The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1935
Page 3
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«rt)!&bAlf, MARCH 2G, 1935 Instilutions in Various Sec- lions Qualified as Mort- A Season of! Riotous Color Tile Pectoral Housing Adwinjs- trnlloi) begins Us Now Year opirn- tlnns undcv Title U u! the National Houslne Act wit}) a total of 2,022 Jfm]in<? agencies 'In nil purts. of the raiinli'v npproved as HKJII- gaficf-s in hanrtliiii; mortengi'S In- liuretl by ft under i!ie mutual mnrl.'inp'c -Dlan. Tills loirt], tnhiilnled ns of nn- cemliev 31, l!>31. yenrcKenls IS 1 ! oarenl fiimncini Jiistliinlnii"! which linvi' linked the administration's rcoiflrpirirnls for inoriTnuees, these ' m<!lUiitli»vi iHivInz 1-2*) branches. The flPM'TCs reuresi 1 *}! J>ni)llrfi- llops nn"i'nv<>c! clurln* the rate, it '. of"".lals. H .jth In Hie picturesque garden, In which flowers an grown lo make n picture, ti major problem is plnn- iilUB for a .succession of tiloora. ID such a garden there must lie year or twenty. Of course perennials yivc 111 earliest flowers and tlio targes, Htiuits. A novennial starts tlie sen son full grown, whereas' iinnua' tho tloiVi fni^'tnnUii' in this rteuart- jnont. In"! it'it inns gi-n boinf no- i>rnvfl nl. a p?o£f>n> Hinr 1 . •niJnnnWvntiov i'it.r'1 of jmarl" ir>n clearing nivHon nf Mnrt<?n«i> Inmrfnirri |n rmt- riov Anting tilt? list '.vcek of December. All )? i-o-ir...... !,,(« wlilrti Hi" (yiiti)i-v is fHvulctl fov ni'rnosos of v ovk. which ro'iiinlsp. 1 ; i?c»ion T , 1OT lirnnet'C" hHi«*ini> ll"> iiniiil.'<T of landing agencies ap- prnvri' lo 150.' cnL Mtiillp. MflS^nclni^nMs, Npiv ivnveil.Institution's. \vi|i> 43 hrnn- cl'PS. Svfiitv-sevcn institutions. with 'fin hrinchos '">VP iw»n nn- nrnvnrl In Pcp<^" TV. u-l'ifli r^v- ("•* Michiean. Ohio ami West Vir- a continuous show. Tlic gardener, must make llielr growth from sec is a stage manager, who imist plnn i and produce their flowers the snm mid produce a scries of spectacles(season. Perennials often last fo vears. while nnnunls die ejich-fnl Nevertheless among the model to charm the beholders. To the uninitiated this may seem more difficult than it really Is. The .supply of • actors for the garden show Is almost unlimited. A ;ccd catalog [fives an amazing list ol all types, tall, short, blonde, brunette, vigorous, delicate, whatever you nniy want. Mature has provided them in great abundance. Each flower hns its season of bloom, determined uy nature, nnd you have only to select from those v;hicli Woom each season, types which will fit Into the composition of your garden picture, It is possible to produce' a continuous show of flowers with perennials and annuals grown fi'om seed. No one need liesitnte about combining these classes of flowers in the border. The modern idea is to consider flowers solely from the slamliwiiiL of their cITectivc- in the picture, without regard lo whether they live one The nisii'lct nf Oolmnbifl. MTV- lnii'1 NnviVi nixl Pmnh r?nrolln«. piKl V'veinin, c^i^urisin" Ho'iifu V, inc? 59 bi'r>nni"\s. Alnbmpn Florida. Ciefimi?. L'niisiv»n«. and Ml^issif eintir.ictT'l in Pr^inn VI, h;>vc W nnnrnved iMslilulions. with 14 [mm EXPECT Many Properly Owners A re Making 11 n pro v c m en is A number of properly OWIUM-B I liij; Inld nnd I'milti 1 dnma£i> (o Oic \nalysts Foresee Moclevn- ixalion Gains as Cotin- iry Forges Ahead. One of the blBBCst modernizing looms "of nil time" is rnnltny fiol- ; under wuy, according to bulld- annlysU nnU experts close to the conslruetlon Industry of the itfition, the federal iloiislng Ail- 1 iiilnlslrnlion Has been . Informed. Given us reason for this opinion me the following factors In HITS- out-day inoiternV/ntlon impetus. The i> payment, "no-money- down" features of the Federal Housing Administration's modernization lonn plnn. The approach of Spring mid Summer, Idenl building ami repair seasons, The nation-wide set-up of fln- ancinl institutions lending inaking of "character loans" the foi agcncies under the modernization credit, plnn. Mure widespread undevstnndhiR of the trite nature of the Fcdern: J Housing Administration's plnn of mimmls, with their constantly lm-| financing and more general appro- proved types, there are many elation of the. profits open to fln- ivhicli Ural perennials in slzc;' a nclnl institutions through ihoiigh none which bloom so "early us Uic earliest perennials. Among (he early perennials which can be grown from seed arc anchusa myosolicllflora, which has like the forget-me-not. In April: the columbines, which flower In April; nrjibl.s nlnlnit, whlcli makes a carpet of while flowers In April; the Elder daisy, which blossoms In May; dictaimius, or gas plant, which flowers In Mny; liniim pcrciiue. or flax, which flowers in May; mertetista vltfllnlcn, or Virginia cowslip., which flowers in May; nepeta niusslni, mnuve catnip, flowering in May; polc- moiiium coeiuleiini, or Jacob's ladder, bearing racemes of blue bell flowers In April; ranunculus asia- ticiis. double bnlleTCiip, flowering in May. In this city have begun remodeling work this week. A clnirch school Is being Improved, hvo hu'co hounds art! bcini; made into up:>n- nii'nt.s, nnd Impiwciwiils me Miii; inudc lu oilier IUMHOS. The former ixilltn vesldcurc on \Vost Main SI., now owned by llu- Trl-Stale Dllllilllia mill I,o:in us- socliitloii, Is being converted iulo four upiu'tmdits, A new entrance s one of the added fi'iiluros. The former A. 1*. .Sander honk 1 in I*akc St., iiurchiiscil by Dr. W. A. Grlmmctt, will lie mudi: ; Into four npiirtmpiit.s n( an curly date. At Hie present lu> Is nmk- Ini! rupulra to protect the part badly damaged by (ire several years ngo. Whnt Icrmltt's cnn do to a home Is ciuplmsl/cd In the work beuiK done on the Marvin Nnnn house, oil Walnut tire foundation Is iciinlted, new onk flours nro be- dark rooms mid slimib- Afovublc's of nny fort mny not be.nimnc(\l iiiuU'r llto li'ium nnd /irovlsliiiis-of (hi 1 NiKlonal Housing foundation Is being Other work to be done (if bnllt-in cabinets nnd ri'deroiatini!. The liusst'II rh!lllp,s liume. WesL Asli St.. h;>H u new utui inhUjL' improvi'iiUMiis. Mr. and Mrs. c. I. Niibcr.s linvc hud thflr lituit porch Ki'iemei on their Wuhvtit St., hom The IfUthnini .si'hoo!, wlilch across llu' slreel li'Din [be sii-jjhcn )ipliTop.'il chinch. u>Td by the Lutlu'i'uu cunt'.i'euatlaii, I 1 .; liiiviDK Its pniTh and .stfps i'e- j;!ilir{|, WltJiln a few weeks II, Is also pltnmrtl Ut vedti'tuiiie the Interlnr uml outside, V. K. Knyder Is biilUlln 1 : n new Un .shop nenr his hoiiie nt N. Sixth f St. • The Leslie Mooi\! hcjnir 1 , on Highway llj. is hi-inii n'decoraled <'tc,, are .fxcludrd Toi example:! linoleum and qthei typcf of per-l uVnnomlji'-cul. mid lustnllfd lloorl covprhijis'ur6-'admissible, but nigs,! cni]H'ls, mnitlni; nnU.lhoillke. ujac-l ed 'iivVr' such Jloor- loveilngi Inelljlbte' tor tn,Miied Uiai« Modern Trend to Spacious Dining Rooms, Period Pieces liceion covering nnproveri institutions w i t h 7 branches. Rixtv-twn Institution'! with 7 livftncluis have bpr.ti npntoved hi Rfiginn VIII. in which llir* states of Arkansas, Kcutuckv. Missouri and Tenne=scc nre included. Rcsion IX. rowrimr Mitmcsot:'. Montana. Nortli Dakota. .South Dakofn and Wisconsin, has had 40 institutions with four branchni.anprovTtl. whivy Region X. iiictuiliiiT Colorado. Kansas, Nebraska. Utah and Wy- oniinc «hows 31 institutions with 0 branches approved. Reeion XI, covering New Mexico. Oklahoma nnd Texas ami Region XII. coverins Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, have 41 at)pravcd institutions with 3 brandies, and 105-in- stiliitions with 18fi brandies, respectively. Time In \Vtre A home may be. made more chili-mills', nttvactivc and livable during dark w.inler days, by re- nlacin^ obsolete Ughting fi^inres. Installing new ones where needed, r.nrt wiring the home so that, there are sufficient poxver outlets tor cl- iicieiilly usiii" the vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, washing machine, iron, and oilier electrical equipment. Power outlets installed now will also provide connections More spacious dining rooms to which b'eauty, dignity and comfort nre added by the use of attractive woodwork, beamed or plastered ceilings set oft hy handsome lighting fixtures, are again the vogue, Ad ministration. Home owners. the federal Housing Dining rooms of the so-called Early English, Gothic, Tudor, Eli^- nbcllmn nnd Jacobean periods arc heavier in character than In the Georgian and Colonial periods. The more massive [ipjiear- i«r to the Federal Housing ing'types represent centuries, of development of typical European with the nid of architecture iiiitl commonly nre constructed of plain or minrtcred in clenr or '.intlqucd wood, for electrical fans which will needed during the summer. be Administration, are getting "away from small, unattractive dining rooms, transforming them into designs, colors, types of finish anil tttBlcrinls which harmonize with Ihc architectural period 61 the exterior and interior of the house iis well ,as the furniture used. i Charming interiors of correct archllectnral design and aE distinct' individuality are possible in every home, because of the great variety of building materials available at exceptionally reasonable prices. Period Designs Popular Georgian period dining rooms, 1 in wliitc or ivory. These finishes give excellent results on flnc-Wx- tiired woods, such as birch, yellow Boplnr. red gum and the soft pines. These woods and finishes \vere generally used in the various types Df Colonial homes, although in American Colonial and the period just preceding it, known ns Earl 1 ; American, white pine Hoors nn<! walls, often made of knotty wood with Ihcir comparatively delicate embellishments and medium weight furniture, are customarily finished in a natural, stained or painted finish, were common. modernizing. A noticeable "motlcnil?Jitlon consciousness" on the part of the genera) public, resulting from steady nix! frequently repeated publicity of all phases of the modernization credit plan. liulldcrs Now "Sold" The fact, thni. contractors, builders, carpenters, dealers and subcontractors have become "sulTi- clcntly sold" on the Belter Housing Program, nml are now ranking serious clfovUs to merchandise building mntermls nnd sell tin idea of renovlxluy lo the general public, The Introduction Into the building trades of the Installment selling method. The Housing Administration also hns been notified that there is a widespread understanding of the difficulties that attended the organization of the Better Housing Program and tliat, the building trades nre conscious of the fact that the housing movement was slow to gel into full swing because of the magnitude of the project. Now that the foundation hns been well laid, the sc on every hand is Unit the Spring of 1935 will mark a boom period nnd one ol Ihe room.i nrndo lnr(,'rr. A new niof and ollK-i' •Uiiui nienls nro being made lo tin 1 A. Stiicy IIOIJM.' mi Hlifhii'iiy I. ~ cc-nl; Light lilnn, Mi.-l ptr SIIKC Orem, :iU.:t pur cent; Dark Hud, 111.8 per cent; Dark Green, !).2 per cent; Dark Hill';, IIA per cent. One Item which mny be surprising lo win) linve nut .studied the liuht H'Jkciinj: vnhics ol painl.s (Is thiil n'uiinlnuin is ruled below Surprising trnnsformalloim of Umttt jjiwn mid gray, dark, uninviting home Interiors,] Another mutliod of' measurement stores, shops, fnctovies uml wswe- shows that .white is fur In Ihc lend, houses en n be made with |>re;/ei'' «-ltli yellow, tiink, «r«cn nn<| wall nnd celling colors. Such transformations frequently prove good Inveslr.iciils. Relief from eye-strain and the Improved disposition of the people who have lo lire niV.! work in such surroundings ix'sult. Wlit'ii the room in modernization In United States that .is without- premium In 'htston'. : Sale. of building materials is on the. .upgrade; sales . methods are being taught to the widespread either stained or finished natural. I members of the snme trades; ev- The beautiful patina so highly ur y impetus that Is available Is being, plnced behind the drive to 'step uu" housing and moderniza- tion.activity .in.every- village, town, vftlited on the paneled oak dining rooms of' some of tliu okl. English inndr houses''is due to the aging T weathering of the wood and icciis|onal waxing and jwlishing. American chestnut, with its beau- iful lace-like designs of texture and -grain sometimes is used in- ,tead of oak. \Vnluut Is Formal American black wnlnut is popi' ar for reproducing !he form-I ypi's of the Italian and French Renaissance and other periods. Cherry is typical of early American architecture, while southern yellow line has been a favorite in southern colonial homes. With the development of the west, local woods grown there, such as Douglas fir, redwood nnd the medium nnd soft-textured pines, have played an imporlnnt ;ifirt in the architecture of the din- Ing and other rooms of Homes typical of thai region. JESSE WEBB offer?, congratulations to The Little Shop and Crawford M. Noble, owner, and Pat Harg-ctt, who will be glad to meet their friends there. The Little Shop offers the best liqueurs for your approval. finished In a light reflecting color, tlic atmosphere becomes brlghtniul cheerful, and the additional light relieves the eye-strain caused by toor visibility. If a , room -is in- iulflclcntly lighted, the possibility of puint ant) wnllpnpcr colors- tis well as other means of ilhiniiiiu- tion should be Investigated. Several colors cmi Increase the volume o( lljjht In n room. They aid niritf'rinlly in disslpat or softening shadows through them reflecting qualities. There is a wide vtulallon In liip effectiveness of wall and ceiling suiface.s light reflectors. Color is the first factor, cleanliness Hie second, and IcxUivc Hie third. While Is far ahead of nil oilier colors in reflecting value In all lighting tests, while other colors vary. One scientific measurement ralc.s magnesium oxide, which Is not, n pnhil pigment, at flH per cent ami the other .colors us follows: White, 84 per cent; Cream, (3H.U per cent; Ivory, UG.7 IOT- cent; Light Pink. OO.s per cent; Yellow, 57 per cent; Flesh, 51.G pci cent; following In (be order mimed. In tills M'rlps of lest;;, white mips C7 per cent mure eificlent Uinn yel- 7K per cent more iiltictmt than given, and 0.1 per iicni, nmie ull'lcleiit than gray. Mdnlllc paints iiitt' Iwtwfcn i;ray iunl Bri'en, Hlnck paint \s rale/1 close to MTU in its reflecting ([Utilities. 1'iiinlMilnes such us planfw, radios, wiislihm mnclib Coui'ler News Want Ads Pays STRANGER HAN mCT-tON In. one year, tliT» "nation speut ovei twice as ore Aulomotiles on. VuVlAvn.g o£ oixe tatnily all en <1 Cornell b 6 ycari Itfore mericaTiWar Swlislics Avuiil Sdnuliilni; Many home owners Hint it nd-' vlsable to install electric switches' at the main d(K)r of each room in the home. Tins (iraccdnrc cllm- liiiiles Ihc inconvenlenfi; of iwilk- MONKY 1NVKSTKD IN YOUH- HOMK— — is iiiiitK'y well spenl. SCIJINf.'— is IICTC. Come in nud owtmtne titti Ytud uml \.uvr\\ Kiiniiluru nnd (ilidcrs All adiac livt: mid pim'il ln\v • cuni!»irC(l \\ilh qiwlilv anil altriiclivi'iH'.ss. WATCH— our Hlion- Windiin's for NK\V mill Uniisiiinl l.fl UK (!ivi> You A l''ri'o Ksliinnfc 1 On* hamlet metropolitan center. It is predicted ninhorUntively that the Spring of 1935 will bear nut these contentions. KVKHY DAY A HALKS DAY CHARLES S. LEMONS A HOME - STONK STUCCO - - KIlAMi; H.C..HALSEL1 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. MPJT. WHEN TWIN EJECT-O-CUBE ICE TRAY NtW FCATUHI OF THE 51.5 per cent;. Light Gicni, 45.2 per cent; Aluminum Cray, 41 per Westinghouse WITH S VE»R5 PROUC1ICK OH HtRH^ICAUy SEAIE3 UNIT FOR OHir $1 A TEUR JACK FINLEY ROBINSON Westinghouse Distributor 412 \V. Main |»hone 350 "W«UJ.u you livlurvu it \A piiAsi- Ijle lo «)o just that, titctaf?-^ton can p.lint rooms and itse them ngnin lliu same Jay-:—vrllb PhlsbiirgU I'ainl I'roil- uuls, autl «l u Ing saving Vtvol Fnur juttnta tlt> tlic whole jub. Wiillliidu, FlorUldc KiianicI, Wutcrnpar Qnlek- flryiut;, OrtoCont ^nnmel and \Vulcr>yar Qnich-Dryhig Var- nisheai And ihc room is ywura !m>eil point jobs. 'Let tu t^U :, you more nboul ibla tit-.w Occ-Day 1'aint Flan. Absolutely Giillon .. TURPENTINE highest grade. *!' LINSEED OIL Absolutely purest boiled Linsffd Oil. Gallon .. SjlO LOX-IN WINDOW Protect from BURGLARS You can leave youi- windows open all the time—and no fear of intruders. Let "The Man From the Lumber Yard" take the measurement of your windows and give you an estimate of the cost, Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT Suitable for interior or cxlcrior surf;ic«, Urushca evenly ;luscK«ptionalrovci[mjquaHiy^ colors. *2.50 Gallon SCREEN ENAMEL High grade utility brand. c Will not clo» mflsh. Quart 1% in. Enamel Brush Famous Gold Stripe quaUlyacc pure bristles «et In rubber ^"J t -• '^*. !& iii Quick-dtymg cjcar WATERSPAR VARNISH V.\\n Juiablt. For interior or cx\ctioi vise. Wilt not turn ivJijfff. Dries fast. '2.35 WALLHIi&E' Mugs One-day Painting i End* days of tnfss! Yourcuilains and P'C- inrrs can l>c 5mn(jthc same d^y u.ilts aiiil mJi»g.« are paJiitt-J with \VallhiVe( One QUA RT is usually rnnueb. 1S washable colors. Quick-Drying WATERSPAR ENAMEL Biin^s n*\v beauty lei furniture ar,d wochl xvork. Dries in 4 hours. 2-! rich colors. '/2-Pt- LU MBcR CO« ... , PHONE'. I.QO . . ARKANSAS AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY

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