The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on September 19, 1970 · 6
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 6

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1970
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6 THE GUARDIAN Saturday September 19 1970 Navy sinks boat By our Correspondent . The ' Royal Navy yesterday sank a pleasure cruiser with a four-month-old baby and his mother, on board. Both were rescued, leaving the navy with a score of two collisions in 24 hours in Great Yarmouth, HMS Wolverton, a 153-foot Ions coastal minesweepr, crashed the cruising yacht Joanna against the quayside as it was caught by the tide. The Joanna, began to sink and rescuers scrambled on board to save .Mrs Jennifer Negus, aged 23; clutching her-baby John. They were lifted ashore and taken to hospital. Also, on board the Joanna was ' Mr John Negus, aged 25, of Mortimore Road, Hayleigh, Essex. He 'said : " When I saw the vessel bearing down on us I yelled at my wife to get the child out but it was too late. Fortunately I and other people were able to grab them both." 'Steering trouble' The Joanna incident left the navy's seamanship under heavy verbal fire from the quayside. The (day before in the same stretch of river a navy vessel rigzagged from side to side wiile under tow, colliding with a seagoing pleasure cruiser and' a private yacht. The captain of the Wolverhampton, Lieutenant-Commander William Davis, said there had been steering trouble. He delayed his departure to take part in a NATO exercise to ring the hospital to inquire after Mrs Negus and her child. He arranged for them to be taken on board the sister ship Bronington and given full use of the captain's cabin for the day. Mr Negus said: "We built the Joanna ourselves. It is valued at 3.000 but the insurance does not cover that amount." He is employed as a carpenter -by the Ministry of Defence. THEATRES Manchester LIBRARY THEATRE 23S 7406. DLy. 7.30. Wed 2.S0. Bat. 4.30 & 8.0. Sept. 1-10. HAY FEVER. Book now lor THE SPECKLED BAND. Opens Sept. 22. OPERA HOUSE B34 1787 This Week cvd. 7 3D. tfat. 58. , , ALASTAIR SIM in VYIlllom Donolus Home's New Coined? 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I World premiere by Alan Plater from same itsbtn Clow Tht Coaihousa Door MooddVw T(ioi!ay. Wednesday 7.30 1 KrotxJpIlo's HENRY iV wituSfyurod Burke. Liverpool Ttl 051749 PLAYHOUSE.' Ttl OSTOH 0381 1 " OUT D it a Septaptor 23 THE CRUCIBLE Oldham V OLDHAM COLISEUM.' 634 SI 23. Tut, to Pel. 7.30. Sat. 4pm. 7.30 UPROAR IN THE HOUSE by A. Marriott nnd A. Foot. Sect. SO : THE LION IN WINTER Sheffield . rTWArSSt iSSS neit week: BLACK COMEDY Stoke-on-Trent VICTORIA THEATR,-t0783) 63963. Tonlobt at 7,30 THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW A play by 23. H. Lawrecto Next Week! 1861 Whitby LM.boat Disaster LECTURES AND MEETINGS ASTROLOGICAL KEYS to PcnonaUl? nnd buccrviful Uvtnj.. Consultant will I return to Interested flronps. Sraothurtt. ? South Close. WLUmlow. Tel. SB659 WAGNER SOCIETY. 17tb Season. Met. tlnns held montoly on Tuesdays nr. 7 p.m.. Momiroster Lit. Phil. Society, 36 George St. Mnncntwter. Opening cuUet Tufodav. Spptwutor 22 nt 7 P.m. DIB MElSTERSmGER. A Theatre, Manictv. Tucedav, October 20 at 7 p.m. TRISTAN UND vISOLDE. SVUabus from Hon. Sec, Mr JA. M. verapy, n low uDmrnro .a. -Royton. Tel 6t-624 8403. NON MUN fBEltS WELCOME. Designers tac car Engineers and designers employed by some of Europe's biggest car manufacturers yesterday wound up a four-day conference at the University of Leeds on pollution from car exhausts. Among the firms represented were British Leyland, Volkswagen, Ford, Volvo, Rover, Daimler-Benz, and Rolls .Royce. The reason for this massive interest is not hard to find. European carmakers are finding it increasingly difficult to export to America, because of the stringent car safety regulations which apply there. One of the firmest is the limit on acceptable pollution from exhausts a limit which is being lowered every year. Next year the Americans will allow the emission of four grammes a mile of oxides of nitrogen; in 1972 the acceptable limit will be three grammes; in 1973 it will . be down to 1.3 grammes. European cars simply do not come anywhere near to this standard. In 1968, a survey conducted in Britain by the Motor Industry Research Association showed an average emission of hydrocarbons of 705 parts a million. Two years earlier, the American limit was 275 parts a million, and in 1970 the limit has dropped to 180 parts a million. 'Christmas trees' The scientists taking .the Leeds course have discussed the causes of opllution and possible means of controlling it. Dr A. Leach, one of the university, lecturers, said yesterday that there were two basic methods of control: by fitting attachments to the engine, or by radically altering the design. Attachments, popularly known as "Christmas trees," which trap and extract pollutants in exhaust fumes, were the most immediate solution. But Rover, for example, had already adopted a new engine intake design for its export models. Designers and engineers share only pant of the exhaust pollution problem. Chemists who produce petrol and luibrlcaots, ate NORTHERN CONCERTS LLANGOLLEN INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL EISTEDDFOD JULY 6-H. 1971 Application? for tho abovo tickets wlH he nrcf inrd from Ortoher 1 , 1 970. FIRST SEATS (Front Centre Block and Front U'tnosJ 6. 6? Od. 6 30. FIRST SEATS Rrnr Centra Lllock ajd Dear Wings) 5 14a Od. 5 70. SECOND SEATS, 4 4s Od. 4.20. Applications to. Hon. Secretary Ticket Commtttoa. International Eisteddfod Office, LLANGOLLEN, Denbighshire. Telephone Llangollen 2230. CONCERTS FRIENDS' MEETING HOUSE TUESDAY MIDDAY CONCERTS September 22 1.0 to 2.0 p.m. JOHN LJLL Pianoforte 1st PrlM Tchaikovsky Competition Beethoven bonatn Op. 54 Tchalkovskv ond Chopin 24-coupon Ticket 50 J- Adni. 3-. MANCHESTER CHAMBER CONCERTS SOCIETY SIX CHAMBER CONCERTS n t On MONDAYS at 7 30 p m ; Oct. 19 The Melos Quartet. Stuttgart. Nov. 9 The Amatrrdnm Qunrtct. Doc, 7 Tilts Hungarian Qunrlet. Jan. 25 The Prokofiev Onartct. Fpb. 15 Tlio Trio -do Trlettt. March 3 The Tatral Quartet. 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Telwtiono 061-83 1TIX. NORTHERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC Principal: Mis Ida Canoll, O.B.E., M.A., Hon.RJV.M., F.N.S.M. THE AUTUMN TERM BEGINS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 ALT, FULL-TIME STUDENTS ASSEMBLE AT 10 30 A.M. ON THVT DAY. PROSPECTUS FROM THE SECRETARY, 99 OXFORD ROAD, MANCHESTER Ml 7DS. FREE TRADE HALL, MANCHESTER Saturday, October 10, at 7.30 p.m. Tho Axt3lcAU3crian Music Society presents tiw vrcrtd-famous VIENNA BOYS CHOIR lu ft naw prooroiuma ot sacred and secular music Austrian folk sou VIcnnwo lirxirr and tho one-tot Johns n Strauss comic opera " Tales from rfie Vienna Woodt " (In full contumc) Tickota r CI, 16I-. 14!-. 13 K 8- ml 3J-. Forty tiT. Deusonto. Manchester. Tel. 061-S3 7501 pollution By DEREK BROWN also directly involved. Many attended the Leeds course, including .representatives of Shell, Mobil, Burmah, and Chevron. One of the engineers concerned with lubricants, Dr D. K. Walters, said : " Time is not on our side. Months and even weeks are vital now in devising new solutions. Then you have to remember that they have to be put into production, which, takes a very long time." European car manufacturers, it was generally agreed,, are as near to a solution as their American counterparts. The important task in the dong run will not be to beat the Americans on their own ground but to cope with the introduction of pollution contrails in Europe itself. Already an agreement is being drafted for ratification by Danger of 'colossal' pest outbreaks OEST outbreaks "on a colossal scale " may occur if they break through the barrier of chemical control, Mr Frank Wilson, scientist in charge of the Sirex biological control unit at Sunningdale, Berkshire, said last night, in London. Man could be faced with the difficult choice of serious pollution effects and 'hazards to human health from using pesti MANCHESTER CINEMAS ABC ARDWICK. Tel. 37S 4141. BOB & CAKOL St TED 4V ALICE (X. -535. 6.0. 8.35. ADC DE A NSC ATE (032 21121. Lee mnrvin, uiint toatwood. PAINT YOUR WAGON (AJ. 2.15. 7.15. ABC WYTHENSHAWE. (998 2408). SENSATIONAL LATE NIGHT SHOW, Tc"ioht, September 19. 1970. Leo Van Clnnr. IF. n.. EL CONDOR AA) certificate. Doors oi)L-n 1 1 p.rOi normal admiMlon 5'N.Bf HONE Mirket Street. 832 4771. THEY ALL. DO IT (X) 2 0 5 20. 8,3b. Serlout Charae X 12.15, 3 35. fi. Startlnn Sunday rtnt tlmi Mane tickler ' ' JEllrnhetti lnjlnr, Hlcburd Burton ' BOOM " () Sun 3 35. 7.10 Tony I ranclowi. Michael Surmzlo A MAN CALLED GANNON (X Sun, a. 3D. 5 25 (Tech. prou ( DAVENPORT, STOCKPORT. 483 3fl01 CARRY ON UP THE JUNGLE (A 6 C30. 8 55. Coat. 5.5. L.S. 8.S GAUMOMT. Tel. 236 8264. itlchard Birton, ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS (A). Sep. pcrfs. 2.30. 7 .45. HALE (Lie. Bar.) 92Q 2210. Butch Cassldv & Sundance Ktd (A) Two Houses, 4 15 & 7 30 Starts Sunday : A Cold Day in Th Fark (X) oiacK veil for liu txi W Kit.iys tmco at 7 p.m. Feat. 845 jtui. -o i-tnest rioure tuj f.4a MANCHESTER FILM THEATRE. Oxford St. 237 0497. Open to the Public. Final pcrfs. 2.30 & fi.5 BENJAMIN X) and DAHBARELLA (Xj. Sunday fop 7 days at 3, 6 & 3.15. Return visit of ELVIRA MADICAN (A) SKY OVER HOLLAND U 70mm Pleoae note no one ulll bo admitted, after Eh Ira Mudlmn " has begun RE&; Wllmslow 22266. Kcnnoth Connor, Sidney James. Carry On Up thi Jungle Under th Tablo You Mujt Go. 7.30 t8.5S, E n. 10.5. W.. S. 2 30. STUDIO 1, Oxford Road. 236 2437 List Day BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE ( Tech. 1.10. 3 40, 6.10. 8.40. DAY OF REST A. Col. 3.0, 5.30. 8.0 STARTS SUNDAY Sensation sxktrs E This Is for son 1 THE SEX ARTIST X. Col. Sun. 3.10. 5.40. 8.10" wrtnv l 40. 4.10. 6 40, 9.10 100 ueUtiluiul Jc-Ioveliw ready tor tuKc off ' EUROPEAN STRIPTEASE (X). Col. Sun. 4.25. 6.55. wMtUS 2.55. 5.25. 7.55. Xato Show TONIGHT at 11 D.m. CASINO ROYALE (U). Tecii. SAN FERRY ANN (U). STUDIO 2. Oxford Road. 236 2437 L LXiy THE GAY DECEIVERS (X. Col. 2.0. 5 25 8 50 RUN, ANGEL. RUN (X). 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It is unhkelv to be so severe as the Amercan model, because the pollution problem is not so acute rn European cities. But with a commonly agreed, economical, and effective form of pollution control, the European firms must be unhappy about the prospect If any legislation, however lenient, wathim the next two years. A traffic squad to monitor noise and fumes has been recommended by a working party from the Council for the Protection of Rural England. The Ministry of Transport should cost the proposal, says the working party in a report to the council's national conference at Nottingham University this weekend. A ban on increases in the size or weight of heavy goods vehicles is also recommended. cides on a large scale, or the avoidance of severely damaging pest outbreaks. Already some 250 pests had become so resistant that pesticides formerly used against them were not effective. In many other, higher and more frequent dosages would stall cope with them. "But this magnifies the problem of pesticide residues in foods and he human health hazard," Mr Wilson added. "The indications are that resistance 5s an inevitable long-term effect, and that the more consistently an insecticide fis used, the quicker resistant strains will appear. " It 5s distinctly possible that, at a time not far distant, the phenomenon of resistance will develop on a scale that will test to the limit the capacity of science to cope with pest problems." As this time approached, these problems might permit little choice in the use of pesticides in respect of the avoidance off adverse side-effeots. New methods of dealing with pests, using biological control with the aid of pests' natural enemies, NORTHERN EXHIBITION RELIGIOUS PAINTINGS and thoso ticpictinn nipa required, uenoir oni criC3. Cri-sccnt ltd. HnrTQaatft. 2')OB Kestoratlon and Valuations by iilomnnent. LONDON OPERA AND BALLET COLISEUM. Svllira Wells OI'ERA Today at 130 list iorf. of THE MASTERSINCERS OF NUREMBERG Tues Frl. nest at 7 30 THE TALES OF HOFFMAN Wed. next at 7.30 A MASKED BALL Ihur. niixt ot 7.30 LA T RAVI ATA Hot Ottico tei . 836 3161 COVENT GARDEN. ROYAL OPERA Inn for IL TflQV ATARF . f AV A I . LERIA RUSTIC ANA. LE NOZZE Ol fUJAWU, AHADtLLA. lO&b). ODEON THEATRE GOLDERS GREEN FESTIVAL BALLET Schchcraiade. Dvorak Variations. THE PLACE. 17 Duk s Rd.. W.C. 1 (3Q7 0161.) Until Sun., evs. 8, Mat. Sun. nt 4. NEW SWEDISH BALLET. WELSH NATIONAL OPERA CO. NEW Moil. 21c Frl. 25U1. WnJ Stllti San. in. 9th Oct.. SIMOH BOCCANEGRA: rues. 22nd. Toos. 29tto Sfpt . CARMEN; Wed. 23rd Sspt.. Frl 2nd Oct., THE ARR,ilGE r,?i cFGARO;' Ttiure. 24tb. Sot. 26th Sept., Thurft. 3bI, loin Oct AIDA (in Italian). i!2..::l", rt'" w- Oct.. LA THEIhB3 3C?- jSatlS? fflfc FLEDERMAU3. DIE LONDON ART EXHIBITION lOTtF EDITIONS prenc . PUSU PIN STYLE niter its micci. 3i ul lebnt nt tho uonrL, Paris. Tlio world most fiitliirnclnl New YorK StuUlo RwJ IJotuo Gallery, 82 PIccadHW. W 1: Moti to Fn. 5.50. LONDON GALLERIES A1A GALLERY. It; Lisle St. VVC 2. MARGARET TRAHERNE: recent 9lnsr ind painting. Until Oct. 3. Tu-;i -Fri. 11, Sat. 11-1. 1CA Institute ot Contemporary Arts. Nay. ioust, Th Mall, SWl. 30 6393 Until Sept. 27. BRITISH SCULPTURE OUT OP THE SIXTIES. Gnllcry. Bookstall Coffee Shop. Opd dull" 11-10 50 D.m MARLBOROUGH FINE ART (London) LTD . , 39 Old Boml Strwt . W 1 luiportant Ptliitmos DrauJniK. mid Sculoliiro JiKludrnu work by HtCKFL MOOKK. PUaiSTElN. PICASSO UENOIR. SCHLEMMElt etc Dull i 10-5 1012 Until Srpt. "6. MARLBOROUGH GRAPHICS -Pcrtna- nmt Exhibition or Llllmtrnipht Etrti-Jno SrnprEiits and MulUplrt. tjy 1U-S 10-12. Mirlborouata New SOTrt " W 1 ' 13 ld 5011(1 ROYAL ACADEMY. Olpfoma Gatltrlcs. 200 years ot Spode, AJinLwion 4J-. ScGvin Hcjcct 10I-. Stndentn and pensioners half price. Weeklies 10-6. bnnclaT9 CJ-6. RESTAURANTS CHINA GARDEN, London'! most t. June1-? Tooil from noon to 1 .m lo ino--t romantic Qtrnosphortr, with dannng to dcothequc. 66 Brevier 5troet vv.l Cor. 65008162. LONDON EXHIBITIONS SUNDAY MIRROR NATIONAL EXHI. ITION OF CHILDREN'S ART 1970 Hpwu Academy of Arts. HccidJibr aiiy; 10 a m.o -a.m. Thnrwrtlw-Bum. AdmlfoQ 3T Adults? u. LONDON LECTURES AND MEETINGS ,chtK' H,5,,SJJ, "' s.w.i. Patrick r5'S,:?iS "J" Dlfcuna EXHIBITION Brighton l.itrr King Ooror IV: 'ttc fSiSwtc niGOTlSconre or Uio bitcrlor Is utlS Daily 10-8. Inctitdlng Sundays. Auulis. Mr'llrV.' tor lldrm niu CELTIC TRIANGLE Ad "hrt),aon of ui3rW oy rounn artists Sfpttintyr 13 to OWooer 3 Weiah Arts Cotroal Bishop The Bishop of Sheffield, the Right Rev. F. J. Taylor, claims that an anonymous attempt to stop the election of the Vicar of Doncaster to the General Synod is "cowardly and despicable." A leaflet has ben posted to voters in the elections to synod part of the new Anglican system of Church sovemment accusins the Vicar of Don-caster, the Rev. Michael Jackson, of being a bishop's man." Still no Ten people with Asian names were summoned for jury service at next week"s Bradford quarter sessions. But not one is expected to attend. Mr. W. Kenneth Scott, clerk of the peace, said yesterday : "Seven replied that they did not understand English suf- needed to be developed, Mr Wilson said. "We are only at the beginning of the exploration of the full potentialities of biological control." "We are far from a full understanding of how biotic agents may ibe manipulated most effectively to minimise pest numbers, but the innumerable species ft natural enemies constitute a seif-renewing natural resource of inestimable value." Mr Wilson was giving the Gooding Memorial Lecture to the Central Association cJf Bee-Keepers NCB 'not to blame ' Tiie National Coal Board denied yesterday that pit workings were responsible for earth tremors on Thursday night in the Gedling, Burton Joyce, and Bulcote areas of Nottingham. An East Midlands NCB spokesman said that a check showed there were no mining operations in the area. LONDON ADELPHI (83ft T611). . 7.30. Ilmr. MAY FAIR. 62E 3036. Efenlngs 8.15. o.O. Sat. 5.30 and R.30. 6at. 6 15 A 8.45. ALEC McCOWEN SHEILA DEREK THE PHILANTHROPIST K&flj MATHEWS N1MM0 bv Christopher Hampton 'm?' ruADi iB riOl NEW 836 3B78. Evas. 8. Wed. and ru uii,Hn;D r!16 if '? L. Sat a.5 (Bmam Prices mntineei). I nn HilanoLLs Camody Musical. nT; wow In 5th areat year io ANNA N EAGLE roturns Pri. next. " Hunely dnjovablc muslcoJ." D. Mirror. Jt'llo)irtiil. mqrtag. ALDWYCH : HSC's 1970(71 London (mm. vlQorous D.11I ETprr-3 6asJii Grabt,'!, THE PLEBEIANS OLD VIC NATIONAL rKLATil. ( Todui 2.50 7.50, Mon. 7 30 Oct. loilay nt 2 15 tt. 7 30 1. a. 91 siraKoril's THE WINTER'S ROSENCRANTZ TALE ll., . Wccl. 7.30. Thar. 2 30. Ak,r ..MrJcVVcrjvi 7. ao), mm Oct. 5. 6, Koi. 2i: AND CUILDENSTERN Tlicatreoormino WHEN THOU ART Tue i IVrrf. next 7 50 : The Idiot. KING (rL.h- it nrice mat THE BATTLE Thur. A rri. next 7-JO : Th. Whlto OF AGINCOURT. Wed. 2 SO). Strat- D.vil. 7ol6). Also. BCC under ford's TWELFTH NIGHT (Frl. 7 30. CombridVc lS'ndon' Issuance 9' open space. 32 Tot,, ct. Rd sso Jto ? 16 MM. 4970. SUPERMAN. " Krisht, rhstli- . mtc, orlfllnQl UHlo revue." , Stand. AMBASSADORS (01836 1171). Evoa. Evas 8 (except Monday). 8. 6ai T 8. Mats riirs. 1M. PALACE 1437 68341. Mon. to Tnur. Tun linmrm . n s-3- Frl n"d s' s'3t 1 8.30 THE MOUSETRAP DANNY LA RUE Eighteenth BeauHtuI Yer. AT THE PALACE AMBIANCE at ICA. Th. Mall. SWl. wh ROY HUPP 2f7 142J llntuh Prerhlcto PALLADIUM (437 73731. tulgnuv at ISRAEL HOttOVITZ'S 6.15 and 8 45 Mat Snt. 2 40 APOLLO (437 2663) ErenlDOS 8.0. NORMAN VAUGHAN & Trio AthenBe Mats. Thurs. 3.0. Sat. 5 & 8 30. PHOENIX (836 8611) Mon-Tbur. B John GIELO.UD. Halnh RICHARDSON p mV. Frl , Sat 5 1 5 (51- "SH Dandy NICIIOI S. Mond WASUBOURME 8.30. 3rd Yoor smao! hit Mu5oil: tn David sroitEj s nvw p,aS CANTERBURY TALES nL,Mt " A great ntght out." D. Mirror ASHCROFT. Croydon (01-683 9201) '-l-V (437 4506). Evj. 8 S.. Monday, September 21, for One Week. 5-30 & 8.30. Wed.. 2.30. A Thriller HIS HERS & THEIRS HONOR BLACKMAN in 1 l,f!&& SUWaSW WH0 KILLED SANTA CLAUS IRENEAHANDL? VANESSA LEV. Las, 10 performance. PETER GRAVES PRINCE OF WALES (330 8631). Evss. Nightly 7.45. Saturday 5 A 8 p tn. 8.0 Wed. and Sot. 5.30 and 8.30. . A REALLY FUNNY MUSICAL. E Ston THE NATIONAL THEE 60361 PROMISES, PROMI5ES TOuSilS0r.,S1. roi0 QUEEN'S (734 1166). Evg. 7.45 Wed. HEDDA GAOLER Sat. 4 4 7.45. Irene Hamilton i''ui'n,.jL Mark Winter. Miles Greenwood Erf , OMScAJR..KftMTTf... A "BEST NEW PLAY IN LON- Frl. 7.30. THE NATIONAL HEALTH DON." D. El. "A TRIUMPH " """ V CONDUCT UNBECOMING C0lC4K1PqT', S,?0r,h S,' ,7K- Ttae!. '' THE BTT OF 14-19, 7.50 p.m.. 6-. 01-262 7907. THE EAR People Cockpit Youth Theatre In EuropldcV rcome The Batchae and Aristophanes Fcstlvat ROUND HOUSE, whalk Farm Road. Of Thesmophorla. (267 2564) Er.iK hero tonlpbt. COLLEGIATE (387 9629) Notional ADULTS ONLY outh Theatre in TWELFTH NIGHT QU T CALCUTTA f CNGl7e 75f2 n$$SQ WIW ROYALTY (405 80041. Next Pri. 7 30. Sat. o.30. 7.30. PERMISSIVE THEATRE Ol- TUfc 70s AJ(P'''po H.Iro nr.Pi Lost prrfs. tdy. 6.15 ami 8 45 . TO ANCHOR A CLOUD the 11LUE COMfcDY A play about creator or Taj Mahal THE BED COMEDY (930 2578). Evs. 8.15, Stts. "1 ttnvo Dover seen such ontohlbltwl 6 0, 8 40 (Wed. 2.S0. d prices 5- ntidtty on tho British stage.' E. Nflwi. to 20-). Charles Tin 9 well . Karen nv., TV nu , r alciitxa i Kecse?. Richard Colemin In 5 th great Rt,nYhL ?lt. iXJnfflL, naM r. TERENCE FRISBY'S Opens new Sept. SO. Box Office opeo. THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP ROYAt COURi7?.I1r,745)- 5 B s0 Lonuoa'. Loaact Rn-mag o,mK HI, I A Comocyto-Mlrtu.d Wrilcr SrtoJni'J"0 $21ZteEs-xS SS1 SADLER'S WELLS THEATRE. Ron- WAKREN 3im5S?iFl I ' 837 1672. Until Stpt. 26 laixv bowers pcter bavuss THE BLACK THEATRE COUNCIL OF LOVE ., , , ?f ' TlmW.Mndc,"en0h9C.lStt, go- ? '."(" 815 Wok larat, no doubt II will ruo." a Turs. ,.50 Til. Hanoi Sun. "OuErafleoualy comic." D. Mirror SAVOV (856 8838). 8.0. Sil 5 0. 8.0 2ND VFAR. J.rcmy IUWK ORURY LANE (836 8108). ETtt. 7.30. Jfinp DOWNS, Trroncr LONCDON Mat. Wed. and Sat. 8.30. WILLIAM DOUGLAS HOME'b " A Kumptuou. musical. " D. Tol Greatest Comedy 5ucc. THE GREAT WALTZ THE SECRETARY BIRO , " Hunol. cnjoyanlc." Sua. Tlmw SHAFTESBURY THEATRE (836 6596). DUCHESS (8-36 8243). Even In 09 8.0. HAIR i J'd?Jii4RS!JsiNcf.',i.AyASJ5 ' aACNtncENT. ihresistible FASCINATING " E rvTEIV Pnln "11 S A TOtlMEB." S Mir. Db cik.'ch " BARJtV TOSTER I. ST MARTIN'S (836 1443). Evos. 8.0. IMPECCABLE " D Sat. 5. 8.30 IVrcl. 2 45 (ivd. prices) In RAROLD PINTER'S Anthnny Quiilc Keith Baxter. TEA PARTYTHE BASEMENT SLEUTH ' CLASSIC PINTER A MUST." AmBion? SliBIIer'. tlrOler. Best lot Dh. Mull. " 'ERY FUNNY vean,. E.M. - A vinner." F.T. DIALOGUE." E. New. STRAND (S36 2660) La. 2 . E.. OUKE OF YORK'S 836 5122 S. St. 5.30. 8 40. Th. 6)0-2010 2.45 LEONARD R0SS1TER diShSlm SSo-tt MORRIS WEST'S THE HERETIC JOSS ACiSakD Emm. S.O. Mar Wed. 2.4S. Sat. 5.0. rllUt K Will ABE I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED " D Mir. wmt A3 TVU AKt I Li? 2 ierfcT ti iSer 26. " BEST LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT . - current In IVet End Obsenrer. FORTUNE (836 22381. EVO,. 8. S.1. S. VAUOEVIt LE 836 9988 Fully alr-coid TOE cnilTp!? Eveolnaa 8. Sat. S. 8 Taur. 3.30. " A .iJSSlJJIl bm out. one Marart LOCKWOOD Tony BRITTON nlAt'totSSSS!-. 'ktoVtSS iSS R.oud Frjnclj. Hjjtber Cb.n .nould ie.." SMM Times. te w. iSS'rt Vlen.iti.m'. REDGRAVE BRIERS THEATRE UPSTAIRS (7o0 2554) 8.30 fDirt-Ie tn Mlchiirl Fravn' CHEEK THE TWO OF US By Howard B; " A CIV0.15ED LTGHT ENTER- VICTORIA PALftCG (954. 1517. NtlT TAIWICVT FULL OF WIT AND 6 15 and S 5. 100 000 prcrscular ORIGINALITY Observer. MAGIC OF THE MINSTRELS GLOBE (437 15121. Evenfog 8.0. Sat. , Fabulous Nejv Edibon ot the 5.40 inS 8 40 Mot. Wd. 2.30. and While M lnst Show. PHYLLIS CALVERT Cooking to June. 1971. S- to 20-. PATRICK CAgCTTLi . AnNOA REISS WESTMINSTER. 834 0283- Restaur Jl.X' r?.J 7781. Et?b 7 45. Mats. Wed BLYTHE SPIRIT vst. 2 30 mat- onlr THE tT NOFX COWARD FORCOTTEK FACTOR Comm. cvq. DICtrJ UT NIGEL PATRICK port tont. BLIHDSIGHT WHITEHALL 930 f692 The London HAVMARKET. 930 9S33. Theatre of Adult Entmfitoinent. Evcw Reduce prlcf prevtvs until Sej. 22. s 30 rt. Sat 7 30 A 10 p in. Svtn 7.45. Sat. S.O & 8-15 London controvcrlnl fi coraeriv A BEQUEST TO THE NATION PYJAMA TOPS . - Mare .equally nrou-Uog rfrfln HER MAJESTY'S (950 6606) 7.30 wCSAmam???,:' in''&'is Mats vied. & Sat 2 SO red. price). WY?, s J o55e30i J-45 BARRY MARTIN In SaGA'J' 8 '5- Tfru2'13- FIDDLER ON THE ROOF D mVchell wtta avis bl'nnage. 4ih Grtot year. ABELARD & HELOISE . TT TTT 'Rnnd MDIar's vers fine play." LYRIC (437 JSS6). S.O. Sat. 5.30 sun Times. vivid mlnrtre1ctllne 8.30. Mag. Wed. 3.0 (reduced crlcesl raperluce Dalle Teleocauti. Heather SE-RP : Joan TET7n. YOUNG VIC. By the Old Vic. ; HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES JSt7 MoS'1! is Tho dcty cooaedy by Alan Mxhbourn atW T a U o I ivas tsostriog lCko a lunotic. IT OEDIPUS opens Thurs. nt 8 really i Tery. rery taimj.1' Stand nrd. Xow cooking SCAPINO. 923 7M6 , - . TALK OF THE TOWN (734 1051 . MERMAID 45 766. Rest. 248 SS351 pmiy ,Er rom). s.15. TJId'o A Danc'p MU SttaWs Greatest Play 9 30 ReTue IFT SET "70 and fC SAINT JOAN p m. UU firs. S pjn. Thur. A SU 3 a , PAUL ANKA condemns attack on vicar By our own Reporter The leaflet is unsigned but against the present leadership 'appears to be an echo of the of the diocese. It goes on : " If serious conflict that divided you are deeply concerned for Sheffield Industrial Mission the future of the diocese and four years ago. The mission, frustrated by recent trends, you which was then run bv Mr will vote "against both the Jackson, lost six chaplains bishop and his man." through dismissal or resigna- Bishop's reply turn. The bishop supported Mr The bishop issued a statement Jackson. ;n which he said the place for The leaflet, posted m central anonymous communications was Sheffield, tells priests that they the wastepaper basket. He went have an opportunity for openly on: "When the Rev. Michael expressing opinion for or Jackson left the industrial Asian ficiently welt and have been excused; one has returned to Pakistan; and the other two have not replied, although reminders have been sent Until this year the letter "J," which indicates eligibility for jury service, was not placed alongside Asian names on the electoral register. There was a complaint to the Race Relations Board about the practice. Jurors called for next week's quarter sessions were the first to be selected from the new register, which has " J " against the name of every elector qualified for jury service. Mr Scott said that when the 10 people with Asian names were summonsed they were April Ashley drops 'sex change' appeal The model, April Ashley, aged 35, is not proceeding with her appeal against a Divore Court judge's ruling that she is biologically a man, Miss Ashley formerly a merchant seaman, George Jamieson had a " sex change " operation in 1960 at Casablanca. Three years later, in Gibraltar, she " married " Mr Arthur Cameron Corbett, 50-year-old heir to Lord Rowallan, Her appeal against Mr Justice Ormrod's ruling in THEATRES on jury asked to confirm that they bad a good command of the English language and told that they could be excused service if they did not readily understand it. "We shall continue to select jurors in the same random way. It is normal for a high proportion of people called for jury service to be excused (for various reasons." Mr Anwar Beg, secretary of the Bradford Pakistan Immigrants Welfare Association, said yesterday: "It is a problem we always anticipated, but the important thing is that immigrants should be considered for jury service along with everyone else." February that the marriage was void has been struck out. The decree nisi of nullity the Judge granted to Mr Corbett, who lives in Malaga, Spain, has been made absolute. Miss Ashley has not complied with a Court of Appeal order in July that she lodge 500 in 28 days as security for costs should her appeal be unsuccessful. When counsel for Mr Corbett made the application for security for costs to the Appeal Court, it was said that the appeal might cost 7,000. LONDON ACADEMY ONE 14Z7 2981). Until KE5 J) 1.0. 3.30. 6.0. 8.4U. ACADEMY TWO (437 5129). Laurenca Olivier in HENRY V U. Until Sep. 30. i'ro-is.. 3.55. 6.5. B.40. ACADEMY THREE 3? 8819). RIctLard Hurls Jid MonJc VltU In Antonlonl'i Lee Marvin. Clint Eastwood, Jtma O-ejJBrO. fAINI TUUK HAUUn Knit Toch. 70tnm. Sep. peris. S.3ti 8.0. Sun. 4. 8. Lato show Sac. 11.45. Bookable. CAMEO ROYAL (950 6915)- NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT (X). DAYS OF DESIRE (X). CAMEO VICTORIA. (&54 6588.) ANYBODY'S Ut). CARLTON. 930 5711. O&Tld Httsntatvm Gayle Bunnlctitt FRAGMENT Of FEAR (A A), 1c!l. Troos. at 1.10 2.45, 5. SO. 8.0 Lt. ihow Sat. 11.15. CASINO CINERAMA. (43? &877. PATTOM: Lust for Glory (A). Col. Sp. perfS- Mon.-FrJ.. a.SO A 7.45. Sal. P.O. 5.20. 8.40 & MJdnlfitit. Suns. 4.0 & 7.30. All Ikrck&ble. COLUMBIA. 734 5414. Antbony Qatim, Infidd Ilerornoo. A WALK IN THE SPRING RAIN (A), Col. CooC pera. 1.10, 3,30. 5. SO. E. 20, Sun. A.SO. 5.50. 8.20. Lato Show Sat. 11,15. CURZON 4D9 3737). Mart Crowtoy'a TH BOYS IN THE SAND X. 2.0. 4.15. 6.50. 8.45. Lt Sat 11 pSl DOMINION, Tort Court Rd. 58Q 9562) LAWRENCe OF- ARABIA (A) Tchi 70mm. Sep. pert. 2.15, 7.15. Sun. o 45. Lain show Sr 11 in Blctile. ESSpLDO (Chelsea 352 4137). Tonloiit HILL RACER (A). Now MKl Saia e,xJS t- Continuous pert. 315. 4 50. fi 40, 9.5. ES.SOLDO. ShCDhird' Buh 749 1475) CAROL TED & ALICE (X). Sep. ptrf, Doots ooen 20. 5.0. 8.15.. i-rom tomorrow M'ASH (X). Sep. jmSW. open Sim 4. 0. 8 0. WJdtLV 2.0. 5.0. 8.15. Scots booXable. EMPIRE. Lelc. So. Chnt Ehatwood KELLY'S HEROES (A. PcrST2.5iD. 8 0. Leto Frl. and fiat. 11.30. NEW CINEMA CLUB. Membenbla JOIN BEFO.tfc SUUSCHILTlONS ZOOM C5s. Student 10?. 6d.. 128 Wardonr ! Street. W.l. Tel. 01-734 58S8. I LONDON MORLEV COLLEGE. S... 1. MOWPAY. OCTOBER II t T.S Mortw CoawproMut. am a CMrorirr Coocm. la ud or ttm XUfntoptatat Fond LECTURE-RECITAL by GERALD MOORE " The Accompanist Speaks " Tickets: 6SI-. 40-, S0J-. 10I-, from Bull TJoofflv Ltd. (01-722 7142). n6 fillet (01-9SS 8418). MortiT C5uSS0rS28 864)f " ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL SouBi Bank of the Tbamet Symphony No. 98 In C Ibt Haycfft Plsno Concerto No. 1 In C Beethoven Piano Concerto In A, K.414 ...Mozart Furlant from Czech Suite In D ...Dvorak RADU LUPU 21-, 18-, 15-, 13;-, Sf; rrom Box OCBce (01-928 3191) AQCDts. ROYAL UAMASDt FRANK 1. UUNW VICTOR TOMORROW ar 7.30 OV. FINGAL'S CAVE - - MENDELSSOHN L'APRES-MIDl D'UN FAUNE DEBUSSY PIANO CONCERTO No. 2 - - - RACHMANINOV "NEW WORLD" SYMPHONY .... DVORAK Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Hugo Rignold JOHN LILL Tickets: SJ-. 12-, 20-. 251- (Ist (01-589 Tuesday, Sottember 2i, 1-5 pjiL, Lunchlime Concert SIDNEY HABRISON I i T" if rr md Tnundar, spi.m&r z, .. ..m.. HlWlKgi PETER KATIN Plays Chojjin If ri'ItillllD I'rooraiDnje loclwla: BwiVtinJitii iinl SoccvtA hi B minor. Op. SS CwiRbBVi3 ItilLade In F minor BfOTSva Jbrue Wftltxc Op. 64. OmbmuuBrnm Ticket; 17K 15-. 13-. 10;- -. Saturday. Septtmbcr 26, 7.45 p.m. LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Sir Adrian Boult ANDRE WATTS, Piano HOLST Prelude ami Scherzo. HammpTwnlth BEETHOVEN Plant, Oincerto No. 4 la C RIMSKY-KORIAKOV Scbehmsule TIcLets: 25f-. 21-. 17;-. 15I-. 10-. S-, 6;-. CITY MUSIC SOCIETY OStti Luorbrlmc Concert 3ISHOPSGATE HALL ObwkiW liverpool St. SUUoa U30 Bl3t)opgale. E C.2. John Zaradin Guit-tr B(cfT3l TUES. NEXT, SEPT. 22. 1-5 O.c AiomEoQ 26 (inc. proanuxtme). mission it was stronger 'than before the troubles, which were neither of my seeking nor of his. It is stronger still today, with six full-time chaplains and 12 part-time chaplains. "The Vicar of Doncaster is standing for the general syno'd as an independent, not representing any party in the Church." Mr Jackson said all clergy were bishop's men. as they were required to take an oath of loyalty to their diocesan bishops. Dispute may stop papers By our Labour Staff Newspaper readers in - 4bP London area may not receive their Sunday papers tomorrow because of a dispute between the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades and the distributors. Talks are being held today to try to find a solution to the dispute, which is over pay. J.I it is not settled it could also affect distribution of national papers on Monday. SO GAT is: claiming increases of up to ' 40 per cent for members iu distribution. It is threatening to ban overtime, and to work to rule, which covers a ban on six-day working, if the distributors do not concede the claim. So far they have offered increases ranging from 10 to 12 per cent. The Newspaper Publishers Association, which is no involved in the dispute, said last night the finances of newspapers were so precarious that any interference could have a "most damaging long-term effect" Oil escapes More than 1,000 gallons of fuel oil escaped when a hosepipe broke at a chemical works m Whitehaven. Cumberland, yesterday. Detergents were sprayed to prevent the stick from drifting. CINEMAS LEICESTER BQ TH S90 9S9Si. Mfdki Lori. Marcella MeaOCttool at SilN- 1.50, .4.50. 8.15. Bon. 4.07 M;15 LU KWIrV Dr. 11.13. ear ooojouxa. ODEOH. Gildi ooay i FESTIVAL BAUXT null. DMKk V Etuaca. uam b Dera.. ODEON, Hrmrlut (930 AT593TTI3. (aa). cdi. sa. mm, S.BO. 9.k OiOU. OUO. .dU, .,Va MR. EM. ia.0. BootbI.. ODEOH, KR)nttoli. WOODSTOC 11.43 p.m. Bam. a. IE, X.I bOJ UlOl. opeoh, Lrimur Mn, O30 011P LATE TH. HIHO QO. CDUnr. ttg. pert.. a.JD, T.4S. Seta. S-50, T-4S. Lou , maw Bt. 11.19. 1 Mil i.-ii8.&. tS-SJs ooeoK. t MrOn' Law ss OMU. PARAMOUNT. UwV Jllfl . OM iei-. W-.39I-. proSfc iiet. Ijiow Frl". ul At U.40 bST m. . so nd .as. Sep. pe, as Mon. to Bat.. 11 .m. to f PABIS-PULLMAN, SI. Km. fSTS 5?8. colonl wbtoiJJIwrJiKi A See. parts. 4.80. 8.0. 13. Bamtm bookable. PLAZA, lnmr Km ft.' VH .44. Richard Burta A.lBm CAVLIO (Ml, XTOP J.40, G.O. t.25. Lot. JOW I p.m. aoon a ac odwgOv iOa. studio on., am. ctrc. fu sum oo. a. pa. is.43, aTiST S5S. .v. CONCERTS t John DcelKm. CB.II KOW HAYDN-MOZART SOCIETY WEDNESDAY. SEPT 30 at S LONDON MOZART PLAYERS Conductor: HARRY 8 LECH ALBERT HALL Kensington, S.W.7. HOCHHAUSER Prtio Winner oC 1970 Uokott Tdialkortkir PIodo Cumpetttiool asiS). 09m tuuxmuw from 10 ul, WIGMORE HALL, W.1 Frfcfey. Octobn- 2. t 7.50 MAUREEN LOVELL, Cello GUTHRIE LUKE Uao Ecclu. Bach. Sak. tultorf.. Martin.. TtcLeO lf-. lOI-. 6j- 01-93S2141 aiOVE.LV MANAGOILNT OutawI. Redbin. Sflrrer. stDiiDMc zr.c.

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