeaoral af Obio. la prtvata advleas to trlasds U Wail Straot, attacte- ally rjra aga; disposes of the recently circulated rs regardlrg proposed new litigation at the Standard Oil Trust. Tbe Al- tomAy Qenermi denies specifically the story receiver for the company Is to be for In the Ohio courts, and state that askeU that no such move has been contemplated. elthdr officially or otherwise. ST. PATJL AlsD LONDOH. Paul showed new strength yesterday gave muoh, enoouragoment to Its St and friends who havo recently been predicting that! It would gat Us full bar of th Granger buoyancy. In many usually wall-quarters thore is a pronounced informed bullth feeling on th stock. Th head of an for m port ant banking houaa Is authority ho statement that during the past two or Uhr ree days large buying orders In St. Paul have been tntrrsted to New York broU ers by strong London Interests. Lon- don of late has been particularly bearish on e stock, and Its speculators have been aelllti g It steadily, largely for the short ao- court Xow, It la stated, London financial lnt etj have been advised from New York that St. Paul can be easily put up with Island and Burlington, with the co Roc operktii on of the Interests which have been ideli Ifled with the recent advances in the two latter stocks. " It has been upon these re presentations that the foreign Interests hav become bullish. Birlingt on and Hock Island were both boug tu by brokers that have been active in theiA of late. The former on comparatively transactions got up 14- Rock Island light ma the same gain on sales of nearly 2, 0iO shares. There was commission house buy at the fat of both stocks. The rumor mongers e time put In circulation a story that Hock Island Directors would at their mee ing declare a dividend at the rate of tt per tent, per annum In cash and an extra (livid end of 8 per cenc scrip. ' Of this, how- eea there was absolutely no confirmation. The lala: Interests which have been buying Rock 1 assert that they are basing their cutl tided et simply on what they know of the roaJ s prospects and of the outlook for bett r general business throughout the ooui: try. TOBACCO MANIPULATION. ToLaoco was again one of the foremost stocks In activity yesterday, but it fluctuated over! a much narrower range than during the past few days. People close to import ant Inskie Interests and personal friends of Mr. James R. Keene had the point to buy the tock and were active In that direction yest rrday. Mr. Kee tie's accredited brokers wer4 sellers. 3ETSTEBY IN" MANHATTAN. MlnhatUtn showed notable strength yes- terdky selling up close to lo5, and making a n Ove In. closi whi. l gain of over 2 points for the day. 2O.U0U shares of the stock were traded Inside buying of Manhattan was dls- much to the surprise of Wall Street, of late has had an idea that Insiders wer4 inclined to postpone their bull plans in the stock. The Street yesterday was com tris derably mystified as to the reason of Uneide bullishness, which, evidently, has somA ocner reason than the new relations between the company and the Rapid Transit Conimisslo ners. arious theories circulate,! Mr. Kussell Sage is talking mysteriously re Brdli nts developments in the company's af- fairl ana ninting at a substantial short In- tereSt ln the stock. MIL VANDZB3ILT BEADY. Oife of the most Interesting- bits of smuiin now to be heard In the Street comes from friends of Mr. W. K. Vanderhilt w-h clufA crec! t him with having declared that as soon as Adr mlral Sanuvon strike, th. VT-c.t..i blow at the Spanish fleet, he will be found to come Into the market anresalve. rest idh' ly a hd to conduct a bull campaign In those stocks wnn wraicn ne Is identified. There Is reason for enthusiasm tn this ftw 1. well remembered, last Summer's mod tim. and Mr. high prices were largely the outcome of anaertmt s activity and bulHshne.. V anHerbllt leadershin hroiirhi , resul ts then, and Wall . of opportunity to follow that same lead. ers hip again. TiiK OF OAS CONSOLTTJATTOIT.' Cotsolldated Gas Jumped into nramis.n yestirday. showing much actlvltv and streigth The buying came chleflv from in- side sources. and there was an evident searflty of the stock. It said un tn ice lateii reacting and closing with a gain of be- tweJn iwo ana three points. From semi-sources come auiet Intimation. h.. official the scheme for the consolidation of the Newl iora gas properties has been under Bideratlon for some tim nut recofcsideratlon that It now seems likely to be brousrh't to a su ccssful end in the near futun. an the local gas securities have been strong of late, particularly the New Amsterdam The latter are now nearly back stocks, to the ie high Price, whlh the Maine disaster TTvhth . si date Gas and New Amsterdam are talking en siastlcally of the outlook for their se- curill CHEAT WESTERN'S EARNINGS. 'f"" ureal western's earnings for the aw r 1 Si A wa. ALr war seooli -. 01 aaay, amounting to over iW, were reason for much enthusiasm lou araolig inenas ot tne property yesterday, pointed out that this to a larger ter- The centage of earnings ter mil. than 1. -w by - - .. ' .in n 11 ot the other Western railm.. at aty Paul earned in the second vir vr. Si38, r10 SToss. which, calculating unnn it. mileage of 6.430. Is about $99 per mile. Chlckg ;o Great Western earnl tim ran with a mileage of 930. or lira r-- ,n. m.. road s earnings for the second week of May 1 ncraased -0. i.eany siT.ouo, or over 20 per Prom Julv L 117 n . cent Wm lern has Increased gross (653,000. icCTMlLATUra SCOAR TRCST. In sugar Trust the scheme of accumulat- r h .sw.w . . .w Ing uuuu ms present level la rently rotns apparently day . - - lesier- pugsr Trust was the moat .n 1, on 4 - wwa. trie list, transact inn. in . nearly " . icsuiir r ail nm .1 . " ' &any in tne day it a great show of strength, selling up to 13d. Later It dropped back, and below 135. Throughout the day mad closJ closed therl was what appeared to be skillfully led buvlnr f. .v.. . .. dlsgilsed -1 sionini or tne trodg interests which are credited with havlfeg taken a bull position on the stock. THE PACIFIC MAIL DIYTDEVCD. It : Jwas feared yesterday that there would thmble over the collection of the 1 per be cent. U"1U ueciarea on Wednesday bv Pacific xo srocic&oldvrs of at tha eloainw of tt . record, lft. IS. 1 - wwn. wi stay people mho bought the stock on May . um 10 were airaia tnat they would trouble In collerlinv th. .4 .. .1 . tare; 1 - " xiTiueoa. it pointed out. however, that the Stock Exchange ange Has a provision in Us oonstit 1-that a 1 per cenL dedutinn - . tion lecti I - w WI n may be Imposed, and the due bills werd aays wi m ima way. on the three in question only about 2.500 shares of Pkciflc " were traded in on the Btoca so that the umhim t Kxctange. Hecked Is small. WAIX STREET TAIX Thk following; topics of Interest were dls- ctissM nm Btreet yesterday: change tn Bank of England rate of int. tflscduat. CwWerenc of represenUUvaa aA btm.' lines and Canadian Pacific looking to settlement of the rate war. , Increase of $19.152 In Edison Electric Illuminating of New York's net earnings for April, making 173.188 since Jan. L IXfCrease of $101,867 In exports of silver from the Pacific Coast during April, making a decrease of 1 1.827,771 so far this year. Declaration of the regular quarterly dividend of If. on National Lsad Company's preferred stock. Application to the Stock Exchange to Qst $2,610,000 5 per cent, non-cumulative Income bonds of the Chicago Junction Railways and Lnlon Stock Yards Company. Agreement In the Senate on the schedule In the war revenue bill imposing a tax on sales at the exchanges and, boards of trade. Statement by President Hill of the Great Northern that he is paying no attention to the transcontinental rate war. Reports from the Northwest to traffic officials of St. Paul that crops are in excellent condition. Farmers have plenty of money, and are spending It on purchase of miscellaneous goods. Dealings begun tn Lagorvda Gold Mining hares on the Mining Exchange. Bales made at 1012c The stock showed considerable strength. RAILWAY STATEMENTS. The following railways reporting yesterday gross earnings for the second week In May showed Increases: Alabama Great Southern $5,105 Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern 42.7S4 Chesapeake and Ohio 7,403 Chicago Great Western lo.hrtl Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling. ...... 5.M0 Flint and Pere Marquette 9,138 Kanawha and Michigan v.. 2,l34 Lake Erie and Western 2.3U0 Louisville and Nashville 4U.045 Minneapolis and St. Louis 10,725 Peoria. Decatur and Evansvllle 2,771 Pittsburg and Western 8.916 St. Louis and San Francisco 28.733 St. Louis Southwestern 4,J0 Southern Railway 63.550 Southern Hallway, Memphis Division.. 4.10H Wheeling and Lake Erie 15,791 Wisconsin Central 17,W . New York, Ontario and Western showed a decrease of $2,285. " OUTSIDE SECURITIES. The Interesting features of yesterday's dealings In the outside security market were the movements of some of the local gas stocks and of Glucose common. There was much activity In both common and preferred securities In the gas group, and several thousand shares of Amsterdam common changed hands at 31. - Amsterdam preferred cloned at 71. Rumors were In free circulation as to consolidation, and It was also claimed that reliable Information had been received from political circles that the present was a good time to buy Amsterdam. Mutual Gas. after selling at 330, rose to 337, and Buffalo Gas stock and bonda made better figures. Glucose common rose from 50, the closing price of Wednesday, to 55. The rumor as to coming dividends was revived, and the preferred stock closed ex dividend at about par. Standard OH was very firm but quiet, and It closed at top price ex dividend. Wagner was In good demand. Traction 0.aetatieaa. Bid. 200 l4 111 115 Kl 203 h5 1K4 ll 107 70S, 1( in 110 4 bo StiW 7 67 lit 7 1 M 1 8 12 115 10s o 1114 175 13 W3 Asked. 213 110 112 117 lo7 20S 87 13 10s 1 hi V. Ill 1S5 113 AO KM) 325 tk I2 11 VI 3 101 1WI 117 110 2IO . 114 20 17 4 Broadway A Seventh Avenue, ex dlv. Broadway A Seventh Avenue 1st .. Broadway A Hevantb Avenue 2d.... Broadway Surface 1st 5a Broadway Surface 2d Brooklyn City Railroad Brooklyn. Balh A W. E. 5s Brook. El. tr. recta, Sd aaamt. pd... Brook.. Uuaen. Co. A Suburban 0a.. BufTalo Cniutown 5. Buffalo Street Railway stock........ Buffalo Street Railway Cona. ...... Central Park. N. A E. River.. ... Central Park. N. A E. River 7s t'olunitMis ohlo) stock Columbus (Ohio) con. 5a Eighth Avenue Railroad 2d t.. Man. A Pt. Nltnolaa if.... 424 St.. Man. A Su Nicholas Av 42d St.. Man. A St. Nicholas Av. lat. 42d St.. Man. St. Nicholas A v. 2d. King. County Elevated Nassau 1st Sa. (Brooklyn Trolley)... N.w Orleans Traction common N.w Orleans Traction pf Ninth Avenu. Railroad Stelnway R. R. Co. p. e. In Second Avenu. Railroad 1st 5s Sixth Avenu. Railroad stock t'nlon Railway 1st 5a. (Huckleberry). Cnlon Rallnay .lock Worcester (Masa.) Traction Worcester (Mas. ) Trac pf.. ex dlv. Kerry Secnrltlea. Hobok.n Ferry stock : Hoboken Ferry ba . Metropolitan Ferry 6. ... N. V. A E. R F.rry 5a N. Y. A E. R. Ferry stock C nlon Ferry ; Union Ferry Wnds , 8 107 ICS , u ew 57 .103 3 1(M 1IO U3 73 5u lot Hal.ral Gas. Fort Wayne Gas stock . 73 Fort Wan. 1st 6a Indianapolis Gaa stock 115 Indianapolis Gas bonds 106 Lafay.ti Gas Company 1st 6a.... e3 Gaa Company stock 77 Locan.port A Wab. VaL gas atock.. 57 Locaaaport Wab. Val. a 70 Ohio A Indiana stock It Ohio A Indiana bonds. CS Illwswlnatlws: Gaa. Amst.roAm common.... Sl Amsterdam preferred 71V Buffalo (N. Y.I stock 254 Buffalo N. Y.) lit, with Interest.... 34 Central L'nlonJs, guarantMd KOV Columbu. Oar.. hS Consolidated Gaa bonds of N. J.... 75 Consolidated Gas of N. J 10 Consumers' Gas (Jersey City) bonda 10V4 Grand Rapids Oas stock 74 Mutual of N.w York S31 Madison (Wisconsin) Mock M N. Y. A E. R. Gaa Co. 1st. ....... .10 N. Y. A E. R. Gaa Co. con ...lu3X Norfolk (YD Gas stock SO Norfolk (Va.) Gas 1st M People's Gaa Co. (Chl.) Oa, (Int. on.). 101 St. Joseph (Mo.) as BU Joseph (Mo.) 5. 65 St. Paul Gaa stock St St. Paul Gas bonds 76 Standard Gaa, New York..... 140 Standard Gaa. New Turk, pf 1&S Standard Gaa. New York. 1st 112 Byracuaa Gaa stock 104 Syracuse Gas 1st 5 p. c bonds.... bV Western Gas Company 80 Western Gaa Company bonds luo lndnstrlala. 80 VI 125 lot SI no 74 &o GO 32 1l 27 W44 1014 wo so 21 104 7-J 337 CO 111 105 38 1U5 luS 3S WO 41 78 12 leu 114 "4 l 82 1U3 American Bank Note , American Typefounders' Barney A Smith common Cramps' Shipyard at ock ...... . 41 . ti . 13 . 74 . 534 . few 43 42 18 78 54 luo 14 S 41 lft) 118 7 SU 21 WO 11 3o0 S CO 4IO 11 . 40 8 WO 2 1(13 GIucom common U locos, preferred. x dlv.......... Herrtng-Hall-Marvtn H.mng-Hall-Marvin preferred.. .. Hack.r-Jones-J.well Milling pf.. Haeker-Jonea-J.w.ll bonds Loiillard Company pf Mlchigan-Psnlnsutar Car Michigan-Peninsular 6 p. e. bonds. National Biscuit common. ........ . National Biscuit pf Nicaragua Canal Con., new........ Pennsylvania Ooal Pratt A Whitney Pratt A Whitney pf . 37 . B4 .110 . 5 . 84 . 24 4 . S9 . 8 .33(1 . 4 . 40 -40S . . 30 . 7S .161 . 87 Standard Oil Trust, ex dividend TrecHm Pottertn Trenton Potteries pf Uilon Typewriter Union Tyoewiit.r lat pf. ...... Union Typewriter 2d pf Wagner Car Company............ Worthlngton Pump pf.. ex dlv.. The Itlseellaaeeins List, Acaer. Mrr.n A Oondlt boada fco W 13 107 175 13 73 eo 40 50 145 117 33 ISO Anseraon Tobacco Compaay..... Ci.tral A South Americas TeL. Commercial Cable stock , Electro-Pneumatic, asa't paid... Klectrie Vehicle Hucson Rirer Telephone stock., Iron Stawmboat. .. Iran Steamboat As Madison Square Oard.a 34 Metropolitan El. Chicago, 1st ts N. Y. A N. J. T.leohcne T ..104 ..174 1 .. 10 .. m r.sf .. So .. 4 ..142 North Weern Telawranh Caniass..lll Trow Directory pf. zT Wool Eachanc... .........110 TKEASTJBY BALANCES. WASHINGTON. May lsX-a-day-s state, ment of tbe condition of th Treasury shows: Available .$20,1?8.ft3O Gold ua.i77.2at 1.53W.UU SO.S7.)4S 1.7W2.773 1.213. 475 S5S.K38.71S Net sllvar , V'ntted States aMw In the Tieaauii Trawaury notaa of U , Total raeelpu thla day. .......... Total reeelvta this saoaUt , total receipts this year..... Total esnendltaree thla day . X.lM7.0ia . 31.072.uue . rT8.740.lwS . 33.73e.A4 Total expenditures thla month..., Total expesdltursa thla yr.-..., pepuelts la National banka kaUowel bank notae reoalved for eemptlea OoT.min.wt reeelpts frees I assises 233. T4T 4U0.0I6 T8H.IW2 inirrsu revenae . Mlanallaa.owj .... BULxiois USD mirniQ. Silver bullion certificates were quoted on the Stock Exchange at 57J58. No sales. Bar stiver In London at SO 7-ldd per ounce. Commercial price of bar silver. BTHc per ounoe. Mexican stiver dollars quoted at 454c Ths Mercantile Safe Deposit Company holds S51.0S8.e4 ounces ot silver bullion. On the Consolidated Exchange 400 hares of Anaconda sold at .42, 2u0 Consolidated California and Virginia at .60. 1.000 Consolidated Imperial at .02, 1.200 Leadvflle at .00, 600 Mexican at .70, 200 Mount Rosa at .11. 100 Potost at .25, 400 6Wva Nevada at JO. On the Mining Exchange 8,000 shares of Alamo sold at .023.020.01. IJ000 Anaconda at .4547.50, 200 American TU at JOtiQ .07, 200 Anchorls, Iceland at .70. 9.000 Cripple Creek Consolidated at .OeMMNi, 700 Elk-ton at .809.81. 8,000 Garfleld CoosoL At .1444 .144.144. L200 Ootden rVaeoe at JStl.eU, LO0O Gold Magnet at .008. L8U) Havana, at .759.759.75, 1,200 Isabeisa at 204 9.22. 6,000 JefTerson at .049.04, 4.9UU LAgondA at .IOQ.12 700 LtUle at .900.90 9.0U0 MotUe Gibson at -21.21V.8.2u. U.0U0 Mt. Rosa S4 .14&.l4e.l2. 1.000 Old Gold at .0039k, 1.500 Portland At .9&31.02tJ.93, 1.000 Rocky Mountain at .08. 187.0UO Sentinel at .OUw cash .000, buyer 809.008; 4.000 Union at .ll.lli. 10,000 Work at .0240 .024.024. 600 Yukon U .14. buyer 30e.ll buyer 30. There were, also the following transactions In copper stocks: B Boston As Montana at 196, 2 Calutnet A Heels, at 550, 5 Osceola at 4C4 10 Quincy at 1144, ft Tamarack at 160. Closing bids for mining stocks on the various Exchanges yesterday: STOCK iXXCHAXGE. Alloa Alia Beat A Belcher Breev. Brunswick Chrysolite Cumatock T. Co. . . Con. CaJ. A Va. .. Ueadwood Enterprise Mm. CV. Father Ie Smet. . . . lorn Silver Iron Sliver Kingston A Pemb. .75 La Crosse .08 LeadvUI. .25 Little Chief .41 Max lean .14 Phoenix Quid .10 Potoe! .OS Plymouth Con .... .55 8aa. .65 Sierra Nevada .40 Standard Con IdL'nlon Consolidated. l-3L"tah .43 X.uow Jacket ..... .181 .13 .( .13 .13 .OS .20 .08 .14 .35 1.50 .10 .OS .28 CONSOLIDATED EXCHANGE. Alice American Coal . , Belcher Beat A Belcher.. Btttct Bvlmont :a!edonla. B. H. . Chollar Crown Point Chrysolite Con. Cel. A Va.. .SOUttto Chief 1.2U Mexican .oO.Moultoa .20 Ontario .4 (Jphlr . looccldantal .5o Plymouth .lOPotoal .00 Uulcksllrer .. .12 Quicksilver pf . .. Av Ssvsgs . iSlerra Nevada..... .08 Standard Small Hopes .06 CnkMi Oon VtcloT .03 Tellow JackM .21 .15 .20 2.50 .30 .76 .10 .10 1 0O ruu .08 .50 L53 .wo .05 1.00 .18 .22 J2 .88 .23 .20 .21 .11 .Oft .WO .02 .11 .u2 Comstock T. Co. stuck Comstock T. Co. bonds Comstock T. Co. Sony Credent . .04 Argenrum Juan! la. . .03 Alamo . .75 Anaconda . .10 Golden Fleece . .17 Isabella . .15 Mollle Olbaua . .70 Mount Rosa .40 U Pharmadat . 1.25 Portland Catalpa Lvadwood Terra. Eureka Con Father D. Smet . . Gould A Curry. . . Hal. a Nurcrose. Homeatak. ...... Horn Silver Iron Silver .4-, fipwimea .......... . lo L'nlon .lblWork .08 . Kingston A Pemb La LradvUle Con MIXIXO EXCHANGE. American Flag... .06 Lagonda Gold Magnet . .0o2Hucky Mountain.. Havana 754. Waldorf Japan 224jTukon a UNLISTED STOCKS. .12 .OS .03 .10 Alamo 02 Anaconda 45 Anchorta Leland. .63 Crlixil. C. Con... .(at lu.tlne Ullbt Molll. Oibaoa .03 .wo .20 .124 .008 W4 .008 114 .u?4 Mount Rosa, Cannon Ball .0044 Old Gold . . cikton 7 Garfield Con 14 Oolden FImc 3D Isabella 21 Portland Sentinel Union Work M. A M. Co. Jaffersoa ........ .044 BOSTON 8T0CX MABXET. BOSTON. May 19. Boston traded In 17.-40U shares and $35,000 bonda In the first half of the day. There was IK tie In price changes on which to comment. General steadiness prevailed, with some good buying, particularly tn Sugar and Dominion Coal, but mining stocks were quiet, and even C, B. and Q. was neglected, less than one thousand shares of. R changing hands in morning dealings. Rubber stocks continued to attract attention and again advanced. Dominion Coal was up Vi at 23, closing at 22, with preferred higher, at 106. Montana gained H. to 195. Butte lost . to 24. wtth t rally. Centennial was V lower, st 13H- Osceola was off. at 45. Ailouex was lower at 24- Arnold was off 4 at 14S. Franklin rights were off 20 cents, to bo cents. Oas 2ds rose 2, to 72; 5s rose 11. to 90. Closing bid end asked: Railroad Cssangusles. Bid. .221 .22U .)tk .272 .1134 .1174 - .127 .law . K2 .lo3 . 2 Asked. 223 Bc-ton A Albany Boston Lowell Hoston A Maine Boston a Providence Chicago Junction A Stock Tarda. . Chicago Junction A Stock Yards pf PltchUirg pf 7. MaJn Ontral Old Colony , Wrtl End H'ttl End pf Wisconsin Central ','. Mining; Cesapaale Aetna (quick sit T.r .. , Allou.s Arnold Atlantic " ' Boston A Cripple Creek Stt.onk.Monln Butt. Boston Cluml Hecia Centennial Franklin ""' Oold CV,ln Mine. .."V;. "I" Napa (quick.Uv.r) O-eota Pioneer (gold) II! Till"! Wulncy Santa Tsabel , Tamarack Tcumaeh Wolverine ' Mlaeellaneeas. American Bell Telepbone........ Dominion Oual Dominion Coal pf .JI..! Edison Electric Illuminating Erie Telephone General Electric General Electrle pf . Illinois Steel ""' I unison Cons. Store Service New Enaland Telephone ......... Philadelphia Cbmpanjr Pullman Palace Car ........ United States Oil United State, Rubber Weatlngtious. Electric WMtlnghouse Electrta pf 114 114 100 iwo S24 104 V 4 . 144, . 25 live . 34 .650 . 13S . 11 . .80 . 7 . 45 34 .113 :.5o 4 24 .124 lt5V 34 555 14 1IH 4 454 lis t 154 2 214 .260 . 224 .1 .lew 22. Iv7 17 . 8t, 34 ws A3 31 S3 li3 IF ... WO ... OO ... 314 ...12 ... 314 ...182 ... 1.14 ... 31 ... X24 ... 53 Cnllated Seenrltles. Merced Oold Mining Old Dominion Copper Mining 4S PHTXADEXPHXA TRICES. PHILADELPHIA. May 19.-Tbe PhlladeL pfcla market was dull but strong; to-day. Cambria, Iron was again the feature, advancing from 42H to 44 on what may be considered activity for that 'stock. Ths street hsd It that the Government was negotiating for the plant Rumors of a possible Increase In the dividend rate were also current Schuylkill East Bide 5s rallied to 102. The rest of the list, while uniformly strong, wss quiet and narrow. Closing bid and asked prices: Lehigh Valley , Northers Padne common, t e Sftsx Northern Padnc p....V7 JwT Proaayl vaala a 74 87. Reading t. e.... Reading 1st pf.. Reading 24 pf... St. Paul 8 13-M 4 Z3 HHtw new Tore Fennarhraaia. a Matropolltaa Rail war ....1V Philadelphia TracUoa.. ...... ....... 834 Baltimore Cone.. . ........... 22U Union Traction g Electrle Storage 22 Elertrte Storasw pf. .... ........... . 24 United Oa. lmproe.rn.ut ....U44 Wei. bach Light.... ................. 44 New Jersey Traction estA American R. B. L.. ...... xvZ Usrstei.. .-a w 1SV -W wVL 9- Choeta Readlnc Kieetne at r. a... ...... ...1....... S3 Equitable O. Ss .104 Pa Mfc. Sa pC rcts.. aa uons. ntu U CHICAGO QUOTATIONS. , CHICAGO; liar 19. West Chicago was firm to-day. at Khi. North Chicago had a few ales at 199199. Diamond Match soU n 151 2? 2 'IS 474 14 ssvt ' 14 rnAxciAia. Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking Railroad Company, REORGANIZATION. The andet signed ReorgsnltstVin Coaamlttae. dated May 12. 1SBS, ass sdoptsd the feUowtsg plaa of reorganisation of the property ssd se- ewrtUee ef the rVJnsihns. Sandusky aad Hocking Railroad Cosxpaay. Holders of bonds' sad stock of the Own pa ay are sot I Sad s 4800811 their se curl ties wtth tbe Deposltsrlee of the Ctasssslttee, The Mercantile Treat Cbsassay. Mew York, aad tbe Deshler National Bask. Ohio, oa or before JVK SO. 1SSS. attar watoh date Ce securities win be received, except aeon PLAN. New Railroad Company as be Issue the following: Ntw Secarities. First Mortgage roar Per Cent. Oold Bands (pi nait .tssoa. $3,000,000: re. ssnliig 81.0O0.0OO for aAdltwwi.l property aad requirements of sew Coxa pany) ; $4,000,000 ateoond Mtxrtgage rear Per Cent. Isoosse Bonds AOOaOOO Prafarred Stook (four par eeat. mulairve) ..... A00O.000 Coaamoa Stook A 000.000 Preseat Sccaiitics ts Receive, CL For each preseat Prior Lien Bond of $L00Oi ta.) In sew First atortgase Bonds. 31.000 (b.) In sew Preferred Btock. 200 $L250 (X) For each preseat Oeaersl Mortgage Bond af $1,000 paying oaah asss aunt of 310O: 0v) la new First Morvgag Beads. $180 (b.) In new Sirond Mortgage- Income Bonds .'... 009 (o.) In new Preferred Stock...' 290 (3.) For each present Income Bond of $L0UO, paying cash a aai asm rat of $100: (a.) Is new First Mortgage Bonds. $100 (b.) Is new Preferred Stock SCO S8U0 (4.) For each present share ef stack, paying $1 la cash: U.) In new Second Mortgage Is- oucne Bonds $3 lb.) In new Common Stock........ 50 $55 Caah payxoants will ba called by the Commltts la Install mania of 29 par cent., upon tes days notice, to be published after piaa Is declared operative. Copies of the Plaa aad Agreement of Reorgani-satloa may be obtained on application ts TUX MERCANTILE TRCST CO. New York. May 17. ISM. LOlil FITZGERALD, JOHW T. TERRY. LEVI C. 'Ve'EIR. FRAXK K. STVRQIS. JOHX O. DESHLER, HESRY W. PITS AM. Jr.. Reergnnlsntien Cnsnnslttee. ALV1N W. KRXCH. Sac'y. 120 Broadway. SEWARD. GUTHRIE A STEELE. Cbonsel. at 136-137. but closed at 136 Biscuit common went at 2 42734. ths the closing price; preferred opened at to hV4, snd closed at W1. Clearing House settlements: AmerK-aa 8trs wboard C A Chl. CAD. Co Diamond Match Co. of Illinois...... National Biscuit Co. com National Blacult Co. pf Chl. Brew, at Malt. Co ChL Brew. A- Mall. Co. pf Mil. A ChL Brew. Co MIL A CnL Brew. Co. pf.. ......... Chl. Pkg. A P. Co Chl. Pkg. A P. Co. pf Int. Pkg. A P. Co Int. Pkg. A P. Co. pf.... ChL City Railway N. CM. St. Railroad W. ChL St. Railroad South Side Elevated Railroad Lake 8C Elevated I. Lake St. Elevated tr. ctfa Street's W. S. C Line fat", sUd MS eo4 134 27 k4 s S3 W 844 33 414 174 ...... 40 iw4 v?S 64 ..... 134 .. 11 204 RAILROAD EAR.YISGS. 1808. 1SBT. ISSS. ALABAMA OREAT SOUTHERN Mllaas IW S10 SIS 2d week May.... $30,61 (25.514 S2o.otM From July 1 1.531.574 1.41353 L443.01S BALTIMORE A OHIO OLTHW ESTERN Mlleaaw Wil VII 21 3d week. Mar fV.4.034 1111.253 tlOCs V From July 1 .2au9e e.08S.18i 3.3L3.SOO BUFFALO, ROCHESTER A PITTS BURO Mileage X3W S40 2d week May..... IB. 713 $88,814 From July 1 3.1W8.0&7 S,9jAAs $80,773 XT46.223 CHE8APEAJUC A OHIO Mileage 1.380 2d week May .... $304,213 From July 1 10.209,779 1.S69 $1B.74M 1.S80 $1S2.1T AW4a,S43 sso $7 ASIA CHICAGO OREAT WESTERN Mlleaaw W0 SSO 24 week May..... 3100.TVJ .f3.8W8 Fun July 1 A8S4.10O 4,081.180 CIVELAND. LORAIN A WHEEXJNO Mil l3 12 39.572 334.473 tt3 2d week OyT.J $29.7tA From July 1 1.323.837 L014.837 FLINT A PERB MARQUETTE MUeas. 848 Sag 2d week May .... 353. OOO From Jan. 1 1.08S.27S KANAWHA A MICHIGAN Mileage 172 2d week May .... 311.483 From Jan. 1 114. 127 LAKE ERIE A WESTERN Mileage 735 2.1 week May .... S4L123 From Jan. 1 1.234.131 LOt ' IHT LLB A NA0HVILI.I S43.S22 18.870 148,403 725 $42,733 1.UL2O0 Wi us 172 38.HWI 174.8S4 72S $81,437 L347.S3S 2. WSS Mllw i.tmb 3.W78 3d weak May MSAeao 8374.US 83S7.410 From July 1 1W.OZ1.1W7 17.770,538 17.na0.O83 MINNEAPOLIS A ST. LOUIS Mileage 370 3TO 370 " "eek Mar SAS.fieS 333.808 331.3S8 rram July 1 i.wea.eue ltxaw3 1, ,aa.U4 NEW TORK. ONTARIO A WESTERN Mileage 481 4A1 477 Sdweek May... $84,342 147.127 $75.A8 From July 1 A438.2M I.3SXP2S At33.UaS PEORIA, DECATUR BVANWVILIJ5- Mlleage Ml 331 331 Jdweek May $18.0811 $13,813 $12,153 From Jan. 1 3M.OW3 $10,418 3us.W77 PITTSBURG A WESTERN Mllaas aas m ? week May fSa.Swo S.-V8.774 From July 1 2.SU7.2IS S.lea.443 ST. LOUIS A SAN FRANOSCO Mileage i.kjj l.m " May IIS.., HOT. 78 From July 1 S.WS4.73S s.l54.3uS ST LOUIS SOCTHWEBTFRN lare 1.-2B j -f May $72,4W1 f7;S 343. W2S 2.84S.04A 1.32S 1.222 STO StMt ' iy s .i4S,T38 ..347 A41A3IS sjt-THEss RAILWAY. (, ve ef fcUmpnla Mtlaase .. 4.527 24 week May B3W.21B A824 tm $33LSK2 $314 SOW From July 1 lk.W72.LM 1AA41 SIS ifl-ZTZ SOrTHERM RAILWAY. (Memphis Ilelaio.)'- F-n JalyT iJta.. LlSSA. WHEELING A LAXX ERIE Miii. .... .... 147 14T WISCONSIN CENTRAL iiu.::: .w.SI m55 22 aTa' X o(Li.nflNA for mil 0.4O8 28.A3 $1,104 24.47 Net eerntnga ... From Jaly 1 Orean earnings . Met earn Ing. .... 1AWU4 2A.54S 8.4Ti 22A.07a 47 17AS4S Mlaeellsneweis Emralagrs, pan;ofT f Jea COM. "pr..:: irjaa"i-- 2S 2r?i.!ri2a - tnTr 7i mm - .... AW 42S.S14 nWAKCIAX, AXwoCVCVMaTWTS. A aseal-aaaaal etvldend ef 1 nee mm tv. c"U1 Trnet Qmmasy. la atraswwy. HeVYark! XJCW COEPOBJLTIOaT. ..Tbe Baldwin Engine. ring- rescxanw ef New York City; capital Ko?t Su rS. rectors-Wllilam J. Baldwin! WiTaain J f"-'-. - 1 R HsSd.ot'Nei Marlon Hotel Company e Caldwell. New J.""11: ?.t7"'fkl.-. DtreorVTZ itb. uretys as. nnnia, BJsa I lmg H. New York City. R- H. Hood Oompany of New Tort to a Z"ZZrZ ioray. Vetropolltaa Llgterare Comvany of Ke-w York City, to operate tranjortadon boats la waters adiseeat to New York citr rwTa. riXAXCLaL. REDEMPTION i General Rrst Morlgaje Bondi . or THS . BORTHKRJI rACIFIC RAILROAD COM- FAST. Xetlce Is hereby given that Fear tmadrad aaf thirty- we (42) ef the General Flret sfrirtrg. Bonds e the Itorlbera PsdAs RaOroad Caauaury were this 'day drawn for the Banking wi w seoardaaos with the raqeJremeau of ArtteieB Eleven aad Twelve ef the Truat Mortgage, aaax. acred as follows, six. I SMS sue SIS see 413 T1S 12W3 I2we S530 40 $747 3hu swie avjo SV37 SaOd sue 4117 4173 4587 414 SS1 vcxtu touts wnse twei 1W147 1U2W3 loo4 li&ui lu&toS lut.14 riMM 13S2S J71S1 . S144S S977S 1354 17277 323U ,7W2 13527 172NS 32W SV7V8 X5ta 173UO 33 SowbS 135S5 ITjuS 3357 3WI4S 1357 173S AM71 SwIWl I3S11 I7S5I 3372S SsUO 1S8U 17SW4 33753 BV347 13814 17453 33WI3 3V3AJ 13815 1747V 33M.13 Sw3s 1 81 173 34VC4 3W433 3.T711 K3I mu 3M.H 1X7M 1vX4 341K4 SVOM 13737 INViS 34Ji 8WC47 1.-MI4 1K4K4 S44W3 x.w 13W24 ISO 7 478 Sv7t3 14U8.4 Iwsat 34WW4 3w7M 14UW3 IMsa AVJT.3 3W7V7 14a4 1-Me X.JK7 awt 14) 1-7M3 3.'im4 3vcl 14242 1738 Ski 4s13 142fi4 18758 38771 417 143oS 1M7 37HU 41320 144l lts7 871 4133 144"ft l-e47 37133 4U.-4 144WT 1W7S 37134 41325 14541 iHUvt 3723 414JO 14833 1MCL3 8723 4I4MO 148M 1WI44 S73H7 414-1 144HW 1UIV) 41511 14H47 1W220 27433 4IM 14-48 1W243 37473 4I7H 14Att 1W573 37543 417KI 14H4 lwwm 87547 41W1 14.70 IWblw 37V.2 41WK4 15t47 lli2 17377 4)Ws 1M1 1WKUO 377tSS 4IWWO 15131 2I3 37-el 41WW1 152 M4 37eS 4IWM8 132K5 2cri 3727 Sa I5312 22 7NB r42"l 1SV7 270 3743 4J0 153MM 2-OtO 37h48j 23 I.VtS 2lH4l H7.'tl 4AU5 1.VVT7 2i42 37V.J. 42l7 1-VVO SM4M S7-.-t 421KS 1551 9:72 3773 422w 1.VS) e.l4 XT) 4itl3 l.VIHI 21144 37t.i7 43411 15X2X 2IH22 7V. 4.1154 I55a JKXJ 37W13 15Wtat 2711 87V! 3 4.V.&3 l.'4l 2M1I8 3lr 44VI4 i'ClH 2MT2t an.V.7 44e l4t 21041 324V 44173 114 StsctM 3kat 4427 lawi 3tZO 37Cf 4428 ltk-3 C. 37" 4A33 18714 3trjW4 37 IS A4U7 1S3 C21 37 1 W 4442 1SMUO t)MM 3721 44MS 17UU2 S1844 SS723 4523 458TT 4'fc 471 4174 471 IS 47S4 474 4747J 4T54 471; 4777 4776 47e 4TWS 4Tn 4-iJ 4134 4i-e 4.Vt S41I 4-4T.W 4WJ4 e4 4WS 4wWrl 4-.)4 4118 4WW24 4XV.-8 4MOS 1KI 112 1144 11550 ll3 lloW7 11850 117M 117M8 USUI 11C3 1IM1 11W38 1IW78 I2I4 1243 ln 12113 121W 124ss 1244V 12473 124W2 124W4 124W3 124W7 12515 1253 122l 12523 12524 12.VM 12S33 1273 12-xel 12!S4 12W35 174 lM5 13144 1.T2UU 13201 1A2I3 13513 13514 1.V.1S 13518 liilS IrMTl suit 8213 8231 8478 84 TV tiSS ewto 8712 STJA 8UH SolO w7 V7 7t63 7257 727S 7Vt 737S 732H 771 7W68 MM 2 Ml 81M KtW 847 8417 8iM 8723 8730 8784 814 l7 SW83 U37 W3M W417 W47 5178 -SU1V3 8"27 0CA 044 s.fc-7 6A) 81VJ3 . 81124 01 A 8I33T tir 1KT2 oar 4 t.nif 01114 0li2S fri4 x ftr7T bx A-e AX2d A214 832VS 1V4 5.'v basiS AH future Interest of say of the bonds so daa. lgnated ceases with the coopooa dee inly 1. 1SW4L Is aecordaaos wtta, the terms of the saor. cage. CENTRAL TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK By G. SHERMAN. Vice Prealdewt. I NEW TOrUf, MAY 13. IStoS. We. tbe nnderalgaed. hereby certify that ths Four hundred and thirty wo (433) Aeeigcated by lot la ear pre a. ace as staled. GEORGE P. ROB3IXS. With Central Traat Company of New York! A. H KENT. Of the Northern Padfle Railroad Cbsapaayt FRANK B. SMUJT. Notary Public. New York City ssd County. PROPOSAL. 31 CITY OF TRENTON WATER BONDS. 0e f ths Cltr Trewswrwr, Clty ( Trata. X. J.. May 14UA. lageS. Sealed proposals will be received at this office until three o'clock P. M.. wmm. DAY. MAY 25t 189S. tor the purchase at the whole of One Hundred aad Bevrcty-fivs Thousand Dollars Water Bonds of the Cltr of Trenton. N. J., maturing Jan. I, 1927. Ths above bonds will bear Interest at the rate of four per cenL per annum. They wm be registered or coupon, la dejaomlaatktas af $100. or multiples thereof. Interest payable semi-annually oa ths first days of Jaly and January of each year, at the effloe ct the City Treasurer of the City af Trenton. N. or mailed by check to tbe registered bolder thereof, wherever purchaser cany select. Each bidder will be required, as aa evidence of gocd faith, to Inclose with bid a certified check oa a National bask for 110,-OuO. payable to the order of W. J. B. g to ken. City Treasurer. Checks will be returned ts unsuccessful bidders. Pnrrbaser must pas sccroed interest, on bonds from Jan. L Pe4. One year's Interest from Jan. L IX7. to Jan. 1. Lmto, being canceled. Bonds must be taken vp wlthla thirty days cf. award. The above boads wrill be awarded be tbe bidder whose proposal will be tne moat favorable to the dty. bat the right Is reserved to reject any or all bids sot rtenmed for the Interest of ths dty. All proposal, must be Indorsed I'luuusale forjClyof Trenton VVevter Bonds. nxd aa W. J. B. STOKES. City Treassrer, DIVIDENDS. lea ef WrUherh Co ae ratal 40 Wall SC. New York. May 12. 1 AtvlHut a TWl. PVU .... , . . '"ck. payable June 10. Ittws. to stocahoWars' of w si . -ms or waaraaas May 31. Tr Jane 1 to Jane 10. hnth Inclsalro. CSmcAs will , wnsnu i - 1 j wl TTs Mexlena Xerthern Eallway N. Y. OfSet, 27 William May 17. ISSS.' Coupon No. IA ef tha Pins tll'LlZL ef thie Cewipaay. dee Jane lat. Its, wiu he said oeand after that date tan prewnutton. at Lbs w mww umcwi, rtm XI Vt 111 lain at. C. J. NO CHS S. Jr Sacr Tfc ate-xleaa Isrihrra Railway Cwana J' 9T-J7 William May 17. 1SBS-Th Board af Dtraetne. haa . dlvlAead (Na 38) ? Owe per Out- ssnaia ius , . , . ' er me I-er Veat. far a Ma Jy booka. The trmnafer books will be ciueed ea Mar a.. . . a . . . , m w. mm, ssi 1 a jane 1. C. J. NOUK.4E. MEETTJIGS AID KLECTIOIS. FnelSe Mall Slewnaahlg. Company. . Mills BnUdlng. 34 W e sc. New York. May 1L 1S. The Sny-Arat ssawnl ei-stlng at tea aaarknoiA. era of the PsdOe Mall SHesmahlp C(enpasy wta o iw esncw 01 wo .nwipany. a. Mall St (Milks BuildUtsT.l-In the- Cltv mmt V Wadasweay. tha 20th day of May. Its, hm, the howra of 12 noon and 2 aesnrk s m e .t. etertlun of Dlreclora. and. the traam-tloe) of sncb ntber boalKwea ss may properly come before lu The traaofer books of (he enmseay will oiow at tha ofnee of tba Union Truat Snpanr. oa Monday, the lath day of May. IStta. g weloek P. M.. and win iwopen oa Thursday. Jaae 2d. UstL at 18 ecJock A. M. JOrTEPH H ELLEN. SWeretarr. . Bap Deeltraed a Mealier. HEMPSTEAD. U L. May 19. Stanvhea B. Story of Baldwin's VUlage Is savted br all the other little boa ta the piaea. for ba has la bis possession a letter from FTvat-dent MeKlniey. Stephen Is the soa of Mr. f11?. T0orT of Baldwin', nad t .but."VvSt Fears of age. At tha hmLaf 25L.?f " wr deslgwed a mimature mottr. and seat tbe plana to the Prest-deot In " aahinrtoa. IHs letter, which ao-mmpeoed bis autrgewtlon. told the ITem detrt ta bo fh-ts with tbe Ppealards. Staohwa -ver exported aa answer, aad It came aa blr sarnriao ta Aim a . President aad a small Jlar were twomewA fnm Washington for th boy. and tbe Meter thanking him for bis patriotism. Klewtrta Ceapsay Ineerpernte-d- EIAZABETH. X. J- Mat lfl.-Tbe rYanwcsa- srs FJectrto Coespany baa Sled articles af Uttcsrporatloa here. Those named ta tha papers as the incorporators are Georre F. trrV -"" ana w. j. Lara. O Connor, ssd Charles MeArthur ef Jersey City. Tbe company is anderatond to be the representative of the srndjcnts vhlrk haa 1 nm. . - 1 . . c . . . . m iiectrie light Compaay.

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