The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTltBABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISHOUHI VOL. XXX—NO. 201 » llle IJttliy Mivmrvllle CoUIltt. RIvth»»11l« Henll. B1,YT1!KVM,I,K, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, .NOVKMIiKU 8, SINGLE CKNT3 36th STATE VOTES Revolt Flames Again in Cuba Will Create Work For 2,000,000 Presidential as Palace Havana Thrown Into Terror. HAVANA Cuba. Nov. « (UP) —Revolt against the Grau San Martin government, heralded by a spectacular aerial bombardment of the presidential palace, , threw the capital inlo terror today. Tlic powerful A. B. G. revolutionary society, with the coopcra- linn of •members of the army air force, slarled Ihe revolt after weeks of planning. They were ioincd toon after dawn by the Havana uolice force. President Ramon Grau Sa Merlin vo? in his palace, converted Into a fortress bristling ''^ in:'.r.'hi^ p.ri'S and with anti : irrlare r' 1T ". on the roof. The mm*, or that part of -it in •••pi'al. uroper. appeared to be '•••il to him alon? with the navy. Tt was Cuba's third revolt ii four months. Shooting in the streets and frotr nrr'anes fiyin? over the clt marked the eruption of giwvin 1'nrest under the provisiona regime of Grau San Martin, wh • -- > in into olflce by a revo a-"inst r.i:ra:do Machado. Rcslora'ion of Use adminlstra lion of Manuel d» Cespedes. wh was n stop nap between the die tatprial regime of Machado an •-n c- v an Government, was sa t- he the object of the new re volting faction. -.- - - =-•< Unconfirmed reports said nlanes •'rcprotl l^ombs on Camp Cohim- l>i- and that one plane was shot (inwn. Rebels told the United Press "•-t Ihty left 30 dead on the '"clumtia barracks air field outside ll.e city in a fight with soldiers loval io the povernment. A irroiin nf \vomen prepared a orivnte clinic in Ihe Vadado sec- linn as an A. B. C. base hospital. Street shooting began at 2:40 a. in. Shots. v;ere heard from all parts of Hie city In the vicinity of public buildings. Rifles and machine guns were being used. Viclor WASH1NGTO, NOV. 8, (UP) — 'resilient Roosevelt has approved 'lans calculated ta take 2,uOU.OO> arsons oil relief rolls throughout i 1 Q 361 404 he country and put mem ty -^.K| k- ' . i n a self sustaining basis, the White. io:ise revealed today. The plan will involve expenditure • ' at least $400,000,000 of govern- nent funds." ! WASH'NnTON. Nov. 8 (UP) — I ; Bales' Ginned Prior to Nov-| ember I. i i In high administration circles he decision to take the millions he wage carriers class by Novem- 16 was described as a depar- Tlie agricultural department today estimated 1933 cotton produc- ifT direct, relief and put, them in 'ion "t 13.1M.OXK) bales, compared | to 13,727.000 bales Inst year. The department has raised its! ure in relief "work and at the same ' estimate each month since the ime a "digging In" for the win- '. Aimist 8 estimate of 12,314,000 t . r j bales. On September 8 the depart- ', •npnt issued an estimate as of the I 'first of that month of 12.414.000, bales, and last month the estimate v-.i- 12.8RSH05 Iwles. The census bureau . reported that 10.361,404 nmiiini' bales of mtion had been ginned from the 1533 cron prior to November 1, compared with 0.247.045 for 1933. and 12,124.295 for 1931. The bureau reported 731,042 bales ginned in Arkansas prior to November 1, compared to 982,835 prior to the same date a year a80 ' Tnc report for Missouri was 13S739 bales Binned prior lo November 1 this year, compared lo 198.998 lost year. The department estimated the vield of lint cotton per acre at Observations — '.-^ i.v <:. U. !(.= 'llic contest !:i Monday's levci luaru election nlilch held (lie in- '.ccsl of 111,! general pulilk thruiiuhdiil this cfiuiily and C-'.IKT (dunlics i,f I!H. dbtrirl < t!i:u thwcim .!. L. Williams sine i r;harli>.s Coii'in-n., Jr., for ilu; (II I :('Uor.'lilp frcin the lliiid Mlssls- 13 Perish as Kentuckians Go to Polls aiu /MilfC Plutis HUE ON LIGHT Plffi Caruthersville Council Orders New .Election on Fiortllo II. I-aGuarili.i Bond Issue CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—T h c city council last night read and adopted an ordinance calling for a special election to -be held December 12 on a bond issue, for the erection at a municipal light plant here. This will be Caruthersville's third vcte oh this proposition. The first. h^ld .over two years .ago, tell a few Doles'jShortJrjf the two- thirds ma- jrolty necessary to establish the plant. The second election, held [his past spring, saw the bond issue j T,, nn ' rss e e short over a hundred votes. I Alabama It is expected that the Arkansas- Mississippi Missouri Power company .will make) Louisiana a strong fight, to defeat the bond] Texas Issue this time, as il .has in the | Oklahoma Kusion Candidate Is Victor Over Two Democratic Opponents. 208.7 pounds, on the 30,030.000 Cotton production by states for 1S32 and 1933 follows: Virginia . 39,000 North Carolina 695,000 Pouth Carolina Georgia ' ' Ti'orida I lush years city lio.ll, toda ' lfouml Ihe Tsmmuny Hall uolitica ™ chinB shattprcd aiKl n rpform ; • !•]:; ccunly divLsiun. H .ittiacti'd aitenlloli not only iu-msc il li'.vjlvcd Mr. Williams. f(ir years prt-sidelU of llir li-VJe l.'i.ani, bm because it pLT."enli'(l VHTliaps iln: lirsi U>M of |:olHlvai i.-mimenl slno the Democratic jrlmary In uliii'li J. M. Fulrell vas iiomjllali'u. Mr. Colinuiii. \iio bad prcviorsly been upixilnlr d l>y the govoriuir to fill a vacan- y on the k'Uv board, and who Vii.s supported by the Futri'll lead •IT o: Ills p'(rt of llif county. irlurally '.MIS (.-'iitslllcd a;> a 1'u .irll man. '.vinlc Mr. Williams. is is well kmru), is on Ihc other •itk" uf the fence In sl-.Uc Just to v,hat i.\'.en'. this political .•- r i>.cl of llic nice entered Air. Cdleman's victory Is lu'.id lo kill at li'iibl Ihe result of election i^ceius lo indicate! lha: ]erhaps llKVX' v,ho h::vc been in<> that Ih3 ijrivcrnor has lost Ills fjO]:ularity ulih the people may lit ii-islaken. Wha'.uiiT thi' reasons for his victory it Is ii.-cdless lo say thai Jin; cletiion of Mr. Colcnun is pleading to all who soe i\ need j ler a new deal IA adinlnihlriilion il Ihe Icvce district's ulfalrs. Tills! wrltLi' is amoii;.' Ihem, aiid Ls| happy lo have Ihe opjiorlunily to extend congratulations to Mr. Cole- msn and to ether newly ..elected members of the board fr v om tills] l-'UANKI-'OltT. Ky., Nov. 8. (Ul'l K-luucky counted ll.s dead at 1.1 li.ilay in 1 i|i[his oilHlnatiiu; In r!«- Ulltl Civic. Groups'"''" (inum-ls. I i pi •! 1 I I HfM-ii lost Ilirlr lives Ir, shool- cliool Lhllcll'en to! n. j3 ami .stabilities .by nli;lil(al I I'locilui day. and reports Iwlay (ron l. Kiii-U. ll.uliin, and l-'Ioyel c'JUiHk-s llslcj six iidiillloiiTil victims. .Hffin.'.s \vcre '.vomitlcd and mor? ilium 101) nrr^.sli'd throuKhcml tin lor the jianulc, which Is Hi several fo:UiiiTs al tin 1 Armlstir? Day celebration, lii-re ..sial-. 1 . Saturdav. have been camploU/i. _ ' TIKIM' ;] S ( C ,<i us slain tcday were hiHL' will be bill three vehicles |jj ss liaiisley ol Uarlan. Uullan In t!u- parade with mure Ulan »j Hull. Orvllle llnll, and a man Idoil- putsons murcMiitf. Tlir I i;j| t d u ,ii y us MulUns, all of ICnotl DEnTHill ilous will tx'gln to form at 10 o'clock and vUll move at lOMfi sharp. ii'cUrm 1, made up,of the 'janu, coloi.s, and nallunal (jiturJ, with Major Ivy W. Crawford commanding, will form on Main street, headed west, lietwcen Firyt mid Franklin streets. Sictloii '2. in> ol dbllngtilsli- cd Bursts irising), all ^x-;ervlc? men an-.! ni^iubyrs of the American Lcglwi. Kjmiiisli-Alneiltan wnr vcl- Asks All Service Men to March in Big Parade All cx-scrvicc men were urged In a statement l)y- Nelll need, commander of the Uud Cnson American I/egion |»st, to lielp make the Annisllce Day program here a success by Joining In the parade Saturday. Mr. Heed slid he was anxious to have a large bo:ly at vetjrana In lhu> line i[ march and asked tliat all me'n who have served und?r the cannLry't. colarr. participate in I'ne jjaradc. Pennsylvania, . Ohio and Utah Wet; Carolinas First Dry States. TUESDAY'S HKI'KAI, VOTH Marly aflcrn(Hiu tabulations cave: Pennsylvania — !i.222 precincts out of 7.9'W: for repeal, 1,293.815; :ij;alllst, 35D.H23. Ohio—(1,177 cut of H,5S5 jireclnrls: fur federal rrpcal. 1.317,402; aiiiiliisl. 581,297. For stale re- |H-iil, l.lfiMC4; against Unit re- llrnl, 54<i,044. Utah—GS2 nut of HO-t nreslnels: fin it-jirj), 9!>,f>K3; uRMlnit, 57,5C9. Fur iiiudlflcatlun uf stale lav, '->!,317; ar.ilnst, 50,03^. Ncrth C'arnllnu—1,,19C cut of l.*:il inrdnilHT fcr lepcal, 10V O. r i7; mahlst, 25H.244. Sniitli Cnrnliiui—1.008 out of I.m jirvcincli: for rtpcal, 33 COS; a*;ilri't, 37.C23. |«y Uulteit I'res^ i nepcul of the 18th nnicimment 1'inl conclusion of 13 years of pro. ihlbltlon In America were accom- ll'iruS PrltrOl Corridors,as '»llsli«l fads Inilnv despite unes- n . . v, •, Ipccted defeat of the repeal'M t< C C O imitlOll [Negotl<V[ln North and South Carolina. . n Tltn 1J(Vx • IKrV, AK.l 1AII. ^1. tions Upen. «nnity. Arthiii 1 Thompson and Dennis KiJtars. both u[ l-'loyd county. At Layman, Kentucky, llirec |>er- soii 1 . nerc shot lo dcalli ami several Injured, one was slain ill l.ouLM'llle. one at llarlan, and Uvo ntlivjrs in remote mountain .soclions yesterday. WASHINGTON. NOV. S. tUP) — The Soviet-American recognition conversations bCiKaii officially at Hie state dcpartincnl today beUvcon Foreign Commlsslonrr Maxim Llt- vliioll and Secretary of Slate Cordell Mull. rTnnnn BIT "-«"••« by^MaJ. FlorcllO Hj; ™iJW I hOiiardlR in comalete domlnatlaii* ^I'lS! ° r tne next-municipal admlnistra-j 223.000 amlooo, 1 '"" h orans. and Confederate veterans * ' LaUuardia, fiery independent leader of a coalition of Republican inil 4CO.OOO 480,050, 985.000 947.000 an(J wltt . Tlunma i >v Democrats, o-- Perhaps cspeeial congratulations' are due lo Mr. Ryerley of I.t-ach-j "to, ivho appa-.ently JWESCSSOS thej <y A. - Cunnlngtam commanding, will form on Main, hcadc:! iv=st. Franklin and Slat? depirlmcnl corridors \vcrc reroal. The 34th.-35th and 3fit!i states ratifying the 31st repeal amendment were assured by tho votes In Pcnnsylvnnlii.- Ohio -anil Utah. Drys In Vint Victories But the nntl-repeullsts had made n scntatlonal eleventh hour • flaud and (he dry triumphs In the Cmollnns broke a previously un- Inlcrr.ipted awing of 33 .stale.s for guarded by more tlian a score of | 0(n j w ii|( . s , x Mat vou secret service W a-. lllu y . cs[cr(] showed a lend , '-- of his fellow pvrlalivi degree. Mr. Cycr- 4.350,000 4,500.000 erwhelmed bolh Tammany's can- icy, who lias u;-\cr been known as didate, Mayor John P. O'Brien, a politician, received ev:ry vole past two elecions. ] Arkansas Shm's n!dn"l Fit—Siabbed BOSTON. (UI'i — His patience gone. James Walker stabbed Israel Samovitz. after he had tried 'n five pair-, of shoes and the shoe clerk failed to fit him. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 8. (UP)—Cotton closed steady, open high low Dec. Jan. Mar. Mav July Oct. 040 948 9G2 975 989 1009 972 979 9% 100S 1023 1039 937 944 957 971 985 1008 close MS 977 Ml 1005 1018 1033 1.135,000 1,327.000 The council appoinled Charles W. INV" Mexico 83,000 72.000 Shields to the post of city clerk, i Arboiia 81.000 r.n.ixo The vote on Shields was 6 to 2, f California . 200,000 129.003 Mayor W. D. Byrd not patticipat- j All others 10.000 15.000 ing In the appointment. Shields is to serve until the regular election ol city officials next spring, and can -.succeed .himself if the council then- reappoints him, as the city clerk is an appointed officer. Tlic clerk's' office i^as be;n filled tfinpcrarily by J. M. McGinnls, fol-1 lowing the disappearance of clerk j Thomas B. Ward, a few months ago. nmcdiatelc after Ward's sudden ,. ... , Y disappearance an audit of his books| Morton. UtleV nnd Lvnn indicated that he was ?3.800 short] in his accounts. Although the matter was placed in the hands of the I bending company that ,had him bonded, and a special investigator has been here checking over the clerk's records,'no legal steps have ri-nnm I'nii'nnn a " d B second major opponent.. cusl m Lcaflwil'c-. Such iiiianim- ''..' TeM hcr aHsochth.iis' with Mrs 1.230,0001,084.000 ,„.„„.. v M~TCp,, r^m-cri. mrlv,!!,. Ic ,>nt ,,,,h™r<l nf III .,..„ "11 1 CatllCr asSOCiaiKHlS, W1111 Mrs 11 a.m. Lake streets. . ' | Hull stepped forward r.nd cxlcnd- Kectlon 3, made up of the Scout;I'd his hand In cordial greeting lo bii^b rori)s. Hoy Scouts. Daughters " ui Hi? U';nfc:leracy, American legion Auxiliary, Uusincss and Pru- lessioilal Women's club, and Par- mcrcd ,by TjiiQr-r=rear](J_..o ,, p€al cause of nearlv v . • . Sftalc Phillips inlo riulft-6r6Ce at' O h : 'ihe -basis 'ol United Prtss're-. Joscph V. McKec, recovery parly jlly is not uuherir() of In thh candidate and protege of Post-' county, as eler.llon records for master General James Farley, by certain boxes vlll testify. t:il ' Spots closed steady al 9<)0. up 35. New Orleans Cotton Arrested in Raids Yesterday. is ' new at Lcachville, j nlurality of more than 250.000. • With LnGuardla v;ere swept Into office fusion parly candidates for i (| on O f V o:'lng' independently. A ] Ho'.vavd Proctor commanding, will form en Main. I !>akc slreel. His Soviel commissioner. ••-Thin were whul turns. • ,"• ; ;• Pennsylvania and Ohio approved reiwal by wide margins. Kentucky's vole will be counted y under a. state law rcaulrln',' will be amo'.-.g tlw most Important tllc collllt t ] le rtay f Q u ow lns! tile diplomat^ conversations of Ihe <lc- c ] ec tion. Forecasts were" for n w'et' cade. They arc designed to end 16 viclory. years of non-lnlercoursc betwiien ii'iuIcJ west, east of (iiu Soviet Uwlo'ii and the United I States, to stiniulrtlc a vast trade, a , Mlie where the iicor.U- have a reputa- coinmancllng nin<Ie , 0[ !lor ,„ t Inn t\t i-n.l.K, .ii.l^i^imdniitlv A . . . ' . l ' board of aldermen, and the bor-1 man CO uld reroivc no finer iribulc -floiii complroller, president of ough presidents of Brooklyn, Queens, and Richmond, to give the parly 13 out, of Ihe 1G votes, on the board of estimate and control which is the dominant agency I of this municipal government. | home community. Leveo Repair Job Near Cardwell Is Under Way junior high school students, will form on-Lake, south ot Main, headed north. . j : ' : . | Section 5, made uji' ; of the-Junior, i high g!ec rliili. students of the Sud- I bt'ry. Ciiilral. Catholic. ' Lutheran | and Lanije schools, with Cliarlrs A. •Siiibbs commanding, will form at Lake, norlh of Main, headed south. Section G, willi E. C. Palton coui- and make -possible Hie ccop ol hvo great- powers for world iwacc and order. ..Never In rccem limes has lt'<'cal Tnnk ! Seven. Months ' : -:Utah's vote concluded ,v .tre- ' trade, niendous revolution In' sentiment, ,;ratlon unpreccndentcd In its scope and brevity. The repeal amendment was submitted to the states :tess man' than a year ago. Last April 13 . been so closely guarded as Is Lit- .Michigan became the first state to vinoil. .': •"•:• •''• 'approve ratification. Seven months His automobllo'.waa flanked'hy a;and four days later Utah became half down motor - officers while el«hl plain clothes men from the the 30th. While action of the voters yes- NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 8. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low 934 9S9 932 043 976 942 948 994 955 969 1008 9G9 984 1020 984 been taken against, Ward. He, recently returned to this city, and is residing at his home here. Plans "Old^ashioned" Revival at Local Church inimr about 8:30 when Deputy The Rev. B. K. Bierer. active In .Sheriffs Norman Hicks and Ellis evangelistic work In Texas and Roberts of Holland and Howard CAHDWELL. Mo.—Work has begun here on repairing the St. Francis river levee near Hie state line. CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Pre- southwest of Cardwll. Aboi:t fitly Kminary hearings will be given'men are employed. Tile work is Hubert Ulley. Bill Lynn, and being done by a private concern. "Spec" Horton in this city Fri-' dav. Nov. 10. before Justice C. E. Bragg, on charges of possessing liiuor and permitting gambling devices to be operated In establishments said to belong to them. The arrests came Tuesday mor- N'orlheast Arkansns-Ssulhciist Mis- Will Rptivesent Blvlhevillel SOIlrl " (rlrtl »E>. will form at [.'rank- Will i\epicscm Di)iii(,viut. lin S01lth of Mnm llM<1 ,, rt norlll ill Armistice Day Con-] Section 7, Ross Slevens com•"landing, will Lie made up of bitfi- test. urss floats and advertisers which Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. close 9G4 913 938 1004 1019 1032 Oklahoma for several years, will DePriesI nf Denton raided their open what is called an "old-fash- places, finding whisky and gainb- ioned" revival, at the Church ofjlinsr paraphernalia. Ood at 110 West Cherry street.. The men were brought to this beginning Thursday night at 7:30jcilv and made bond pending their . j-ivlll form en :'ratiklln, Miss Margaret Cress was selc-'- j Main, headed south. north of under conlracl from the U. S. gov-| J ^ .: M - )s =- B]> . tllcviUc ,: ln " Ulc ! Sc-c'lion 8, James' While com- -3rnment. Work has also b^gun on the gravel road leading from Cardwell south to the state line. About ten men arc employed daily. Each man works only thirty hours per week and does not work again until all other men en the wailing list have , beauty conteM at Ihc Hit/, theater last night in which 1G local girls } parliclpated. Site will ccmjwle with 11G other girls from towns of northeast. Arkansas and southeast Missouri fcr the litle of "Miss Northeast Arkansas-Southeast Missouri"[School students of inetro|)olitaii detective' bureau fol- lerday made repeal of the Uth lowed ihc official aiilomohlb. amendment certain. It will remain lin effect until 3fi slates have held Burns to Death j Sn^The"' ™ Hotel at P ara S° u Wj^ rl ^ entofnt i ltlvuol . wlll „,. p. lioned until December 5 or G., : on. Thus PAHAGOUM). Ark.. Nov. 8 I UP) —Paul Gilbert, traveling salesman. Pine niulf. was totally burned in Ills room at Hotel Vandcrvrcrt ' lerL '! sr.loons I,ld Off In New Orlrans^- NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 8 (UP)r-' o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Bierer traveled n Spots closed at 359. steady, up 31. Chicago Wheat open high low close DfC. 8S 1-4. 89 1-2 88 1-4 88 1-2 May 88 92 1-8 88 91 number of years with olher cvang- j and T.vnn also faces a charge of elists as son? director and soloist this kind. In addition, he and before taking lip evangelistic worklHorton are charger! with permit- Unit gambling devices to be operated In their establishments. Doc. May Chicago Corn open high low close 45 3-8 47 7-8 45 5-8 47 1 51 5-3 53 3-4 51 5-8 53 1-8 Stock Price* A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Am. Tank General Electric General Motors 118 3-4 15 1-2 31 1-2 43 1-2 2 1-8 97 1-2 31 21 30 1-8 preliminaries. Ut!ey is charged with TKBsesslmj intoxicating liquor. limself and has had considerable experience. He attended the Moody Bible Institute at Chicago and Asburv> college, a Methodist school at Wilmore. Ky. The Church of God has been abandoned for several years and members hope to revive Interest in the church through the series of sermons. Gold Is Now Worth Over $33 an Ounce Emperor's Household Join 'Buy Japanese' Campaign worked thirty hours. Jan Cigaret Monopoly :arly today. Gilbert was enveloped in flames caused-by n clgarel dropped on his manning, will be made up of thcibc;! clothing, according to a report negro glee club, negro ex-service I ,, n(lc to 4)0 | icl . headquarters, men and veterans organizations| T ]ic fire was extinguished and it! who will form on First, south ofjwas not neCcssory to'-call the fire Main, headed north. ' given full freedom to dhjicnse hard llciuors and wines '.'.-clay under an order of Dislrlct- Ailorney Eugene. Stanley, who S.^ lie considered Mit prohibition law dead. •• •• lam. Headed north. ! department to prevent il spreading U p all l OQ Innirpii Section 9, made up of the negro 11 0 adjoininst rcoms. The sai^man H - ^ aul - »»t injured In Ihe beauty contest Saturday af- , Blythcvlllc. will form at Firsl, lernoon which is lo be a fcalure of | norlh of Main, headed south, i the Armistice Day celebration spon-1 All section commanders arc rc- I sored by ths local American Legion, i spoiisible for their sccllons moving 5 1 11 C iJ,..._i:,; n _ISlic Is lobf spoiifcrcilljy the Am«r-[on time In their proiicr iilncc In the OC6KS U. 3. Advertising \ c!tn Legion Auxiliary. column. Tim line of march Is: West Armnrcl and I was dead when Hie flrc was (Us- i covered. i has been given limited assent to the campaign to "Buy Japanese," according to the Nippon Dempo News Agency. The Imperial household, accord- WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. (UP)-''"? '°<he agency hereafter will TOKIO. (UP)—American automobiles and chewing gum soon may be advertised in every package of cigarcls sold to the 125.000,000 Japanese and subject peoples who buy from Emperor Hirohito's tobacco monopoly. The monopoly, anxious to in- no run off was necessary, crease its income, is reported toi A brunette with olive coloring, have offered American and other Miss cross was popular wilh both concerns the right to inserl ad-lt^e audience and judges, although vertlscment cards in all Japanese jthe entire group of girls was beau- TOKIO (UP)—Emperor HiorttOi'iade clgarcts. Charge will br 10.- iful in Iheir colorful evcninj dro:s- .Miss Cross was the unanimous choice of three judges, each of whom gave second honors to a dif- Buiord Cole Dies of Accident Injuries ; Jdcnl When Autos Collide ; I - -— | II. Paul. 89. was still in a serious I rendition today, sliflcring from in-; norln^n £,,!?'£ ^nft & «™"««- ^^ «>»-?*»east on Walnut to roart hoiii- |° l1 '" nn ""t 0 "' 01 ' 11 ^ accldeii near whor/. t h« „,„,!„ ...m ,,.„! , '[Osceola. nuford Cole. 19, died at .Baptist hospital at 7:45 a.m. today. Id' 1 l¥~ ».-„,,„!,. (Q [h c b[)^p|tnl i Juries sustained in n traffic acci- ionday afti improved. Monday afternoon, but was unanimous decision for first pla 000 yen psr Insertion and circula- lon is estimated at around 50,000.- MO. The government • today raised Its price on newly mined American gold to 33.05 an ounce from the 32.84 level of yesterday. The price was an overnight ad- Ivance of 21 cents an ounce. International Harvester 39 3-8 Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio 'Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. Texas Co. U. B. Stre' 20 3-4 36 3 3-4 15 1-4 7 1-8 18 43 1-2 24 7-8 42 1-4 use Japanese made woolen cloth and other all-Japanese products, insofar as possible, except certain wines and tobaccos. Sword blades worn by members of the Tmperlal Household police also will be made by Japanese swordsmiths In future. Heretofore they have been imported. WaMron Gets Federal Money for Waterworks 'Five Children Perish WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. (UP)— _, _ u Public Works Administrator Ickesl 3S TUTC UeStroyS Home announced today that. $16,858,2531 had been allotted to 50 non-fed-1 YOUNQSTOWN. O., Nov. 8. (UP) eral projects in 20 stales. ; —Five children, all under nine The allotments included a loan' years at age. perished in flames tha and grant of $51,000 for waterworks]destroyed their hmnc near Oirnrd Hairless Squirrel Exhibited VERSAILLES, MO. lUl')—A hairless squirrel was displayed here -ecenlly. The animal, killed b,- a hunter, was hairless from trie tip of Its nose to the end of Its tal!. Austrian- Cows Go Nazi VIENNA (UP)—Angry Austrian farmers have a special grievanc: against the Nazis. Th;ir co-,vs come from Tyrcl pastures with large Swastika painted on their hindquarters. ippi Valley Waterways Meeting ST. LOUIS (UP)—The 15th annual convention of the Mississippi hours after tiie accident, i Cole. Ihe son of J. M. Cole, employed on the Buchanan place The aged man, father of Mrs. F.lva Pee. nnd his niece, Miss Mary Jane Lofiin. were riding in a .car thai collided wltri K'.qiaclilne driven by Ernest Roberts, youth, at the Walnut and Second .street intersection. Mr. Paul sustained head injuries and a broken rib while Miss Loflln suffered minor injuries. Other entrants were Misses Rut.h Whltworth, Marjorie Stewart, Bill Hardln. Virginia B'.omeyer, irma near Osceola. was returning a hay j As far as known occupants of Hie rake to the plantation at the time Rcbcrts car were not hurt, of the accident. His brother. Ernest Cole, was rid- ,/,,.,, «,-ii , Ing on the rnke with him when a SCnOO) LnMd Killed by Boiler Explosion s as they promenaded across tlv- i Vnllny Association. Mnclrny said that this vear del..... v..^,... -HUM ,1.13 _*f,\L uc. I n i H| gates would concentrate their al- 1 Prisoner Gave Blood tentlon to waterway improvement | Laura Barnes, Helen Laden, Jamie " nci floo d control plans to be sub-1 Nichols, Anne Morris. Louise Bour-1 »»l'cd to Congress, land. Ruth Jenkins. Julia Summers —, „ c . , I 0 aave Sister S and Grace McPariand. R. N. Hill jr.. was accompanist Killing Frost Comes SYRACUSE. N. Y. (OP)—As a detective slood guard in the op- ieratLng room. Raymond Brown, n '. Miss., Nov. 8. (UP)— the boiler in the Por.- rest consolidated school here today killed one child and injured eijht ethers, one perhaps fatally. William Rifer, 13, was In a room above the boiler and the blast killed him instantly. R. N. Hill jr.. was accompanist I t n I • i II "aung room, naymona Brown, n for the show. Miss Margaret M,9i-| Late, DOBS Little Harm] prisoner at the time, gave his own fitt presented three dance numbVs uiood fcr a transfusion to save pre wllh Betty Jean Wunderlich and! The first heavy frost of the sea- Ruth Turner of Luxora, Pearl Cart-1 son hit this section last night but at WaWron, Ark. | tod ay. 300-Y»ar-Ofd Pick Found . PLYMOUTH. Mass. (UP)-David Zavalcofsky. while digging a post hole In his yard, unearthed a pick believed to b^ 300 years ;1.1. His home is ,1 sliort distance from I where the Pilgrims landed. wrtght, and Posey Driver of Osee- 3la participating with Miss Louise Tumor at ilia piano. The Big Dlmvr constellation is iilflcrrnt today than it was 50.000 vearr, ago; the entire sky is alter- I:.<T conslantly. slowly but surely, did little damage. A large part of tire bean crop, which v;ould have suffered nnst from a killing frcst, had already been harvested. A heavy fros^ usually strikes here about Oct. 20. This year it was about is days late. the life of his sister-in-law. Mrs. Charles C. Brown. .. . Before his arrest on a charge of possession of burglar tools. Brown's blood had been tested and was found to bo of Ihe proper type for Ihc transfusion. Soon after the transfusion was completed. Brown was returned to police hcado,uarlers, WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, warmer tonight. Thurfday. partly cloudy, warmer In east and south portions. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and wanner tonight and Thursday. The maximum temperature yesterday was 5S. minimum 44. partly cloudy, with heavy frost last night, according to Samuel F. Harris, official weathti observer!

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