The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1949 .BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ET.ETRW OUT OUR WAY By J, R, Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc Concrete culvert* U inch to 48 inch, plain 01 reenforced Also C'annretf Building Blocks cheaper than lumbei tot barns chicken himses pump luius«s. l*nanl houses, tool sheds Wl drlivej Call at, tot litt estimate Phone «9] OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. TU6 ACORN A TOee TO SCENT 6SAO.SIR/ I. AW HOOPLE ~- JUST A SCULPTURE 1^ "W6 CNIC ARTS CONTEST/ OFFERING VOO A SCOOP LIFE STORV VOITW PICTURES-~ HAVE TO HUNT UFA r>.RKIM' FUACE--rJOW >lOU HAVE TO HUNT UP AUTO -TOUD US A LITTLE ABOUT VOOR- MOR6 WORDS "tUftM 1H6RE ARE tlR. ELIOT'S FW6-FOOT SHELF. IT'S STILL. FI16 ALOMG WITH MOOS) ROCKETS AMD PERPeTUAU MOTION.' ARE ClTV EDITORS SO SlTtER CAMEO FOR SALE By Virginia Teak Call sk for either while or colored river. Elsht cabs at your service. RENT A CAR "" OrlTe Anyif her* Yon Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 P ERCHED on the platform of a tail sleplacldcr, tlagar Blair found her eyes level with the long, narrow window near the ceiling of her storeroom. As she gazed outward, her strong, tanned lingers fumbled with a useless pencil,'parsing tlie rup- ; lured point idly across the ; f ace of the v inventory. pad 'propped on her knees. She had called for extra ptm- . cils. and presumed that Stephanie, •her young assistant In the Three Wishes Gift Shop, was getting them. "From Timbuktu, pr&b- ably," she muttered. Hagar had been pleased at the prospect of helping a struggling young writer, she had pictures consultations, late coffee and com- radcrle, but the girl hadn't entered into (he spirit ol the thing She never brought her writings \\ Hagar for advice or criticism, she was downright secretive about he writings. "Great graven gods'. Are 301 getting those pencils, Stephanie? Stephanie glided in, her wall much swifter than usual, her crys tal-blue eyes much wider. He slender hands with their shor pale nails were clasped tightly i front of her—and she carried pencils! Hagar promptly started dow the stepladder with jerky move merits of her bony, slack-clad leg Stephanie had put a finge across her lips: "He's out there she whispered, "the man Ne O'Neill's always with!" "Who?" "That Martin Falter!" You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair HflLTCRS IUHLITY SHO€ SHOP 121 W M a I N ST. sirw "I need that chocolate to frost a cake for my •club—don't cross the street against the lights! HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERKILL BLOSSEB Animosity MY WORD/ ARE | NOPE/THE BRINK WE POISED OW i OF THE AMMUAL- TUE BRINK OF I KINGSTON- CIVIL WAR? J FOOTBALL GAME/ KINGSTON IS KING/ &OW DOWW, SHADYSIDE/ ii.tnSAi.EU- 8» 1'RISCILI.A'S POP Silence Is BY AL VERMEF.R WOW! MRS. BOTT5 WAS HAVING AN ' ARGUMENT WITH MR. BOTT ...AMD THEN SHE SAID SHE HAD A GOOD NOTION TO PACK UP AND SHAME, PRI5CILLAI IT'S NOT POLITE TO LISTEN — NEIGHBORHOOD VIC FLINT Time to Move BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY md RALPH LANE WE'RE iEAViNs7\7wE HEAD FOR^ 5L1NT. AND ERIK CUBA NOW, BUT REMAINS AT THE n YOU DON'T BOTTOM OF THE L .QUIIE MAKE IT/ OCEAM.CLEEK CUT HIS AIRLINES AT MY COMMAND. Haftrar picked tip the box and opened it. "Hey!" she couldn't • control her amazement. "Where did you gel hold of this? 1 ' it — I don't know — it fell," she murmured. "I'll pay for it, Hagar. I'm sorry.' CAPTAIN EASY An Kleclrical Idea [JAG n if: AGAR frowned. "So what? So Martin Falter,' she whts- WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store percd back. "He's been in here before—you've seen him before. Don't tell me you've fallen for thai tur-tTimmed oVd renegade!" , She brushed past Stephanie ond went out to confront the visHor. She rammed 'her fists into her 1 pockets as she advanced Xo where Falter stood, his head bent over the cabinet containing her collection of cameos. They Caced each other in the manner that had become typical o£ their encounters—wordless, and with the uncompromising calculation of a pair of unacquainted dogs, Hagar stood, inwardly raging, while Falter's narrowed eyes ^^j swept over her figure. Helplessly she sensed what he was totting up Thin body, lean chest—made even leaner by her black, pullover jersey—shapeless hips in shapeless black slacks, and the whole composition topped by her uncontrol pointing out a carnelian, "came from Florence. H has an unusual double engraving. If you'll look closely—" Ha£ar jerked, making a tinn oi empty grab in Stephanie's direction: "Oh,^ pot! Stop with that summertime spiel, girl. Faller's not interested in cafcieosl" Falter grinned and in a Leisurely ay took a cigaret from a pigskin asc and lighted it. He reached nto his jackel pocket and brought ul a silver box about lour Inr'ies cross its gently mounded top. Vith an elaborale geslurc, he laced it on Ihe glass surface ol IE cabinet and stepped to one ide. Hagar strode over pirked it up nd opened "it: "Hey!" She couldn't control her mazement and delight. "Grea ords of creation, man! Where die you get hold of this?" Martin Falter picked a small shred of tobacco from the end of us tongue: "I thought it would give you a olt Even the great unwashed ike me have heard ol the extent of your collection. But 1 still say Hagar flapped both hands from FOR COSOPKTE SALE CULVERT TILE uosti you an; « >B ! I. r * ches. less yet i»t» ionn«i nlhci bridge materkaJ CONCKKTt SEWER TILE Sizes 4-E-& Inchn CONCRETE SKITIC TANKS Ben rnctt «»t DHIVCI A.H.WEBB Highway 61 at State Line Phone 714 ATTKNTION UX-G.l.'s To Maintain Vour Benefits. PAY VOUR LEGION DUES NOWI DO^ s-ASON POST 24 "Oil, don't look so We'll work it out lable gray hair. "Well, all right!" she burst out "So 1 look like an up-ended floo mop! What do you want?" Her eyes fastened disdainfully on the black, curling hair vealed by his open collar.. Th man was so perdition vain abou his virility that he wouldn't eve bulloo his clothes against ih wind! Grvidging\y T her sculptor eye went over his wide shoulder flat stomach and slim hips. No bad tor his age—he must be ^ or so. He gave her what he probably thought of as a charming smile: "You'll be more cordial, Hagar, when I tell you why I've com«." £ turned and let his glance range through the cameo cabinet: "Nice collection. From what 1 hear in the breeze, though, there is much more of it, much rarer items. Right?" "Miss Blair has cameos from all over the world." Hagar and Falter glanced at you don't own anything to compare with this." H Stephanie who suddenly had arrived beside them. Hagar appeared annoyed; Falter, detached and contemplative. Thi« yrgf," the jirt continued, TJFAGAR angrily faced his trl- umphant smirk: "I slill want to know where you got this. Steal it?" She watched Fallen's grin fade while his pale eyes turned the gray metallic color ol a dead fish. "1 can lorgivc that remark." he told her. "because I realize It would be entirely possible for you to steal—if the loot were a rare caaico like this. But, sorry to disappoint you. 1 came by the pin honestly. For, well, let's say services rendered." There was a shattering crash as something hi! the tile floor. Hagar spun around and saw Stephanie staring down al a (ew bright-col ored fragments that once had been a della Rohbia vase. One of th girl's bands was poised in mid-ai over the silver box on the cabinet Hagar clasped her hands prayer fully and looked up al the ceiling then turned an exasperated fac to Stephanie: "You realize, my girl, what tha he wrists: woebegone! ater.*' She turned back to E'alter: 'Now. listen: You probably know low much this cameo is worth don't doubt that you had,ii valuer! before yo;] came loping in here with it. Also. I suppose you're going to quote me some astronomical price just because I'm a collector." He shrugged and hitched one knee over Vhe edge of a counter. "You should be grateful that I'm giving you lirst chnnco at it. As a mailer of fact, my dear Hngar, I'm beginning to wonder if you realize what this little Hem is. Maybe you don't know its history." Kaller lifted Ihe pin from Us box and displayed it in the palm of one hand. Hagar's chocolate-colored eyes avidly registered each detail: llie gentle rose-red glow ol the car- nclian with the exquisite carving of the weeping woman; the limned old frame outlining the stone, set Hh small diamonds and cxlcnd- ng at the outer edges into crown- ke points which were topped •ilh liny pearls. "Well," began Falter, "orlgin- lly, this pin was designed lor sanclla d'Esle by an Ilalian raflsmnn. Then, it was supposed have fallen inlo Ihc possession f Lucrezia Borgia during all thai nter-family political and amorous ntrigue which was taking place thing cost us!" Stephanie bent gather the pieces: BY LESME TURNER M\EXT MRM1MG Ift^ fcPPEMW <5U1TE DOCILE lN> WHEU THE GUARD BRINGS HI* BREAKFAST. .THEM REMOVE THE IICHT SOCKET. UWEWEt. THE- TWO HIDE 'EVl UMDER *W COT NEEDED THW IOW PLACE IN TH6 FLOOR IS IN EXAC7LM THE RIGHT DOW TO PULL LIGHT WE IOOSE! OF ESCftPEi TARTS PREPARATIONS THAT M1SHT. BUGS BUNNY I,ns( Straw t that time." Flagar shook her head in Impatient denial: "You're giving the wrong spiel. It stayed in the pos- ession o[ the d'Esle family for almost a century. I tion'l know why people get so almighty fascinated with the Borgias that they lave to ring them in on any and every thing that took place in the 15lh century. If Lucre/.ia Borgia actually owned every work of art and jewel that legend gives her, she'd have had to rope off the whole city of Rome to corral the stuff." Martin Falter eyed her narrowly: "So you do know some- miscrably t thing about this pin?" •1 was dustin . (To lie Continued) NOW TO EN JOV TELEVISION SET IN PEACE/ THIS IS ONE PAY I'M NOT SOING TO BE PESTEREP THAT 5CWEWBAI.U WA.BSIT/ BUGS BUNNY IN SNAPPY OOKES AN' GAGS/ HIYA, POCS/ BE A SENSATION.' <J Ci.N A LSCTIKE MAKE SPEECHES TO WOMEN AS A MEMBEE OF THIS RESEARCH SECTJP. IT'S DUTY.' \VE NEED THOSE FFTVGSES. NOTHNG TO IT i XCOF:,.JUST GET DONT EVEN \UPAND SAY KNOW HOW TO BEGIN A THINK H&LL DOIT? "LAP1E5 AND GENTLEMEN: ©NCE AGAIN OUE PfJEHISTOEtC MAN. WHO BY THE MIRACLE OF A. TIME-MACHINE 15 NOW ASSOCIATED WITH A GROUP OF SOENT15TS. 15 PRESSURED FC2. AID IN AN IMPORTANT PK3JECT THIS TIME FINANCIAL, Video Spots Explained By University Engineer ITHACA. N.Y. —f/Pj— Those spots that look like sno\v on your television screen arc explained In a new way by Doctors Henry G. BooX- er and William E. Gordon, of Cornell University engineering faculty. You could call them ptclmu of >• rr m the Mi. When Ihc television signals u Ihiough the watery blobs Ihc rays are scattered in mans 1 directions. This scattering causes the ".snow" and also causes television sets to receive the signals at exlraordinary distance.";. Ordinary television slg- ln straight lines and by the earth's curva- nals travel are cut off turc at SO miles or less. The Cornell tngmeers also explained a second and better tor lelev'.simi o«M.s!!y s great distances. This they said Is apt to occur In the peculiar wearier conditions known as tcmpera- .ure Inversions. It happens when Ihe air close to the earth Is colder than that higher up. The place where the two air temperatures meet acts like a pipe for lelevlslov signals. This temperature line follows the earth's curvature and 10 do the signals. Modern oil wells commonly reach depths o! 10,000 feet.. BOOTS AND HER MIDDIES Ain't H Grand? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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